Jennifer Lawrence

Shame Chubby ain’t on here to write this nomination for me, he would be more eloquent than I for sure.

Cunters behold Jennifer Lawrence portraying herself as the victim of a sex crime. How so? She uploaded nude shots to the interweb including some of her face covered in Jizz, she then failed to use a strong password to protect her cunt in the cloud and got hacked with said pictures finding there way onto 4Chan and then onto the screens and hard-drives of anyone with a passing interest in celebrity gash.

Not a sex crime at all, negligent stupidity on your part Jenny. Don’t compare yourself with women that have actually been the victim of a real sex crime.

“Jennifer Lawrence has said the leaking of nude photos of her left her feeling “blindsided”.
Intimate images of the Oscar-winning actress were published online in 2014.
She told Vogue: “I think people saw [the hacking] for what it was, which was a sex crime, but that feeling, I haven’t been able to get rid of it.
“Having your privacy violated constantly isn’t a problem if you’re perfect. But if you’re human, it’s terrifying.”

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit.

47 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence

  1. Her morals are hypocritical, her films are toilet and her tits are rubbish.

  2. I think perhaps this was “meant” to happen. Self promoting, self glorification ? What a stupid monger to then make public statements of faux shock and horror. If you are ashamed of something , you usually hide away somewhere until the smoke settles. Not contact your agent and publicist and arrange interviews and statements.
    Stupid bitch.

  3. Its a new trend, cry sex chrome when you need a bit of publicity, like the so called model who needed to kick start a career….. it works except they will both have jazz on their faces………..cunts

      • Crap actress in cheap films made for the proletariat.

        Some monkey has splashed his load on her dial. So fucking what? Being a ‘famous celeb’ doesn’t mean your nasty jazz pics are more secure than those of Joseph Bloggs.

        Another vain, silly bitch who desperately craves the oxygen of fame but will undoubtedly become yesterday’s news before she knows about it.

        Nothing to see here, move along etc.

        • I agree, Paul… She’s crap anyway… Can’t act her way out of a paper bag, not much in the looks department (I’ve seen better working behind the tills at my local Morrisons) and another from the ‘I’m an narcissistic exhibitionist cunt, but I really don’t like fame and publicity’ school that produced Kristen ‘miserable bitch’ Stewart and other celebricunts… At least in ye olden dayes Hollywood had real women… Maureen O’ Hara, Sophia Loren, Gina Lolabrigida, Stella Stevens, Anita Ekberg… Now we just have sour faced petulant cunts with about as much charisma as a turd, about as many curves as a pipe cleaner, and about as much sex appeal as Anna Soubry on a bad night…

  4. If she hadn’t made such a big fuss about it most people would know nothing about those pics. Now excuse me while I do a quick search.

    • I’m a movie fan and I’d never heard of her. I’m not into Hollywood blockbusters. But having looked at her pictures I think I could rise to the occasion.

  5. Sex crime my English arse. You should have looked after your computer better. Not you haven’t got the money for brilliant security is it cuntychops?

      • She dared to say what everyone knows, these are Pakistani scumbags but Compo Corbyn doesn’t want to ‘blame or demonise any particular group’.

        • Champion should sue Corbyn and his commie filth for unfair dismissal…. And the current snowflake libmong noise (about -who else – Big Don) makes me fucking puke… I’m far more concerned with what’s going on in the UK than America…Where’s the screaming and shouting at the 300+ FGM non prosecuted cases in Britain?…. These libmong scum think child abuse a lesser problem and something that should be talked about, ahead of a few dead brained Nazis in the United States…

          As for the paki p@edos? Castrate the cunts… Have a massive cull… I’d like to cut their dicks off, but doing it medically would be more ‘civilised’ and ‘humane’ I suppose… But why be humane to cunts that are subhuman?….

          • Sarah Champion dared to state the fucking obvious, they might as well of sacked her or anyone else for stating the Sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening , its that obvious what is happening in Rotherham . But the spineless cow is now apologising for her bad choice of words.
            If we could go back and tell the men and women who fought to defend our freedom in the war, what has become of our Pussiefied spinleess nation they would have probably said what is the fucking point.

          • have the libtards staged a hand-holding or candle-lighting against FatBoyDimMongII ??

        • Unless they are white males from right if center whom the insane hysterical MSM are now labelling ‘White Supremicist’ and ‘Nazi’ simply because they were at a demo where some white supremicist also turned up. If you were there and you werent antifa then you were obviously KKK. Yep tar everone with the same brush when it suits. Cunts.

  6. Its like the teeny bopper pop tart Taylor Swift who made a massive deal of some drunk DJ grabbing her arse. Ok it was probably inappropriate but give him a left hook for fucks sake and save us your whining. The next week she was probably flaunting about on stage in next to nothing or bleating on some chat show about how she’s a ‘strong, independent woman’ and feminist.

    • Taylor swift is a gigantic Cunt!!
      Apparently he mother cried in court when the charge was read out!! WTF!! Idiot fondles skinny scrubbers arse!! Pathetic shite…

  7. Lads today are fortunate to have access to instant porn.
    I had to make do with hand me down mags from my cuntish elder cousin, who thought he was getting one over on me, by sticking down some of the better pages.
    But I worked out that if they’d only recently been stuck down, if I licked the edge of the pages, I could seperate each one.

    Who does he think he’s dealing with….

    • “Lads today are fortunate to have access to instant porn”@ Porn does more bad then good imo The current generation of dreary offspring will probably never get married and most rarely get laid I was reading some poll that said only 18% of young males (18-27) were in a sexual relationship

      Its a curse and blessing but also a curse too lol Don’t get me wrong M8 the porn nowadays is definitely more eye popping and addictive then it was in the 70’s remember those grainy looking horribly acted ones? they were always good for a laugh remember the sluts usually had a full bush in those ones 🙂

      • Porn today is boderline paedophilia.As those adult women with shaven cunts. This screams paedo to me.

        • How does a shaven haven have any connection to what beasts do?
          Is rooting a flat chested mature woman the same?

          It’s a mature body part thankfully cleared of wirey pubes, making it more pleasant on the eye and the tongue.
          I can maybe understand if it was a shaven coin slot pussy, but a mature one with gammon flaps is nothing like a young one.

          Hairy pussies are old hat and smell like them.

  8. It seems Sarah Champion jumped before she was pushed.why the fuck didn’t she stick to her guns? Why didn’t she tell Compo ‘No I stand by what I said , i’ m not resigning you will have to sack me ‘. What a fucking wimp.

    • Probably knew that if she’d stuck to her guns, she’d never work again.
      If she’s ever worked at all beforehand of course…

  9. I see Malala Yousafzai has gained a place at Oxford University after getting her A-level results….. And who will be paying the massive fees that are charged to get into this place?…. Could it be John and Jane taxpayer?…. Of course it fucking could…..
    This sickens me… This cunt will not have to pay a penny while every other (well, white British ones anyway) will have to… I don’t think she will have to pay for anything for the rest of her life…. Not food, bills, housing, education, medicine, nothing… And that goes for her tons of poncing parking stanley relatives too… And PC Britain and the ABBC and the like couldn’t have one of their favourite pets going to a university in or near Brum, could they? Nah, it had to be Oxford, didn’t it?… And all on the British working public’s nut and all… What a load of fucking cunt…

    • Ah the dumb cunt that got shot in the head by a muslim because she was a female. Yet still defends Islam. She’s a fucking retard

  10. Majid Nawaz has been on the radio again this morning. He admits that Mo did indeed marry a 9 year old but tried to defend it by saying ‘ everyone was doing it at that time’ yes but everybody else weren’t declaring themselves as a ‘Prophet’ or the ‘ most perfect person who ever lived ‘ were they? If it’s wrong now to marry a 9 year old then it was wrong then and that war monger in evil bastard should have realised that if he was who he said he was. Give it up Majid.

  11. Pauline Hanson, anti immigrant Australian MP wore a full cover burka to their question time! Definitely an honorary cunt.

  12. This Sarah Champion cunt.
    I read her piece about Pakistani rape gangs and was happy with it until the last paragraph.
    In the last paragraph she says that we have to now understand why these scumbag cunts do what they do.

    Fucking what?????

    They do it coz we are seen as shite on their shoe to them.
    They do it coz they’re the racists ones.
    They do it coz we’re seen as infidels and they have been taught all their lives that we have to be eroded/crushed.
    They do it coz they’re are uneducated about how to live in a modern Western society.
    They do it coz not one of their peers sees anything wrong in what they do.

    This is normal behaviour to most muslims and this is one of the reasons i want them out.

    Sarah Champion is a doss cunt for not including any of the above in her piece and a weak cunt for not standing up for herself.

  13. They pics of this tart actress are still available to anyone interested.
    Just Google the images.

    Just sayin’ that the pic in the header is very tame compared to what’s on offer. 🙂

  14. I can’t agree with this one. When I’d seen Miss Lawrence with a face full of jizz I had to have a robust Sherman. I take my hat off to female slebs who are willing to show off their slutty side. Apart from Maddoga.

    • Abi Titmus sex tape remains my favourite porn scene to this day.
      I think I’ve only managed it to the end once.
      Had it on my phone for years.
      When i get a new phone, its the first thing i download, and I’ve still only got to the end once.
      That John Leslie is a shite cameraman, but under the circumstances, he’s forgiven.

  15. Remember that privileged old hag Harriet Harman got hacked and refused to confirm or deny her user name was Harriet and password Harman. Dopey, dizzy cunt of the highest order.

  16. Still not clear how why she had these pics on a computer in the first place ?

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