Sergeant Pepper

Apparently, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is the album that “changed music forever”

What a load of pretentious marketing speak drivel! Like fuck it did. The Sex Pistols did more to change the face of music than the Beatles ever did. The Fab Four were a pop band that got lucky because Epstein was a brilliant marketing man.

If you want to hear a half decent Beatles album you won’t find it in Sergeant Pepper. After Revolver it was all downhill as McCuntney & Co climbed further and further up their own backsides.

Want proof it’s all bollocks? Look no further than Amazon who are selling an anniversary copy of the album for £109 with previously unreleased material. Basically five or six preproduction or remixed versions of the same songs. There’s a reason they’ve never been released before. It’s because they weren’t fit for purpose. Beef that up with a book and a couple of DVDs with old documentaries on them. Bingo! Loadsa money…!

No, if you want to hear Beatles music then listen to The Rutles who took their stuff and improved it.

“Changed music forever”? Don’t be a cunt…!

Nominated by Dioclese.

142 thoughts on “Sergeant Pepper

  1. The Rutles, Cheese and Onion. And George portrayed as an Indian, fucking great. Neil McInnes was a proper musician.

    • Piggy in the Middle outshines I Am the Walrus.

      Apparently Macca wanted to sue Innes but Linda told him to grow a sense of humour and stop being a cunt. He never succeeded with either…

    • I don’t agree with Dioclese.even though I was never a major Beatles fan (more of a Stones type guy myself) but yeah, The Rutles were the bollox.
      With regards to George being portrayed as an Indian, there’s an interesting story there. That was a guy called Ricky Fataar who is from Durban South Africa, and came over here in the late 1960’s to seek success in the pop game with his mate Blondie Chaplin.
      Fataar is actually a drummer.
      Both joined The Beach Boys in I think around 1971, and Ricky Fataar still does lots of stuff with Brian Wilson, and Blondie Chaplin has of late also.
      Blondie Chaplin was a backing singer on all Rolling Stones tours from around god knows when up until the recent one.
      If you’re interested in pop/rock, google the pair of the fuckers, and their old Durban band ‘The Flames’.
      Blondie is the main vocalist on ‘Sail on Sailor’ from The Beach Boys ‘Holland’ album.
      Meanwhile, here’s a clip of the pair of them in The Beach Boys, with Blondie singing and Ricky on drums – (mods, this is a better clip to the previous one posted)
      This is my first post, so hello to all you cunters :O

    • The cunts sued Innes for Plagerism and won. He never made a Penny. All you need is fucking lawyers.

    • ATV music (Lew Grade?) at the time owned The Beatles songs and they sued Neil Innes (or I guess the publisher that owned The Rutles songs). He had to share 50% of The Rutles songs royalties with ATV which is a shame really. He should have had Ron Decline on his side. I don’t know if that continued when Michael Jackson bought The Beatles songs.

      Much later Neil Innes successfully sued Oasis for Whatever being a rip-off of Free To Be An Idiot, which is funny. I hope he got a few quid for that. A field day for lawyers. I always knew Oasis were a Rutles tribute band.

  2. The Beatles….. does anyone else think they wouldn’t quite got to the level of stardom they did if Elvis didn’t go into movies and not return to music full time until 1968?

    • Love’s ‘Forever Changes’ pisses on Sgt Pepper…. So do ‘Meddle’ and ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’….

      • Fucking right Norman “Forever Changes,” was literally mind bending. The Doors debut pissed on Sgt Pepper too. RIP Arthur Lee.

      • “Love’s ‘Forever Changes’ pisses on Sgt Pepper…”

        Ditto anything Brian Wilson wrote and produced for the Beach Boys.

        • Agreed, Mr. West. Pet Sounds and Smile (original 1967 sessions, not the sanitised 2004 release) stand up against anything the Beatles ever released. The White Album is a fine album, though.

  3. All this ‘anniversary’ stuff is bollocks… Giles Martin has done a pretty good job in remixing Sgt Pepper, but all the other crap?….. Multiple takes of ‘Fixing A Hole’ and ‘Lovely Rita?! Fuck me….
    The remixed album and ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ and ‘Penny Lane ‘ would have done…. But they had to pad it out with loads of guff to ‘justify’ the massively extortionate price…. Every fucker is at it…. U2 are milking their ‘Joshua Tree’ by touring a 30 year old record and reissuing (again! It was remastered in 2007) that same album… Bozo and his bogtrotting buddies have also gone for the 100 and odd quid for an ancient album, a flashy cardboard box, a few crappy ‘remixes’ and some ‘exclusive’ photos trick… So, no new music and a load of shite… The Pink Floyd recent box set was also ridiculously expensive, but at least there was loads of rare and unreleased stuff…

    • I prefer Bonio, because he should be eaten and shat out a dog’s arsehole. Fucking God complex cunt that he is. To be sure, to be sure.

    • Agree about Sgt Pepper although the cover was great. Revolver, Abbey Road and Rubber Soul better by far.
      However, if you don’t ‘get’ the Beatles then you should stick to Cowellised, autotuned, algorithm written, manufactured crap.
      (you know who you are)

      • Rubber Soul and Revolver are great… A Hard Day’s Night is also a simple, but fine, pop album that was the starting gun for The Byrds… The Beatles had one last gasp of the old magic (‘Hey Bulldog’) before Yoko arrived and fucked it all up… Abbey Road is good though…

  4. Maybe not the album that changed music forever but you had to be there when it was released, it certainly sounded better than the cunt Cliff Richards and his Shadows band or that Australian warbling cunt Frank Ifield, or Joe I am a cunt Loss.

    • Or Craig ‘Milkman’ Douglas, Engelbert Cuntberdinck, Max Bygraves, and Leapy Fucking Lee…

      And although overrated, Pepper is better than the pile of shite that is ‘Satanic Majesties’….

      • Interesting fact is that Cuntberdinck’s Please Release Me kept Penny Lane /Strawberry Fields Forever off the number one spot for what would have been The Beatles’ 18th consecutive chart-topper. Still a sun-tanned, white teeth cunt, though…..

        • I disagree Norm Satanic Majesties was a really great album and really sounded like nothing else. Without a shadow of a doubt their most experimental I don’t really understand why its so polarizing Choice cuts are 2000 light years from home, Gomper, She’s a rainbow, The Lantern

          Cuntberdinck the english Tony Bennett

  5. The Beatles were an outstanding example of the Mersey Sound, and in the early R&B era were exceptionally good. In my view, they never matched the excellence of several other bands of that time. OK, so the Beatles were good…but…thats it, they were good.Brian Epstein was a terrific manager, and had it not been for him they would have been oh so..
    Sgt Peppers as far as I was concerned was a complete and utter load of shite. As Cuntsuble says, Robber Soul and Abbey Road were a far better product.

    The shite about the “psychedelia” and innovation is bollocks. Check out the A side of “The Family ” Scene through the eye of a lens” 2 years before Strawberry fields ( B side Gypsy Woman also terrific ) The Beatles were good, but never THAT good.

    • ‘Eight Miles’ high also predated ‘Strawberry Fields’ by nearly two years… ‘Younger Than Yesterday’ and The Notorious Byrd Brothers’ easily outdo Pepper….

        • The Family was a pretty good band they never made it big in the america for one reason or another but I thought they had some good material. Music in a Doll house and Family entertainment were their best my opinion Fearless was good too

          • I second that. Family were the first band I ever saw at Brighton Dome in 1970.
            Amazing performance.

    • Never heard her stuff, but what I’ve heard about it was that it was the shits.

  6. Changed music forever? It would be more accurate to award that accolade to Suicide, who began around 1970 with their synth and drum machine, or perhaps to the Silver Apples who started the whole thing off and released their first record in 1968.

  7. The Beatles were ENGLISH from an era when we led the world in music, fashion , culture and football…….no cunt had ever heard of the EU or had any idea what a fucking mosque was.
    I’ve just dug the album out, opened up a can of wifebeater and I’m going back to those days for a couple of hours.
    Anyone doesn’t like it can suck my cock and kiss my hairy arse.

  8. Never thought much of the Beatles, preferred the Stones and The Who.

  9. Greatest band ever but The White Album is better and Lennon was superb and they’re the A-Z of music along with Dylan and pop music’s all the same chords regurgitated and…and…

    Haven’t we already been through this before? Didn’t we debate this endlessly on the London Bridge Muslim terrorist day a week last Saturday?

    Cue loads of “My music’s better than yours” from the decade when you were a teenager. Zzzzz…

    • Given that the decade I was a teenager was the 00s, I will not make a claim like that!

      • Fair enough, hairy muff.

        This is a tad te-hashed, isn’t it? That bloke prefers The Kinks but that bloke prefers Mercury Rev and that cock doesn’t like Epstein and that cunt hates everything from Liverpool and that prick can’t stand anything after 1940 and my Dad’s bigger than your Dad and Slade were better than the New Fast Automatic Daffodils and my decade was better than yours.


        I’ll fetch my best pair of Cut’n’paste gloves.

        • Wasn’t much for my age (fuck that makes me feel older than I am!)) but probably still better than what we get now.

      • I was a teenager late-90s and early-00s. A lot of disposable shite followed by supercunts like Travis, Coldplay and Stereophonics.

        Too young for the Manchester bands sadly. Would have loved to experience the Roses first time around. Saw them reform in Heaton Park in July 2012, and really wish I hadn’t.

        • This orangeman i used to know (my Da) said that “fenian” means “irish warrior” so we shouldn’t call them that as it flatters the taigue/taria cunts.

          I always said he was talking shite.

          Any ideas who was right, flexicunt?

    • Always piss myself at the line where Partridge says his fave Beatles album is “probably… The Best of the Beatles.”

  10. Who is Arlene Foster?
    Didn’t she have something to do with saucy dance troupe, Hot Gossip?….

  11. Never liked the Beatles. Yoko Ono is weird…. Furthermore, why did Paul marry Heather Mills. She is barking………..

    • There were photos of Mills in the public domain with her bacon sandwich out whilst posing with some unsheathed swordsman.

      Perhaps this gave old Macca a Whacca? Who the fuck in their right mind would marry some old fucking two-bit Tom who had flashed her man in the boat to the world whilst lovingly stroking some blokes pink reptile and love spuds?

      • By Christ there is even one picture on t’internet showing Mills licking squirty cream off some blokes helmet…

        That woman is unwholesome.

        • I was looking at them pics last week.
          Look out for the modern one with her detached false leg resting against a mirror.

      • No she’s not.
        Heather Mills is a good guy.
        Vegetarian animal rights campaigner with good looks and nice tits .

        My two faults with her is that she took up with that cunt and she looks shite in pantyhose.

        The hatred she gets is shocking.
        McCartney dumps his wife and all these Beatles geeks, ie everycunt, start attacking her.
        Its even acceptable in the media to make fun off her missing leg.
        Let’s see the media take the piss out of Stephen Hawkings disability.

        Yours, Heather Mills ally and admirer.

        • Eh, she arguably got the last laugh when she got….. how much was it from the divorce?

          Eh, I always thought Macca was a bit master grade after that whole ‘Lennon & McCartney’ should be ‘McCartney & Lennon’ nonsense.

        • Agreed wrong to attack Mills over her leg.

          Macca is a tight fisted scouse cunt, but Mills is a cheap old Tom who saw Macca as a meal ticket.

          The woman is seriously bitter judging by the post divorce TV interviews she gave.

          I, for one, would not go within a few hundred yards of her dirty old Wookey Hole.

        • That is one horrible scheming totally disingenuous lying fucking ugly cunt. Muckartny was a stupid cunt for marrying a cunt. Stupid cunt.

        • Only cause u need to try a one legged bird. Still. I think she’d know it’s not just to piss with.

  12. If you play “Being for the benefit of Mr. Kite !” at 78rpm in reverse,at 1 minute 12 second in,you can distinctly hear John Lennon fart and groan. I think that he was probably having a shit….Subversive cunt.

    • The only songs I like off Sgt Pepper is Benefit Being for Mr.Kite, fixing a hole and A day in a Life rest of it was mccartneys leftover shite and harrisons indian guru stoner nonsense Interesting informations on Lennons fart tho… lol

      The stupid hidden messages was a clever marketing gimmick to get people talking and buying their albums

  13. SGT peppers arse club band
    Most overrated band ever
    Ring o wont sign anything for his fan and even puts a you tube clip to tell him
    What a cunt

  14. 50th Anniversary and yet another opportunity to flog the dead horse called the Beatles. McCashney is probably watching interest in Elvis wane as his fan base dies off and realises the same is going to happen tot he Beatles in the next decade.

    The Beatles are not going to capture an army of new fans and more than Buster Keaton will. They were of their day and their day is long over. The nostalgia bandwagon rolls to a stop when there is no one left to who was alive to feel nostalgic about the era.

    McCartney sits at the top of the pile of cunts who made a good living from 60’s nostalgia.

    Lots of 80’s bands resurrecting their puerile shite and riding the nostalgia wave now. Sgt Peppers was a step along the way, part of the evolution of music, elevating it to mystical status ruins it. It should be listened to as intended , with unbiased and certainly not viewed as anything but a bit of popular music produced by 4 wasted scousers.

    • I believe the Beatles will always have new fans.
      Cunts are gullible.
      What else explains almost every cunt agreeing they are the greatest ever.
      Look at all the posers with G’n’R t-shirts.
      Fuck we live in an age were Lionel Richie is a LEGEND.
      Ffffuck offffff!!!!!!
      You just have to tell the youth of today that everyone likes something and they follow blindly.

      • Lionel Richie….. pffft, give me Marvin Gaye, George Benson and Luther Vandross over Lionel any day of the week.

        • All that soul stuff is dated eighties cheesey shite.

          That reminds me, my toasties ready.

          Be back soon.

        • Lionel Richie is a cunt, loved by stupid student cunts who thought it was ‘cool’ when Richie ‘did’ Glastonbury…. The same wankstain student cunts who voted Corbyn and also loved Gary Shitter and Rolf ‘Up The’ Harris when they also appeared at the Eavis rich hippy cuntfest…

          Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, David Ruffin and, of course, the great Otis Redding make Lionel Richie look like exactly what he is…. Shite….

          • Now that list Norman, is a list of true soul greats!

            I can’t stand the Glastonbury marks, never saw the appeal of wallowing around in a mud field like that personally. But hey-ho.

  15. Militant Greenies broke into Heather Mills house and took a sample from one of her false legs to prove it was made from an endangered species South American hardwood.
    Greenpeace believe it to be actions of a splinter group….

  16. After one of Mills’ post divorce TV interviews, her behaviour in the Green room later that day, was described by doctors as clearly unstable.
    Although nothing a couple of beer mats couldn’t put right…

  17. Never been sure myself about all these supposed genius bands or artists who penned ‘seminal’ albums while fried on LSD… I’m a fan of Tim Buckley, but his output on the stuff – Starsailor – was just unlistenable indulgent wank.

    Brian Wilson the same. Before my time but I would be interested if anyone who remembers has any thoughts about all the psychadelic bollocks.

    Sgt. Pepper is an album you feel obliged to consider as ‘exceptional’, when you actually feel nothing of the fucking sort.

    • The music and the drugs kinda went together back then and it seemed appropriate for the time, as we fried our brains.
      This cynical re-release outpouring of shit everywhere is very irritating, and I’ve got the LPs to prove it

      • Starsailor was kinda too out there I agree. Buckley sounds possessed or something on it, its a really strange album Goodbye and Hello, Happy Sad were better albums Hes a cunt for fucking over his son Jeff tho talk about cold hearted

        I listen to all kinds of music I try to be open minded on different genres classical, progressive rock, downtempo, art rock, electronica, sythn pop, punk , bluegrass, country, folk, gospel even reggae sometimes! Whatever just not rap or hip hop or current pop shite thats passed off nowadays as muzak

  18. Is remastering old albums a god thing?
    For me, i like the original sound and even better when you can hear the air.
    Listen to Ben E Kings Stand By Me, there’s a sort of tinny hissy sound.
    Its the way they were recorded and the way they were heard and loved.
    Record an updated version, fair enough, but leave original mixing and production alone.

    That cunt Lennon covered Stand By Me.
    It was tat.

    • Of course it was tat, there are some songs that are best left alone.

      No one did that better than Ben E King.

      Remasters can be a bit hit and miss, sometimes they work right, other times, as what Birdman is getting at, remasters end up taking something away from the originals.

      • Beatles?
        I’ve never got the hype.
        They’re okay if you like that sort of thing, but I don’t.
        I know I’m in the minority but since when has a cunter worried about that!?
        I was born in the sixties so as a nipper in the seventies the seventies stuff does it for me.
        You can’t beat a bit of Glam rock eh?

        • I’d rather listen to Ride A White Swan a hundred times in a row than listen to a Beatles album.

          Probably my favourite t-rex track.
          Definitely my favourite t-tex track.

        • Lennon’s”Stand By Me” was far superior to that old boogie soul shite.

    • Worst digital remix? The Stones’ Satisfaction.
      Where the fuck did that jangly rhythm guitar come from?

      Some tracks best enjoyed in mono analog…

      • I don’t care what anyone says. Vinyl sounds shite compared to a good remastered cd. I’m obsessed with music, and make musical instruments.
        We changed over to cd because the sound quality was better and it didn’t sound like it was recorded in a fish and chip shop with all the crackles. When making a comparison the cd shines through, it’s a case of the emperors new clothes and hifi snobs that promote this vinyl is better than cd bullshit .

        • Yeah I agree vinyl is shite but sometimes a CD just sounds wrong compared to the original. I had a CD of remastered Led Zep which I binned because it just sounded wrong when compared to the originals. I have the same album in mono analog – on CD – and it’s great. Sounds like I remembered it but without the pop scratch and crackle.

          It’s not the CD I object to, it’s the remastering…

          • Fucking Jimmy Page must be due in the the Studio soon to embark on a new musical project. To remaster the remasters of the fucking remasters no doubt.

  19. Jellyfish are cunts.
    What the fuck is the point of jellyfish?

    Today i went to the beach and the water was warm for once, so i dive straight, swim under water and bang! right into a a bunch if the cunts.
    Little ones, but there were many.
    They are the size Oreos.
    My inner arm looks like i have a sleeve tattoo of bright red flames from my wrist to my armpit.

    As i was coming out the water, a guy said “be careful, there’s jellyfish today”

    Cheers cunt, bit late, but cheers.

      • Cheers Norman.
        Truthfully it looks cool as fuck the now, but i’ve had them every summer and know that the scar takes weeks to heal, so i know that this one will look like I’m self harming in a week or two.

    • Yikes, hope you get well soon Birdman.

      Jellyfish…. nasty little fuckers.

      Like you said, what’s the point in them?

      • Cheers Prime Minister Sinister.
        It doesn’t hurt, in fact, its the same as stingy nettles and even looks the same at the time, but a few hours later they go deep red and purple.
        It’s not even itchy anymore but looks tuff. 🙂

        Thank duck it wasn’t squid.
        Now squid are cunts. They hunt in packs and take chunks out if anything they want with their string as fuck beaks.

        Evil cunts the squid.

        • Quite a few sausage thumbed spelling mistakes ther.
          I can spell , honest, its just these thumbs.
          And not proof reading properly.

          • Squid eat whales, or at least gang up and bite the shite out of them.
            When you see bite sized scars on a whale, that was most probably squid.
            When you see long running scars on whales, that’s giant jellyfish.

            Fuck knows why I’m vegetarian, quite a few animals are cunts.

            I think I’ll start a new diet of Squid, alligator, big cat and shark fin soup.

  20. Agreed on that one. I never was a Beatles fan either. Overrated and there’s more interesting stuff out there. I never could see what all the fuss was about. Does nowt for me either. I much prefer Rory Gallagher.

  21. Off topic but Jabbott the cunt has broke cover to reveal how ‘ill’ she was. Apparently, her blood sugar levels went awry and she was stricken due to diabetes.

    Perhaps the cunt didn’t realise how much sugar they use in a typical Bargain Bucket plus ketchup sachets. Or perhaps she did, thinking 400% daily allowance was low numbers.

    Still dying to know who that fucking monstrosity was in the pics escorting her during ‘gardening leave’…

    • Blood sugar levels went awry on every fucking interview? Brillo, Marr, Morgan and Ferrari?

      My wife is a T1 and is a Doctor so has to keep her blood sugar levels in check. Abbott’s seem to magically coincide every time she opens her stupid fucking pie hole.

      Abbott is a fat, lying, frog-faced cunt. 99.9% of what she spouts is plutonium grade shite.

      • My workmate is Type 1 and my younger sister is Type 2… Both are as thin as rakes, but it doesn’t affect their day to day business…. And I have never seen them with any of the sort of problems that Abbott The Hutt claims as her latest excuse…. Wonder what the next copout will be?… We’ve had migraine, we’ve had blood sugars… Will it be Bubonic Plague? Monkey Flu? Or how about Saturday Night Fever? It’s fucking laughable… She’s even diabolically crap at lying… Useless chocolate walrus cunt…

    • I know the Russians love their ‘useful idiots’ but even they must be thinking twice about the Flabbott.

      ‘What are we going to tell Putin about Comrade Flabbonva Yuri? She has fucked another interview and now on the sick’.
      ‘I don’t know Vasily, she is thicker than my babuska’s goulash’.

      • A poison umbrella up the Hutt’s jacksy wouldn’t work…
        The Ivans would need a torpedo from one of their nuclear subs to even dent that enormous arse…

  22. You’ve got to be a bit of a cunt to subscribe to The Guardian, haven’t you.

    I saw a piece in the Torygraph about how close the election was. Apparently it was 700 votes in the eight closest constituencies (which Labour won); 401 votes would have secured Zelda a majority.

    Weighed down by this onerous news, I wandered over for an occasional glance at the Guardian. God’stits, what a depressing read! Page after page of whooping political joy and readying to place the crown on Steptoe Coynyn’s head; barely-decent “writers” compete to see who can hate Britain the most; recreant, milky beardos & sterile, fugly lesbos complacently comment on Brexit as each repulsive, ivory-towered turd tells what “needs” to be done whilst further diluting what the majority voted for last year.

    By the Bowels of Christ, it’s little wonder their readers are so permanently gloomy and miserable. A quarter of an hour in and I felt like going postal.

    ‘Support us with a contribution’ it asks. I’d rather have sugared, boiling water thrown in my face. What a snidey, hideous pile of sanctimonious vomit.

    • Try The New European.
      Worse than the Grauniad, if such a thing be possible.
      Oozes cuntitude from every page…

      • Isn’t Alastair Campbell involved with the New European? That would explain why its cuntitude factor exceeds that of The Guardian.

          • Campbellend is indeed the de-facto editor of that New European rag.

            Figures, any rag that would mention Campbellend and Ultra-cunt Blair in a positive manner is a roll of shite written and edited by the worst sort of cunts imaginable!

    • I find sheer fucking hypocrisy that the shitroll-tier Graun constantly holds up the Mail as a ‘divisive, poisonous rag’ – yet I’ve seen nothing more divisive as the Guardian articles and legions of commentating neo-liberals who despise anyone who voted differently to them, in anything.

      Brexit for example has provided them to show their true disgust at the poor, and the North of England especially. These champagne socialist SJW cuntfucks are happy to argue for upping the Welfare State to help these ‘poor Northerners’; until they step out of line of course by voting in their thousands for Brexit.

      If it’s any consolation, their subscribers are ever-dwindling and hopefully the paper will disappear up its own arse..

      • They day that rag dies, I will throw a cunters party on ISAC!

        Can we put the Groaniad in the Dead Pool?

      • To be fair, it’s actually Alastair Campbell who uses that particular expression about the Mail, not The Guardian per se.

        But frankly, anyone who believes the Mail presents balanced, honest, factually correct information needs their fucking head examined – the Mail transgresses the Editors Code in respect of the “Truth and Accuracy” clause more than every other national newspaper put together, but you don’t often hear about it because Paul Dacre (editor of the Mail) controls the complaints/regulatory body IPSO, and before that he controlled its predecessor the PCC (comprehensively discredited as “a puppet of the press barons” during the Leveson Inquiry). Always happy to claim they are “holding power to account”, but not prepared to be held to account themselves. Fucking hypocritical scum.

        Anyone who actually believes that what they read in the Mail is true is an IMAX-scale cunt, but anyone who actually PAYS for the privilege of reading the Mail’s wilful fabrications should be kicked to death and thrown into a canal as that would be the kindest thing.

        • The difference between The Guardian and the Mail is that in The Guardian the partisan bits are always Opinion pieces (and admittedly there seems to be hardly anything in it these days apart from opinion pieces!). In the Mail however, they are far more devious because they slant their “news” reporting to suit the hilariously paranoid hard right agenda of Paul Dacre – which again is a transgression of the Editors Code which forbids the misleading conflation of Opinion and Reportage.

  23. I read the news today, oh boy…..
    4 thousand mosques in Blackburn, Lancashire……
    And though the mosques were very small……
    They had to count them all……

    Ay up! Plenty of room for more!

  24. I’m fixing a hole where the Roma get in……
    To stop the cunts from wandering……

    Fuck it ! Too late.

      • I would like to nominate ITV for a serious and sustained cunting.

        What with Bradby who fancies himself as a ladies man, modelled on Reginald Bosenquet. More like Vegetable fucking Bozo.

        Then you have that whining socialist vagrant Peston, who clothes resemble some charity shop reject imitations. Their shows are becoming just as much of a socialist wankfest as the BBC news.

      • The remoaner cunts will all be there……
        Out of the arse of Tony Blair, what a scene!

  25. They’ve been some months in preparation….
    A terrible time is guaranteed for all…
    And tonight murdering wogs are topping the bill….

  26. I am The Eggman…
    They are The Eggmen…
    Abbott’s The Walrus….
    Goo-Goo-G’ Joob…

  27. Got the bill and Treezer paid it…
    Took her home I nearly made it…
    Sitting on the sofa with a traitor or two…
    In the dark she looked much older……
    With the hunch across her shoulder….

  28. (Corbyn singing):

    Woke up, fell out of bed
    Dragged Diane’s pissflaps across my head
    Found my way downstairs and checked my flange
    And looking down I noticed I had crabs

    • Found my coat and grabbed my hat……
      Got my tongue up Diane’s twat….
      Found my way upstairs and sucked her tits……
      Then somebody said……you’ve got a dose of clap…..

    • Boney M….. good god you ever hear their cover of itchycoo park? fucking dreadful stuff putting shame to a classic. Poofs and Lezzers will no doubt buy their dance house techno shite but I’d be surprised if they are dumb enough to buy the boxset

  29. There’s also a ’40th anniversary’ box set of The Sex Pistols one and only album coming out soon…. What the fuck are they going to put in that to justify its ludicrous price tag?….
    Bits of crap that weren’t as good as the crap that they actually released?…. That Jamie Reid ‘artwork’ for the millionth time?… A book featuring cunts like Tony Parsons, Paul Morley, Vivien Westwood, and other tossers yapping on about how ‘great’ and ‘subversive’ the Pistols were, and what an ‘icon’ that useless psychotic cunt, Vicious was?….

    It will be, indeed, bollocks….

    • It will probably include all the non album single tracks and maybe the Spunk too album which was released earlier then Bollocks and had a different mix. It sounded live in the studio, type sound too it I agree tho Norm Virgin records and Richard Cuntface Branson is trying to milk a dead horse with the sex pistols

    • Chas C’s artwork on the inside cover of his Buspass Anarchist album has a collage of stuff one of which is a photoshopped pistols album reading ‘Never mind the Sex Pistols, here’s the bollocks’

      • Neat info on Chas’s album Dio but The rutles better then the beatles? I’m not a loyal fan of the beatles so no big deal to me but the rutles hardly improved on the beatles material.

        They were a parody rock band there existence was merely a pisstake on the beatles ego which admittingly was kinda funny. I did always like the song ouch! a parody of Help! and cheese and onions a parody of lennons annoying imagine like ballads but improved on their music?… Nah not in my opinion they weren’t

  30. Me mahself personally has a preference for cover art with Anne-Sophie Mutter, Cecilia Bartoli or Renee Fleming…

  31. Ex-pats have been called cunts here many a time.
    Well, on Talk Radio Europe there’s an advert for The Daily Mail, and it claims that it’s the biggest selling British newspaper on the Costa del Sol.

    Seems you were all correct in your judgement of ex-pats. 🙂

  32. Been listening to ‘Electric Ladyland’… A great album… Although Noel Redding’s ‘Little Miss Strange’ is a pile of wank…

  33. I think it was the technical genius of George Martin that made The Beatles as good as they are. I liked Mr Kite and When I’m 64 and I think they’re really good songs, despite it being the swinging 60s and people thought that everything should be newer and better. I also like The Kinks, The Beach Boys and Herman’s Hermits.

    Sgt Pepper was OK but cashing in on outtakes after 50 years is taking the piss a bit. You don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to.

    • They absolutely wouldn’t of sounded as good without him He recorded with other great bands too it wasn’t just the beatles he produced a Mahavishnu Orchestra album that is really good and few Jeff Beck albums

    • Love SF Sorrow probably listened to that album a 100times, now thats a bloody masterpiece it was also recorded round the sametime as Pink Floyd were making PATGOD. Dick taylor was also in a very early version of the rolling stones no relation to Mick taylor tho people always assumes that

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