The BBC [8]

Emergency cunting for the BBC,
So the cunts have published their ‘Top’ stars earnings (how much they pay the cunts with licence payers money).
I personally don’t give a fuck as I have never and will never pay these cunts a penny (although I do enjoy a few of their programmes) but paying Chris Evans over two million and other ‘Stars’ ridiculous amounts shows the cunts for the cunts they are.
What will happen? People will have a moan and carry on as normal.
Typical of a country full of too many sheep like ‘Do as your told’ cunts.
What a pile of cunt, with a piece of cunt on top.
The cunts.

Nominated by Black and White Cunt

102 thoughts on “The BBC [8]

  1. Haha, i got the pic in the header sent on Facebook this morning and really wanted to show it to you all, but obviously couldn’t due to my luddite-itis.

    Years ago i smuggly invited the TV license inspector into my shared house to show him my licence when he came a knocking.
    I couldn’t find it so phoned my flat mate at his work, to ask where it was, and his reply was that we didn’t have one.
    I kept my pissing himself laughing flatmate on the phone as i went through every drawer, saying ‘no, it’s not in there either’.

    I must have done a convincing job, coz the inspector said not to worry as i obviously have one and he left, never to return.

      • Not yet Black And White Cunt.

        I’m meant to be coming back in September for a ‘holiday’, but don’t know for definite.

        I give myself less than a year out here. Sick to the back teeth of everything and this summer hasn’t been the best. I had my T-shirt on at the beach the other day ffs, and as i type this , I’m in a sandstorm.
        Also sick of waking up a ‘foreigner’ everyday, but not sure if Blighty will sort that.

        Rule Britannia.G

  2. The BBC is akin to some mineral-rich stretch under the Atlantic, except rather than oil, there’s crude cunt by the mega-barrelful. Just when you think you’ve found all the cunt reserves within that body of complete shite, the drill strikes, the ground shakes and bursting forth is another geyser of solid black cuntitude.

    I don’t know which of those overpaid cunt presenters is the biggest fraud. Paying Lineker for the privilege of his mid-life crisis and rapid descent into SJW aloof-fucktard? Perhaps Graham Norton for stretching his thimbleful of talent since he appeared in that caravan holiday episode of Father Ted? Claudia Winklemann for doing an incredible impression of a sub-80 IQ drag queen? Or maybe old favourite Laura KuenTssberg for her fucking ridiculous sneer and shouty-cunty style of political journalism?

    I think it’s best to keep this cunting firmly aimed at the enablers of these fucker’s salaries. The Al-BBC is spending YOUR fucking licence fee to keep Alan Shearer in ill-fitting River Island dress shirts for fucking life. It takes YOUR fee, feeds you nothing but a deeply politicised left-wing agenda and uses YOUR money to soil staples like Dr. Who with right-on street-level fucking enrichers and various other bollockry.

    Every single bastard they employ in a senior capacity is amongst the elite corps of humankind’s cunt ranks. Alan Yentob, the only cunt alive who could be set on fire and end up better looking, allowed an extreme form of left-wing bias to fuel shit like Kids Company and their fucking fruit-bowl-head-in-chief, Batmanghelidjh, to run riot as he abused his privilege as creative director. He is such a cunt that he changed his name by deedpoll from Botney to the reverse, Yentob. If ever a man deserved to be drowned in a septic tank full of his own decomposing faeces, it’s definitely Cuntob.

    I could keep this going all day. The Al-BBC is like a perpetual machine of endless cuntery that will almost certainly never run dry; keeping the UK turning in shit for the rest of time. Thar’s cunts in them thar fucking Manchester studio hills!

      • Even I wouldn’t fuck that ancient bag of sod all talent and believe me she would be suicidal if she knew she couldn’t make my ‘ would’ list.

    • Good to see that Cunt Yentob ensuring he gets a handsome ‘presenters’ salary as well. The cunt is literally printing money for himself.

    • Please do keep it going all day. That’s the finest cunting I’ve seen in some time, and if you’ve got more, cunt away for your rapt audience.
      The Bastard Broadcasting Cunts are apparently also deeply concerned that there are fewer wimmin than men earning cunttastic piles of cash for airing their vapid opinions, and today they’ve promised that pay parity will be reached by 2020 – presumably by introducing a cunt allowance.

      FAIL. They should cut the wages of all the narcissistic selfpromoting cunts in front of the mikes and cameras to the national minimum, pro rata for the actual ten minutes they spend in the building, and pay their poor bloody infantry a bit more. If you have to pay £££ to get the best, start with the cleaners.

  3. Chris Evans – fired twice by the BBC for failing to turn for his own shows and they still fucking re-employ him and pay him two mill. Fucking appalling…

    • How that cunt Chris Evans ever bacame a ‘Star’ I don’t know.
      Not funny, and an old cunt now as well. He doesn’t need the money either.
      Another cunting for cunts over staying their welcome is needed, with a sub contracted out cunting for reunions of cunts who were already shit.

    • Liam Fox and Peter Mandelson also fired twice and then re-employed to senior positions, let’s not forget!

      • Rebekah Brooks – resigned in the wake of phone-hacking and received a £40m redundancy package. Re-employed in a senior position by the same company (rebranded) when all the fuss had died down.

          • And no one is “forced” to buy a TV licence either. I’ve ignored their threats for over sixteen years.

            My point about Brooks is that 1) she was clearly not as inept as she pretended to be at her trial otherwise she’d never have been re-hired, and 2) is it right that cunts like Murdoch influence not just Tory policy, but also May’s choice of Cabinet ministers (Gove)? The sooner cunts like him are excluded from any political influence, the better.

    • What the fuck is he still on the radio for with his irritating shit day after day…. just an irritating arse wipe.

  4. Excellent cunting as always, Black And White Cunt.

    I wonder if the figures shown reveal the full extent of their salaries as, as far as I’m aware, they used to be paid in prepubescent children as well.

    • I noticed that Linekers salary was introduced in a news report as being ‘in upwards of’ so how much is he really on?

  5. Ken Bruce gets three hundred grand for working twelve and a half hours a week. Fuck me with a bugle!!

    • Yes my Lord and Ken Bruce does the same shit show every day for the last fucking 30 years with his tiresome pop quiz.. Its like waking to fucking ground hog day.

    • There is a ‘Mash’ programme on BBC2 tonight. I doubt it will be as good as the website but who knows?

  6. Radio four and the today programme whining on about it of course. In between the ‘we’ve shown you our pay, everyone show us yours’ sort of reporting, there was this lovely little puff piece on how the 40 000 Afghan refugees that have made Sweden their home have enriched the culture with their love of cricket, and teams are springing up all over the country. Soon, ice hockey will be replaced as the national sport, as Sweden becomes ever more peaceful. I bet the female population can’t wait! For fucks sake…..

    • All other publicly funded pay scales have always been public. The BBC seem to have been a special case. Are all our Nurses vuctims of a ‘witch hunt’ because you can easily find out how much they are on ?

  7. John Bogeya is a cunt…
    Just what is it with these uppity ‘ace ofs’?! This cunt is whinging that aren’t any black people in Game Of Thrones… First of all, so fucking what?! Second of all, does there have to fucking be?! I am no fan of Game Of Cunts, but it’s not a crime to have an all white cast in a TV series…. ‘Not enough diversity’ Boyega cries, but that basically means having blacks in anything and everything should be compulsory…
    If a film was made about, say, Buddy Holly and The Crickets, Bogeya would complain that none of them were black (and that’s because Buddy and his boys fucking well weren’t!)… What the fuck is next? Michaelangelo was shit because he didn’t paint any darkies?! The Marx Brothers were racist because Harpo wasn’t a golly?! Where will it fucking end?!

    Besides, who is this little upstart cunt anyway? Gets a part in the latest crappy Star Wars cash-ins, and he thinks he is Sidney Poitier?! Fuck off, John John….

    • Also, there are no whites in most Spike Lee films (unless they are joke figures or racists, of course)… But we’re not allowed to mention that. are we?….

      • I did enjoy watching the ‘fresh prince’ as I grew up in the 90’s, and it can’t be just me who fancied the arse off Hilary? And then all of a sudden, Ashley became all horny end everything? (before I get titslapped, she’s older than me btw)

    • Yea I just read that on msm.

      The thick cunt doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
      There are loads of black actors.
      The big guy with that axe thing.
      The pirate “you are not my friend, my friend”.
      The leader of the unsullied.
      The leader bloke that the white haired tart locked in that safe thing.

      I like game of thrones and this cunt is talking shit.
      Most of it is based in the north where it snows. Black people are from the south where it’s sunny.

      He’ll be complaing there aren’t any benders in it next.

      There were loads of benders in it.

      ….I know coz I almost puked when they started … urgg .. uhh … almost puked again.

    • I was wondering who Bogeya was until you mentioned Star Wars and realised it was that cunt who stood all snooty nosed on the red carpet at the premier.

      Maybe i have problems, but that image alone has me forever hating that bow tied cunt.

      There’s not enough budgies in Elementary, imo.
      There should be more budgies on telly.

    • not enough blacks on TV? In a riot there are plenty with their thieving little hands on TV looted from shops! Bored with this CRAP. Go back to playing with your light sabre…..

      I is a poof who once snogged a black man so I am not a rrrraaaacccciiiiaaaaalllliiiissstttt.

      • Tell the cunt to watch the clips on every 5 minutes of the Greenfell Fire – cant get them off TV then

    • Some black US retard posted somewhere all shouty about the lack of black faces in the Dunkirk trailer.

  8. Gary Lineker gets paid around £1.8 million a year by the BBC, that’s a disgrace!
    How is he expected to survive on that? He has to take on extra jobs to make ends meet, advertising Walker’s crisps for god’s sake. it’s about time the BBC got their act together and started paying their star presenters what they’re worth, before they’re lured by rival broadcasters.

    • Yeah cause obviously ITV had to pay Jonathan Ross upwards of the £6 Million he was on at the BBC. Except they fucking didnt.

    • Gary Linekar is grossly underpaid. He is an SJW hero! He speaks for all! Actually no he does not the cheesy jug eared cunt. I would shag his son though…..

  9. Carol Kirkwood has floppy tits. The BBC shouldn’t waste money employing old biddies with droopy duggs. It’s a fucking disgrace.

    • If you are a gentleman of a certain age, you would certainly have a good time with Carol

      • Only time I’m referred to as a “Gentleman” is in court…as in “The gentleman was then observed……” or “Do you recognise the Gentleman in the dock?”. I’m sure I have a wicked identical twin. He must be a real Cunt.

    • Carol Kirkwood has magnificient tits and I have had the privilege of watching my teenage son grow up salivating at them.

  10. God bless the legend that is Sir Tom Baker… When asked about the controversial (but admittedly jumpable) Jodie Whittaker, the definitive Doctor said ‘ It might work… But if it doesn’t, kill her off…. Get somebody else…’ Sanity amongst the snowflake blizzard and feminazi panzer patrols…

    Sir Tom also said that nobody had previously ‘falied’ as the Doctor… Not strictly true….
    Paul McGann was only given one very shit story, Capaldi’s tenure has not been a success (not his fault, that Moffatt cunt is to blame), and Colin ‘Grauniad Whore’ Baker was just plain fucking shite…. Vworp Fucking Vworp!

  11. Whilst we are all distracted by how much Chris Cunt and Gary Arseaker get paid why isn’t any one asking if the BBC spends 193 million on the people in front of the camera where the fuck is the other 3.3 billion going and that’s not even taking into account another 1.5 billion from commercial ventures.Not worked out the percentage of total income they are paying out to cunts but it is a tiny portion of the total.

    What the fuck is the BBC spending 4.8 billion on every year? When will the BBC have to account for every penny it spends?

      • I had to work there in the late 1990’s and always thought that name was an oxymoron even back then!

    • Probably when the EU does, in other words, never. The were whinging on about how much cunts get paid on Sky. Who cares? You don’t have to pay for fucking sky if you don’t want to watch it.

    • The BBC famously has layer upon layer of administrative cunts with fancy titles and non-jobs. Very much like the EU. A lot of these cunts earn more than the PM with no visible purpose aside from ‘meetings’
      Although it galls that a talentless cunt like Evans ‘earns’ 2 million, the real scandal is the bureaucratic jobs for the persons structure of the fucker. Most of whom are non creative.

  12. It really grates on the nerves to think that that annoying ginger cunt Evans, far left jug eared arsehole, Lineker, and the rest of those pricks are paid a fucking fortune for reading from an autocue, on OUR coin. Evans gets £2.2 million for being twat. Lineker, who was already a multi-millionaire from being a goal hanger, gets £1.8 million. And we have no choice but to pay these useless pricks. I caught that Welsh bloke questioning Jeremy Vine earlier. For someone who gets paid to ask difficult questions of public figures, he was surprisingly coy when asked a few himself.

  13. Yes, Jeremy Vine showed himself up for the spineless two faced cunt he is.
    Pathetic. The Welsh guy asked him ”Do you think you’re worth your salary?”.
    Vine replied ”Actually, I’d prefer not to answer that”. That was after he had said that his callers could ask him anything.
    Fucking Dicksplash.

    • Yeah if it had been a phone in on LGBTQ fisting or how great “peaceful” cunts are or how wonderful immos are the cunt would’ve been gushing like a whale!

      Query the cunt on the public salary he receives and his lips are shut tighter shut than Mother Teresa’s!

      For me I’d think more of the twats if they just replied: “Yep! And cheap at twice the fucking price!”

      Still cunts but they’d at least go up 1/2″ in my estimation of them.

  14. Just had a salmon steak marinated in maple, ginger and garlic fucking delish! Also had a steamed artichoke heart a time consuming eat but again very tasty I had something witty to say earlier bout this cunting but looks like you cunters have said it all Cheers

  15. There you go..knew it would happen.
    Got the ITV news on and someone is already bleating about the fact that there are no black people in the top ten highest paid at the BBC!

  16. And the media think the biggest thing about this release is the fact women are not earning as much as some of the men. Having tit’s doesn’t mean your entitled to more money

    • Unless you’re in the porn industry.

      No one cares about the disparity in wages between men and women in that job (on 5 times more than men in most cases).

      Oh but that’s different because it’s the women who are getting paid more and so inequality there doesn’t count.

      That said, I don’t know of any red blooded normal bloke who wouldn’t do it for free! So getting a bit of beer money into the bargain is just a Brucie Bonus! 😆

      The same is also true of the fashion model business and no one gives a shit about that either.

      The worst thing about all this however is that is flames undeserved promotion through positive decriminalisation. I.e. two blokes to be promoted one is brilliant the other is shit. They pick the shit one cos he’s a bit “peaceful” and therefore kills two birds with one stone: 1) it ticks another virtue box, b) it’s stops said “peaceful” from kicking off and claiming he didn’t get the job, not because of the reality that he was shit, but because he was “peaceful”.

      The same is true between blokes and birds, hence why we end up with disgraces like Cressing Dick in charge of the met!

      • I saw a porn star interviewed where she disclosed she gets three grand for anal.

        My missus doesn’t even get a warning…

  17. It seems that the BBCunts remunerate their employees at a level of how loathsome they happen to be with the detestable shouty ginger talentless fuckwit Evans at the top of the tree followed by Uber hypocrite Linewanker. It’s a fucking good job that Blair and Clegg aren’t on the fucking payroll. Jeez!!

  18. Could it be that the salaries of Ginger Bollocks, the Linekunt, and Bottybandit Norton have been ‘leaked’ by the BBC themselves, in order to take the light off their recent Doctor Who fuck-up?

    • Handy that on the same day they release this news the government
      stitches millions up with another year at work.

  19. This all days after the fanfare of a female Dr Who and Director General Tony Hall’s rallying war cry of greater diversity and equality , all the while the hypocritical cunt must have known of the disparity. Out of interest I wonder what HIM and the rest of the suits upstairs get paid, just about enough to keep St Lineker in tissues on his next crusade against injustice.

    • Maybe a old school Doctor Who fan in the government thought, ‘I’ll teach you, Hall…. You fucking hypocritical cunt…’

      Time the BBC was taken apart, brick by brick…. It has become a media dictatorship… Orwell was right….

  20. that caller to Jeremy Vine was great !! JEZZA knew what the answer was , ‘ no i’m not worth the money ,’ but he was hardly going to say that was he. . the money these people get is fuckin obscene, they in no way merit what they get, there are thousands of people who could do just as good a job as they do. just heard John Humphreys say he was quite happy with what he was being paid but he keeps getting pay increases!

  21. Nothing much to add after the eloquent scribing written here except that Gary Lineker is a hypocritical, loathsome cunt-burger of human being. Apparently the lubricious, vanity-obsessed, self-loving cunt creeps on every female with whom he encounters.

    His earnings didn’t include his BT Sport money nor his insidious flogging of thinly-cut fried potatoes. How much do these rapacious Cunts actually need? Chris Evans, Dimbelbey, and Lineker, you fucking cockroaches.

  22. So the Gender Pay Gap does exist, but only amongst cunts who get payed more than most of us can ever hope to see, for spouting bollocks on cue to the camera.

    Poor dears, my heart fucking bleeds…

    • I bet that Jodie bird is getting way less than Capaldi got and all… But so fucking what?! The Waffen Femin SS moan anyway, they’ll just moan a bit more that’s all…

  23. Looking at the insane amounts these talentless cunts are given (as obviously they don’t earn a sou from ability), I estimate BeeB-BooB costs approx £150 per ounce (28.4 grams for the under 40s).

  24. Jimmy Savile’s family have recently removed the headstone from his grave out of respect for the public.
    This has left a small hole with no bush around it.

    Just what Jimmy would have wanted….

      • Jimmy was very kind to me on Jim will fix it. He showed me how to milk a cow blindfolded.
        Now Then Now Then Owz about that then Guys and Gals ?

  25. Hello, good afternoon and fuck orf, it’s the Langham Place sweepstakes hosted by Bloody Biased The winners so far are:

    Chris Evans, in the Annoying bleached ginger twat steeplechase, winner by a cuntry mile, picking up a kool 2.2m

    Gary Linekunt, in the Piss-taking, irritating-as-fuck jug-eared egg and spoon derby, 1.75m

    Graham Norton, in The Old Queen Mother’s Trophy. A whisker under 900k, on account of chronically abused ringpiece

    Result for The Dimblebore cannot be released, as he is paid by some dodgy 3-rd party production coy., probably funded by Sorearse.

    Thanks to all of you joining us here today at Langham Place, for allowing the BBC to rob you blind for a steaming pile of old toot.

    • and Dictator-General Lord Hallhall says this is all done in the finest spirit of competition. So that’s all right, then (dub in soundtrack of manic Ian Hislime laughing at his own jokes).

      As for spirits, mine’s a bloody large malt, while you’re about it, steward !!

  26. In a pub last night and there was a dwarf sat at the bar in a Man City shirt…

    All I said was, “Half a bitter” and he went fucking berserk!

  27. Everytime I see Boris Johnson I wonder if his mum got fucked by Savile back in the sixties….

  28. Ahhh, the BBC. Do as we say and not as we do. Not the champions of virtue and diversity they purport to be.

    The figures are also a bit of lie. The decrepit Mary Berry gets £1.5 million a year through her production company, so is not ‘actually’ on the BBC payroll. Graham Norton also gets paid a sizeable chunk this way. There are a plethora of other high profile cunts getting paid this way. Clarkson and Co were paid through BBC Worldwide, which is a separate company, as they do with most shows they produce with fee payers money to then sell abroad. Now if you or I were to do pull a stunt like that, that would be deemed as capital flight for tax evasion purposes by HMRC.

    And just like MP’s expenses, the BBC will now find a new way to hide gross misconduct from public view.

    Is there no petition to debate repeal of the royal charter and get the funding cut from these impartial wank stains?

    • How is it that Steve Shite in the afternoon is still there ? he’s been broadcasting the same puerile crud for what seems like a century.
      Its those cunting sycophants that come on with him telling the fat turd how right he is on every subject and he tells the listeners the show is copyrighted.. Who the fuck would want to copy this cunts show ? unless your Ken Bruce.
      Oh by the way Steve, HATE THE SHOW.

    • Let Dr.Who commit Seppuku , Being a fan of the old series I stopped watching ages ago I watch the new series sometimes when its on or when I’m eating. Eccelston was definitely a fresh breath of air after the previous abominations like Davison, Colin Baker, McCoy

      Ecclestone wasn’t bad but he always looked like he wanted to be somewhere else I dunno could just be his cockney attitude or somethin McGann was good too but it was short lived of course being just the film

      • Eccelston is not a cockney… He is from Salford…. If he was ever referred to as a cockney, he would probably nut the person who said it…

        • “Eccelston is not a cockney… He is from Salford” So is Mark E Smith lol also eccelston has done some cockney roles like gone in 60 seconds and let him have it

          “If he was ever referred to as a cockney, he would probably nut the person who said it”
          Well, he can try I’m not gonna give him a free one tho lol

  29. The only way to stop this shite is to abolish the tv license, thus ending the pissing up the wall of the billions they make from it. I don’t think they’d last 5 minutes if they had to fund themselves. I wonder how long the linekunt would stay around? I also wonder if any other network would employ any of the other useless cunts?

    Sign this petition today and hope saggy sad sack doesn’t call for another election.

  30. Just read yesterday’s Sun were it says that ‘Brits Top Magaluf Yobs List’

    Yet no one can say that ‘Muslims Top Worldwide Terrorists List’

    Racist cunts are the Sun.

  31. I’m Happy bout Trump pulling out of Syria Soro’s NGO’s were using it as a ultra gay excuse to take 10 million retarded somalis, 4 million nigerians, half a million gypsies and 6 million war torn arabs to force into europe against our will Putin is killing ISIS that much is certain CIA was arming anti-assad jihadists thats just a fact Its fascinating the lefties are butthurt now and want more wars in syria and saying Trump colluded with Putin they are fuming over this right now

    Also John Mccain has brain cancer praise Jesus 🙂 lol I might just celebrate with a beer but my gallstones will probably get a swift kick oh well

    • Ah poor John.I am not a big fan of his politics but he doesn’t deserve an aggressive brain cancer.

      • Glioblastoma is an awful way to go.Seen it first hand.Wouldnt wish it on anyone …well maybe Peter Sutcliffe Ian Huntley and Charles Manson but generally speaking.

    • Those figures seem wildly optimistic.A neighbor of mine died from it at 80 the exact same age McCain is.She lasted 15 months which although is the average we were told it wouldn`t be that long.The last 6 months were bleak.She only lasted that long because she had surgery to remove a large chunk of it and they aren`t talking about surgery with McCain.He is fucked.

    • “he doesn’t deserve an aggressive brain cancer.”

      Oh he definitely deserves it the warmongering cunthead I hope he gets colon cancer too. He is responsible for countless deaths millions look up songbird for his backstabbing in Nam The guy is a ruthless warhawk and a fucking bellend The amount of suffering hes responsible for is unimaginable

  32. Am. I the only one fed up with Kate and Wills, every damn day they are front page news, in some country somewhere doing their ‘Work’.
    Fuck off you cunts.
    I swear kate wears a different at least two grand dress everyday. Who the fuck pays for that, I want a refund. The cunts.

      • The tourists would still come and if they didn’t there are plenty of cunts on the housing list. I’m sure you could get at least a hundred flats in Buckingham Palace.
        Sometimes I think the Royal family is a good tradition but at the moment I think they scrounging arrogant cunts, in this day and age having all that property mostly empty a lot of the time is a joke.

        • The Windsor’s on C4 is great, but without too much imagination could be a fly on the wall documentary of the Royal Family.

  33. Power. Is the ability to channel public money into the pockets of your chums without the consent of the ignorant public contributor. ( and getting away with it )

    Fuck the muslim broadcasting service.

  34. Life’s questions no. 497

    Why is it only small breasted or average breasted wimmin that go topless at the beach ?
    Where’s the jugs at ?

    And why do they cover up when going for a splash ?

    Tits out lying down, but bikini top on in the water. Strange.

  35. I reckon the real cunts are those gullible morons who sit there night after night in front of the t.v. lapping up absolutely everything that’s thrown together and served up to them and in so doing willingly paying whatever is asked of them with out question, believing everything they are told, not ever wondering for a second whether they are really pay for manipulation and contempt disguised as entertainment and those who are pretending to be there wonderful, perfect friends on telly are really pissing them selves with laughter and disdain right behind their stupid idiot backs.

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