Tony Blair (11)

Mr Tony Blair runs a well oiled machine..He is slick and he has all the skills that are required to ease back into the limelight. He can purchaser’s power, he can pull strings, and above all, he can rely upon the support of the Braun Cow of Deutschland.

The trivial matter of a British electorate who are diametrically opposed to Blair’s return will NOT hinder this mans progress.
Democracy will be set aside , a fanfare will sound, and the Different”Hosannah”, and the laying of palm fronds will herald the arrival of the antichrist.

Votes and demonstrations will not stop this man, he is evil incarnate. A “cunting” no matter how well deserved is quite insufficient in this mans case, only a visit from the “peaceful ones” can end his reign.

Isis….Isis…where are you now?

Nominated by asimplearsehole

162 thoughts on “Tony Blair (11)

  1. When dealing with the Cunt Blair it is also necessary to bring in from the shadows the lurking bitch….The Blair Witch! ( Cherie )
    The Witch Bitch was ( and still is ) a cash vacuum of the “legal” type.. In 2010 The Witch Bitch and Phil Shiner sucked over £2 million from the Ghurka Association, in spite of the case being funded by legal Aid. ( A double take in anyone’s books ) The Witch Bitch was also involved with Shiner in Civil Rights Cases that were never scrutinised.
    The Witch Bitch is a cunt of massive proportions, who these days works silently in the wings to promote the interests of the Devil Incarnate, and for that she will share in great rewards from the master.
    With all witches, the traditional and most effective way of dealing with them is through public burning. Burn the Bitch!

  2. Me mate Ganja and yours truly have already made the offer before the parish of buggering the cunt for the good of society, but we have decided that we need help to hold his head while I shit in his mouth.

    Any volunteers ?

  3. Well fuck me sideways. Just watched an interview with Die Ann Fattbutt on gmtv. Talk about a car crash. This was a motorway fucking pile up. She was asked by Pliers Morgan about 100 times (roughly) if there was an incoming nuke would she press the button. Cunt obviously wouldn’t answer so just went to default diatribe, more pressing issues blah blah………..
    That cunt and her cohorts are so far from electable the monster raving loonies would pose a bigger threat to the Torys.

    • Abbott The Hutt is a useless fat cunt and a fucking bottler…

      Was Blair the cunt actually ever done for poofing, or is it just an urban myth?….

      • Anthony Charles Lynton Blair.

        Charles Lynton was convicted at Bow St 1984 for importuning. Fined £500
        No record of Tony Blair as middle names only used.
        Alleged schedule D applied, and the court log and record ( which are a Public Record,) are now ” not available”

        Sources at the time are now silent.
        Alleged that CIA used this information to garner support for Iraq war.

        Exposure of Tony Blair and wife Cherie Blair, Naked encounters in the shower with Carol Caplin, source The Scotsman, other tabloids. Mystical body rubbing, chanting etc.

        As far as I am concerned , these two are simply a pair of dirty cunts.

      • Yes, he was done for poofery in 1983 at Bow St Magistrates Court but gave his name as Charles Lynton. He got a £50 fine.

        Subsequently Bow St Magistrates Court has closed and all their records mysteriously vanished.

  4. Oxford University is a cunt!

    “Oxford University has apologised for saying that avoiding eye contact could be “everyday racism” after it was accused of discriminating against autistic people.
    The claim was included in a list of “racial micro-aggressions” in an equality and diversity unit newsletter.
    But the university was criticised for being “insensitive” to autistic people who can struggle making eye contact.
    It said it had made a mistake and not taken disabilities into account.
    The university originally said “racial micro-aggressions” might include: “Not making eye contact or speaking directly to people.”
    It described the behaviours as “subtle, everyday racism” which can be alienating.”

    What the fuck is of “racial micro-aggression”?

    Where do these cunts find the time to come up with this total bullshit? not making eye contact is now racist, looking at someone is racist or if they happen to be female “vision rape” fuck me seriously.

    Kudos for BBC east for the one armed weather girl this AM, I was still able to visually rape her and decide I would indeed give her one.

    What is the world coming too, soon we will all have to stay indoors with boxes on out heads to stop us offending some entitled snowflake cunt.

    • And those shops that have ‘special hours’ and ‘private shopping’ for autistic people and mongs (see you, Lily) are cunts… These wankers claim that these ‘special people’ need to do their shopping away from noise and ‘ordinary’ people….

      Call me a picky cunt, but it’s usually these ‘special’ cunts that make all the fucking racket and disturb and perturb shoppers…

      • This type of ‘special’ shite is setting a very ugly precedent…
        We’ve already heard about the daft chav slag who turned up late at the cinema, but got a ‘special private screening’ because her cunt offspring threw an ear splitting eppy because she was ‘confused’ (ie: the spoilt little fucker tantrumed and got to see the film)… Every fucker will be at it now… Getting Tesco or KFC all to themselves, because their brat has spazzed out on the staff… And wait till the peaceful parkies and iron curtain gyppos cotton on to it… Romanian white w@gs only on Thursdays at Asda… You have been warned…

    • Oxford Snowflake University should be demolished… They are fucking cunts…

    • I neglected to say the one armed regional weather girl was a massive improvement on Carol “big up my part” Cuntwood.

      Not only does she look better she underlines the fact all a weather girl needs to do is be able to point and smile and give us a quick run down of the forecast.

      Forgot the ladies name but the sooner she replaces Carol the better.

    • Where I come from the main response would be ‘what the fuck are you looking at cunt’. Best pretend to be autistic.

  5. Here in the Drakensberg I just watched two giant hornets copulating on my patio.

    For some obscure reason, I just thought of Blair and Mandelson. 😬

  6. Look at this fucker.

    A member if ISIS, convicted of planning to murder innocent people for the sake of silly made nonsense bible stories.

    This utter cunt wanted to kill us but don’t worry, when he’s released, he’ll be on fucking licence of five years.

    Why the fuck don’t we get shot of these vicious deluded cunts.

    • I see the ABBC are still sticking with “so called” to caveat “Islamic State”.

      It is what it is you cunts! That is what they call themselves so there is no “so called” about it!

      If you’re going to misnomer them then why don’t you just call them “The Norwegians” or “The Blokes from Kent”? Use whatever name you want *we* all know you mean and that grouping of “peaceful” cunts begins with an ‘M’! Cunts!

  7. Waiting for the new thread, i thought I’d Google a few of our favourite cunts, looking for some new nonsense to cunt them again with.
    Its a thing i do regularly, coz cunting has become a favourite pastime.
    Anyway, the reason i bring it up, and this falls in with my addiction to ISAC that i mentioned the other day, i was googlin lily Allen and typed “lily Mong”.

    Cheers Norman. 🙂

    I don’t even call her that, as i have respect for mongs.

    • By the way and for yer information, a REAL lily Mong exists!!!!!

      Her name is lily Mongly, but she shortens it to lily Mong on twatter.
      Having the surname ‘Mongly’ is bad enough, but to shorten it to Mong is very strange.

      She sorta looks like her an all, if ye squint. 🙂

      • My mate has always hated his surname…”Potato”….but not as much as his new wife….Jackie…

  8. Learned a great new word today…”Misogynoir”,apparently it’s when you insult a coon split-arse. I love all these new words they keep coming up with to describe my behaviour.

  9. No Bidman.We had a brief visit from capital letter cunt,but posts have now gone somewhere……………………..Cunt he is…………Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    • I think they let him in occasionally just to piss him off by blocking him.

      He still hasn’t grasped that I’m not admin here any more. His rage against his outing just blinds him totally to any sort of reality. He really hates me doesn’t he?

      Never mind…

  10. I”m right behind you Birdman………………About 30 miles………………Baaaaaaaaaaaaah

  11. Just remembered some other Blaircunt arrogance. The wanker invented a new Office of State….Deputy Prime Minister…to appease Fatarse Prescott. Yes I know the Pigfucker made Cleggy DPM but that was a coalition so it makes sense. I don’t recall any PM before Blaircunt having a deputy with access to a country estate where he could play croquet with his pals and fuck his secretary. I could be wrong. Also Blaircunt changed PMQs from 2 sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays to one session on Wednesdays. I didn’t know you could change Parliamentary procedure on the whim of a fucking Prime Minister but apparently you can. Cast your mind back to those days….Murdoch and the BBC loved the cunt so he walked on water. They both got served up nicely for those mistakes. Biggest, most untrustworthy, duplicitous, self serving cunt who ever lived. A magnificent cunt.

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