More of the Same Misinformation (Mainstream Media – MSM)

An emergency cunting for the MSM who now are so rabid in their hatred of Trump that they are utterly unable to be objective and report the facts before their eyes. Anyone who views the footage of the Charlottesville demo can clearly see that violence was perpetrated by both sides. They can clearly see that both sides had their fair share if fantatical arseholes. It is also clear that many on both sides of the protest did not partake or indulge in violence. This is what Trump has said. This apparently for some unfucking knowable reason is not allowed to be said and the media mongs are going ape shit again.

Is it a cultic form of mind control?

Is it the cocaine ?

They are absolutely delusional and completely out of control. Utter cunts.

Here’s the complete press conference and not the edited version SKY Fucking News and IT fucking N and Channel Cunt News and the Boys Buggery and Cocaine paedophile facilitators are showing .

Now tell me what has Trump said that is wrong?

His point about Washington and Jefferson is spot on btw. That stumped the insane cunts.

Nominated by Vermin Cunt Spotter.

59 thoughts on “More of the Same Misinformation (Mainstream Media – MSM)

  1. Trump has disavowed the KKK and David Duke for years but because he didnt explicitly say it on the day of the incident.Antifa are violent thugs as are these neo_Nazis.Twosides of the same coin.Authoritarian bordering totalitarian violent bigots who have an irrational indiscriminate hatred of whole groups of people.Bernie Sanders when asked if he would denounce aman who supported him who tried to assassinate Trump he said “I cant be held responsible for the actions of everyone who votes for me” and the media rightly let it go but when it is Trump oh no!

  2. “Anyone who views the footage can clearly see”
    I cant without my reading glasses.
    More fake news then.

    (That was my impersonation of my favourite whinge, Vermin Cunt Spotter)

  3. So what did the anti-racism protestors do that was equivalent running someone down and killing them? I’ve scoured the footage and can’t find anything remotely comparable.

    And I don’t see any evidence for the MSM “hating” Trump – they just don’t take him seriously because he’s an ignorant, lying, draft-dodging, narcissistic hypocrite with zero gravitas and absolutely no instinct or aptitude for diplomacy. Other than that, he’s an ideal president.

    • The fact that Antifa have not killed anyone is pure good luck. They are violent little fuckers. Remember also the shootings and attempted assusinations that deranged anti Trump fuckers have commited of late. They are two cheeks of the same violent cunt arse.

    • The thing is you are right about Trump’s many faults and the media still spin a fake narrative of him being a Nazi sympathiser and all his supporters by extension .Why the media set themselvesup I do not know.Just makes them look like liars which many are.Why do they even need to try and infer what his motives are.Just reporting what he says and does would give more than enough ammunition.Trump is only appealing to people as he comparatively looks better than CNN MSNBC the democrat loons like Clinton Pelosi Waters et al and many in the Republican establishment who are so disconnected with their base.That is it the guy is a cunt but seems lessof a cunt than anyone in the establishment.My prediction is we will end up with someone like him as PM as we have the same problems with media and political establishment.

      With regards to the comparison it was a bit odd in this situation seeing as the car attack occured.Antifa and BLM are not angels though which is what the media are force feeding us.I think him highlighting that both meo-nazi and leftist groups are both purposefully stirring up civil unrest.Also I think he was right to call out the media for bringing up the alt right as it is such a nebulous and contested term .

    • Fucking hell Fred every time there is a protest of some type the far left cunts from no borders, ANTIFA and any number of brain dead cunts of the socialist persuasion can be found winding up the sheep to riot against the system that allows them to protest in the first place.

      The same MSM that continue to promote the third reich as the greatest evil of the 20th century whilst some of the left wing media excuse Mao and Stalin because they believed they were tying to improve their countries.

      Where the fuck were the left wing arseholes when Corbyn was given equivalence to his friends in the evil totalitarian Venezuelan tinpot regime and the opposition that was fighting it top break free of it. Mind you Jeremy had been a long time supporter of the marxist cunts.

      What about the cunts from the black lives matters movement gunning down cops? Inspired and fanned by the left yet again.

      The fact Trump was pointing out the bollocks you yourself are peddling here makes him so wrong doesn’t it. Not every person attending from the alt right was KKK a nazi or even racist is conveniently buried and the fact there were some idiots there who buy into that crap is in the eyes of the media and it seems you a fair enough excuse for left wing thugs to disrupt a legal protest and attack any cunt they don’t agree with.

      The left are toxic and they are prepared to remove free speech under threat of riots every time an opinion they don’t like is expressed.

      I would rather Trump than another toxic left wing snake.

    • My grandad like many young men during the second World War was excluded from serving on the front line for medical reasons (very flat feet)….. So I guess by your logic Fred, my grandad was a draft-dodging coward too (seeing as how Trump had a deferment for a bone disorder in his foot). Furthermore, I’m always astonished by this inversion of reality wherein a pathologically honest guy with verbal diarrhoea who is incapable of shutting his mouth for 2 seconds and has been visibly trying to push through on his manifesto pledges since getting elected……. Is somehow a liar – fuck words, fuck meaning. Trump has many character flaws worthy of criticism but come on fella, if you’re going to criticise him, at least don’t misrepresent him.

  4. Trump doesn’t want to piss off what is his core electorate (redneck, gun-toting fascists).

    He may be a dumb cunt, but even he knows on what side his bread is buttered.

    • What I think he was concerned about was the alt right and linking them to neo_nazis.The alt right is used to refer to a lot of support base many of which are traditional republicans pissed off with the out of touch Republican establist.Yes some alt right are Neo Nazi Hipsters bu some are just non small c conservatives many of whom just voted Trump as he was the only republican with a backbone standing and more importantly as Hillaruy was so unappealing to them.That and the libertarian candidate was a social justice warrior.The truth is no one has even attempted to look at the term alt right so as Trump says define it when you use it.I cant and bet no other cunt can.

  5. A most deserved cunting VCS.

    Both sides are bigots.
    Both sides are authoritarian and anti democratic.
    Both sides are cunts.

    But being a cunt isn’t illegal. …otherwise B.liar would’ve been locked up years ago.

    Attacking peaceful protests and marches IS illegal.
    The anti fascists went there for no other reason than to start trouble.
    What would that weak cunt treeza may say if we turned up at a sharia rally to attack it?
    She’d call US cunts.
    Inciting violence is ok for lefty’s but not for anyone else.

    I fuckin HATE nazi’s, if was in charge I’d gas the fuckin lot of em. But I hate the lefty fascists just as much, and for “tolerant” cunts to say that inciting violence and suppressing people’s democratic rights to free speech and peaceful protest is somehow fine because they disagree with it is cuntish.

    …Unless it’s against Muslims of course. Fuck them.

  6. Antifa are vermin and as dangerous as any far right wing nut job. They should be treated with the same brush. They’re cunts and should be shown to be as much and locked up for it.

  7. These pea brained, dick squirts can’t even see that they are so much more Nazi like than any of those they seem to like accusing of being racist, homophonic and bigoted. Everything they see is filtered through the great big lens of being a Trump phonic cunt and one day even the cunts they themselves manipulate will eventually see through their colour conscious, Trump phonic bigotry and fuck off leaving them looking like even more of cant than they are now.

  8. The far right are undoubtedly knuckle dragging vermin. But they have a point about stupid statue removals, and we have seen plenty of that. Trump’s point about slave owners is a valid one. However, it is not the far right that is trying to shut down free speech worldwide. That is the job of the trendy lib left with their no-platforms, witchhunts against anybody not aligned with their right on views, twitter storms and all round love of whatever drags their country down.
    I think Trump is a narcissistic, shallow cunt. But he is right on this one.

    • When a cunt like Trump is one of the only people talking sense you know we are fucked right up the chuffer.

  9. I wonder what they’re doing with all the statues that are being taken down…. I’ll gladly have them. I’d like a display of slave-owners and Confederate Civil war heroes. The neighbours already consider me to be an unmitigated Cunt,and the sight of General Lee and a few of his henchmen leering at them from the boundary hedges and fences should put any lingering doubts to rest.

    • You’ll find that most nations have been enslaved at one time during their history. The Africans just happen to be the last and easiest to subdue.

  10. Sarah Champion Rotherham Labour Mp (Who I have cunted before) has “resigned” as shadow women and equalities minister for saying that we had to stop pretending that British Pakistani men are not raping white British girls.So she has gone for speaking the truth and doing her job.The Labour party ladies and gentleman.

    • That’s why I don’t think the politicians will ever solve this problem.
      Dumb cunts refuse to believe that there even is a problem at all.

      • A labour party supporting child abuse victim has condemned me for saying that the Labour party care more about being called racist than gurls getting raped.

        If the cap fits.If she wants an apology she will have a long wait.

  11. Spot on , it was on both sides. Trump was correct but he is still fucking weird. He jumps at every criticism and his mouth looks like a monkey’s arsehole .
    He makes Putin look good and that is no credential to have. I might give his tart a spin a round the old salami though.

  12. It is also funny calling Trump a Nazi saying as his son in law and one of his closest advisors and some of his grandchildren are Jewish.Somehow I doubt he agrees with the KKK and neo_nazi’s who are not exactly fans of the jews.

  13. Can I add Theresa fucking May to this cunting. A useless fucking ckwardly spaz of an individual. Fuckme she lost a Parliamentary majority to Corbyn and Abbot for Christ’s sake.

    • It’s pitiful to watch her chasing any scrap of correctness, just so desperate.

  14. Trump aside the notion of removing statues is a cunt.Those who seek to erase history are condemning future generations to make the same mistakes as the past.Youngsters have a shite knowledge of their history as it is.Let us not take away statues that introduce youngsters to historical figures.

    • Trump, love him or hate him was spot on about the destruction of statues. next week it will be Thomas Jefferson or George Washington.
      But what really gets me fuckin angry is the news coverage by the likes of Sky and BBC and how they only portray the right wingers as the evil cunts , when it is blatantly obvious that Black lives matter and the rest of their rent a mob kicked off first. No mention of that ? Trump could make any kind of grovelling apology, no virtue signalling Liberal lefty or the mainstream media will accept it.He is the focus of their venom and their is no redemption for him ever. I dont give a fuck what anyone says about Trump, rightly or wrongly He says what he thinks and to hell with the consequences , Obama was a do nothing dullard cunt with no point of view .

  15. This whole mess is horse show theory in perfect motion. When you have extremists emerge on any side you will only fuel the opposing sides extremists also . The whole situation is a no win for anyone both extremes .

    Moderation is the only way but we have very few of those in public life nowadays due to the spiders web of different ideologies fucking up common sense decision making and don’t even start on the cesspool that is the western education system .

    Trumps point about the statue of Washington is actually very valid because he was the man in charge when the slaughter and robbing of native Americans was running riot .
    . Wouldn’t they be offended also of seeing a huge glorious effigy of the man who basically wiped out all your ppl and culture ?.

    its all bollocks you don’t erase history or edit it . It has to be left to show future generations there history and what to avoid in all its bloody or peacefulness. No one has the right to denied others the ability to know what really happened

    • Spot on sheriff,
      Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

      George Santayana Quote.

      • The past is another country – they do things differently there.
        Leslie Poles Hartley

  16. Naturally J.K.Fucking Rowling has added her tuppence worth saying that surely now, anyone with any doubt can see what Trump is.

    Eh? By condemning violence from ill-educated rednecks and short-blue-dyed-hair rug-munchers who refuse to even LISTEN to another opinion?

    Clearly she’s still nettled by having to apologise to Big Don (via sohshul meedja) for her recent crass, premature judgement regarding a disabled boy. Fuck Off back to your empty mansions you tired, achingly-hypocritical harridan.

  17. Was watching channel 4 news and they indirectly compared Sarah Champion’s. comments were similar to those of the Nazi’s!:L:L:L

  18. The MSM just see what they want to see… Where was their outrage when that crabs infested twat like a sinkhole slag, Madogga threatened to assassinate Big Don and blow up The White House? Same goes for that human leech of a sambo cunt at Cambridge who said recently that all whites are evil and will ‘get it’…. No gnashing of teeth then either, was there?…

    But Antifa and the KKK are both cunts, and this sums it up nicely…

  19. Ok, so Lets remove any Statues or distasteful characters from history and replace them with nice upstanding virtue signalling cunts ?

  20. If we’re banning statues of known keepers of slaves…..Rome might look a little bare….

    • Or they could start with Abraham Lincoln, the man lauded as ending slavery in the US.

      Lincoln the well loved president who

      Believed blacks were an inferior race
      Believed there should be no blacks in America
      Wanted all blacks shipped abroad once they had been freed from slavery

      He didn’t want blacks freed from slavery due to any high moral belief, he wanted them freed so they could be removed from the US as he didn’t believe they should be allowed to mix with white people.

      The MSM and the establishment rewrite history to make a white supremacist Americas greatest president.

      Spoon feeding us bullshit and how we lap it up. Quick erect another Abe statue and salute the flag.

  21. People don’t seem to understand when it comes to historical buildings, texts, Artwork, statues tombs or whatever else of real importance , we are just custodians we don’t own any of it.

    At best we can rent these items until we die . It doesn’t matter what the history is good or bad it needs to be preserved and honestly displayed .

    This ignorant easily manipulated group of wasted spunk have no right to decide to wipe away history . Own it and speak honestly and freely and learn from it and grow .

    • In 50 years time young black kids will be asking questions about their history, the slave trade and the reasons for it. These ‘activists’ will reply “I dunno, we pulled down the statues and burned all the books”.

      • Most of those little snowflake, turd blossoms that tore down that statue most likely didn’t have a clue about the bloke it represented. Just hearsay and wanting to look cool I’d say

  22. Perhaps someone in the lying MSM and the pinko commies in general could explain why they go to the great lengths they do to whip up such a furore over the protesting of the removal of a statue, but when a radical Islamic nutjob blows up children attending a pop concert we are supposed to show ‘love’ and ‘tolerance’??

    • Yea strange how they tolerate terrorism and rape but any kind of “ism” or “phobia” (fuckin hate that term) is met with uproar.

    • Yes, somone blows children to pieces at a pop concert in one of our Cities and we are supposed to ‘Don’t look back in anger’ . Too fucking right I will. At least Noel Gallagher refused to endorse such a perverse use of his song or get involved in that abomination of a concert designed to get that Ariandi whatever the fucks her name career back on track, though his thick as fuck total arsehole of a brother couldnt stay away. Wanker.

  23. Was watching the MSM tonight and all three major news stations BBC ITV and Channel 4 coneded there was indeed violence on both sides.Why are they gettinng caught out by Trump !Trump is so easy to run rings around yet they just keep falling into his trap!

  24. Wish General Lee was around today… He’d string up Antifa, snowflakes, and the muzzie wogs…

  25. If Jesus existed like the gospels say,and he did return to earth, he would probably say to the left that they were wrong about something (as they usually are) or say that Islam was bad and then they would crucify him…

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