Party Politics

Party politics is a cunt.

Actually, it is a waste of time. It exists to give the sheeple the impression they have a choice. Tory, Labour or Lib Dumbs, SNP and Greens all to varying degrees ‘yes’ men and instruments of the establishment.

The establishment is the establishment. For example, is the BBC left wing or right wing?  It doesn’t matter. It is the establishment. It will promote the agenda of the establishment. Politicians are the same, they are either self serving weasels or lemmings – they follow the agenda. The MSM and internet/social media behemoths are part of the establishment. They too subscribe to the agenda and seek to suffocate views and opinions that differ.

So what is the current establishment agenda?

Unsurprisingly, it is globalism.

In order for them to realise their aim, first the sheeple must be softened to accept the idea of a world without borders and without nation states. That is where the PC, liberal, left wing indoctrination comes in. Catch them young – at school. Teach them about multiculturalism. Teach them about tolerance. Teach them about ‘openness’. Then nuture them with a diet of indoctrination through the MSM, social media and vacuous celebrity endorsement, all singing in unison from the same hymn sheet. By bringing up the younger generations stripped of any remaining grey matter to accept this change, it is easier to convince the rest of society. Meanwhile, the older generations who are the most resistant and suspicious, are being starved to death, frozen to death, kicked out of hospital or being encouraged to visit Dignitas.

In theory there would be nothing wrong with globalism, if it were for the benefit of all humanity and led to peace and prosperity around the world. But it won’t.

The globalists are not doing these things for altruistic reasons. They want a One World Government (OWG) to centralise power, stop dissent and control the populace. They are anti-democratic, materialistic and exceedingly greedy. They know the current economic system is on borrowed time, and the central banks have run out of first aid and bandages. Civil unrest, social division and/or war are around the corner. In fact, these outcomes may suit their purpose by boosting the global economy while reducing the population (war), or civil unrest (hastening political change to an OWG).

Who are the globalists? They are the huge multinational tax dodging corporations, the banking toffs and shylocks, the military industrial complex (MIC) of warmongers, nouveau riche billionaires and those individual social climbers (over the bodies of others), hungry for power and additional wealth. This is about money, land and power. Retaining wealth and amassing more. It is capitalism at it’s worst wrapped up in a fluffy blanket of human rights, caring and sharing. The socialist, liberal left would appear to be on the same page as the old and new money capitalist establishment, making them unlikely bedfellows. However, in reality they are just ‘useful idiots’, too wrapped up in identity poiltics to realise they are doing the donkey work by brainwashing the masses on behalf or the establishment.

A world without borders allows the free movement of people. It centralises power and removes individual “plebs” further from the decision making process over matters that affect their daily lives. It opens up a vast pool of cheap labour and potential new sheeple to consume the products and services of the large corporations, all financed by the banks lending the sheeple the money with interest. The sheeple consumers of the Western world have consumed themselves with debt. They are mutton, packed and wrapped with debt until they die. Now, the establishment need fresh lambs to fatten.  So give a big round of applause, to open borders, mass migration and “free trade” to entice and entrap the billions of young lambs in the developing world, to continue the cycle as the new debt slaves. Born free – not for long – to be taxed and indebted to die a serf.

Most national governments are a sideshow, bankrupt in all but name, reduced to doffing their caps to the corporate elite and the banking shysters. Those governments who didn’t get  with  the programme were  given  the shock and  awe treatment. Iraq first, then Libya.  Syria is currently on hold but is still on the list along with Iran and North Korea for some future fire and fury. Only China and Russia may resist the globalists, forcing a final showdown (either World War 3 or a global economic collapse and reset), unless their leaders in the meanwhile, capitulate and aim for a negotiated deal. To end up with some elbow room at the globalist top table rather than risk the other options of their own/global economic ruin or going to war seems most likely.

Libertarians are the last bastion of hope in this sea of despair. Hence, the rush to crush those who dare to dissent and resist the globalist master plan. Whether you’re left or right is irrelevant to their master plan. So don’t get caught out fighting over party politics. Look at the bigger picture and understand who benefits the most from it. They are the ones who are truly running this show. This circus is for their amusement and profit.

The irony is the huge Western underclass, living on hand outs and a culture of entitlement, the working person and even the head up their arses, middle classe do-gooders – who buy into the utopian dream of equality, diversity, environmental protection, workers rights, human rights etc. being presented to them – are really being played by both the establishment capitalists and ideological socialists. Any rights gathered up until now will likely be snatched away in the New World Order, possibly along with property, land and other assets. The playing field is being bulldozered flat to financially squeeze the working and the middle classes of the developed world to fund this form of social engineering.

Unsurprisingly, this “equality” will not extend to the global super rich, aristocracy, oligarchs, multinational corporate leaders or their political and beaucratic ring kissing cronies. The global establishment stays at the top, same as it ever was. You don’t get to climb over countless others, manipulate, murder, thieve, racketeer or do whatever it takes to be a “winner” only to give it back. There are centuries of “tradition” and collosial wealth at stake. Those with new power and wealth are admitted to the clique but the old guard stands resolutely firm.

Whatever, this repackaged form of human control ends up being called, and how exactly it plays out, for that nobody has a crystal ball. However, I believe strongly, One World Government is the destination. The question is how the road twists and turns during the journey to that destination.

The writing is on the wall. Read it, before it is too late.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

67 thoughts on “Party Politics

  1. Couldn’t agree more Mike. Career politicians are all cunts, of all parties.

    If any fucker not of their ilk is hounded, shunned, ostracised and categorised as a “hater” of some form or another just to get them off the scene.

    They all clamour for change (Vs the current administration) but they all want it to stay exactly the same and get ass-hurt should we – their employers – dare go against their globalist agenda.

    Pre Blair we may have stood a chance. Post Blair we stand no chance as they’re all being bank-rolled by cunts like Soros to maintain the status quo and promote thE globalist agenda.

    This is an agenda that will destroy this country and most of the West but as far as the politicos are concerned they don’t give a fuck just so long as their nests remain nicely feathered!


  2. I would apply Hanlon’s Razor here. Sure it’s pretty fucked, and sure some will benefit more than others, and yeah there are some powerful megalomaniacs out there.

    But master plan? I don’t see the evidence that humans are capable of such a thing. Everyone is greedy – rich and poor – and that is the problem. We live in a world where the idea of original sin is forgotten, and that is the problem. We are all conning each other because we have forgotten the truth.

    “that it is necessary to repress, either by law or by custom, the permanent possibility in human nature of brutality and barbarism” – Theodore Dalrymple.

    You don’t need a master plan to fuck up the world. You just need enough prosperity and material richness to make everyone become a liberal, and the world will fuck itself up without a problem. There will be winners and losers, but designing the outcome isn’t something I believe to be realistically.possible.

    It’s happened countless times before, and is happening again.

    • Well I look at it this way. If there actually is some global plan involving a few individuals and groups to capable of such immense control and insight, then we are utterly powerless against it.

      However such a narrative disempowers people, making them out to be either stupid or helpless.

      Its just my opinion, but painting a picture of a small evil legacy who created power for themselves and control the rest of the world is unhelpful. Only a return for our culture to the premise of individual responsibility will help things in the long run.

      I don’t like to disagree, but must say that I think the idea of “sheeple” and global conspiracies play into the hands of liberals in who’s interest it is to infantasise the populous.

    • Rather agree there, CRW
      Are there any people out there who are intelligent enough to mastermind some world-domination master-plan ??
      When you look at all the brain-dead numpties…
      I think not… By and large, it’s all just an enormous heap of toss, heading our way…

      North Korea needs a massive cunting on several levels…
      Not least cos their female propaganda-reader looks like a cross between Sturgeon and Kirstie Allslopp in a kimono, a yappy, over-excitable bint. In fact, she reminded me of Sturgeon wetting her pants when she hit the knob to open the new Forth bridge…

      • North Korean military intend to sink the U.S. seventh fleet by leaving stuff floating around and just wait for them to sail into it…

    • Good find Mike,

      It (she) really is an abomination?

      The look on her face. Says it all.

      National leader, Phiff. the JFK treatment would be a good option.

  3. Brilliant cunting Mike and I agree with every word of your narrative. Sadly we are sheeples and we will always follow the good shepherd, even though we are led down the country lanes towards a distant slaughterhouse.
    Why are we letting this happen? Its because the division that diversity brings prevents a unified march for freedom from tyranny. There is an appropriate line from the Movie “Braveheart” that describes this division. “They couldn’t agree on the colour of shite….”

    Sad but true.

    • “Why do we let this happen”, unfortunately to reverse the years of multicultural ideology, open borders, removal of soverenty, etc., etc., etc., will take at least a mini revolution or another war. Governments, politicians of all of the countries don’t have either the desire or guts to change anything. There are too many do gooders who talk the usual, acceptable crap that they know will promote them up the popularity and financial ladder. Anyone who voices a different opinion is branded a racist or hater. Just imagine if back in 1939 we had the same mindset that exists today.

      • You’re right….we do need a revolution. As for the political class……off with their heads!

        • Am sorry (not really !!) to say this, but if I had the means, I WOULD gladly turn on the N2 / pull the lever / turn on the three-phase to rid the world of a lot of this dross, particularly politicos. After all, if I , or Dio, or IY, or anyone else on this site died, would Kid Ill Mong II, Treesa, Jizzer, Flabbott…give a flying fuck??
          No, of course not, so why the hell should we, if they die ??
          I know WE are better than them, but it doesn’t stop my desire to try and execute them for their crimes.
          I’d be delighted to hand Bliar, Mandelbumfiddler and Campbell-end over to the Hague, but I think justice would be much better served if they were handed over to someone appropriate in the Middle-East. These obnoxious cunts will die anyway; as far as I’m concerned, the sooner the better.
          My only regret re the Blessed St. Jo of Cox was that MORE of her ilk weren’t d/w.

          If you remember The Third Man, Harry Lime says “Politicians have their 5-year plans, I have mine”…

  4. Party politics is a cunt but on identity politics this current one always confuses me. Islam is a religion of peace thats deserves our total unwavering respect and absolutely no criticism allowed! While Russia and white supremacists are a “security threat to our country” figure that one out cunters

  5. I’ve never really looked at the NWO as an actual conspiracy of people, more a conspiracy to keep and enhance the status quo by people for whom the status quo is working out quite nicely. It’s well known you only really get rich by fucking people over. My millionaire friend will openly admit that he’s rarely met an honest millionaire… Extremely rich people will analyse how they made their money and simply say ‘more of this please’. Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas. Why would a billionaire who has made his money as the result of an influx of cheap labour want anything less than more cheap labour – and the more / cheaper the better. The more proactive amongst them won’t simply sit down and wait for this to happen naturally, they will actively make it happen by whatever means necessary. This is globalisation / NWO in a nutshell. Very rich people making sure they stay rich, at all costs. They don’t have to live by you.. why would they care. “You’re just that cunt who wanted £6 ph.. Well fuck you cunt, Mehmet will work for £3 and you’ll pay his living costs. What he can’t afford he we simply steal from you. Win fucking win and all it cost me was a few after dinner speaking fees to the right politicians, I only need half of them in my pocket. 1 billion in bribes , 100 billion made… “

    • The EU free movement of people is nothing more than the enslavement of the working population!! The amazing thing Labour used to stand up for the working class !! Now they are happy to bow to the Eurocrats and put the British worker in a race to the bottom, give them a few baubles ( think captain cook) and sell them out!! .. Tony Benn would be ashamed of his sell out Cunt of a son Hillary and all the other labour quisling Cunts who are happy to stand aside and watch it happen !! Fuck labour fuck the tories, lib dems too they are nothing but cannon fodder in the greater scheme…

  6. Nice work MO, really top quality post, thoroughly depressing as it’s true!!
    The clocks ticking but only a few people can hear it…..

  7. Another excellent Cunting, Mike. I agree with you that One World Government is the aim. I also believe that it is now inevitable,and, you know what?…They’re fucking welcome to it. The current system isn’t working,and perhaps the only way to prevent Mankind destroying themselves is a New World Order. One thing’s for sure though,unless the World gets overpopulation and the depletion of resources under control,there’s going to be another “Big Bang” and this one wont be the Creation,it’ll be the Destruction. Perhaps a New World Order is the only way?

  8. Fuckin BBC. What a load of shite. Broadcasting in a phonetic faux language for those who say “waddymelon” and similar crapola.

    Speccy cunts at BBC who commissioned this turdery should have their gonads removed with a fucking cheesegrater.

    • The BBC gets fucking hammered on this site and rightly so , it’s just another example of their stratospheric cuntitude !!!
      They use tax payers money to spout their endless bull shit cunty liberal leftie agenda and come up with utter nonsense like that!!

      • The ABBC should be compulsorily purchased, and the buildings / site used for a new concert hall in CENTRAL London (not next to The Barbican, or replacing the Museum of London, which has ridiculously poor visitor numbers…Why do people think concert-goers are going to love going next door to the Barbie-Can, anyway.); we should get rid of that dog-awful 70s hotel monstrosity on the E side of Langham Place.
        ABBC/Vierter-Reichssender should be fucked orf to some shite-hole in the middle of sodding nowheresville, and stripped of Royal Charter. Things have (sadly) moved on since Lord Reith’s day
        A world-class hall on the site of the original Queen’s Hall.

        Did anyone see the cunter-munter on news tonight, whose son wanted to dress up as some fictional pwincess, apparently Mummy was shaking with rage for days after Disney told her son to sling it…
        Daft, deluded snoflake bint.

    • Speaking of language, some copper from the Met was saying they may prioritise 999 calls on the basis of ‘vulnerability’ which included people who’s first language wasn’t English. If anyone wants a copper to show up now they are all doing their best ‘ me speekee no english’ boat jumper impression.

      • Tell the Cunts that you’re a benefit-dependent Coon Chutney-ferret being abused by a white workman. That should guarantee a swift response.

    • Sounds about right!! Dumb Cunts!!! There’s absolutely no excuse for being that fucking stupid !!

  9. Kay Burley is a cunt.

    Up early for work so just watching a bit of Sky News UK, and my least favourite ‘impartial’ news presenter, Kay Burley, is performing her usual schtick of Trump bashing and, hilariously, getting politely told to fuck off by a moderate sounding black man from Texas.

    Kay Burley “….and now back to Texas. So, Black Man, Trump’s a cunt for visiting, right?”

    Black Man “No. It’s important that the sitting President shows his support in person.”

    KB “But what a waste of resources. Surley a video conference would be better?”

    BM “Same answer. And the first responders appreciate the visit.”

    KB “But you’re flooded and he denies climate change, therefore he’s a cunt, right?”

    BM “I’m not a scientist so I wouldn’t like to comment on the effects of climate change. It may it may not have any bearing on this storm…” (gets cut off mid answer)

    KB “Well that’s all we’ve got time for….”

    Fuck knows how this artificial looking hag retains a fucking job. She must be blowing her boss twice daily.
    What a cunt.

    • She’s at it again. Now she’s berating a white man they’ve railroaded into being interviewed by her. He is trying politely to get his point across as she shouts straight over the top of him.
      She is an absolutely fucking appalling individual and my poor TV is about to have a size10 boot stuck through the fucking screen.

    • Kay burley is a 24 carat cunt!!
      I watched her during trumps inauguration!!, the disdain on her face was clearly evident !! Listen up over opinionated liberal fuck wit!!, trump rightly or wrongly won a democratic presidential campaign!! And no amount of frowning and wonky eyed reporting is going to change that!!!
      Comprende Cunt!!!!
      Let’s build a wall Around burleys mouth!!

  10. Harry, Prince of Duracell Batteries, is to plod boldly foward with with his mission to cuddle AIDS infected children in Africa, just like the Princess of Tarts did.
    Now, as then, surely the question must be asked as to why he (and she) are/were not concerned with the plight of children in England?
    You lot pay for these royal cunts, so I’d be wanting to see my tax dollars at work at home, not in fucking Africa.

    Must be a good photo op snuggling up to some Kenyan child l suppose.

    • The Cunt’s lucky that he’s a Ginger. At least he hasn’t got a soul to lose when the Gollys boil him up in a huge cast-iron pot and eat him.

    • Don’t get me started on that pretentious tart Dianna. Fucking programs flooding our telly about the sour faced cunt.

  11. Mo Farah no longer wants to be known as Mo Farah…He’s changing Farah to Lester. He thinks he’ll fit in better down the mosque.

  12. 28 Police Officers injured, potentially HIV blood spat, acid attacks and fuck knows how many stabbings and rapes of “Civilians”…Can’t be long till Diane Abbott and Sadiq Khan demand the banning of Carnival.

    • It’s quite surprising that various celeb darkies (and honky left-wing right-on cunts) haven’t yet called for whities to be barred from attending the carnival, citing some cultural appropriation bollocks.

        • And as far as the potentially HIV infected blood goes, is it more dangerous to get attacked by golly blood at a carnival or bummer blood at a pride festival? I’d guess that black man AIDS would be more voracious than cissy AIDS.

          • But what if it was a queer Darkie? They do exist,our resident poof, Kravdath, snogged one.

          • Did he indeed? He’s never mentioned it…now I’m thinking of Marigold from “In Sickness and in Health”. He could give a cunt a double dose of super-AIDS.

  13. I’d also like to cunt SKY for dropping FOX News from the schedules on a made up pretex that its take on current affairs is not relevant to the UK and it has only a small viewing audience. It seemed not to bother them for the oast 20 or so years they have been broadcasting it over here. I suppose its got fuck all to do with the mainly pro Trump anti libtard stance many of the shows take particularly the Tucker Carlston show which by pure coincidence was recently being re run at breakfast time over here and attracting some viewers away from the rabid anti Trump anti Brexit SKY news breakfast news. No, Im sure it was fuck all to do with that.

  14. Abbott and Khunt will never call for a ban on the annual stabfest. What and risk upsetting the dindus and the yoot of de commooniteh?

  15. Dick Fiddler and Thomas the Cunt Engine talking Africanization of homosexuality earlier, reminded me that Colin Jackson has come out the closet.
    “So fuckin what, Colin Jackson?” was the reply from most people.
    He is obviously expecting to be lauded but i think he’s a coward for waiting so long. The same with all the other secret pooves who “cum out” when they have little or no career left at all.
    Suddenly everycunt is to be grateful for his bravery and we can all sit back and feel good that Colin Jackson loves the taste and feel of a hard cock.

    If he thinks his naming and shaming of himself will help other slebs/shite unknown athletes with coming out, then I think he’s wrong coz who’d want to be in the same gang as Colin Jackson?

    • I honestly thought that he’d “Come Out” years ago. Everyone already knew he was an arse-bandit…What shocking news next? Is Gary Lineker going to announce to the world that he is actually an utter Cunt ?

    • I think Mo Farah would, birdman. Isn’t Mo short for HoMo? Probably all that Quorn he eats, turns you into a poof.

      • Out of order chaps.
        You might not like Farah – I don’t – but calling him a child molester or a homosexual without proof of either is libel. Carry on if you want the site shut down…

          • I cant believe saying that is considered libel tho Dio, like you’re saying if I say elton john is a straight man he can sue me thats libel!? thats fucking crazy shite

            Also Thomas the Cunt Engine@ MO is short for mohammad Mo Farah is a muslim btw

        • I’d have thought that there will have been things far more likely to cause offence and get the site closed down written in other threads and the Deadpool than a couple of weak obvious jokes in this thread.

  16. Fucking marmite miners being described as “brave”. Christ on a pogo stick, the pooves now have more ‘roites’ than the hetero population.

    What is brave about pushing shit uphill? I really couldn’t give two tugs on the turtle’ s todger what the likes of crafty butchers like Colin Jackson put up their arse!

  17. Former athlete and BBC pundit Colin Jackson has stunned the world and shown rarely seen bravery by finally announcing he is Welsh….

  18. Excellent cunting that fully sums up how the western world is being torn down.
    If you can see it happening, you’re in the way and expendable.
    The last generation that can still recognise real tyranny has been marked for extinction.
    Thank heavens for beer (while it’s still permitted)…

  19. They will go after coffee soon. The one thing that the many think is OK to indulge in will be snatched from their fingers. It will come out that drinking coffee causes heart attacks and obesity and cancer,like cigs,booze and fried food before it, coffee will be banned and there will be places -like the pubs of old-people can just go to ‘be’ in. Roomfulls of cunts staring down at their phones with some kind of Goggle on,imagining they are eating a burger or smoking a cig. It will be the only escape they get from the dull, monotonous, ordered and shit world the will be living in. After a long week at work with no lunch break or banter, what better escape than to imagine you are doing something you shouldn’t,like smoking the forbidden cig and it won’t kill you. That is the plan these cunts have in store. I’m getting some heroin.

    • Think of anything that brings pleasure or enjoyment and you can bet there is some cunt, or group of cunts, who want to take it away from you “for the common good”.
      It’s in their nature…

    • Coffee is safe…otherwise all those hipsters / manbuns &c. in “craft” / “boutique” coffee shops would be revolting…

  20. Jeremy Vine is a cunt, no not his massive salary although that is enough reason, I read he now feels sorry for the violent road rage cunt who threatened him and wishes she had not been sent to jail. Apparently the sentencing was an ‘ordeal’ for him and in the end HE wanted to apologise to her. Law and order in this country is so skewed in favour criminal scum without some bollock brained, bleeding heart , hand wringing twat like Vine giving them an ounce of sympathy, it dilutes the seriousness of any crime and does a disservice to victims who the police will tell you to fuck off and give you a crime number.

    • Oh good can’t wait… guess I’ll avoid airports, bridges, music concerts, and large crowds for awhile seeing how the stupid fucking stooges in power don’t care

    • Did the “Princess For A Day” experience involve the child being placed into a Mercedes pedal car, then getting fired at a concrete pillar?

    • The boy’ll be going to school in a dress by 5, getting shagged up the Gary Glitter by 10, addicted to some horrible thing and aids ridden by 20 and committing suicide attempts by 25 and dead by 30.

    • If Treesa Might doesn’t do the decent thing and fack orf (before she wrecks the cons TOTALLY), it’s UKIP for me.

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