George Osborne (9)

I feel sorry for George Osborne. No really I do! It must be terribly hard holding down all those highly paid jobs and finding the time to slag off Theresa May!

Now May might have fucked up big time by screwing up a election she should never have called in the first place, but George seems to have forgotten all about his 7 years as Chancellor. He seems to have forgotten all about Project Fear. He seems to have conveniently forgotten about the post referendum emergency budget he promised us and never carried out.

No, George just wants to behave like a spoilt petulant brat unable to accept that losing his job was pretty much all down to himself fucking up big time and that the austerity everyone voted against was the austerity he introduced as Chancellor.

Easier to turn on the very party you helped to lead and bitch on about the woman who sacked you than to admit that you’re a 100% 24 carat solid gold fuck up, eh George?..

Nominated by Dioclese.

227 thoughts on “George Osborne (9)

  1. A repulsive traitorous ball of shit and slime who has scaled the heights in snidiness, money grabbing and general cuntishness. If this bastard was on fire I wouldn’t walk across the road to piss on him. I would definitely shit on the cunt though. About the only thing the Maidenhead Hunchback has done right is sack this fucker on her first day. Destined, eventually, for the House of Lords where he can extend his life of poncing with all the other disgusting pimps and parasites. I can see him and the Pigfucker swanning about in their Ermine robes sucking the limp dicks of Mandelson and Kinnock…………sorry………I just done a little bit of sick in my mouth.

  2. ……………..CUNT…………………Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…………..

  3. Boy George epitomizes everything that is wrong with the Tory Party, an Oxbridge Notting Hill clique of arrogant silver spooned cunts with no life experience outside the Westminster bubble. The fact he is now trashing his former party as some kind of pathetic revenge proves May was right to ditch the backstabbing weasel faced cunt.

  4. Did anyone see that cunt on the telly yesterday…..

    “Oi Queen come ‘ere.”

    What the fuck? Don’t get me wrong……I would string up the old witch, and that bald cunt she had with her, from the nearest lamp post. But I’m not having some Muzzie cocksucker talking to Her Maj like that.
    I would take him to the Tower, peg him out on the grass and let the Ravens feed off his decomposing corpse. Fucking saucy cunt.

    • Quite. I’m far from a royalist but there are just basic levels of fucking respect. Storming town halls and giving lip to senior figures… yet these bastard peacefuls are still getting fawning sympathy from most quarters.

      Shocking events with that fire, but going around like a fucking savage and behaving like a cunt to all and sundry will soon turn the tide of public opinion.

      • Its because they feel empowered….and we are the stupid fuckers who empower them…the sooner we stop , and sort all these fuckers out once and for all, then the better it will be for all of us.

    • Hooray for the muzzie.
      I hope “oi, queen come ‘ere” would have been followed with a bash, slash, stab, bash, shite in mouth, stab, shoot…….stab


      • I’m not a royalist birdman but I would rather stand and fight for the Queen than some scummy peaceful sand dwelling sandw@g


          They are the same kind if cunt.

          Look up yer family tree, chances are some poor cunt in yer family was persecuted by these scum.

          Plebs going to the dungeons sightseeing, and lapping up all the bad shite they royal cunts done to ye olde plebs.
          Strange cuckold behavior.

          And she’s not even British ffs.


    • Im no royalist either and the queen may be some what of a cunt.

      But, she got some respect when she went to the kids in Manchester and though she did the towers out of respect i dont know what she would have expected.

      Its a perfect example of what London has become. A nest full of sand niggers and spiks. Why dont those cunts go scream Cum here to one of the Muftis Sheiks of ISIS or the Teliban in their own country before they bricked it an left, or Scream Hey Colonel U Cunt to Ghaddafi before the left Libya with a head on their shoulders. Cause they would die a death of pain. Come in crying for a better life then shit on the floor. They should get these cunts, put them back in the building, lock the doors and demolish the cunt of a thing. And the queen should press the TNT plunger. Like her or hate her she is the head of the country that let them in and they have no respect. Cunts should be hanging in the tower from a butchers hook in their eyeball.

      • The greatest piss boiler of all with the cuntish elements of immigrants – the complete and utter lack of respect the rat bastards have for the country that lets them in and gives them what they need.

        • Indeed. Where they have had no pre qualification apart from some mad cunt wants to burn my shit hole country and ill die of i cant get back – to Oi Queen come here, whats worse is no one chinned the cunt who said it.

          If these cunts had to pre qualify, bring in 3 or 400 K of investment or have skills (language being the first) to lend, and agree they live in a Christian Society maybe then they could qualify. And if they falter from that they are out. If the cunts worked for what they had they would appreciate it. Instead one cunt qualifies to live in a place and 10 of them move in. The reason no one knows how many people are missing in this tower is it was full of twice as many cunts as it should have been,

  5. The “Justice for Grenfell” mob and the Labour party need a cunting. I was going to leave it alone, but since the dumb cunts have decided to politicise a tragedy, they’ve made themselves legitimate targets. Look what happened yesterday, when the feral scum smashed their way into a meeting, screaming and shouting. How many of those shithouses actually have ANY connection to that block of flats? I bet you could count the number on ONE finger. Regardless of what happened at those flat, that mob were well out of order.

    Now they’re blaming the government for the fire, which I find somewhat suspicious given the recent disaster of an election, and Corbyn’s continued attempts to get into Downing Street. The sad thing here is that despite the fact a lot of people have died, this tragedy has been politically weaponised by Labour They should be fucking ashamed of themselves, but given that Labour has been stolen from the working class by a bunch of ignorant, middle class arseholes, you can guarantee they’ll be very proud of themselves. What annoys me is that people in the area around Grenfell are clearly thick enough to fall for it.

    • A friend of mine who is unfortunately a lefty -we have almost come to blows in the last year- was telling me about some old cunt that had been on the news. Apparently this SJW woman who was about 70 and wearing African style robes for some reason,despite being White British, was talking to camera about the Eritrean community in London, some of whom had been living in the block of flats. She kept saying “Eritrea -WHERE I HAVE BEEN etc…” this boiled my friends piss. Can you now see where I’m coming from with all this? I asked him,and he concurred. Hopefully this is happening a lot,never thought I’d hear it from him.

  6. The man who would be king is one bitter cunt!!, given a platform on the evening standard this treacherous little prick hasn’t missed a chance to run may down , to be fair she has given him a free hand..
    Osborne as dio has already said chooses to forget the diabolical lynton Crosby lead project fear campaign of the EU referendum,
    It worked for Cameron and him during the 2015 general election when they managed to smear the hapless cunt milliband as big bad RED ED!! , Crosby always takes the man not the ball, people are now aware of this hence the EU ref and 2017 election results , poor out of touch Osborne still adopts these tactics, I hope the Tory party kick this back stabbing weasel into touch for good!, one of the most obnoxious sites in recent memory was this toffee nosed twat being repeatedly photographed wearing a fluorescent jacket and hard hat!, Osborne couldn’t change a lightbulb!! Cunt…….
    Question….. how long before we see civil unrest at Greenfell??
    How long before rent a mob turn up for some FREE SHOPPING??

    • The new left thrive on civil unrest. Only the other day McDonut was advocating it. If you can’t win at the ballot box then keep agitating for another vote until you do. This a seriously worrying. And Grenfell will be just another tool for them to use to bring down the government.

      They don’t give a shit about the poor buggers burnt to death or made homeless. They’re expendable…

  7. George ‘we’re all in this together’ Osbourne is a pasty faced cunt fuck who still harbours hopes of becoming PM in the future. I don’t think so son. You have burned that many bridges behind you in your vulpine efforts to slither your way to the top I doubt any cunt will want to give you their backing. I bet the cunt has his socks and grinds pressed and ironed and his mater rings him to check he has a fresh hanky every day. Duplicitous cunt. Now I’m going away to stick my fucking head in the oven in an attempt to get away from this barrage of shit about this fucking fire. It is a tragedy but it is receiving more attention than a fucking plane crash would. Why don’t they just pick some one and string them up from a fucking lamp post to satisfy their thirst for a scapegoat. As per usual with that fucking section of soceity everything ends up in hysterical screaming. If those flats had been occupied by white British people I think the reaction would be somewhat different. Still at least we have dependable old vigils to help us through.

    • You don’t iron socks?
      The slip on easier and are more comfy.
      I even iron my laces.

  8. Osborne is a such an established cunt that it’s hard to cunt him even further without stating the obvious. This specimen exudes cuntitude with every action; from his Blair hand gestures to his Julius fucking Caesar haircut. Another fucking Eton mess.

  9. A nasty, piece of work.

    When lying on his deathbed, will he realise what an absolute cunt he was? Will he have any idea how privileged he was and how he was paid a fortune for things at which he never had to work? Will he remember the lies, the exaggeration and deceit?

    I can’t decide which was my favourite. Was it the “global Brexit recession” which he said would begin the day after the referendum? Or was it when he said we’d all be 4 grand worse off and after he was slapped down just clammed up. Or was it his threat to pensioners before the vote that they’d be punished in a special tax if we voted to free ourselves from the EU enslavement. Terrifying.

    However you eventuate to your deathbed, I hope it’s soon.

    • Shit, when Gideon goes to hell, the cunt would probably try running the economy down there or be running the place in 6 months.

      • I wonder whether he’d start scaremongering Satan himself.

        Osbourne: “Mr.Beelzebub, if you don’t do what I say, there could be a 70-80% reduction in temperature here, in real terms.”

        Satan: “…You mean…?”

        Osborne: “Yes. Hell will freeze over.”

  10. Sounds like the ultimate bail in??
    They pulled that stroke in Cyprus a few years ago, albeit on a much smaller scale!!

    • I don’t have a Spanish bank account, thank fuck.
      With one i could get stuff like internet access that fuckin works rather than shitty WiFi, but I’d rather have shitty WiFi than no fuckin money.

    • Surely property is the safest place for your money? I have invested in and want to invest more into property to rent. With all the cunts coming here year after year there is no shortage of potential tenants. The cunts.

      • I do that already b and w , although the Cunts are squeezing the private landlords by getting rid of tax relief in increments over the next 4 years, additional stamp duty, also more regulations and BS coming along, but I think a bail out will happen ( Cyprus) so just interesting to have a few ideas to mull over….

      • That’s all fine and dandy having a few properties to rent out, but if the peaceful tenants aren’t happy and want a move they’ll just set fire to the gaff and get rehoused, fully furnished, and a share of 5 million sovs the taxpayer will be shelling out

      • Property prob best bet so long as you live in it… I can see a time when liebore scum will encourage sandwogs to break in and dispossess legal owners…

        A second floor flat might discourage the mosquerat scum and parking stanley filth. Houses with ground floors and gardens are soft targets…

        • Labour encouraging them to do that? Won’t be long now until that happens.

      • Spanish also notorious for doing a sort of local Compulsory Purchase thing with bugger all in way of compensation, especially if you are a Brit…

    • The standard of building work in Spain is atrocious.
      Its one wall of bricks and concrete cladding.

      I love nothing more than passing a house being built and eyeballing and pointing at mistakes in front of the builders, scoffing and sniggering and then pulling a dramatic scared face.

      One time i picked up a rod and checked levels, tutted at the cunts and walked off.
      I bet it was lost on them.

      Don’t by Spanish buildings.
      The most common “trade” in Spain is the handyman for a reason.

      Also on the coast, the salt water air eats through everything and yer new pad is old after three years.
      But there’s always the fresh lick of paint.

      • When I had some spare cash, I had my Mum’s kitchen refitted for her. I had a budget of around Β£14,000, which included cupboards, sinks, and what have you. (this was done in 2012)

        My cunt of a father had been promising to do this for her since I was a kid, but of course, the cross-eyed loony old bastard never got around to it.

        I went to see my Mum one day, the eclectics had just been put in, and the plasterer had just started. I asked if the walls had been sealed or bonded, I cannot remember which.

        The cunt was polish, and went fucking potty at me, and blabbered something in polsihese at me, and went to hit me. Thank fuck the boss was there, as the cunt jumped at me. The wall had not been sealed or bonded, or whatever it was, and I was given a Β£1000 off the price.

        I just wondered what would have happened had I phoned my Mum and asked her to ask the cunt, I would have hunted the cunt down and left a large spanner sticking out of his polish head.

      • Doesn’t matter where you put your money.
        What is ‘ safe, protected and tax efficient now might not be in the future.
        All you need is a change of government and they’ll have it regardless. By changing laws or taxes they’ll fucking have it. Cunts

  11. George Osborne always has one of them faces that looks like he’s about to burst out laughing, laughing all the way to the bank!

    • He has the kind of that if you punched he would smile back at you.
      Definitely has a place in the Grand Hall of Cunts.

        • Thanks Liberal Liquadater. My first win after about two years.
          Biff! Sock! Er can’t think of anymore.

  12. Gideon is a thoroughly nasty piece of work. I’d imagine that he’ll have been like that since childhood. He’ll have been the kind to go spying and reporting any misdemeanors to the teachers when he was at Hogwarts or wherever it was that the Cunt went. Bet he liked to watch while his fellow pupils were beaten….probably played with himself while he spied through a keyhole.

    I’d like to think,and indeed expect, Gideon to meet his maker is much the same style as The Gimp in Pulp Fiction….. The sooner the fucking better.

  13. While the tower block fire is an undoubted tragedy the pace at which the blame is moving is frightening, no one knows how many or who 100% has died, the causes could be multiple in terms of the cladding, lack of a sprinkler system or local cost cutting by the council. There is already talk of manslaughter charges, yet for example the families of Hillsborough waited 27 years before South Yorkshire Police even accepted any blame .

    Like Dio mentioned, Labour are exploiting people at their lowest point, Corbyn couldn’t give a fiddlers fuck about the victims just another photo op to glad hand and ‘console’ in a cynical attempt to paint himself as a man of the people.

    • Hopefully people will see how cynical corbyn is being!! Utter Cunt to use this for political gain……..

      • Every dumb fucker seems to be willfully blind to Corbyn, it’s real annoying.

        Real reprehensible to use this for political point scoring too, a classic hallmark of a cunt.

  14. Let’s hope the military come out, Mike…They could watercannon these ‘protestors’…Those camelshagging filth could do with a wash…

  15. 16 fucking Iraquis found in the back of a lorry on the A22 this morning. Welcome to the Land of Plenty…….
    The driver was arrested. Why bother? Just ship them straight in, it’s what we’ve been doing for years. Fucking clueless useless spineless cunting politicians. Why is this news?

  16. Let me try to understand this…. a terrorist attack that killed 22 people in manchester quickly gets forgotten about not a single welp from the stupid cunts in power or anything not to mention a equally worse attack happens week later All that we got from the manchester bombing was a ugly little gremlin called ariana grande, Liam cuntagher getting angry at his bellend brother and fucking coldplay what in the fuck

    But Some w@g who accidentally starts a fire in grenfall tower and we throw 5 million at the victims in relief aid, massive protests and we are going to fix a burntout shit tower for what 20 million in tax payer money what kind of fucking bizarro world are we living in?

    • A bizarro world of cunts with screwed up priorities.

      Terrorists kill lots of people – unite against hate! Peace! Love! Togetherness! Hold hands!

      Someone accidentally sends a tower block up in flames – ZOMG! Anger! Hate! Riots! Down with the government! Anger! Rage! Protests!! Anger!

      Seriously, what the fuck?!

  17. Apparently the new tower is likely to be made of glass and steel, in keeping with other towers across London….and will be renamed…..”The Charred”…..

    • Its a bit early for jokes concerning this fire, J R Cuntley.

      Not as early as the candlelit vigil though.
      That was being held same time.

      Shame shame, i’ll get me coat.

    • Sorry to be blunt, but making jokes about that fire is the sort of cuntitude worthy of Corbyn and the Donut…

      Not funny.

        • Our esteemed shadow chancellor, John McDonut
          So called because he goes round and round and has a great big hole in the middle of his costings…

          • Eh, it’s apt but I’ll think I’ll stick with calling him McPalpatine. The similarities are far too uncanny for my liking.

            Puts on a face of respectability? Check.
            Actually a malevolent cunt? Check
            Has a patsy whose stings he pulls? Check
            In truth wants to overthrow democracy? Check
            Pulling the strings of over forces of evil? Check
            A supreme opportunist? Check
            Set up army of loyal shock troops (momentum)? Check

            Tell me the two aren’t practically the same!

  18. Cristiano Ronaldo is a bit of a cunt, isn’t he?

    The graceless, arrogant berk once said “I’ve changed football.” No you haven’t. You’re a good player who has scored a lot of goals. An awful lot of these have been penalties. They’re good for the old stats.

    Additionally, the twat (who looks more like his statue every year – how Dorian Grey-esque) played for Man United. Titanium cunt-buckets! Diane Flabbot and Tim Farron’s lovechildren would be more liked. If there were a Cunt World Cup, Man United, the hateful turds, would win every year.

    Yes, we know you’re from a Latino cuntry but you needn’t prove it every game by diving like an Olympian. You’re not Jaques Cousteau, you’re a grown man. It’s pathetic.

    Furthermore, I don’t care if you’re gay, straight or wank over photographs of dolphins, but going out with a string of Supermodels isn’t fooling anyone. Come on man, be honest. You’ve always had the whiff of Patchouli oil about you.

    Now we read he wants to leave Real Madrid. He’s upset that they’re investigating shyness of paying tax. Apparently he owes Β£13 million. No wonder they call it tax returns! This multi-millionaire spat the dummy and said that if they make him pay it, he’ll transfer to another club. What a Real Massive prick.

    There’s no cure for being a Cunt.

    • Ronaldo is someone who I believe would actually fuck himself if it was possible, the cunt is that in love with himself!

      • Graeme Souness was nicknamed”Chocolate” by his teammates coz he loved himself that much, he would probably eat himself.

        Not in a Ron Jeremy way though.
        I think.

        • Superb, stupendous player, superbly stupid moustache.

          Loved himself but still managed to pay his taxes.

          • Thank fuck he came up to Scotland.
            Player manager sent off in either his first or second game of the season against Hibernian.

            Before he went to Glesga Rangers the moustache was banned at Ibrox, but was lifted.
            Big Dave McPherson turned up with a moustache and then a few others followed suit.

            Twats. πŸ™‚

          • LFC have been guilty of producing some champion moustaches over the years: Alan Kennedy, Souness, John Wark, Lawro, McDermott, Rush, Steve Heighway, Jimmy Case, Aldridge and Grobellar. Proper comedy ‘tashes.
            Perhaps Courtinho and Lalalana should be persuaded to sprout one.

            Comedy Hipster beards are much worse. They ought to be yellow-cardable offences.

          • You are the saviour of Anfield!!!!

            Fuckin hell, its that simple.
            Liverpool have gone downhill since the power of the moustache.

            You may think I’m joking, I’m not.

            Mark Walters had a moustache (like every other black guy)
            What a player he was.

    • Can’t stand the cunt Ronaldo Mk2.
      But……..ugh….he is a fuckin great footballer.
      I hate, hate, hate , hate the cunt , hate him, but he is an amazing footballer.

      Hate the cunt, i do.

      Messi is a little snarling prick nowadays.
      Before he was human, smiley, normal, but the last few years he has morphed into a grumpy arrogant poser.
      The cunts on a suspended sentence for the same thing as Ronaldo.
      Mascherano too.

      Jail them all.

      Kids in Spain are skint, yet everycunt still idolises these thieving scumbags.

      “Eh, joselito, we can’t feed you dinner tonight but the footy is on in the bar, so go peep through the door and get a glimpse of the Great Ronaldo. Be back soon, its school tomorrow and you know its already hard to concentrate when hungry”

      Sad, but true.

      Instead of opening football schools for underprivileged , but talented kids, pay yer taxes and give every kid the chance of an OK future.

      Cunts, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. πŸ™‚

      • One thing that always irked me about Messi is how he always gets up so easily from being chopped down all the time. Then I remember that Barcelona paid for his hormone therapy when he was a kid.

  19. Got my voice back a bit.
    I sound like a young Scoobi Doo.
    Anyway, i was enjoying being mute and thought I’d string it out another day .
    Another day of keeping myself to myself apart from notepad messages.
    After lunch i burped a little and automatically said “excuse me”


    Fuckin manners

  20. ….Aah Ronaldo,the egotistical footballing genius,what a cunt. I had a Portuguese chap working for me a few years ago who grew up with Ronaldo on Madeira He claimed he was an arrogant little cunt then…………………….Cunt…………….Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    • I’ve had this exchange of dialogue a few times in my life:-

      Captain Mags: That Ronaldo, eh. Pretty good skills.
      Mate: Fat Ronaldo or gay Ronaldo?
      Captain Mags: Fat Ronaldo.

  21. Have cunt commented Osborne so many times canna be arsed this time aroinde. 24 hour news still tossing orf about the tower block fire. Endless shots orf cunts standing around doing fuck all three days later. Obvious why. All the council cunts and MPs are orf on hols. Frightening thought but May is probably the only cunt left in Parliament. Get your flights oit now before the next roinde orf strikes.

    • May is a moron, but the stick she’s getting for this is totally undue. What the fuck has this tower fire got to do with her anyway?

      • Appreciate unlikely to have been May’s coke cooker that torched the gaff but the lamentable response to a landmark fire in our capital city is. Fire services responded in six minutes, box ticked, but three days later most basic logistics still unsorted and the world is watching 24/7. Blimey even the BBC is running oit orf vox to pop. If this had happened on some pox infected atoll in South Asia we would have poured in miilions within the first twenty four hours.
        Get the forces in to sort the logistics – or are they all on hols as well? What’s that? Waiting on a risk assessment as to whether it is safe to do a risk assessment?
        May could not run a whelk stall let alone the Brexit negotiation and the EU know it.

        • Brexit is screwed at this rate Sir Limply, with Rugmuncher Ruth, The DUP and that boring, impotent, useless cunt Hammond now trying to dictate terms for us. Utter cunts.

          As awful as May is, she’s still better than Steptoe Corbyn and John McPalpatine.

          • Oh come on! They are behave practically the same! Only difference is that McPalpatine isn’t as subtle as the Emperor!

          • One’s a demented, power-hungry, nefarious character with a murderous look in his blood-stained eyes who would stab you in the back and suck the wound…

            …and the other was in the shitter Star Wars films.

          • About right Captain.

            On Star Wars Palpatine – he was the best thing in Revenge Of The Sith by a county mile! That said, he was hamming it up big time.

        • So true.
          Whatever one thinks of the wankstain rancid little turd Gidiot, May is a disaster, and if she continues to wilfully limp on, she will just make matters worse.

          Treeza, just lie back and think of England, for JC’s sake put the cuntry first and, in the name of God go, and go now.

  22. George Osbourne sounds nice on the radio.
    His voice is warm and friendly and not the arrogant voice that usually comes from MP’s.
    But then you hear what he’s saying and the cuntitude becomes clear.

    Just Sayin, he should of been a narrator if he was born skint.

    • And then you see him on TV and see that he even looks like a smug, sneering prick.

      Guess he really is one who is more made for radio.

      And the cuntitude is strong in him.

  23. Generally a lot of the old expressions hold true i.e. A bird in your bed is worth 2 in the night club but I’m afraid Osborne breaks the mould ” you can’t judge a book by the cover” well Osborne certainly looks like a Cunt !! So that doesn’t work…

    • Gideon looks like a cunt, acts like a cunt, talks like a cunt and is a cunt.

  24. Fucking bastard bollock sucking cunts next door are having a fucking BBQ. Started about 1pm and getting louder and more raucous. Going out later and won’t be back until after midnight but past experience tells me they’ll be there until about 3am, music will have stopped but they’ll be shouting and laughing like cunts. Then there will be all the shouting in the street and car doors slamming. Been praying for a downpour but there’s not a fucking cloud in the sky.
    Someone should make a “Falling Down” style film where some cunt tormented by BBQs gets hold of a sub machine gun and takes bloody revenge. I’d go and see it…….and I’d buy the fucking DVD. Total cunts.

    • Bloody buggering hell that reminds me exactly of the chav cunts who used to rent the house next door to me for a couple of years up until last year! Same things; cunts used to part every Saturday until 3am!

      Tell me Freddie if any of the following apply to your case:

      They are chavs
      One of them has a real moronic laugh
      The try to sing along the songs they are playing loudly – and they can’t sing for shit!
      They do every thing loudly – even picking up plates and clattering them – in the early hours no less!
      They invite a horde of their chav cunt mates over as well.

      • No, they’re not Chavs they are fucking Italians and if you’ve ever been to Italy you’ll know what mouthy cunts they are.
        No they don’t sing along but you are right about the one loudest voice. Last time it was some Irish cunt with a very penetrating accent…….and there’s the high pitched voices of the women when they get pissed up. Fuck me, what do they find to talk about for all those hours? Anyway, time for a shave then I’m outta here. Tanti Saluti, fuck Italia.

        • I feel for you man, nothing worse than the loud cunt neighbours from hell.

    • Any of you lot seen Outlaw with Sean Bean and Danny Dyer ?
      Good filum about a group of guys pissed off with modern Britain.
      It was a bit biased against white yoof though.

      • Heard about it but never seen it. Seems a bit like everyone on ISAC in a way, we all all cunters of various ages who are disgusted and piss off about many think in modern Britain.

        • Yeah I’ve seen it…….Danny Dyer actually had to act in that film and was surprisingly good. Trouble is they bottled it in the end and got fucked by the Establishment.
          A bit of a happy ending when Danny shot that cunt in the face but overall a let down.
          I loved. Sean Bean’s line:
          “Did you call my mate a fooking black cont?”

          • Yeah, the.ending was a let down.
            I was gearing up for the slaughter, but nah, not to be.

            That filum Dyer done with Gillian Anderson was a similar story of revenge, but again had a weak ending.

      • I’m still waiting for Gotham to return to our screens birdman, getting withdrawal symptoms.

        • My Sunday nights are shite now.
          Its been on in America for a couple of months now, so maybe the bixset will be out before we get to watch it on telly.
          I have a few British comedy series box sets coz otherwise i don’t get to see them, other than that i don’t bother with box sets, but I’ll definitely be buying all of Gotham.
          Second best programme ever, after Dexter, IMHO.
          And the Penguin is the greatest TV character ever, again IMHO
          Surely it’ll be on by Autumn.
          Fingers crossed.

      • Yep I’ve seen that one. The one where Bean follows that bad guy into the pub toilets, smacks him down…puts a pistol in his face “Manning made bail…where is he?” “Kill me and you won’t fucken know”. “Somebody’ll talk, they always do”. Bean shoots him in the forehead and blows his brains all over the bog floor. Casually walks out while the guy is twitching like a kipper on the tiles.

        • Haven’t seen it but there are plenty of films that should have the last ten minutes deleted. The best example is ‘Falling Down.’ A superb study of a bloke who encounters cunts throughout his day and expertly deals with them. Alas, at the end they have to make him ‘troubled’ with a history of ‘issues’ and blah blah blah a politically correct, anaesthetised ending.

          I’ve seen it several times and I stop before he goes onto the pier.

          • Reminds me of the Marvel Comic event World War Hulk, excellent first 4 issues of the Hulk kicking everyone’s arses and then we get the cop out final chapter where he more or less gives up and loses in the end.

            What a piss poor way to end an arc that began with Planet Hulk which was one of the greatest story arcs in the Hulk ever and one of the best things Marvel did in the last 30 years!

  25. All sorts of cunt have been cunted here
    Guys who wear flip-flops
    The fuckin Croinut

    Well on that list must be the “piss-head”
    The pisshead is the bane of my life. They aren’t so bad if you’ve had a drink yerself but putting up with one sober is awful.
    Slurred words, repeating everything, arguing, falling, stumbling and being a cunt.

    I don’t drink, but i have done and i bet i was an annoying cunt even though i was a happy drunk.

    Walking by British bars is a nightmare in case some pisshead i know comes out to talk.
    And if he did, i bet his wife and kids are there and have been all day.
    The Brit pisshead living abroad really lets the side down with that chavvy behaviour.
    Sad and sickening.

    My Da is a pisshead not alcoholic.
    Alcoholics have more class.

    Anyway, this is a nomination for a cunting of pissheads.

    I’m away to skin up. πŸ™‚

  26. I slag off my neighbours all the time and I’m not alone in having cunts for neighbours, but I’ve just realised that I’m playing the Stereophonics Language, Sex , Violence, Other loud as fuck.

    Maybe they also have a cunt for a neighbour.

    • Neighbours can be cunts definitely,but another thing that is a cunt is the way that some cunt with a head like Frank Sidebottom always ends up in front of you at a concert. It happened to me again this evening. You never see the cunts any other time, they must be bred on purpose and kept in a basement. It gets right on my fucking tripe.

      • Ditto cunts with flags and banners at football games.

        Who were you seeing?
        Or trying to see.

        • I went to see Kraftwerk,it was brilliant,3D lightshow as well,and robot versions of the band came on stage as well. I stuck my head out to the side, necks playing up a bit now! I paid Β£75 for the ticket so a view of the back of some cunts massive head wasn’t what I hoped for.

  27. Helmut ( the cunt ) Kohl is dead. Ex Waffen SS member, Chancellor of Germany, and a Pro European ( what they could not achieve in war, they could with cash )

    Personslly, I would quite like to attend his funeral so I could piss on the fuckers coffin for uncles: Edward (Kings Hussars) Graham Scots Guards. Neither of whom were to see their 21st birthday.

    Fuck Kohl, Fuck Germany Fuck Europe.

    • Seconded, my Great Uncle Eric died aged 18 – under a fucking tank!

      • Dead right… My great uncle John was at Normandy, and Granddad Sharpe (my mum’s dad) fought against and was imprisoned by the Japanese…

        Good riddance to Kohl, the Hun cunt…

        • Agreed. My Grandad was at Dunkirk and had a busted leg his whole life after his van was blown up in Northern France. He was a beautiful man. A Chippie who built a shelter under the stairs for my Mum and her sister while Liverpool was bombed.

          They’re all heroes and perhaps we couldn’t have done it. It’s a different World.

          The old English phrase “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” is always apt. We have to keep the pressure up to maintain the UK’s survival. It will happen.


    Loads of circle-jerk, hipster-wankstain infested grief-fests for the blessed St. Jo of cocks across the cuntry this w/e…


  29. Let us not forget St Jo Cox day/weekend or whatever the fuck it is called. Bernard Kenny who tackled Tommy Mair gets the George medal. Two cops that arrested Mair receive awards as does Sandra Major, Jo Cox’s senior case worker. Brendan Coxsucker is a piece of cunt as his wife was, Syrians she would welcome with open arms, but where was her voice when in the surrounding areas the peaceful lot were grooming young children for theirs and others pleasure. This country seems to be turning into a right cesspit and I don’t see it getting any better. Corbyn and his frenzied followers seem to do whatever they like, unfortunately the Tories are very weak and need a strong leader to steer them in the right direction.

    • Yes I agree. The murder was inexcusable and if it was down to me Mair would be swinging from a gallows for his wicked deed. However , I’m not sure what ‘divisions’ in our society she was supposed to be against ? She seemed divuded from the majority of her constituents who subsequently voted leave. Why did she take such a divisive stance on this by being a europhile ?

      • Why, for all the talk of what she did, had pretty much most people never even heard of her before her tragic demise?

        For someone who was a Europhile in a constituency that voted Leave anyway, it seems she was yet another politician out of touch with her own people.

        For Mair, loony murdering cunts like him ought to hang.

  30. Working away Mon-Fri is a cunt!

    I almost miss the family, almost.

    But when you’re marooned in Lutonistan and the only non-peacefuls are Polish, and the nanny state WiFi access won’t let you access (they even block vpn/proxy sites – cunts) then it’s a cunt.

    Only fucking pub which isn’t full of “stoners” is a pikey bar (where I was made to feel very fucking unwelcome until I bought a round of Guinness’ – and then legged it, feigning needing a piss) then it’s a cunt.

    I’m from Stoke for fuck’s sake (don’t live there now – thank God) but it’s palatial compared to Lutonistan/Lutonisaw (you pick)!

    Only two cunts I met who looked and sounded local, and who weren’t eastern-blockers or wearing bedsheets for clothing, were the two beggars lurking around the cashpoints.

    “England Our England!” – Christ on a bike!

    Multiculturalism at it’s best (i.e. worst) is a cunt!

    This is why I voted for Brexit and Theresa May has managed to fuck my Brexit ideals because she is a cunt!

    Only good thing about this week is hearing of Tiny Timmy Farron standing down as LibDum leader because he don’t like the batty-boy or bean-flicker contingent because of his allegiance to his make believe deity.

    He’s still an undeniable cunt and will no doubt hang around like the shit smell of a wet fart when you’ve got nowt to change into! Cunt!

  31. Call me a cunt but maybe if these council property dwelling rioters got up off their sponging arses and made a decent life for themselves they wouldn’t have to live in skanky tower blocks and put themselves at the mercy of the state’s ‘neglect’.

    • You’re not a cunt………. some, not all, of these tower dwellers are the dregs.

    • It wasnt a Skanky tower block . There were a number of ‘professionals’, lawyers, artists etc living in this tower. Stop talking shite this is an absolute tragedy and no one deserved to perish in this way despite their background.

      • You’r right, it’s an awful way to go. The problem I have is all the fuckers using this for political capital and the cunts who are using this as a cheap excuse to commit violence and unrest.

        • 100% right PMS. Like riots in 2011 ,another excuse to trash their ‘ hoods’ in the name of so called racism.

          • If those cunts pull a repeat of that bollocks, the forces should start of lightly; rubber bullets, tear gas and the water cannons.

            If that doesn’t work, use the more heavy duty stuff of these pieces of excrement.

            What they don’t like to say about the late, unlamented Duggan is that by all accounts from sources the MSM and the apologists won’t acknowledge, he was a nasty bastards who got exactly what he deserved.

        • Indeed, the left are acting absolutely disgracefully over this as are our wonderful media. A shower of cunts one and all.

          • Would it surprise you to learn I did not shed a tear over Duggans demise.

          • I’ve always known that the MSM are cunts, but in the recent months I swear they’re worse than ever.

            Interviewers are rude, aggressive, in your face cunts.

            The newscasters don’t even bother to hide their glee when the people or parties they don’t like hit a hard time (May, Big Don, Ukip, Brexiteers etc).

            Their bias is even more blatant that usual, bastards don’t even try to pretend to be neutral.

            Cunts, cunts, cunts!

          • I’m fairly certain that a lot of people echoed that sentiment VCS.

  32. Has anyone organised a mass singalong of the Oasis classic ‘Don’t look back in anger’ outside Grenfell Tower yet ? No of course they fucking haven’t because it would be totally inappropriate in the circumstances. So what fucking idiots think it was a good idea to sing this song after the equally tragic Manchester bombing when children were blown to bits and also died a horrible premature death. The people who think we should not be angry with terrorist attacks and such a song was appropriate in the circumstances are deluded, dangerous, idiotic cunts of the highest order.

    • It’s a damn wind up that they all want us to not be angry at terrorist attacks and then the fuckwits are frothing at the mouth over what seems to be a freak accident!

      • Doubledouche is still getting countertrolled when he’s not ranting about ISAC, the ‘baiter is trashing him at will.

          • I would say that I feel sorry for the cunt…… but that would be an even bigger lie than Corbyn saying he’s a capitalist!

  33. I can’t bring myself to cunt George Osborne, he is a massive cunt beyond doubt but I feel resentful that I would have to make an effort on his behalf when he has done a top job on cunting himself.

    • George Osborne looks like the kind of cunt who was buggered rotten at school. Maybe he wasn’t. Perhaps he could supply an answer?

      • Eh, maybe the reason he’s such a bitter cunt now is because he was buggered by the Pig Fiddler and was promised the PM job in return for his ”services”?

  34. The last few days I thought of the election as a bit of a fuck up. A kind of disaster narrowly averted.
    But was it really?

    Farron – GONE
    Angus Robertson – GONE
    Alex Salmond – GONE
    Flabbott – GONE
    Cleggy – GONE
    Sturgeon – SILENT

    It’s also exposed that fraud cunt teresa may for being the incompetent weak shit that she is.
    Better to know now, before the negotiation have been completely fucked.

    Seems like a resounding success now I think about it.

    …just the commies to deal with now, which shouldn’t be a problem as long as May gets sacked.

    • Don’t count on that Sausage, people seem to have a major blind spot with Steptoe Corbyn and McPalpatine.

      • That lot are extremely dangerous, nearly as dangerous in fact as the stupid young fuckers who would vote them in !

      • I know what you mean, there are alot of dumb cunts about but for a bunch of IRA loving commies to get anywhere near power is mostly down to the incompetence of May.
        The fact is that their sums don’t add up and if they got into power the economy would crash.
        All the tories need to do it prove it. …..and how difficult can it be to prove facts?

        • Harder than you may think, especially when the marks get all their (fake) news off of Farcebook and Twatter, which Labour targeted knowing all the idiots will buy it hook, line and sinker.

          Remember, this is the country that thought voting in Tony fucking Blair 3 times was a good idea!

          • True. Most of the cunts that vote for these pricks get all their “facts” from slebs and lefty cunts on twatter.
            The young vote is only a small percentage though, if the tories can get back the people that they pissed off and alienated with the idiotic manifesto and lame soundbites from spindly old cunt May we may be alright.
            ….or maybe I’m just too much of an optimist.

          • Hope for the best, expect the worst.

            Whoever came up with that one, was one smart bastard.

      • Do they though? The media is selling him as the messiah but even that couldn’t get the socialist Marxist filth elected.

        • Got him more seats than Red Ed though.

          I want to know what the hell most of the MSM is playing at there.

          • Ed had no charisma, his corpse couldn’t attract maggots.

            The media are mostly globalists puppets and getting shot of May means they have a chance to halt Brexit. Once that was done they would soon burn Corbyn.

          • Either that or wait to burn Corbyn after he’s done irreparable damage to the UL and thus have it absorbed into the EU and then the World nation the cunts all have dreams about.

            Hey Sixdog, the more I look at things, the more I think that comparisons between Corbyn and Michael Foot are totally wide off the mark.

      • McPalpatine!

        Fucking hilarious! Spat me pork scratchings out on that one you clever cunt! 😁

    • Food for thought, DtheS, however Jabba The Abbot hasn’t gone. She increased her flabbamajority. Her constituents have corroborated and Flabbororated her.

      • Obviously in her cunstituency widespread in-breeding has led to decreased IQ of the general population…

      • Brexit won? News to the remoaners and the cunts trying to sabotage it to get ”soft Brexit”. Like that miserable cunt Hammond.

    • Illegal immigrants was in quotation marks, so obviously they were customers of the great travel agency SMTE (Spreading muslimes throughout Europe).

  35. Doctor Who needs an overdue cunting… Last week’s feminazi Ice Warrior story was bad enough, but this week’s even topped that… 2nd Century Celtic warriors all under 25, all look like they’ve been to the hairdressers, and a midget woman with an Adele hairdo is their leader…

    But it gets worse, cunters… The Roman Army has black and parking stanley soldiers in its ranks (again, with modern haircuts), and one of the Roman Legionaries is a brazen black poove, and all the other Roman soldiers are ‘cool’with it… And, once again, everyone – people, armies, and aliens alike – all listen to the black rugmuncher… This is the second time she’s ‘saved the day’ instead of The Doc… They might as well rename it ‘Bill: The Black Wonder Lezzer’…. It’s a load of fucking PC cunt and needs to be put down….

    • Doctor Who died when Tom Baker stepped down. The reboot has been a propaganda exercise. The xmas special will be when the new Doctor is revealed (Corbyn) who destroys the evil alien leader (Trump)

    • Ok, that’s enough with this PC Doctor Who crap, this blatant historical inaccuracy just to satisfy their PC agenda and this ‘Bill the Black lezzer’ being shoved down our throats.

      This is not what Doctor Who is supposed to be about! It’s supposed to be a sci fi show not a PC circle jerk fest!

      • Norm, why torture yourself watching this sterile, anaesthetised dogshit? It died a long time ago. The last time there was any drama, any threat, was a generation ago.

        • Eh, for me it kinda bit the dust when Tenant left. He probably saw the writing on the wall and decided it was time to go. Also, like him or loath him, Russell T Davies knew that his run at the helm had outstayed its welcome and did the right thing and quit, pity Moffat didn’t take the same hint.

          • I hope John Simm’s Master does the business next week… And I really hope that he kills Bill, The Black Lezzzer Wonder Horse….

            When I think of all the great sidekicks: Carol Ann Ford, Anneke Wills, the late Elisabeth Sladen, Katy Manning, Louise Jameson, Mary Tamm… Now we’ve got someone just because of their skin colour (isn’t that process rather racist? Against white actresses?!) and to crank up the PC absurdity, she has to be a tuppence flicker too… As Paul Calf would say: ‘Bag o’ fuckin’ shite!’

        • I like Capaldi as The Doc, and even Matt Lucas has been good… The less said about Black Bess Bill the better…
          But the stories fucking hum, and I mean they truly reek…
          Every story has to have sambos in it (whether they were there or not! Like the Roman Army and the Welsh Guards in the 1880s… They’ll have darkie Gestapo officers next!), there always has to be a reference to poofery or dykes, and wimmin are always making snide comments about men… I’ve given it a go this series, because I thought Capaldi just might save it… He hasn’t and with the shite he’s been given there’s no way he could… I don’t blame him for fucking off…

      • I could say more about this but I’m pissed. I will comment more in the morn.

        • More about Doctor Who? Man we could all go on all day long about what’s wrong with that show now.

  36. Accidental fire… Protests and riots…. Lee Rigby, Westminster, London Bridge, Manchester, THOUSANDS of groomed kids…. NOTHING! What a fucking country… The UK is dead…

    • The MSM didn’t set the scene and tacitly approve civil disobedience in those cases. The message was “nothing to do with Islam, poor muslims” , shame people can’t see how manipulated we are by the MSM

      • Worse than Nothing…. Andy Burnham condemned protests against terror and extremism….. Fucking cunt…

        • Burnham…… political whore, been a Blairite, Brownite, Milibandite and now Corbynite. Cunt would become an ISIS head chopper if he thought it would get him a position of political power.

          • Burnahms eyeliner? Reminiscent of a ‘young child ‘being made up to please the adults !

    • I remember Aberfan all of those children! All those who came and tried to help, miners digging for survivors. Quiet and dignified grief. No accusations, no riots no hysterical news reporters. The enquiry took for ages, was published and the matter dealt with.

      I remember Ibrox, and sadly all too many other “disasters”. None of them celebrated with luvvies and rock stars in attendance.

      Most of the victims were white.

      Does anyone remember Enniskillin ? Anger. But reasonable and measured. No riots.

      just saying.

      • Different world these days, back then people got stuck in, regardless of politics and posturing. These days many of these cunts calculate the virtue signalling points in their heads first and foremost.

        Lily Allen,Adele what the fuck were they doing at a disaster scene? Adele could of sat at home and given 10% of her Β£125 million fortune away to be spent on accommodation and immediate needs, maybe she did. But she had no place showing up at the scene.

        • Where has it all gone so horribly wrong?

          How has everything become so bollocked up like this?

          Shit, this is the kind of thing that’s enough to make a person think that this country doesn’t deserved to be saved at this rate…..

          • It’s not just this country is it, it is the entire West. If you were cynical you’d think we were being taken down by design. If you look into a little you see the same pattern is replicated throughout the west.

            Maybe I’m just a paranoid conspiracy theorist but one way or another the fact the same issues are replicated wherever white culture and people is found must give us pauise for thought.

          • Mmmmmm, you’re not wrong there….

            I wonder when they got to Mutti Merkel? Before that catastrophic decision to flood the whole of Europe with a herd of fucking ugly peacefuls, she always seems as level headed as they get. Always a total cunt but nonetheless still level headed.

            Either Cuntmaster Soros got to her or she looked at the aging and declining Kraut workforce and then decided to pursue that path to the detriment of all the people of Europe and the UK.

            Most likely it was a combination of both.

            The thing with all the cunts in power is that they think they can control these peacefuls, the problem is you can’t!

            How do you control a herd of rabid peacefuls?! It’s like trying to stop a volcano erupting!

    • Jesus H Christ, what happened to THIS Bono?! This guy actually had his head screwed on and talked sense!

      Bono, Bono, Bono, why couldn’t you have kept this mentality?

      As for the so-called ‘Irish’ Americans……. yeah, bet you cunts weren’t cheerleading this sort of thing anymore once it happened on your own doorstep were you?

  37. I’ve just downloaded and watched ‘The Wild Geese’ because of Roger Moore’s passing away. It’s a bit dated, but not too shabby.

  38. Simon cunting Cowell is getting the s’lebs together to make a charity single to raise 5 million for the victims of the tower block disaster.

    Like Airedale, Simon Kotex (a cunt towel) is worth a few quid, 325 million of them in 2015 and earning 90 million a year. So Simon why not just donate 5 million and get out of the grief jacking business.

    There were 242 deaths through fires recorded in 2014, where the fuck were you n the s’lebs for each one of the families effected Simon? Do you not think that was a disaster for the people that died and each of the families left homeless?

    Is it because those tragedies were never national news and the virtue signalling meter would barely register your involvement?

    Just fuck off Simon, you and your s’leb cunt facile wankers. The unfortunate folk caught up in the tower block fire have the whole country and the government onside, they don’t need you, the only conclusion is you’re doing it for the same reasons as every other publicity vampire in showbiz does charity shit , PR and media coverage.

    I’d spit in your face right now you cunt. You got no idea how fucking angry you make me. How about saving your efforts for the family or individual who loses everything, but because it’s one person or family doesn’t get national attention, the government, Lily Allen and the Queen on side.

    You fucking nasty lowlife cunt.

  39. Happy Fathers day to my late grumpy bald Dad!!!!
    I miss his miserable grumpy rants and his loss of temper when driving and his un pc views on the world!
    If there is a heaven he’ll be stuffing his face cos he loved his food, especially fish and chips.
    Traditionally I’ve lost me job like my Dad did under a conservative government but I was also on the dole when cunt Blair came on the scene.

    I’m also facing bankruptcy this week. So Dad (who never touched a drop of alcohol) i raise my can of Hobgoblin, and you’ll be proud to know Dad that I’m also a slap head as I’ve gone bald, and slightly have a beer gut. I’ve also got my Dad’s bad luck.
    Happy Fathers day!

    • Excellent cunting. I’m sure he would have been proud of you. And probably still is.

      • Hope so, despite my constant disasters, which he’d howl laughing at! He has a warped sense of humour
        ….like me!

  40. Barbara Windsor…. Claims motherhood ‘wasn’t for her’,
    so she had five (count ’em!) abortions….

    What a prize fucking cunt…

  41. RE disasters…

    Wouldn’t a spasmotron or Fat Addle concert qualify as a disaster in its own right, without any assistance from third parties ?

  42. The US singer-songwriter (snigger!) Kunty Perry has become the first person to reach 100m followers on Twitter….The website posted a video compilation of her tweets since she joined in 2009 along with a message saying “Today, we #WITNESS history”….

    Doesn’t this silly slag media whore realise that it means nothing?… It isn’t anything of any artistic, sporting, political, literary, or humanitarian significance… Therefore it isn’t ‘history’ of any fucking kind… All it shows is that there are millions of spaztards out there who come cheap and see celebrity sluts like Perry as gods…. And at 32, she better enjoy it while she can… As she ages and her looks fade and her teenage audience of fuckwits moves on… She really is a self important shit in the street for publicity cunt…

    • Kunth Perry is just another music business , paedophilic whore . I despair.

    • Oh, and it was the ABBC who referred to Kunty as a ‘singer-songwriter’…
      Only they (and hordes of Twittermongs) would see this brainless trollop as a ‘singer-songwriter’…. Cunts..

      • Turns out Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Jake Bugg and even Adele all have their songs written for them by teams of songwriters. Fake cunts.

    • The BBC article on this did actually point out that experts on social media internet activity believe up to 2/3 of Kunty Perry followers are just fake/bot/otherwise not genuine accounts. Same goes for many celebricunts, apparently.

      • Good point, ECB… The fake ones are probably down to Kunty Perry’s ‘people’ and management… She’s way too thick to do something like that herself… The daft slag probably has trouble opening a tin of peas…

  43. I keep hearing loads of cunts who were related to or friends of the Tower of Babel victims on the fucking radio.
    It reminds me of all the cunts I have met who claim they were in the Blind Beggar the night Ronnie Kray shot George Cornell.
    If they were really there fatboy Kray wouldn’t have been able to get his gay arse through the door. Er……….don’t tell him I said that.

    • Like the Manchester Free Trade Hall Sex Pistols gig, Freddie…
      Most fuckers who say they were there weren’t…

  44. I’ve seen in the past that many cunters think that Alexei Sayle is a cunt.
    He’s never really bothered me and i do remember laughing years ago at his lively demeanor when i saw him on telly.

    Have a geez, or listen even,at his BBC radio 4 show “Alexei Sayle’s Imaginary Sandwich Bar” on Tuesday evenings at 18:30.
    Its fuckin hilarious, totally off the wall nuts, but hilarious.
    And he actually takes the piss out of every cunt, even lefty commies.

    I knew he wasn’t a cunt. πŸ™‚

    (“Yes he fuckin is , birdman”)

    • He’s that funny that for the last two Tuesday evenings, I’ve been laughing my head off at the beach with locals eyeballing me as I’m slapping the sand.

      • I’ve always liked his books.

        Dostoievsky never made me laugh much, and Chekhov (the one that wrote Uncle Vanya) was a pretentious cunt, a failed pox-doctor who wrote boring-as-fuck stuff.

        The only good thing was seeing Greta Scacchi on stage in one of his plays in London about 30 yearss ago. Otchen’ doable, moi droog…

  45. In that picture George looks like Harpo Marx after he’s honked his horn.

    I also read somewhere that he looks like the kind of man who would go to a brothel where you can hit the whores. After being sacked from the government of course he got the job as editor of the Evening Standard despite no previous experience of… writing…

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