Steve German

Steve German is a cunt….
He is the bellend who got thrown out of question time last night. A typical socialist worker party goon, shouting and bawling like a spoiled brat until Dimbleby asked him to leave. One of those cunts that will not even listen because they know they are right, and the whole world is wrong. As with most SWP members, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t work. Probably too busy saving the world……

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

151 thoughts on “Steve German

  1. The issue with these cunts is that they have to have something to protest and complain about. If everything was to their liking and approval in this country they would fuck off somewhere else and cause trouble.
    This cunt should be made to swim to America in his pyjamas. The cunt.

    • Spot on B&WC. If these people knew what real adversity was they would shit themselves. Get much outside North America, Northern Europe and Australasia and things start to slip very quickly indeed. Think we live in a shit hole of a country with poverty, inequality and disease? Take a trip to India and tell me we have it shit in UK. If UK was so bad how come all the foreign cunts want to come here?

    • I love these people. They have no idea, I liked and worked in a former socialists country where they just formed new parties with the same old faces and the old system still in place, rabble rousers would receive a direct hint or two and then leave the country for good, or their bodies would be found in the road victims of hit and run (cut to the short leg it at the first hint because they are going to kill you) none of these people have any idea what socialists countrys are like and I openly encourage them to take their attitudes to a socialists country and see how well it’s received.

  2. Only if they are fair trade anti-racist non binary not made in Israel pyjamas.

  3. I think it is about time that Mark Steel got another cunt bombing.

    The vapid, self congratulating smug shit stain is the very embodiment of the londonistan centric guardianista and here we see him in his natural environment laughing at his own “wit” in a cosy BBC radio echo chamber of similarly vapid cunts. What a bell end this twat is. Why is it the peacefuls never bag a mega cunt like this?

    • Oh I know this cunt. Didn’t realise he was supposed to be a comedian.

      Really!?! Is that was he’s supposed to be? I just thought he was “luvvie” filler with a suitable “right-on” message.

      You know I used to love Tommy Cooper as a kid and into my teens until he died on stage. He’d have me, me Dad and me Grandad all in stitches and all at the same time. Surely that’s proper comedic value?

      Stuff like this:

      Now you get “observational” comics who love to take the piss out of the average Joe grinding a living but who refuse to be so observational when it comes to other sectors of society. Cunts.

      All these cunt comedians aren’t shy of a bob and yet Jeremy Corbyn’s not left enough for them!

      Like I say, easy to be a socialist when you’re minted. Any ordinary cunt grinding a living dare say a word (like “Paul from Wandsworth”) and they consigned to the ‘R’ bin.

      Twats the lot of them. I wonder how much comedy goes down in Shariah states? Cos that’s where you’re taking us Mark you cunt!

      So when you’re out of work do you reckon Ayatollah Khan will foot the bill for your keep? Nope, didn’t think so. So why don’t you just shut the fuck up you cunt!

  4. Laughing at your own wit is in itself laughable!! , another 24 carat cunt, mind you I found that penfold lookalike sycophantic woman even more annoying!! She actually appeared to be forcing herself to laugh!! ….. 😡

  5. He can’t close the site. It self hosted offshore. And he seems to think that WordPress is a blogging system for ISAC. It isn’t.

    I think this comment from ‘The Rickiebaiter’ – blessed be his name – sums it up nicely…

    Rickie Rickie Rickie
    Oh deary deary me!
    Wordpress is a blogging system
    It’s not a blog provider for ISAC
    ISAC is self hosted Rickie
    Using WordPress as a template.

    So if you think
    It would be really really easy
    To shut down ISAC
    By reporting it to WordPress
    Go right ahead

    Prove what a fool you are Rickie
    Talk bullshit
    Make meaningless threats
    And impress us all with your lack of knowledge

    On the other hand
    Go back to abusing women
    And leave us all in peace Rickie

    You are so clever!
    We are so impressed!
    We fall at your feet!
    We are not worthy
    Oh great master
    Of the might troll army
    That’s going to MSDOS ISAC!

    Fucking twat


    • Oh that seemed to get to him. Here’s his reply :

      “Hi Birdman aka rickiebaiter seems theres some dissention amongst the ranks of ISAC? LOL seems you’re all shitting yourselves over the site getting shut down, tick tock tick tock…..”

      I’m with the ‘baiter : Fucking twat. I’m sure Birdman will have something to say about being his latest nomination for Rickiebaiter. Still, makes a change from him accusing me.

      If we’re all shitting ourselves, it’s news to us eh lads?..

      • Yeah sure, i’m taking anxiety pills at the same time i’m writting this…

        Rickie is a cunt
        Rickie is a twat
        Rickie is also fat
        Rickie got his dick scratched when he tried to shag the neighbours cat…

      • Just back from a long, fuckin long ramble at the penguin.
        I’ll take the credit even though i cant and have never ever ever commented at that Ranting Penguin, never ever ever.
        But I’ll take those applause.

        I am a bit pissed off at being classed as a KKK member sized racist.
        I’m sure that if anybody went through my posts since September, they will not find any racist comments made by me.
        But then, everything can be called racist these days.
        Also i wasn’t arrested for bashing a Muslim.
        I have been to court for defending myself against a Muslim attacking me with a hammer and plank of wood.
        I have also been summoned to court for allegedly making death threats against his wife, which got dropped coz she realised that her false allegations would land HER in the shite.
        And, when i did bash him the other month, it was for the noise he was making, not his religion.
        I was spoken to by the polis but as yet haven’t had a court summons.

        The bloke from east Anglia has claimed to be “watching me” and another time said he was “coming to get me”
        I take that as a threat, a shite threat, but a threat all the same.
        It’ll make a good defence. 🙂

  6. Fuck me , whats this nonsense? Cant we people have nice things and fun without sad jeolous cunts ruining it?
    This is getting out of hand, -ism and -ist for fuck sake, didnt see that on this site except for obvious jokes and others ones purely facts that happen.

    We trully live in the age of pussies and cunts who can’t take a joke.

  7. It’s worth perhaps mentioning that threatening people is actionable in English law, as is slander and libel. This applies regardless of where it’s published so you are liable for what you say. For example calling Gary Glitter a peado is fine as he’s been convicted of it and it’s a fact, but calling someone who isn’t a peado is actionable.

    It’s not censorship. It’s the law.

    This is not a new policy on this site. Read the “how we do stuff” page that was put up yonks ago whilst I was running things…

    • So where does calling someone a cunt stand or is it ok as all know the nominated oarties are one?

      • I always thought that calling someone a cunt is a bit of bar room banter like “he’s a lucky cunt” or “he’s a miserable old cunt”. It’s even in the Oxford dictionary these days…

        • When i lived in Ireland, they couldn’t understand how i could describe someone as a ‘good cunt’ .

          • Sayin that.
            Alright , cunt ?
            Alright , cunt?
            are the same words but could be taken differently.

            It a tightrope, and that’s why I’m all for the smiley emoji.

  8. Cut/paste from the Penguin :

    This is what you wrote on Anna Raccoon’s blog BEFORE she published any details of her meeting with you —

    “How exciting Anna, an early moring raid on a troll, well done you.
    Sorry for being a little slow on the uptake about all this as its confusing me. you managed to get the real i.p address from a software program which sees through the proxy address, how clever!. and then by means of a GPS tracer and the chappie in the forensic lab you got a real house to go after.
    Now we get to the point of me being confused, real folk put a name (Richard) to the house which is the same name as Dioclese posts on his blog, yet you seem convinced this is not the troll yet Dioclese thinks it is and has his phone number too.
    Somebody is wrong and if its Dioclese the address on his website is of an innocent man whose wife had lung cancer.
    How brave of you Anna to have the courage to walk up to the house and challenge a suspected troll, please put me right on the details of who is who..”

    Anna confirms that was word for word what he said to her – and remember this was BEFORE she posted anything on her blog about the encounter

    Game set and match eh Rickie?

  9. @the cunt from east Anglia
    Start it all up again on Wednesday 24th October 2012.
    It only has 8 comments the now.
    It was coincidental that i read yer message for me as a only go in Ranging penguin less than once a week.
    Today i started at June 15th and even though it was pleasurable, it was a fuckin drag.
    Ta very much.

    PS. Have you found any “racist” comments of mine yet.
    I bet you haven’t as they don’t exist you weak chap.

    Pps. Stop trying to belittle my attempts at Spanish, or is it “Sapnish”?
    Either i’m fluent, or the whole of Spain have adjusted their way of speaking just to please me.
    Yours on the other hand?

    Ppps. Fuck, just realised i said earlier that i wasn’t going to converse with you anymore.

    Ah well.

    New thread , sort it cunt!!!!!!!!

    • I don’t know why anyone even gives this cunt any attention.

      He’s just a sad, no life, loser, with nothing better to do that squeal like a little bitch about fuck knows what.
      I’m not even going to ratify this twats ramblings by reading any more of the penguin.

      Read some a while ago, it seems to just be someone that clearly has serious mental problems having an argument with himself.
      Don’t know why you guys don’t just ignore the cunt, he’s only after the attention.
      Surely he’ll get bored of being a cunt eventually. …? …or maybe not.

      • Comments not posts. They’re all under the last post on the blog. Anyone taking a cursory look at the blog would be unaware it was all on there. Trollie has been going around blogs directing people to look there.
        Unfortunately Blogger aren’t interested in shutting down blogs that are dormant. They take the view that they are the responsibility of the owner and don’t intervene. I have reported the hijacking to Google Blogger so they may intervene but I’m not holding my breath.

        Anyone got an email address for The Ranting Penguin?..

      • I’m not sure if it’s coz I went a bit heavy on the sherbet’s last night or maybe I’m just a thick cunt, but I can’t follow it at all.

        It just seems like the rambings of someone with serious mental problems and way too much time on their hands.

        I can’t follow the conversation at all.
        ….did have a few too many beers last night though.

        I presume almost all the post are rickie.

        What a load of bollocks.

      • @my east anglian neighbour.

        Not once did i mention ‘hate’ and who knows i may even have forgotten a little yellow smiley face.
        But, it was the supposed ‘racist’ comments i was asking for.

        I hate most cunts so most of the things i utter could be described as ‘hate speech’.
        There’s a cunt on the telly the now who I’m beginning to hate.
        It called human nature and is an emotion shared by all.
        Except the Osmond’s.
        The Osmond’s loved everybody.

        • Eh, who cares what the East Anglian Arsehole thinks. Moron ought to be sectioned or put away for wasting everyone’s time. Hell, by its twisted logic it’s ripe to do time for the amount of trolling it has done over the years.

    • I will give the guy from east anglia something.
      He made my chuckle when he said about “get your ISAC merchandise”
      Something about mugs and Union Jack boxer shorts, anyway, good idea.
      It reminded me of The Viz merchandise.
      We could have some right fun coming up with a product.

      • Perhaps a pair of boxers with Diane Abbot’s slack-jawed picture printed on the inside? I’d buy a pair of them just to see my cock pressed up against her slack jawed face every time I tucked the fella back in.

        • Ewwwww! Really???

          I’d have thought t’other way and fart in her face! In fact, even after a ruby, you wouldn’t actually mind following through!

          Every cloud and all that…

          • I wonder what kind of knickers Diane prefers. I’d imagine that her “smalls” would be anything but. She probably likes something with a strong gusset so that the stool doesn’t disappear when she lowers herself on to it.

    • Mr Richard Doubleday seems to have several issues regarding equilibrium , decorum and propriety. In an attempt to decipher his numerous and congruous utterings, I felt that I was defeated in my attempt in understanding the psyche of a mollusc.

      I understand that said mollusc is attempting to close down this site, and I would therefore like to take the opportunity to remind him, that due to his contributions, and his willingness to allow continuation over such a long period of time, that he is complicit and has aided and abetted the continuance.

      In the unlikely event that he was to initiate action against this site, then he would be equally and proportionately liable.

      ( In the rulings of joint enterprise, and association ) ( Common Law- to act, art in part )

      So, am I in fear from the aberrations of said mollusc, no. Am I unloading my colon in terror of his threats, no.

      I suggest said irritant finds some lawful business or enterprise to assist in his development.

    • Its obviously a dye job
      Why do men try and dye their hair a ‘natural’ colour?
      If multi millionaire Paul McCartney can’t get it right, then no one is.

      I have peppered hair, white chin and yesterday i noticed a couple of grey chest hairs.
      It pisses me off, but all I’m going to do about it is shave my chin.
      Don’t know if i have any grey pubes though, as i don’t have pubes.

      Men with dyed hair are daft.

  10. Now Compo Corbyn is planning £10 p/h for 16 year olds, he’ like a fucking socialist pied piper promising the next generation some kind of utopia all paid on the never never.

    • This would fail miserably.

      Now employer would take on 16 year olds at that wage cost.

      Therefore young people will have a very hard time getting empolyment as employers would rather hire experienced workers at that cost.

      This will lead to a void in the job market.

      Which then Corbyn would use to justify more mass uncontrolled immigration under the pretense of filling jobs. Cunt.

  11. I’d say their true worth is about one GBP / lb…

    If they’re short of work, plenty of work down at the pet food factory, filling tins…from the inside.

  12. A short Cunting for Aqueelah Khusheed.

    This a mother of 4 from Nottingham whose 12 year old son. Rahjs Wajid was given the choice of washing pots or detention after several instances of misbehaviour. He chose washing pots,but broke down in tears in his mothers arms after this dreadful punishment had been completed.

    His mother has accused the school of slavery and is consulting a solicitor because she believes that his human rights have been abused..

    What an ungrateful grabby bitch. She should have disciplined her brat,and thanked her lucky stars that she lives in a country where education is free for her tribe,along,no doubt,with housing,benefits and anything else she can get her greedy claws into.

    Typical scummy,greedy,selfish behaviour from another ungrateful “Cultural Enricher.”

    • Is this a joke ?This world is fucked, can you imagine the dark near future filled with these whining cunts?

      My mother would put me washing pots at home too if i was behaving like this cunty kid.

      • Imagine a fucking 12 year old crying to his mummy because he’d had to wash some pots!!! I was well past the stage of crying to my mummy by that age,never mind complaining about some school punishment.

        • A couple i know have an eleven year old SON who still has a blanket and eats with with his favourite plastic toddler sized eating utensils.
          And,aaaand, his mater still showers him.
          But “that’s what he likes, he’s only a little boy” they said to me the one time i pointed out it was weird and wrong
          I fuckin despair………

          • His mother still showers him?
            God, that makes me cringe beyond infinity, fuck when is she going to stop, when he is 18?

            Someone needs to clean pots as punishement too.

      • How dare they make him wash pots! fucking Nazis!! Another wonderful EU citizen am I right.. I wonder was the young boy a exiled Prince or something?

        • The kid will grow up be Norman Bates, complete with her mummified corpse in a rocking chair…

    • My daughter has Carte Blanche to tell the school to ‘get to beep’ if they ever try and give her a punishment exercise or detention, but then I’m lucky that my daughter is the teachers pet and was voted best behaved pupil in her class.
      Awards for behaviour is a new one in me.
      It is the parents fault, Dick Fiddler, yer right.
      I’m sick of hearing parents saying ‘oh thats its personality’
      No its not, its a kid, it can be moulded into a kid that behaves, has manners and respects respectful people.

      • I’ve often wondered just how much compo I’d be due after my less than glorious and happily curtailed schooling. I once had the pleasure of meeting an ex-teacher of mine on the rugby field when he was playing for a visiting veterans team. It was supposed to be a friendly…. I was sent off after 20 minutes and he also left the field of play…but I was walking,he wasn’t. Cunt.

      • If I’d got punished badly at school I would never have told my parents about it coz they’d just punish me again for being a cunt in the first place.

        I cunted young people the other day but it’s the parents fault that they’re all cunts.

        ….bring back the cain.

        For parents.

        • “Bring back the cane for the parents”

          That busty blonde milf round the corners little brat has been annoying me again with his…………….it doesn’t matter what with the now, just pass that cane.

          • Maybe we can reduce the sentence for busty blonde milfs from cane to paddle.

        • Me too! Fuck the teachers, just never let a bad word reach me Mam!

          Besides – like Birdman’s daughter – I was an easy kid to teach and had friends on all rungs of the capability ladder.

          I wasn’t a licky swot but got annoyed when shit didn’t make sense. I’d rather is made sense rather than sit in wonder and take the piss to deflect my own inability.

          I did get sent to the headmaster once for dissent. I had an English teacher who was non-plussed at the fact I did well in English language but was borderline remedial when it came to literature.

          I used to read, I used to read a lot, just not that shite that was force fed to us like fucking Shakespeare, and – slash my fucking wrists – the war poets! They may be great in the literary sense but fucking turgid as a 12-14yr old boy.

          We did do one book I liked: To Kill A Mockingbird. I aced that paper but because I did well in that one it kicked off his fucking tyrade on Shakespeare and my lack of enthusiasm again (please note English teachers everywhere, if you want kids to enjoy Shakespeare then teach them MacBeth, Hamlet, The Tempest or King Lear, please don’t purge them with Twelfth Night, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Much Ado About Nothing for FUCK’S sake).

          Anyway I told him that Shakespeare bored me and that I doubt a Brummie would even talk like that. In fact – as it was of the time – I alluded to the fact Shakespeare probably sounded more like Benny on Crossroads.

          The cunt called me a Flintstone and sent me to see the headmaster, who was shocked to see me darkening his door.

          I explained and he said: “Well you may think that, I may think that but you can’t say that to Mr Cunt. So when you get back tell him I gave you a stern talking to.”

          “Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.” – and I headed for his door.

          “Oh, one last thing.”


          “Did Mr Cunt really call you a Flintstone?”

          “Yes Sir.”

          “Are you sure it wasn’t ‘philistine’?”

          {thinks}”Yes Sir that was it.”

          “Hmmm, try and listen a bit harder in Mrs God-Botherer’s RE class will you.”

          “Sir.” – mopes off…

          • About your storie what really bothers me is the fact that some people think we have to like the same things as each other, even mock you when say you don’t like The Beattles and if they dont agree they call you a Flinstone.
            Its all a matter of taste but i hate cunts like that and the world is full of them.

          • I’m a Flinstones fan, and on several occasions have had to turn down work opportunities in the middle east as most countries in the region don’t show it.

            Although Abu Dhabi do…..

          • Twelfth Night, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Much Ado About Nothing are superb plays. You must’ve had a wretched teacher.

          • Crap now! As a 14yr old, crap!

            When I was 20-odd I was dragged (literally) to see King Lear put on by the RSC starring Robert Stephens as Lear. I was fucking dreading it.

            It captivated me. The blinding of Gloucester bit was as bad as any of the slashers at the time.

            He wasn’t a bad teacher it was just shite. Shakespeare’s (so called) comedies leave me dry. Maybe the other plays are considered “too much” for teenagers but had he had the gumption to teach the likes of Lear and MacBeth I’m sure he would have had a more captive audience (amongst the boys certainly).

            The Taming of the Shrew was ok.

            It’s like history at school, they just drone on and on and on about the industrial revolution. Now while that is a highly significant period of human history, and the developmental strides made, it’s as dull as dishwasher to learn and left me cold.

            Roll on 10yrs and I’d got my free BSc – courtesy of Maggie. There wasn’t much on the go in the job market so I started a free MA in Ancient History. My thesis was on the Roman Emperor Trajan. I loved every minute of that. I never finished it (but I can do at a later date) as working for a living got in the way.

            If we’d done the Greco-Roman historical stuff in school I’d have lapped it up (as would most lads I’m sure) but I could only tolerate hearing about spinning jenny’s, weaving looms, canals and steam engines for so long before I switched off.

    • Cried after washing pots?! Fuck me… Probably the only time the smelly little fucker had ever been near soap and water… He’ll probably have a breakdown when he sees a can of deodorant…

    • So, as well as stealing female identities, Dibbleschlong is also a grass?… Nobody likes a grass… And everyone will know that they are a grass….

      • Dribblemong is a sad, insignificant little maggot.

        He makes it his mission to get Blogs and other sites shut down after he’s trolled them.

        He likes to deal out the misery and like the rest of his ilk doesn’t like it when the people he’s trolled return the favour.

        He’s a failure at life, a failure of a human being and a failure period.

  13. Those Nationwide poetry adverts need a good cunting, they make me sick and are enough to make a cat puke.

    Some middle class gobshite spouting the most horrible drivel about “togetherness” or some spoilt “me me me” white kid babbling on about buying a house with help from mum and dad. Fuck off all off you.

    Look Nationwide, theses adverts are anal discharge, they make me want to eat my own shit.

    • I know what sanctimonious shite that is!

      Save your money with Nationwide, just like these cunts do! Join now and receive a free sick bag.

  14. What’s the deal with foreign cider this Summer?

    Suddenly the shelves are full of cider made by opportunistic spivs. Cider, like most good inventions, is an English one. Consequently this is like flogging ice to the Eskimos, selling shite lager to Australia or selling dog-meat to the Chinese.

    Cider should be made in England with our apples. (although they’re probably picked by tax-avoiding, cash-in-hand, free dole/free housing Iron Curtains who complain non-stop about how unwelcoming and racist this county is. Caveat: always wash your fruit, even if it’s local; it might’ve been picked by some swarthy pikey from Bucharest).

    Strawberry & Lime? Grow up. Look at these twats with their bottles of Kopparburg. Since when were the fucking Swedish known for making cider? Stop interfering with British booze and concentrate on your rapey immigrant problem.

    Magners? Cheap Bulmers. Australian cider? I don’t want to savour your Convict scumpy. Brèton Cidre? Fuck your French piss. American cider made with honey and cherry? Yank cheats! Stella Artois? Shove it up your Belgique arsê.

    Give me English cider or give me death.

    • Cider/Sidre is popular in Spain.
      Most brands coming from Galicia.
      Galicia also has bagpipes and kilts, the countryside looks British and the coast looks Cornish.
      It also pisses down all year.

      • So you are a cider man then? what is your favorite cider and why do you hate Kopparberg so much? Its a decent cider, I like bulmers too tho

        Actually have picked up any ciders in a long time perhaps I’ll grab a few next time. I wanna cut back on beer as I’m gaining weight so I cut back on carbs and just drink brandy and wine.

    • I occasionally drink Frosty Jack cider mixed with Stella, although I’m not to sure if Frosty can really be classed as a cider….whatever the fucking stuff is,it’s fucking potent.

    • Raspberry and/or Peach Stella ‘Cidre’ is only drunk by pooves, tuppence flickers, student cunts, and hooray tossers at ‘Glasto’….

    • What was that cheap cider in small bottles called?
      White lightening or diamond white?
      Something like that, it came in small green bottles, anyway you have reminded me of how i used to get absolutely pissed on that piss when i was underage.
      I will say that cider is the worst drunk to bring back up.

      And what about The Pocket Rocket?
      Thunderbirds to the layman.

      I could go a bottle of Thunderbirds Blue Label the now.

      • Ha fuckin hell that takes me back.
        Every friday evening we’d pool our pocket money, bring out our terrible, biro altered, fake id’s and and get some 2l bottles of white lightning.

        Then off to the woods to throw deodorant cans onto the campfire.

        …those were the days.

        • Don’t forget the Embassy red tabs passed around til the red tip was the length of the cigarette.

          • Red packet, little fuckers from what I remember. It’s rollies for me now, I used to get through 40 odd B+H a day. Don’k now how people afford them now

          • £1.90 i pay for a pack of L&M Blue label.

            Cigars are cheap too.
            I don’t know how much they are coz i just give the tobacconist £5 and he gives me a bag with loads of assorted size and class of cigars inside.

          • Two dyslexics go skiing and one says to the other “what do we do here, zigzag or zagzig?
            His friend says “i don’t know, go over and ask that guy”

            So he goes over and says to the guy “what do i do here, zigzag or zagzig?

            The guy says “i don’t know, I’m a tobogganist”

            The dyslexic guy says ” fuck me, a tabogganist, that’s handy, i’ll have twenty Regal King Size and a box of matches”.


            That’s a joke from The Viz from the early nineties.

    • You say that Captain but most of the nouveau cidre drinkers (of the hipster variety) would probably find the taste of real cider not to their poor, wee, sensitive palates. That foreign shite is pop, alcoholic pop!

      I was in a real ale/Belgian beer pub in Crewe a few weeks back and there was a CAMRA sign on the wall which stated: “Cider and Perry is made from apples and [perry] pears, not in a lab!”

      I love perry that you can pick the twigs out of. Great on a hot day and fucking rocket fuel! Not like that 4% piss that you have to fucking kill with ice to take the taste away AND pay a fortune for – because it looks cool! Soft cunts!

      • Commercial white cider is sweetened dog piss stay away from high fructose alcopops or don’t have too many. It will rott your teeth off, drinking that low grade swhill don’t give a good buzz either. It gives bad stomach aches and horrible hangovers Drink craft ciders and premium only

        Frosty Jacks destroys lives and its awful low grade shite

        • I like the dirty, scrumpy stuff.

          These cocks bringing in foreign guff are just bollocks. Swedish cider? Shit off!

          • Good ol scrumpy thats some old country shit right there. Theres some nasty scrumpy out there tho, its a acquired taste

          • Titslapper, last I was on some mental Mango cider which was cloudy as you like and 6%. It went down well.

  15. i must be getting old.. thought i’d watch a bit of ‘ GLASTONBURY. what a load of shite. that cunt LiAM Gallegher just makes sort of weird of whining noise whilst thinking he’s saying something ‘ deep and meaningful’ The Foo fighters think making a load noise is somehow good. just been watching some knob head called FATHER JOHN MISTRY.. Jeez try humming that shit. these fuckers just can’t write tunes, 2 minutes after they’ve finished its just erased from your brain. then theres Craig ‘ aren’t i fuckin great ‘ David. total shite
    and the fuckin audience – hype victims. in a triumph of hope over experience i am now waiting for the Jacksons. deluded or what? i hereby officially cunt Glastonbury and the Muppetts who go there.

    • I saw that cunt about an hour ago as I was channel hopping. He was certainly a fucking mystery to me!

      • I was reading an interview with Liam,Liam,Liam Gallagher earlier were he said that he wasn’t going to be hanging out with the celebrities at Galstonebry as they are “all political yet return to their big houses”
        At least one of them is noticing and mentioning the hypocrisy.

    • Yea Glastonbury is a cuntfest of epic proportions.
      Did you see comrade cunt-face’s speech to the masses?
      They were all cheering and singing, with jezza written on their faces in crayon.
      Reminded me of those old war documentaries where you see the germans pre-war all cheering for Hitler.
      You just look at them and think: if only you knew what was coming.
      Bit like these cunts. If comrade cuntchops get into power they’ll all be fucked.
      Fine by me but unfortunately they’ll take the rest of us down with them.

      • In another time it would be called a cult, bearded ageing, pacifist hippie promising peace and love and a nuclear free world. Thousands of devoted followers who all think they are going to get something for nothing, unfortunately he’s the leader of the opposition.

    • Christ , Craiiiig David and kes from Bo Selecta! would be a better draw.

    • I was just reading about Comrade Corbyn’s Glastoncunt appearance. Next year they should just call it cunt and the headline band should be snowflake cunt.

      All those oh so fucking pious SJW cunts feeling righteous without any comprehension they are indulging in western white privilege at its most hedonistic. The irony is almost fucking killing me.

      Please cunts do carry on feeling like applauding the empty words of the vacuous fake cunts on stage actually makes you a good person.

      You fucking bunch of shit lickers

      • Somewhat ironic that rolling around in the mud at Glasto is the only time Labour voters come close to getting their hands dirty.
        Never from actually working though…

      • How much for a ticket?
        How much for designer wellies, cagoules, organic food, cocaine, limousine for the gals, champers, and ethnic beads?
        They could have watched it on the telly and given that money to some cause that they care sooooo much about.
        But the selfie wouldn’t have looked so good sat on the couch.

        The only reality they will experience is sitting on a shitty mucky pissy portaloo.
        I hope they forgot the loo roll.

  16. Nowadays everybody want to talk like they got something to say, but nothing comes out when they move their lips, just a bunch of gibberish…

    I still got love for the streets.

    And pavements.

    And lampposts.


  17. Corbyn is a big egotistical cunt and on his demise I will pour myself the biggest Jack Daniels ever. Even though the cunt may have made a video for the armed forces, on armed forces day, it still doesn’t excuse the fact the hippy fuckster would have rather been at that shite festival than attending Liverpool or any other event the cunt was invited to. I loathe the cunt and his followers with passion and I do fear for the future of this country, if by some chance he were PM. May gets me more annoyed and angrier day by day, but I would still rather have that useless split arse than him. Cunts, the lot of them.

    On a brighter note I was having a tea in a cafe today and I saw a massive pair of tits in a tight white shirt. Good job the Mrs wasn’t with me at the time.

    • Evening Gingers Ballsac.

      After i posted that i thought “fuck, i hope he gets the reference, and doesn’t think that i was calling him a muthafucka”.

      We be kool, homie? 🙂

        • How the fuck did that fat lipped cunt get away with sampling a song from Annie ?
          All the young tuffs nodding their heads along to a musical number, frowning and posturing as if they are the cool ones.

          If Timmy Mallet done that, we’d all get the naff joke and move on.
          Jay-Z does that and its a shit-hop ‘classic’.

          Utter tat.

          • Must’ve been an early hit when he was scraping for followers. Funny-looking feller, whatever you think of his “music.”

            If I weren’t so pissed on English scrumpy I’d cunt people who use the word “fam.”

          • “Fam” is like mate. You’d hear it if you you were near people who pretend they’re”street.” Bellends.

  18. In un-related Corbyn news , the Yanks reckon they have invented the sausage roll. More or less the same as ours but called a fucking Puff Dog, I bet its some greasy mess that tastes of plastic like their shitty cheese.
    We are already being stripped of our culture and national identity left and right, forget Brexit May, they ain’t having our savoury snacks too!

    • The French made an entente cordial with Turkey in the late 19th century and to honour the Turks, made a special bread in the shape of a crescent (on the Turks’ flag). They subsequently named it a “Croissant” (frog for ‘crescent’).

      The British (ever wanting to insult the French) stuck a sausage in it. This is how the Sausage Roll was invented.

      Even as a vegetarian, this story brings a tear of joy to my English eyes.

      • Room temperature left over buffet sausage rolls when yer pissed.
        Feast of the gods.

        Nowadays it’s the room temperature spinach pie for me.

        Still delicious though.

    • I do find it funny when they use the term “as american as apple pie.”

      Apple pie has been eaten in britain since before the romans (apparrently). Which means that apple pie is at least 1500 years older than america.

      Next they’ll be claiming that they invented the aeroplane.

      They may have made the first powered flight but the wings were invented in good old blighty.

      • The Yanks also claimed to have invented the light bulb but it was Joseph Swan (and earlier Humphrey Davy). Thomas fucking Edison tried to steal everything.
        Thomas cunt-fart Edison.

        • Allegedly, Sir George Cayley got a plane off the ground (briefly) years before the Wright brothers, but there was no film record or witnesses.
          Suck it up, Uncle Sam…

  19. I know this is a bit harsh, and I will hand myself in for thought crime, but cant we just shoot cunts like this ?

    • Depends on what you want to shoot them with. Bullets, no. Liquefied dog shit, maybe.

      • Remember when the Allies made German villagers march past the corpses of Death Camp victims?
        Cunts like the above should be made to walk past the mounds of bodies, millions of them, that Socialism in all it’s various nasty forms has created throughout history.
        Of course, in his eyes, they would all be “traitors to the revolution”
        Or just someone else’s fault…

  20. Strange goings on at Hampden Park… Ian Brown singing ‘Beautiful Thing’ by himself and saying to the crowd, ‘Don’t be sad it’s over…’

    As Browine himself said in Amsterdam: ‘The drummer’s a cunt!’

    • Hope Brown and Squire do something together… John has been shit hot at these last gigs… I remember it was Ian and Reni kicking off – Felder and Frey style- that fucked up the band last time too….

      And god bless Mani… A top lad…

      • It would be nice if the stone roses could do a 4 or 5 song ep before they all kick the bucket. Something tells me they all hate each other cause they would of done some proper material the last time they got together to cut those singles

        • It’s Brown and Reni again, TitSlapper…. That’s what finished them last time (fuck the 95/96 ‘Robbie Maddix era’… That time was a joke!)…. And ‘Beautiful Thing’ was done with a drum loop… It looked like Reni was walking towards Ian last night, but Ian skulked off…. Brown can be a bit of a cunt himself, and I bet John despairs of the pair of them…

          And I agree…. Five years and two songs…. Was that it?! The Smiths recorded their whole output in that time, The Beatles went from ‘Love Me Do’ to ‘The White Album’ (via ‘Rubber Soul’, ‘Revolver’ ‘Pepper’ etc) in five years, Zeppelin did their first four albums in three years, and Hendrix recorded three classic albums (one a double) in just two years… For all their bravado and reputation, I think history will judge The Stone Roses as a band that just couldn’t be arsed and who failed to deliver…

          • And no communication with/for fans and no interviews for five years was also ridculous…. Was it supposed to make then appear aloof, enigmatic, and maintain a ‘mystique’?… It made them look like cunts, truth be told…

        • Reni never turned up for the ‘Beautiful Thing’ sessions, TitSlapper… That’s why a loop was used… Great drummer and all that, but if he was hindering them actually putting out new music, they should have gone for a top drummer… Jason Bonham or Chad Smith would be a good choice….

          • And Syd Barrett did 2 albums with floyd and 2 solo albums before he ended his short career. With the Roses I dunno must be that Mancunian attitude Good to know bout Roses current dilemma thanks for the Info M8 Chad Smith eh … Yeah hes a good drummer but I don’t care for the Red Hot Cunty Peppers hahaha

            That interview Chad did with ginger baker was hilarious tho. Talk about meeting your hero and getting treated like a cunt lol Good ol Ginger I’m sure the grumpy old bastard doesn’t have long now Sorry 4 the late reply bud just seeing it now

  21. Definitely had another post deleted tonight along with Gingers Ballsac, yet i only quoted lyrics from some rap tat.

    All sorts off opinions get aired on this site , some i agree with, some i don’t agree with and some i really don’t agree with, but i either comment and give opinion or i leave it be and say nothing.

    What would be useful is a list of people who can and can’t be cunted.
    The other day i learned that ER is uncuntable and tonight i see the polis have been added to that list.

    If i have offended anyone with words then doesn’t that make the offended a snowflake like all the other snowflakes we sneer at?

    • I didn’t realise that anyone was off limits, Birdman. Do you mean the Queen when you say ER? I’ve been thinking about giving her a cunting,but I’ve held fire until she croaks or abdicates…not that I’d like to upset anyone,of course. :). .

      • Yeah, you know who i’m talking about, Dick Fiddler.

        I wouldn’t bother with yer cunting of it, if i were you, or me.


        Sometimes it’s “Dick Fiddler” with capitals and other times its “dick fiddler” without capitals.
        Wtf, maaaaaan?

        • I had the same when someone told me that I shouldn’t cunt the Scots…Fuck that,I’ve cunted every sex,colour and creed,and as long as it’s not going to bring the wrath of god down on the site,I have every intention of continuing.

          I sometimes have to reenter my details when I post,and that’s when the capitals change.

          • I jokingly told you it was racist to cunt the scots because the colour of their skin

          • I cunted the scots a while back. It felt good but some people were very angry. …that’s their right though.
            I recently uncunted them when they booted out robertson and salmond.

            Has anyone heard anything from wee burney lately?
            That annoying little cunt has been strangely silent since the election.

    • No, ER is not uncuntable but people are entitled to disagree with you. I always worked on the basis that we’re here to cunt cunts not each other?..

    • After I said good evening to you birdman I fell asleep, must be my age. Anyway, I saw that both our posts were missing this morning and have come to the conclusion that the police are off bounds. I believed that if them nice friendly coppers can treat me like a cunt then I can repay them, with interest added on.

      • I replied to your chat with a quote from Dr.Dre and this morning your bit has been scalped yet mine is still there. It reads like I’m a wing-nut, which is just pure coincidence.

        Strange things are afoot.

  22. Emily Ratajkowski is a Cunt…indeed she’s a damned fine Cunt.

    I’d decided to initiate her in the mysterious love arts as practised by shaven-headed,foul-mouthed,50 odd years old, Northern Lotharios such as myself. Now you’d have thought that the smallest chance of being selected to be the next lucky recipient of a good Fiddlering would have keep herself single on the off chance of winning the Lottery of Love…. Not this brazen hussy!! Apparently she’s got herself a boyfriend and is in a committed relationship. Now, I know that once she gets The Call she won’t be long of ditching the poor sap,but I’m not sure I fancy taking on such a short-sighted trollop.

    It’s your own fault Emily, I’m withdrawing (unusual for me ) your chance to sample the delights involved in FiddlerFucking….Poor girl’ll never get over the disappointment,but I have to be cruel to be kind. Most women can only depart my “love-lair” muttering about “never again” such is the magnificence of my performance…they know a second dose would be just too much pleasure for them to endure.

    Indeed, I’m hoist by my own petard…having Elephantiasis of the dick allied with an irresistible,modest personality is a curse.

    • Is Emily Ratajkowsk from stout English Yoeman stock ?, if not hang your head in shame sir

      • I’m prepared to be quite cosmopolitan when it comes to matters of l’amour….no bigot me….black,white or any shade inbetween,fat or thin.short or tall…hell,I’m not even that bothered if they’ve got all their limbs,I’ll pork the buggers.

  23. You’re right birdman, I did get a mention on the peguin. I had to read a lot of deluded bollocks to get there.
    Good to know that someone reads my comments though.

    You were hailed as the “vilest shit.”

    No fair! … I wanted that one.

    Guess I’ll have to up my game. 🙂

    • Meeeeeee???????

      I’ve been described as the ‘vilest shit’?

      No, no, no, no, no


      What a soft cunt.


        • I’ve been called many things, but ‘vile’?
          90% of my nonsense is tongue in cheek.
          ‘Vile’ makes me sound like a beast.

          Bit of a cunt,scally, curmudgeon maybe, but ‘vile’?

          • ‘Vile’ is the buzzword for snowflakes and libmongs, birdman… Anybody who dares to disagree with them is ‘vile’…. Anyone who voted for Brexit is ‘vile’… Anyone who doesn’t want their country or community infested with terrorists, rapists, or migrants is ‘vile’… Anyone who doesn’t like Ed Sheeran is ‘vile’…. Anyone who doesn’t get them what they want for Christmas is ‘vile’….

            Sing along… ‘Everything is vi-i-le… In it’s own way…’

          • I just remembered that I’m sure it was a joint award between the two of us Norman.

        • Anyone who steals womens’ identities and attempts to do them harm by making them look bad by posting crap in their name(s) has no room to call anyone else ‘vile’…. Sicko! Sicko! Sicko! Sicko!

  24. I find myself agreeing with Diane Abbott when she says that the death-toll for Greenell Tower was not 79,but actually in the hundreds. Why hasn’t a full list of the “missing” been released?….Could it be that they have no idea just how many people or who the fuck they were,actually lived there?

    • That fucking song they did is shite too.. I’d have preferred something a bit more catchy and upbeat… Perhaps “Put another l** on the f***” by Waylon Jennings would have encouraged us to stand united and show the world that we can never be defeated. It’s a song that can be enjoyed by all colours and creeds and a circle of people holding tea-candles while giving a rousing version would certainly bring a tear to my eye.

      • Yea I’m not sure about the relevance of a bridge.

        They had hundreds of songs to choose from and they chose one about a bridge over a river. …? …

        They could’ve used candle in the wind, relight my fire, let me stand next to your fire by hendrix ….

        …sorry. Too soon?

    • And where are the 150 the Champion Windowlicker Megamong was talking about on the telelvision news?… Could it be our (least) favourite spazmo was spouting shite yet again?…

      Well I fucking never…

  25. Can’t we at least get an official figure of how many were officially registered by the council as being residents at Grenfell tower? Then add the number known to have died to the number rescued and take it away from the official figure an we have an estimate of the number dead. Why hasn’t this been done? Of course we know the actual figure of how many people who staying in the tower is much much higher. But of course it’s not PC to mention that.

    • I honestly believe that the Benefits Office is the way to find out….of course some enterprising “enrichers” have probably stolen a lot of the true victims’ identities by now.

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