Bill Esterson M.P

Bill Esterson, the Labour Shadow Trade Minister deserves a cunting. He was on Radio Five Live today, being interviewed by Emma Barnett, who royally skewered the useless twat over Labour’s position on the Customs Union and the Single Market. Five times she asked the waffling twat if Labour would the keep the UK inside the Single Market and the Customs Union, or whether we would leave. Five times, Esterson’s response was, “we will have the same relationship, blah blah blah”.

To be honest, I was surprised that the BBC would allow one of its beloved Labour front benchers to be roasted in such a way. In fact, I fully expect Emma Barnett to be removed any day now. It was a performance that even Andrew Neil would struggle to match. She made Esterson look a bigger moron than the Abbottapotamus. And that takes some doing.

Apparently, Corbyn is in “General Election” mode. Expect lots of staged meetings with ‘ordinary’ voters, who are in no way connected to the Labour Party. Also expect lots of seditious talk about “bringing down the government”. If this is the calibre of the Labour front bench, then I really hope they’re never voted into government. If they are, this country will be the European version of Venezuela within 12 months. That’s assuming that there isn’t a civil war before then.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw.

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    • Interesting comment you make there Kravdarth. Im surprised that Bebistan Broadcasting employed this young lady, and even more surprised that our most magnificent benefactor, the one and only, guided by the prophet ( blessed be his name ) Suckmedick Khan, has allowed her to live in his Caliphate.
      Strange times in which we live!

    • Hopefully Ole Man Steptoe is in same sort of General Election mode as was ickle Timmeeeee Farwrong… since sunk without trace (?) as, please Dog, Rickeeeee soon will be !!

  1. Esterton ( Like many others in Labour ) is devoid of any serious intention to serve this country. He ( like others ) is committed to the ideology of the political party to which he belongs.
    The Socialist March is the reintroduction of the Reich,the Stasi, and all the abominations of an Orwellian future. A future where all thought will be controlled by the machine.
    Esterton is little more than a sponging whore, seeking any crack, any pathway that can lead to his own personal enrichment and the applause of his leader.
    As Shadow Minister for Trade I have no doubt that he would sell this country to the Kraut Queen of Autocracy. And for that reason, he is a monstrous cunt, a turd on the sole of the working man.
    Excellent cunting Quickdraw, the twat deserved that nomination.

  2. Never heard of the fuckwit. Probably been absolutely fucking shit at whatever job he used to do, plumber, plasterer, spark. More likely a council pen pusher by the look of him. He’s then thought ‘how can I make a lot of easy money with minimal input’. Then ‘ting’ I know I’ll lie for a living. Get in!
    Fuck right off no mark cunt.

  3. What this berk knows about Trade wouldn’t fill the back of a postage stamp. Is this the best they have? A gibbering, chinless, yellow-toothed defeatist, double-glazing salesman?

    A Government is only as strong as its opposition. Presently, both are in the toilet.

    • Quite so.
      What a fucking state we’re in.
      Excellent cunting by the way.

      So our illustrious BBC were at it again…showing the mother of one of the terrorists in Spain saying what a good boy her son and all his mates who killed people were and that she had no idea he felt the way he did. She was desperately trying to look as if she was crying but no tears were present….strange that.

      • Ahh, if only she’d squeezed out some crocodile tears, she might’ve been given a payout, a sort of sympathy award.

        She doesn’t give a monkey’s. She thinks her offspring is in a heavenly place and her performance was only to mitigate her public guilt for shatting out the murderous butcher into the World.

    • If Jacob R-M doesn’t get PM, it’s UKIP for me
      Please, Nige, come back and do it for UK.
      Go on, go on, go on, go on go on, you kno you can !!

  4. Heard on the news that a third of all Jews want to leave the country due to anti-semenism. Why are all these sects so fucking sensitive? If some jew comes up to me and calls me a white non-denomination English middle class cunt I wouldn’t be bleating on about wanting to leave the country.

    • They won’t leave. Jews are loath to leave any country unless they’ve managed to get their pound of flesh. They have no allegiance to any country,only to their own tribe.

    • Totally agree with DF, absolutely no way will there be a modern day exodus of Jewish people!!, it’s just more liberal bollocks!!, according to the not so independent hundreds of thousands of Europeans have already gone home following referendum vote?? Well I can only speak for where I live ( hove) and there’s more than ever!! , parks full of them, beach too, in my local Tesco your as likely to hear a foreign language being spoken as English….
      As for labours position on single market/ customs union they want exactly the same as we’ve got now?? I think that’s called being in the EU!! , they are simply waiting knowing full well the arrangements will be different , at that point expect all the bull shit to start ” labour have tried to support brexit but?” ” the British people didn’t vote for this!” ….
      On a different note I saw remaniac cleggers has written a book, apparently he trying to educate people on how to block brexit??, the guardian said it’s sure to find its way into many a home? ( only as kindling) cleggs a cynical cunt!, profiteering by pedalling his filth to desperate remainers, just about sums the prick up!!

      • I’ve always thought of the Jews as being rather like the ravens at The Tower of London,not just in appearance and love of shiny valuables,but in the way that we’ll know the Country is truly finished when the Jews disappear.

      • Quisling, I agree. When I read about the supposed upping and leaving of Iron Curtains after the glorious victory last year, I think to myself: Leaving? To where? Presumably all to my town as there are fucking millions of the cunts here!

        I actually think I hear more foreign language than English. “Dootscka dobjé Korhvah* Korhvah Korhvah” – endlessly complaining and moaning while they struggle to carry their grocery-stuffed bags paid for by us tax-payers.

        *Korhvah is Polish for “bitch” but they use it to swear. It’s prevalent in other East European shit-holes as well. Mind you, some of the female East Euros where I live are so ugly and nasty-looking, to be called a “bitch” might be a compliment.

        • CM ,
          People on this site come from all over England it would be interesting to hear from anybody if they have noticed our Eastern European ( friends) leaving in numbers?? Obviously if they were really going then lots of their shops selling the comforts of home would also be closing?? , in the last 12 months more local EE shops have opened?, I don’t believe this is to cater for English people’s sudden found love of Eastern European delicacies ….. utter bollocks…

          • Precisely, Quislings.

            I was on the Isle of Wight last week…..came back alone on the 11pm car ferry from Fishbourne and although it wasn’t busy at that time of night, every other passenger was some type of peaceful. All driving expensive cars. What the fuck’s going on?

      • Another cuntbook ??
        That wire coathanger-dodger Verminhofstadt has also done one.
        Into Waterstone’s safe space tomorrow for a bit of surreptitious defacing…

        (cunt p. 94…Ian Hislime is a littlebollox, and so say all of us)

  5. Fuck me, in these times of (non) Brexit (as I truly believe that none of the cunts in Westminster actually want to do the will of the people and are heading full steam into the “worst of both worlds deal” of poorer trade and still having to accept eastern block scroungers entry as they please), you would think that an opposition front bencher – especially Trade Minister – would be of prominence in folk’s minds, wouldn’t you?

    We’ll I’ve never heard if this cunt before and couldn’t have picked him out of a line-up of one person!

    That’s the issue with Labour and the left in general these days. Since Blair the left has no longer been synonymous with the “working man” (who Labour no longer care about – if the truth be told) and more about popularism, virtue signalling and the appeasement/promotion of minority factions/ideals to be “on message” but STILL with the funding mantra of: “Tax the fuck out of our beloved ‘working man’ and piss it away on the undeserving and work shy bastards who we really love (because we know those cunts will keep voting for us so long as the UK remains a soft-touch).”

    When it comes to Jeremy Corbyn I genuinely believe that he is a decent bloke and that his general principles are honourable but the problem with that is that all of the half-decent “New Labour” political minds hate him for it and so have turned their back on him and his “Old Labour” ideals and so we’re left with a Left of idiots like MacDonald, Abbott and this cunt Esterson.

    So now in order to procure votes Corbyn continues to ignore the “working man” (and his legitimate concerns), in deference to chasing the snowflake, hipster, “right on”, virtue signallers votes and gaining the “peaceful” vote by default because they know how to play the system and sponge off the sweat of the “working man”.

    Thing is, because of May’s monumental misjudgement in the general election (snowflakes et. al. brainwashed into believing the Tory party to be the nasty party, and then alienating the grey army with the “Dementia Tax”), Corbyn’s fucked cabinet stands a chance of getting in.

    That would be a total disaster for the “working man” and we’d be fucked (economically and politically) within an election term and with our nation’s nuts firmly back in Frau Merkel’s purse.

    Not to mention an open-door to the world, and not just the undesirables from the EU.

    Where is my Common Sense Party?

    • Just another Liebour functionary, wanking his way up the greasy virtue poll on the backs of the people that put him there, the bastard product of an ill/mis-informed electorate coupled with a really fucking thick section of the electorate. Round here, we are proper working class yet for last 30 years they’ve voted in the same red cunt, and I bet you less than 5 % of people round here could pick him out on a line up.. let alone tell you his name. Everything you say is correct, but isn’t that the real problem. This cunt would/should be down at the local soup kitchen but some cunt keeps ticking that box. The whole political system is weighed against any new party creeping in a stealing what’s left of some people’s minds…

    • I rather like Corbyn (apart from porking the Flabbo, but he may have been bladdered, bit of a joke &c., and if he bunged it in, he’s a better man than me, Gunga Din…): renationalising the Hornby train set would be good, hopefully Beardy Branston would cycle orf a cliff or self-combust in a luxury mansion somewhere, the CUNT.
      On the first day of a one-month season ticket, I was told we were running ahead of plasterboarders and plasterers, please go and find new job pro tem.
      Tren Arriva Cymru (Arriva Trains Wales) are cunts…two daft munters and a valley-dwelling catheter-shovelface took ten minutes to look very confused when I asked for a refund on the season, not as cash, but as a credit note for future season ticket purchases… Oh, it’s got to go up to the accounts dept., I got a slapped wrist last toime I did a refund &c. Wait a month…
      I was about to slap more than her wrist.
      Oddly, when I bought the piece of card, they had no probs dealing with any part of the transaction…

  6. Anyone else think it’s a bit cuntish to hold a religious service to commemorate the victims of religious bigotry?

    • Totally cuntish hypocritical and devoid of any common sense.
      Where was their wonderful god in Spain the other day when innocent people were being mown down or in Sierrra leone when those poor fuckers were being buried alive in a mudslide?
      It must be brilliant to have such blind faith in something because I’ll be fucked if I can see it.

      • Blind faith = stupidity. I can’t understand how qualifications from any faith school other than in religious studies would be worth a wank in the real world. Surely the answer to most questions there is ‘it’s gods will’ or ‘god created it’. From the age of the earth to the theory of evolution, the study of the cosmos and history in general, religion doesn’t have much in the way of believable answers.

  7. A Jewish grandmother takes her grandson to the beach. Suddenly a large wave drags the boy out to sea.
    She drops to her knees, looks skyward and says “God, I’ve been a faithful and honest Jew all my life, if you return the child, I will never ask of you again.”

    As the next wave rolls up the beach, the boy is washed up totally unharmed.

    The grandmother again looks to the sky and says.

    “He had a hat”…

    • I was on my way to my Grandfathers funeral at Golders Green , a Jewish area of London. On the way I noticed a sign that said Golders Green 3 miles, and someone had written underneath the sign, BUT TO YOU MY BOY 2 MILES.
      You can’t say the Jews don’t have a sense of humour.

  8. Jimmy Tarbuck’s “Best Mates” seem to always die not long after speaking to him….Cilla Black, Bruce Forsyth, Ronnie Corbett…all choose Eternal Damnation rather than have to endure another visit from the Scouse Wizard of Wit.

    I would too.

      • I’m actually hoping for McCartney,he’s sure to have been another of Jimmy’s best “mates.”… I’ve never recovered from that dreadful “Mull Of Kintyre”… an awful,dreadful atrocity.

  9. Maybe the most important shadow minister in this parliament has to be Trade. And all labour can come up with is a small town insurance broker. Fuck me, if this is the best they can do, and what sort of middle name is Roffen?

  10. “To be honest, I was surprised that the BBC would allow one of its beloved Labour front benchers to be roasted in such a way”

    Nonsense: BBC News is so pro-Tory/Establishment it’s laughable. From Laura Kuenssberg’s openly biased reports – to BBC News being run by a former Murdoch executive – to the revolving door that exists between BBC News and 10 Downing Street (every Conservative Communications Director since the disgraced Andy Coulson has come from BBC News). Just because the BBC isn’t as far right as UKIP doesn’t mean it’s pro-Labour.

    • Perhaps, perhaps not.

      What’s in no doubt is its unswerving loyalty to the EU. When Auntie was sucking the EU schlong it had both hands squeezing the beanbag, desperately eager to please.

    • It is I would say centre left in nature.The Blairite Broadcasting Coperation.They are biased against Brexit Corbyn and his crew and the majority of Tories.

      • I would say Labour are their horse, but they aren’t too fussed on it’s current jockey. Ten minutes of listening to the today programme on radio four is enough to work that out.

    • What the BBC is PC agenda driven shite. The BBC is a great demonstration of the fact that LabCon are one party with two faces. Jobs for the boys and left wing dribble all in one handy expensive package.

      Arguing for Labour against the Conservatives and vice versa shows you just ain;t watching the game. They both take turns at running the show but the really important shit doesn’t change no matter who gets elected.

  11. say what you like about my tribe but imagine what would be happening now if any Spanish terror victioms had been Israeli. Heads would,literally, be rolling…….

    • Absolutely agree Mike someone has to say it The public’s visceral fear is what keeps this topic outside the overton window. Same with Islamic Terrorism.. people are cowed into silence by the paralyzing fear.
      Also most killed by ISIS are in fact muslims like why is no one in the fucking media reporting this? and more specifically killing yazidi, shi’a muslims. ISIS was definitely invented by american Zio interests. Most likely was a CIA/Mossad created group to oust Assad, promote forced immigration and continue a proxy war with iraq and iran USA, Israel and House of Saud are the founders of jihadi terrorism and vigorously promote globalism

      • Paralysing bollocks. There is no evidence for any of that shit. Just the endless stream of conspiracy wankitude that any moron can make up because out there are equally moronic cunts who will believe anyfucking thing they read.

      • Ive read on a number of sites, re the Israeli link to both ISIS and Al Qaeda. There seems to be some factual basis to support the argument that Israel is almost at the point of global subversion.
        In this looney divide and conquer world, it is worth serious consideration.

  12. The DAily Mail made a good point about Corbyn yesterday. Corbyn criticised Trump for ‘only’ condemning violence on both sides in Boston when that is precisely what the fucking hypocrite did in the past regarding the IRA in the past and Venezuela now. What a cunt.

  13. I can’t work out whether Corbyn is a genuine cunt or a nice bloke who does cuntish things. He does appear genuine to me.

      • That little episode on the train wasn’t all that genuine, was it? Films himself squished up in the corridor knowing full well there were available seats. When he was subsequently caught out (albeit by the Supercunt Branson) he simply refused to speak about it. Dirty.

        • I suspect that the man is sincere, but his ideology is a cunt.
          Ideology turns sincere honest people into dangerous deluded blinkered cunts.
          Ideology, be it political or religious, is really just a massive cunt…

  14. Corbyn is a nasty fuck who wouldn’t give 2 knobs of goatshit for sacrificing the life of a human being to his Marxist cause.

  15. Did nobody have Brucie in the dead pool? I thought the cunt was a banker bet and had my eulogy prepared. Didn’t choose him because some other cunt always got there first.

    • The sly old bastard slipped in under the radar while the pool was being reset and before a lot of Cunters had managed to get their noms. in….probably did it deliberately.

    • Play Your Cunts Right.

      Brucie: We asked 100,Cunters, “Have you ever stolen another cunter’s Dead Pool nomination person?”

      How many Cunters said, ” Yes”?


  16. I heard that interview and you’re right – like every other Corbyn party cunt who’s been interviewed lately he was massively “found out”. It has to be said though that the interviewer is a bit of a shit cunt herself – she constantly talks over people if she disagrees with them and twists sentences etc etc. So she fits in pretty well at the EUBC.

  17. Prince Harry is a Cunt.

    When the half-blood Prince finds time to take a break from whinging about how deprived he was as a child growing up without his muzzie-fucker of a mother,he has,apparently been pulling strings to enable his tart to bypass the usual formalities when he picks her up at the airport. The airport apparently already have a sevice in place for “celebrities” to avoid the “Common-herd”,but at £3,000 Prince Harry thinks that it’s a bit expensive. Better to have his taxpayer funded bodyguards pick her up.

    What a fucking twat. We have to put up with his sob-stories about how hard life as a Royal is for him and his brother. Doesn’t stop the entitled Cunt expecting everyone to run around behind him and kiss his arse when it suits him. I don’t know why,if being a Royal is so hard, he doesn’t renounce his “birthright” and fuck off to live in Africa where he can cuddle as many coons as he has a mind.

    Anyhow,the Bastard is only one good DNA test from being exposed,he should get the fuck out while the going’s still good. Phil the Greek isn’t in his coffin yet,and if Harry keeps whining on,he might discover what it feels like to exit a car via the windscreen at 90mph.

  18. The ABBC are only interested in furthering the socio-globo-libero agenda so they will give airtime to the likes of Sour-berries – an abject remoaner, Abbott for her “on message” views on racism (irrespective of their factuality – never let the facts get in the way of a good virtue signal), any fringe LGBTQ type and any “peaceful” cunt who promotes the “we’re not all like that – ours is the religion of peace” message (like that cunt who was on question time every week after each of the “peaceful” atrocities or news reports irrespective of locale, London and Manchester, the “rent-a-peaceful” cunt).

    Anyone who does not follow that socio-globo-libero mantra (as LORD Tony Hall requires – did Soros purchase that peerage for you Tony you cunt?) is not allowed a voice, irrespective of party colour or politics.

    That basically means that the average working man (especially the hated middle-aged white man) has no right to a voice or an opinion on the ABBC.

    And guess what, what is the biggest demographic of ABBC licence holders? Why it’s the average working man (especially the hated middle-aged white man).

    Obviously the phrase: “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!” – doesn’t apply. Why? Because the ABBC are a bunch of cunts to a one who will remain “on message” so long as they can sup at the teat of Lord Tony and fail to report in any meaningful manner, i.e. call a “peaceful” terrorist a fucking “peaceful” terrorist (even though they had no problem calling Darren Osborne’s piss-fuelled attempt an act of terror), call a gang of “peaceful” groomers/rapists a gang of “peaceful” groomers/rapists (instead of some “middle-aged men” from Rotherham, Bradford, Newcastle) who were grooming “white” girls for sex (not just “some” girls as reported – why cos in their own communities if they tried it on the “peaceful” girls they’d end up with their heads and/or cocks lopped off in a bit of Shariah honour reprisals – which would be glossed over Cresida Dick style)

    O’course should any of the white girl’s dads feel so aggrieved to take the reprisals into *their* own hands then they would be cast away in some hole to rot for several years after said “peaceful” rapist would be let out.

    Thanks ABBC. Thanks for being complicit cunts! Along with the ostrich politicians and that George Soros cunt you’re allowing, no, promoting the demise of this nation.

    I seldom wish I’ll on any individual but the day Soros casts off his mortal coil, I’ll cracking open a bottle of champers to celebrate.

    Interfering auld cunt!

    • Soros’ da was involved in the development of Esperanto…
      which is nothing other than a load of cobbled-together easy bits from pre-existing languages
      UK office of said bullshit-fake lingo is Barlaston nr. Stoke-on-Trent. At least I believe round them parts they make the necessary kit for flushing that sort of crap away…
      Are there any good Rugby songs in Esperanto ? Do they indeed play the game? If not, what DO they play, exactly/
      What is Esperanto food like.
      Are the waitresses / waiters banging hot ?
      Does anyone actually speak…
      Thought not.

  19. An interesting comparative arises here Mike. I see little difference in the Kalergi plan to the Ideological concept of National Socialism
    The parallel is clear. In fact having watched both links we ought now to be saying that Nazism is alive and well in the concept and application of the Kalergi plan. Either way, its thought provoking.

    • and Kalergi was half Austrian, half Japanese…from the nations that bought us Hirohito and the two Adolfs (Hitler and Eichmann)…

  20. If I may RWAC. It’s not just white girls. As I said in one of my posts Sikhs in places like Birmingham have complained about grooming gangs.

    I don’t think this takes away from your main point.

    • Sorry I should have qualified that as “non-peaceful” girls.

      Unfortunately it does tend to be the “thick as day old porridge” white girls who fall for the “peaceful” Savillesque escapades.

      Most Sikh girls are intelligent and most Caribbean girls I’ve known are about as fond of “peaceful” cunts as I am, and are more than likely to chups any dirty old cunt wearing a sheet before showing them the fucking hand!

  21. Just heard that good old Briton ‘Sir’ Mohammed Farah described on ITV news as ‘Great Britain’s greatest ever athlete’.

  22. The Labour party not only believe you can get blood out of a stone but it also never runs out. The cunts must think money grows on trees too.

  23. Don’t even get me started on this. Corbyn’s and May’s position on Brexit are almost identical. Both were notably invisible during the referendum and both are pro-Brexit despite what they might try to have us believe. But it’s Corbyn’s hypocrisy that really pisses me off. His fawning supporters may believe he can save us from the path being taken by the Tories but look at what he said on Marr – leaving the EU means we’re out of the Single Market and the Customs Union. There are still options for both so he was either ignorant or lying and I suspect the latter. Yet look at the Labour manifesto – proposals to “retain the benefits” of the Single Market and the Customs Union. So knock everything down and negotiate a replacement – more or less the same as the Tories. Yet he’d have his acolytes believe he’s somehow different – and clearly some believe this. I was talking to one and she insisted his approach offered an alternative. “But he’d take us out of the EEA” – “what’s the EEA?” she said – pretty fundamental actually. I’m not taking a stance on Brexit here but that snivelling little shit Corbyn really gets my goat – and I’m a Labour voter. Esterson might be a second-rate was being asked to defend the indefensible – and he knew it.

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