Dara O’Briain (3)

May I nominate a cunt, friends?

My sister recently emailed me to say how excited she was at having bumped into (ambushed in the street like teen-ager!) Dara O’Briain. Oh yes, I replied. He’s a cunt isn’t he?

Yes he is, and here’s why. Some time ago Rory Bremner explained why he doesn’t do Islam jokes: Afraid to, as indeed I would be. I forgave the lily livered fucker, as he was actually highlighting the situation, and making a point without putting his bottom on the line.

Dara O’Briain however is a slimy, dishonest cunt. Listen to the lying bastard:
“You do get people giving out and going ‘Well, you know, you will joke about the Christians but you won’t joke about the Muslims, huh, why is that?’ To which my slightly angry response is: my job is not to write YOU jokes about Muslims. I’ll write about stuff I know and I KNOW about growing up Catholic, but the Muslim stuff, you know…? It’s not any comedian’s job to supply angry people with anti-Muslim material, and it’s a question you hear a lot, as if somehow that balance should exist.”

So why isn’t O’Briain angry? Maybe if he had to pick bits of his daughter’s brain out of his hair he might manage a “slightly angry response” to that. It wasn’t his daughter though was it?

So, Dara isn’t angry, he can just hide behind his cowardly immoral politics, and expect us to believe he’s human. He’s a fucking worm.

Nominated by The Arsebishop of Cunterbury.

93 thoughts on “Dara O’Briain (3)

  1. A left wing comedian? Don’t see many of them nowadays do you. Almost as rare as angry muslims.

  2. I’m not religious but every religion bar Islam is fair game to ‘comedians’ especially on BBC and C4. They know the twitterati shit storm that will inevitably happen along with a chorus of ‘islamaphobe’ and ‘racist’ slurs from left wingers, cunts like O’ Briain stick to the same shit, the Tories, white straight men, Brexit, Farage and UKIP, throw the fenian ape a fucking banana.

    And to be fair, muslim’s and their peaceful religion is a treasure trove of hypocrisy and fairy tales, its comedy gold.

  3. Fenian. I had to look that one up:

    “a member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, a 19th-century revolutionary nationalist organization among the Irish in the US and Ireland. The Fenians staged an unsuccessful revolt in Ireland in 1867 and were responsible for isolated revolutionary acts against the British until the early 20th century, when they were gradually eclipsed by the IRA.

    The longest definition for “a cunt” I’ve ever seen,

  4. Like a recent study showed that 86% of tv,film,music ,politics etc “stars” , are all coming from private or high end schools. Is it no wonder that cunts like Dara exist.

    Working class ppl like most of us here have had to deal working an living on the same streets as the fucking peaceful mongs,and there even more mongaled kids.

    Seeing as the working class are now almost extinct in all aspects of influence and entertainment, shouldn’t there be some program or ad campaign to help that poor minority?

    Of course not because they like Dara are the intellectuals and know everything unlike us common plebs and cant have their little club ruined by us.

  5. While we are on the subject of left wing wankers, anyone else watched the awful Richard Herring interviews on Youtube? Where he invites a load of clapped out, marginal comedy talent to proselytize their lefty blather and just all round agree with each other. All for the benefit of a pissed-up crowd of punters that fell in from the street.

    The only thing worse than Herring is his ex-comedy partner and sweaty, unfunny bastard Stewart Lee.

    Oh and of course Frankie Boyle, the lefts answer to Bernard Manning.

    • Frankie Boyle is a vulgar shitfest Problem with stewart lee he is not a proper comedian he is a story teller and political shit talker

      • Ginger bearded specky cunt Boyle who styles himself as an ‘alternative comedian’ has suddenly morphed into a political authority. Problem is, your a cunt, your guests are cunts and the audience are cunts, blind to the fact of any prospective.

        In a recent show he joked about Jesus being a poof despite the fact that he is also a prophet revered in Islam. Ok to joke about it in a nice cosy BBC studio surrounded by limp dicked Islington wankers rather than a stand up show in Leicester or Bradford.

        • LOL, imagine Wankie Boyle doing that kind of schtick during a show in Bradford. They’d tear him to fucking shreds quicker than the resident halal butchers.

  6. Dara O’Briain. This fucking specimen is definitely amongst the first pressing of cunt olives. Let’s review:

    Left-wing BBC ‘comedian’ – check
    Another unfunny Irish cunt – check
    Cringeworthy lad banter schtick – check
    Punchable, gormless face – check
    Stupid fucking surname variant – check
    Credentials to ride the BBC gravy train – cheque and mate, cunt

    Holy fucking Jesus. I really thought that Irish ‘comedians’-cum-presenters did not get any worse than Patrick Kielty – and his cuntitude was/is so era-defining that it was foretold in Corinthians and predicted by Nostradamus. Yet Kielty’s cunt credentials are dwarfed by O’Briain’s, and then some.

    How in the name of spoonbending motherfucker Uri Geller does such an insipid, talentless unfunny clone manage to get such a foothold into the BBC? I shouldn’t really be surprised, I mean after all, the Al-BBC employ a plethora of useless cunts for their ‘comedy’ – Sarah Milican, Jo Brand, Mel Giedroyc, Frankie fucking Boyle… holy dogshit, it would be easier to list the comedycunts NOT on the ABBC’s books.

    Dara O’Cuntfuck is one of those people where it should be compulsory to take a cricket bat to their face for at least 20 minutes.

    • Nice cunting TECB but how did you miss sue Perkins??? The Cunts about as funny as gout!!.😂

  7. Erm… why are my comments ‘awaiting moderation’, despite many posts on IAC?

    • Your not the first to have this happen M8 its random I think… I dunno I’ve had extremely nasty posts gone through in the past without a problem so its not sensored probably spam+word filter. I’ve had alot of moderated posts in the last week too Its mostly RDickies Fault and wrongthink walking on eggshells lately

      • Thanks. My post was a hard cunting on O’Briain but nothing special…

        • Yup, they did me too. Gave me a different avatar thingy like I was some newbie cunt again and moderated my comment.

          I am a bit of a cunt though. Maybe I deserved it.

          • Ah, No, now that’s me being a thick cunt again.

            The reason they moderated me and gave me a different avatar thingy was because I’m such a cunt I used a slightly different non-existent email address by accident.

            Call off the search. I’m a prize cunt.

    • It does that sometimes.Been an admin for 6 months and still dont have a fucking clue.

    • We had a recent problem with WP -Spamshield after a rewrite and it was disabled for a while. They’ve rewritten it again and bit seems OK now but its a plugin and not under ISAC control.

      Things get spammed if they’re very long or contain lots of links.

      Moderation works on what I call Rickie words, a new IP address e.g you used a hotspot, or a new user name e.g. you typoed when it was punched in or a new email address ditto a typo would do it.

      Apart from that WP seems to just decide to moderate a comment for no reason I’ve ever managed to work out – probably just due to shit programming.

      So now you know – or don’t! It’s not necessarily anything to do with content. On a site like this, you don’t dare turn it off…

  8. Obrain is indeed a cunt. But a special cunt. In a format dominated by unfunny cunts he is the unfunniest of the fucking lot. No wit, no humour. Fuck all.

  9. Funny comedians (IMHO)
    Alexei Sayle
    Rhod Gilbert
    J R Cuntley

    I grew up a comedy geek, staying up past my bed time to watch lesser known comedians on BBC 2 and channel 4, and retelling their jokes at lunchtime the next day at school, but there’s been very little to laugh at in the last twenty odd years, or maybe I’m just an older more miserable cunt.

    I have caught this O’Brien twat on YouTube.
    If he worked in an office he’d be David Brent but less funny.

    • Alexi Sayle is a self hating jew and Pallywood cry baby. Don’t know any of the others though.

      • I’m a new convert to Alexei Sayle after hearing his ‘imaginary sandwich bar’ on radio 4.
        The reason i like him is for his self hating.
        The stories he tells about his communist parents are hilarious.

        You’ve never heard of J R Cuntley????????

        • Alexei Sayle nailed it for me in The Young Ones as Billy and Chertsey/Jerzy Balowski, interchangeably.

          Oh, and in the hideously underrated ‘Didn’t You Kill My Brother?’ too.

          Fucking genius, the scouse cunt.

          Been a fan ever since.

          • I saw that Rhod Golbert once and he was dull as fuck. He went on and on about being Welsh but had evidently forgotten the bit of the script containing humour. He was as funny as an unflushed toilet.

            Download some Anthony Jezelneck (however you spell it). Not the youtube stuff, his PROPER stuff. Funny and a rather dark.

          • I have Rhod Gilberts DVDs and think he’s brilliant.

            If i thought he was shite, I’d still praise him for asking the audience “hands up who’s washing machines a dick’
            And his rant about the ‘tog’ rating in duvets is hilarious.

            The missus sees a lot of similarities between mine and Rhodes overreaction to the slightest thing.
            Maybe that’s why i like him.

            Peter Kay is brilliant too.

        • Alexi Sayle is a vile self hating Jew. As a member of the tribe myself I can not understand his mentality. Over 6,000,000 of my people died in Europe in the 1940’s. Was that not enough for him? What is this latter day left wing obsession with the Palestinians? When Jordan was kicking their arses before 1967 no one gave a fuck. When Israel accessed land in ’67 ot then became the worlds biggest humanitarian crisis. I urge all cunters to google “we con the world” a pastiche of we are the world. The USA for Africa song with Wacko Jacko.

  10. This Facebook has me hooked.
    I was going to use it to follow my interests but it’s just too easy to wind people up.

    They approach Facebook thinking that what’s in their heads is ‘grrreeeaat’ and some cunt (me) who thay don’t know comes along and cunts them.
    I’ve kept the bad language to a minimum but have still managed to upset many.

    Today its been more Rangers fans and believe it or not, Libertines fans.
    I never knew the Libertines had fans who were awake.

    Who knew the tool to fight Facebook users is Facebook. 🙂

    • I saw manning a few years ago on Worthing pier, although always funny it was even funnier in the age of political cuntness!!,
      I laughed so hard my liver popped out of my ear!!
      Fuckin class!!

      • Bernard was magnificent. Used to go to his club a couple times a year from mid 70s to 1990 when I moved away.I have been on the receiving end of his humour on a few occasions. Tough at the time but remembered with pride. He was also a great example of a working class grafter. No playing golf with fucking Brucie and all that shite. Working at the club in the mornings- deliveries, banking etc and working every night at the Embassy and elsewhere.
        Remember when comedians actually told jokes?
        Loved Frank Carson too (blowlamp breath as Tarrant referred to him one Saturday on TISWAS) Also Les Dawson and many others sadly gone now. Just Chubby left.
        Still, we have O’brain, Miranda, that chubby posh cunt with floppy hair (name escapes) and a host of other pointless lefty cunts.

        • My dad was a mate of Manning’s, and my parents used to go to the Embassy every Saturday… I still have my old man’s Manning LPs somewhere…. Bernard used to sing in those days too… That army medical gag of Manning’s is classic…

  11. So comedians only make jokes about things they know? So what does O’Monkeyface know about business ( Apprentice) Astronomy ( Stargazing Live ) Mathematics ( School of Hard Sums ) Science ( Science Club ) and Robotics ( Robot Wars ) ? No more than he knows about Islam i suspect. I know what he is an expert in though…..sucking BBC cock and licking Channel 4 arse. Slimy cunt.

    • He did study maths and theoretical physics at uni, so not blowing smoke right out his fat, BBC puckered arsehole. It’s no excuse for spreading yourself so thin (fat), do comedy or do science. Plus he works with the also cunt Cox. Another who went from a different fame to TV supercuntdom.

      But lastly, fucking hell, that fat, baldy Oirish twat is only two years older than me. I feel bloody great knowing that. I may be a cunt, but he is an old looking megacunt.

  12. A few old Uni friends are shocked to find that upon leaving the head of the Islamic society is saying homophobic things.Why are white Libtards so dumb?

  13. It’s the irritatingly repetitive format that annoys me:

    “Blah blah blah, UMMMM” (Looks round, expecting laughter).

    What do you think of stupid, British people, Dara?”
    “Oim nat sur-ying der all stoopit but, Oi mean, (pauses for maximum jocular effect) …. Oi mean… (shows the palms of his hands to maximise his genuine honesty) …Brexit! UMMMM! (Looks round to embrace an audience who are clever enough to collude with him).

    Dara, you’re a clichéd, odious, unfunny sweating potato-eater. Shut up and fuck off! UMMMM!

    • Mickey fuckwit Flanaghan does that, say something they think is funny then look at the audience. No confidence in your own jokes? Then fuck off, cockney cunt.

      • Micky Flanagan deserves to be repeatedly suplexed until his spinal column snaps like a twig.

  14. Desperate cunting this. He is funny. I’ve seen him live and he is clever too. Live he is easier to understand, on Mock the Week he talks at a hundred mph and much of it is hard to get.
    Most comedians don’t laugh at blacks either, or jews, possibly because it’s no longer funny and all the best jokes about blacks are long gone .What is really funny about muslims that is new? Other than the shite on Sickopedia .
    I agree 200% about Stewart Lee, boring deeply unfunny cunt ,as is Boyle,now starting to come back with a drycleaned act.
    Go and see O Briain, he tore the place up .

    Or cunt something because someone else did and you don’t want to be left out.

    • Notice he’s being pushed to host multiple shows now, as
      Is the BBC’s wont. I hate it when they shoehorn cunts like O’Briain and Miranda Hart into other programmes, because it is ulcer-inducing enough to see them on their regular cunting patch.

      • And my number one all time hideous cunt of the century Smugg Wallace. What a piece of useless shit that pig is. Absolutely of no fucking use whatsoever in the cooking shows ,the BBC give him more exposure. He needs to be rogered senseless by a tribe of silverback gorillas every day for a month.

  15. Just seen what I take to be a new McDonald’s advert on the telly. Every fucking kid in it was a golly. Fair enough being representative,but not every kid is coloured,at least not yet. I don’t go to maccy’s anyhow,but the thought of it being full of racially diverse couples and their spawn is hardly going to encourage me. I have no desire to be mugged by a tribe of cocoa-coloured criminals.
    One of the couples even had a black father paying !!! For a start,no black father hangs around after the kid is born,and even if he had called in (probably in the hope of a bunk-up with the briefly unpregnant, benefit milking,pramface of a mother),he certainly wouldn’t be spending his ganja money on food for his offspring. That’s the taxpayers responsibility.

    McDonald’s ads are always piss-boilers…although I did like that one where the mother kept unfavourably comparing her son to his dead father, the sad look on his face as he realised that his mother thought that he wasn’t half the man that his father had been,did make me smile. Don’t know why they pulled it. I liked it.

  16. Sickest joke I know.
    Don’t cunt me for it…

    What is black, smells and has 13 tits?..

    The bin bag outside the breast cancer ward…

    • Hear about the bloke who was intro fucking corpses?

      Some bastard split on him….

    • Sickest joke i know, and even though i told it the other week , I’ll telling again.

      A beast and two kids are walking in a big dark forest and one of the kids says “its scary here, isn’t it”, and the beast replied “fuck you, I’ve got to walk out of here alone”.

      • When I heard that joke the beast was referred to as Ian Brady and the forest was the Yorkshire moors.

    • I tried desperately hard not to laugh at that? Failed miserably!, and that’s why I’m a 24 cunt!! 😂

  17. The ‘comedy-face’ he’s donning in the picture above is about the only fucking comedy-face he’s able to don, and even that one’s shit. I’d happily kick that smug-cuntishness straight off his face for him. Write a fucking formula for that you slaphead Irish cunt.

  18. Just read that Simona Halep who got beaten in the tennis today has had a breast reduction operation,so I naturally looked up the pre-op photos…What a glorious set of tits,fucking criminal behaviour getting those reduced. She’s also Romanian,so probably prepared to do a turn for the price of a bag of chips. What a waste.

    • Was she the one who was beaten by Britain’s best Hungarian-Australian tennis player?

      • Aye,that’s the one…. We get some boot faced,flat-chested lezza when we could have had the only Romanian that I’d personally give bed and board. Probably still have to watch she didn’t pinch my scrap collection when I finally kicked her out,mind.Those Romanians can’t see a heap of rubbish without sifting it for metals.

        • Oh! Is she a slurper of the velvet motorway? Not entirely rare for a female tennis player. Sometimes I think I’m watching Mixed Singles.

    • Can I have a pair of Andy Murrays sweaty boxers to sniff? I would pay to sponge him down in a post match shower. Rumour has it that he is a VERY big boy in the trouser department…..

    • Back in the day when overseas postings did not mean some cunt of a lawyer demanding you be charged for doing your job and you usually had the gear to do most of the job. The tales of sexual prowess and downright deviancy would ramble on throughout the long nights in the crash bays. As I remember a common theme was the ladyboy and what really surprised me was finding out that the “old hands” had many a tale to tell of drunken trysts with said ladyboys as most of the silly cunts were so pissed they did not notice till climbing aboard and one in the eye for the transgederists who think men should work through their problems with trans women these drunken heros rather enjoyed the experience! For religious reasons I did not partake.

    • Dear oh dear. I is a poof and totally transbored. If someone wants to change sex then that is perfectly acceptable: crack on! Just stop going on about it. My close friends son is now her daughter. No fuss, no bother, simply gets on with it. This ultra left trans fascism is beyond the pale. Abusing someone who changes gender is unacceptable. However it is my choice who I sleep with. If I do not fancy someone how is that a crime?

      Really…..Just FUCK OFF!

  19. Any comedians that joke about brexit and Farage get turned off my tv straight away. Comedy is about as funny as shitting in a bucket nowadays

    • Fucking Farage has fucked off, your hero has gone into hiding because Brexit might not be the fucking sun’s out fucking miracle cure for what’s wrong with us that the smarmy cunt convinced a huge pack of cunts to vote for.
      That cunt is going to make this country look a fucking idiot in front of the whole world. Who cares says the millwall mentality.
      Jesus fucking Christ , the shitstorm is gathering and those who got it rolling are taking cover,leaving the poor gits who voted for it to get a faceful.

      • Yeah trouserbulge the fucking sky is falling in. Nasa faked the moon landings. 9/11 was a hoax. Gibber wibble floalobalobblibblob.

      • Trouserbulge please make yourself a cup of tea and take 5 minutes out, you need to calm down! Nigel is on LBC Mon-Thurs 19:00-20:00.

  20. Talking of irritating, professional “Oirish” comedians who play it safe and act confidently in front of simplistic audiences whilst performing their tired, hackneyed, tepid, leftie shit, has anyone been unfortunate enough to witness Ashlin Bea?

    Woefully annoying drama college failure, she’s now trying her hand at comedy and has been appearing on the latest series of 8 Out of 10 Cats (I know Jimmy Carr is a prick, but he’s a funny prick who’s hilarious live).

    Aisling Bea (it could be Arsehole Beat or Aislough Beeb as she’s Irish and their spelling is shitter than most) seems to think everybody adores her and is always ready to spout her (scripted) opinion like she was the golden-hair child. She jumped out of her seat after Corbyn only lost by 60 seats, she constantly eye rolls abut Trump and is mealy-mouthed about Brexiteers – despite not even being fucking British!?

    Arseling, you’re not a golden-haired child, you’re not special, you’re not a comedian, you’re not even funny; you’re a spoilt, pc cunt vomiting your bilious opinions in your dire, hideous accent. You look like you smell like you pissed yourself and forgot to shower. If you don’t like it here, fuck off back to whichever caravan that shat you out.

    • I didn’t know who you meant until I googled her and then I instantly thought ‘Oh, that cunt.’

      I’d have to agree with all of the above and then throw in some additional pathologically aggressive, unhinged vitriol just for good measure.

      I’d rather hacksaw my own face off than listen to that luke-warm cunt so much as sigh audibly.

      Yet another Irish cunt whose parents insisted on spelling their forename like some Welsh seaside shithole.

      She needs to be belt-sanded until she stops moving anymore.

  21. Some aristo is in court for posting on Facefook about running over the Trollop Up In Banana Tree..

    Which begs the question: will we ever be rid of this utterly corrosive and treasonous Banana Gob?!

    • An aristocrat who wrote an online post offering £5,000 to anyone who ran over businesswoman Gina Miller has been found guilty of two charges of making menacing communications.
      “Rhodri Colwyn Philipps, 50 – the 4th Viscount St Davids – wrote the message four days after Ms Miller won a Brexit legal challenge against the government.
      Chief magistrate Emma Arbuthnot said she had “no doubt it was menacing”.
      Philipps, who called his comments “satire”, faces a custodial sentence”

      If he had said kill Trump he would be a media darling. But that’s ok isn’t it.

        • Indeed, Tommy Robinson gets death threats daily. The old bill is not interested but jump on him for the slightest thing.

  22. The slag is not a traitor because she’s not fucking British. The trollop is a foreign agitator who, in my father’s time would have been taken to the Tower, strapped to a chair and splattered with bullets. Fucking bring those days back i say

  23. comedys shit now
    when i want a laugh i get out eddie murphys delerious and raw movies
    rips every fucker apart the funny cunt shame hes an unfunny cunt now mind

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