Dead Pool [66]

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Dioclese for correctly predicting that it was only a matter of time before little Charlie Gard’s life-support was switched off.

So the slate is wiped clean and we move on to Deadpool 66.

Here are the rules (pay special attention to the first one):

1. Nominate who you think is the next cunt on the way out. You can have up to five choices. List your nominations in the comments of this post. It’s the current Dead Pool. Comments not in this post (e.g. in the previous one or other posts) will be ignored!

2. You win if your Cunt dies first.
Then the slate is wiped clean and we start again. Of course, you can always be a really annoying cunt and steal someone else’s dead cunt candidate from the previous pool (like Black and White Cunt frequently does).

Any cunt who tries to cheat by nominating the World’s Oldest Man or Woman is a cunt and will be ignored. Any anonymous cunt who can’t be bothered to make up a name for themselves will also be ignored. Oh, and the usual “Our Blog Our Rules” thing applies.

Nominations are now open on this post only. Good luck.

Fred West’s noms:

Clive James
Denis Norden
Leslie Phillips
Liz Dawn
George A. Cooper


113 thoughts on “Dead Pool [66]

  1. Bruce Forsyth
    Robert Mugabe
    Peter Sutcliffe
    Charles Manson
    Kirk Douglas

  2. Leah Bracknell
    Stefan Karl Stefansson
    Eberhard van der Laan
    Gord Downie
    Rayya Elias

    R.I.P Little one.Very sad.At least he is finally at peace 🙁

    • Agreed Shaun. What a fucking circus this has been, dirty washing in public just like those cunts in Portugal the McCunts. Who got rich again? Oh excuse me, not the lawyers!
      I’ll be back

      • I dont get the McCann vibe from his parents.I think they genuinely wanted what they thought was best for Charlie.Their judgement though was blinded by an inability to let go.You can understand how such stress and heartbreak could cloud their judgement.Heart goes out to them.

        • Very much agreed, and RIP the wee one.
          I DO however wonder what MIGHT happen to the parents’ relationship – they really need to move on, and I fear very much that this is going to run and run, a la Maddie.
          As for the people that bad-mouthed Gt. Ormond St., that place must have helped hundreds of thousands of kids (and, by extension, their parents) over the decades. At very worst, there may have been a lack of tact, but to accuse them of Nazi-like tactics…(sadly, as often commented, today’s default criticism of anything someone doesn’t agree with) – is completely unacceptable.
          I should like to point out that I am in no way whatsoever related to Dr. Thomas Utterfraud, medical columnist to the Private Eye, or any other medics.
          Any cunt who suggests otherwise will be hearing from my solicitor, Mr. Peter Carter-Fuck.

          • I hope they manage to move forward and be there for each other.The mother looks very gaunt indeed so clearly needs some long term help.Whether or not they will have another child is doubtful since the condition was genetic.I hope they adopt or foster in the future.Clearly two people that have a lot to offer in the future.Just hope the grief doesnt tear them apart as sadly happens a lot with child bereavement.

          • My daughter had a second child after our grandson was diagnosed with CHI. Regressive genetic, 1 in 4 chance of a repeat. She got away with it but whether her daughter carries the gene (50% chance) or is clear of it (25%) is currently unknown. She was either very brave or very stupid. A friend she made in GOSH has three kids and they’ve all got it.

          • As a matter of fact, this site has in the past received communication from the aforementioned Carter-Fuck.

            It’s a badge of honour..!

        • Nice sentiments there Shaun, it however does not sit well with me guessing the next dead cunt was a nomination of a very sick child.


          • Deadpooling however is not a wish list.At least for many people.Dio was not willing poor Charlie to die but simply made the prediction that he was not going to get better.I personally dont pick kids in the Dead Pool though.I wouldnt be opposed to adding a rule in future that puts a lower age limit on picks but only if a lot of players wish me to do so.

          • The issue of children has never come up before is they are virtually never picked and if they are it is normally because their parents are insufferable cunts.Out of the 65 dead pool winning names most are over 50.The only teo exceptions I can think of are Amy Winehouse and Pavel Srnchiek.I dont think I have ever picked anyone under 40.

          • @Shaun. A “Dead Pool” is never going to be exactly tasteful. It’s a slippery slope restricting noms just because someone finds it offensive. Who’s going to be the arbiter of what’s a “nice” or “nasty” nomination?

          • If the worlds oldest cunt can’t be picked I’m not sure a baby on a court pending life support decision should be either. But that’s just my 3 cents and I hope it’s not going to be something to bet again on any time soon. It’s a baby boy destined to die but again that’s me.

          • Again me Fred. and Mike are the guardians of the site no more no less and I would not push for a minimum age limit on picks unless the majority of players state I should do so.That however is not the case.Dioclese broke no rules in nominating Charlie and lets face it he was a good pick from an objective standpoint.As Dio has stated he had a grandson inGOSH so knows exactly how awful having a sick child in the family is.So the matter as far as I am concerned is closed.Just wanted to test the water and see if it was a case of admin and Dio not reflecting the opinions of many players.Seems far less clear cut than that.I personally dont think it is this grave sin.This kid was splashed all over the media and everyone knew what was wrong so Dio nominating him was not an infringement of privacy.Furthermore he was never going to inprove from a state of complete physical and mental infirmity so he had no quality of life or even hope.The notion of a DeadPool will in itself be insensitive to many people but this site is libertarian to the core.We do not seek to impose morality on people and long may that continue.

    • Love is a strange thing, it blurs the ability to differentiate between living and existing.

      There was no way Charlie was going to “live” but merely “exist”, an existence purely of comfort to his parents.

      Sometimes one of the greatest acts of love between people (whether parent/child – at either end of the life cycle – or husband/wife) is knowing when it’s time to let go.

      Heartbreaking though it may be for his parents (and it’s to be sure that my greatest fear is that I don’t die before my kids), had they had their way and procrastinated Charlie’s existence, it would have been for selfish reasons alone and not in the best interests of Charlie himself.

      Hard as it may be, desperately so, sometimes the right thing to do is let go.

      • Quite right – taste has gone out of the window, but we’re not PC here. Sadly, CG WAS going to depart this life fairly rapidly, and I think the American medical-researcher’s science was seriously questioned at some point. I guess a 10% possibility MIGHT be worth a try, but suggests a 90% possibility of failiure…
        Back to lack of taste…someone under 40, who loves playing the victim…Emma Watson, in an ISIS decapitation video, or has someone already suggested that ? If not, I’ll put that forward to the relevant video production company. Aren’t I a howwiboo, hateful cunt ?

        • Seconded!

          ISAC is the last bastion of common sense and anti-PC. Oftentimes common sense and anti-PC are one in the same thing.

  3. Yoko Ono
    Olivia de Haviland
    Danglebert Pimpledick
    Clive James
    Roy Hudd

  4. Little Richard
    Brigitte Bardot
    Sir Bernard Ingham
    Martin Peters
    Stan Bowles

  5. Bill Clinton will die of aids after eating far too much young chiken Pizza.

  6. Bill Treacher
    Julie Goodyear
    Jerry Lee Lewis
    King Juan Carlos I of Spain
    Petula Clark

  7. No doubt the attention seeking and virtue signaling cunts on Twatter and Facefook will begin the griefjacking tsunami over this poor mite…. I dare say some will be genuine, but most will be vomit inducing and only done to score points and keep up with the rest of the social media scum…

    Tommy Docherty
    Frank O’ Farrell
    Gene Hackman
    Hugh Hefner
    Jimmy Carter

    • Agreed, Norman – perhaps the virtue-signalling griefjackers could save money by simply recycling their ‘Je Suis Charlie’ wristbands and t-shirts from the Charlie Hebdo attack…?

      • Spot on, Fred. Recycling (or perhaps even “wecycling”) is so on-message, like, you know??

  8. Jill Gascoine
    Baroness Trumpington
    John McVie
    Tyson Fury
    Joel Garner

    Good Shot Dio…Little fish are sweet.

  9. Peter Stringfellow
    Prince Phil the Greek
    Paul Gascoigne
    Sidney Poitier
    Jake laMotta

  10. Burt Reynolds …

    Like I say, I’m not big on the ‘Deadpool’ … so this is pretty much a drive past opportunistic prediction. I mentioned in the last dead pool (yesterday) , I was educating my nephew on ‘The Cannonball Run’ … and thought to myself old Burt must be riding his luck more than ever these days…..

    • Whoever stole Paul Gascoigne is a cunt. Stealing nominations? I know naffink abaaaaaht it.

  11. I’d like to nominate “Useful Ginger Idiots and their unseen social engineering head patters” for a cunting.

    While watching Country File last Sunday I was despairingly not surprised to see that the only native English looking male presenter (as I expected) Just had to be a ginger victim of school bullying. These hidden self important cunts in control of our entertainment and possibly indirectly our wold simply could not bring themselves to put a typical British male in a position of influence in front of their heavily lobotomised, passive, teat sucking audience, so instead they went off a found some useful ginger, freckled, victim of an idiot to stand in his rightful place.

    I have noticed this prevalence of these ginger stooge, substitutes over and over down through the years where ever left wing, feminist, victimhood proper gander is regularly aired, from TV adds, bill boards advertising beds, to even train timetable covers etc. Everywhere you look the avoidance of real white male roll models is plainly evident.

    I was at Asda (in England) yesterday and saw a poster with about eight children’s faces grinning, looking out at me, most of them were obviously of foreign origin and the two white boy’s, one was hard to distinguish whether it was a boy or a girl (possibly non binary) and the other was a freckled ginger with short back n sides and sticky out ears (no blond English white boys).

    Possibly the biggest cunts however could be those who literally have not noticed this subtle long term erosion and in so doing actively endorse it and wish to vigerously inforce it.

    • … I saw the same poster a month or so back, and thought … ‘really’ .. surely some cunt at ASDA HR / recruitment / management etc. need to stand up and say … ‘Wait a fucking minute !!!!’ …
      I heard one bloke from Spain on LBC say that jobs advertised in shop windows in Spain ( certainly the area where he was from) weren’t shy in saying … SPANISH ONLY NEED APPLY (in Spanish, obviously) … so, I’d say in the interest of Britain first … show some Brit’s only on the poster …. I’m not racist .. only patriotic.

      • Have I done it right???
        I understand that in order to nominate some cunt you had to post it in the latest thread.??

  12. Princess Anne
    Nobby Stiles
    Charlie Watts
    Emperor of Japan – Akihito
    Barbara Bush

  13. Rageh Omaar
    Benjamin Netanyahu
    Maggie Philbin
    Jean-Paul Gaultier
    Sylvester Stallone

  14. Jerry Maran
    Terry Jones
    Marty Wilde
    John Leyton (The bloke who was in the great escape)
    Patricia Routledge.

    • Seeing as how I’m going to get slagged off anyway for bad taste (on a site called “…is a cunt” FFS!) please replace Pierre Cardin with Susanne Cameron-Blackie aka Anna Raccoon.

      She’ll probably get a laugh out of that knowing her…

      • Oh and I meant to add that I also nominated Charlie Gard in the previous Pool which I didn’t win because George Romero died in the interim.

        Its a guessing game. As regards CG, if I stood chatting in the pub and referred to him as the ‘poor little cunt at GOSH’ everyone would know who I was talking about and nobody would bat an eyelid…

      • I bet Anna would approve.From what I have heard she has a thick skin and an appreciation for morbid humour.

        • If I ever get terminally ill I will alert the is a cunt site and if I am not in the Dead Pool I would take it as nothing else but an insult.

        • This is true. I designed a blog header for her once and we’ve corresponded many times over the years. And she’s a gutsy old bird too…

  15. Charles Windsor
    Camilla Parkyer-Bowels
    Andrew “Who are you diddling” Windsor-Porchester
    Guy Verminhofstadt
    The Flabbot. I wonder if it is visible from outer space…no wonder ET’s kept well away, apart from occasional appearances in Corrie…

  16. On a different topic.

    If the Fourth Reich requires a remix of their sig theme, then look no further than “The Imperial Nazi March feat Ode to Joy Kubrick Version” on youtube.

    I’m fuckin sure I spotted Verminhofstadt in the crowd…

  17. Virginia McKenna
    David Attenborough
    Tony Booth
    Buzz Aldrin
    Chuck Yeager

  18. Prince Phillip
    George bush senior
    Doris day
    Stirling moss

    Can’t stay off to Charlies Vigil on twitter.

    What will his parents spend the millions on from the donations?

  19. Well played, Dio.

    Jimmy Armfield
    Peter Allis
    Patricia Routledge
    Betty white

  20. Kenny Lynch
    Iris Apfel
    Alan Alda
    Norman Tebbit
    Pam “fucking” Ayres

  21. Nicely plated Duo mate .

    My noms are ;

    Clint Eastwood
    Vincent K McMahon
    Angela Lansbury
    Gary Glitter

  22. The Dalai Lama
    Rupert Murdoch
    Alex Ferguson
    Maggie Smith
    The wretched EU

    Well Done, Dioclese, a pragmatic choice.

  23. I’d like to nominate “Selective Ignorance” by the meejah – just on the off-chance thar it *might* offend any “peaceful” cunt – for a much overdue cunting.

    Not a story of any note just a banner scrolling along bottom of Sky News stating: “West Midlands Police say two men have been arrested on suspicion of two separate rapes of a 14yr old girl in Whitton Birmingham.”

    The story is described here in the Evening Standard:

    Where they have the temerity two name the men (the first who raped her and the second who raped her after she flagged down his car for help following the first rape incident) as “Asian”.

    I just have a sneaky feeling that these “Asians” won’t be Chinese, Japanese, Thai or Korean. I’m also assuming that they won’t be Hindus, Sikhs or Bhudists, but hey, I could be wrong…

    Obviously it is just “suspicion” at the moment but had the suspects been the hated middle-aged white man, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be hearing of anything else across all of the main news channels! Cunts!

    • Good cuntin there, sir.

      What these fucking journos don’t realise is that not memtioning the obvious MAKES it all the more obvious. I sometimes wonder if it is deliberate.

    • … Think of many of the horrendous child abductions during the ’70’s , ’80’s and ’90’s …… Roy Whiting, Robert Black etc. …. the press couldn’t get these Cunts in the headlines enough … and quite rightly. Now … equally as abhorrent, a crime on any children, by ‘non white males’ hardly gets a mention unless the media / press are pushed.
      They should be fucking ashamed,

  24. Hearing some criticism of Charlie Gard being a pick and subsequent hit in the Deadpool.Thoughts?

    • I’m not sure if nominating someone that is diagnosed terminally ill is entirely in the spirit of the competition.

      Or maybe I’m just just pissed off coz i didn’t think of it.

      • Too difficult to regulate.Quite a few picks on here have been terminally ill for several years.

        • Yea and I guess that as the deadpool resets every few weeks, you could have a nomination that you’ve had for ages and then gets diagnosed terminally ill. You’d have to renominated them and so wouldn’t really be right to ban it.

          • Charlie Gard has NEVER been a fully living being in order for him to die.
            I wouldn’t mind his money though.

    • As soon as ISAC polices opinion (on any given subject) then that becomes a slippery slope towards neo-liberalism (or “Old Fascists” as I call them).

      There are rules with regards to libel, etc., as well as any posts which could contravene UK Law (such as direct or incitement to cause harm to another individual, etc.).

      These are clear and the mods do their best to ensure that the site remains legal.

      The Deadpool selection by Dio could be deemed to be in poor taste (not by myself however) but there is no infringement of legality and therefore is fairplay.

      Someone a while back nominated Her Maj in the Deadpool. There were a few rumblings about that as well. But…

      As soon as we start to make excuses along the lines of: “Yeah but he/she was only…” then the notion of democracy, that everyone on ISAC craves, is eroded, and, it wouldn’t be too long before the only cunts fit for nomination would be the likes of Hindley & Brady (if they weren’t gonners already), Sutcliffe, Huntley, Thompson and Venables. It would be dull as dishwater.

      My own picks are based on the likeliness of death with one exception of Pam “fucking” Ayres who pissed me off last year with her anti-Brexit utterances as part of her post Olympics success diatribe.

      Now, because I don’t think she’ll pop her clogs soon, does that make me a cunt for picking her? Furthermore, should I even be *allowed* to pick her, if that is the case?

      Of course I should for fuck’s sake! It’s called a democracy. I can pick who the fuck I like and if fellow cunters don’t like it then please feel free to nominate me in your Deadpool lists! It’ll be water off a duck’s back as far as I’m concerned.

      As the old (slightly modified) adage goes: I may not agree with your nominations but I defend your right to make them!

      • Its all very well muttering about regulating and defending rights to uphold the values of ISAC.

        Its the owner of the site that the buck stops with….not cockinhand or whoever the admin of the day is.

        Perhaps you should start thinking about real people answering for what happens on here.

        Nomintaing Charlie Gard as the next cunt to die would sicken 99.9% of the population.

        • But then again if it wasn’t a little kid then 100% of the population wouldn’t give a fuck.

          The dead pool is a guessing game not a judgement game. Do I care that CG is dead? Let’s be brutally honest – its not someone I know and its not a relative, so no not really. Kids die every day in tragic circumstances. Does anyone really really honestly care? I’ll be honest. I don’t. I feel for the parents but at the end of the day shit happens. Life is brutal and life is shit, but you just have to get on with it…

          • I think ‘dave’ is someone else. And definitely not ex forces, they understand gallows humour better than most. A Norfolk chap perhaps?

          • The ‘ex para’ is a giveawaa to some of us and now I’ve mentioned it, some others may know who it is.
            I forget their ‘handles’ but am aware of their existence.

            Hello ex paras.. :).

          • GJ, the email address is invalid and the IP is a proxy in Switzerland so who knows? Worth keeping an eye on. Rickie does start nice to lull you into dropping your guard before he kicks off with his shit..

          • A friend of mine lost a young daughter to cancer and is now dying of the same disease herself and she has one one of the sickest most twisted senses of humour I have ever come accross.

          • Cancer is a shitty nasty disease but in our house it’s not a taboo subject or anything we’re uncomfortable talking about. My daughter is a superintendent therapeutic radiographer…

  25. If it hasn’t already been noted elsewhere, Hamburg kebab-knife merchant was indeed a peaceful goat-fucker…
    But we all knew that anyway.

  26. Diane Flabbapotamus

    Does this race baiting beached whale not know when to SHUT THE FUCK UP. “I stand with the family of the latest twat who swalloed drugs and died” (young/black/aspiring rapper/talented footballer/mentor to the young/peacemaker/sang in the church choir,etc) The fat racist bitch! I thought that the only thong she stood by was the countet at KFC.

    As for the Cambridge uni cunt who supports rioting. You are a pig shit racist gob shite cunt. Go fuck yourself you ignorant race baitong twat. Diversity lead? FUCK OFF YOU CULTURAL MARXIST AGITATOR. Clearly a black sipremacist. Don’t loke white people? Fuck off to somewhere else you racist

    • K …. I appreciate there’s a type error in there … however a paragraph with the words … thong and Diane Abbott …. has kind of ruined my day.

  27. Some thought-provoking comments over the last few days re Charlie.

    I’m pretty sure there’s not one contributor to this site that would genuinely wish any kind of harm to befall an innocent child. What happened to Charlie is indeed tragic and people will undoubtedly develop strong feelings about the way that tragedy is described and how it’s referred to. Whilst the very nature of this site is to ‘cunt’ people indiscriminately, it’s worth pointing out, I think, that nobody chose to ‘cunt’ little Charlie … it simply happened that he was nominated in a game that deals with the likelihood of someone dying … there was no element of ‘hoping’ that he passed away … that was never even remotely implied.

    Whilst the entire premise of ‘is a cunt’ is to vent and, at times quite irrationally, point the finger of derision, I think it’s clear to anyone who has even a passing acquaintance with the site that nobody ever once expressed a desire for the tragic eventuality that befell poor Charlie Gard.

    Some might say that it was in poor taste to nominate him initially but it’s arguable that the entire premise of ‘is a cunt’ is in poor taste. The thing about ‘taste’ is that it’s subjective. There’s also a sometimes veiled line between what is said in jest and what is said with genuine heartfelt compassion. At times those lines cross. Within my own posts there is often an element of each … I’ll say what I think about a given nominee and whilst a percentage of it is genuine and deep-rooted, sometimes irrational, personal bias, another percentage of it is embellishment … sheer fantasy, if you will; what terrible make-believe fate I might wish upon a given nominee. In reality, of course, I would not genuinely wish for such an outcome. Even if they are a proper cunt.

    People have made their feelings known and it’s good that they have; it’s illustrated that the contributors to this site aren’t just mindless vitriol-spouting aggressors … they’re human beings with feelings and thoughts and likes and dislikes, and that whilst their ethical codes might not shine out brightly at times, they are indeed still there beneath the surface.

    Nobody ever wished anything but the best for Charlie and if it ever appeared otherwise then it was undoubtedly inferred by context rather than implicitly stated.

    If the mods feel the need to make a few changes in light of the strength of opinion put forward then so be it. I’m sure the site will remain just as enjoyable as it has always been, regardless. If, on the other hand, everyone puts their differences aside and just moves on from it then there’s no reason the incident can’t help to inform future policy in some small way … that’s what life is composed of, after all … action and reaction, learning and adapting.

    Let’s not attack one another, and let’s put it all behind us if we can.

    R.I.P. Charlie and good luck to his parents. Here’s hoping they see some light in their lives again one day soon.

    Oh, and I’d like to cunt fake email addresses and Swiss proxies lol

  28. I’ve been biding my time, but I reckon the Cunt of Cunty Ash, Ken Dodd. He’s a cunt AND a Scouser, which makes him a double cunt. Cunt.

  29. Rod Laver
    Kathleen Turner
    Gene Simmons
    Daniella Westbrook
    Ingvar Kamprad (founder of IKEA, and cunt)

    • Double buggering bastard fuck. Usual connection problems and have had to scroll doine past all me old picks from pools past snaffled by other arse’ol cunts. Not in a good mood. Here we go again if the bugger posts:

      Ken Dodd
      Rhonda Fleming
      Albert Finney
      Stirling Moss
      Murray Walker

        • Bastard. Doddy is one orf me regulars. Carry On with Jim Dale then.

          Also have you spotted me Hislop cunting?

      • My mother went to arrange Dad’s funeral… The box-wallahs were wringing their hands, gushing the professional goo,
        asked what kind of receptacle was required.

        Mother replied “The oven-ready type”

        Evil old bitch

        The Barry Humphries / Dame Edna song “The night we burnt my mother’s things” really helped me when her turn came…

    • I used to love Shelley when it was on. A role model for aspiring sarcastic cunts.

      • Shelley was ace…. Proper late night telly…. Shelley was the thinking man’s cunt….

  30. George Soros
    Rick Wakeman
    Roman Polanski
    Pope Francis

    Surprised no one took my noms can’t tell if people did it in honor of my absence or what but thanks just the same back for good now mishap with my internet provider if your wondering

  31. Dobri Dobrev
    William Coors
    Mary Wilson
    Charlie Munger
    Sultan Kosen

    For clarity, that’s Mary Wilson Harolds widow.

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