Dead Pool [62]

Congratulations to Black and White cunt who correctly predicted that the next celeb to die would be Batman Star Adam West. who has died of leukemia aged 88.West will always be best remembered for Batman but was also well known to younger audiences for his role as Mayor West in Family Guy.

So the slate is wiped clean and nominations are now open for Dead Pool 62.

Here are the rules (pay special attention to the first one):

1. Nominate who you think is the next cunt on the way out. You can have up to five choices. List your nominations in the comments of this post. It’s the current Dead Pool. Comments not in this post (e.g. in the previous one or other posts) will be ignored!

2. You win if your Cunt dies first.
Then the slate is wiped clean and we start again. Of course, you can always be a really annoying cunt and steal someone else’s dead cunt candidate from the previous pool (like Black and White Cunt frequently does).

Any cunt who tries to cheat by nominating the World’s Oldest Man or Woman is a cunt and will be ignored. Any anonymous cunt who can’t be bothered to make up a name for themselves will also be ignored. Oh, and the usual “Our Blog Our Rules” thing applies.

Nominations are now open on this post only. Good luck.

Shaun`s nominations:

Terry Jones
Freddie Starr
Johnny Hallyday
Bill Wyman
Leah Bracknell

130 thoughts on “Dead Pool [62]

  1. Liked Adam West. Sorry to hear of his death.

    Alice Cooper.
    Sean Connery
    Alistair Campbellend
    Rupert Murdoch
    Amafter Medinnahjacket ( Iranian cunt )

  2. Nice one, Black and White Cunt…
    Loved that Batman TV show when I was a kid…

    Tommy Docherty
    Frank O’ Farrell
    Hugh Hefner
    Jimmy Carter
    Jerry Lewis

    • Adam West pops up in that old “Robinson Crusoe on Mars” scifi film too.
      Worth a look, beats the shite out of any of Tom Cruise’s recent “epics”

  3. Ricky Gervais
    Keith Chegwin
    Tim Westwood
    Robson Green
    James Blunt

  4. Doris Day
    Lord Heseltine
    Lord Prestcott
    Cloris Leachman
    Little Timmy Farron (poof hater)

  5. Betty White
    Dennis Norden
    Jimmy Armfield
    Freddie Starr
    Angela Landsbury

    Well done B&WC

    • He ain’t heavy, he was my brother. There were three of us, Shaun – me, Adam and John (who made a fortune from tinned tuna).

      Then there was our cousin, the actor Timothy. And his son, the singer Kanye.

        • “He ain’t heavy,He’s my brother” that song makes me tear up sometimes… not joking. Did not know a serial killer had the same affection for the popular hollies song as me

          Kayne was the literal black sheep of the family, too bad Fred never killed him. Now the world has to put up with his horrible muzak

  6. John McVie
    Jake LaMotta
    Jill Gascoine
    Burt Reynolds
    Baroness Trumpington

    Good Shot B+WC.

  7. Danielle Westbrook
    Des Lynam
    Des O’connor
    Nicholas Parsons
    Nicholas Soames

  8. Ricky Gervais
    Keith Chegwin
    Tim Westwood
    Robson Green
    James Blunt

  9. Sad, sad news.
    Fuckin sad man.

    I hope some reruns of Batman the series gets shown.
    Cheesy as fuck but brilliant all the same.

    Genuinely sad.

    • Did like Adam West. I broke my ankle as a kid after watching one of his batman films (the one with the shark repellent spray!), followed by Its a Knockout. Sundays in the seventies! After all that action TV, I built a swing at the top of a hill, which untied itself when I was as high as it would go. Fuck me, it hurt! Still does to this day, so I’ll never forget Adam West while I can walk.

      • Shark repellant spray, hehehehe.  🙂

        Remember him and Robin scaling buildings ?

  10. Robert Mugabe
    Peter Sutcliffe
    Charles Manson
    George Bush senior
    Bruce Forsyth

    • Third time lucky
      Third time lucky
      Fingers crossed that little bug eyed face pulling freak survives but loses the ability of speech.

      Annoying little cunt, with shite “cool” teachers hair and collar less leather jackets.


      • I loathe this silver spoon up his arse ‘Winker Watson’ little turd, Hammond… Our kid was killed by a car through no fault of his own, and this cunt treats speeding cars like toys to be played with… Shame the horrible cunt didn’t bite the fucking bullet this time (or the other times!)… What sickens me is the outpouring of ‘sympathy’ and ‘get well’ this piece of scum will get from the Farcebook (cheers, Dio) and Twatter hordes…. Fucking cunt…

    • The cunt clearly has a death wish. Let’s hope no one talks him out of getting right back into the driving seat.

  11. Dave Davies (brother of Ray)
    Danglebert Pimpledick
    Colin Meads

    • Dave lives just outside of Polock weir in Somerset.. I went into a pub and sat in the corner was Dave Davies. Pissed up. Landlord tells me he,s like that most days. Fuckin shame.

  12. Emily Thornberry
    Emma Watson
    Joanna Lumley
    Owen Jones in a “Plunger Pete” style fatality…
    Andrew Windsor-Porchester, pantomime prince.

  13. The Dalai Lama
    Rupert Murdoch
    Alex Ferguson
    Maggie Smith
    The fucking EU

    Well played, B&W.

  14. Good shot B&W Cunt…

    George A Romero
    Hal Holbrook
    Sonny Landham
    John Carpenter
    Michael G Wilson

    Holy Crematorium Batman…!!

  15. Congrats B&W
    RIP Adam West

    Leon ‘Vader’ White
    Harley Race
    Barbara Bush
    Nigel Lawson
    Jean Claude Juncker

    • Is Harley Race not doing well now ,i knew he had some issues a while back ?

      • He broke both his legs after falling down the stairs a week ago apparently.

        Hope he gets well soon.

        Curious claim about Race – apparently he was one of two wrestlers Andre the Giant legitimately feared.

        You a fan as well Sheriff?

        • Also, word is Race needed four blood transfusions during surgery.

        • I am indeed up until around 2004 love all the shoot interviews with the old guys .

          i know he also feared Meng/Haku but also backed down from a fight with bad news brown after a few racist jokes were thrown his way by the the giant. While traveling on a coach.

          Hope Harley has a few more years left in him, same too for Terry funk and Bobby Heanan hope i spelt that right ,i know he has had some horrible shit too with throat cancer and couldn’t speak.

          • Ah the shoots are always a hoot to listen to.

            Some of my favourite ones are the shoots by Jim Cornette, Kevin Nash and Honky Tonk Man.

            I hope Race gets well soon. Ditto for the Funks and Heenan.

  16. Sidney Poitier
    Iris Apfel
    Kenny Lynch
    Norman Tebbit
    Pam “fucking” Ayres


  17. Congrats , buy sad news loved Adam West from the Batman Repeats and from Family Guy as Mayor West was my favourite character in the show.

    ” Somedays you just can’t get rid of a bomb ” — Adam west (Batman)


    Clint Eastwood
    Ric”WOOOO” Flair
    Vince K McMahon
    Gary Glitter
    Freddy Forman

    • Yeah, Mayor West has some hilarious, nonsensical, bit hilarious lines in Family Guy.

      I always wondered what he thought the context of the story was when his few lines arrived. 🙂

      • Adam We ? …..
        Im not Adam We!
        …… Or Am I ???

        or when he got a nice suit massage , “Take extra care on the Lapels , that’s where most of my stress sits ”

        watched behind the scenes stuff when recording in the booth and his just having so much fun with it , Its great to have someone even at his age still loving his work and still bringing in new fans and being actually entertaining .

      • Better than both London and Manchester’s mayors that’s for sure!

        Appeasing cunts!

    • On atheists:
      “How can they not believe in god. Even the terrorists believe in god.
      …even if it is a smelly brown god.”

  18. Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent
    “Cowboy” Bob Ellis
    John Redwood
    Tommy Mair
    John Mahoney

    Congrats to B&W Cunt

    I liked Adam West and the original Batman series “KAPOW” “SPLAT” “BLAH”

  19. Bastard late again due to a mammoth single malt session the other night.

    Val Kilmer
    Ken Dodd
    Roy Hudd
    Giscard d’Estaing
    Rhonda Fleming

  20. Prince Phillip
    Jimmy carter
    Michael Parkinson
    Stirling moss
    Donald Sutherland

    Rip Adam. I hope he banged catwoman.

    Good one bawc

    Fred see u at the family wake? Mrs Kanye can get her tits out.

    • Wonder if he did shag the lovely Julie Newmar or Yvonne Craig?….

      Will distant relative, Leslie West, turn up with his guitar and play a few rock ‘classics’ at the wake, I wonder?….

      • Don’t forget, there’s only one cat woman and it’s Lee Meriweather, Julie Newmar or Eartha Kitt!

  21. What a cunt my first dead pool win and I’m pissed as a cunt in Edinburgh.
    Came out for a ciggie and I have won ya cunts.

  22. Got to say I’ve never been in a town wiv so many fellow pissed cunts. I love Edinburgh, the totty top class as well. It’s not like London where you get snooty cunt who think they’ve got the best cunt. The cunts.

  23. I see Mongy Allen’s at it again. Calling May a “despicable woman”. Bitch needs to look in the mirror. And millionaire daddy Keith is mouthing off too. Pretending to care about the working class. She really had no chance, being raised by far left arseholes.

    • Why doesn’t the gobshite spaztard just fucking OD and do us all a favour?…
      And the times I saw the very obnoxious and almost permanently pissed Keith Allen get thrown out of Mcr pubs and clubs (and get twatted several times) were a joy to behold…

  24. Bob Dole then

    Never liked him or his environmental nonsense
    I never buy designer by the way. Overpriced and pretentious stuff bought by posers with iPhones and more money than sense

  25. Jerry Lee Lewis
    Bill Treacher
    Julie Goodyear
    King Juan Carlos I of Spain
    Tommy Steele

    Well done B&W

  26. This time round;

    Dobri Dobrev
    William Coors
    Mary Wilson
    Jan Michael Vincent
    George P Schultz

    That’s Mary Wilson, Harold’s widow

  27. Thanks to a bug in Blogger, Rickie cunt has been having a field day slagging me off over at the Penguin. I’m posting this to clear things up and prove that comment I posted over there a few minutes ago really is from me :

    “Just checked my Google+ profile and despite my profile picture being different it seems that the Blogger profile picture is locked to my old avatar. It seems to read the picture off my old blog profile and ignore Google+

    The Penguin is on blogger as is Flaxen and several others, so whenever I use a blogger blog it picks up the old grey avatar not the new one. This only happens on Blogger not WordPress.

    I moved my blog to WordPress partly to escape this Rickie cunt but not entirely as he’d like to think. But then again, who cares what he thinks.

    So form you own opinions as to which comments ‘from me’ are real or fake because, frankly, I don’t care.

    That’s it from the real me. I’ll now prove it’s the real me by copying this to ISAC under my proper Gravatar. Now going back to ignoring the silly bugger…

    Rickie won’t see this, of course, because he’s blocked!…

        • Well, if he ain’t from Mcr (which he isn’t!) then he’s fucked on that score… Doesn’t the thick little cunt realise that IP addresses can be traced?… Last time I was in Norwich was at Carrow Road about three years ago… Wonder if all the names of people he’s pretended to be (including the many female ones… Sicko!) will be put on his tombstone when he croaks?… Fucking priceless…

          • I have never commented at the ranting penguin and I don’t use caps lock. Reading that 600 page of shitposting and insults is cancer inducing some of it had me laughing tho lol

          • So, let me get this right… The twisted little shitcurl is pretending to be people who post here? Then, masquerading as these people, he is writing posts and messages to himself? And then responding to the pretend and fake messages he has put on there? In other words, writing to himself and then answering himself?! What a pathetic sicko!

          • That sounds about right. He keeps banging on about not being the bloke in Upton but I just took a squint over there and after his latest pop at my good self there’s a guy asking where he is because he’s not answering his door after inviting us all round for tea and cakes.

            Fucked if I can tell what’s real over there and what’s the daft cunt talking himself up or even trolling himself. Still, it keeps him away from here so it’s not all bad news.

            No point trying to figure it out because as far as I can tell he’s mad as a box of frogs…

    • Always fancied Una Stubbs when she was in Till Death Us Do Part… Hated Tony Booth (Fuckin’ Scarse Git!)…

      • I agree with you on both counts I would have had the scouse git but he had already been bagged.
        Alf Garnett, a hero of mine, should be made the patron saint of this blog.

    • Jerry Maren is an excellent call. I met the last five surviving munchkins around 15-20yrs ago (including Meinhardt Raabe who played The Coroner) and they’ve all since popped their tiny clogs except Jerry.

      • Hey Fred, quick question; do you think comparisons between Corbyn and Michael Foot are a bit off the mark in some respects?

        • Comparisons between Corbyn and Wilfrid Brambell are more apt. (Not sure why you’re asking me though).

          • If Steptoe & Son were on TV now, Harold would be a massive Corbyn fanatic and a Remainer… While Albert would be Tory and Pro-Brexit…. But then again, something like Steptoe would never exist now in these days of PC fluff and with the ‘racist!’ and ‘sexist!’ sirens going off every five minutes…

          • Well Footy did at least volunteer to serve in WW2 but was rejected due to his asthma.
            It’s rumoured that he was accepted into the “Scallywag” units, whose job it would have been to bump off collabarators and sabotage infrastructure in the event of a successful Nazi occupation of Britain.
            Didn’t like the Fourth Reich either…

            Steptoe Corbyn would probably have tried to go up against Tiger tanks and Stukas with flowers, unicorns and pixie dust….

  28. Michael Barrymore
    Boy George
    Oscar Pistorius
    Dick Dale
    Former Pope Benedict

  29. Rolf Harris
    Bruce Forsyth
    Justin Bieber
    Sadiq Khan
    + please Lily (mong) Allen

  30. Little Richard
    Mike Yarwood
    Brigette Bardot
    Martin Peters
    Chubby Checker

    • Nope doesn`t look like anyone had Helmut Kohl either despite seeing his name in many many a pool.

      • I had him regularly in my list,
        until I couldn’t be arsed any more. Lazy cunt (me).

  31. Keith Richards
    Phil Collins
    Christine le Garde
    President Mugabe
    That Belgian EU bastard

    • “That Belgian EU bastard”
      You mean Juncker? be more precise, the admin shouldn’t have to guess what cunt you are referring to

  32. I would like to nominate Multiculturalism as a cunt. (Reason below)

    Multiculturalism is a cunt, why do I say this – because, as a middle-aged English white guy, it excludes me. If I was a Somalian people trafficker enabling people to drown in the Med by selling them fake passports at Honda Civic prices and cramming them on leaky balloons then I would be an oppressed hero. If I was a Syrian freedom fighter beheading people and yelling at the crucified that my version of Islam was the best then I would be cool. If I was an Asian programmer who’d gotten a job through the Asian IT mafia network I would be cool even if I did not have a clue what I was doing. But as a middle-aged white English guy looking after his chrysanthemums on a sunny afternoon I am automatically a bigoted racist colonial fucktard and I deserve everything I get.
    I have never met an Indian who did not hate me for the partition and two hundred years of colonial rule. If you can’t forgive me – even though I was not responsible – then fuck off back to your overcrowded caste system, you useless cunt. Indians and Pakistanis own all the corner shops and hate me for it. Then they buy the supermarkets and hate me even more. Then they make damn sure their kids excel at school and become lawyers and doctors and rub my nose in it because I am white and English and that makes me a drunk and lazy dole bastard. But that does not stop them from being the same corrupt shifty bastards they were when they first arrived. If you are Asian you will be elected in a predominantly Asian area, if you are white then fuck off. In Bristol and Liverpool, blacks hate me for the slave trade. The Irish are cool because they told the whole fucking world that the English are not and the world believed them and they play the same music over and over again in their pubs and turn people into useless plastic Irish zombies. In the US, Americans laugh when misfortune befalls the England because they are still fighting their War of Independence by proxy through the RA. The white English working class was entirely responsible for wiping out Native Americans. It’s true, ask an American. The French hate us because their language is a useless cunt. The Spanish hate us for having the temerity to sink their fucking useless Armada (we had to calm down one fucked up useless Spanish twat at a party because he was so irate about it). Australians hate us because they are cunts, likewise New Zealanders who dig up their tractor boys every now and then to biff us at rugger and make sure we know that sheep farmers rule over useless English dole bastards and inbred paedophile public schoolboys. The Russians hate us because they’re on the edge of nowhere and just yearn to be seen as sophisticated when deep down they are simply brutish thugs with massive inferiority complexes. The English, even in glorious defeat at Balaclava, still looked prettier in their pretty uniforms. And then there are all those culturally wonderful South Americans who just adore fascists and Franco types and hate England because Buenos Aires has better looking streets. Don’t get me started on Eastern Europe; most of it’s next to Russia: enough said. As for our Sino friends, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Hong Kongese, the Burmese, I don’t know what they think, I haven’t got a fucking clue.
    As for the Scots, Irish and Welsh, they didn’t help in 1066, so fuck them.
    But the worse thing is that our own middle and upper classes are complicit in name-calling the white English working class. They call us racist bigoted white football hooligan cunts thinking the epithet excludes them because they are superior as they went to Oxford and Cambridge and run the Foreign Office via their old boy network. But if there’s any white cunt in England who is more racist and bigoted, more of an exclusive arsehole, it’s the rich white landed gentry cunt because it’s he or she who benefited almost exclusively from the slave trade. I certainly didn’t, my grandad was a beer delivery drunk.
    So fuck off multiculturalism, you cunt, unless you include me, the wholly oppressed white English middle-aged working class man.

      • Excellent cunting SDV. Now cut and paste it where it belongs in the current strand, ya cunt 😉

    • Your anti scots bollocks is tiresome. You seem to forget that many of the historic events you list involved the British Army , not the English army. You need reminded that it was the Scots who saved you and the rest if the country from Corbyn in last weeks election.

  33. A nice cunting there Samson……………….And on the subject of the Spanish navy,did you know their new warships are glass bottomed,enabling them to keep an eye on the old Spanish navy?……..Cunts……………Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  34. Tony Pulis
    Vanessa Del Rio
    Peter North
    Samantha Fox
    Isaac Hunt

  35. King Cunt

    Just heard Phil the Greek has been admitted to hospital and will mist the Queens speech.

  36. Did nobody have Brian Cant?….
    I’m sure he’s been nominated in the past….

    • Barry Norman has featured many, many times in the past. Not sure I’ve ever seen Michael Bond nominated though.

  37. A list of all the winners of past pools:
    Deadpool 61 :Black and White Cunt ……Adam West
    Deadpool 60: Dioclese………..Peter Sallis
    Deadpool 59: Bastard Well Bastard….. John Noakes
    Deadpool 58 :Dick Fiddler …..Gregg Allman
    Deadpool 57:Sheriff of Cuntingham….Ian Brady
    Deadpool 56:Norman…Geoffrey Bayldon
    Deadpool 55:TheBornemouthRed……Brian Matthew
    Deadpool 54:Dioclese…..David Rockefeller
    Deadpool 53:Bastard Well Bastard ……Chuck Berry
    Deadpool 52:Shaun…….Steve Hewlett
    Deadpool 51:Fred West….John Hurt
    Deadpool 50:King and Cuntry….Gorden Kaye
    Deadpool 49:Prime Minister Sinister…..Jimmy Snuka
    Deadpool 48:Shaun….Clare Hollingworth
    Deadpool 47:Bastard well Bastard….Peter Sarstedt
    Deadpool 46:Mr Blobby Blobby and Fred West……George Michael and Liz Smith (Joint as Liz died first but was reported after George Michael died and Fred called it a draw which is fair)
    Deadpool 45:Shaun….Zsa Zsa Gabor
    Deadpool 44:Uncle Dickie…….Peter Vaughan
    Deadpool 43:King Cunt….Fidel Castro
    Deadpool 42:J R Cuntley…Robert Vaughan
    Deadpool 41:Uncle Dickie…….Prince Takahito of Mikasa
    Deadpool 40:King Cunt….Shimon Peres
    Deadpool 39:Rebel without a Cunt…..Arnold Palmer
    Deadpool 38:J R Cuntley….Gene Wilder
    Deadpool 37:Shaun…..Brian Rix
    Deadpool 36:Cunt `O Macunto……Joao Havelange
    Deadpool 35:All Seeing Eye….Muhammad Ali
    Deadpool 34:Richard Debo Debson….Cliff Michelmore
    Deadpool 33:Fred West….George Martin
    Deadpool 32:Richard Debo Debson…..Nancy Reagan
    Deadpool 31:Richard Debo Debson….Martin Crowe
    Deadpool 30:Shaun……Douglas Slocombe
    Deadpool 29:Richard Debo Debson…Pavel Srnicek
    Deadpool 28:Guardian Hater……Greville Janner
    Deadpool 27:Richard Debo Debson …….Patricia “Nanny Pat” Brooker
    Deadpool 26:Sir Limpy Stoke…..Helmut Schmidt
    Deadpool 25:Dioclese….Al Molinaro
    Deadpool 24:Norman…….Maureen O`Hara
    Deadpool 23:Fred West……Denis Healey
    Deadpool 22:Norman …..Stephen Lewis
    Deadpool 21:Entopy….George Cole
    Deadpool 20:Shaun……Peter O`Sullevan
    Deadpool 19:Sir Limpy Stoke….Christopher Lee
    Deadpool 18:Lex…. B.B King
    Deadpool 17:Shaun……Sam Simon
    Deadpool 16:Cunt O`MaConto…Leonard Nimoy
    Deadpool 15:The Grim Cunter….Jeremy Thorpe
    Deadpool 14:Dioclese….Gough Whitlam
    Deadpool 13:King Cunt…Joan Rivers
    Deadpool 12:Sir Limpy Stoke…Richard Attenborough
    Deadpool 11:Dioclese…..Chapman Pincher
    Deadpool 10:Sir Limpy Stoke….Bill Ash
    Deadpool 9:Fred West….Mickey Rooney
    Deadpool 8:Dan…Jimmy Ellis
    Deadpool 7:The All Seeing Eye…Ariel Sharon
    Deadpool 6:Dioclese…Ronnie Biggs
    Deadpool 5:Ollie Burton`s Grandad…Nelson Mandela
    Deadpool 4:Ollie Burton“s Grandad…Clive Dunn
    Deadpool 3:Dioclese….Abdul Basssett Al Megrahi
    Deadpool 2:Dioclese …Colonel Gaddafi
    Deadpool 1: .243…Amy Winehouse

    • Nice one Shaun
      If I can count, I make that a 7-7 tie between you and me . Need to up my game. Grudge match on here, matey 😉

      Does it go to penalties?

      • Indeed you are right.I clearly cannot count!Nah I think we have to go into extra time first 😛

  38. Dioclese is on 7 hits I am on 6 Debo Debson is on 5.Sir Limpy and Fred have a fair few hits too.

  39. I would have got Malcolm Glazer when I nominated him… But the site was down for a few days, and the old cunt carked it during that time…. Not complaining, I’m just glad the cunt snuffed it…

  40. US YouTube star and online actress Stevie Ryan (?) has died aged 33…..
    Youtube and online actress? Which means she wasn’t an actress at all….

    • What kind of cunt parent calls their daughter stevie I mean seriously? Yep she isn’t a actress shes just internet famous cause shes a vlogger and did a short lived show on VH1

  41. Michael Stipe is about ripe for a wooden box about now, don’t you think?

    I mean, he’s looked like a coffin-dodger on several distinct occasions before now and always managed to come back whingier than ever but I think that there’s just something in the air.

    Something just tells me that the Stipe is not buying green bananas.

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