Sean & Caroline Bondarenko


I’d like to give Sean and Caroline Bondarenko a Cunting.

This couple tried to sue a hotel in Crete for £10k, claiming that they suffered food-poisoning. Unfortunately for the greedy chancers, the hotel has counter sued for £170k.

The Bondarekos waited 3 years after their holiday to sue, and did so with the encouragement of a Claims Company. What they didn’t reckon on was the hotel trawling Facebook and finding evidence that there was nothing the matter with the crooked sods.

Apparently holiday sickness claims by British holiday makers have risen 700% in the last 18 months, due no doubt, to these ambulance chasing crooked lawyers. If they’re not suing for whiplash or sickness, they’re suing the military on behalf of a bunch of peacefuls.

I hope the Bonderenkos are ordered to pay every penny, and the “legal” firm which encouraged them is also sued, the directors imprisoned, and the firm closed down.

Nominated by dick fiddler.

86 thoughts on “Sean & Caroline Bondarenko

  1. Too bloody right. Hope the scummy chancers loose their house. Bet the “no win, no fee” offer sucked them right in.

  2. The lying cunts should be locked up for fraud and the leeching cunt lawyers should be locked up too.

    How many people’s livelihoods and businesses have been destroyed by greedy no good cunts like this?

    …..shootin’s too good for em!

  3. I hope the judge is a regular visitor to this informative site. I which case I have no doubt that he will tell them that they are a pair of low life chavvy scum buckets, and a couple of cunts then roundly tell them them to Fuck Off’ while ordering them to pay up in full and then stopping their benefits. Deceitful cunts.

  4. Its just another symptom of the decline of this once respected country. The “Brish” abroad are the most embarrassing site to be seen and even worse when heard. The ” I know my rights” and the arrogance of the type of idiot that would struggle spelling “Benefit Payment” is legendary.
    Trying to fleece an honest business using lies and deception, are the traits of the chav on tour. The Legal Firm representing them are equally culpable. Lawyers and troughs are synonymous with these scams that encourage the likes of these cunts to tell porkies. This type of crime is a fast learned nice little earner. Incidentally, what lies were told for admission to the UK by Bondarenko Snr.?

  5. Yes I’ve been hearing these ads on the radio about this food poisoning scam and how you can lodge a claim going back 3 years. Of course it’s a rip off that wouldn’t exist without money grabbing ambulance chasing lawyer scum. May I remind you that the law is the most common profession amongst MPs. May I also remind you that Sean and Caroline are pathetic amateurs when it comes to scumbag married couples……..ladies and gentlemen I give you, that wonderful pair of guardians of the law……..Anthony and Cherie Blair!

  6. Aren’t those two photos the same person? Only in the picture on the right the ugly cunt is wearing a very bad blonde ‘Irish Jig’?…

    Proper riff-raff… Knuckle dragging scum… You can tell…

    • The big mistake they made was they put a price on the food poisoning 10k wtf? when they should of just went and seen what they could milk out of the hotel make a free overnight stay I dunno. They could have had a solid case if the doctors could verify that they actually got food poisoning from eating there but without proof they look like fools.

      Also the bald tosser looks likes a bit like spivey yeah yeah I know all bald people look similar but he really would look like him if he had tattoos and the dead stare look that spivey has

    • I was thinking exactly the same thing. Possibly some inbreeding going in there.

  7. Neil Hamilton, Keith Vaz, Jack Straw, Anna Soubry, Sadiq Khan. There’s a whole smorgasbord of these cunts out there, but the one thing in common they all studied law, perfect preparation for the backstabbing, brown nosing and smoke and mirrors cuntitude that is Westminster.

    • Its ironic that the only grateful dead song I like is Jack Straw weird no? hahaha lol alright I probably like 10 songs from them but no more then that the acid soaked hippy cunts lol

  8. Pricks like this give the rest of us a bad name. There are already hotels and restaurants in Spain that refuse to serve British holiday makers because of these parasites. Though why anyone would want to go to Spain when they keep trying to nick Gibraltar from us is anyone’s guess.

  9. ISIS raghead leader killed according to the Russian, fingers crossed.

    • Let’s hope Bad Vlad and his Ivans wipe the whole fucking lot out, LL…

      Nuke Iraq!
      Nuke Iran!
      Libya! Syria! Pakistan!
      Wih a nick-nack paddywack, give a dog a bone!
      Why don’t muzzies fuck off home?!

  10. Any man who wears two earrings is, in my honest opinion, a right chavvy cunt.



    • I agree, Kravdarth… And any bloke who wears diamond studs in his ears is a poofter…

      Land Of Hope And Glory!

      • Well, a bit unfair on gays that… Most of them wouldn’t be seen dead with women’s jewelry in their lugholes… Any bloke who wears diamond studs in his ears is a narcissistic ponce like Lewis Hamilton, Elton John, or Cristiano Ronaldo…

  11. Lily Allen demonstrates her enhanced level cuntology yet again stating how many victims she thinks died in the tower block tragedy. Meanwhile the media (BBC etc) are using this tragedy to attack the government, make no mistake the media on both sides of the Atlantic are using all their tools to remove the respective governments of the UK and US respectively.

    The Liberal left are inciting an uprising, they are undermining democracy because they don’t like the outcome of recent democratic votes. The government may be shit but the people decide who runs the country via the ballot box. Not the left loving media via encouragement of civil disorder.

    We all stand to lose a lot just now.

    • Lily the Cuntfuck really seems to be going out of her way to achieve sustained recognition on this site. She’s stating the fucking obvious – why the fuck are the media giving her shit-opinion any kind of gravitas on the matter? Is that where we are now with celebrity worship – some two-bob shit-singer with a battery acid tinged minge is some kind of expert equivalent to firefighters, building services engineers and MPs?

      I do have to share some pity with Treeza. The politicising of this of course plays right into the hands of labour: i) Corbyn, the self-styled people’s cunt, is in prime position to the be the champion of the ‘oppressed’ Islamic victims, ii) Easy to blame the government for ‘cuts’ yet what was the figure spent on this building – £10million? That sum of course will surely have been bankrolled by local government… iii) Grenfell and environs now seems to be cast as the ‘neglected’ part of Kensington, with all the dialogue you can expect about how bad it is to shove immigrants and foreign arrivals there… I’m sorry for the continued ‘bad taste’, but notwithstanding this unforeseen catastrophe, surely even the most dog-shit infested part of Kensington would be a gleaming paradise compared to the shitholes some of these immigrants crawled out of?

      It angers me that this situation has now been turned as some kind of ‘shameful reflection on the UK’. Bad enough when it was painted as only affecting muslims, but now, it’s being used to cunt the entirety of Britain.

      And it makes me fucking sick how this seems to have completely surpassed the recent terror attacks in terms of coverage and response from the political parties. It is being assigned so much more importance – yes, the death toll is likely to be terrible but where were these levels of indignant outrage from the left when innocents got blown-up at a concert and mowed down/stabbed on a Saturday night in London?

      Reminder again that I wouldn’t wish that Grenfell fire on anyone, but the coverage and the media/political spin being put on this fire is fucking sickening. It’s divisive.

      • Damn fucking straight.

        Anything that goes wrong is now going to be blamed on the government. It doesn’t matter how far the government are removed from the actual issue the media will use any problem they can to chip away at the PM and the government.

        Even pro EU cunts inside the conservative party have the knives out, Portillo had a dig at May this morning.

        May will be gone in weeks.

          • Fuck me, this one will run and run just like the cunts who purchased cheap shit not fire proof panel filling. So after three four years of bollocks and buck passing some contract site manager will get three years in the nick.
            Sorry to be cynical but this is what happens.
            Do not get me wrong this fucking crime for, that what it is has really got me I was a fireman once.

          • Yeah some poor cunt at the bottom of the food chain will carry the can for this. The rich cunts and the Council cunts who stitched it up between them and trousered the taxpayers’ dosh will walk quietly away. Same old same old.
            Haven’t heard if the survivors and relatives have been offered fucking happy clappy counselling yet. Come on Lily, get your finger out you heroic social justice warrior.

      • The response from the media and numerous MPs (Lammy is scum!) and celebricunts regarding the Grenfell fire has – as you say, ECB – been sickening…

        All we’ve heard is ‘Someone is to blame! ‘Name the guilty!’ ‘Now is the time for anger! Funny that, because when a little eight year old girl and many others were butchered by camelbumming human filth at the Manchester Arena we were told ‘Don’t look back in anger’…. So it’s now only acceptable to get angry if it’s peacefuls or johnny foreigners who are the victims?! The selectiveness and favouritism is absolutely disgusting… And as for MSM’s the ‘time the poor and vulnerable were noticed!’ noise?! Do fuck off! I recall mentally and physically ill people who were dying and/or topping themselves at an alarming rate when those scum Duncan Smith, McVey, and Osborne were declaring them ‘Fit for work’… But where was the outcry then?… Who actually – on a wide scale – gave a fuck?… Oh, silly me… Most of those poor sods were white and British…

        And as for the celebricunts who have hovered like greenbottles on a turd: Adele Arbucke, Rita Oral, and – naturally – Lily Spastique are also sickening…. Appear for a few minutes, get pics in papers, look all ‘bothered’ and virtuous and then offski… Were any of them there for any length of time? Did any of them actually do any sort of mucking in or graft? Will any of them actually take any of the now homeless people into their vast and palatial homes? Nah! Will they fuck as like… At least that Ariana Thingy (and her management) raised a good few bob for the Manchester fund… Lily Mong just turns up and talks shite to plug her upcoming load of recorded crap and for attention and social media coverage… Self serving cunt of a spazbag…

      • May is like a weakened animal and the Hyenas are circling, cunts like McDonnell only hunt in packs. The man is provably unfit to serve in a British government.

        As you say he is a traitor.

  12. So its not only this country that’s fucked due to cunts like this,its karma and they deserve it the cunts,its just a shame the hotel cant sue the ambulance chasing vultures who call themselves soliciters who convinced these muppets they could screw some money out of the hotel……


    • True fugly, its going to be a shitfest for the lawyers with compensation claims, public inquiries, inquests and finger pointing that will drag on for years and make some shady unscuplus cunts a mint.

  13. Whenever I’m on holiday, wether it be at home or abroad…. I like to visit the Tourist Information Centre, and ask them to tell me about some tourists who visited last year……

    • My boyfriend and I (we is proper gay)hate seeing Brits when we go abroad. The kids are the worst! Stuck up lttle Ipad playing sewaring faux Jamacian accented uber cunts.
      Dutch,Belgian and scandinavian kids are the best behaved from my obervations.

      The families get pissed at the terminal , are rude to cabin crew and vile to hotel staff. I would like to send them to Iran for a holiday! Ha Ha Ha.


      Oh I almost forgot: Lily Allen is beyond a cunting.

  14. What a pair of cunts, I don’t understand how you can claim for food poisoning 3 years after the holiday. As I said before when reading the original cunting, what next? I am suing for getting herpes after banging some prostitute?
    I have made ‘a few’ not so honest insurance claims in my younger years and got some nice payouts. If the Police are reading this I know naffink abaaaaaht it.

  15. I wanted to say that the Grenfell Tower fire is a cunt and there are some cunts who cut some corners and blatantly put money before people’s safety. I reckon the total death toll is going to be at least 150 people. I have someone I know who lives in there last I knew. I am not condoning or suggesting rioting but I predict some riots in the area soon, which will spread nationwide.

    • Jezza and McDonkey are now really sowing there true colours. Untter Marxist CUNTS.

  16. Why go out abd earn a crust when you can file bullshit claims hoping for a bonanza pay off ? Why go out and earn a living when you can claim empli support allowance and let tax payers pay your way ? Why live in fly blown shit hole when you can pop to the UK and take from a system you’ve never paid into ? Guess who the mugs are

  17. I forsee a summer of discontent for London. Good to see Khomedy Khan get a tongue lashing. Not that he’s bothered



        In short, who the fuck does this arrogant cunt think he is! How dare he make such demands. Prehaps he should have become a bus dricer,like his dad (not that he ever mentions it) then his current role.

        He is a vile ,arrogant, Marxist leaning terrorist sympathising utter SCUM CUNT. And so is David Lammy and Lilly the mong. And Adele and Rita Ora.

        Our beloved Queen visited people affected today. God bless her.

        Oh , by the way I would love to vang prince Harry. Always had a thing for gingers….

        • Although I’m sure that I’ll regret asking the question….What the fuck is “vang”? Is it a new poovery? I only ask because I plan to go out on the piss in the city this weekend and feel that I’d be safer knowing your code-words. I have no desire to be holed below the waterline due to an ignorance of the parlance of a lust-crazed Biggins.

  18. I’d like to nominate BT for a massive cunting due to their monopolisation of Internet services in this country leading to really shit Internet in my area for anyone who isn’t with them – including me! These cunts run the lines in my area and as a result deliberately provide crap service to anyone who doesn’t want to sign up with them!

  19. Where the fuck is Jane-arse?
    Cunt……….. Baaaaaaaaaaaaah.

    I know naffink abaaaaaht it.

  20. …Never fear BaWC I is back……………Been away at NHS pleasure after a huge MS relapse,but one of the nurses hubbys kept me informed about the latest cunts and cuntings………………..So cuntsworthycuntsfucksville my good man


    • Hope yer OK Jane-arse.i gave a “shout out” to you the other week, but you must have ignored it you ignorant cunter.
      Or maybe the nurses hubby learned to ignore my posts like most others. 🙂

      Good to have you back, Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

    • Hope you’re getting better, jane-arse…
      Remember the old ISAC motto,,,,
      One For All And Fuck The Rest!

  21. Is John McDonnell untouchable?

    If no cunt is going to charge him with being an enemy of the state, then he should at least be booted out of politics.
    MP’s have been forced to resign for extra marital affairs , yet we have this odious cunt who has spent his whole life dreaming of bringing about the end of Britain.
    He’s so far failed at that, so now he calls for an uprising.
    This cunt called the Brighton bombings “political art” .

    How labour made gains in the election is bonkers as they are mostly anti British and pro every other cunt who hates Britain.
    I can only assume that Labour voters are thick and didn’t know what they were voting for.

    Get rid of the cunt.
    One way or the other.

    • Most Labour voters in the last election are certainly thick, birdman…
      Snowflake student cunts who believed Steptoe’s promises about tuition fees and a tenner minimum wage?! Thick as pigshit… Not to mention all de bogo-bogos and parking stanleys who voted for Labour… Put it this way: Corbyn doesn’t exactly attract the cream of British society, does he?…

      And McDonell is Fenian filth… Spudfucking, provo loving, enemy of Britain cunt that he is…

    • When the cunt is on tv he tries (but fails) to be Mr Reasonable. Once the lights are off the real cunt comes out and he is basically now demanding street riots. What else does the cunt think is going to happen on a march

  22. For those of a shout at the telly and kick the cunt in disposition I suggest you give Channel 4 at 9pm tonight a miss.
    A right cuntathon if ever I saw one.

    • Has that marxist evil fucker John McDonnell been cunted on this site yet ? we all know he’s a sort of Hienrich Himmler to Cuntbyn and just as evil and dangerous, he openly supports the IRA and his peaceful mates in Hamas., until a while ago he used stealth and cunningness to achieve his aims.
      But now he is inciting riots to overthrow the Government.
      This piece of runny shit MUST be stopped.

  23. Thanks Birdman.
    I found it hard trying to get a sample of blood,piss,shit,and semen to take with me;but the mrs suggested just taking a pair of my used pants…………..cunt………….

    • Yeah Corbyn and co are not even trying to hide their totalitarian commie instincts.Most worrying is that most people do not seem to give a flying fuck.

  24. Helmut Kohl has died.Can`t see that anyone had him in the current pool.

    • Thats a shame he was a popular pick I recall various cunters had him at one point or another

    • Bugger! One of my past picks!

      Rickie’s telling everybody at the Penguin that you lot are trolling the tower block fire. You might want to get angry and tell him he’s talking out of his arse?

      On’t ‘tuther ‘and – block, delete, ignore…

      • Rickie is like every other lowlife cunt then, exploiting the victims for his own ends when he doesn’t really give two fucks about anyone else apart from his pathetic self then.

  25. Tonight I’ve to attend my daughters graduation and dinner.
    Graduation from PRIMARY school.
    Utter shite.

    I’m trying to get out of it, using my muteness as an excuse.
    Still no voice, not even a whisper.

    Try listening to music with no voice to sing along with.
    I can only lip sync.

    Found a notepad on my phone though, so that’s a bonus.

    • “Try listening to music with no voice to sing along with”

      Umm… try instrumental music, its music without the vocals Also wear a sign around your neck that says “please don’t talk to me you cunts I’m sick” lol Cheers Birdman

        • Well alright you cheeky singalong bastard trying humming along to tangerine dreams stratsofear or mike oldfields hergest ridge

          Youd have a hard time singing to those, basically impossible lol. Its practically beatless although is structuraly complex its rhythmicaly minimal

      • TitSlapper, i even sing along to the theme from Law &Order.

        Bading da ding ding ding
        Dun Dun, Dun Dun , Dun Dun.
        Doo doo doo dooloo doo
        Doo dooloo doo. 🙂

  26. Thanks Norman;am on the mend ta.
    MS is a cunt
    Can”t walk,can”t piss,arse decides when to shit,not me,blind in one eye,constant pain,blah blah blah………………….now where”s me bong?

  27. The camera quality on sky news is poor, I can’t understand why the council can’t rehouse people, there’s loads of empty buildings in London that could be converted into temporary housing?

    • Yeah there are plenty of empty buildings but they are all owned by Russian and Chinese gangsters. They don’t give a fuck about a bunch of Muzzies…….or any other cunts for that matter.
      Meanwhile the Cameldrivers are kicking off with Lily Slagheap stirring it up.

  28. Apparently the peacefuls have stormed Chelsea town hall.

    Peacefuls being violent?

    …..Surely not.

      • Where was all this ‘anger’ and ‘protest over the Manchester and London Bridge murders?… Muslamist camelbuggering deodorant free scum cunts…

        • Send that question out there and maybe get the soppy cunts thinking for a minute.
          They wont though, will they?

          When its that obvious and they still don’t get it is what really gets me pissed off and biting my face.

          Imagine telling a resident of the block to “not look back in anger”?
          They’d behead you.

          Fuck em all, Norman.

    • Fucking scummy Cunts. Typical fucking peacefuls and their apologists. Break out the rubber bullets and billy-clubs.

    • I’ve just googled “Chelsea town hall” and there’s cunts on Twatter applauding the animals.

      I’ve been bashed a few times by the polis and arrested many times.
      Never anything bad, just the usual breach of the peace, caught with hash, breaking into a church and for having the audacity to bash a cunt who stabbed me, and another time for not bashing a cunt who stabbed me. (I was arrested for breach of the peace for that one)

      My point is, no way any cunt should have been able to storm a council building without being bashed back with heavy feet fists and batons.

      Get into the cunts and then get the cunts rejoicing on Twatter.

  29. Cunting nomination with a nice big picture of a burning tower block please.


    With all this fuck babble clogging up the merdia day after day cunters are advised to proceed with extreme caution in a high viz vest. Already noted how the Farron (because I am a Christian) resignation was slipped oit to quell any controversy. Now it is time to keep an eye on Brexit. Suddenly it slips oit that Davies and May have agreed to the timetable proposed by the EU. Capitulation to the EU Nazis.
    First they have to agree to immigration and financial matters (ie swallow the shite in one gulp) before they are allowed to move orn to the big money questions such as trade deals and all at a snails pace orf meetings one week every month (and this will be an EU week orf 30hrs including lunch).
    Makes Neville Chamberlain seem like a superhero. May is the worst kind orf bottler. A sell oit in high heels.

  30. Jezza wants to start seizing rich peoples homes, hasn’t the oily cunt Blair got about 10?

  31. How come immigrants and refugees aren’t so bolshy when they were in their own countries?
    The flee tyranny, fearing for theirs and their families lifes, arrive in Britain and demand demand demand.
    All of a sudden these poor souls have big balls and even bigger egos.

    I have never met a more arrogant group of people than Moroccans.
    Head held high everywhere they go, shouting and touching girls in the street and turningthe town centre into a N African looking shitehole.
    Opening shops solely for other Moroccans and stinking the place up with shitting outdoors.

    Dirty, dirty, animals.

  32. rent a mob have arrived at Kensington Town Hall. some fuckin horrible people latching on to other peoples misery. not sure if this has been mentioned but last night on Newsnight the leader of the council made a startling allegation. he claimed that a sprinkler system was offered to the residents but they chose not to have it because of the upheaval it would have caused. somebody. from the TMO categorically stated that was untrue. if it was untrue the council leader should be sacked immediately.

  33. The sick ghoul who posted pictures of a dead body on FB jailed for 3 months already and content removed, shame the Zuckerfucker cant be so quick on hate speech and ISIS propaganda.

    • Zuckerfucker doesn’t seem to mind leaving videos of people getting raped, tortured and killed up. But if you have meme page thats critical of refugees, trannies or hilary clinton then all of a sudden he has moral authority to ban you, what a backwards cunt he is, fucking bellend!

      • Bet the ugly little Plug (Bash Street Kids) look-alike never got any snatch at college or university (if he went)… Now Zuckercock is now all vengeful and ‘I’ll show you!’ a la Beetroot Head Sheeran and Ginger Bollocks Chris Evans….. What is it about unpopular ginger cunts that become megalomaniacs and total twats?…

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