“Jihadi Jack”

I would nominate that odious idiot “Jihadi Jack” for a right royal cunting. A useless snowflake spaz who decides one lunchtime for whatever fucking reason to become a peaceful. Not only that, the soft fucker decides to go to Syria to do peaceful things with other peaceful people aka ISIS. This muppet is the biggest wanker in recent history, and his exploits read like something from the old Commando Comics. He was able to speak on the radio in secret from his prison cell ( load of shite ) and gave a detailed 10 minute interview whilst his Kurdish Captors allegedly knew nothing.

Another bullshit bonanza, having escaped from ISIS three times, they ISIS had warned they would kill him.! ( I think they would have done that at the time of his first capture ) This fucking moron wants us to believe that he fell out with ISIS following a disagreement over their policy, and that is when he decided to leave. If you fall out with ISIS, then you usually fall out into a little trench in which you are then buried. This fucking fantasist is now whining that the British Government should intervene and have him released, and returned to the UK. Like fuck! You went you cunt, you fucking well rot there!

His parents are busy trying to put pressure on the Foreign Office to come up with a rescue plan. They describe this fucking idiot as a kind caring soul ( in ISIS !!! ) and it would not surprise me in the least if they now come out with the usual “mental health ” issues we are becoming so used to.Like all people who leave to fight for ISIS, whether they are white black or fucking blue, they can all lie upon the bed that THEY made, and fucking rot in the fucking shithole that they chose to fight for. Jihadi Jack and all his BRISH mates…..fuck off!

Nominated by Asimplearsehole.

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  1. Good cunting , any fucker who decides to go to the lands of sand should have their citizenship revoked, be declared a enemy of the state and be put on a kill list. The ‘mental health ‘ line is a favourite fall back position for apologists as with Manchester and London, too much weed, mummy didn’t hug me enough and is a spineless leftist copout.

    As for ‘falling out’ with the peaceful ones, its made to sound like they have a manifesto that you can vote against if you don’t like something, write to your local MP cunt.

  2. Has anybody written to HRH Prince Phillip asking if he would like to become the royal patron of this site? During the 1950s and perhaps still even today, Phil and his pals would gather at his gentlemen’s club and over lunch decide, who should be “cunt of the month”. Further details here:


    • Phil The Greek is one of the greatest and grumpiest cunts of all time… Warmed to him when he said to The Queen when she was talking to someone, ‘Yak! Yak! Yak! Get a fucking move on, woman!’ Gawd bless the old cunt….

      • If The Donald ever visits and has an audience with Her Maj would love to be a flay on the wall when he and Big Phil get together.

    • This was told to me by several people, independently:
      Way back in the 80’s, Phil was visiting an Artillery Regt in Germany. The tour missed out the REME workshops (of which he was Colonel-in-Chief), so he decided to head for said workshops, regardless.
      Not being included in the visit, the REME were working as normal. A VM under a Land Rover, aware that people were now present but assuming they were not royalty, said “Chuck us a fucking 3/4 spanner mate.” Phil apparently selected the right spanner, passed it to him, and carried on with his impromptu tour without comment.

      True or not, that’s my impression of His Royal Highness.

    • Had a quick look at the link but nothing caught me eye re Phil and cunting. Could not be arsed to trawl through it all so may I kindly ask that links are accurate and succinct you cunt. If you are trying to flog the book then fuck orf.

  3. Fucker, hope to see him in the next beheading video. Are we meant to forget what he did before deciding he didn’t like it that much.

    ISIS can have him back and do with him what they will, cunt.

    • Let me know when the video is released. I will get some popcorn in. Prehaps it could be shown in 4K at one of those cinemas wherr the seats move and you get sparyed with water , etc.

      • Better to put it on “You’ve been framed” between the fat woman falling over and the wanker falling off his skateboard. At least his parents would get £100 back of the money that they sent him,and we’d get the hilarity of a good beheading… I like a good execution, I do. Just hope that bell-end Harry Hill doesn’t spoil it by talking over the soundtrack of Jack being denoggined. That would spoil it.

  4. A modern day Walter Mitty!!
    And a complete bellend to boot..
    The Cunts over at the guardian need an early morning cunting, they had a headline story titled BREXADUS written of course by one of their many foreign writers, apparently a poll was carried out by Deloitte (remain backers) and the findings we shocking?? ” we believe that nearly half the skilled EU workers could leave the UK within the next 5 years!” We’ll listen up to skewered scaremongering Cunts , I believe the guardian could go out of business long before that happens, with their readership dropping they are actively asking for donations?? I personally would like to send them some of my dogs shit but wouldn’t waste the postage on the Cunts!!

    • “half the skilled EU workers could leave the UK within the next 5 years”
      Well, not all are that skilled, but they’ve been undercutting the domestic market for years, so fuck ’em.
      It will take a long time for home-grown talent to fill the gap, so expect to pay more for plumbers.

  5. Like ‘Jihadi John’ before him, Jihadi Jack should croak…

    Half of skilled EU workers could leave Britain within five years? Of course they conveniently forget to mention all the benefits leeching iron curtain human vermin who vastly outnumber any skilled EU workforce…. And when they say ‘EU’ they mean eastern europe…. I see two Italians (who both work) out and about… Every other fucker is from some ex-Soviet occupied beetroot eating shithole… And why do these gyppo cunts always talk so loud on their mobile phones?…. Inconsiderate ignorant cunts…

    • Absolutely right but the funny thing is firstly the narrative, up to half?? Could leave?? It’s a fuckin non story!!, issued by remaniac company Deloitte!! With the express goal of causing fear!, the leftie papers are all running the same fairy story, that Britains going to suffer a brain drain, the best and brightest are off!, followed by the skilled and semi skilled?? Who the fuck are they kidding?? Utter Cunts!!!

      • All the ‘EU’ (ie: Iron Curtain) mob are to leave?! Oh dear…. Beetroot and cabbage sales will plummet…. Still, on the bright side, supermarkets will be able to take down their ‘Daffodils are flowers and are not to be eaten’ signs…. Fucking thick white w@gs…..

      • So-called “Statistics” to look out for:
        Up to half: = anything between 0 and 50%

    • Breaking news. The local Polski Sklep shop has closed! Are our Eastern European friends deserting us? I blame it on brexit. Is this the end of British civilization as we know it?

    • A law for thee but not for me…

      She will get away with it too just like that old tranny cunt “just call me cunthead” bruce jenner Its sad but hit and runs especially committed by celebrities rarely get justice, fucking Cunts!

  6. That Jihadi Jack though…. Who wouldn’t happily break their toes kicking fuck out that irritating and smug toothy snowflake fizzog?….

    • What a race traitor tho… what don’t people get about joining a foreign religion like that? We will probably hear of this cunts death in the upcoming year or so

      • Hmm… Race Traitor? I don’t think that’s a thing and this isn’t about ‘race’.
        Cunty has decided to follow the “religion of peace” and blow innocent people up in the name of Noddy, or some other fictional entity (Sauron, probably). The only ‘race’ here is who gets to kill the cunt first.

        All religious people are mentally ill; it goes without saying that believing in a non-existent (or not provably existent: same thing) character and letting that character control your life, is a delusional illness, but these cunts take it too far.

        If there is a global conspiracy, let it be that the West, Russia and China are going to wipe these inbred fucktards off the face of the earth.

  7. Get me a sick bucket! James O’Biran is on LBC.

    CUNT. Did you hear him sucking off , sorry sucking up to Sadiq Khan laat night? Puke.

  8. He is also a dead ringer for prize bellend Jack Whitehall, two times a cunt.

  9. St Gary of Lineker is feeling ‘politically homeless’ after Compo Corbyn sacked ministers who backed a soft Brexit. ‘ Why are we so adverse to anyone having a different opinion these days?’ he whines. WHAT! You have been calling leave voters stupid ignorant racists for the past year precisely because they have a different opinion from you.

    Never mind anyway, sure Lily Mong will rehouse you along with the Syrian peacefuls she has been promising for months.

    • He was an overrated cunt anyway… A ‘right place, right time’ goalhanger… Never in the same class as Law, Greaves, Dalglish, Charlton (Bobby), Van Basten, Muller, or Ronaldo (the fat Brazilian one, not the queer Portugeezer)….

    • I see Lily the Mong has tweeted that should would eat a goat if the Treeza’s Speech passes through the commons….

      Well Lily Mong, please come to the table, your goat is ready. Of course if you don’t want to eat one thats been sodomised and buggered senseless by your peaceful friends, you are welcome to come here and have Derbyshire goat…

    • I wish someone would “sack” Linedancer, along with a load of rocks, tie said sack securely and drop from a great height into English Channel.

      I eat Seabrook’s and McCoy’s crisps whenever I want, and I’m very relieved that my favourite mint toffees – “Walker’s Nonsuch” have NOTHING to do with Wanker’s crisps…

  10. Safe space for Mary Linekar please. He needs some introspection time. As for Jihadi Jack (JJ)hasn’t he got one of those made up alpha betty spaghetti “mind problems”. Just like Gary “you can’t touch this” McKinnon. Hack the US then hide your head in the sand and pretend nothing has happened. JJ should be dropped off the coast of Italy to complete his cultural enrichment study. Maybe trek across Europe to the jungle currently on the streets of Paris.

  11. Another ‘classic’ from you know who….
    Diane Abbot announcing that Chairman Mao, who murdered 60 million people, did “more good than harm”….. You couldn’t make this shit up….. What a prize fucking cunt….

    • A timely reminder of the Ken Livingston quote that the media, for some strange reason, never hauled him over the coals for…

      “Some people need to die to make the world a better place”

      “Kill the unbelievers” in other words…

    • Pol Pot, Shitler, Mao, Stalin and Eva Peron where all murderous bampots, but could you see any getting a gig on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ ?


      but John Prescott and Alasdair Campbell on the other hand.

      Alexei Sayle (my new favourite ‘alternative’ comedian) done a brilliant gag about it on his excellent comedy show the other evening.

      Scrap Eva Peron, i forgot that she’s a favourite of the beautiful people along with Imelda De Marcos.
      Its amazing that if someone dresses nice then all sins are forgiven.

      • A friend of grandad’s was from the so called Argentine…. And while no fan of Juan Peron, he had nothing but good things to say about his mrs… He claimed that she got his family out of a slum (a real shithole) and into decent housing… He also said that Eva helped get him an education, a university degree (working class people were hitherto banned from Argentine universities), and he ended up a lecturer at Manchester University in the 60s and 70s… I’ve no doubt that she was far from perfect (and that musical is shite!), but not in the same class as Hitler and Pol Pot…

      • If only Jabbott the Fatt would do away…… preferably drowning in a tub of used KFC/CFA oil….

  12. The cunt is where he belongs. Let the Kurds deal with him, they will not be pleasant and in my opinion it’s no less than the murderous twat deserves.

    • I didnt think the Kurds were disposed to taking ISIS prisoners. Particularly not letting them make phone calls.Surely they will dispose of the cunt?

  13. Bring Jihadi Jack home.

    This is an enemy of Great Britain and Scotland and should be brought back to a fair trial and then he’ll go down in history as the first toerag in years to be hanged.
    If we start with a white one it will be harder for the race card to be played.

  14. At first i thought it was a thumbs up, but on closer inspection, it’s a raised forefinger.

    Ahh, that’s how he manages to phone home from his sand filled jail cell.

    ‘J J, Phone hooome’

  15. So according to this eejits logic , you are allowed to commit terror offences but if someone disagrees about whether Sharon from EastEnders is rootable, you are allowed to leave the band of terrorists and return to the country you deserted and went on to wage war against?

    Maybe he is gone in the head coz that’s batdroppings craziness mixed up with some fruit and nuts.

  16. Saw a story about this cunt on the TV the other day.The cheek of his parents.We should strip him of his citizenship.He made his bed!

  17. In an interview he gave from his cell, he said that when he was captured, he was not fighting at that time. So, from that statement, it’s safe to assume that he was fighting at some point. Let the cunt stay there.

    • No! Bring hom back on the condition he has to live with either Lilly the mong or the flabbabotamus. I gaurantee he will go straight back! Personally I think he is a gaylord. And I is a proper gay you know. I once snogged a black man so I is interacial too.

  18. Off Piste..

    Seems our resident troll is upping the anti, seems he’s trace the site owner of ISAC. Whats been going on while Ive been gone?

    • Let’s hope Doublecunt gets what he deserves in the end, the loathsome, detestable piss stain.

    • Its only a little guy in east Anglia, whats to be worried about.

      I never asked any admin to reveal themselves, i was asking why comments were being deleted and there’s still been no answer.

      So what if the guy from east Anglia is reading.
      That’s all he can do.

      • And sometimes Troll……but we dealt with him brilliantly last time – just blanked the cunt!

      • Are you sure they’re being deleted? I have my doubts.
        Could be getting caught by the spam filter
        Could be blocked by the Rickie filter

        Mentioning the Rickie cunt by name would be automatically blocked
        Comments mentioning the Upton cunt or responding to the cunts comments are removed as part of the block, delete, ignore policy.
        That falls under the our blog our rules thing unless its changed since I stepped down

        Does that help?

        • Posts appear and then disappear.
          Its not moderation or anything, they are being deleted later, even after they have been replied to.
          The ones that were deleted earlier today somehow reappeared again.
          The ones of mine that have been deleted didn’t mention that little guy.

          • Admins can move comments between posts so if a comment is off topic and the topic is then posted, the comment will be moved to the relevant post.

            Also any comments under a selected comment get deleted along with it.

            Duplicate comments also get deleted as part of housekeeping

            Well, that’s what I used to do anyway.

            Also I was a complete cunt and deleted anything I felt like deleting and fuck it 😁

    • Wow! Big reveal.
      He’s worked out that The Eye owns the domain name. Anyone here not know that already?

      He’s also worked who he is. Wow that must have been really hard given that his details are on several other sites

      And apparently he’s going to complain to The Eye’s employer which should be productive given that he has his own business

      There’s some thick cunts in Upton…

    • I is a gay but I do mot agree with gay pride. It is no longer relevant. The LGBTQIKDGRZTW community has been hijacked by the ultra lefr anti semites. They ban Israeli flags as the star of David offends Muslims as it is a symbol of opression…. The police in Toronto was banbed from marching as BLM objected. That’s right cunters the SJW libtards have hijacked poofery for their own ends. Cunts.

      • Hey Krav, is it pride month or something? Its all over the tv more than usual and saw a program being advertised on C4 for Britain’s Gayest Buildings. Maybe the toilet block on Hampstead Heath where George Michael frequented or the swimming pool at Michael Barrymores place. Awight!

        • My local waitrose is the gayest place I know. Full of professional homosexuals. Have you seen the new coke advert? Openly promoting the gays. I am swapping to Pepsi.

    • Thank you titslapper. I intend to have a quiet drink or two this evening, perhaps a curry a little later, and a fucking good shag of the old bird when I get home…..if she says yes…. I think… she might….
      Nah .

  19. Why are posts being removed/deleted ?
    Why the ‘clean up’ ?

    Its getting harder to trust anything and anyone these days and messing around with what is readable and what is not on ISA? Is another step in that direction.

    When i post a comment, no matter how dross it is, its there to be read, yet lately admin have sat deciding whats to be left up and what’s not.

    I can understand if as Dioclese said last week, that the post could lead to someone being sued, but that’s not whats being deleted.
    I respect the admin and have said before that you do a sterling job but picking and choosing what stays up is not in the spirit of ISA? .

    We all contribute to this site, that’s why we’re all here but its gonna be a little duller knowing that thoughts can only be aired at the discretion of a man behind a curtain.

    • “Our blog, Our rules”
      Been that way for years back to when Grumpy Old Twat aka Max Farquhar ran it.
      Clearly stated on the how we do stuff page

      I once queried that and was politely told that if I didn’t like it then I should feel free to fuck off! A little harsh I thought at the time.

      People like the Upton cunt like to attack the site for censorship but he’s missed the point that this site might allow frank and brutal comments but it’s never claimed that its a place for free speech.

      Comes back to the our blog our rules thing again…

      • I don’t get how any of my questions can be taken as a whinge or complaint.

        ‘Our blog our rules’ and if i don’t like it i can fuck off ?

        Again, i never said i didn’t like it, i was asking, politely, why some posts were being deleted.

        All i was looking for was an answer, and i am willing to respect that answer as long as i knew why, instead of being kept in the dark.

        I’ve always been a cheerleader for this site, I’ve defended it against little men and fuck me, I’d probably kill for this site.

        When you left, i wished you well and gave you my eternal gratitude for giving me a place to rest.
        And when the new admin took over, i thanked them wholeheartedly, wished them all the best and will always support them.

        Again, not once was i complaining, i was just wanting to be kept in the loop.

        Yours, always and forever, birdy xxxx

        • PS. I wouldn’t’kill’ for this site, but you know what i mean.

          I wouldn’t want to sound like a ‘hater’ by killing.

        • Wasn’t suggesting you fuck off birdy, just saying what Gotty told me all those years ago.

          Where the fuck is he now I often wonder?..

  20. I would like to send out a cunting to all the self-entitled old people out there.

    If you want equality, don’t use in front of me in the bus queue when I’ve just finished a shift at work and stood in the rain for 20 fucking minutes. And I know your bus passes kick in at 9.30, but you don’t all have to gravitate to the bus stop at 9.29 (and then pushing in front of me).

    Don’t push in front of me at the bar to order twatting coffee when I’ve been waiting for a pint for 15 minutes.

    Do not do all your shitting banking on a Saturday morning, you’ve got all fucking week you ignorant pricks. And no, the cashier doesn’t want to hear about your grandchildren/neighbour/bunions, if you’re going to fuck me about make it quick.

    If you want equality, you blue rinsed cunts, then act like a normal person and treat others with a bit of respect, you bunch of pig-ignorant saggy flapped old wrinkly cuntbuckets.

    • Yer twisting my senses maaan.

      It does work though.
      Diana Ross has in my opinion the best female singing voice and i think a young Diana Ross was stunning.

      • “Diana Ross has in my opinion the best female singing voice”

        Too bad she had the worst singing material ever. You can at least be assured whatever trash she did sing had either baby or love in the lyrics and title. She had too much lovey dovey shite in her music imo and she was a boring covers singer too

  21. Own Brain is a cunt… Whether Reni was the real problem, and lacked the ‘team player’ mentality,it may be something we never know for sure… But it does seem a little telling that in Brown seems to have used the latest tour, in part, as a means to promote his own clothing line…. Also, it’s hard not to see the irony of Reni being singled out as ‘non team player’ by a man whose label’s entire brand identity is both an anagram of his own name and a proclamation of his own independence…. Taking solipsism to new heights…
    But the main point of this was to highlight something that I wonder if anyone else has spotted as yet – that the tie-dye T-shirts he’s selling (for a ‘man of the people’ approved price of £105) are actually just cheapo tie-dye shirts you can buy off Amazon for under a tenner…. Bit cunty that, Brownie…

      • ‘Ian Brown not In Brown’

        Ages ago i noticed that spell check doesn’t have the name ‘Ian’ but does have ‘Beyonce’

        I’m positive that there’s far more ‘Ian’s’ in this world than there is ‘Beyonce’s’

    • I’ve always cringed at the song ‘Own Brain’ ( it’s an anagram of my own name).
      Its a great tune apart from that line.
      It makes me think of a first year student at high school trying to write a rap song.

      One…………hundred………… and…………five………quid………for……a…………T-shirt????????
      and a tie-dye one at that.

      Have gullible people who wear expensive designer gear ever been nominated?
      They should be.

      I wear Puma, Dunlop and Converse, smoke L&M Blue Label, drink Typhoo, eat Heinz beans and use HP sauce.
      That’s the only brands i use and its coz i like it and not coz i was told to like it.
      Other than that, if it tastes good or i think it looks good, then I’ll buy it.

      Hundred and five quid for a blooming t-shirt?????

      • Dunlop Green Flash pumps are ace… I have all the different colours (the black ones are my favourites)… I like Adidas (only the classic ‘Trefoil’ though) and Sergio Tacchini (from my old Man United casual days)….

        When Brown walked across the stage with an ‘Own Brain’ shirt on a fucking hanger, I’m surprised Squire didn’t whack him with his guitar… That’s never what the Roses were about… Until now anyway….

        • Dunlop slippers are good and all… Vital to a bloke’s weekend… Sport, sleep, slippers, and sex….

          • Two years ago I bought five pairs of Dunlop Green for twenty euros each.
            I’m wearing the second pair the now and still have three pairs in their boxes.

        • Green Flash are superb…one of the few things that hasn’t been modernised (ie fucked up – Burberrys went totally down the pan, their trench coats are a lame parody of Albert Sq. market 20 quid tat).
          Would love a Morgan motor, but fear it might look a bit “fanny magnet”…
          Heinz beans really DO taste the best, as does their tomato ketchup. Sainsbury’s own is more like tomato puree…

          • That’s why i love the Dunlop’s, they are exactly the same as the eighties, whereas Adidas ‘classics’ are not classic at all.
            I used to wear Adidas Gazelle, but they’ve changed them again.
            When i used to buy Gazelle in the nineties, they were always brought to me in a tatty old box coz they’d been in stock since the eighties and most people chose Nike or running shoes rather than ‘classics’, so i was one of the few still buying them.

  22. It’s past time that vermin like ‘Jihadi Jack’ and the ‘Jihadi Brides’ and all those other fuckers were made to take responsibility and pay the price for their misbegotten deeds. It is piss boiler when they go to play terrorist and then want to back out when it suits them.

    The only thing the cunts deserve is a bullet in the skull!

  23. Have to agree that JJ needs to either be left where he is or killed. It is clear from his own ramblings that he was involved in some fighting therefore making himself an enemy of this country.
    Tough shit that he has now apparently seen the light. Surely someone in authority has to tell his parents to fuck off. The cunt made a decision and he has to bear the consequences.

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