Tom Watson

Emergency cunting for lard boy Watson. I know it’s pretty much a given that if you’re going to Glastonbury you have to dress like a cunt, but Watson has really plumbed new depths of sartorial cuntitude as the photo above bears witness. Look at the ludicrous three-quarter length jeans with the exceptionally low-slung crotch (I’m guessing the inside leg measurement can only be around 9 inches), the slip-on casual shoes that look like they’ve been ordered from those little catalogues that fall out of Sunday newspapers, and the flattering powder blue short-sleeved polo shirt: surely only a monumental cunt would be seen in public dressed like this. But for me, it’s the choice of hat that screams “NO ONE IS A BIGGER, FATTER CUNT THAN ME” – didn’t The Beverley Sisters wear caps like this in the 1960s? And as MailOnline might say, “The Deputy Labour Leader flaunts his flab by daring to go bra-less at Glastonbury”…

Nominated by Fred West.

167 thoughts on “Tom Watson

  1. I love the MailOnline..all that “flaunting” and “peachy derriere”. The best was when they had an article about a pervert landlord hiding a spy camera in his female lodger’s bathroom. What a dirty old perve…..The sidebar article was a piece about Cindy Crawford’s 14 year old daughter taking a beach holiday interspersed with photos of said 14 year old in her bikini. Apparently she was flaunting her perfect beach body according to the text.

    • Oh,almost forgot, for a professional golfer, Tom Watson has really let himself go.

      • He’s a golfer?

        I truthfully thought it was the ex manager of East 17 and The Pet Shop Boys.

        He looks like Benny Hill in the pic.

    • You must be forgetting that ultra socialist creepy cunt Macdonnell who wants to bring back Stalinism. Much bigger cunt than any of them .
      If you say that communism is the answer you are either a total swivel eyed monster cunt that has never read any history or, more likely ,just hungry for power and will settle for attracting the yoofcunt groups who know even less than my grannies mingeplug.

  2. Looks like Russell Grant, who the fuck wakes up in the morning and think “I know I will rock the RG look”?


  3. I never have seen a toddler so fuckin tall, must be terrible whens its time to change diapers.

  4. I’m still in shock! I just can not believe that anyone would vote for this cunt or any of the other culturally marxist, racist, can’t count, rapeugee enabling, terrorist sympathising, anti-Semitic, anti-democratic, free speech restricting wankers who laughingly call themselves her majesty’s opposition. But precisely 12,878,460 did so that is an awful lot of cunts.

  5. For those who haven’t seen it yet, you soon will hear of little else on the news. Tommy Robinson chins some cunt who repeatedly abused him and his family and then assaulted Tommy himself while at a family day out at Ascot.

    Can you see Saggy Maggie or Comrade Cunt Corbyn marking someone’s card like that? This is the type of leader this country needs right now.

      • No doubt the cunting left wing press will have a field day lying about this.

        • Yea it’ll be: evil neo-nazi attacks poor innocent peace loving liberal hero.

          I’m surprised elements of the meeja don’t get done for being discriminatory.
          Though I guess it doesn’t count if it’s against anyone towards the right of politics.

    • Just seen it . Was that Piers Morgan on the receiving end ???????????????

  6. Billy Bunter looks exactly what he is, a complete cunt!!
    Lots of middle aged wannabe trendies have taken to wearing these caps, they incorrectly assume it makes them look on point! And infinitely more interesting, ” get ahead get a hat” ? I’m glad Watson dresses like this it gives us something to laugh at!……. CUNT………

  7. Anyone who goes to ‘Glasto’ is a fucking cunt…. Spoonfed student twats and yuppie fuckers… Drinking Pimms, kipping in their all mod cons camper vans and ‘tents’ (a tent, with a TV and Wi-Fi?! Fuck off!), and thinking it’s ‘cool’ to sing along to lowest common denominator crap like Kunty Perry (IS loving slag!) and the rapacious, graverobbing Jacksons (utter shite!)…. Every single person at that total twatfest is a complete cunt of the highest order… God, I fucking loathe hippies…

    • I hate them as well. I got delayed in a 3 hour tailback on the M5 a couple of years ago because a clapped out rusting weedwagon campervan caught fire on the southbound. Probably the catweazle twat’s mate had dropped his joint in the footwell or accidentally shit himself in the back. Motorway at a total standstill. Fucking Worzel Gummidge cunt with his hipster manbun. Completely defeats the whole point of a motorway.

      I got out and pissed on my own bonnet in the middle lane and had a kip on the back seats. I wasn’t even going to Glastonbury either. Glastoncuntobury can kiss my arse. Corporate circlejerk in the dirt with a load of new generation plastic t-shirt “Look at me…I’ve been a cunt” whores and selfiefucks.

      • I personally have seen many an air cooled VW burst into flames. They are famous for it…

        • I gave up with Glastonbury over 20 years ago. I can remember 1995 when Ozric Tentacles and Hawkwind were considered too alternative for the event. Then all the morons with names like Hugo and Piers all turned up at “Glasters !” never been since. These days if you want to be alternative you do not attend.

          • In other words Glastonbury isn’t worth a shit going to know because it’s been hijacked by the chattering middleclass and rich ponces.

  8. ‘Jeremania hits Glastonbury’
    The Guardian.

    This cunt has just lost an election hasn’t he?
    Why the victory parade and worship from fools then?

    • It’s fuckin nuts!

      When I was young I used to go and see bands and went to a few festivals but back then everyone used to laugh at any middle aged cunts that refused to believe that they’re not young anymore.
      Once we get to 30 we need to realise that we’re not cool anymore.

      And old fat politician cunt dressed like a twat and a steptoe lookalike tring to be ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ with the youth. ….could anything be more lame? I actually feel embarrassed for them.

      • I’m 42 and I’m cool as f••k.

        Definitely cooler than chaps and chapesses listening Katy Perry.

        • True. The young are pretty piss poor these days.

          I guess 40 is the new 21.

          Makes me about 17. ..I can live with that.

          • Haha you said ‘period’.

            15 was my favourite age.
            I was a milk boy, so had my own money to burn but i wasn’t an adult, so had no responsibilities.
            I was also, believe it or not, a smart kid, so studying was not needed and was put aside for getting off my tits on Tipex, mushrooms, acid, booze and hash.
            Good times.

          • What, would ‘time of my life’ have been better?

            Like I said, hated that particular time……surrounded by some right cunts and especially that one weapons grade junior Guardianista.

          • The period ‘gag’ was this 42 year olds way of sounding young/immature.
            I grew up in the sticks and in 1990 my world was turned upside down with Madchester music and fashion.
            Before there was nothing, then we were all off our tits and listening to the Charlatans, the Roses, Inspirals Carpets, and some others, and our clothes went from normal to multicolored Aztec hooded tops and massive flared jeans.
            Good times. 🙂

            PS. MASSIVE flares.

  9. There was a glaring omission from the c••nting.
    He has the collar of his polo shirt turned up.

    All that’s missing is the sweatshirt tied around the shoulders ala all the rich cunts around the Med.

    • Yea I noticed that. I would say that it’s to cover up his quadruple chin and flabby neck but by the looks of him, I doubt he gives a fuck.

      • The thing is, he probably looked in the mirror beforehand and thought ‘f••k yeah, go getum killaa’

    • The only person cool enough to wear their collar turned up is Eric Cantona, and I hate Man Utd.

    • Ivy League Cunts used to do that look too….. I actually growl when I see some cunt with his jumper tied around his shoulders!! It’s about as fuckin lame as it gets!!

      • Its a common sight on the middle class thirty something married Spaniard.
        They complete the look with coloured chinos and slick back hair.
        And i mean slick.

    • Birds are arrogant & stubborn cunts chirping like mad cunts at 3:30 AM Til 8:30 AM in the bloody morning. By the time they fuck off I’m overtired and couldn’t sleep If I wanted to. Almost fucking worse then drunken scots liqueured up on buckfast wine, They are Loud Cunts!

      • Birds chirp all day but the singing gets drowned out by other noises like cars and the Flabbot.

        I love the dawn chorus but then the dawn in summer here is just before seven o’clock.

        C’mon the birds.

    • I fuckin hate birds. Every time I wash the van they shit all over it.
      It’s not sods law. They never shit on the van except just after I’ve washed it.

      I know for a fact that they do it on purpose.

      Spiteful cunts.

      • Dawn chorus can be really beautiful at times but sometimes its painfully fucking annoying and I want to shoot them and make little birdy sandwhichs out of them for my dogs. I have a bird whistle but it hardly works

        There are so many of them, They are so spread out and deep in the woods so I hardly ever see them. Even when they do their cunting call at 4 in the morning

        • Just finished watching a documentary on Chairman Mao.
          That c••t got his people to massacre as many sparrows as they could coz he thought it would mean more grain for the peepol.
          The next year there was no sparrows to eat caterpillars and other bugs and their crops were largely damaged by said bugs.

          Another reason for me to despise communists.

          C’mon the birds.

        • Had woodpeckers in the garden in Switzerland. Now them’s feckin irritating little cunts.

          • Woodpeckers are amazing freaks of nature and pretty awesome, and i never use the word ‘awesome’
            But, i e never had to put up with them. 🙂

            TitSlapper had some woodpeckers annoying him recently

    • Good on him. One man who thinks for himself. Certainly not one of the brainwashed millions. Hope he lives to a ripe old age.

  10. Christ, the Noncefinder General looks like he got lost on the way to the Golf Course!

    These politicians all look like right tits trying to look cool and in the know wit’ da yoot!

  11. Ed Ballsack was looking a right scruffy cunt too, the whole thing started to resemble a Hitler Youth Rally when Steptoe was bigged up by Eavis on stage.

    • Yeah, people should take note of that……

      Wonder when the fascist left will pull a Kristallnacht of their own?

  12. 100 thousand muslims gathered in a park in Birmingham today to celebrate the end of some fairy story and the start of another. Must have been like a huge pop concert for them. Luckily no fascist right-wing extremist managed to infiltrate the event and blow himself,and a load of them, up with a nailbomb .


        • Queuing up in Kensington saying that they lived in that tower-block and wanting to know when their compensation will be paid in…or hiring a van.

          • I like queuing, my dad liked queuing, my grandfather liked queuing and so did my great grandfather.

            I guess what I’m saying is that I come from a long line of people who like queuing…..

          • I think the British have a long proud history of queuing, we’ve been queuing for hundreds of years!! , next time your in Tesco have a look at the checkouts, loads of people will actually join a queue rather than go to the empty checkout!! In my local Sainsbury’s they employ some cunt to round up these queue fetishists and direct them to the open and queueless checkouts!!
            Personally I’m not a big fan of queuing JR but will begrudgingly join one if there’s something good at the end of it, like a beer, Burger or ( free) money!! Etc etc 😂

          • There’s a saying that goes something like ‘ a Brit will walk into an empty shop and form an orderly line of one’
            True, that, and quite right coz the next cunt to enter will definitely try and barge ahead.

  13. I decided to do my own “Bridge Over Troubled Water” tribute that was more pursuant to current times.

    Alas I was given the cold shoulder by the liberal elite and was denied access to Glastonbury as it would upset snowflake central’s “safe space”.

    I thought it was quite good actually. What do my fellow cunters think? Accurate or short of the mark?


    You’re not worthy,
    You are small.

    When murder’s in my eyes,
    I’ll kill you all! (Allllll-ahhhhh)

    Whether you’re inside, or,
    You’re on the road.

    And virgins wait for me!

    Like a bridge over London water,
    I will mow you down.

    Like a bridge over London water,
    I will mow you down.

    When you’re not looking,
    I’ll be in the street.

    With bomb vest armed,
    I will come for you! (Oooo-allll-ahhhhh)

    I’ll blow you apart, oh,
    When my time comes.

    And blood is all around!

    Like a tube under London water,
    I will blow you up!

    Like a tube under London water,
    I will blow you up!

  14. “Keeping the terrorist killer confined in HMP Frankland – one of Britain’s most notorious prisons – cost the tax payer an estimated £1500 a week or £78,000 a year”

    Your tax payer money put to good use cunters lets just keep this cunt alive so he can keep on radicalising thousands of prisoners, because after all terrorism has nothing to do with islam… Right Theresa May?

  15. Absolutely right TS, should have put a bullet in that cunts head. May just gets me more and more annoyed but still a better option than Steptoe.

  16. The Labour Party Conference has come to a close at Glastonbury this evening, and the party’s manifesto has been agreed during a drug and alcohol fuelled orgy of self congratulation, the masturbation of ego’s and the elevation of Trotsky to god like status.
    “And how the crowd hooted and clapped their chopped hands” (Wm Shakespeare )

    The rabble were ecstatic, orgasmic in their adulation of the Son Of God. The coming of the Christ in the form of Catweazle, Frankenfurter and a bloated Cunt Watsontheboxtonight. Ye Gods!

    The Labour party picked the right fucked up morons to play to at this fuckfest,that’s for sure. High on gas inhaled from balloons, levelled and psychotrophic on hallucinogenics,they just hadn’t a fucking clue what they were cheering.

    And these fuckers are our future!/ FFS.

    PS. Cunts firing from the hip.. Today, local media in Newcastle were in a fucking frenzy coz of a white terror attack on peacefuls celebrating eid. A vehicle mowed down dozens of peacefuls.

    It turns out a peaceful woman who can’t drive properly drove her car into the crowd and could not brake.
    As she was a peaceful. the story was instantly killed. Cunts

    • The Bishops of Berwick and Newcastle went to the scene to show “love and support to our muslim brothers and sisters.” Fucking idiots still don’t get it. Their crawling and grovelling to those cunts’ll do them no good when the sharia police turn up to deal with the infidels…Neither will their own god. I almost hope I’m around to see the day these apologists have to deal with the consequences of their blindness and weakness. Hope they enjoy a good crowd,because they’re going to be top billing.

    • There are no ‘M’ problems in this cuntry. Move along please…


      There was a young man called Paul.

      Who lived within old Walthamstow.

      He said to Farage,
      They’re ‘avin’ a larf!

      The ‘M’ mob hates us one and all!


      Toleration is not integration. We *have* to tolerate, they *won’t* integrate. So were are we at with this particular impasse?


      I watched a film about the great screenwriter Dalton Trumbo (Brian Cranston playing the lead role).

      Trumbo was a confirmed Communist but actually his views were slightly right of the Corbynistas.

      He wanted a fairer society, he didn’t want to turn America into a Communist dictatorship.

      He was well liked in the film community (with the exception of “The Duke”) but no one dared say a word for fear of being tarred with the same McCarthy brush.

      In the end the film industry basically gave McCarthy two fingers and finally credited Trumbo for all the work he’d done under pseudonym during that period and his first official credit post McCarthy was in 1960 for the script of Sparticus for which he won an Oscar.

      Role fwd 60yrs…

      Do you reckon there are any slebs out there who think the same as us about the ‘M’ problem but say fuck all so that they don’t get pilloried and ostracised as per the McCarthy witch hunts?

      Come on like-minded slebs, surely it’s time to lend you voice to the concerns of ordinary folk to counterbalance the appeasing tones of your “tow the line” colleagues?

      Just saying.

      • Of course there are RWAC but they won’t say anything as it would amount to career suicide, that’s why so many of them openly back all this old liberal tosh!! , the agenda is well and truly set!, don’t expect to see to people with careers that are current rocking the boat..
        I had the misfortune of watching 15 minutes of out of ten cats last night, Carr and co endlessly towing the line and that orish bird who’s name I don’t know ( team captain) was particularly obnoxious!! Kept ranting about the DUP and MAY!! At one point I thought I was watching a party political broadcast for the Labour Party!! .
        Since the disastrous election the left have become much more emboldened and the noise from The BBC,SKY, The INDEPENDENT and GUARDIAN is deafening!!, they are brainwashing the country with a horribly insidious agenda!, worst of all lots of feebly minded people appear to be susceptible..
        The EU has gone from a broken debt ridden , anti democratic and unreformable organisation to a surging powerhouse Overnight!! , apparently we’ve got it all wrong and should meekly step back into line?
        Or risk being left behind??
        Behind this tsunami of propaganda will be messrs Blair , Branson, soros and his faceless Davos pals…

    • Yea I just read about that cunt McDonnell making his speech to the yearly congregation of village idiots that is glastonbury.

      He’s said that the grenfell victims were murdered by tory cuts.
      How fuckin low do you need to get to milk an accident to get political power. Besides, the fire was started by one of the residents NOT the tories.
      Then he asked “is democracy working for you? It didn’t work for the victims of grenfell.”
      What is going on in this country?
      First the fourth reich try to invade and now the communists are trying to take over.
      I see some troubling times ahead.

      • Preaching hate to a bunch of empty headed pillocks covered in face paint and glitter. Another summer of love, 50 years on? Summer of cunt more like.

      • You’re right Sausage.

        Sick and you can’t believe it’s happening can you.

        Even more unbelievable is the fact that drugged up and simple the Glastonbury idiots are, that they are falling for this evil,dangerous incitement by so called politicians hook, line and sinker.
        Even more incredulous is the fact that if there was a General Election again tomorrow, Corbyn and McDonnell would win easily.
        It scares me half to death that there are so many gullable stupid cunts in this country. What the fuck has occurred?

        • McPalpatine is truly and evil opportunistic piece if shit, there is no depths this…….. man (I use that term lightly) will plumb to. He talks of creating unrest and ”mobilisation”……. why the fuck aren’t the police examining this man’s comments and activities? He is openly plotting havoc, someone like MI5 ought to put this evil bastard down pronto!

          • Bloody buggering hell that was supposed to be ”piece OF shit” and ”won’t plumb to”.

            Apologies fellow cunters.

          • Yes it’s unreal that he’s allowed to say these things without facing any legal consequences.

            The country’s gone fucking mad. It’s really sad but if we we don’t get some strong leadership bloody quick ( and I can’t see that happening, can any of you?) we’ve had it. By the end of 2017 Labour will be in power and it’ll all be over.
            I despair, I really do.

          • Labour could have power…… but if Cuntface Corbyn and McPalpatine start their evil BS they won’t last long……I Hope, and I don’t mean there will be another election to remove them….

        • … Social Media, Biased Main Stream Media and, every young Cunt ( and some not so young ) expect everything to be fucking handed to them for fuck all … and the Labour Party would fucking do it !

          • ….and drive the country into oblivion in the process……

            Fucking hell, the country and Gene pool needs an almighty purging of these scum and idiots and cunts!

          • If Labour get in it could be a case of just watching while the country implodes for these brainwashed cunts to realise what they have done.

            It needs to be stopped but at the same time they need a dose of reality of what socialism really looks like, unfortunately every sensible cunt suffers too.

          • I don’t think the UK in its present state could survive a few months of Tweedlecunt and Tweedlecuntier’s brand of Socialism…..

      • “How fuckin low do you need to get to milk an accident”

        How is it “an accident” when flammable cladding is deliberately put up because it’s the cheaper option?
        How is it “an accident” when profits are prioritised over safety? How is it “an accident” when Safety Inspectors say they can no longer do their jobs effectively because local governments no longer have the money to pay them?

        Even by the standards of the usual Tory apologists on here, that’s breathtaking.

        • When it happens in a Conservative borough like Kensington it is an evil Tory plot to kill immigrants and the deserving poor.

          When the very same cladding is in use in leftist trendy Camden the council are being proactive and caring by turfing hundreds of residents out on the street.

        • Negligence and murder are 2 completely separate things.
          The tories didn’t plot to murder those residents, it was a terrible accident.
          As for the cuts, why do we have the cuts?
          …because b.liar and his band of cunts borrowed and borrowed until they practically bankrupted us.

        • It is an accident in that it wasn`t deliberate.It was gross negligence though.Murder however it was not and John McDonnell is an utter imbecile to call something blatantly not murder murder.If he had said manslaughter fair enough as it could well be but murder it isn`t.

          • Hit the nail right on the head there Shaun!!

            McPalpatine could have said manslaughter, that would have been the proper and decent and more accurate way to define it.

            But then McPalpatine is neither proper or decent or capable of being truthful, the cunt.

  17. Well another Ramadan over with, just the 1627 murders committed worldwide in this month of ‘peace’.

    • Where did you get that number from?

      “Once again, it was a Ramadan to Remember!
      As religions go, Islam smoked the competition yet again. Innocent
      people were beheaded for not knowing the Quran… children
      machine-gunned for being Christian… yet not a single attack (that
      we could find) in the name of another religion during the ‘holy’ month.

      Against the 174 attacks, 1595 bodies, and 1960 injured in
      29 countries across the globe, there was just two Muslims killed
      in anti-Muslim attacks – one by an intoxicated loner with mental
      health issues in London, and the other in India (suspected).”

  18. strange how the two blokes who killed Lee Rigby are still in prison, didnt the Spivster have that incident all sorted out with his forensic’ investigation ‘. it was all a false flag no one died etc etc. those two blokes got a bit of a raw deal there lol. oh no i remember now ! they were mind controlled zombies. that was it.. The PTB programmed them to do what they did. you only get that sort of kosher info on Spivey you know.

  19. F1 is normally like watching paint dry but todays race was quite exciting. but why wasn’t VETTEL DQ’d for deliberately driving into Hamilton . very dangerous you twat.

  20. R-Dicky is busy plotting to take this site down He says “My advice is there is no harm in reporting ISAC to WordPress or, the police, the victims, but be patient and keep plugging away. I believe a rich celebrity has the money the power that could take ISAC down in hours.”

    He might be tweeting celebs who knows tho the comments are in the 1200 now soon 1300 FFS hes got a team working with him apparently or him using different personas who knows

  21. I am too new on here to know much about Doublerectum, but from what I can garner here and with the view of my good lady wife, who is a NHS Doctor, it is certainly a safe bet to state that he is completely knucking futs.

    Hatstand, wobble, dribble, fribble, tribble, gwuur, fishstick.

    Had Thatcher not closed down the ‘special’ hospitals, I think he would have been resident in one, spending most of his day in a cushioned cell. Isn’t it frightening to think that they walk among us in such great numbers?

    • Stay ignorant man
      For your and your wife’s health, stay ignorant.

      Or, go on ranting penguin and try and make sense of one guy with 58 personalities conversing with himself.
      There is some good stuff from good guys to break up the nonsense though.

      • rd2 talks to himself, shouts at himself, abuses himself…( ! ), argues with himself, and loses those arguments.

        • Are you reading this, my east Anglian neighbour ?

          Funny as f••k and so true, HBelindaHubbard. 🙂

    • Thatcher let the dribbleys out onto the streets to make her cabinet look more sane…

      Anybody remember The Mad Monk / Sir Sheath Joseph ??!

  22. Had me first look at the Penguin. Blimey Rickie + aliases reminds me orf the old fillum “The Man Who Haunted Himself”. Seems to be spiralling ever closer towards topping himself. Should be given every encouragement.

  23. Ed Sheeran does Stevie Wonder at ‘Glasto’…. The blind leading the tone deaf…..

    • Is Charlotte Cathedral there with her placard ?

      “I’m angry, I’m mad, I’m on the rag…”

  24. Tom Watson is the modern day variant of Matthew Hopkins, but not the Witchfinder General. He is the Noncefinder General.

    I imagine him riding a stout steed up and down the East Anglian countryside looking for random folk he can accuse of noncery.

    • Witchfinder General?!! Thats a funny name to bring up how do you know of Hopkins ? I’ll actually wondering if R-Dicky is Witchfinder General or they are friends the similarities are striking after reading those comments at the penguin. Everybody should check it out, read it. Its a parody site but the information is true and fairly accurate despite the hilarious comedy

  25. Had me first look at the Penguin. Blimey troll plus aliases reminds me orf the old fillum “The Man Who Haunted Himself”. Seems to be spiralling ever closer towards topping himself. Should be given every encouragement.

  26. “London’s security authorities have issued advice to pubs and restaurants since the attacks with the message of “Run, Tell and Hide.The advice includes establishing whether the threat is inside or outside and not waiting for police to decide whether the venue should be locked down or evacuated” Read the Rest here*/Article_2017-06-25-EU–Europe-Living%20With%20Attacks/id-3b269595084a43758c5f28ddea32596a

    Run, tell and hide? You got to be fucking kidding me?! This isn’t funny anymore why doesn’t that useless cunt May do something bout this Getting rid of muzzie cucks like Burnham & Cressida Dick would be good and not arresting the native population for voicing their opinion online would be a good start

    How about empowering your own people so they can defend themselves? This is the very definition of absurdist theater. It has done nothing to keep anybody safe. Worse yet is how police resources are being used to go after the native population for simply expressing outrage that Moslems are blowing up people and running people over with 10 ton trucks, PC Plod are useless Cunts!

    • Careful TitSlapper, the po••s are not up for a knocking.
      Take yer beatings from them, agree when they say your house being burgled means nothing, leave unsavoury areas when told coz you cant expect them to protect you or your cameraman, and remember, its racist for them to take a complaint against poor Muslims, even if children are being violated, they will do a sterling job of either ignoring you or charging you with a hate crime.

      Hey, cu•••rs, leave those pigs alone.

      The claim to be underfunded, but even with overfunding, I’m sure they’d still be a bunch of lazy c•••s who are only interested in arresting chavs and sitting down with the paper work fir the rest of the shift.
      They need arrests for promotion.
      It doesn’t matter what class of arrest was made, its just numbers, and that’s why its easier to pick a yoof up off the street and take the chuffedy badge.

      Written by a poor c••t with many po••s in his family.
      Or old family coz i have nothing to do with the grassing c•••s.

    • “And then light your candle like this. Peter.”

      “Thank you Valerie. Now remember, if you haven’t got a lighter then you can use matches but please, please, please be careful and only use safety matches. John.”

      “And if the blood is gushing from your neck then try to protect the wick at all costs because if it gets wet it’ll never light. GET DOWN SHEP! Valarie.”

      “And finally, if the Blue Peter Candlelit Mobile won’t chase them away – which it should – don’t forget your emergency whistle kazoo we made last week. A good blow in that should sort chummy out and is almost as good as the standard issue ones given to our brave Community Officers. Goodnight.”

  27. Spot on TS. This “Run,tell and hide” is embarrassing.How pathetic have we become that the best course of action when attacked is to “run,hide and tell”? It’s the kind of thing you might say to a little kiddie if the “Big Bad Wolf” was after them. We seem to have become such a childish and feeble bunch that we must act like the school weakling and run and tell teacher. Although looking at most of the young today,running away and hiding is about all they look capable of doing.

    The advice should be to defend yourself however you can,even if it’s with just what is at hand…better to go down fighting than just run crying,hoping that someone else will save you……Fuck that.

  28. Has anyone on here read “The Strange Death of Europe” by Douglas Murray ? I’m thinking of getting it,but would be interested in people’s thoughts. Is it a bit highbrow?

    • He wrote a brilliant piece in The Sun a couple of weeks ago.
      I don’t know if he’s a columnist, but he should be.
      If his book is as honest as his piece was then it’ll make good reading.
      If i ordered it, it would go through the Gibraltarian post office where they open yer post if it includes a taxable product from abroad. CDs, DVDs, books etc, they open it the nosey buggers, so maybe it would get binned as ‘hate speech’ .
      Something not right about that.

  29. I checked it on kindle. It’s getting rave reviews.. most reviewers say whilst it’s a serious subject and very well researched it’s not a heavy read. £10.99 on kindle.

      • Come on down Dick Fiddler, infamy at last.

        You have been quoted at the penguin.

        • I expect to be quoted in Parliament,the High Court,several lawsuits and Diane Abbot’s memoirs,if the sick little man is to believed….Can’t fucking wait…the World deserves to hear my views (especially about the darkies)…..Unfortunately I’m not too convinced that the wee man is all there,and I rather think that anyone who he contacts will have the same view. His posts contain more bile and unlawful language than anything that we’ve managed. He has threatened people for too long,and I suspect that he might have bitten off more than he can chew this time.

          • Cressida “Ceiling” Dick is a monumental CUNT, a waste of yards of navy cloth.

            She needs to go NOW !!

            Just saying…

          • Well said, DF… Although given the current modus operandi of Politically Correct Plod, they are more likely to go after us than our bottom-feeder from the flatlands… We are probably an easier target – sounds all too familiar ?

          • @HBH..I don’t think so. I’ve no doubt that he’s already raved and gibbered at anyone who he thought might listen….Hell,he even stated that he’d been in touch with Abbot’s office and that we were all for the chop…..Nothing…I suspect they have a protocol in place to deal with raving nutters which involves ignoring them. The man has no credibility and comes across as mentally ill.

  30. Throughout the silly season (the meltdown at the penguin), it would be good if one of you cu••••s asked for a daily link to the latest page on The Ranting Penguin.
    It is topical as we are supposedly under attack and it’s only fair that cu••••s are made aware about what some guy is sayin’ about them.

    I’d ask, but who listens to me?

    Anybody reading this?

    aww, go bleep yerself then.

  31. fuckin hell ! just seen Keith Vaseline speaking in the commons. the fuckin dopey voters only re-elected him! re , the back to top button. wouldnt a back to bottom button make more sense?

  32. Glastonbury is a cunt… Never been a fan of ‘Glasto’, but this year’s has been possibly the worst yet… At least New Order saved it last year, but 2017?… The music industry whore that is Kunty Perry, for a start… Then The Jacksons… Who gives a fuck if Wacko isn’t there?! Like him or not (and I don’t!), he was the fucking Jacksons… Bunch of graverobbing, talentless buffoons…. And Barry Gibb was this year’s Dolly Parton or Lionel Richie…. Thousands of ‘wacky’ and ‘zany’ knobheads and student cunts singing to ‘Stayin’ Alive’…These cunts would sing along to Black Lace if they turned up (just like they did for Gary Glitter and Rolf Harris!)… Each one should have the word ‘knobhead’ tattooed on their forehead… Not forgetting disco (cough!) ‘legends’ Chic…. Amazing that they turned up, considering that three of the original band are dead… No better than a ‘Chicken in a basket’ circuit band that features one original (and non-singing) member, surrounded by cunts halt their age…. Never thought the Kanye Cunt fiasco could be topped, but it looks like Eavis hs achieved it this year… What a load of cunt,,,,,

    • Don’t forget the appearances at the festeringval by those old ”legends” Corbyn & McDonnell.
      Of course, the Corbyn banners being waved by the fuckwit audience weren’t planted either. No No.

      • Of course the tax payer funded Liebore conference wasn’t really given a biased representation at the BBC either…..

  33. said it before but it remains true. what normally happens is a group or solo artist has one possibly 2 really good song but thats it. they can’t follow up they live on that for decades afterwards churning out one shit unmemorable song/album after another. and the mugs turn up to shite festivals like Glasto. call me an old fogey but at least the Beatles and the Stones could write songs you can actually remember..

  34. Michael Eavis is a supreme cunt. Went in and oit orf his arse for a year or two trying to do a deal re an artistic presentation. Cunt will only talk telephone numbers and rabbits orf oit from any bargaining and leaves it all to his daughter who then says you have to talk to slap head Eavis who then says you have to talk to his daughter….All the while projecting the old image orf cool. Talks loike a farmer, screws loike a farmer and Glasto is shite. Not that I am biased in any way.

  35. Glastonbury needs an annual cunting. Once simply won’t suffice.

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