Gwyneth Williams

(Gwyneth Williams is the controller of BBC Radio 4 so I guess directing this rant at her is appropriate)

While we have the BBC in the spotlight I would like to severely cunt the controller of BBC COMEDY on Radio 4. For years I have taken delight in listening to the 6.30 pm comedy even on the long wave if I was out of the country and before internet.
I’m sorry I’ll read that again, Navy Lark etc. All very dated now but nevertheless entertaining at the time. 3 of my favourite programmes that I always and still do follow are Dead Ringers, The News Quiz and of course I’m sorry I havn’t a clue, ISIAC to us oldens. Alas not anymore. I have just listened to the latest offering from ISIAC and quite honestly I felt embarrassed as it seem several members of the audience judging by the old laughometer Nobody could replace Humphrey Lyttleton and I suppose that Jack Dee does make a valiant attempt. The best part of the show is in fact the introduction where the venue and surrounding area are placed under the microscope with the ensuing piss take to follow. The main part of the show has in my opinion gone to the dogs. First Willie Rushton went and died on us, while Tim Brooke- Taylor and Barry Cryer die every week especially now that Graeme Gaerden has mysteriously disappeared. Which brings me seamlessly to the guests which replace these fallen figures. Last week we had the delights of Andy Hamilton and the beautiful bombshell Jo Brand, both with faces perfect for radio! This week it was John Finnemore and the elf like Susan Calman. Calman deserves a cunting chapter of her own although fortunately she did not bring her “wife”or periods up, otherwise I would have brought my dinner up. ISIAC has had its day, as has The News Quiz. Great in the days of Alan Coren, Barry Took, Linda Smith, Armandi Iannucci to name a few. I wasn’t keen on Toksvig as presenter and the episode where Calman and Sue Perkins were on made me lose the will to live. 3 dykes in one show, oh well done BBC. Now we have Miles Jupp and his fucking mates Brigstock Fat Fucker Jupitus, resident jock Fred MacAulay, Cunty Calman, suspect sexuality Jeremy Hardy and that bloke whose name I cannot remember or pronounce but he is always on some chat show or 30 minute comedy Ramakin Marrakesh or sumfink like that. (Good old English name) Briefly Dead Ringers has also become embarrassing, the irony is disappearing and too much politics is replacing it.
One last thing I would like to do the complete opposite of a cunting for my new superhero that I heard of for the first time this week Pat Condell. His views on Brexit, the systematic invasion of the UK, and snowflakes made me warm to him instantly. If this man cannot inspire you there is no hope left. Lets make him Prime Minister. Anyone second that?

Nominated by Billy Cunter

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  1. Hardly listen to Radio 4 these days.Used to listen to the Archers as my grandparents did and I kind of got into it.Full of crap now though.That Helen storyline was good but the aftermath bored me to death especially that dyke solicitor.Also why aren`t the old uns like Peggy Joe Jill and Christine making racial slurs like all ancient people do?

    • Jeremy Hardy is a viscious wee intolerant fuck who probably wanks over old photos of Joseph Goebbels of whom he bears more than a passing resemblance both inside and out. The hateful little prick.

  2. Haven’t heard anybody recently who makes the case as well as Pat Condell. Thanks to Billy Cunter for putting me on to him.

  3. Gwynethithingwotever, isn’t even worth a shag to a dying blind rabid leper in terminal decline. It’s been a long time since I saw anything as ugly as this bitch, and believe me, Ive fucked a few!.
    Politically she is within the parameters of liberal neo Lab cum LGBT and with a dash of green and smegma. ( Christ ! )
    I feel that radio 4 is fucked, and she is the cunt thats fucking it. But there again , isn’t that what the BBBC are good at? Fucking things ?

    • Any thoughts on the other rugmuncher? I posted this on a Londonistan topic about policing – a few got it instantly – some are still wondering if I am crazy as a rattlesnake with a hangover.
      It went like this ……………….Cressida….. Dick??

  4. I think radio 4 18:30 comedy has got better in recent weeks, especially Alexei Sayles Imaginary Sandwich Bar.
    That Jack Dee show has got quite a few laughs out of me an’ all.
    I’ve noticed that some ‘light’ bad language is allowed nowadays, like ‘bastard”, “shit” and I’m sure i heard “wanker” the other week.
    I know bad language doesn’t mean comedy but at least its more human.

    There’s still a lot of dross on radio 4 , so some days are shite like before, especially this guy David Sedaris.
    Avoid David Sedaris at all costs.
    He’s a gay American who’s “act” is all and only about him and his partner going on holiday with wimpy friends or having dinner parties with wimpy friends.
    I’m positive if he wasn’t gay, then he wouldn’t have his own show, coz he’s utter utter nothing.
    I cant even call him shite coz its nothing.

    I sometimes enjoy Dead Ringers but I’m annoyed at the Flabbots impersonator coz its done”Flabbot light”.
    There’s a myriad of material that could be used on her but for reasons unknown (aye right) they hold back on both accent and pisstake.

    Just A Minute is the worst excuse for entertainment I’ve encountered and that’s all i’m saying on that massive pile of shite.

    But hey, i don’t pay for it as i get it through BFBS and apart from Talk Radio Europe, that’s all i have to listen to.

  5. Cunts well cunted. I’m sorry I haven’t a clue didn’t really recover from Humph dying although Dee did use his bitter persona to reasonable effect. I hadn’t come across Condell – I despaired that all so called comics were right -on twats. I will give him/her a look.
    Only really listen to Today on 4 nowadays. Can be good when some shifty politico gets a shafting but you can sense that they hold back on some deserving targets because of pc/BBC bullshit/don’t offend the terrorists/SoCalled IS etc.
    Just a Minute has been shite for centuries. All cunts , presided over by a cunt since the middle ages.

  6. ‘just a minute’ is utter shite. its just a series of silly throw away remarks. well sorry, i’m not gonna pick them up. its ‘The Mousetrap ‘ of radio 4 , it’s only carrying on because is been on for so long. would be interesting to know what that woman ‘earns’. i bet it’s more than the PM. No doubt she’ll have an ‘assistant ‘ and that assistant will also have an ‘assistant’. you’d think some of those people would a bit embarrassed when they see their pay turn up in their bank accounts, but they probably aren’t.

    • Looks like a metropolitan elitist eton educated guardian reading champagne swilling Brexit hating foreigner lovely middle aged luvvy who masterbates at his own reflection

  7. I’ve recently returned to radio 4, I’ve realized that PM at 5 o’clock is far better than listening to Tony Livesey on 5 Live. Anything is better than that.
    Billy, I also used to enjoy those half-hour comedy shows, like The Men From The Ministry, Beyond Our Ken and Round The Horne. And you’re right about I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, it was never the same, Humphrey Lyttelton was brilliant.

  8. I used to like The News Huddlines on Radio 2. I assumed it finished because Roy Hudd croaked,but I’ve just looked him up and he’s still alive. Prime candidate for the Dead Pool.

    On the subject of BBC radio,try listening to Stephen Nolan when he’s got Stephen Lowe, Bishop of Hulme. on as a guest. Radio 5. I honestly thought that I was going to have a gripper. Couldn’t believe how they can get away with such a biased programme. There is some other bloke,who should provide balance there, but he’s hardly allowed an opinion,the fucking god-botherer just shouts over the top of him.

    • Steve Nolan is agrating useless spineless liberal arse licking creepy little cunt.

        • Stephen Lowe is a far left prick and along with Welby Williams and co is responsible for the church being made up of a load of spineless lefty tossers.CofE now has approved sex change ceremonies in churches.They are finished.

  9. Just found out I have gallstones that means I’m going to have to avoid 50 different trigger foods all the good ones too, fucking stupid gallbladder producing stones without my consent! Damn you

  10. Shake the magic money tree and out pops billions to transport London faggots to the gay clubs of the north. But nobody asks who is going to run the trains on this shiny new railway line? Who is going to be filling their greedy pockets with all the profits? Foreign fucking investors that’s who….subsidised by the British taxpayer. The Frogs, Krauts and Chinks must be rubbing their hands as they prepare to help themselves to our money yet again.

    • HS2 is all about fucking London and fuck all to the north. It just means that on the odd occasion the cunts leave their third world city, they can be home in time for gluten free ciabata.

    • There will be a claim made that it will be jobs, work and wages for the masses… but as sure as fuck, the majority of the work force will be foreign labour at the cheapest hourly rate possible … and wheather it be workers from Southern Ireland or mainland Europe … the majority of earnings will be going to the respective home lands.
      If the project does go ahead, the Govt. should be held to a condition that the workforce is (realistically) 75% British.

  11. Facebook update.

    Eight days, eight days and I’ve got into it with some UVF supporters.

    No little men for me to troll, no, i aimed high and snared the doss cunts.

    I somehow received a “thing” showing a UVF flag and the comments were too easy to knock.
    One Celtic fan backed me up until i told him what i thought of them.

    These dafties will be scratching their heads wondering how its possible that there’s a being that exists that hates both they cunts.

    Fun and games.

    Love it……… 🙂

    • That’s the way, Birdman… No using facebook to reunite with old friends and family for you. Get the fuckers trolled.

      • Hehe.

        The thing is, I’m only winding up twats who come to me.
        I’ve not looked for anything or anyone to upset.
        I think the UVF thing may have come from an EDL thing that was sent to me and its spiralled from there.
        The UVF weren’t an intended target but you’ve got to work with what you’ve got.

        This isn’t my first encounter with UVF cunts. A few years ago, a pal and myself got into shite with some of them, and that wasn’t a good time, so its nice to get some payback. 🙂

  12. The ABBC’s DIY SOS, needs a cunting, been watching it for a while now and I haven’t seen any token negroes, Asians or fuck all ethnic minorities on the programme helping some poor fucker in a wheelchair.

  13. EU Foreign Ministers are going to restrict sale of inflatables and outboard motors to Libya to help stem migrant crisis, yep that’ll show them, might as well ban lilos and rubber rings while their at it. A great example to Remainers of how their beloved EU deals with the biggest movement of people since WW2, while leaving Italy to absorb this tide of crap.

    • In the old days, a Britsh Man-of-war would have sorted the problem out

      As the First Lord of the Admiralty Lord St. Vincent said to the House of Lords: “I do not say the French cannot come, I only say they cannot come by sea”

  14. i want to cunt the proposed HS2 rail line. what a monumental waste of money ! the route was announced today. its going to cost £56 billion ( watch it rise ) just to make a journey 30 minutes quicker. 100 s of homes will have to be demolished including a brand new estate less than a year old ! its not the Tories helping out there free mason chums in the construction and rail industry by any chance. is it too late to scrap this fiasco?

      • Fuck travelling by train, I’d rather limp the journey on foot with a bear trap crushing my shattered leg. Tried using one the other day, it was a miserable experience, punctuated with bouts of anger and disappointment. I would take a traffic jam any day over the long wait followed by being trapped in a 300 metre long aluminium tube full of cunts. 30 minutes off a journey? That still leaves you an hour late…..

  15. ISIHAC sounds like a bloody good name for a Govt. Dept….

    Round the Horne was superb, went to the “tribute” in London some year’s back after an old schoolmate’s death from lung C. Laughed my bloody head off.
    Charles & Fiona…needing to want you, wanting to need you, knowing that you know… Sounds like Charles and Camillaaah…
    Apparently, Al-BBC is going to have to “pwotect” its “pwecious” Fiona the Bruce, Gary Linedancer et al from waves of hatefulness when their obscene salaries are announced. Didn’t realise that Linekunt actually WORKED for them,thought that he was just some useless poof’s football spasmotron-type. Yet another well-deserved cunting for that peddler of fake news…

  16. I listened to R4 morning noon and night from about 1978 to 2012 until one day I could take no more, bought a DAB radio for the car and now only listen to Radio 6 and TMS on 5 Live Sports Extra. It was The Today Programme that sent me over the edge and I thought I’d miss ISIHAC and The News Quiz, but not one bit – as observed above, both are well past their prime. Like all BBC and Channel 4 current affairs ‘comedy’, the News Quiz just became a vehicle for the usual lefty cunts. The last new comedy show that I found amusing was “Old Harry’s Game”, which was probably 20 years ago.

    Aside from that, I’d like to nominate the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for a cunting, on the grounds that it’s the World’s biggest annual cunterama.

    Now, I’d quite fancy a holiday in Edinburgh during the short “non-rainy” season, comprising about five days in August, but who’d dare venture up there then? The streets and pubs will be filled with Brigstocke, Hardy and Jupitus, Footlights cunts, wannabe footlights cunts and legions of wanky little Corbynistas come to see their hilariously “edgy” shows. And it goes without saying that the shows will be a load of wank, comprising nothing but entirely predictable (not that that would trouble the cunt audiences) jokes about Trump and Brexit. And the cunts will lap it up. thinking they are so clever to be there, worshipping their comedy heroes.

    I’m not generally sympathetic by nature, but I do pity the Sweaties who have to put up with this plague of cunts every summer.

  17. I listen to radio 4 at weekends to and from work. It is a national institution. However a little left for my liking……..

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