Gary Lineker [7]

Gary Lineker gets paid around £1.8 million a year by the BBC, that’s a disgrace!
How is he expected to survive on that? He has to take on extra jobs to make ends meet, advertising Walker’s crisps for god’s sake. it’s about time the BBC got their act together and started paying their star presenters what they’re worth, before they’re lured by rival broadcasters.

Nominated by Allan

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  1. I hope the big eared cunt is giving at least half his salary to his beloved rapugees.

  2. I resent my good name being tarnished by association with the cunt Lineker. I will be immediately instructing my lawyers to issue a claim for defamation.

    • Aye, so you should. By far the most offensive thing on those Walker’s Wave ads was the presence of Gary Lineker.

  3. On a separate note, I didn’t think BBC presenters were permitted to do commercials. Isn’t that the reason why Michel Roux Jr was forced out of ‘Masterchef’ and Lucy Alexander was obliged to leave ‘Homes Under The Hammer’? Why is Lineker a special (needs) case?

  4. I laughed uncontrollably at Cunteker getting fucked over in those Walker’s Wave adverts. One of those laughing fits where you genuinely think you are going to die as you cannot breathe. Fred West…. LOL! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving cunt.

    Yesterday typified the man. You can see how irretrievably far his head is up his own arse – it would take firefighters 4 days to untangle him. Clear contempt and lack of fucking humility in his Twatter responses regarding his exorbitant salary, on a day when tens of thousands learned their working age will be dragged out even longer before entitlement to a pension. At least the other freeloaders kept their fucking mouths shut.

    Fuck off, you jug-eared sanctimonious self-satisfied fotze.

  5. Do you mean this video that Lso includes jimmy savile

    i just pissed myself all over again watching that .

    and forgive me but he don’t deserve nearly 2 million quid to talk about football with his mates that’s bollocks.
    The BBC really are fucking mental cunts paying him and that uber ginger cunt Evans all that money .

  6. He’s just an other member of the surrogate family sad, lonely, dog/pet owners rely on each day to keep them sane.

  7. Sweeny Toddler Sheeran is at it again…
    The swivel eyed beetroot headed one has thrown his toys out of the pram yet again…
    Some folk have took the piss out of Sheeran’s ‘appearance’ on Game Of Thrones… Quite a few have said what a self important ballbag he is, so diddumspoos has deleted his Twatter account… He really is an oversensitive, emotional dwarf, isn’t he?… The piece of excrement that is ‘Galway Girl’ was panned and he spat his dodie out over that too…. So he wants fame and all its perks and trappings, but can’t take even the slightest bit of criticism or humour at his expense?! Fucking frog faced ginger cunt….

    • Imagine if one of us low-life, scumbagging honkies had dared have fucked up something like that. The blubbering cunt. The cunt.

      • She wouldn’t fuck up reading the autocue, she’d try and eat the fucking thing.

        Mistaken for an auto cucumber, although that would mean the blubber filled arse balloon eats salad, which is clearly more bullshit than comes out of her mouth.

      • Peter and Jane are banned books now

        It’s Mohemmed and Ishbell or pixy dust and fuitloop, something like that

      • In the 1960s Daddy watches Mummy wrap the present, by the 1970s he was joining in

        Domestic bliss as Jane quietly reads, but in a later version (right) the children argue

        Peter and Jane originally looked onto fields but later the view changed to reflect more housing

        The children were helped onto the bus in early editions by a bus conductor but catch it themselves a few years later in a new bus with no-one to help them on it

        Fucks sake they have even rewitten the fucking books

      • The children enjoy a train ride but in a later version of the same story a boy with darker skin is added to the picture to reflect a growing awareness of cultural diversity

        We really are fucking doomed

    • … Never watched anything with this Cunt Lammy on before …. Is this Cunt Abbott without the wig, in his patronising mannerisms. He’s so far out of his depth in factual conversation that it makes me shudder he was ever voted as an MP.

    • Lammy is a total cunt, the people who elected him surely voted on ideological grounds and not for the man himself. Another cunt who only got elected on rhetoric and not ability.

    • Abbot and Lammy are the epitome of minorities in a position of authority. Its in their African nature to be thoroughly abusive of the power of representation thats has be LOANED, not given to them, by the electorate.

      You cannot put a minority in a position of power or authority because they, or those around them will seek to subvert justice and protocol to suit the ends of the minority. Thats not racist, thats just reality of human nature. Man has always been factious and there is nowhere in the history of man that this stuff has not ended in deadly conflict.

      • I is a gay who once snogged a blackman so I am not a racialist. Thus I can say that Lardarse and the Flabbapotamus are fucking pig shit ignorant racist cunts with chips on their shoulders (or on there plates by the size of them….)

      • Have you noticed with both Abbott and Lammy that when they have been caught out and are floundering they always start their answer with the name of the interviewer and say it a couple of times.
        They are a thick pair of cunts and it beggars belief how they managed to get elected. Says more about the electorate in Tottenham and Stoke Newington than the two cunts themselves.

  8. His CV

    Missed goals, cheated on wife. Serial Adulterer. Sold crisps. Works at the BBC talking shit

    Jug eared cunt

    • Quim Linekar divorces second wife due to her wanting kids (more dosh should anything go arse about tit) him not (see previous brackety thing). And I bet the jug lugged sjw doesn’t pay as much tax as amazon !

  9. Talking of Ex-Footballer cunts, I heard an injury/no win no fee advert with that traitorous cunt Michael Owen on it.
    The cunt says something like “I’m Michael Owen, and I no what it’s like to be injured”.
    Fuck off you cunt.
    Surely the cunt has enough in the bank to stick to Football pundit jobs only.
    What a cunt.

    • Peter Schmeichel flogging Danepak bacon playing the accordion was an own goal, the Brazil team Nike advert in the airport for 98′ WC was class with a tune to stay in your head all day.

  10. Apparently lead singer of Linkin park Chester Bennington has topped himself .Never heard of him and pretty sure he wasnt in the Dead pool .Heard the name of the band but not him.

    • haha beat me by a few minutes I think He has been nominated in the past but I guess not recently

    • Terrible band.

      Every song was the same. They had suicide boy who would sing the verses with angst and his geeky sidekick would rap, and both would shout the chorus with angst.
      There was the usual American grunge style of playing guitars as of it was an orchestra.
      They’d also throw in an orchestra to give the song more angst.

      In an interview, suicide boy said that he owned every record Madonna had ever made.

      On one hand “haha, yer dead ya cunt”, but on the other, he’s now a “legend”.

      Kids who look weird and wear black nail varnish are their fans.

      That’s all you need to know.

      And i was glad to give this cunt an obituary.

      • “suicide boy said that he owned every record Madonna had ever made”

        Maybe he deserved to die after all, fuck madonna the boring old tart lol but seriously why hang yourself? I’d rather spend my days in isolation with whores, pills and blow until I overdosed To be fair I only heard linkin parks radio (S)hits I doubt their albums are any better Limp Bizkit is still a worse band tho I hope Fred Durst gets impaled on a 10 foot pole nice obituary btw

  11. Chester Bennington from linkin park is dead anybody nominate him for dead pool? If no one knew who he is I don’t blame you the band sucked they were basically Limp Bizkit but acted less black, god I hate Limp Bizkit what a shite band that was

    More proof that money and fame isn’t everything Suicide by hanging is a odd way to go tho considering anykind of drugs was at his disposal

    • Nope no had him in this pool.The name doesnt ring a bell and I have been helping run the deadpool for7 months and google the names I am unaware of.Which isn’t many.It appears he was too insignificant even for a is the is a cunt deadpool.Sad!

      • Come to think of it no one has ever got a deadpool hit with a suicide.Amy Winehouse drunk herself to death and Gaddafi was sodomized then executed but no suicides.

          • The same as the Dead Pool, but pick five mentally unstable slebs or normal slebs who you think may top themselves.
            As suicides are rarer than deaths by other, it will sit longer , but that’s alright.

          • Suicide Squad nominees?

            Lily Mong: to OD amongst the stench of burnt spoons, booze, fag ends, and smelly knickers…

            Madogga: Old Sladge to kill herself by taking up the chuff from a 20 something year old sambo toyboy… I’d say her heart wouldn’t take it, but I’m not sure if she’s got one…

            Steven Moffatt: I believe he thinks he’s way too important and clever to croak… But anyone else who had ruined a television institution, been a man promoting misandry, and churned out such endless loads of steaming pretentious PC crap would do the gentlemanly thing and take the old revolver into the study… Same goes for that twat, Mark Gaytits and all…

  12. Chris Evans earned £2.2M but was that while he was presenting Top Gear?
    He resigned from that job so his pay for 2017/2018 should be much less.

    Also not mentioned in the media are these figures before income tax?
    If so Lineker should be paying £795800 in income tax.
    That will pay for about 30 nurses a year.

    £1.8M a year for Lineker is probably too much. Jimmy Hill used to do it for about £50 a week or something.

  13. Watching sky news this morning and heard some surprising news? Apparently children’s newspaper first news have compiled a list of what children between the ages of 7-14 want from brexit?? ( I’m not joking) and here are their top 5
    1…. security , keeping close and sharing information about terror suspects….
    2… keeping freedom of movement
    3…. ensure EU environment laws are copied into British law
    4… allowing all EU citizens to stay in the uk
    5… education… keeping the EU student exchange programme..

    Amazing stuff from 7-14 year old children, so politically aware, a generation with their tiny fingers on the pulse of EU politics??
    Probably not!!, does anybody believe it?? Just another piece of cynical rubbish from the remain at all cost brigade, think Blair or miller and you wouldn’t be far wrong…… cuntitude hits new heights……

    • Clearly being egged on by their teachers.One and Two aren’t compatible.

    • Daniel Barenboim is a cunt… Anyone hear his silly little rant after an otherwise good performance of Elgar’s 2nd symphony at the Proms the other pm ?

      His views seem to be pretty much standard-issue 7-year-old sandpit-snowflake mentality.
      I might put him in the next Stiff Pool, unless someone else gets there first…

  14. Jug-eared, model-nobbing, OBE-swiping pundit of all cunts Gary Fucking Lineker. Just mentioning that smugly cunt makes my fucking toes curl upwards.

    The BBC can warrant throwing 1.8M per year at some simpleton cunt from Leicester when they pay their own executive board a ‘mere’ 3.7M jointly per annum. I thought that Tim Davies getting close to 665 thousand a year was pretty fucking extravagant until I found out what they were paying Lineker. And then, like some whinging Dickensian little cunt, he has the brass balls to try to warrant the fee … as if that’s ever going to gel with the British public. Yeah, fuck all the pensioners who’ve just taken a life-or-death cut to their future incomes, what about my fucking salary?

    Good-for-nothing crisp-munching CUNT.

  15. Apparently, acc. Bryony Gordon’s Jam-rag (aka The Telegraph), The tragic case of Charlie Gard has become an exercise in competitive emoting”

    Hear, hear !

    I genuinely feel sorry for the parents, but honestly, what is the likely outcome ??
    The child is very likely to die, probably soon, or, maybe I’m terribly wrong…
    He will be kept alive for 50 years until a “cure” is found, and then introduced to his octogenarian parents, if they are still alive.
    If they have died in the interim, he will be totally institutionalised, presumably in USA.
    As for the competitive emoting, I am awaiting a report from that overpaid expert-on-everything, Mr. G. Lineker… Now, what do you chaps and chapesses think potato-head might have to say ??

  16. One method of stress release that I use is to print A3 images of people’s head’s the likes of abbot and linacher any cunt that pisses me of. I attach said images to the face of my portable archery target then shoot the fuck out of them using one of my of short recurve bows. Nailed abbot using my short Turkish bow, first arrow left eye. Felt somewhat elated so used a couple of broadheads; worth the hassle digging them out of the target. Thinking of getting a 3D target to stick the faces on. Much better than meditation though neighbours have stopped talking to me, fuck em life is to short to give a fuck.

    • Top cunting Mike,
      She is an embarrassment, a total cunt looking for some attention in this day and age where you can be offended by anything. What a cunt.

  17. Nomination: Eleanor Smith.

    Labour MP Eleanor Smith deserves this nomination because she wants to scrap the flag of the Black Country because of its “racial connotations.” Smith has looked at a flag with the colours black and white and a stylised chain and jumped straight to the conclusion that the flag is “racist.” Fuck’s sake.

    The flag represents the industrial heritage of the West Midlands. Chainmaking was a major industry; apparently the chain for the Titanic comes from there. There a big fucking differences between a chain for the anchor of a ship and manacles used to lock up slaves, you fucking thick twat.

    A few historical points, if I may:

    1/ Slavery was abolished in the British Empire in 1833. The earliest reference to the term “Black Country” is the 1840s. Got a Tardis have you?

    2/ Slavery has existed in virtually ever human society.

    3/ Berber (modern Algeria) slave traders were notorious for raiding coastal communities all over Europe. They even raided as far north as Reykjavik.

    4/ The Eastern African slave trade lasted centuries longer than the West African slave trade. The reason there is no substantial African population in the Middle East is because Arab slave traders used to castrate their male slaves. Incidentally, if the cunts buying slaves in West Africa were cunts, then so were the cunts selling the slaves.

    Smith is typical of the knee-jerk arseholes who go looking for offence and see racism, sexism and Islamophobia everywhere they look. If you want to find something, you will find it – whether it is there or not. Smith and her fellow identity politics mongs are the real racists and sexists. They don’t look at a person and see a human being, they look at a person and see their colour, race, sex, etc. Cunts.

    This website, I think, follows the philosophy that you are a cunt because of what you DO not because of what you ARE. I have no problem with people of Middle Eastern or South Asian descent but I have a big fucking problem with cocksuckers demanding special privileges because of their fucked up religion. Ditto gaylords – fuck who you want, just don’t expect me to join in. Look at the cunters here – we have mixed race cunts, northern cunts, cunts from all over the world. Fuck, we even have a token poof who once snogged a black man. Equal opportunities – if you are a cunt or behave in a cuntish way then someone will nominate you.

    • Top cunting Mike,
      She is an embarrassment, a total cunt looking for some attention in this day and age where you can be offended by anything. What a cunt.

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