Alexander Armstrong (2)

Can we have a lightweight cunting of ‘Pointless’ a BBC quiz show.

It is fronted by Alexander Armstrong, or Zander as he likes to be called, the cunt. He is the oiliest, smarmiest cunt to have ever lived. He makes Bob Monkhouse look like Jeremy Paxman.

His sidekick is a big cunt whose name escapes me. He cracks jokes which he must get from Xmas crackers.

But the best part of the show is the banter between the presenters. It is toe curling. You actually feel sorry for the poor cunts. But they seem to have no self awareness or perhaps decent script writers because the banter carries on. Very much like Alan Partridge and about as funny.

Nominated by Cunstable Cuntbubble.

31 thoughts on “Alexander Armstrong (2)

  1. I do catch the odd episode and ‘Zander’ and his Pointless friend, Buddy Holly with gigantism Richard Osman are cunts with their irritating Cambridge banter. At least 10 minutes must be taken up with asking each other how they are and then descends into some kind of public schoolboy twilight zone. Their spin off show Pointless Celebrities, never a more fitting title for a cunt of a programme.

  2. Pointless incessant babble rudely interrupted by the occasional “game”

    Are these fuckers paid by the spoken word? I think so…they never shut the fuck up!.

  3. Another one of the Oxbridge closed shop of comedy. The jug eared cunt is the epitome of the ‘right on’, pc lovey progressive lib set who have taken over our tv screens. As for fuckng ‘Gigantor’ they seem to be under the illusion that tall means you are irresistible to the opposite sex (or even other boys or the other type of ‘thing’) as does that other over grown immature unfunny mummys boy Greg massive cunt Davies. I despise that ‘Rvick Mayall’ lookalike twat with a fucking passion. Not only is he probably the unfunniest cunt that has ever walked this planet but the cunt has somehow managed to get inside the drawers of the sultry Liz Kendal. Cccccccuuuuunnnntttt.
    Liz, what the fuck were you taking that made that cunt even remotely attractive to you. 30 seconds listening to that prick trying to say something amusing every time he opens his stupid trap would make me reach for the nearest 4×2 with a fucking nail in it.
    ‘Tall’ = delusional.

  4. Richard Osman seems to be fronting a new show every fucking day as well.

    Plus he was a producer on Deal or no deal, surely the most pointless”quiz” show ever.

    Lanky cunt.

  5. I briefly knew Armstrong as a child He was a smug,pretentious snob. He is now a smug,pretentious,wig-wearing snob.
    Richard Osman has the look of a man who drills holes in the partitions between toilet cubicles and peeps while touching himself…..although I’m sure he doesn’t and the rumours are all totally false.

      • It moves,C.C…the bald patch moves. He’s too tight to pay for a proper fitting wig. I suspect that he wears a merkin stolen from Jo Brand’s bald pudendum….All hot n’sweaty’n sticky…going to have to stop now,getting overstimulated.

        • I never realised it was a syrup….. Everyday a schoolday. On another note I worked with bloke who’s surname was Murkin.

  6. No, No, No… The BIGGEST cunt on that show is the wholly talentless Richard Osman.
    Given the choice between watching this cunt, and being given a diagnosis of full blown AID’s (not just HIV) then take me to a hospital for treatment where I can pay 10 quid to watch TV (per day), and then throw my piss bottle at the TV when this cunt comes on.
    Not sure the feeling about ‘Frankie Boyle’ but go onto Yoootube and watch this irritating cunts interview with him. Osman is a truly pretentious, self righteous cunt.

  7. It’s all in the name guys
    And he is indeed one smarmy Cunt!! unfunny too……
    Deal or no deal although a fucking pile of shite and presented by bee gee wannabe uber cunt Noel Edmonds was actually funny for about 30 seconds!!
    Every cunt that played apparently had a system?? In a game of blind luck!! Smart fuckers…
    But being the sad cunt that I am seeing them chucking away the £250.000 box for the empty one was always the highlight of the week in my empty existence of a life….. It took my love of shadenfreude to unimaginable heights……..😂😂

  8. Zander narrates the CBeebies pre-school cartoon, Duggie, about a giant dog and his children chums.

    My little boy loves Duggie and I have noted that this is one assignment that truly stretches Zander’s very modest talents.

    “Er, woooooffff! – heeeeyyyy Duggie!”

  9. For once the ABBC put out some decent comedy… I haven’t laughed so much in years… Talk about Love Thy Neighbour….And giving an ugly as fuck Neo-Nazi coverage?Because it decides to be a lezza and is partial to chocolate cunts?…. All is forgiven because the Nazi munter now licks out the Cadbury alley?! Fucking hilarious and top class stuff….

  10. That cunt with the specs from the aptly named Pointless looks like the newsreader from Sesame Street…

    Armstrong was good as that Clarkson pisstake in Saxondale, but other than that he’s a cunt….

  11. alot of these fuckers never mention there footlights past
    as they know most people will instantly hate the elitist twats.
    or harp on about how comedy is stilldominated by these rich tosspots

  12. I have observed this pair and concur with many of the comments from my fellow cunters. Armstrong does have that air of self satisfaction which is really quite nauseating. I have a brother-in-law who sounds exactly like Osman. And I mean exactly, complete with his mannerisms. He’s a bit of a know-it-all too. Still, he’s been great to my sis for many years so fair play to him.

  13. Pointless.
    Presenters are cunts.
    Contestants are cunts.
    Audience are cunts.
    Viewers are cunts.
    Perhaps for clarification they should rename it Pointless Cunts.

    • They should rename ITV’s much loved tea time quiz ‘The Chase’ as ‘Hunt the Cunt’.

  14. I cannot stand this BBC cock guzzler, but his side-kick is even worse, the lanky, 4-eyed freak.
    He makes David Beckham look intelligent and Shane McGowan look handsome.

    Old Aunty BBC deserves a nomination, the sooner that shit-hole of a cancer infecting the Country is stuck behind a paywall the better.
    The only difference between the BBC and North Korea is Kim Jon Ung does not send TVL round your house to extort the telly tax with the threat of prison.

  15. Been without a phone for a few days and one of my pet fucking hates gets picked for a long overdue cunting. And I couldn’t be happier. The inter cunt banter between bean pole and cock face is fucking horrific. Laugh ?? I’d rather spray my nads with radian b and hammer nails thru my chicken skin handbag

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