Charlie Alliston

I would like to nominate for the latest cycling cunt Charlie Alliston, this is the cunt that is saying its not his fault for riding a bike with no brakes and has killed a pedestrian crossing the road, all be it on her phone at the time so probable stepped out in front of him while riding at 20mph at lunchtime on a weekday in Londonistan.

This cunt reckons it was all her fault as she dosn,t respect cyclists…the fact that the type of bike he was riding is illegal to ride on the road is irrelevant to this prick,he shouted get out of the fucking way and then ran her over killing her.

It should be fair game to jam a stick through the front wheels of cunts like this …..

Nominated by fuglyucker.

114 thoughts on “Charlie Alliston

    • His sad life will be done as a biopic with Benderdick Cuntypatch in the lead role.

      Bag over head, rope, trap door…

      • I’d wish to nominate Dalmatians for a cunting. They frighten the shit out of me, I’ll admit that. Here’s why..
        We’ve all seen the handsome looking friendly hounds in those fairytale books for children, but go out in the open and sooner or later you’ll see a human cunt of an owner, not giving a shit about his bunch of psychotic cunting Dalmatians. The fuckers are schizoids rather than the happy spotty dogs the gullible public think they are. That’s right, go up and give them a pat –
        fine until they whip round and bite you on the arse in a nasty attack. I’ve seen these underrated savages go for tots, old duffers and anything they fancy, What cunts they are by nature!
        Couple a nasty Dalmatian with a moronic, coulnd’t give a shit owner and it’s an attack waiting to happen. Dalmatians consider yourself up for a cunting.

        • ….. Totally with you there. A Cunt in our village had two of these fuckers …. they’d be snarling like fuck, and all he would say is ..’They’re just smiling at you’ .. For fuck sake, it couldn’t be more obvious they wanted to tear a strip off you, and if he hadn’t been there….they would have.
          My Dad was walking our collie dog one morning and these two started on it …’Oh, they’re just playing’ said the Cunt of an owner. After a decent hoof to the ribs to get these fuckers to stop, our collie was left with an open puncture wound to the top of it’s leg.
          Dalmatians … friendly and cute …Walt Disney .. Cunt.

          • Agreed and one look at their batshit faces is enough for me to give em a wide berth. ‘With the right training they make good pets’ I read once in Horse and Hound – the cunts need eradicating on the dangerous dogs list. They’d give a psycho pitbull the good news in a fight, I know that.

    • All stupid pedestrians who endanger cyclist by walking out on them are cunts. Would she be in the dock if he’d died, far more likely since he is moving ‘recklessly’ at 14mph on a 25lb cycle.

  1. Cyclists in general need a cunting. From those dss scratters who ride bikes designed for a 12 year old , whilst on their way to the “job” centre for “their” dole or pharmacy for methadone , to lycra clad “sportsmen ” who turn every road into a 17 mph traffic jam.
    Saving the planet? Really? With an artic, two commercial vans and half a dozen poor bastards just trying to get home stuck behind you as you wobble and swerve your way to your eco-pit you can fuck right off.

      • and I reckon production of thousands of miles of lycra is NOT eco-friendly (nor its disposal).

        Btw, Henry Wrong, former administrator of The Barbican (City of London’s fave concert hall &c, and close to the site where the Simon Rattle Memorial wank-hall is to be built) died a few days ago.

        Our Henry was a right’un…
        Anyone have him in the pool (apart from Barrymost?)

    • Only today I had the misfortune to be stuck behind a selfish stupid as fuck daft bint on a bike who decided it was a good idea to cycle up a road with a very steep gradient with many twists and turns ,blind bends etc for the best part of 2 miles. Her average speed was so slow the bike was wobbling from side to side. Massive tailback behind the stupid cow.

      • No brakes?! hah it was probably stolen then Cyling used to be legit when it was the big cunting wheels it had like 1 or 2 ultra slow boring speeds not gonna go super fast with that but now with high tech bmx’s with 30 speed gear adjustments. Absolutely insane those shouldn’t be on the fucking sidewalk let alone the road

      • … I mentioned yesterday the same of following these Cunts on twisty backroads where it’s nigh on impossible to overtake. I have to confess, sometimes if I’m not really in any great hurry, sitting behind these Cunts for an age … ‘just incase it’s not safe to overtake’ … they sometimes feel they’ve got to put in an extra effort to speed up a bit or crank a bit harder up a hill …. someday some Cunts heart will burst out of their lycra top.
        Then a polite wave going past from me as a fellow road user and you can see them mutter …’Cunt’ ..from their beetroot heads.

        • Actually thats an idea, just stay on their tail, driving at a safe distance of course but they know you are there. Like it.

    • You’re right BwB, whilst driving to work this morning I witnessed a cunt on a bike riding with his hands in his pockets go the wrong way round the keep left signs to overtake traffic waiting at a red light and carry on through the junction.
      If they think the law does not apply to them, are we allowed to run over the cunts deliberately and not have the law applied?

      • No, there was a case a few years ago when some idiot cunt git creamed after running a red light on his bike. The court held that irrespective if the light running, the driver who collided with him should have seen him and avoided the collision. Fucking lunacy.

  2. Nothing’s fuckng changed. He is just your average ‘stupid cunt’ for not thinking about the possible consequences of his actions. There again how many of us did at that ‘I know everything age.’ I think the older you get experience tells us to think ahead. That doesn’t excuse him from being a cunt, he just got caught out. She got very unlucky too which goes show that people looking at twatbook while walking are taking a risk too.

    • Yeah I’ve almost wiped out some dopey cunts staring into their phones and just walking out in front of me. Toot the horn and they just give you daggers. Worst are the teenagers who cycle down the road whilst texting and weaving all over the place.

      • It won’t be long before the law is changed, and if anybody (Suffer the ickle innocents) is killed whilst twattering, faceaching &c., the prison term for the howiboo, evil perpetrator will be increased by 50%

    • Have you noticed with these snowflake cunts that it’s never their fault?

      Bloke parked on my drive in front of my garage. When confronted “It’s your fault because there was nowhere else to park!”

      Bloke nearly ran me down speeding in the car park while texting “It’s your fault for not getting out of the way!”

      Woman walks around the back of my car while it’s reversing “It’s your fault. You should look behind you!” So I’m supposed to have eyes in my arse that can see through the parked cars either side so I don’t hit here while when’s not looking where she’s going because she’s fucking with her phone?

      Bloke parks on the yellow lines and gets a ticket “It’s the council’s fault for painting yellow lines!”

      Fuckers can’t afford a house because they piss their dosh up the wall on fags beer and eating out “It’s your fault. You should sell your house and give the money to your kids so they can buy a house!”

      Entitled, blameless and fucking useless…

      • Its a fact Dio. The Snowflake Generation have never been faced with the consequences of their own stupidity. There has always been a safety net into which they can fall.

        • Exactly! It’s the same with Snowflake-In-Chief Trump too: nothing’s ever his fault either.

          • What? As far as the left and the mainstream are concerned, every woe or ill in the world is the fault of either trump, Russian hacking or brexit.

  3. I have little time for mamils ( middle aged men in Lycra)
    My mum is in a specialist home suffering with Alzheimer’s, it’s only 10 miles up the coast but the journey is littered with cycle Cunts!! , for some reason Sunday appears to be the mamils favourite day!! , 2 even 3 abreast these selfish cunts cause havoc on the road!!
    I always impart some wisdom on the pricks when I pass them by, the police are utter Cunts as they allow this nonsense to happen!, they should send them on a road awareness course?, mind you it’s probably full with all the motorists caught doing 33 mph in a 30….. fuck the police, fuck their shitty cash cow cameras but most of all fuck the MAMILS …..,🚴🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️ Cunts……

    • Way to go mate. Every weekend in the summer season it’s tour de cunt in my neck of the woods. Hundreds of the fuckers 2, 3 even 4 abreast on some lanes. Fucking chaos, cafes are full of them, bikes chained to anything thats fixed down blocking pavements etc. Then the “joy” of staring at lyca arse for ten miles cos there are forty of the cunts in front and everytime I get a chance to pass farmer Palmer and his combine corps appear as if by magic. Roll on November when all this cuntery ends for a few months

      • Christ in a plane this is true. I hate cunt cyclists with a passion, due to their sheer arrogance. Single file my arse as they clog up the roads in their dense as wankery lycra “I’m having a midlife crisis but pretending everything’s ok” wanking outfits.

        The worse ones are these middle management cunts who pedal along, talking corporate power shite and totally ignoring the plain facts of the road around them. It’s like the cast of American Psycho on wheels. Picking these cunts off from decent distance with a .22/250 would be a good start. Fucking cock measuring lycra-clad cunts.

  4. A triple distilled cunt if ever there was one. A latter millenial, a hipster and a recreational cyclist. Latter millenials tend to be selfish, narcissistic and lacking any empathy or self awarenes. Recreational cyclists……. Same dealio but ten fold and with extra arrogance added for colour. His QC was a cunt aswell…….. But that’s in his job description so I’ll give him that.

    • Struck a chord there Larry that did. Those born a certain time have been exposed to all the internet bollocks and are in a fug of technology, school immunisations, legal highs and all sorts of shit before the age of 16. Society needs an answer before these kids are looking after us old farts in a home – imagine that.

  5. Why do these fucks make demands upon road services? They want cycle lanes, they want priority lanes, they want to ride on the pavement as well as the roads, and they PAY FUCK ALL.

    How is it that cyclists have a big voice? How do they get total consideration of the planners and Council Officials?

    Tax every fucking road cycle £1000 at the point of sale. Those cycles riding the pavements to avoid paying, then road side executions for the offenders.

    Tax the fuckers off the road. Oh yes, and Ban that Lycra shite!

    • Whenever I’ve been in London, I’ve been privy to the worst kind of fucking cuntlord that takes to the road. No, not nightbus drivers. No, not sharp-elbowed shitcunts in their oversized Hummers. Not even the boy racers going across Westminster bridge on a Saturday night. The real kingcunts of the road are on 2-wheels and they all deserve a fucking solid tolchoking.

      The category of ‘cyclist cunt’ has many, many sub-categories. Some of them, like the ones en masse going across London Bridge, are all kitted out in really ill-fucking-fitting Tour de France ‘maillot jaunes’; complete with gut flopping out of their tight fitting yellow and black combo. The entire fucking peloton of cunts, raring to go as the lights turn green on tower bridge.

      Then there’s the cunts who slow down at lights, trying to keep balanced on two wheels, slowly edging forward until – oh yes, the cunts might as well carry on through the red light.

      The hemp and lavender covered-new-age bitches who cycle along busy main roads at a fucking snail’s pace, holding up all and sundry.

      And I’m yet to see any suited-up fucker on a ‘Boris Bike’ that doesn’t look like a weapons grade helmet.

  6. 2 years for acting like a cunt
    2 years for speaking like a cunt
    2 years for looking like a cunt
    4 years for being a cunt

    10 years sounds about right

  7. This guy is a right fucking cunt and youth is no excuse. If he was a car driver he’d get 7 years for dangerous driving, so why is a cyclist different?
    No insurance, no road tax but can still ride at 20mph on the highway.

    I feel sorry for his parents for raising such a fucking cunt bubble.

    • Add to that he was riding a track racing cycle with no brakes fitted.
      If anyone took a track day only non-MOT’d car or motorcycle on the public highway they’d get fucking crucified…

    • I wouldn’t feel sorry for his parents …. I’m sure they’re the reason for him being such a fucking cunt bubble.

  8. I would like to nominate the ‘Staffordshire Health Service’ who have refused a donation of £2500 raised for a new Xray machine, as the guys who raised the money were dressed as “female” nurses and therefore were deemed as disrespectful!!!

    Obviously some Lez, man hating cunt has seen her chance for the 15 minutes of fame…. CUNT

    • I read it was a bloke who refused the donation.
      And they say men can’t menustrate

    • I agree. Todays females dress in unisex scrubs, wear trousers, untidy fuckers who do not resemble the petite , attractive , sexy and very fuckable nurses of the past. There are a few exceptions, but just a few. This is blatent faminazi shite.!

      • And I don’t mean to be rude, as a consumate salad-dodger myself, but last time I was in hozzy (visiting, a few weeks back), virtually ever nurse I saw had a Rubenesque form!

        I thought it was a bit rich when the orderly dishing out the snap was told: “…no but he can have a piece of fresh fruit because of his cholesterol.” by a nursed who’do been gene spliced from Bella Emberg and the Mighty Atom!

        If any cunt had a coronary, and she was on the crash team, after running to said room they’d have to defibrillate her before she could make a start on the patient!

      • I fell in love with a nurse…

        About four years before she got her ‘O’ Levels and went off to nursing school. I was 11.

        A dead ringer for Jacqueline Bisset (her, not me…)

        • I went out with a nurse once …. well I assumed she was a nurse … as everytime after having sex.. she said I was getting better.

    • Thought provoking and very interesting., but I always thought of Wilberforce as a cunt. There is an awful lot of myth and magic about many historical heroes.

    • It gets worse mate it really does!

      That Zuckerberg cunt has a lot to answer for!

      Without him and his ilk making folk believe that they’re: “Oh so important.” then we wouldn’t be in this newfounded mire of cultural self-hate, neo-liberalism (i.e. old fascism)!

      So, the Egyptians enjoyed a slave or two 4,000-2,000 years ago, so why aren’t the cunts in Gizeh putting straps round the pyramids and sphinxes and pulling those cunts down?

      Oh that’s right cos that’s now in a “peaceful” country and any “peaceful” cunt is hallowed no matter how much of a terrorist, murdering cunt they are.

      In the good ole US of A some cunt heard last week (on Tucker Carlson – who was carrying the story about it this week) that Christopher Columbus owned slaves (like most other cunts of the time) and therefore his statue (wherever it is) should be pulled down cos of some (make believe, white person’s, virtue signalling) notion that it must be offensive to the African American population.

      Saladin had slaves too. Oh but he was a “peaceful” cunt so is excepted from any blame.

      Most civilised nations had slaves throughout the ages and a lot of slave owners were black Africans who had enslaved black Africans. So all black Africans must be racist then and therefore any statue of Nelson Mandela should be pulled down, right!?!

      These cunts at FaceCunt, TwatCunt and especially Goocuntle think they can rewrite history by proxy of cunts like these who need subtitles for the hard of understanding!

      You would think that they’d recognise the parallels between their suppression of the truth and virtual “book burning” (website suppression/censorship) and those of the little tashy German fucker of the 1930’s – who they claim is now Donald Trump!

      Oh but that’s right, in order to grasp those parallels you’d actually need some knowledge of actual history rather than an assumptive, skewed view based on another cunts 4,000th re-tweet of a one liner!

      Utter utter cunts!

      I bet the cunt who this cunt on the bike killed was too important to drag her fucking eyes away from her FaceTwat session to look both ways, assuming she was in the right. Alas she met her match with cycle cunt who was far too important to slow down and/or avoid her, cos he was also right.

      No doubt she’s “disliked” her passing on HeavenBook and “unfriended” God! The cunt!

  9. Well if he ran into her and she was known to me, his bike would be up his arse and it’s take a crane to get it out. Murdering cunt

  10. He should have been shown a bit of leniency for ridding the streets of one of those ignorant Cunts who don’t look where they’re going. I’ve taken to deliberately walking into people who I see wandering along looking at their phone.
    All cyclists should be forced to ride on bikes with no brakes and should be banned from wearing helmets and padding..only fucking lycra body suits allowed (gives the wagon-drivers something bright to aim at.)
    Charlie Alliston looks like adjusts his bike seat to point straight up his clacker valve as he bounces his way over biddies’ corpses. Probably not allowed a car after being caught offering sweeties to schoolboys….Might also be a tranny by the look of him.

  11. Any cunters watching the Mayweather/McGregor fight? Both a massive arrogant cunts with mouths as big as their punches but the showmanship now goes hand in hand as much as the actual fight.

    • I wouldn’t waste my time watching it. Seeing them pretend to insult each other is bad enough. Wouldn’t surprise me if they’d got the whole thing choreographed.

      • If these two cunts are so fuckin’ “hard” why are they surrounded by bodyguards.
        A couple of showbiz pansies….

        • “Any cunters watching the Mayweather/McGregor fight? ”

          No but I have a creeping feeling mcgregor is gonna get slaughtered. Because hes a fucking MMA kick boxer not a punch for punch heavyweight like mayweather. The whole thing sounds like a asetup to me

          • @titslapper

            I was last conned into paying for one of these overhyped bouts for the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. It was beyond fucking turgid. Never again.

            Mayweather has mastered the art of avoiding any decent opponent until they are well past their prime or otherwise. Mind you, as much as I fucking hate McGregor, I would love to see him smash Mayweather and destroy that ‘clean record’. A fitting end to the biggest cunt ever to grace boxing.

            I suspect Mayweather will win, sadly. For sure though, I won’t be paying to watch any of that bollocks.

    • If McGregor lasts more than one minute then it’s a Vegas fix!

      Any professional boxer of note who can’t down one of these UFC cunts in seconds doesn’t deserve to take the “3 lonely steps” in the first place.

      • Empire Cunts Back @ Everyone thought Pacman was gonna win last time me included This whole fight adds a race war element to it too, like if you support Mayweather you’re supporting BLM or if you’re supporting Mcgregor you’re supporting the KKK and voted Trump or Brexit but yep agree its another overblown fixed boxing event. I’ll be surprised if it lasts more then 3 rounds why spend hard earned cash on this shite? I’ll watch the replay the next day

    • Was it any good? I’m too tight to stump up £17 quid to Rupe Murdoch and I’m banned from the social where the Sky Sports Box office TV set is. Therefore I missed it. I pawned my radio not long ago so no 5 live either. Fuck it, boxing aint what it was anyway imo.

  12. Alliston is typical of the Millenial placenta who have been raised to have an overinflated estimation of their own worth and what they are entitled to.

    The coppers confirmed the woman’s death could have been avoided had his bike been fitted with a front brake. And this numpty had been fitted with a brain instead of lime jelly in his skull cavity.

    Looks like He will go down for this one. I don’t fancy the odds of his ringpiece surviving intact after a few days in the scrubs. Remember Scum and the greenhouse scene? Ouch!

    • Remember Scum and the greenhouse scene? Ouch!

      “Davis! Name and number for the governor!”

      This cunt actually reminds me of Davis. No fucking dolly mixtures for that poofter.

  13. There is a couple come in my local micropub. Fully lycra’d up, most evenings.

    I asked them where they’d been for a ride, he replied they’re just cycling home from home. So they changed in to full on Tour de France kit to do that?

    Oh, and he’s got the four figure full on racing bike, hers has got a fucking wicker basket on the front.

    Pair of sad twats.

  14. This view from a cyclist who hates most/all other cyclists.
    He’s a dodgy cunt.
    I use roads only where there is no cycle paths. When I’m on the road, i am aware of the tax paying motorist. I’m that close to the kerb that i sometimes clip it with my peddle. On a one way street, i pull in to let the driver past with only about 1 in 10 acknowledging my civility.
    I also stop at zebra crossings and traffic lights whereas some of these cunts don’t.
    This cunt who killed this innocent lady should feel the worst that can be dished upon him.
    He’s a selfish , only me me me cunt.

    But here’s the bit i find hypocritically hilarious.
    You are all listing yer pet hates against cyclists who act the cunt yet yesterday some of you were pissing and moaning about not being allowed to break speed limits.
    Careless drivers are cunts too, and before any cunt says that they are a safe driver and can handle going over the speed limit, that’s only coz you haven’t knocked down, crashed or killed some poor cunt yet.

    Cyclist can be selfish accident causing cunts but so are some drivers.

    • Very true. The standard of road behaviour of ALL road users has slopped right down the shitter.
      “Power Ranger” cunts on race replica motorcycles are as reckless and selfish as lycra cyclists, Audi panzer jockeys and Range Rover gangstas.
      Cunts the lot of em…

    • Very true Birdman.

      As I said as part of one of my rants yesterday, I love motorbikes and still ride one occasionally.
      However, I am fully aware what a load of irritating, irresponsible and generally annoying cunts a lot of ‘bikers’ are too.
      Sitting in drivers blind spots, not using lights in poor conditions even when most cars have theirs on, and carving up traffic etc.
      There are some good ones but there are certainly many cunty ones too.

    • Talking of dodgy gear, anyone remember PM Mr. Woolly-Pully Major ?

      “I’ve gotta brand new pair of…underpants…”
      He was way too slow for rollerskates

  15. Typical cycling cunt … thinks he / she … whatever … owns the road.

    And what the fuck is wrong with his / her ear?

    Bet the utter cunt wears one of those fuckin open in the ear ring things. ….a hangable offence on its own.


  16. I’d like to deliver a royal cunting to the sharp-elbowed shitcunt ‘modern parents’ who allow their fucking brats to behave like absolute cunts in public. Watching the news earlier, I saw this little shit clambering on the news desk in front of Alastair Stewart, while he was trying to deliver his autocue reading. What did the fucking mother do? Smiled and simpered in that fucking fist-chewingly morose way all modern Bugaboo-wielding shitcunts do.

    All kinds of complex socio-political decisions have got us to this point where kids are largely uncontrollable. The liberal left, unsurprisingly, have had a major faeces-smeared hand in fucking up the boundaries of modern parenting. Demonising almost any form of discipline; putting the inclusion, and even fucking opinions of children above the rest of society; decimating the traditional roles of men and women in families, and even expecting teachers to fill all the fucking roles that modern parents increasingly want to rid themselves of – even down to giving them fucking breakfast and counselling.

    A few months ago I was at a restaurant with some friends. Notwithstanding it being late on a fucking Friday night anyway, these two utter cuntfucks brought their screaming sprog into the gaff. Once pacified, he then was allowed to wander around the restaurant, putting his fucking hands in other diners’ food and all kinds of fucking liberties until some geezer, quite rightly, roared at the parents for being so shit. They eventually looked up from their fucking smartphones and finally did something at that point. The entitlement and self-importance of these sorts of fucking idiots is off the cunt-charts.

    The next time some father of an uncontrollable kid tries to excuse all the banging on your walls/ceiling as being down to them ‘having kids’, tell them “having kids doesn’t fucking exclude you from showing your neighbours a bit of consideration.”

    The next time some left-lib-lush tries to argue that her precious sprog “will be your future carer, doctor or local policeman”, tell them that her actually not-so-fucking precious “may equally end up being my future mugger, unscrupulous landlord or crooked financial advisor who tries to diddle me out of my meagre pension.”

    And the next time someone tries to tell you it is “society’s responsibility to bring up their kid”, be sure to tell them “fuck off you self-entitled cunthole”, and be sure to tell them that I sent you.

    • “Speaking to the Daily Mail Mrs Wronka……described Iris was ‘a very independent toddler, who does exactly what she wants to do.’ ”

      I’d actually have an ounce of respect for the useless cunt-woman if she’d just fronted up and said “l don’t give a give a fuck and won’t stop her”

  17. Well this Allison cunt was cleared of manslaughter but done for wanton and furious driving…..hopefully that will involve jail time where he can be a cock warmer for 6 months or more hopefully [contemplate brakes on you bike when be buggered to bits you cunt] but the reality is he will get an afternoons worth of community service, so cyclists 1 phone zombies nil let that be a lesson to all you phone zombies who are so engrossed with your phones you cant be arsed to check if there is anything coming when you cross a road……..cyclists are usually cunts, soliciters are always cunts and phone zombies should pay more attention so therefore are also cunts….

    • The offence of wanton and furious driving under section 35 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861 is committed when bodily harm (i.e. injury) is caused to any person as a result of the manner of driving of a suspect and is not limited to motor vehicles but covers any kind of vehicle or carriage including bicycles.
      The offence carries a maximum penalty of 2 years’ imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine. Penalty points and discretionary disqualification can be imposed by the courts under section 28 of the Road Safety Act 2006.

      • Old Bill (Shakespeare) had it about right –
        “Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”
        He should be despatched swiftly, and will soon be forgot.

  18. The little turd has not shown a shred of remorse, so hopefully he will get at least some porridge. He can then look forward to having his chocolate starfish turned into steak tartare by Leroy on D Wing.

    Might stop him from taking to the saddle again.

    • That’s exactly the problem, the distinct lack of remorse. Can’t recall any public cases where drivers on manslaughter charges have tried to heap the blame on the deceased.

  19. No word yet on how much in damages Michael Barrymore will be awarded for his wrongful arrest. I do hope that it’s enough to pay for a Celebrity Poof Pool Party. Tom Daley.Louis Spence, Alan Carr,that Irish chutney-ferret, et al would love a good clean entry in the deep-end, or even fucking up the shite-pipe. Perhaps it could be like Celebrity Big Brother and the Great British Public could ring in and vote on which poof gets bummed to death .”Awight?.. Top,middle or bottom?” the hilarious Mr. Barrymore could enquire as he showed the unlucky loser the blunt end of a pool-cue and extensive drug collection. (Not his,of course.)

    Hopefully with this slight unpleasantness behind him,we’ll get to see National Tweasure Barrymore back on our screens. I,for one,can’t wait. …. I also look forward to” How to save Money on Babysitters When You’re Struggling By On Only Two Doctor’s Wages” with Kate and Jerry,more innocents wrongly suspected…They should be given a good dollop of Compensation, too. They could use it to go on a nice holiday somewhere.

    • Apparently Barrymore was ecstatic when Tom Daley came out of the closet.
      He said” It’s great to finally meet someone who takes it up the arse, and can also swim”……

  20. It always begs the question, “If Barrymore didn’t bugger him to death then who did?”

    With £2.6m that should last him for the rest of his life, which should be a couple of months.

    Barrymore was always an annoying bell end. If he wasn’t embarrassing the public on Strike It Lucky he was doing crap Basil Fawtly impressions, but with mere o-grades. Twat.

    • Are we surprised that’s what she thinks?

      For anyone that’s not seen it:

      “Naz Shah, who represents Bradford West, shared and liked the post by a parody account of newspaper columnist Owen Jones.
      It said: ‘Those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of diversity.’”

      Damn straight she needs a cunting Shaun, she should be cunted by parliament spineless cunts.

      Typical socialist shite spilling out of here ignorant mouth.

      • She’s pretty fucking far from being a socialist, just a liberalist.

        There is a difference…

          • Amazing how this is getting far less coverage than that MP saying nigger in the woodpile.This is far more abhorrent but nought from Auntie Beeb.

        • A truly repugnant Corbynista cunt,no second thoughts on anti Semitism but defends muslim rapeugees by playing the race card.

          • Long overdue Shaun, this fucker deserves both barrels. On a separate note Leah Bracknell’s cancer treatment has failed & your onto a winner in the DP.

          • Leah Bracknell is sadly fucked.She used to be the only reason I watched Emmerdale as a youngster;)

          • It was Malandra Burrows for me. I’ll never know how she ended up with that gargoyle David Guest!

        • Here’s hoping she gets FGMd, along with Twatson, Rowlinginit, Goulding and a cast of thousands…

        • Unsavoury, grubby Joe Daki. People like this simply shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the levers of power.

          This is akin to arranging for Paul Gadd to chaperone your 13 year old daughter for the evening.

    • Feel sorry for the poor cunts in Bradford West who voted tactically to get rid of the royal cunt Galloway only to realize they elected an equally evil cunt.Most MP’s are cunts but Bradford West seems to attract the biggest cunts in recent history.

    • My uncle had sadly the same cancer Leah has and he lasted a long time .Fucking awful way to go.Wish he had gone quicker quite frankly.

      • Leah is a fan of alternative medicine which is sadly a red herring.If it gives her comfort though fair play to her.

        • I have decided to run with Deadpoool picks likely to die as opposed to the old or elderly .Time will tell if that is wise .All I though is that Dio is thrashing me and I have to make up lost ground:p

  21. This cunt typifies many cyclists, a danger to every other road user and yet screams victim even when hi is wrong on many levels. Two year maximum sentence, I hope he has two long painful years that make him think about what a selfish little cunt he is

  22. Surely to fuck that bunglecunt of a cyclist will get 2 yrs ?
    He is needing fucked with the thick end of a rag mans trumpet

  23. Is there a statute of limitations on who we can cunt? I am sitting thinking about some cunts who annoyed me many many years ago.

    • Go for it lad ISAC has no statutes of limitations for cuntings.The grim reaper has a monopoly on death but not cuntings!

  24. I’d like to nominate neo-liberalism (old fascism) for a much overdue cunting.

    The final straw being – in this era where “group think” is the main salience point on any decision – when ESPN decided to pull a Robert (please note no “E”) Lee from their University of Virginia college football coverage in case it offended any snowflake cunts in Virginia (following the Charlottesville unrest last week).

    Yes ladies and gentlemen, thus is how far the reach (or is that Reich) of the liberalist agenda tech giants goes!

    So afraid are other companies in the public eye of being vilified by these tech giants (and their global opinion reach) that they’re not so much “walking on eggshells” but have buried the chickens and have denounced that such a creature ever existed in the first place!

    So ESPN’s Robert (no “E”) Lee. He must obviously be an old old white guy with a southern drawl, white hair and goatee to match right?

    Wrong,, this Robert Lee is of Chinese origin a’la Bruce Lee. WTF!?!

    When I heard the story I thought it was a wind up but no, ESPN actually released a statement saying that they thought it best not to use Robert (no “E”) Lee for the coverage….just in case it caused any offence.

    Has it really gotten to the point where people’s given names are a source of offence!?! Are they for fucking real!??!

    Guess so. Well in that case – cunts – I’d like to ban the name “Mohamed” (and its 4 billion other fucking spellings) because I find *that* name really fucking offensive!

    Sure that would have to include Muhammad Ali but every cunt refers to him as Ali anyway so the “Muhammad” bit can be comfortably dropped and everyone will still know who you mean.

    Fuck’s sake!

  25. Due to increased vigilance and security we have seen precious little of the troll on ISAC of late. Well done the Powers That Be. Still having a pop at us in other ways though. However it must be at quite a loose end without its usual playmates so in the spirit of peace and love I offer it an opportunity of gainful employ. May I also recommend this opportunity to all you cunts:

  26. Still shouting at the pedestrian even after he’d knocked her down apparently – better just watch out if he drops the soap in the prison shower though. Never mind a cunting there’ll be a bumming in order. Arrogant and no remorse. And cyclists generally. Don’t even bother to drive the unclassified road from Ilkley to Bolton Abbey along the Wharfe Valley. Bloody cyclists two and three abreast in all directions. No intention of moving over. In my little car I could barely get past and even had to pull into the side for some of those tossers coming towards me – I could hear the hedgerows scratching the paint. Can you believe it? That wretched cyclists organisation Sustrans need a good cunting – they’d tarmac over every footpath going for cyclists to then ruin everything for walkers as well as being a plague on the roads.

  27. I reckon if he was using his bike to get from A to B in a transportation way, it’s fair game. It’s these cycling cunts who block the fucking place up with their races that fuck me off. Cunts! how would those fuckers like it if I took my van into their fucking velodromes with a load of my mates in their vans? Cunts. Roads are communication routes, not fucking race tracks you CUNTS!

  28. Though I’ve just looked at his face and he looks like a cunt. So he probably is a cunt. Cunt.

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