Roger Waters

Roger Waters is a cunt….

Loved Floyd when I was younger, but this lefty windbag’s latest interview in Uncu(n)t Magazine shows what a blundering, harumphing snowflake old fool he really is… First of all, he compares Farage to Hitler: saying Hitler had it in for Jews, while Farage ‘has it in for’ everyone in Europe…. Someone should tell this old cunt trombone that not wanting you homeland infested with thieves, rapists, terrorists and benefit cheats is not the same as gassing millions just because you don’t like them… Gilmour’s nemesis then also has digs at Enoch Powell, says that Brexit is a ‘disaster’ that ‘disgusts him’, and also compares Trump to Hitler (Trump ‘has it in for’ Muslims apparently)… The cunt dodders on about Magna Carta and saying ‘the people should decide!’ Errr… The people did, Rog, and they voted out of the EU…

Yet another rich as fuck country mansion cunt who will never have to live near Iron Curtain benefits thiebing gyppos, or muslamist human flith rapeugees… 22 people from my home city died because of these ‘they’re not all bad’ scum last week, so I am in no mood for his pompous and self righteous buffoonery… Mind you’ he’s always been a bit ‘diificult’ with anyone who dares to disagree with him… The ex-members of Floyd could tell you that…

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  1. It is certainly true that we have only one candidate to vote for. Not that things will improve but at least things won’t get 100 times worse. Sure the comrade C will give us another 20k coppers but 80% will be peaceful types. A colossus of a stupid deluded cunt.

  2. And am I the only one sick of seeing and hearing about Ariana fucking Grande?…
    She did an Eagles Of Death Metal, and fucked off while the mayhem was going on and is now lapping up kudos, coverage and publicity… And of course the cameras had to be there when she visited that kiddie in hospital… How very ‘Our Cilla’… Even after the London Bridge atrocities, Grande’s manager is still bigging her and that cuntfest of a gig up…. Apparently this knob with a ridiculous name is now saying what happened in London gives pop puppet Grande and the gig ‘a greater purpose’… Greater publicity, I think they mean… Cunts… And she’s crap anyway…

  3. What would Netenyahu do
    If he was here right now
    He’d probably kick an
    Arse or two
    That’s what Netenyahu’d do

    He’d make a plan
    And follow through
    That’s what Netenyahu’d do

    If Netenyahu was our prime minister we’d be seeing footage of the cowardly muslime cunts families being evicted from their house and deported.

    That’s what Netenyahu’d do.

    • If Netanyahu was our PM, the peaceful scum would be getting blown to Kingdom Come with zero fucks given.

      There would be no hesitation.
      There would be no talk of how they are the Religion of Peace
      There would be no qualms about internment
      There would be no apologist snowflake cunts screaming about yuman rites.

      • Just wish i could remember the whole song , but couldn’t, so i could only change a few lines.

        I’ve stated a few times that Netenyahu is hero and i think we’d see a better tomorrow if after hearing of an attack on our country, our politicians took a moment to ponder “what would Netenyahu do?”

  4. I was in London yesterday on a pub crawl with mates, though North of the river. Lovely Summer day, good ale, great banter, some cider then some Tommy Tucker later on. I’ve lived abroad, I’m fairly well-travelled and despite its problems, London is the best city in the best country in the World. I’m not jingoistically waving a flag or belligerently banging my chest, just a belief based on compare and contrast.

    Last night was fucking horrible, as these once-yearly, now-forthrightly, attacks are. I actually feel sorry for the Police. I watched them at about Midnight last night, gathered with their Community Officer colleagues. Their eyes were attempting to appear calm but couldn’t betray a look of petrified confusion, a losing battle against an invisible threat. From their belts hung a truncheon and what looked like mace spray. I’m not advocating guns, they’re terrifying enough, but using truncheons is a bit like charging at tanks on horseback.

    These murderous, religious reality-dodgers must be laughing and high-giving each other. What was once fortnightly will soon be weekly.

    • Especially if Cuntrade Corbyn gets in. It will be open season then!

    • You’re lucky you still can have a pint in a pub in the holy month of ramalangadingdong with Caliph Suckdick Khunt in charge.

      • Trump’s had a pop at “Mayor” Suckdick Khant and frankly, you can’t blame him. What’s the bet that during and after the murders last night, this leader of London (!?) was partying in the backroom of a mosque somewhere.

        Fuck off Khan you hypocritical, Allah-loving, dwarfish cunt.

    • Millwall cunts are treated like animals because they are lowlife scum. I know that supports your analogy but I felt like saying it anyway.

      • That’s my point, they have a history so are treated accordingly.
        The same as Muslimes have a history.

        When i put “Millwall” i was expecting you.

  5. I don’t know if thus is funny, genius or strange. Probably all three.
    Anyway, Francisco Lopez, who was injured in the Westminster attack is suing Zurich, insurer of Enterprise, the car rental firm the cowardly murdering muslime cunt used before the attack.

    Good on ‘im, i say.
    Go after peoples money and they may start blaming islime and muslimes too.

  6. Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which there is a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, and a lack of understanding of others’ feelings.

    Does that sound like someone we know? CCC perhaps? Unfortunately personality disorders are not currently characterised as mental illness however the thinking behind the distinction is being questioned. If NPD were characterised as a mental condition it would disqualify most of parliament from the election.

  7. Fucking Sky have only gone and put that cunt Owen Jones on air right now!

    • Oh yes Owen Jones, I bet you want people to go out and vote in force. For Labour that is. You utter cunt.

      • Why do they keep having the cunt on? After he spat his dummy that time and walked off one of their shows you would think they would black ball the cunt.

        • I don’t get why they are such marks for Owen Jones, he’s a loathsome little shit who talks out of his arse.

          • I wonder if they have to pay the cunt to talk his shite or if he does it for free?

          • I hope it’s for free, they’d have to be real master grade cunts to pay for a cunt like that to speak on their show!

  8. The Manchester gig,
    I’ve just heard that its called “One Love”.
    That’s a Stone Roses song.
    Twin that with Oasis’ Don’t Look Back In Anger and it makes me wonder why they didn’t put on a gig with Manchester bands rather than pop tarts.
    Even though the original gig was by a pop tart, this concert is supposedly about Manchester.

    Pity it wasn’t also about how horrible the world has become since ugly cunts were allowed to freely take over our lands.

    • Geez Birdman, you know that if these pop-tart types make a poiltical statement, it won’t be against their beloved sand devils.

      Remember Glastonbury last year with that wanker Chris Martin’s statement?

      • I remember nothing of Chris Martin.
        Who is this Chris Martin you speak off?

        Is he a king Kong mega mega cunt?

        • The lead cunt from Coldplay, that it his name right?

          In any case he made a statement that confirmed him as a cunt in my view.

          • What is this “coldplay” you speak off?

            I’ve, believe it or not , managed to free myself from the chains of being a Chris Smartin/coldplay hater.
            Somehow I’ve managed to drop the soppy cunts from my life and cross hairs.

            Until now. 🙂

          • Coldplay are just another group of bastards, that is all Birdman.

            What I’m referring to is when arch cunt Martin claimed that, after the Brexit vote, ”democracy has failed us”.

            Fucking master grade cunt.

          • I just don’t get their popularity.
            They are massive yet dull as fuck.
            And they get new costumes for every new album.

            I’ll nnever work out their popularity.

            Its getting harder to block they cunts out now.

            Cheers Prime Minister Sinister. 🙂

  9. That cunt Owen Jones is spouting his usual party political shit on sky news.

    He started by slating the terrorists …fair enough.
    Now it’s “Teresa may, Teresa may, Teresa may”.
    What first class cunt!
    Even the politicians aren’t big enough cunts to try scoring points on each other today.
    You’d think a staunch labour voter would be embarrassed about their terrorist loving leader and would just shut the fuck up, but not Owen.
    Cunt probably blames Teresa may and brexit for this, even though it’s quite obvious to everyone else who’s fault it is!
    Muslims and lefty’s. Deport the fuckin lot of em!
    Fuckin deluded lefty cunt.

    • Sod deporting Owen Jones, I’d rather the cunt meet the same end as the left’s beloved Trotsky.

        • How anyone thought making that piece of crap Mayor of London is beyond me.

          Only this country would make the enemy Mayor of our capital city.

          • Probably just voted for by ever muslim and every virtue signalling lefty that had no idea what so fucking ever about his policies, but just voted for him coz he’s a muslim.

  10. I see 12 arrests have been made in connection with yesterday’s “peaceful” terrorist atrocity.

    Again it was amazing how quickly they were able to round these cunts up when all three of the perps were killed outright and therefore couldn’t tell plod anything.

    I wonder how they did that then? It couldn’t be – perchance – that they were *known* to the authorities and had contact with the three perps (who were probably also *known* to the authorities) could it?

    The PM, leader of the opposition and Mayor of that city said the same thing as last week’s Manchester “peaceful” atrocity (substituting Burnham for Khan in the role of Mayor) when arrests were made: “Sterling work by the authorities and the Police.”

    I say – yet again – 2 days too fucking late! Round up the 20,000 and quarantine them in a disused airfield. If the Red Cross can set up mass response areas in 48hrs so can we. Get a wall round the cunts and feed them pork sandwiches!

    If any other “peaceful” cunt is thinking of doing the same who is not known to the authorities then we make sure that they know that if they attack the country good enough to house them – whether they die or not – then all their family will be interred in these camps and that means parents, grandparents and siblings.

    We do that a few times and publicly show families being stowed away then it’ll be food for thought for the other cunts!

    Don’t like it? Think it’s unfair? Then feel free to fuck off to a more just Shariah society of your fucking choosing! Cunts!

    • Love it rebel. Bravo.

      Get them off the streets and use their families as a deterrent.

    • Of course they know who all these cunts are but they just allow them to continue about their business until the kill. Then it is too late, obviously closing the gate after the horse has bolted.

      Everyone who the security forces are currently watching need to be detained, interrogated to find out what they know, the most dangerous to be deported, the next most dangerous detained indefinitely and the least dangerous tagged and placed under police bail where they have to report into a police station every day.

      And if cunts like Owen Jones start to chelp about it, lock them up too.

  11. Why does everyone keep banging on about social media on the news?
    How many people did facebook stab in the last year?
    How many children did twitter blow up?
    How many rallies were held by instagram, insulting british soldiers returning home?

    Fuck all, thats how many.

    In this country we believe in freedom of speech and besides, surely if they can talk shit on facebook, that makes them much, much easier to find and monitor.

    Just another way of trying to divert attention from the real cause of alĺ this.

  12. I love how the peacefuls go on about the ‘infidels’ and Western/American imperialism yet use Twatter/Facebook/Apple therefore help fund the US economy(when they feel like paying tax).

    • The cunts harp on about Western imperialism….. let’s face it, if that was a thing the world would be better off, those cunts only know how to run their cuntries into the dirt.

    • The cunts don’t even know their own history, Pakistani Muslims are the result of Islamic imperialism, the truth of Islamic oppression in what was India are truly horrific. Silly cunts really ought to understand they are mostly a result of forced conversion.

      Hey ho, what’s the fucking point?

  13. Send them all back to Syria, Libya, Shitya etc, do a deal with Big Don, and then nuke the fucking filth…

  14. Theresa May is a typical hypocritical and incompetent Tory cunt.

    “Enough is enough” she says for the TV cameras on the morning after the London Bridge terrorist outrage, in a well-crafted soundbite written either by Nick Timothy, Fiona Hill or Lynton Crosby. And yet on every occasion that May has met representatives of NPCC/ACPO (either as Home Secretary or PM) they have told her in no uncertain terms that excessive cuts to Police budgets will result in a severely impaired ability to develop and investigate intelligence related to terrorism – and how did Theresa May respond to these concerns on every single occasion? She pooh-poohed them, told them not to over-react, told them to make “efficiency savings” and went ahead with the cuts regardless.

    Now she’s pretending that the Tories are serious about standing up to the Peacefuls. If she was truly serious, she’d have properly equipped Plod years ago, the useless fucking cunt. These arrogant, lying Tory cunts always think they know better than experienced professionals and that “efficiency savings” can be made in perpetuity, but as anyone with a brain knows full well, there comes a point where frontline services are jeopardised and we all end up paying the price for the abject ineptitude of this loathsome Tory scum.

    (Disclaimer: All politicians are as bad each other and this cunting should NOT be interpreted as an endorsement of any other party or politician).

    • Oh make no mistake Mr West, I’m not too enamoured either with our current PM.

      Between her and the shit shower that makes up the opposition, our sorry bunch are only marginally better than what the yanks had for their election.

      Common sense, which the whole political class lacks, dictates that if you cut our security services, rozzers, spooks and the army, it weakens us completely well……. pretty much immediately.

      Also, as I’ve mentioned once or twice before, May and whoever wrote that manifesto deserve a major cunting anyways for coming up with something that would royally piss off the voters – that social care fuck up.

      I do believe that cut were and are required by the Government – but never ever ever on defence!

      It’s a piss take that Cameron ordered that and then made Foreign Aid untouchable. Thank fuck that cunt has gone!

    • Not an endorsement of any other party Fred? No mention of the previous Labour government who could attract enough cunts in so sent people abroad to encourage the cunts to come here. Labour who will now not do a fucking thing about immigration if elected and have a leader who doesn’t seem to able to identify terrorists and would not have police shoot to kill the cunts if he was PM.

      You are perfectly correct to cunt the Tories but you can’t do so without cunting Labour the other side of the LabCon coin.

      With Corbyn and the rest of the Trots now running Labour do you seriously believe there is a better alternative on offer than a Tory government?

      I would love to see the current political class wiped out at the ballot box, until there is a credible option to the Tories they are the best we have.

      I sure as hell would rather May who may have woken up late in the game than Corbyn who has sympathy with he enemy.

    • I thought she said ‘enough is a snuff’. That would make more sense than believing this gnarly cunt is doing anything other than banging the drum to a lot of gullible voters who think her intentions will last any longer than the election results.

  15. I bet JBiebs hates Muslimes.
    JBiebs has a history of racial slurs and opinions, so some muslime bashing should be a breeze for the little cunt.

    C’mon JBiebs, nave a foul mouthed dane at these dirty cunts.
    I may even buy yer album if ye call them cunts.

    • If Bieber ever ripped into the peacefuls in that way, it would surely wipe away every single satin of cuntishness he has. Right? RIGHT?!

      • He’s a little cunt, but he dies it his and his dads way.
        They know they’re taking the pisz , so are just taking all they can get.
        And get smashed along the way.

        Ye can tell summers here.
        I’m backing JBiebs.

  16. Lily Allen is putting in overtime on Twatter today. Is that all she does these days? That and writes taxi driver fiction……..on Twatter.

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