Vince Cable (7)

Vince of the globalist Cabal has been elected new leader of the Lib Dumbs.

All hail Vince!  So another political pygmy fills the old boots of such ‘giants’ as Timmy Garlic Head Far-rong and previously before him, Smeggy Cleggy. However, the only boots this trio are really keen to fill are their own. A bit like those big stockings of Santa’s, stuffed full with goodies. Their Christmas wish list has, as many as possible, of those red bits of decorative paper with the Queen’s head on them.

So, what new policy revelations and ideas can we hope for?  Well cunters, don’t hold your breaths…’s more of the same old pony. One trick and crap.

So another round of anti-Brexit and anti-democratic sabotage. What a fucking yawn. Vince, has promised to try and derail Brexit with his total of 12 Lib Dumb apostles including himself. Anyway, I have news for him and his party of poopers (especially little Timmy the Christian) that Jesus is not going to show up anytime soon for his second coming, if he knows those 12 Judas’s are waiting for him.

What’s hilarious, if it wasn’t so serious, are that these cunts call themselves Liberal Democrats.  This gives the misleading impression of them actually supporting democracy.

So, Vince me old unfaithful, buy a dictionary and look up the meaning of the word ‘democracy’ – from the Greek – and understand it means ‘rule of the people’.  A concept strangely lost on you and your fellow dumb ‘liberals’.

Lastly, Vince of the Cabal, we wish you luck in supplanting Timmy Far-rong as Cunt of the Year for 2017. You have five months to get upto full cuntispeed before the votes are counted and the winner is announced. In case you don’t get the result you wanted, would you like us to re-run it……and re-run it…..and re-run it…….until you do?

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

142 thoughts on “Vince Cable (7)

  1. He looks like that German Frankenstein Cunt Gunther Von Hagens, except Vince Cable has this perpetual look that he’s got a fucking foul stench under his nose.

  2. The foul stench of his contempt for leave voters and their audacity to vote for a true democracy for the first time in 45 years. Another back from the dead turd who just wont flush.

  3. I’ve never rioted before.

    But if our “leaders ” deny us Brexit…..

    • Best get your balaclava and petrol-bombs ready,BWB. They’ve started watering it down already,by the time they’re finished “Brexit” will amount to nothing but an humiliating climb-down.

  4. Oi! Have some fucking respect! That’s SIR Vince to you!
    Mind you, it rhymes with cervix so he must be a cunt…

    SIR Vince took over Mandleson’s brief in the coagulation which was pretty high profile when the Prince of Darkness did it. Cervix managed to transform himself into the invisible man when he had the job.

    With a bit of luck he’ll do the same with the limp dumps…

    • Vince is a good name for a mafioso cunt Dio lol All the most common italian names are Antonio,Giovanni, Vince, Frank, Tommy and Johnny funny but true

    • Got to feel a little bit sorry for them sometimes (but perhaps not…)

      I wonder what it feels like to go to bed at night, then get up in the morning in the full knowledge that your chosen party is a TOTAL waste of space, a complete waste of time, that in my voting existence has done bugger all of any use, except perhaps provided some sort of protest vote option.
      Well, if it comes to protest voting again (for me, it may well do, if the Tories don’t ditch Treesa the Losa), I just won’t vote. It’ll be the first time in my life, I’ll be saddened and disappointed, I’ll prob even feel a bit of a cunt.

      But I’ll be safe in the knowledge that so many at Wetminster are vastly more cuntitudinous than myself…

      • He dresses like The Invisible Man too. Or The Phantom of the Opera (Lon Chaney version).
        A living horror movie prop…

  5. Back in the days before the ill fated coalition cables star was on the rise, seen by many as the wise old sage of the lib dems, pearls of wisdom seemed to fall so easily from his lips, sitting back taking pot shots at all and sundry was a breeze, but like so many of his ilk once thrust into the spotlight of government he was exposed and quickly humiliated..
    Securing a cabinet position it wasn’t long before cable was in hot water, he unwittingly told undercover reporters he was ” waging a war against Rupert Murdock ” over his attempted take over of BSKY, hardly the language of a cabinet minister, spared the sack by Cameron but with many of his powers removed cable was a political dead duck, worse was to follow, after repeatedly talking about tax avoidance ” it strikes a particularly ugly note in these tough times” said cable on many occasions it emerged he had failed to pay £25,000 of tax himself!! Oops!,
    Cable blamed everybody but himself, the HM revenue was having non of it and fined the Cunt £500 , embarrassing for the champion of tax avoidance…
    After licking his saggy old balls for a few years he’s back front and centre, how long before this out of touch relic fucks up again?? , for my money not long at all….

    • The Limp Dums are now a political nonentity in that grey area no one except deluded diehards gives a fuck about. Compo Corbyn has hoovered up the student vote with fairy tales of free tuition, scrapping of student debt and the shaking of the money tree to end austerity by the evil Tories. He’d better be a fully paid up Liberal or could go the same way a Tiny Tim for not endorsing every pro muslim, gender fluid , open boarders, rainbow flag waving gimmick going. Might even put the Lazarus cunt in the next Deadpool.

  6. Anyone wanting to be give up our independence to the Soviet union sorry the European union must be a right cunt.

    • Gorbachev spoke sense. He said “I cannot understand why, when we are dismantling the Soviet Union, Europeans are recreating it in Europe”

      And I suspect that Churchill would by now have changed from being a sort of pro-(pre) EU type to virulently anti: after all, he “crossed the floor” at Wetminster a few times in his life, if I remember rightly…

  7. He is simply another garden variety sneering cunt of liberal who happens to be older than the 12 other sneering progressive twats and therefore claims to be wiser.
    Pearls of wisdom my hairy arse, Don’t believe it for a second.
    Say anythIng he can’t counter and he’ll liken you you to Hitler, call you a waycist / zenerfobe, or attempt to stop the conversation in the usual twattish ways. How on earth have these fuckers got 12 MP’s ?

    • A truly PerfeCt piccie… and why is it, I wonder, that slime females always look so feckin charmless, apart from the obvious reason.(she could be morbidly obese, and in a wheelsofa to make it more PC-appeasing…)
      I’m off to Sainsbury’s, to cop an eyeful of my favourite Indian bird…

    • Only thing missing from the picture is the new assistant – a peaceful gay Dalek.

  8. This cunt is a cunt,
    Heard him on the radio the other day on his glorious day he was announced (unchallenged) new leader of the Liberal Democrats. He was saying Brexit is already destabilising this and that, didn’t you learn from Tim you cunt? Not many want another referendum about the ‘Destination’ we end up at, most sane people want to get on with Brexit and get behind this country (except for the Government who want a soft Brexit, and remainiacs).
    The cunt is 74 years old and needs to go and have a Saga holiday and enjoy his later years, the Liberal Democrats are useless cunts who shouldn’t even have one seat.
    We need a new party, a proper centre tight party.
    About time politics got shaken up, getting bored of these parties spouting the same old shit.

    • Lib Lab Con all too similar.None of them are willing to make serious changes to anythibg.

    • Agreed….. although a cunt of the highest order macron proved it was indeed possible to get a new party elected and also win a majority very quickly..
      I think the electorate are completely disenfranchised with what they have got at the moment, nowadays it appears people vote on the Cunts they think are least offensive to them… sad state of affairs……

      • In my case, I think voting for the “least toxic” has always been the way – to boot out some rancid old corrupted gvnmt that is sticking in there like shite to a blanket. Sad indeed, but there’s sod all in the political world to feel +ve about.

        If The Nigel headed a party, I have now got to the state where I WOULD vote for him, without a doubt. Perhaps he MIGHT be our Macron-style political renaissance; ANYTHING has got to be worth a try (except as someone once said, incest and folk-dancing; I’ve had a crack at one of them, wasn’t a bundle of laughs – had a head-teacher at 1ry school who was a fully paid-up member of the provo wing of the EFDSS…)

    • Lets have a ISAC whip round and send the old fucker on a one way ticket to Dignitas.

  9. Just watched a TOTP from 1984 on ABBC4…. Sade was so doable, Lionel Richie is a cunt (‘Hello’? Goodbye, you cunt), Culture Club looked like twats, forgot how tidy that Polish bird from Matt Bianco was, and what a fucking band Van Halen were….

  10. Vince is the most overated politician in this country.Is stsreotyped as a genius but says nothing more enlightening than your average politicion.Why dobt the Lib Dems just scrap the word democrat.No one is fooling for the charade anymore.

    • Fucking spellcheck.On a train at the moment.Wont be back at my PC until tomorrow.I have a date then a wild party so normal service may be disrupted.

      • When will you tell the lady about is a cunt Shaun, I am not sure when I would tell a lady about my cuntishness on here. I think me personally I’d wait until I got to know a potential girlfriend’s real views as for me a lot of ladies these days tend to be let’s say PC.

        • If it goes well probably in a few weeks.She is very un pc.I think she would probably like it.

        • Nonsense coincidence, but i had a dream that i was pulling pornstar Vannah Sterling recently and when i confessed that i was a cunter, her face dropped and she said ‘no thanks’.
          Even when i blurted out ‘ex cunter’, she looked one last time and walked away.

    • It rings alarm bells if a party labels themselves “Democratic”… Would you name yours as “Undemocratic” ??!

      In some cases, “Undead” might be appropriate…

      • Similar to when something is named “The Peoples”
        As in “The Peoples Republic…”
        Or “The Peoples State Police…”

        “The People” are their last concern. Always.

  11. Anyone ever wondered when you see someone on their phone or Internet device whether they could be up to some cuntishness on here? I could have passed a cunter on the street and never known, they could have thought I was a cunt and not known about my cuntings and general cuntishness I write.
    Anyways that for me is the beauty of this site, you can be anonymous and no cunt knows who you are unlike Cuntbook and Twatter.

    • Have wondered similar myself.
      I imagine two cunters unknowingly bumping into each physically and both stare for a second, and then walk away mumbling ‘CUNT’.

      • Maybe we could get an is a cunt clothing line to distinguish fellow cunters from the general publicunts.

        • A bespoke tailor too perhaps?

          For the distinguished cunter on the go …

        • I don’t need anything to distinguish me… I’m always hearing people whisper…”is a Cunt” as I go about my business.

    • I saw a guy in an internet cafe in Westminster on IAC not so long ago. That’s how I find out about the site.He obviously thought I was a bit of a cunt when he caught me having a gander over his shoulder but I think it was outweighed by his own cunter-guilt.

      I’d like to thank that cunter wholeheartedly for all the joy he’s brought into my life. hehe

      • Westminster? I’d love to think that it was some politician that we’ve Cunted,looking himself up.

        • They’d get a more accurate appraisal of their political worth here on IAC than they would in the House Of Commons or Lords, that’s for fucking certain.

    • Top Right (of the group of 6) reminds me of Charlotte Cathedral…bet you don’t get many of those to the ton !

  12. Oh look our wonderful Kate has been showing off her £26,000 wardrobe in their tour of Germany.
    That could pay a nurse for a year, what a joke of a cunt.

    • Have you seen the vastly expensive shite Celine Dion has been wearing recently?
      Dungarees costing thousands!!!!

      • Now Celine would get a good rooting, bit on the skinny side but think of all the high notes she would hit.

      • I hate the ultra rich and show offy cunts like that no humbleness or humilty at all all the while spitting off globalist talking points fucking Cunts

        Celine Dion Who listens to her shite anyway? I only know My Cunt will go on The Titanic Ego sized cunt she is Celine Dion is a good reason to hate the snobby french. Name one song of hers thats even remotely good as something from like say Kate bush’s kick inside or hounds of love

        (Yes I know Celine Dion has done mostly French songs but shes done alot of english songs too)

        • I think CD might be a Canadian, but of course doesn’t stop her being a cunt, cf. The Two Justins (Bieber and Trudeau)

  13. Getting the bus is a cunt,
    Im on my way to pick the car up and it’s full of cunts.
    Got two old cows nattering away in spanish or something
    On a rainy, polluted, humid day in London the bus is a cunt.

      • Good feeling innit/init?

        Not only are you cunting them behind their backs, but people in other countries know they’re cunts an’all.

    • Buses are full of old cunts stinking of piss loud mouthed Chavs and Window Lickers being chaperoned by their Carers .

  14. Vince Cable is cock-womble, not because he’s a useless man who’s become the leader of a meaningless, irrelevant party with single figure MPs that have the most splendidly ironic name of any political party after rejecting the democratic decision of a whole country, but because he looks like a 40 Woodbine-a-day vampire

    • as a trainee sparks, just had a nasty image of Vice Cable pulling his wire…

  15. A fantastic example of a progressive party, choosing a coffin dodger for leader.

    The Limp Dumbs have always been safe in the knowledge that they can make the most outrageous election promises knowing they’ll never get voted in.

    And on the Bangles/Go Gos debate, Belinda Carlisle was one sexy ginger minx, would have banged her back doors in for a week.

    • Belinda Carlisle is/was stunning.

      Never fancied the Bangles. All frizzy hair and moody, dead eyed looks.
      I like my prey to smile.

      • WAS, Belinda Carlisle WAS stunning.
        Just looked her up and she looks like a pale Jim Carey’s Mask.

        • Mel and Kim always did it for me…until one of them died. The threesome fantasy went off the boil a bit then.

          • Mel was a Page 3 girl before she became a pop singer… She had a superb rack… Sad that she died so young though…

    • Yeah definitely liked Belinda when I was younger, probably still give her one now.

  16. A Cunting for people with no manners.

    I recently persuaded a reasonably well preserved divorcee to go for a meal with me at a local restaurant. It’s no five-star place, ( I wasn’t going to spend too much until I was sure that she’d do a turn) but it is reasonably smart.

    I soon discovered why she was divorced..what a fucking nightmare. She continually texted,complained that her starter was “too fishy”…it was mackerel pate,for fucks sake. She sent her steak back as over-cooked,and needless to say,didn’t enjoy the raspberry thing that she ordered as pudding.

    Now,fair enough if the meal had been bad. It wasn’t. What really boiled my piss was the way she spoke to the young waitress. There’s ways to complain without making a scene . If I’d been waiting-on, I’d have told the bitch to fuck off,but the waitress didn’t,she tried to humour her.

    By the end of the meal the bloody woman was drunk,and I had to help her out to my car. I took the opportunity, after decanting her into the car, to say that I’d left my phone,and went back in to apologise to the waitress. I’d already left a decent tip,and she was really nice about my “dates” behaviour. (If it wasn’t that she’ll be lucky if she’s 18, I’d have made a move.)

    Anyhow, I got my date back home,and after a few brandies,she fell asleep. I had to wake the fucking woman up to go upstairs for nooky. Even while we were going at it,she was complaining about feeling sick…Fuck her,I’d had to put up with the yowling all fucking night., I wasn’t going to let her complaining stop me getting my end away. Very good it was too…. I’m taking her out again in a couple of weeks.

    • Was that a cunting or were you bragging? 🙂

      Whats the matter with cunts in eateries who cant help but have a whinge?
      Believe it or not, i never whinge about scran.
      If its edible eat it. If not, well that’s what ketchup is for.

      If you take a bird on a date, go Italian.
      Nobody whinges about Italian food unless they truly are cunts.

      PS. ‘Eateries’, always found it hard to spell restront.

      Pps. That sounds like she was not able/sober to consent to a rooting.
      Be careful. 🙂

      • If I had to limit myself to women who were sober, I’d be pushing my balls around in a fucking wheel barrow. They all know what I’m after,and it’s not sparkling conversation. There’s a surprising amount of women in their 30-40s who think the same.

        • I’ve had many, many a failed relationship, so before i met the missus i swore to myself that i was going to be honest with any future bird and if they don’t like it then fook offfff!!!!.

          No more hiding the fact that I’m a porn addicted, mentally unstable stoner.
          No more lying about things i don’t like.
          I’ve been to plays, festivals, concerts and nightclubs that i wouldn’t usually be seen dead in to keep up appearances with old birds.
          That’s just fake and got no cunt nowhere, so be honest. Its better for everyone.

      • She might not even remember, in which case you can take the opportunity to remind her…

    • I can’t stand cunts with no manners, it has landed with me loosing it in the restaurant that my girlfriends father co-owns many times. Not only with the way they speak to the waiters and waitresses, but there is also the way that these posh cunts eat too. They talk & shout out with their big greedy gobs full of food, and expect everyone around them to just except this.

      My girlfriends father politely told me that is what they have to put up with in the restaurant business, but I could not help it, having a head injury and everything has made me speak my mind. There was a couple of cunts behind my girlfriend and me, and he was chomping away like a pig with cinders, I could not take the fucking noise anymore… its the same with chomping cunts with apples.

      My Mum brought me up with manners, even though my father eats like a pig & can swallow a whole roast spud with meat wrapped around it, I turned out okay. When I lived at my Mum’s, it would take me ages to finish a meal because I chewed and swallowed properly, my father always took the piss out of me because of this.

      Bad manners makes me well angry, and I suppose blacks are sometimes the worse at this… I was in town the other day, and one was waking towards me chomping down a pie from greggs. How the fuck do they manage to chew something with their lips? I can’t be the only one here that that thinks this?

      • I was tapping on the glass and dangling bananas at the zoo one day. The monkey behind the glass was furious as I pointed,pulled faces and laughed….Great fun until the cunt in the queue behind me told me it was actually the ticket-booth and to stop being so fucking racist.

      • My pal who has an extreme OCD condition runs a restaurant and is a stickler for detail.
        Even down to the sign above the door.

        Family Restaurant – NO ORPHANS.

  17. Ashleigh Butler is a cunt…
    Pudsey, the Britain’s Got Talent dog is dead… But the opportunist cunt who owned the poor little mutt has got another dog to do the same ‘routine’ as the previous one… Said dog has also been renamed Pudsey (really must have thought the late little fellah was special and unique, eh?)… And no doubt Pudsey Mk II will also be made to dance on its back legs night after night in the name of big bucks and chav entertainment… Which, of course, is an unnatural state for a dog and a cruel thing to do to any four legged animal…
    Fucking CUNT!

    • Yeah, what you said Norman.
      Could add more but she probably has lawyers.

      Remember when weirdos were thought of as weirdos?
      Not any more. They are normal.

      The world has gone to cock with mentalists getting away with eerie behaviour and no one is allowed to say ‘you cruel egotistical butch’.

      Fuckin hell fire!!!!!!!

      • ‘Bitch’ not ‘butch’

        I always proof read. Sometimes twice, and then when its posted, i see my mistakes.
        Same on Facebook. Many an argument has fallen flat in my face with spelling mistakes.

        Tip for anyone arguing on Facebook with Scottish or Irish cunts. They write how they talk and i ain’t got a clue.

        • Agree 100%, birdman… Funny how people say animals in circuses is cruel, but a lot of these same people will lap up a domestic dog being made to dance: fucking up its spine and back legs… Anyone who thinks Pudsey (I or II) is fun and entertaining is a monumental cunt of epic proportions… I fucking spit on them….

          • So Liverpool beat Leicester in THE cup final. Yaaaaawn.
            The missus says its strange that I’m not interested but even as a ‘diehard’ sometimes there’s just too much football, and i need a break.
            I saw Manchester utd play against LA Galaxy and some other team of twats that i cant even remember.
            Barcelona are playing Juventus tonight.

            Its too much.

            PS. Is Lakaku a black Berbatov?

          • Lukaku won’t have the class of Berbatov…
            Berbatov (alongside Arnold Muhren and Eric Cantona) had the most immaculate first touch I ever saw…. The reason Carlos Tevez ran around so much is because his first touch was diabolical, and the little spunkbubble had to chase the ball after he’d fucked up…

          • Lukaku won’t have the class of Berbatov…
            Berbatov (alongside Arnold Muhren and Eric Cantona) had the most immaculate first touch I ever saw…. The reason Carlos Tevez ran around so much is because his first touch was diabolical, and the little cunt had to chase the ball after he’d fucked up…

            I remember when pre-season tours were in Holland or Ireland… Now it’s in African shitheaps, some godforsaken Far Eastern place, or some rich arab oil dictatorship… Just to placate Bogo-Bogos, Chinkies, and Towelheads…

          • Lukaku won’t have the class of Berbatov…
            Berbatov had the best first touch I ever saw, apart from Arnold Muhren and Eric Cantona…

        • With the Scots and the Irish, is that how they’re taught to spell at school?

          It amazes me why they feel the need to advertise their nationality, you’re a Sweaty, well done you.

    • Gushing publicly over the deceased doggy: going on about how ‘irreplaceable’ he is and how ‘unique’ he was, then getting another one that looks the same, giving it the same name, and getting it to do the same ‘tricks’….. That just fucking stinks….

      • My sister has some class of big dog pedigree, and when it gets old, it gets put down and a replacement has already been ordered and will be available to be picked up on the same day as the other dogs demise.
        That’s just cold.

        My sister is a cunt and i have nothing to do with her.

  18. Paul Mason is a massive cunt. Just turned on tv and that cunt is on bbc 2. Haven’t been on isac much because I am looking at leaving this country and looking for pastures new. Australia is a real possibility so that is an outlook I am looking towards. May take awhile but I hope to make one of the biggest decisions of my life and hopefully the right decision. I have spoken to my family and although it will be hard, I think it will be for the best. I have friends in Adelaide so that will help, although I do need to find work.

    • I wish you well, Gingers Ballsac.

      I’m taking the opposite path and can’t wait to get back.
      But hearing the horror stories we get on ISAC, i think i may be being romantic about wanting to return to Blighty.
      Even though Britain has a certain problem with undesirables, i have the same problem here and I’d prefer to fight it on my shores.

      And believe it or not, I’m sick of effing palm trees.
      And Latinos.
      Latino males believe they are all Tony Montana.

    • Good luck with that,GB. I know 3 who’ve gone to Australia just in the last 5 years. They seem to be enjoying it. I don’t blame anyone for going overseas,but I fucking detest Australians, I’d be looking at NZ

        • Any nation that can inflict Foster’s Lager and Shane Warne on an unsuspecting world can never be over-cunted. 🙂 .

        • A poem from Del Boy

          As i was walking
          Through Earl’s Court
          Into a pub i was lured
          When a nosey pom
          Said ‘where you from?’
          As i downed the amber fluid

          As said get it straight
          I’m an Aussie mate
          and I’m fixing to get plastered
          But the beer is crook
          And the birds all look like you You pommy……..


    • All best wishes… I’ve done it twice, England to Switzerland, then post-divorce (and poste-haste, as, due to divorce, I had no right to remain in CH), to Vienna.
      You WILL enjoy it; I only came back cos I had a romanticised ideal of GB (now fucked), and as someone else has pointed out, I’d sooner fight the unwashed hordes here rather than somewhere else.
      Just beware of all those arse-biting creatures and poisonous jellyfish (and Germaine Greer) down under…

    • You should come here to NZ, Gingers. Unlike the Ocker cunts across the ditch, we’d make you feel welcome.

      • Don’t you mean across the “dutch”? Get back to your “fush and chups” .( with a fried egg FFS! ) Speights ale is horse piss as well!

        • Not wrong there mate. I only drink Speights if I’m a bit backed up. Fucking stuff induces the shits like nothing else I’ve ever drank or eaten in my life.

  19. Moving house is a cunt. A cunt of biblical proportions.
    I always thought of myself and our household as comparatively poor. Until we had to move it all.
    I borrowed a van off a mate, who uses it to recover broken down bikes.
    (Usually Harleys. Ha ha ha!)
    Back and forth in a Mercedes Sprinter, which by van standards is rather nice.
    But I fucking hated it. I hate driving vans and trucks, wobbling around in a big ungainly tin fucking box with a Kraut badge on the front, full of shite that would get me moaned at if any of it gets busted. Back and fucking forth, load after load of household shit.
    All my tools went in the car so no stress there. Rather nice country drive actually.
    But in the van, the domestic equivalent of a French Foreign Legion Death March, with assorted family and loved ones replacing Gene Hackman, barking instructions, whilst wrongly believing that they were being helpful.
    Moving house is an utter, utter, utter, utter CUNT!!
    Thankfully it’s all done, we’re all still speaking to each other and I never got round to committing any of the millions of violent murders that I carefully planned while fuming and seething behind the wheel of the hated Bosche wagon (Hitler’s bunker on wheels)..
    We now reside in a nice quiet village, rather than under the baleful Big Brother gaze of Norwich City Council, who deserve a full and concise cunting of their own by the way.
    Plus I’m stoned and full of beer and everyone else is asleep apart from the cat. Peace and quiet at fucking last…

    Moving house is a cunt. Never again. Apologies if this rambled a bit…

    • Totally right Mr Bastards,
      I hate moving house, you think to yourself ‘I/we haven’t got that much stuff’…
      7 van loads later, all stressed out and then you gotta unpack and arrange the damn stuff.
      I can see why people pay removal companies but they are rip off cunts.

    • Been whinging at the landlord that things need done for ages and I’m thinking of moving also.

      I move flat every couple of years out here coz landlords don’t like to keep the place the same way as i moved in, so know what its like.
      Its a nightmare, and an eye opener as to how much shite females can accumulate.

      • What kept me going, apart from the prospect of downing a few cold beers, was venting my spleen on ISAC.
        Sanity has returned, well to me anyway. Our new home looks like a fucking bomb site…

  20. Thanks fellow cunters for the good wishes. Like I said I know it will take awhile and that is just the start. I love coming on this site, the fact that there are other like minded people out there. The banter between the cunters is both amusing and thought provoking and I am glad I found this site by accident. As I haven’t cunted Vince Cable yet all I can say is that Incey Vincey and the Lib Dems deserve each other. Cable is a useless fucking shifty tool and I wouldn’t trust the sneering looking cunt with any of my male/female friends or family.

    • Come here to Gods country mate. Forget our most Eastern state of NZ! Middle of winter here, 6 pm and still 19 degrees. (150 km north of Sydney.) 6 degrees in Christchurch and pissing down. You choose.

      • Yes, I watched the Rugby. It certainly knows how to rain in Christchurch. Like Kendal with earthquakes.
        Used to live in Durban. Miss the weather and the country but not the savages that run it. Too old to be accepted by Oz, although I am a miserable bigoted cunt.

      • I remember my first visit to Aus with the utmost fondness Grumpy. First place I stayed was Kings Cross, then moving on to Adelaide, Alice Springs and Northern Territory. While in Adelaide and waiting for the greyhound bus for a ride to Alice, had a little time to play the golf course. 3 middle aged women were playing in front and after we caught them up one of the ladies asked if we wanted to join up for Sunday lunch, unfortunately we had other plans, something I regret to this day. I like Manly and have a soft spot for the place and Manly Beach. Being a rugby league fan I follow the Sea Eagles. I love Aussie music, Cold Chisel, Hunters, Oils, INXS, Icehouse, Noiseworks, the list goes on. Advance Australia Fair.

          • I lived in Australia and it’s good for the first few months. Then the rot sets in. The Convicts bang on about how great and hot it is while sitting inside with the Air Con on 20 degrees! What in Fuckery?

            It’s a shit Britain with sunshine.

            How do you know when you’ve met a balanced Australian? They’re the ones with a chip on BOTH shoulders.

  21. The Liberal (anti) Democratic Party is pointless.

    In the time of Jenkins, Williams, Steele and Owen they offered a legitimate alternative to Maggie’s Connies and the union toadying of the Foot/Kinnock Labour offering. Genuinely falling somewhere between the two.

    Nowadays the Liberal party is akin to pouring a glass of water into the Pacific ocean – they add nothing. Moreover in adding nothing, they refuse to believe or accept anything that the ordinary folk feel is important to them.

    I think the country desperately needs a 3rd party. I keep terming it the “Common Sense” party, the party which reflects the sensibilities of ordinary folk rather than the virtue signalling soundbites spoon fed to us by media luvvies and the lickspittle twittermong snowflakes.

    It is clear now that all of the main parties are paying Brexit lipservice and we are careering full steam ahead into a worst of both worlds deal with the EU: worse trade conditions, still accept EU law, and still having to accept every Tom, Dick and Harry who wants to come here from the EU!

    Not one of the parties genuinely want to discuss immigration for fear of being branded “racist” – even though being concerned about immigration isn’t racist because immigration covers every country in the world other than our own.

    I am not anti-immigration but I am anti-pointless immigration. I.e. if you have a skill that we genuinely cannot fulfil with the existing British workforce (and by skill I don’t mean vegetable picking, car washing or selling Big Issue rags) then please feel free to apply for a work visa (and no that doesn’t guarantee you residency or citizenship – you’ll have to apply for that separately after 5yrs, and after you can prove that you have been a net benefit to the country – which won’t be hard to do for genuine professionals who came to work and then wish to subsequently live here).

    The main parties twist on endlessly about public services being strained to fuck (NHS, schools and housing being the main areas of concern) but none of them will tackle or address the fact that we’re full, and that unrestricted (or pointless) immigration is a major cause of that overburdening of our services.

    The major parties say that these are the jobs “nobody else wants to do”. This situation exists because government after government have allowed generation after generation of career benefits scroungers to exist who’ll neither work nor want.

    None of the main parties dare broach the “don’t work, don’t get paid” mantra that ordinary working folk – pissed off at these perennial scroungers – would love to see them implement.

    I support the notion of social security but it should be seen as a safety net when folk – oftentimes through no fault of their own – find themselves out of work. It should not, however, be seen as a career choice, which is as it is now, and which is why we have families 3 generations deep who have neither worked nor wanted.

    The main parties could kill two birds with one stone: suspend pointless immigration and fulfill jobs that “nobody else wants to do” with the idle masses, but they won’t because they don’t want to be seen as being the “nasty” party.

    Also the fact that someone can physically make it here does not automatically gift them the right to live here!

    OK so you have travelled 1,000’s of miles to make it to the UK. Why? Why the UK and not say India or Saudi Arabia or Bulgaria or Kazakhstan or Tunisia…why?

    Common sense would dictate that these people want to come here because we offer something every other democratic and/or affluent country does not. I wonder what that could be? O’course you’re not allowed to mention terms like “soft touch” and “benefits” because that too could be deemed “racist” – even though it isn’t.

    If illegal immigration is not an issue then why is it – I wonder – that no one still knows how many people died in the Grenfell accident? Why, it couldn’t be the fact that as well as the known people living there, there was also a rake of unknowns too? Tragic it may be but the main parties refuse to ask why we don’t know the total body count (they know why) nor are willing to prosecute the criminals illegally subletting those flats to these undocumented unknowns.

    They know the problem, they know how to alleviate the problem. They won’t, because they fear for their own pointless political careers.

    Not one of the main parties genuinely want to discuss the “peaceful” problem for the same reason – fear of being branded “racist” – even though it is a religion and not a race (you’ll never succeed in explaining that differentiation to snowflake generation X).

    Well there is a “peaceful” problem in this country and it’s only going to get worse until they outnumber us and then it becomes a moot point anyway.

    If you capped bens at 2 kids per household (and after that you foot the bill yourself) maybe it would dissuade the cunts from having another 6-8 on top of the UK average?

    They also won’t answer the one question which ordinary folk want answering: what is the point/endgame of continually appeasing this one sector of society? What is the benefit of this to the ordinary folk of the UK? Because as a member of the ordinary folk of the UK I’ll be buggered if I can see one!

    Legitimately wanting to leave the morally bankrupt and economically corrupt organisation that is the EU isn’t “xenophobic” or “racist” it’s just common sense!

    Legitimate concerns about (pointless) immigration isn’t “racist” (technically or metaphorically) it’s just common sense!

    Legitimate concerns about nth generations of benefits scroungers isn’t being “nasty” it’s just common sense!

    Legitimate concerns about “peacefuls” and their continued appeasement isn’t “racist” (technically or metaphorically) it’s just common sense.

    So where is my “Common Sense” party to answer these questions and look out for my interests, i.e., the interests of the ordinary folk of the UK?

    If I had the wherewithal I’d start the party myself. The manifesto would be a piece of piss to write, it would contain a single sentence: “The Common Sense Party promises to only make decisions if they make common sense and are of benefit to the majority of the UK people.”

    • Well said RWOC,
      We need this party now, although I guess the Tories would argue they are that party.
      Somethings got to change in politics to try and save our country.

      • “Common Sense” is the enemy of idealism.
        Idealists are cuntish brainless shiney-eyed dreamers who unconsciously allow themselves to be manipulated for the purpose of some other cunt’s agenda.
        Behind every ideal there’s a money and/or power agenda and the daft cunts don’t even know it.

        Too cynical…?

    • Oh and I’d also state that: “Career politicians need not apply to be members of the Common Sense Party. If you’d been any good at your jobs in the first place there would be no need for a Common Sense Party. No point in you fucking up this party as well and fucking over the general public again!”

        • Maybe nick Ferrari as prime minister.
          King nije in the foreign office.
          Jeremy Clarkson in education.
          Tommy robinson in the home office.

  22. Just when you think you have heard every bat shit crazy idea another one rears its head.
    Homosexuals can now donate blood….. Yes you heard that right.
    How inclusive and non discriminatory we all are. Their will be strict policies in place of course where Bum blood is concerned, for instance They will be asked if they do blow jobs only ( not take a bum full ) and if so thanked for their honesty. No screening needed in blow job only cases.
    So next time any of you cunters need life saving blood, catching HIV /AIDS will be a price worth paying for being such a caring loving bunch of cunts that we all are.

    • Wow how progressive and wonderful it is to let poofs donate potential aids hepatitis C laced blood! And my mum wonders why I’m terrified of having children not in this fucking backwards world I’m not!

  23. British Council is a cunt for fining a 5 yr old child for selling illegal lemonade, could you imagine such outrage? She needed a permit and she was fined £150. British Council you have outdone yourselves as cunts for this To the young 5 yr old terrorist I say this to you Was the thrill of operating an illegal drinks stand worth it? didn’t think so and definitely Not under the bizarro world of the British Council it ain’t Selling illegal lemonade is serious business and a serious offence

    • I truly despair about what is happening here in Blighty and the rest of Europe where us white folk are so far marginalised now by Third world scum and how the Liberals are encouraging it to happen.
      I am sure now that this importation of low life from cultures that are totally incompatible with ours was all part of the eu plan to divide us and break down any attempts to hold on to Patriotism… A fellow cunter recently said just that in a superb post, cant remember who it was.
      The Poles have said the vermin mussies are not coming to them and by fuckery they mean it.

    • Serves the little girl right. I bet her parents are Tories who have been filling her with all kinds of crap about private enterprise. People with a thirst shouldn’t be exploited in this way and the vigilant council officers from Tower Hamlets have done their community a service by pointing this out.

      • If the kid had been a sandsambo or an ace of, she’d have got away with it and even praised….

        • So, they come down like a ton of bricks on a little girl who flogs a soft drink… Yet they treat thieving, cheating, sub-letting illegal foreign scum like royalty and put these human filth in luxury accommodation and literally hand them money… Fuck Britain as it is…. It is fucking shit!

    • Like I say we need a Common Sense Party so that bullshit like this doesn’t happen.

      Tower fucking Hamlets! Having had the misfortune of having to traverse that shit hole on a daily basis for 3 months I can concur that a 5yr old’s homemade lemonade is the least of that cuntonistan council’s issues – having had weapons-grade shits from one of their take-out curry houses!

      O’course you couldn’t slam those cunts with an environmental health order because that would be “racist” wouldn’t it!

      It’s to be fucking sure that the head of the rich virtue signallers – Richard Branston Pickle – never received such attention from council cunts like this when he was selling his bootleg records from a market stall!

      Why is it that we tolerate “officials” like this? Target easy pickings like a 5yr old girl (for fuck’s sake) for a paltry £150 fine but who won’t say boo to a goose when it comes to “subletting to illegals” “peaceful” cunts because that’s who it is!

      Oops sorry, I forgot, even if they’re blatantly breaking the law and costing HM Govt tens of thousands a year in misappropriated housing, you can’t prosecute them, or even call them out on it because – you guessed it – that’s “racist”.

      Fuck you political establishment! WHERE IS MY COMMON SENSE PARTY!?!

      • Been saying for years, if reasonable people don’t take reasonable steps to sort out these major problems, we will end up with unreasonable people taking unreasonable steps, and we all know where that will take us. It’s pretty much how the little Austrian got elected.

  24. Well well, less than a week after I picked the murdering cunt for my suicide squad, Levi Bellfield is protesting his innocence again for murdering Milly Dowler. The scum cunt filth bastard reckons there is new evidence that could clear him of her murder. What about the other two women you killed, you vermin? Of course, the cunt has been converted into a peaceful cunt in prison, now going by the name Yusuf Rachid. I wonder what a murdering rapist would find in common with other ROP followers? Please Levi, make me a winner…..

    • Sack them? Just fucking gass them all! the male presenters too lol gender gap what a load of shite

  25. Not so much a cunting as a question for cunters.

    The cunts with cunts at the BBC are now bitching because they don’t get the same pay as some of the cunts without cunts. If it’s about equality and a cunt or the lack of it doesn’t matter, how can the cunts with cunts possibly complain because some cunts without cunts get paid more?


    • One bunch of millionaires gets paid less than another bunch of millionaires.
      Nope, still can’t muster any sympathy. Guess I must be a sexist, or misogynist, or racist, or something.
      Fuck the lot of them and fuck the BBC too…

  26. well if all the people who are being paid the least are women then thats not very equal is it? but rather than paying them more pay those fuckin overpaid men less!. how the fuck can Jeremy Vine merit £700 ,000 a year?. he fuckin knows himself he isnt as was very apparent when that listener cornered him on his own show. that was a classic!

  27. Present season football is a cunt.
    I could shine in this shite between Real Madrid V’s Manchester United.

    Who is this exhibition for?
    Teams should be getting sorted to play for their real fans when the season starts, rather than swanning off to spread the word in far flung places that only rich fans who want some snaps for instagram will attend.
    I’ve been to many a boring game of football. There’s more shite games than good, but footballers are today’s movie stars, so the gullible will attend.

    My team , Leicester, are in Hong Kong to play West Bromwich Albion and Liverpool.
    Don’t know why, we’ll be playing them for real soon, and after last season, maybe they should be concentrating on get off to some class of a start, and not being jet lagged.
    I’ve been a fan all my life, and due to growing up in Scotland, I’d attend Dumbarton, Clydebank and Rangers games and only get to see Leicester when i was down south on holiday.
    Back then i couldn’t get enough and hated end of season. Nowadays, i still love my team but the game is shite and is only about money.
    I know that’s not news, but its worse than before.
    My heart is Leicester until i die, but football in general is killing me.

    PS. Paul Pogba posing in Man utd’s new grey shirt is shocking.
    The lazy cunts pulling a ‘hard man’ face, as if he’s brilliant, when he was a fuckin let down last season.

    The game known as football is a cunt.
    And i dislike all other sports.

    Football is dead
    Music is dead
    Filums are dead.
    Telly is dead
    Society is dead

    Thank fuck for my wank bank.

  28. I agree, birdman… It was fucking shite… Ronald Cunting McDonald walking out as if he was part of the shoot-out?! Wish some somebody had shot the cunt… I am also sick of seeing Pogba gurning in that crappy rip-off of the 90-92 ‘rave’ kit (Lee Sharpe, 6-2 at Arsenal)… Oh, and Anthony Martial is a fucking cunt and all….

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