Eleanor Smith M.P

Labour MP Eleanor Smith deserves this nomination because she wants to scrap the flag of the Black Country because of its “racial connotations.” Smith has looked at a flag with the colours black and white and a stylised chain and jumped straight to the conclusion that the flag is “racist.” Fuck’s sake.

The flag represents the industrial heritage of the West Midlands. Chainmaking was a major industry; apparently the chain for the Titanic comes from there. There a big fucking differences between a chain for the anchor of a ship and manacles used to lock up slaves, you fucking thick twat.

A few historical points, if I may:

1/ Slavery was abolished in the British Empire in 1833. The earliest reference to the term “Black Country” is the 1840s. Got a Tardis have you?

2/ Slavery has existed in virtually ever human society.

3/ Berber (modern Algeria) slave traders were notorious for raiding coastal communities all over Europe. They even raided as far north as Reykjavik.

4/ The Eastern African slave trade lasted centuries longer than the West African slave trade. The reason there is no substantial African population in the Middle East is because Arab slave traders used to castrate their male slaves. Incidentally, if the cunts buying slaves in West Africa were cunts, then so were the cunts selling the slaves.

Smith is typical of the knee-jerk arseholes who go looking for offence and see racism, sexism and Islamophobia everywhere they look. If you want to find something, you will find it – whether it is there or not. Smith and her fellow identity politics mongs are the real racists and sexists. They don’t look at a person and see a human being, they look at a person and see their colour, race, sex, etc. Cunts.

This website, I think, follows the philosophy that you are a cunt because of what you DO not because of what you ARE. I have no problem with people of Middle Eastern or South Asian descent but I have a big fucking problem with cocksuckers demanding special privileges because of their fucked up religion. Ditto gaylords – fuck who you want, just don’t expect me to join in. Look at the cunters here – we have mixed race cunts, northern cunts, cunts from all over the world. Fuck, we even have a token poof who once snogged a black man. Equal opportunities – if you are a cunt or behave in a cuntish way then someone will nominate you.

Nominated by Cunt’s Mate Cunt.

76 thoughts on “Eleanor Smith M.P

  1. Is it Pantomime season already? That looks like Lenny Henry in a tranny wig and Widow Twanky lipstick. Aladdin would be terrified.

    Mind you, pantos are probably racist because white people invented them.

    • Looks like the fella in “The Shinning” with a bad rug on………
      Whatever it’s an ugly fucker…..
      Nice outing though of a complete cunt

  2. What a fucking bitch! I wish my agenda could over-ride the history of another culture, but OHHH NOOO, this is reserved for the precious ones. It’s a good job for her she likes to live in a world where her based on guilt-patronisation from the people who supposedly oppressed her. Cunt.

  3. Nomination: Office Bravado Cunts

    Nature of Cuntishness:

    How do you look at a person who states that they are “buzzing” because they just got off the phone with a client, without thinking “cunt”?

    I just saw an advert where the phrase “smashed out some emails” was used, and it reminded me how much I hate the office cunting twats in some of the jobs I have had.

    These poor cunts need pity and condemnation at the same cunting time. Usually “men” (loosely applied), they get their sense of personal progress and power from activities so banal and arbitrary that 99.9% of the population could do it. Yet these activities that mostly it involves lying and emailing somehow imbue them with aggressive confidence.

    Clinching a deal
    Getting paid a lot for kissing corporate ass
    Getting into the office first
    Walking outside wearing a suit with other people who wear suits
    Answering a complaint
    Getting praised by an impotent old man in an expensive chair
    Being a fucking cunt

    There is nothing to be proud of, I thought that was pretty cunting clear, but no. Castrated of any meaningful existence, the best they can hope for is that they put all of their power into achieving a middle class western lifestyle through the process of manipulating people in buildings with a uniform layout. That’s it, that’s their fucking life. They should be ashamed but they are cunts so they think that they are the best.

    Office bravado cunt is a cunt.

    • Very very well cunted.
      I’ve been on office work for a couple of years now and I’m fuckin sick of it. …its an extremely twatty job and full of cunts.

      I’m fuckin sick of being an electrician too but I’m starting to think it may be the better of the two.

    • And the way they wander around the streets with their id badges dangling on lanyards just screaming out for attention. Fuck me I work in a laid back environment no clocking on or off no stress about strict time keeping no anal health and safety just good common sense, loud noise ear defenders welding dark shades chemicals use gloves and face mask. No endless risk assessments. I test run aircraft piston engines with a propellor in our yard. HSE would throw a fit but everyone knows it’s dangerous so stay away. No complaints from adjoining companies as they know it’s a business trying to earn I living. But the lanyard wearing water cooler worrying deal smashing soft as shite cunts that have taken over this country would have shut us down.
      They think bullying some old granny into buying some shite they don’t need and will never use is big business well let me tell them it ain’t. And you are just grade A nuclear powered cunts

    • Exactly why I’m retraining as a sparks. Had my 1st day on site, before all agency sraff were told to piss orf home after…3 hours; no reason given, but prob just costcutting. As my mate said, there are cunts in the construction industry too, very big and powerful…

      However, 3 hours on site told me I am NEVER, ever going back to an office environment…

  4. As mentioned on a previous cunting, the consensus about why people opted for Brexit, amongst other geopolitical democratic decisions, was partly because the overtly liberal, left wing view of the world was becoming increasingly unpopular; people were haughtily sick of the divisive identity politics and fast-track ‘nationalisation’ of outsiders while they continued to suffer at the hands of both Labour and the Tories.

    Yet, since Compo’s Labour ‘revivial’, the left (and the supposed right) have gone apeshit with these dreadful, pandering policies and once again are resuming far left ideals. WTF is going on? Political correctness on a flag… right to choose any gender you like with just a form… even more preferential treatments for fags ‘n’ drags… Grenfell being a ‘racist’ incident…

    Labour are exhausting every liberal proposal they can and frightened by the surge under Corbyn, the Tories are being almost as bad. Just another load of bollocks on the burgeoning shit-tab of this country.

    • Maybe they think that if all the “minorities” come together, they’ll form a huge majority (of cunts).
      My design for the flag would’ve been a big brown arse with a Doc Marten boot stuck up it…

  5. It’s always the same when an Ethnic gets into a position of power. Blacks,especially black women,seem to be especially stupid. They only get into positions of power through “positive discrimination”,never on their own merits. I can’t think of a single black woman who has achieved anything of note that involved brainpower.

    Pakis and Hooknoses,if in positions of power,tend to abuse their privilege to engage in financial and sexual shenanigans, blacks are usually to slow to even do that. As a breed,they are better off being guided by the White man. Africa,and it’s people were far better off when they were under colonial rule…blacks just aren’t developed enough to run their own affairs,never mind try and interfere in ours.

    • Spot on Dick! If you think of all of the major technological advancements of the past 1000 years. The airplane, the Industrial Revolution, Tooling,Electronics, etc and all of the major creations that benefit mankind…..none of the fucking benefits were created in Nigeria,Kenya,Libya or anywhere else in fucking Africa.

      The only thing Africa has given the world is fucking HIV, Malaria and fucking grief!

    • Where I work positive discrimination is in full flow. One of the Directors approached me some time ago and said Fenton we need to be employing more black people. My reply was any cunt can apply for the job, if Schwarzers don’t want it so what ?
      So now if any fuzzy haired gentlemen apply they will get the job no matter how under qualified the cunt is for the job. Now you know why total cretins like Diane Abbot are in high positions

      • I’d imagine that you’re safe enough. Until The Colonel starts offering a job as a deep-fryed chiggun wing taster,there’ll be no rush from the fuzzy fellows to get a job.

    • As one cartoon had it, “She was too tall to be a penguin, and too rich to live in Peckham”

      A more boring, vapid, self-adoring bint would be difficult to imagine although, as pointed out, she paved the way, or at least laid down some campy, purple nylon carpet for Twatson, Goulding &c. to parade and pose on…

      Fergie was well-bangable when younger, unlike The Keeper of The Queen’s Hamster. Before she went TOTALLY off, though.

  6. The Black Country comes from the fact that the buildings were blackened by soot from all of the coal burning furnaces/kilns/etc.

    So what is this “no nothing” MP going to call “The Black Country Museum”, “The Black Country Walkway” and my personal favourite “Black Country Pork Scratchings” (although she probably wants to ban those as they probably offend the mass of “peaceful” cunts who have transformed swathes of the West Midlands into Islamabad).

    Just because you’re black does not entitle you to ownership of that colour you daft bitch, nor does the use of a colour immediately infer a racist connotation you daft bitch!

    So what should we call blacksmiths who’ve been around for thousands of years? Is Blackfriars tube station racist?

    Have you even fucking thought about the words that come from your mouth before you utter them YOU DAFT FUCKING BITCH!?!

    I think it’s a medical condition where folk jump to a misguided conclusion and comment on it before thinking – it’s called Abbottitus!

  7. Well cunted CMC.

    As I’ve said before, if these cunts have a problem with the white man or the white man’s country they should fuck off back to Africa where they belong.
    If they want to integrate and be part of this country fine. But don’t forget who’s fuckin country this is.

    If black people are so much better than white people I don’t know why they’d want to live here anyway.
    Surely Africa is a wonderful, peaceful place where corruption and violence are NOT tolerated.
    I’m sure there’s no racism or slavery between black people in Africa.

    I feel sorry for cunts like this woman. …being forced to live in the evil white man’s country.

  8. Black balled, black listed, in the black, black sheep, blackmail, Blackburn, Blackpool, Black Sabbath. No, iv checked and its not April 1st, the stupid cunt has her work cut out being surround by all this racism.

  9. I’ve never seen a black person as they are various shades of brown.
    This can easily be demonstrated by sticking a piece of jet black insulating electrical tape to their face, although I wouldn’t advise it because when I did, it caused nothing but trouble….

    • My Grandma had a great saying (well a book full of them). When explaining a colonial cousin she would refer to it / him / her as being “as black as the fire back”. To understand you would have to be a) Lancastrian b) pretty old and c) deeply mistrusting of anything / anybody that didn’t come from or wasn’t made in Lancashire. Looking at some of our Northern muslamic ghettos I reckon my Grandma will be doing cartwheels in her urn.

  10. Charitable take on another imported Heinz 57 of permatan origin who has been elected ( fuck knows how ) to lead a nation that does not currently consist of mud hut dwellings (yet)

    And I thought Lemy the Lion Fucker was a total prat!

    The Black Country is likely to be renamed in future generations along with whitechapel and any other vestige or trace of the indigenous population.

    Very sadly we have a Government that aids and abets our final demise.

    Long live the Chalkies!

  11. A drive-by cunting for high-ranking cunt James Corden.

    The Mail reveal that Corden and his advisors managed to negotiate a £0.5million reduction in his UK tax bill for 2016-2017.

    Of course, Cuntden isn’t the only sleb cheating the UK out of rightful taxes, amd one could equally cunt the tax office for even allowing wealthy people to fucking ‘negotiate’, but this just add to Corden’s already stratospheric accumulation of cuntitude.

    Sometimes I think that Corden has discovered this blog, and harbors a perverse desire to be repeatedly mentioned on it. I’m happy to oblige.

    “Amd that’s why they call me the CUNT master”

    • Whenever I see the belt busting fucker spinning wildly out of control on the Confused.com ads, i always hope for a runaway fire truck jumping a red light and taking him out.

    • Truly a mammoth cunt amongst mega celebrity cunts. Funny man no he is not at beast his humour is second-rate. As for that perpetual stupid smile he wears, it looks like a cum expression constantly on his face.

      • I have come to terms with the fact that if there is some cunt in the media who I find annoying and talentless, they are guaranteed to become really successful, and be fucking inescapable.

  12. My youngest son said we dont need a democracy we need a technocracy, where only the best and brightest get to lead, and it would automatically rule out this daft bitch!

    • Yes he may well be right, but it appears that he will spend his days living in a cuntocracy where people such as this fucktard and dinners about plus all the other self serving lying bastard rent boy shaggers still pull the strings.

  13. Has anyone counted the Celtic fans for what they were signing about Lee Rigby? Bunch of Catholic little boy fiddlers should be hanged and sodomized until their rectums fall out

  14. On a slavery note. Slavery was accepted worldwide until we, the British outlawed it. It flourishes today. Guess where?

  15. Looks like a tranny.Is she inbread?Would explain the mong look and clear mental deficiency.Still shows how inclusive Liebour is I suppose.

  16. This thick virtue signaling coon is priceless… The Black Country refers to the smoke and soot that all but covered the Midlands in the Victorian era… A young Queen Victoria visited the place and remarked ‘Everything is black. The buildings are black, the sky is black, even the people are black…’ And it was black because of the smoke and soot from the chimney stacks, factories, mills, and workhouses…. Fuck all to do with skin colour or slavery…. And this ignorant cunt is in Parliament?! A tosser who doesn’t even know any of Britain’s history?! To borrow a phrase from Big Ron: “She’s what is known in some schools as a fucking lazy thick nigger….”

    • History means fuck all to people like this. Very little real history is taught in schools these days, too much emphasis on us being cunts, and trying to find out which leading figures in history could be perceived as gay. Every other white westerner is a slave owning facist. Never mind that without those pesky white westerners there would be fuck all scientific or medical advancements in the last thousand years. My pet hate is people who enjoy the freedom and relative safety of the western world who hate everything it stands for, particularly cunts who were lucky enough to be born there. You know the type, Noam Chompski, Owen Jones, etc. If you really don’t like it, there are many backward shite holes you could move to, where you could try and convince us we are wrong. Cunts.

  17. Can’t say I care that much for the Black Country flag. Always thought it looked a bit like something ISIS would stand in front of whilst pointing a finger in there, moaning about how everything stinks, Akbar’s just used the last of the bog roll and all the women have a 5 o’clock by midday (or at least that what I think they say)… Don’t really know the language but lord knows I should do, I’ve had enough exposure to it.

  18. So the Gooners have done Chelski in the Charity/Community/Big Mac/Coca Cola Shield: the traditional curtain raiser to the English football season… But it isn’t headline news on the ABBC sports website…. The top story is the wimmins Euro Final between Holland and Denmark’s wimmin’s teams… According the Femstapo Beeb this is massively important and the League and FA Cup winners season opener merely warrants a tiny mention down the page… What a load of Feminazi goosestepping and misandrist bollocks… Fucking Lionesses, my arse…. They’ll get a drubbing and the ‘plucky losers’ trophy… The media are persistently trying to shove this wimmins football shit down our throats, and the BBC are the biggest offenders…Only strapon wearing lezzers and n@nce cases actually give a fuck about this shite…

  19. All this fuckin PC lib mongism is like a fucking massive snowball made up of cunts that’s rolling faster and faster down a frikken big hill gathering anything normal and sensible that stands in its way but leaving behind it a soppy wet trench lined with idiotic weasely characterless cunts whose whole life is devoted to whining about the most trivial matters they can find. God fucking help us if we ever have to defend ourselves again. This country is fast losing any backbone it has left.

  20. Holy fuck, that image should come with an obscenity warning. She looks like her face caught fire and somebody put it out with a cricket bat.

    • Don’t look at her wikipedia photo, I had to google who she (it) was not having heard of her (it), wish I hadn’t

    • I am with you on this one mate…..to think this bastard ragheaded piece of shit was not executed boils my piss. Who ever is responsible for letting this fungus faced paedophile freely walk the streets again should be spreadeagled shagged with a rusty pipe and burned at the fucking stake. Fuck all Paki shits.

    • That cunt should have been fucking killed to start with. What kind of justice system lets someone out that’s not even served a third of their fucking sentence?

    • I should really LOVE to know the warped reasoning behind this miscarriage of justice.
      I now care not on iota if a vigilante group takes out this cunt. Why t f should I care ? After all, our Lords & Masters are taking the piss massively, and pissing all over us to boot.

      Even more piss-boiling… when I clicked on that link, I read that that jerk-off Cable is monging off again. He is a senile old cunt.

      Rivers of blood will come to pass very soon, I feel…

    • Muslims seem to have a free pass in this country. They seem pretty much able to avoid being held accountable no matter what crime they’ve committed. Give it a bit longer and they’ll only have to answer to their own sharia courts. We,meanwhile, will be hammered if we as much as raise an objection as our muslim overlords rape and murder our children.

  21. Cathy Newman or more Channel 4 are cunts.When introducing the oldest shirt lifter at pride she said “Now many of the older generation are not keen on LGBT rights as the lanyard dispute at national trust showed.” Um since when did not wanting to celebrate something mean you want to deny people their rights.I wouldnt wear one as it is lame virtual signalling pushing a leftiat Stonewall agenda.I certainly wouldnt advocate or wish for gays and trannies to be persecuted in any way.The buzz word used to be tolerance but now that isnt enough.Unless you proudly march for gay rights you are a bigot and queer hater.Channel 4 is a leftist dominated news show who only employs leftist twatends.

    • She is one of those “wimmin” people who likes to stir shite at each and every opportunity. And when there is no shite to stir, she will make it.
      Typical cunt.

    • I think gays should be treated equally but they don’t have to shove it in our faces. I’m straight and don’t shove it it their faces so I don’t see why they should us.

    • I occasionally do some contract work for the National Trust. Luckily I can tell them, with a clear conscience, that there’s nobody more accepting and unbiased than me.

    • I have some VERY highly-developed sexual…tastes, but I would NOT go round telling people that they must wear a badge endorsing my interests.
      If people want to munch rugs and burgle turds, I have zero probs.
      There’s much to be said for “behind closed doors”
      Carol Vorderman once said “Everyone’s got something at the back of their wardrobe and she was photo’d wearing it, too…Well fit !!

  22. Anyone else read this bullshit story about this British model who claimed to be abducted, stuffed in a suitcase, auctioned on darknet and then bizarrely released.
    What a lying attention seeking piece of shit whore this bird is. Is there anything these brain dead twats won’t do to get a bit of fame?

    • People will do anything to get on celebrity big brother.

      Auctioned off for 270,000 pounds, you must be kidding! 270k for that vapid, air headed, mediocre looking attention seeking whore, Jesus, whoever paid that would want their money back fucking pronto when the goods arrived.

  23. #BCM. #BCM.

    (I wrote it twice coz it was too short, all together now, “that’s what she said”)

  24. Poor old Black and White Cunt will soon be reduced to being just a white cunt like the rest of us.
    And what about “Biscuit”?

  25. The cunt, of whom I had never heard and deeply resent being made to, should be encouraged to give a bunch of Newcastle casuals her opinion on the juxtaposition of black and white. I have no more to offer, except that I’d like to be invited to watch.

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