The Establishment (2)

The establishment is about due a cunting. Much has been said in the past week about the atrocity committed in Manchester on Monday night, most of it complete bullshit. As we all know, a Muslim scumbag chose to blow himself up at the Manchester Arena, murdering 22 innocent men, women and young girls in the process. And I’m sorry if this gets a bit rambly, but I’m still emotional.

As usual, we got the usual tough talk, “they will not defeat us”, “we will do what has to be done”, blah, blah, blah. And then we got the usual bullshit. “He wasn’t a Muslim”, said Burnham, “Islam is a religion of peace” said a load of soppy liberal cunts. “If you slag off Muslims, we’ll arrest you and have you charged with hate crimes”, said plod. “WE’RE THE VICTIMS OF HATE CRIMES”, said all the Muslims. And the lefties nodded in agreement. Nothing ever changes.

I’ll admit, I’m still angry over this. My daughter and my niece were at that gig. And although they’re physically ok, mentally they are deeply scarred. It’s only been in the past couple of days that my daughter has been able to sleep without waking up screaming in the early hours. To a point, I can understand what she and her cousin are going through, I saw muslim dickheads blow themselves (and other people) to shit several times in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ve even survived an IED while on patrol in a Jackal. I’m a trained soldier though, my daughter isn’t, so I’m pretty sure it’s a lot harder for her to come to terms with it.

While I blame Abedi for the atrocity, I also blame lefties and our ignorant, PC obsessed, appeasing political class. For years now, we’ve had to tread on eggshells around Muslims, in case we upset them and they start to feel oppressed. How come it’s only Muslims who are so sensitive? Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists never seem to feel oppressed. Then again, they’ve all integrated into British society, whilst maintaining their own culture and beliefs. They don’t make a big deal out of it.

Muslims, on the other hand, have to be treated with kid gloves. Because if we don’t, they start to play the ‘Islamophobia’ card, and then they start burning flags and making threats of violence. Which kind of proves the lie that Islam is peaceful. The establishment have been only to happy to buy into that bullshit, shouting down anyone who dares to criticise Islam with accusations of racism and, inevitably, Islamophobia. They’ve sucked up to them for so long that Muslims now think, rightly, that they are untouchable.

Look at the paedo gangs in places like Rochdale and Rotherham. 1400 underage girls raped over 14 years by MUSLIMS. If the perpetrators had White, they wouldn’t have gotten away with it for 14 months, never mind 14 years. But Muslims got away with it, because the local councils, the police and most of social services simply were too afraid of upsetting the Muslim community and being accused of racism to even consider investigating. Not only that, but, disgustingly, they actually accused the young victims of lying and of being racist. They accused them of being from broken homes, as if that somehow justifies them being raped.

And it’s that same attitude that allowed Abedi to walk into that gig unchallenged and murder 22 people and wound over 60 more. And ever since then, as always, the Muslim community have been trying to paint themselves as the true victims, with bullshit claims of attacks, both verbal and physical. A couple of days after the attack, an Imam in Oldham claimed his mosque had been firebombed. I’m not convinced that this attack wasn’t staged, because the damage was to the outside of a door and although it was badly charred, the damage to the building was quite superficial.

One of the most ridiculous stories from last week was the elderly Imam and the elderly Jewish woman. Apparently, they had been friends for years, and were held up as the model of tolerance and inter-faith understanding. Bullshit. That Imam was an exception, not the rule. Most Muslims would have happily stoned the elderly Jewish woman to death, or at least provided the stones.

This PC bullshit has to stop. Because the fact is, Muslims are as much to blame for Islamic terrorism as those who are protecting and even encouraging them. The time has come for a purge. WE, the British people, need to start standing up those who call us racists and Islamophobes when we complain about halal meat increasingly creeping into the non-Muslim food chain. We need to rid Government, the police, social services, local authorities, the judiciary, the BBC and the media in general of all the PC dickheads who infest them, and replace them with people capable using common sense.

We need to start telling Muslims that THEY have to start taking responsibility for those in their community who hate us and want to do us harm. And they know who those people are, but they refuse to inform on them. A lot of them actively support terrorism. The need to be told that they will no longer be given special status, and they either start integrating into British society, accept that BRITISH law reigns supreme in the UK, or they can fuck off back to where they came from.

Because until the establishment is free of the PC madness that it suffers from, we will be trapped in a perpetual circle of violence and appeasement. Like the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw.

236 thoughts on “The Establishment (2)

  1. And that beardy cunt Corbyn wants to let more peacefuls on our soil.

    Cops announced they don’t want anyone speculating. Can’t upset the precious ragheads, eh?

    Another incident just reported in Vauxhall.

  2. I’m waiting for what excuses are going to be used to defend the religion of camel shaggers this time. I’m sick and fucking tired of my country getting attacked whilst our leaders do fuck all. Looks like my service in Afghan and Iraq was fucking pointless.

    • Agree, Bob, but I for one would like to thank you for your service. I wish we had the Army on the streets here, with orders to kill the scum.

      • As it does indeed seem rather pointless having our brave troops abroad, I would MUCH rather have them back on home territory, defending us from the enemy that is so evidently already within.

        Also, the Armed Forces are bloody well trained in so many fields, we could boot out the useless fuckwits, and leave the Forces to run the country.

        I’m sure there are good employment opportunities for politicians, social workers, Twistwams and Lilies &c. down at the pet-food factory, filling tins (from the inside…).

  3. Stupid fucking bitch on BBCMuslim says don’t let us jump to conclusions. I feel fucking hatred run through my veins at the moment and all that cunty bitch says is don’t badmouth the “peace loving Muslims”

  4. The ABBC are calling them “London Security Incidents”.

    They won’t be “peaceful” related, well, not until it’s all blown over and then they may say someone had “views which *MAY* have been influenced by peacefulness”.

    Utter cunts! Jo Cox’s killer named and labelled as a Nazi before her blood had dried. Peaceful related – oh, let’s stifle that fucker!


  5. Stephen Nolan has asked a witness to describe the appearance of one of the attackers.
    Go on , say it.
    Say it.
    Fat cunt Nolan asked you.
    Nows yer chance.
    Just say it, you know the “m” word.
    Say it

    Oh he was black or dark skinned.

    Near enough.

    • The BBC reporter muppet has just said ,well,we all know there is a General Election campaign on at the moment,these incidents could have an effect on that. No shit. Is this not rather tasteless?

  6. So which fucking low life is going to be first to talk about peace and harmony? Which cunt is going to be the one proclaiming we must protect Muslims from hate and preach peace and love at us?

    The hate is already out there and it is directed at us. Halt his half arsed unnecessary election that was called purely for political expedience and start making our country safe for BRITISH people.

    You can start by banning all new mosques and faith schools and all other mosques must be supervised.


    Innocent people dying on our streets is fucking draconian when the governemnt sits back and plays PC pattycake scared to offend cunts that have no place here.

  7. Fucking Sky News reporter practically begging for it not to be a terrorist. “Is it possible it’s just an accident?” the Jock cunt opines to his man on the ground (don’t know the reporters name so I guess ‘cunt’ will have to suffice). The other reporter had a long pause, but even he couldn’t bring himself to lapse into that cognitive dissonant coma we have all come to know and love among these media scumbags.

    Those utter leftie cunts at Sky make me want to puke. It’s saying something when you have to switch over to the BBC to get some ‘balance’.

  8. Some people say that the only ones that ever win from a war are the arms dealers.

    Not this one!

    Seems the only ones that will win out of this war are the candle makers coz let’s face it nothing’s gonna happen.
    Just more candlelit vigils, more “nothing to do with islam” bollocks and more of this pussy “they won’t divide us” shit.


    • BBC just showed some footage of people being evacuated from a London bar and I distinctly heard someone shout “CUNTS”really loud.Abject apologies from BBC for the language which must have been caused by stress ( and therefore not a member of the public describing the attackers).

      • I think I heard that on sky!

        I thought surely not. They would’ve checked it before showing it but obviously they didn’t. Ha.
        I’ve always wanted to shout cunt loudly on TV, hopefully one day I’ll get chance to fulfil my dream.

        • I heard it too, so I rewinded it, and you can plainly hear someone shouting ‘fucking Muslim cunts’. Heads are going to roll for letting that one pass…..

          • I switched to fox news and they’ve got the sky news feed playing.
            It’s dinner time there and the presenter apologised for the previous bad language. They played the footage again, uncut.
            He then had to apologise again and say that it wasn’t the cut footage that they were expecting.
            Everyone in America watching the 6 o’clock news were just greeted by a pissed up Englishman yelling “fuckin muslim cunts!” At the top of his voice.
            ….makes me proud.

    • An eye witness has just said that the attacker said “this is for Allah”. Not that any one with a brain would be in doubt

  9. Classic! Sky news just put some mobile phone footage up that will probably never see the light of day again. The police came rushing through the pub where the incident occurred, pointlessly yelling at everyone to get on the floor (even though the muzzer cunt had probably left 10 minutes earlier)

    Right at the end of the footage some pissed up bloke is bowling out of the door screaming out “You fucking muslim cunts!”. Cut back to the news reporter who then says ‘apologies for the language used at the end of that video.”

    The only language you should be apologising for is the soft-soaping, muslim loving shite you and all your meeja colleagues have been spouting all night, you limp wristed twat.

    Got it on my sky box and have been gleefully playing it back in loops.

    • Just found the footage here. Turn your speakers up for the gem at the end. Unfortunately it’s followed by a depressing indication of just how brainwashed millenials are when the bloke filming it follows up with “Don’t shout that you fucking idiot, it’s not muslims.” One look at his profile and you see he’s yet TOWIE wannabe metrosexual with a social media app for a brain. Tosser.

      • Some interfering no-life cunt will.probably report this outburst as a Hate Crime.

        • Sad cunt then follows it up with:
          “It was me saying it ain’t the Muslims cos it isn’t fucking Muslims. It’s a tiny % cult that use that as justification for themselves”

          Yup. Media brainwashing complete. Shame the cunt doesn’t know the difference between Islam and muslims. He obviously thinks you can’t identify as a muslim if you’re nasty, because no muslims can be nasty. Hopefully he will at least get punched by one, so he can tell the police they need to be looking for a white guy, because it can’t have possibly been a muslim.

      • What a lefty twat.

        “It’s not muslimes”


        I think you’ll find that it is.

        …unless the church of England have suddenly decided to start massacring infidels.

      • So they’re not Muslims then, eh?

        I bet the fuckers perpetrating these crimes would beg to differ. They would state that they are the *true* Muslims for evoking Allah’s words from the Koran as *he* would have them do to the infidel!

        Oh and they are cunts, all of them, starting with the #1 cunt in Mansion House!

  10. Fat gay Irish cunt Stephen Nolan has some expert cunt on who started by saying that eyewitnesses don’t always get it right.
    He then went in to relay testaments of witnesses adding that what they saw may not actually have happened.

    This is two hours after the frst terrorist attack carried out by a muslime piece of shite.

    Hes now saying hes heard about gunshots but they haven’t been confirmed.
    Yes they have.
    By witnesses you fuckin unpatriotic cunt.

    I know some testaments will be wrong-ish but come on!

    He keeps repeating that the witnesses are wrong.
    Over and over, they witnesses are most probably wrong.

    His name is Tom summit and he’s a cuckold cunt.

  11. Some cunt on Facebook said the Tories caused this and Corbyn would be the antidote.Fuck me!

    • Some muzzer cunt that works with my girlfriend is blaming Americans on some social network app she uses for work. He’s all calling out the 7/7 attacks as being staged. She wouldn’t write what I wanted her to say in reply because she said she wants to keep her job.

      It’s at times like this I wish I had an anonymous twatter account.

    • The sad thing Shaun is that some cunts think Corbyn will be this countries saviour. I can’t help but think this country is fucked, as sad as I have to admit it. No one in authority with any power will do anything to lift a finger and not only protect it citizens but allow these muslim slimy cunts carry out their killings. Soft cunts.

  12. Just got back on the last bus from Stockwell. All sorts of flashing blue lights and helicopters heading towards Vauxhall. Fuck me! Have to get down the shops tomorrow and buy some candles and some aloe vera. Think of all those grubby snowflake hands I’m going to have to hold. Still, at least I can get some selfies of me crying on Faecesbook. Who knows, I might even get on the fucking telly!

  13. One thing we can all do is boycott any Muslim business. Starve the cunts of money, less reason to come here then.

    • I second that. I rely on cabs to get around but every single one of them are driven by sand niggers. Looks like I’m going to be walking half a mile to Tescos from now on, because the mini-mart round the back of me is owned by muzzers too. The filthy cunts are everywhere.

      • 3 million of them mate. Imagine 3 million Krauts walking around, free as a bird with a load of cunts saying “it’s not their fault” in 1940. DON’T PANIC!! DON’T PANIC!!!

        • I don’t eat kebab or Falafel I prefer the greek Souvlaki or gyros anyday What other businesses do the muzzie cunts have or own?

          • A lot of them run thriving businesses T.S…..child prostitution,drug-dealing,benefit-fraud….

          • Problem is, here in Cardiff, the fuckin orrible little cunts pass their restos of as “American” (a hot dog / burger joint) with no PORK or ALCOHOL ??!, or anything other than identifiably sandwog, and staffed by dalek-women waitresses…

  14. Ratcunt Farron

    “Tonight’s horrific incidents in London remind us how much we owe our emergency services. My thoughts and prayers with everyone affected”

    That all you have to say Tim? How about something along the lines of “I cannot and will not stand by any longer and not speak out about the elephant sized camel in the room”?

    No fucking chance, you’re probably debating whether to light that candle you keep for these occasions or stick it back up your arse for a little longer.

    • My guess is that Timmy has plenty of candles and, as you rightly point out, not just for the usual griefjacking occasions we are going to go through this week. I am, as always, looking forward to another week of strength and togetherness. Of course if it wasn’t for the cuts in mental health services this would never have happened. Let’s not forget that.

    • I guess Sixdog, that he has done his job. Sadiq Cunt has gelled the muslim scum , the leftards and the liberals together. How proud can that shitskinned cunt be right now. Fuck it, if I’m going down I’m going down with a fight. I owe politicians fuck all, the muslim apologetic, spineless bags of excrement.

  15. Will be purchasing a crusader flag for my gaff, my next tattoo will be 100% Infidel.

    Goodnight and be safe all.

  16. According to the Blairite Broadcasting Corporation the dead cunt in Vauxhall is “not terror related.” Oh just another ordinary everyday stabbing in the street then? That’s the 19th cunt stabbed to death in the street in London in the last 6 weeks. It’s amazing what you can get used to.Isn’t it? Still, as Suckdick says, it’s all part of living in a capital city. So that’s ok then.

  17. I think when a terrorist attack happens in London, the old World War 2 sirens should be activated, I no this might sound over the top but if a incident happens and the siren sounds, it’ll save the Met Police from telling people to get off the streets and go in lock down, it worked in world war 2 so it might work now, these terrorist cunts are hell bent on making people’s life’s a misery and I think if a siren went off, people would know to get off the streets, and not hang about to become ‘bait’ for the terrorists.

    • Forget the fucking sirens how bout all sand niggers out of britian now! If they refuse to leave a right wing death squad shall depose of them humanely or inhumanely as possible. Shame every politician is a moslem arse kissing puppet so prepare for news saying we got to respect them or they could face a racist backlash

      Because mark my words this will keep happening on average its a weekly or bi weekly thing now I’m also convinced these attacks are planned by the EU and funded by the saudi’s as a revenge against brexit or something. I dunno could be wrong but regardless its still EU’s fault for their forced endless immigration plan

      • I agree.

        I think the reason it’s stepped up is coz it’s ramalamb. They all stop eating and the doss cunts get even grumpiness than usual.
        I really don’t get this religious bollocks. Why stop eating during the day? …stupid cunts.

      • Cunts who live by sharia law and who torture animals in some fuckwit sandwog way before slaughtering them, should die in the same way themselves. Horribly. They really are sub-human filth.

    • Instead of air raid sirens, how about Owen Jones’ voice amplified through a jet engine telling us all what big racists we are. That’s an ear drubbing most of us would want to find immediate cover to escape.

  18. And, if your in a pub oblivious from what’s going on, it’ll save the plod from going around warning people if the old World War 2 sirens are going.

  19. James O’Brien might not approve but it’s commonsense, it’ll free up police time knowing people have gone into lock down with the sirens going.

    Unfortunately by the looks of it, it’s going to have to be s option until all the gullible terrorist cunts die.

  20. …..Or we could just fuck off somewhere else and sell off our country to a load of foreigners. Oh……too late….we’ve already done that….and we’ll be voting for more on Thursday. As Gandhi said…”If you act like a cunt you get treated like a cunt.” Ok….he didn’t really say that… might have been me. Possibly.

  21. Fuck. Ewan McGregor is the lead in the new series of Fargo. That’s that fucked then. Is there anything that llama mouthed, left wing fairy doesn’t ruin by being in. I want to be able to watch the telly in peace without feeling the uncontrollable urge to kick it.

    • Ha ha ha ha …..
      That’s the funniest picture I’ve ever seen. What twats.

      Oh. Actually we’re the twats for letting these animals in! Shit.

    • My only question is why are we letting these terrorists back in?

      Once you fuck off there to lend your allegiance to terrorists then your right even to be termed British should be revoked and any official documents such as passports, NI numbers and benefits cancelled.

      Oh yes that’s the hell of it. While the cunts are there they’re still accruing benefits. So HM Gov is actually funding terrorist abroad who claim to be British!

      They should have been turned round and taken right back to fucking Syria!

      • How the fuck do they get a passport? I have to change my photo every ten years but it still looks like me, just a bit fatter/greyer. Do they have to keep the same bag they have on the photo?

    • How the flying f can we tell these are wimminz / sisters…

      Some sort of fish-stink detector around the Cradock region ?

  22. 3 terrorists.

    6 dead.

    As far as terrorists go what a bunch of doss cunts.
    Apparrently they weren’t expecting people to fight back.
    …. You’re in London on a Saturday night and you don’t expect anyone to fight.
    Dumb cunts.

    At least the police didn’t arrest them. It seems they just put the cunts down, something that comrade cuntbyn is strictly against.

    ….hopefully he’ll come out later to condemn the heavy handed response from the police against his peaceful friends and that will be the end of his campaign.

  23. And in sport Liverpool were beaten 10 nil by North Ferriby United…………………………….,.,

    In other news, a few people were run over and killed earlier by someone. A police spokesman said all the bodies have been pushed to the side of the road and traffic is now running freely.

    Onto the weather, it will be warm and…………


  24. Just seen the image of one of the shot terrorists lying in the road. Combat gear and fake suicide vest? Yep, this is a war. When will our “leaders” do something?

  25. You never know, but you might start hearing reports of flame grilled mosques. If these were all pulled down, there would be fewer opprtunities for these greasy goatfuckers to orchestrate their nefarious, terrorist activities.

    People are sick to the back teeth of government appeasement. The likes of May, Suckdick, Corblimey and Onion Head know that this is a civil pressure cooker and the lid won’t stay sealed forever.

    But as it stands, the ragheads are way ahead of us in this war.

  26. After the latest mass murder in London I am expecting an increase in hate crimes against our persecuted peaceful ones. Can you imagine what it’s like to find a packet of Lidle bacon on your mosque doorstep? A friend of a friends friend being told to fuck off home? I ask you fellow cunters do not look back in anger as that makes breathing and trigger control more difficult than it needs to be.

    • If someone could develop a gun that projects tins of Spam at hv, that could do a lot of damage. Also, ram it down their throats. Filthy stuff has never been fit for HUMAN consumption, so it should be good for islimes.

      Sadly, a waste of good pigs… much prefef a bacon sarnie meself…

  27. 7 dead, 48 injured.

    Why that’s just a mere bagatelle isn’t it.

    Cressida Dick do your job and start giving all peaceful cunts a hard time. You’d be leaning against an open door as far as the rest of society is concerned!

  28. Mmmmm. LIDL bacon.

    Add some big fat bangers and some black pudding. I bet a whole load of them booze and dine on swine regardless of what the Quran expects of them.

    The old Jew boys call bacon ‘breakfast meat’.

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