Tony Blair (11)

Mr Tony Blair runs a well oiled machine..He is slick and he has all the skills that are required to ease back into the limelight. He can purchaser’s power, he can pull strings, and above all, he can rely upon the support of the Braun Cow of Deutschland.

The trivial matter of a British electorate who are diametrically opposed to Blair’s return will NOT hinder this mans progress.
Democracy will be set aside , a fanfare will sound, and the Different”Hosannah”, and the laying of palm fronds will herald the arrival of the antichrist.

Votes and demonstrations will not stop this man, he is evil incarnate. A “cunting” no matter how well deserved is quite insufficient in this mans case, only a visit from the “peaceful ones” can end his reign.

Isis….Isis…where are you now?

Nominated by asimplearsehole

162 thoughts on “Tony Blair (11)

  1. A driver is stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway. Nothing is moving.

    Suddenly a man bangs on the window. The driver winds down his window and asks “What’s going on?”

    “Terrorists down the road have kidnapped Tony Blair and are demanding a Β£10 million pound ransom, otherwise they’ll douse him in petrol and set him on fire, so we’re going from car to car for donations”

    The driver asks “How much are people giving, on average?”

    “Most people are giving about a gallon”….

  2. Juncker appears to be a first class one, having had the whiff of scandal around when he was PM of Luxembourg he has seamlessly moved on to head the EU. Having had a meal with Mrs M last week he has moved on to telling porkies about what happened in the meeting and passing these on as truths to his paymaster the head sausage nosher. The cunt does not want to indulge in meaningful dialogue at all , only look for a way of saying ‘Its the Brits fault’

    • Expect EU interventions against Mother Theresa over the next month or so. The 4th Reich would love to be negotiating with a coalition of Corbyn, the Krankies, little Timmy and the IRA (sorry, I mean Sinn Fein)
      We would end up in the Euro, open bordered and committed to taking a million or so peaceful pieces of vermin. But Scotch would be tariff free and perhaps haggis. Cant think of any other Krankie exports. Neds & schemies? Deep fried pizza?

      • Oh yes, look how they’ve intervened with France.

        Of course they would want the axis of left wing evil in power here.

          • More like Juncker was giving the grandcuntmaster special favours for good behaviour..

    • ……..and the first person the cunt phoned when the meeting ended ?
      Der Frau Fuhrer that’s who. Not some other high up in the EU, no, Mutti Merkel the puppet master herself.

  3. Aside from the fact this cunt is a war criminal, just where the fuck does it get the nerve to thrust itself once again into the public eye? It is a national disgrace. The pox on anyone who aides this cunt or is in any way connected to this cunt’s activities. Utter, utter uber bastard!

    • Yes incredible isn’t it. He assumes the Great British Public will actually WELCOME him sticking his Euro-loving brown nose in to try and save us from something the majority of us voted for in the first place. Unbelievable.

  4. A cunt of the highest order, will no doubt be Independent but will preach Labour views.

    Fucking prick should just fuck right off, best thing to happen to the Conservatives since Corbcunt.

  5. Tony B.Liar is the pinnacle of cuntishness!

    Wickle Timmy Farron has nothing on this cunt in the cunt stakes!

    From 1997-2007 this cunt ruined the UK and who only got out when he did because he probably had the “inside line” on the impending world financial collapse. Snakey cunt!

    When Labour took over in 1997 – under this cunt – the Connies had left the economy in a decent state. When the Connies (and LibDem hangers on) got back in, Captain Scarlet (Alistair mono-brow Darling) left a note in the treasury dispatch box: “Good luck! There’s nothing left!”

    That is the disaster that was “New Labour” with the “Old Labour” mantra of borrow-spend-borrow-spend…repeat.

    I have no issue with public spending when it is to serve the whole of society with infrastructure projects and the like but “New Labour” spending was a master class in pissing money away on pointless exercises and – most gauling of all – the undeserving! Don’t want to work? Fine “New Labour” will provide by taxing folk prepared to work and then borrowing from the state when other people’s money had run out!

    Instead of forcing lazy cunts into work to do these jobs that “nobody else wants to do” with a carrot and/or stick (whichever you prefer) legislation of “no work, no money” he instead allowed the bone idle to live well courtesy of Benefits Britain.

    However some cunt needed to do these jobs and so that was easily solved – courtesy of “New Labour” – by letting every other cunt from the EU backwoods come over and do them!

    Who cares if we overburden housing, education and the NHS in the long term…not our Tony that’s for sure. And here we are with the immigration nightmare that we have now – all under the tenure of the Right Horrible Tony B.Liar!

    Now this cunt is back and looking to get back into ruining the country’s economy all over again. And all so he, and his untrustworthy mob of hangers-on, can sup at the teat of the EU!

    That’s all this is B.Liar YOU CUNT! You didn’t give a shit about this country during your tenure, you care less about it now (interfering with democracy), this is all about lining your pockets, the pockets of your minions and your QC wife at the expense of ordinary folk fed up with cunts like YOU! Cunts like EU!!!

    Hey Tony, why don’t you just fuck right off with your interference and give this country a chance to be great in its own right again without having to pander and cowtow to those uber-cunts in the EU!

    No one wants to see your miserable fucking face on TV let alone anywhere near the House of Commons or House of Lords, so please take this as a friendly hint from a hard-working average Joe, FUCK OFF YOU CUNT! You’re no longer welcome in any political capacity in this country. Cunt!

  6. I cannot properly put into words how much I despise this cunt.

    I want Tony Blair to die for what he’s done to this country.

    It’s a good thing that he’s in his 60s and I am a fair bit younger because when he dies, which I hope will be soon, I will piss on his grave.

    This man is cunt of the century, he deserves to be flayed, injected with radioactive material and then lowered into an industrial mincer feet first.

    Burn in hell Tony Blair.

    • I’ve always thought that this CUNT should hit the shredder feet first…if a few of us are actually saying this, there must be many millions across the cuntry who think the same way.

      PLEASE stand up and cunt this evil evil piece of meerkat excrement.

  7. It almost defies belief that this piece of shit would want to get involved in British politics again. Then you remember that it’s Tony Blair, and you remember what an ignorant, shameless cock sucker he is. That Blair is fully aware of the hatred and revulsion that most British people feel towards him, and he STILL wants to get back into politics tells you all you need to know about the utter contempt in which Blair holds us.

    His time in office, as far as I’m concerned anyway, was an unmitigated disaster. It was a Premiership built on lies, deceit, control freakery and spin. Take the smoking ban. The fairest way of implementing it would have been to allow free houses, breweries and the big chains the choice of whether or not they wanted to ban smoking on their premises. But Blair and his minions knew that doing so would have shown that the anti-smoking Nazis were not as popular as they would like us to believe, because the non-smoking pubs would have fared much worse than pubs that still allowed smoking. So they brought in a blanket ban and decimated the industry. Now, those same cunts are demanding that smoking be banned in beer gardens, and any other outside space close to a pub. Cunts.

    As we all know, Blair’s biggest act of evil, was Iraq. If it were any other Prime Minister, I would call those who claim that weapons inspector Dr David Kelly was murdered on the orders of the PM, I’d call them conspiracy theorising loons. I could fully believe that Blair would sanction that though. In fact, I have serious doubts as to whether Dr Kelly actually did kill himself.

    Blair betrayed the military big time in the run up to the 2003 invasion. At that time, he and his cronies were busy falsifying evidence to take to the U.N. so that Blair could look like the good guy when he made his case for war. The problem was, in order to make it look more believable, Blair ignored the warnings of Geoff Hoon and the Chiefs of Staff that the Military desperately needed ammunition and equipment, such as body armour, BEFORE any invasion could take place. He KNEW that British lives would be at risk, but he STILL refused to allow that vital equipment to be bought, because then the U.N. would know he was talking shite, and it would make HIM look bad.

    The result of that betrayal, was that one of my closest friends was shot dead because he didn’t have body armour, and six Red Caps ended up getting slaughtered because, among other things, they didn’t have enough ammunition with which to defend themselves. And those are only SEVEN of the many British lives that this cock sucking, decency fucking, democracy killing CUNT is responsible for.

    Fourteen years have passed since the invasion, and Iraq is now WORSE than it was before. Will Blair admit though? Will he fuck! Not once has this scum apologised, or even admitted responsibility for ALL the lives lost in the fourteen years since 2003, which he is responsible for. And yet this shameless sack of shit thinks that now is a good time to re-enter politics. This piece of shit needs a bullet to the head, along with his ugly harpy of a wife. Anyone who would even consider voting for this filth, is a traitor to the United Kingdom.

    FUCK OFF BLAIR. You’re not neither wanted nor welcome.

    • I am convinced that Tony Blair is legitimately evil.

      No one can go out of their way to fuck up their own country and then attempt to do so years later because said country no longer follows his insidious agenda.

      No one can be so shameless and arrogant to think that they can just waltz back into politics in spite of his toxic and cancerous reputation in all circles.

      This man handed the IRA a victory on a silver latter when he signed the Good Friday equipment and then opened the door for scum lawyers to persecute the good soldiers who fought in Northern Ireland.

      This man destroyed thousands of lives with his hubris in the middle east.

      Blair deserves to be put to be put to death.

      • “Blair deserves to be put to be put to death”

        By buggering please.

        • How about a buggering by some peacefuls and then being bitten by rabid squirrels?

          • No implements, and no frigging leather hoods either.

            Those hoods scare the fuck out of me.

          • If I can find some peacefuls and rabid squirrels and get Blair trapped…….

          • I will bugger the bastard, its no big deal , I have done worse than him before.

            When the rent on the flat needs paying,I got to do what I got to do.

          • Would you be willing to use implements on Blair as well?

          • He got done for that in Edinburgh, using his middle name, knob jockey,sorry I meant Linton . Public bogs as well the shameless cunt.

      • You’re right, he is legitimately evil. The difference between him and Saddam Hussein, is that Hussein was honest enough to be openly evil. Nobody has as little respect for democracy as Blair. That’s why he’s sticking his nose in now. Us plebs didn’t vote the way HE wanted us to last June. Now he thinks going to punish us.

        The fact is, WE should be punishing HIM by hanging the evil shit.

  8. In retrospect, it would have been better in Cunt Kinnock won in 1992, I doubt he would have lasted beyond 1997 and the Tories would have been able to rebuild sooner because that useless Bastard Major wouldn’t have fucked his party up so badly and they would have (hopefully) been electable by ’97 and we would never had to suffer Blair.

    Thank fuck that Brown hated Blair so much that he kept us out of the Euro just to spite the piece of shit.

  9. The career of Mr Blair is quite an absurd one. The North East Of England tended ( in those days ) to be working class, of mining stock, diligent and hard working.
    There was a strong distaste for anyone who rose above the heap especially those who aspired to be “a cut above”.

    The NE. hated the Tory Party. They hated anyone from the “privileged class” Those rich kids who went to University were despised and NEVER trusted. Queer people were fortunate if they survived a Friday night. Queer people kept a low profile.

    The lowest and most despised lifeform, were the lawyers. The bastards who defended the coal barons, the scum who took the bread from the mouths of children , and were always paid win or lose.

    At the time of which I refer 1983, Sedgefield in Co Durham had as follows.

    Only 27% of the population owned a car. 27.6% had a qualification. 28% were considered below par in terms of Education. Sedgefield was ( and still is ) an impoverished area. Sedgefield has always been a labour stronghold. A blind donkey with dementia would be elected to Parliament provided it would wear the rose red of Labour.

    It was into this Constituency. That Tony Blair was parachuted. It was a cert, The area would vote a dog turd into parliament as long as it was a labour dog turd.

    Blair was a Lawyer, he was also a graduate of Oxford. He was also a cottager and also a cunt.

    Had it not been for his placement in a labour genetically programmed area, the irritating and uninteresting Mr Blair would not likely have been elected to parliament.

    This means of course, that it would not be likely that he would have been Prime Minister. In which case, a needless war would not have been fought. Dr David Kelly would be alive today, 600,000 lives would have been saved, British Troops would never have died, the nation would have been stronger, more united, less divided and the migration of millions of fuckwit camel shagging rag headed bastards would never have happened.

    Now, it is interesting to note, that, not only did Sedgefield elect Blair to power once, but they did so three times, all the while knowing that he was a “wrong un “.

    For this reason, it is the people of Sedgefield in County Durham who must bear the responsibility of what has happened to our country. The people of Sedgefield must accept that they are also responsible in part for the horrendous loss of life in a needless war. They also, knowing of the open door, are responsible for the introduction of a further 68 languages to our little Isle.

    Not only is Sedgefield a little insignificant shithole, it is the shithole that unleashed the torrent of shit upon the nation.

    Now my friends, my point in all this, is to make the following simple observation. It is the thickest section of society, the ones usually less educated, the cunts who are incapable of independent thought who are the twats who vote for Socialist and Libtard arseholes. Tony Blair will need a safe Labour seat to win a comeback, his cronies will sift through the countless opportunities that are available. It is likely to be a London seat, a seat that will furnish raghead support in gratitude for his treachery and their success in entering the land of free money. I wish a pox on whatever constituency is offered, may they inherit a thousand piles on their hairy arseholes. Let their balls fester, turn square, and rot at the fucking corners.
    Blair is a Cunt, and Sedgefield Co. Durham are even bigger cunts.

    • Sedgefield Co. Durham is what noted cunt Lenin would have called the ”useful idiots”.

      Well they were certainly idiots. It’s times like this that those Northern areas should take a good long look at themselves and ask if voting Labour which will lead to another herd of fucking ugly peacefuls swarming through, just because you hate the tories is really a good idea.

      • Every Labour government that has been on its way out since ive been around ( and thats since the late 50’s ) has left Blighty on the verge of bankruptcy. They dont get it that to distribute wealth you have to create it. Not just give handouts to any cunt thats just come off the boat.

        • Part of the usual politics of envy.

          Or is that politics of shortsightedness?

    • Perhaps the reason that the people of Sedgefield voted Labour is that after Thatcher,they weren’t “clever” enough to realise what a massive favour the Tories had done for the North-East.

      • It’s not like Labour did the North-East any favours, they’re the ones who lost out big time to immigration.

  10. It was me old mate Ganja who mentioned this during a medicinal smoking moment that he would like to bugger Tony Blair whilst ranting on about disability living allowance cuts by the Tories.

    I offered to piss in his mouth at the same time if it helped.

  11. In 1995, one of the worst video games of all time came out, it was a parody called Hong Kong ’97 an this was part of the premise:

    ”The year 1997 has arrived. A herd of fuckin’ ugly reds. are rushing from the mainland.
    Crime rate skyrocketed! Hongkong is ruined!”

    Now swap out 1007 for 2017 and a herd of fucking ugly reds for a herd of fucking ugly peacefuls and tell me that not Europe and this country right now.

  12. Teflon Tony is a slippery shit of wasted skin, him and the rest of New Labour cunts should have been stuck in the Millennium Dome and then bombed by the RAF.

  13. People used to think Brown was a miserable Jock cunt who hated Blaircunt because he had the number one spot which Brown coveted so much. Jealous old fucker. Now we understand that Brown, knowing him better than anyone, had a fucking good reason to hate the bastard, probably dozens of reasons. Blaircunt……easily the nastiest, most evil cunt this country has produced. His sense of entitlement is staggering. How is it possible to be hated by so many people and you don’t give a fuck?

    • It’s possible when you’re an evil tyrannical cunt who doesn’t give a shit about anyone else.

      Hmmm…… I think I just summed up Blair.

      • Good day to you Prime Minister Sinister.
        David Icke talks utter nonsense for a Leicestershire lad, but he’s onto something with these lizards.

        Look at them eyes.
        Sometimes ye can even see his tongue give them a quick lick.

    • Former BBC nutter David Ike always said the global illuminati were giant lizards wanting to take over the world.

  14. The worst,personally,was the optimism that a hell of a lot of us had when Blair was first elected…. “Things can only get better”…yer,right Tony.

    • John Major deserves a cunting for doing such a shit job that people thought that Blair was the way forward.

      I could get why they voted him the first time.

      Second time alarm bells should have been ringing.

      Third time was a mix of WTF were they thinking and they way the boundaries benefit Labour.

    • Hey Dick Fiddler.

      That cunt from downstairs knocked very gently on my door this morning asking for a peace treaty.
      He apologized for everything and tried to explain that his noisy cunt of a kid had problems understanding the keep the fuckin noise down rule, but he was trying to stop him.
      He also wants to go to the polis station and stop any court action that maybe coming my way.


      I just stood in my doorway, dressed only in tight boxer shorts, smoking a tab, holding my stick against my shoulder and scratching my balls.
      And i was giving them a good scratch.
      I must have looked like a cross between Yozzer Hughes and Oz from Goodbye (in German) Pet.

      I listened to what he had to say and shut the door in the fat cunts ugly, UGLY face, without uttering a word.

      Twenty minutes ago, i chased him up the stairs whilst whistling Gonna Fly Now, and he ran indoors.
      I wasn’t gonna do anything, bit I’ve got to show face, haven’t i ?


    • Hey Dick Fiddler, anytime i try and tell you the latest on that glorious guy i live above, moderation grabs the fucker.

      I think he might be the moderator. πŸ™‚

      I know the moderator has a mind of its own, but i cant talk about him without it getting caught, even though it’s all good with no malice. πŸ™‚

      Sack that fuckin moderator. πŸ™

  15. If the Blair is on the way back does that mean that Mandlecunt will be joining him in appealing to English voters? God help us all if that rump ranger gets his hands on real power.

    • No doubt Campbell would show up too and then we’d get the unholy alliance.

      • My mother, half-Scottish, said the Campbellend clan were a bunch of nutters… about the only truth she ever spoke.

  16. A few years ago, Brian Walden gave a series of TV lectures on 20th Century Dictators. In one programme, he discussed the rise to power of Adolf Hitler. It was amazing the parallels he drew between the Fuhrer and His Toniness… Unfortunately Mandelsleaze already has power courtesy of the Fife Feartie, by appointing this sleazebag to the Lords allowed him to dispense with the minor issue of an election and simply parachute this three time conman into government.
    Here’s a terrifying thought though, one day some brain dead politico will appoint the sleazebag to the Lords to join two jags, mandelsleaze, kinnochio and the other deadbeats to suck even more from the public teat.

  17. I’m luvving this thread!

    You can really feel the love towards B.Liar can’t you! πŸ˜†

    As an aside I live about 10 miles away from Sedgefield. It has a race course. And a car boot sale (on the racecourse). That’s it.

    The problem with the areas in Durham is that they were big mining communities and even though not one nugget of coal has been mined there in over 30yrs the thick cunts still vote Labour through habit, and that’s it.

    My Dad was a miner for over 35yrs and would no more vote Labour than he would have his foreskin stitched to his eyelid!

    “Labour governments cast a bone idle workforce!”

    He prayed for the days that the safe-seat Labour campaigners would knock at our door! They all left like Bond’s martinis – shaken! The cunts!

    • Biggest joke is that it was a Labour PM – Harold Wilson who began closing all the mines.

      In that respect, Thatcher was just the final nail in the coffin.

      Went on a trip up north late last year, fair few locals said the exact same thing.

      • Wilson and Benn closed more Mines than Thatcher ever did. Wilson was the first to put an end to school milk ( High Schools1968). These facts are airbrushed from history by CUNTS.

  18. Do us adults really need moderation???????
    Its like the parky stealing yer ball.

    I know my comments are usually a load of mixed up nonsense, but it still fucks me off big time getting caught by it, as if i need approval from the fuckin word polis.
    I am forty fuckin two and one month, and its about time moderation stopped treating me like a fuckin wean.

    I hate moderation
    Oh how i hate moderation
    Because its a fuckin

    • Moderation? But you’ve been cunting for longer than I have…..

      • You HAVEN’T been caught by moderation??????????

        Whats yer secret?

        Hold tight, that cunt WILL catch up with you soon.

        • Dunno, I was able to cunt away at will right away.

          Only time I couldn’t was when the proxy setting on ISAC were changed for a while and for some reason I couldn’t post at all. That was why I wasn’t around for a while.

    • I should have started that with “moderation is a cunt” but forgot, probably coz subconsciously i thought my comment wouldn’t go through.

      MODERATION IS A CUNT, and probably picks its nose and eats it. πŸ™

      • Somehow I don’t think it will get nominated…..

        At least it isn’t the old ABBC 606 forums, they were the shits.

      • Its the moderation software that’s a cunt. Its not perfect but of you keep the same name and IP you should be OK? No guarantees tho’

        It does however catch cunts like Rickie Dickie Doubleday when he finds the occasional unblocked proxy.

        Incidentally he tried over 1,000 times over the weekend and was blocked every time.

        As an aside, I wonder what Blair and Corbyn think of each other?

        And have you heard the shadow chancellor’s plan to allow taxpayer’s to opt out of paying for the military? Its not May that’s in a different galaxy!

        Roll on June 8th…

    • I’m always fair,polite and careful not to be rude or say anything that might offend, Birdman. That way the mod. doesn’t bother me too much. πŸ™‚ .
      Hope that stinking sand-wog neighbour hasn’t got you charged…..he hasn’t got a bit of Scotch in him,has he?…..just asking ’cause they can be a bit touchy. I put it down to the drink.

      • Dick fiddler is racist against scots, just because of the colour of their skin!

        And scotch is basically the finest premium whisky possible so hardly a put down or insult there Dick

        • Must admit I prefer Irish whiskey, T.S. particularly Bushmills….. Have you got over the gin-shits yet?

          • Bushmills and Blackbush are the best.
            I love getting my mouth on a blackbush.

          • Yes its long over but I’m definitely getting a ill effect from drinking it. Will stay away from gin for awhile until I find out what it is that is effecting me.

            “Must admit I prefer Irish whiskey” I don’t really care for irish whiskey and the stupid company bushmills is owned by beaners fuck those greasy spics I prefer Famous Grouse or Glenfiddich over bushmills. The single malt scotchs can get expensive but they are usually great

            Personally though I cant drink Irish whishy it just doesn’t seem right since the troubles…

      • He apologized and is (maybe) gonna go to the polis and get any charges i may be facing dropped.

        Its all in the “banned” version i sent you earlier.
        That’s if it gets unbanned.

        I apologize for saying you may have some Scotch in you, i would never intend to insult a fine Mackem as yerself. πŸ™‚

        • Mackem !?!? No wonder that wog attacked you,you cheeky bugger….B+W cunt accuses me of being a darkie,you accuse me of being a Scot/Mackem hybrid.

          I’m going to have to go to my “Safe Place” while I try to weather the storm of the vilest insults that I’ve ever had to endure. The mod. should make sure that a delicate poster like me isn’t bullied by you ruffians.

  19. Travelling back from Newcastle tomorrow morning, and will be passing by Sedgefield, I will no doubt call in in passing and deliver a big dump upon the doorstep of the local Labour party office. i may even consider a mammoth vindaloo tonight, with an added portion of peas pillau. With luck, tomorrow morning, my shite will be sufficient in both quality, quantity and viscosity that the local chairman will ponder in puzzlement. He will no doubt say…” Hey up Peggy, some fuckin shyte on our fucking doorstep” and Peggy will reply, ” Eeeee, it’ll be wor Tony comin back man, fetch him in “

    • Your potential epic offering will be more electable than Blair.

    • If you’re going to shit on Sedgefield’s Labour doorstep you need to get yourself off to the Rupali in Newcastle and order a portion of curry hell for that task!


  20. fuckin ell, reading some of the stuff on here, i find it hard to imagine what the stuff that doesnt make it must be like. regarding Blair is he intending to stand as MP? surely not

    • Would love to see Blair handed over to the peaceful authorities in Iraq, his arse would be destroyed in an orgy of sodomy. We might even get to see it on Xhamster !!!

  21. There are places in the Uk where he could stand and get in. The history has been forgotten by many who still think he was the greatest labour leader ever.
    They don’t care about Iraq, just wogs innit? Tony delivered the big victory and he still has more pzazz in his little finger than Catweasel.
    I think he is a full of shit smarmy git but if , just if, Saddam was found to have some effin awful weapon, Tony would be lauded to the skies.
    Never overestimate your fellow citizens, they are much more stupid than you can imagine.

    • True, they were stupid enough to vote Labour 3 time in a row despite the damage he did to the country.

  22. Just looking at that cunt Blair gets my blood pressure high and starts me cursing like a mad man possessed by tourettes. What can I add that hasn’t already been said on here…..

    • Like I said, it’s hard to properly articulate my hatred of that cunt Blair.

      Most other cunts I can rip all day easily.

      But Blair is on that elite list where he’s such an unmitigated piece of shit that I can’t find the words that express my hatred.

  23. Apologies for my continued lack of posting but I am having a horrible time at the moment.I will likely be off for a couple more days ago while I sort some shit out in my life regarding studies and other things.Rest assured though I will be back as Arnie says!

      • Cheers guys.Just some context I have just withdrawn from University so very sad and also swamped with paperwork and other practicalities.Keep the cuntings coming and keep cunting old Bliar!

        • Sorry to hear that Shaun.

          I decided not to go to uni despite having the A levels. Never did me any harm. I retired at 52, not rich but comfortable – even though my ex bled me dry at 33…

  24. In many ways Blair is worse then Hitler. Hitler never pretended to be anything other than a murdering authoritian cunt and at least he had the good grace to top himself.

    • While Blair pretended to be the great people’s champion whilst doing everything in his power to subvert this country to his way o thinking and pissing over everything the UK stood for.

      Uncontrolled, unfettered Immigration.
      Roll over time and time again to the EU
      Manipulating the royals during late ’97 over Diana
      Opening the floodgates for the eastern bloc to pour in.
      Shutting down any debate on and protest against mass migration by branding it racist.
      Hooking the low paid and unemployed on the benefits drugs.
      Letting the IRA cunts out of prison and then leaving our own soldiers vulnerable to prosecution.
      Taking into war under false circumstances, leaving hundreds of our troops dead and many more broken.
      Shitting up the order in the Middle east so badly that it will forever be a trouble for the world until drastic measure are taken.
      Continuing to erode everything good about Britain and allowing the fallacy known as multiculturalism to expand.
      Needlessly giving the jocks devolution and thus opening the door for the SNP cunts and laying the future of the Union in doubt.
      Needlessly giving the Welsh devolution.
      Doing the typical Labour job of fucking the economy into the dirt.

      His list of crimes are legion.

      Then this cunt walks away, proceeds to make millions and then thinks he can waltz back into politics?!

      How has someone, anyone not put a bullet in this wanker’s skull?!

      • If anyone else can list more of this fucking monster’s crimes, it would be greatly appreciated.

        • Several people have mentioned Dr. Kelly but there’s also the strange death of Robin Cook and, of course, the Diana bitch. Both of them were very convenient for Blaircunt and there are a lot of questions hanging over both.

          • Especially since cook became one of his detractors.

            Diana….. well, the moment she shacked up with a peaceful her days were numbered.

        • You’ve just about covered it and done a fine job doing so Prime Minister!

  25. Hitler hated democracy.

    Stalin loathed democracy.

    Chairman Mao abhorred democracy.

    Tony Blair’s contempt of democracy might just have pipped his political gurus. The hateful odour of his egoism, his vanity, his Cuntness has straddled two different centuries.

  26. Oh balls…just when it can’t get any worse, it does. I woke up to this very bad news this morning and went back to bed. It’s like an evil creature you thought you’d shot and killed has risen from the dead and stands there in front of you. Old “Blood On His Hands” returns with a vengeance. Seriously…just no. Traitors aren’t viewed with popularity here.

  27. The cunt is nothing but a shit that won’t flush. He is itching for relevance and redemption. I believe he really thinks he is the savour of our times and he can win favour by going on the remain side. Hopefully he will turn staunch remainers heads around, so they think ‘why am I on this cunts side’? And they will look into the shifty dirty business that is the eu and relize that brexit isn’t such a bad thing. I wish he would suffocate himself up his own arse and fuck off.

  28. On the subject of Labour, someone I know was talking about the old rag ‘ Socialist Worker’ the other day. That always makes me snigger…’Socialist’ and ‘Worker’.
    That’s two words that don’t go together. Lazy lefty fuckers.

    • It’s the ultimate irony.

      And their beloved patron saint Kunt Marx was the worst offender.

      • Christ was that supposed to be some sort of joke?

        If it was, it was in bloody poor taste….

        Next thing you know, this scum will engineer his way back into being Labour leader.

        • No, Prime MS was regarding the two words that don’t go together post. He did a fine job and is no way a backwards war torn shithole.

          • At the risk of sounding a bit well….. racist, does anyone else that a lot of the peacefuls seem to be highly aggressive and of low intelligence?

        • Those fucks are some of the worst! Hell that Choudray creature encourages them to take the benefits t fund their evil ways!

  29. I second every single cunting of this fucking evil monster.
    String the bastard up, shoot him, put the corpse through a mincing machine then burn the residue in a furnace, sprinkle some cyanide on the ashes and blast the remains into deep space.
    Even then I wouldn’t trust the cunt not to come back like the hockey masked nutjob in a Friday the 13th film.
    A real life boogeyman whose legacy could be useful to frighten children into behaving.
    “Eat your veggies or Tony Blair will get you…”

    • It’s like a nightmare, just when you think that the cunt won’t pollute politics, he’s back like that nugget of shit that just won’t go down the bog.

    • No need to be so sophisticated.

      Take him to some waste ground somewhere, single shot to the temple from a Enfield No. 2 pistol. Spit on the corpse and drive off

      • Not enough, that corpse would need to be then fed to pigs, be shitted out and then you’d need to burn the pigs AND the shit and salt the earth for good measure.

      • He should be deep-fried, without the benefit of batter.

        Having said that, semi-battered to death could be a decent “serving suggestion”

  30. So Tone lifts his coffin lid once more and it becomes headline news. Despite the utter clusterfuck he inflicted on these once pleasant pastures, there are die hard Labour voters who could be forgiven for believing he could be the antidote to the Corblimey red dawn.

    Don’t overlook the fact that if Tone does come back then you get slotgob Cherie for absolutely free!

  31. Loose Women are cunts…
    Anyone who has seen that misandrist load of babbling wimmin shite on the telly will know that these daft cows are cunts of the highest order… But today their cunt level rose considerably… This bunch of slappers, media whores, has-beens, Z-Listers, third rate magazine regulars, and hags decided to take their clothes off… Apparently the reason was ‘to empower others to be body confident’…. Nothing to do with them being desperate, publicity hungry, ‘professional celebrities’ at all then?….

    And Jesus H Corbett… What a ghastly site… It reminded me of Eric Blodwell’s old butcher’s shop on the estate where I grew up…

  32. JR Cuntley makes a joke at the top of this page that “peacefuls” kidnap the cunt (B.Liar) and threaten to burn him alive if we don’t pay a Β£10million ransom.

    I can see that happening except the “peaceful” cunts will threaten to give him back if we *don’t* pay a Β£10million ransom!

    That would have me reaching for my chequebook and the kid’s piggy banks!

  33. Top wanker John McDonnell was addressing a crowd of ΓΌber cunts in London earlier. A bunch of shit sucking dregs, commies, far left twats, anarchists the fucking lot. How the fuck is this cunt anywhere near the levers of power? There were morons worshipping big banners of Stalin, the biggest mass murderer of the twentieth century for fucks sake! Can you imagine the fury if cunts were there with banners of Hitler? CUNTS!

    • Something deeply sinister about John Mcdonnell, he looks like he would take immense pleasure from torturing people. I bet death camps and S&M whore houses on on his manifesto.

    • Stalin, like Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot was much misunderstood. A lot of the labour party, including the estimable Ken Livingstone, hold these people in high regard.

  34. I would like to nominate foreign beggars. Obviously we all know that this country would grind to a halt without immigrants….the NHS would collapse…..the fruit and vegetables would be left rotting in the fields….who the fuck is going to give out the parking tickets? What the fuck are we going to do without these HARD WORKING TAX PAYING saints to save our lazy British arses? I know all this is true because the rich people and their politician pals have told me……over and fucking over again! But what I want to know is how come every street beggar I see is a fucking foreigner? How come every time I go to Sainsburys there is a different Roma Gyppo selling “The Big Issue” outside? I thought “The Big Issue” was to help the homeless. Why can’t you be homeless in your own country? Why can’t you beg on the streets of your own country? Where are all the British beggars and Big Issue sellers?Living in the lap of luxury no doubt.

    • They’re not homeless. They’re professional beggars with a home (paid for by us) and probably handouts. Some of them are slyly on their mobile.
      There’s a great Sherlock Holmes story where a doctor gives up his job to go begging because he can earn more money. That was written in the 1890s.

    • The fuckin EU rules allow this shite to float around without hindrance .
      The Roma cunts are the worst. Any politician who allows this, needs to be taken out and fucking well shot….so far No politician has grasped the nettle.

  35. I saw his picture on the front of a paper today, and I thought “Oh fuck”.

    I started work in the year New Labour was elected and at first I thought things were going well, until 2001 when things started to unravel. First of all the .com bubble burst, then 911, then entered into a stupid war we cannot win. This twat has a lot to answer for.

    Isn’t he the son in law of human chip-pan Tony Booth? You’d think the randy scouse git would be able to talk some sense into young Tony, but no. Anyone who can work out that reference must be as old as me.

    The problem is perhaps we put too much trust in politicians in this country and too little on individual actions and accountability. We have, at the encouragement of our political leaders, become mortgage slaves. A mortgage is a millstone round our necks. Houses need constant maintenance. The NHS? A good idea, but it must be inefficient to cost as much as it does. Government interference in business, conflict, newspapers and so on and the shit will always hit the fan.

    Rik Mayall was very astute in his portrayal of The New Statesman which portrayed a Blair-ite character (although Alan B’Stard was Conservative) long before Tony Blair came to power. The amazing thing is that Blair got away free, without huge, huge protests from the public.

    The most accurate thing about Blair was said in Time Trumpet: “Tony could shit in your hat and you’d want to buy him a drink, whereas Gordon would buy you a drink and you’d want to shit in his hat. And if you didn’t have a hat you’d want to buy one just so you could shit in it.”

  36. I think we can close voting on Cunt of the Year, congratulations Tony you piss ridden cuntbag!

  37. When dealing with the Cunt Blair it is also necessary to bring in from the shadows the lurking bitch….The Blair Witch! ( Cherie )
    The Witch Bitch was ( and still is ) a cash vacuum of the “legal” type.. In 2010 The Witch Bitch and Phil Shiner sucked over Β£2 million from the Ghurka Association, in spite of the case being funded by legal Aid. ( A double take in anyone’s books ) The Witch Bitch was also involved with Shiner in Civil Rights Cases that were never scrutinised.
    The Witch Bitch is a cunt of massive proportions, who these days works silently in the wings to promote the interests of the Devil Incarnate, and for that she will share in great rewards from the master.
    With all witches, the traditional and most effective way of dealing with them is through public burning. Burn the Bitch!

  38. Me mate Ganja and yours truly have already made the offer before the parish of buggering the cunt for the good of society, but we have decided that we need help to hold his head while I shit in his mouth.

    Any volunteers ?

  39. Well fuck me sideways. Just watched an interview with Die Ann Fattbutt on gmtv. Talk about a car crash. This was a motorway fucking pile up. She was asked by Pliers Morgan about 100 times (roughly) if there was an incoming nuke would she press the button. Cunt obviously wouldn’t answer so just went to default diatribe, more pressing issues blah blah………..
    That cunt and her cohorts are so far from electable the monster raving loonies would pose a bigger threat to the Torys.

    • Abbott The Hutt is a useless fat cunt and a fucking bottler…

      Was Blair the cunt actually ever done for poofing, or is it just an urban myth?….

      • Anthony Charles Lynton Blair.

        Charles Lynton was convicted at Bow St 1984 for importuning. Fined Β£500
        No record of Tony Blair as middle names only used.
        Alleged schedule D applied, and the court log and record ( which are a Public Record,) are now ” not available”

        Sources at the time are now silent.
        Alleged that CIA used this information to garner support for Iraq war.

        Exposure of Tony Blair and wife Cherie Blair, Naked encounters in the shower with Carol Caplin, source The Scotsman, other tabloids. Mystical body rubbing, chanting etc.

        As far as I am concerned , these two are simply a pair of dirty cunts.

      • Yes, he was done for poofery in 1983 at Bow St Magistrates Court but gave his name as Charles Lynton. He got a Β£50 fine.

        Subsequently Bow St Magistrates Court has closed and all their records mysteriously vanished.

  40. Oxford University is a cunt!

    “Oxford University has apologised for saying that avoiding eye contact could be “everyday racism” after it was accused of discriminating against autistic people.
    The claim was included in a list of “racial micro-aggressions” in an equality and diversity unit newsletter.
    But the university was criticised for being “insensitive” to autistic people who can struggle making eye contact.
    It said it had made a mistake and not taken disabilities into account.
    The university originally said “racial micro-aggressions” might include: “Not making eye contact or speaking directly to people.”
    It described the behaviours as “subtle, everyday racism” which can be alienating.”

    What the fuck is of “racial micro-aggression”?

    Where do these cunts find the time to come up with this total bullshit? not making eye contact is now racist, looking at someone is racist or if they happen to be female “vision rape” fuck me seriously.

    Kudos for BBC east for the one armed weather girl this AM, I was still able to visually rape her and decide I would indeed give her one.

    What is the world coming too, soon we will all have to stay indoors with boxes on out heads to stop us offending some entitled snowflake cunt.

    • And those shops that have ‘special hours’ and ‘private shopping’ for autistic people and mongs (see you, Lily) are cunts… These wankers claim that these ‘special people’ need to do their shopping away from noise and ‘ordinary’ people….

      Call me a picky cunt, but it’s usually these ‘special’ cunts that make all the fucking racket and disturb and perturb shoppers…

      • This type of ‘special’ shite is setting a very ugly precedent…
        We’ve already heard about the daft chav slag who turned up late at the cinema, but got a ‘special private screening’ because her cunt offspring threw an ear splitting eppy because she was ‘confused’ (ie: the spoilt little fucker tantrumed and got to see the film)… Every fucker will be at it now… Getting Tesco or KFC all to themselves, because their brat has spazzed out on the staff… And wait till the peaceful parkies and iron curtain gyppos cotton on to it… Romanian white w@gs only on Thursdays at Asda… You have been warned…

    • Oxford Snowflake University should be demolished… They are fucking cunts…

    • I neglected to say the one armed regional weather girl was a massive improvement on Carol “big up my part” Cuntwood.

      Not only does she look better she underlines the fact all a weather girl needs to do is be able to point and smile and give us a quick run down of the forecast.

      Forgot the ladies name but the sooner she replaces Carol the better.

    • Where I come from the main response would be ‘what the fuck are you looking at cunt’. Best pretend to be autistic.

  41. Here in the Drakensberg I just watched two giant hornets copulating on my patio.

    For some obscure reason, I just thought of Blair and Mandelson. 😬

  42. Look at this fucker.

    A member if ISIS, convicted of planning to murder innocent people for the sake of silly made nonsense bible stories.

    This utter cunt wanted to kill us but don’t worry, when he’s released, he’ll be on fucking licence of five years.

    Why the fuck don’t we get shot of these vicious deluded cunts.

    • I see the ABBC are still sticking with “so called” to caveat “Islamic State”.

      It is what it is you cunts! That is what they call themselves so there is no “so called” about it!

      If you’re going to misnomer them then why don’t you just call them “The Norwegians” or “The Blokes from Kent”? Use whatever name you want *we* all know you mean and that grouping of “peaceful” cunts begins with an ‘M’! Cunts!

  43. Waiting for the new thread, i thought I’d Google a few of our favourite cunts, looking for some new nonsense to cunt them again with.
    Its a thing i do regularly, coz cunting has become a favourite pastime.
    Anyway, the reason i bring it up, and this falls in with my addiction to ISAC that i mentioned the other day, i was googlin lily Allen and typed “lily Mong”.

    Cheers Norman. πŸ™‚

    I don’t even call her that, as i have respect for mongs.

    • By the way and for yer information, a REAL lily Mong exists!!!!!

      Her name is lily Mongly, but she shortens it to lily Mong on twatter.
      Having the surname ‘Mongly’ is bad enough, but to shorten it to Mong is very strange.

      She sorta looks like her an all, if ye squint. πŸ™‚

      • My mate has always hated his surname…”Potato”….but not as much as his new wife….Jackie…

  44. Learned a great new word today…”Misogynoir”,apparently it’s when you insult a coon split-arse. I love all these new words they keep coming up with to describe my behaviour.

  45. No Bidman.We had a brief visit from capital letter cunt,but posts have now gone somewhere……………………..Cunt he is…………Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    • I think they let him in occasionally just to piss him off by blocking him.

      He still hasn’t grasped that I’m not admin here any more. His rage against his outing just blinds him totally to any sort of reality. He really hates me doesn’t he?

      Never mind…

  46. I”m right behind you Birdman………………About 30 miles………………Baaaaaaaaaaaaah

  47. Just remembered some other Blaircunt arrogance. The wanker invented a new Office of State….Deputy Prime Minister…to appease Fatarse Prescott. Yes I know the Pigfucker made Cleggy DPM but that was a coalition so it makes sense. I don’t recall any PM before Blaircunt having a deputy with access to a country estate where he could play croquet with his pals and fuck his secretary. I could be wrong. Also Blaircunt changed PMQs from 2 sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays to one session on Wednesdays. I didn’t know you could change Parliamentary procedure on the whim of a fucking Prime Minister but apparently you can. Cast your mind back to those days….Murdoch and the BBC loved the cunt so he walked on water. They both got served up nicely for those mistakes. Biggest, most untrustworthy, duplicitous, self serving cunt who ever lived. A magnificent cunt.

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