Paddy Ashdown

Emergency cunting for political has-been Paddy Ashdown who has been telling audiences at the Hay Festival that he is “horrified by parallels between post-Brexit UK and 1930’s Germany”. Never one to steer clear of ludicrous hyperbole, the cunt Ashdown also referred to the “£350m a week to the NHS” lie/pledge/suggestion on the side of the Brexit Bus as something that “Goebbels might have dreamt up”. This is the political equivalent of that emotive (and equally fallacious) criticism that anything someone wants to dismiss as morally indefensible is “like rape”: just as that kind of cuntish remark trivialises the experience of genuine rape victims, I’m sure there are plenty of residents of 1930’s Germany who would beg to differ with Ashdown’s crass, manipulative and knowingly false comparison. Hasn’t he got a secretary to shag…?

Nominated by Fred West.

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  1. My favourite to lampoon. Following an illustrious career with the Royal marines, including service in the SBS. Ashdowne left to become an operative with MI6 and a cover in the Diplomatic Service. ( a real life James Bond ) This background and a strong personality helped him rise politically to the position of Labial leader. So, how the fuck is it, that an ex Royal Marine came to suck the cocks of the Euro shite hawks, philanderers and kiddie fiddlers, and was, and still is, to this day, not only willing to sell his country , but would even be prepared to give it away on the cheap? It proves one thing to me. Its not the actions of your past, but the actions of your present that determine your standing in this life. Ashdown you are a cunt, and I mean a real cunt. Your father was a good man and he must turn every night in his fucking grave at the thought of what you are doing now. Do the world a favour, go back to Switzerland, shut the fuck up, and stop trying to shag the UK, WE DON’T FUCKING WANT YOU,CUNT!

    • I was actually going to comment, that it’s hard to believe that someone as odious as Pantsdown could ever have served in the SBS. I even feel shame that a craven cunt like Ashdown is a fellow veteran of the British military.

  2. I actually thought this hopeless failed nonentity and professional laughing stock was dead. How inconsiderate of him to still be alive…

  3. for a man who despises nationalism, imperialism, monarchy, tradition etc.He has been very willing to accept all the accolades, baubles, and titles that have been heaped upon him. To compare Britains wish to be free of European domination to the 3rd Reich, then this retired political cum stain has a nerve when he is unable to see the emerging 4th reich. Stay in Switzerland cunt.

  4. I would have thought that Dr. Goebbels would have been more likely to have come up with Ashdown’s well worn bus wanker argument……simplistic, repetitive and assumes your potential audience has even fewer brain cells than you are accusing your opponents of having. But, like all these bought and paid for cunts he has nothing but contempt for the British public. This traitorous cunt can just fuck off. His real name is Jeremy by the way. A cunt’s name as we all know.

  5. The lib dems have been churning out top quality Cunts for as Long as I can remember, Thorpe, Ming Campbell, Charles Kennedy , Vince cable and clegg etc .
    Ashdown is as bitter as he is irrelevant and unfortunately unlike Kennedy and thorpe hasn’t had the decency to pop his clogs, instead of disappearing from politics this odious cunt chooses to spend his time offering up his wonky eyed out of touch liberal nonsense to gullible people older enough to know better, the worst thing is when this washed up never was eventually does one he will be replaced by ( if it’s possible) an even bigger cunt in the shape of cleggers!!, by that time I’m afraid it will be LORD CLEGG!! So we’re in for many more years of crap from this hugely irrelevant irritating bunch of Cunts called the lib dems…….

  6. The comedy value of his Pantsdown sobriquet is a good enough reason to keep him in the public eye.

    Everything this man proposes comprises of disjointed thoughts that have not really had the benefit of any intelligent composure.

    Besides he was manifestly incapable of running a fucking hot dog stall during his tenure as the LibDump leader. What gives him the notion he is qualified to speak on subjects that, frankly, James Corden could cover far more knowledgeably?

  7. So, Paddy Power is “horrified by parallels between post-Brexit UK and 1930’s Germany”? What parallels would they be? Were there a lot of muslim rape gangs in 1930s Germany? Lots of muslims blowing up little girls, were there? Were German rozers arresting people for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong wog? Could you loose your job for combining two innocent words?

    Paddy, you are a gobshite and a cunt. I have no idea how you got on in the marines or the SBS or MI6 because all those organisations can normally spot a cunt from a mile away. Or is being a cunt something you have just taken up? No, I think once a cunt always a cunt so you must have just been born that way. If it were up to me you would be shipped back to Heidi land gagged and bound in the hold of a mackerel fishing boat with a toblerone stuck up your arse.

    • He should have brayed fuck out of the cunts, but then he would be the rotten cunt.

      • The Lib Dumbs have always attracted naive fucking idiots.
        I have never taken anything seriously that this squinting cock-sucker has come out with. CUNT.

    • There were reports that the peaceful cunt even used his student loan to fund trips to Libya where he was radicalised….you couldn’t make this shit up.

    • That’s fuckin sick!! Couple of chancer sand people!!! Utterly despicable Cunts!!!

      • After all the faux fawning of the Muslim community ( bless their cotton socks ) We find out the real regard they have for Infadel life.
        May they, their prophet and their filthy book slide into the abyss of all the shit in the world. They truly deserve no less.

        • “My friend, my friend…” Taqiyya in action cunters

          Of course it’s a group of young inbred Muzzies. Memorials are basically their scoreboard. Keep feeling sorry for people who want you dead, Lefties. They’ll still cheer for the death of you and your loved ones

          • The cowardly cunts only grow a pair when they are mob handed. Then “my friend, my friend” becomes “death to the infidels!”

      • They also took a toy Smurf for some bizarre reason….maybe one of their 9 year old wives wanted a new cuddly toy.

        • Big fan of Smurf sex myself….that stage when you meet a new bird and fuck until your blue in the face…..

          • That smurf toy was probably intended for that cute 8 yr old girl that died, she was the youngest victim in the bombing.

            These pathetic cunts have no shame they are like gravediggers I take that back because gravediggers usually don’t bomb you with nailbombs. I drank way too much last night but its stuff like that bombing and bullshit pc reaction to it that really hurt the hangover wasn’t as painful

  8. Quite right Mike. It was obvious in his testimony that he was not where he said he was, and it was proven that he could not view the villages from his claimed viewpoint. He was obviously lying, and this was the case at the finale when Slobovadic was found NOT guilty of the war crimes. Ashdown has a further history of manipulation of the facts and data and has tried on a number of occasions to compromise the UK nuclear arsenal. He is rightfully a cunt and an excellent nomination by Mr West.

  9. The French policeman who was murdered by a jihadist last April has been married in a posthumous gay wedding ceremony. We are truly going to hell in handcart!

    • A posthumous wedding? Fucks Sake. Well I suppose some people like their meat cold,but after 10 months I’d imagine that the bugger was slightly over-ripe for even the most jaundiced tastes. Still,I suppose there’d be none of that coquettish,shy nonsense on the wedding night,you’d be up to the nuts in guts,no bother.

    • The wedding is being annulled.
      The French copper has been cheating with George Michael.

      • Was never a huge Oasis fan (Noel is a fanny), but ‘Wall Of Glass’ is a tune…

        • Still haven’t heard it.
          I’ve heard a teaser on fuckbook, but I’ve only found mobile phone footage from last nights gig.
          I’m a bit of a geek about music i like. I need to hear the real thing to appreciate it.

          Still haven’t heard The Charlatans new album coz it takes a week for the shop in Gibraltar to get after i order it.
          The cunts didn’t order it so that’s another week at least.
          Cunts out here ain’t into our sort of music so everything i like has to be ordered as they don’t stock it.

          Llanitos (Gibraltarians) need to come into the fuckin nineties, maaan. 🙂

          Tell yer sister that I’m well jealous, and good on her for her taste.

        • Just watched the “official” video on youtube.
          Tune in fuckin deed.

          The cunts copied my hairdo though.

          Another birdman wannabe. 🙂

  10. Didn’t Ashdown say he would eat his hat if the tories won the last election? Still waiting. With his grass on history as tenuous as his grasp on reality, I hope they don’t let him write any more books….

  11. Has anyone noted the irony of the faux liberal outrage at Katie Hopkin’s use of two certain words, final and solution side by side. They scream “Nazi!”, they howl “genocide!”. But if I recall the peacefuls were actually rather keen on the real Final Solution, you know, the one that killed 6 million Jews, not the Hopkin’s final solution which just upset a few people, very few of them muslims.

    In fact to this day many peace loving folk remain quite keen on the idea.

    • Yeah I mentioned it in a previous thread. It’s just another sad indictment of the fucked society we live in.

      Pity the press/police weren’t so vociferous in their condemnation of the “peaceful” fuckers blowing people up (which drew cause for her to use such language) instead of pandering and appeasing them, and calling them a “Manchester local” instead of the other “M” word we all know the cunt was (and which they can’t bring themselves to use – along with the “I” word – which we all know is the true cause for all of this).

      It was disgusting – especially the fawning over them (the “peacefuls”) like that lickspittle Ian Hopkins, Chief of Greater Manchester Police.

      Here is her interview following Monday’s aftermath:

      Sounds like the voice of reason to me and therefore must be silenced. Cunts!

  12. Isn’t Dignitas based in Switzerland? Perhaps the senile old cunt could make use of it’s admirable service.

  13. Anyone who resorts to parallels with 1930’s Germany has already lost their argument as far as I’m concerned.

    So if you dare say you’re fed up of “peaceful” atrocities and appeasement then you’re Hitler?

    Fuck off Paddy! I’m just a concerned individual who only asks that the cunts respect our laws, values and traditions, and who don’t blow up/drive over/behead/stab innocents to death on a weekly basis.

    Instead of balling me out for my very reasonable and very real concerns, why not ball out the “peaceful” communities and ask them why they are not coming out in droves to pillory the so called “extremists” within their ranks. Is it because they privately agree with it? I think they do!

    If they don’t like Britain as it is (i.e. a moderately Christian and progressive society) then they can all exercise their democratic right to fuck off to any “peaceful” Shariah law abiding nation as they see fit (that includes those bread here who should know fucking better and be grateful for the free ride we give them in benefits, etc., as well as those imported surly looking cunts who could be from anywhere and have any past courtesy of Frau Merkel’s open door into Europe).

    You don’t live here or within the EU so you can fuck off! Cunt!

    • This country is, like pre 1933 Germany, shit roads and failing infrastructure, subject to bullying from Europe lead by the French. Politicians more interested in the rest of the world than their own people. There are plenty of parallels there. The leftist cunts who constantly compare the current atmosphere to 1930’s Germany totally ignore the error after error that gave rise to Htiler’s opportunity to gain power.

      Keep shitting on your own people long enough and they will find a way round you.

  14. Re Switzerland. Ashdown now lives somewhere in Devon, but had lived for decades in Switzerland by Lake Geneva. During a recent interview he said of Switzerland that it was the most civilised nation on the planet, and that he much preferred Switzerland to the United Kingdom. He went on to deride the mentality of the little Englander and has in the past 2 years done nothing to help the UK by attempting to defeat Brexit. He is akin to Miller and mob, and has held several meetings and including Farron has been the engineer of current Liberal resolve to hold a second referendum. He is a meddling cunt to this day. In my first post I told the cunt to go back to Switzerland as he far prefers the Euro and Swiss scene to That of the UK. Cunt Ashdown was born in Delhi in India, raised in Ireland, Educated England and fucked off to live in Switzerland. Sorry if I have confused people. ( He’s still a massive cunt )

    • The reason Switzerland is civilised (I lived nr. Lake Geneva also, for eight years, although that is not the reason…) is because
      a) they are bloody hot on integration,
      b) they don’t put up with any crap…they indeed look peaceable, but step out of line, and you’ll soon be booted into touch and
      c) when I was there, they decided to peg their total immigrant level at MAX 25 percent; they decided that any more wasn’t realistic.

      We could learn from them, but there’s none so blind as them who don’t want to see…

  15. Paddy is yet a further example of the validity that Godwin’s Law is sound.

  16. Watching leaders debate.Utter cunts except Rudd and Nuttall who are doing fairly well.Whether it is just the others are so awful they same good I dunno.

  17. This fucking so called debate they’re having on British Bullshit Company is in no way a 50-50 audience as they have said. Fucking underhand biased cunts have packed it with Cobynisters. Cunts.

    • Yea noticed that. They were fucking whooping and whistling on the bit that I heard on the radio.

      I’m home now and I’m scared to turn on the telly in case it gets broken.

    • Every suttle and blatant comment that is made by journalists, presenters etc on BBC is supportive of Corbyn.
      That cunt of a weasel Jeremy Vine was only speaking to pro Corbyn supporters today. While I listened he made it obvious that their would only be negative phone ins for the Tories.
      His Naked bias is so fucking obvious.

    • I watched 5 mins and turned over, the audience was hand picked from corbyns momentum monkeys….
      utter shambles!! The BBC stooped to a new low……

  18. Had the misfortune to catch some of the “who’s the biggest cunt” competition on Nigel farage’s radio show.

    Nutall mentioned immigration. The fact that we have too many people and that we’d need to build more hospitals, schools and houses.

    Fair point.

    Then farron pipes up about the surgeon that got racially abused the other day.


    What the fuck has that got to do with it?!

    So everyone that has concerns about immigration is a nazi that shouts abuse at surgeons.

    It must be a record!

    …it’s only May and cunt of the year 2017 has been won hands down!!

    Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt!

  19. Corblimey, Fargone and porridge wog all having a go at nutall to try score some brownie points with the peacefuls. Insincere lying false shower of CUNTS<

  20. I know it’s been mentioned but WHERE THE FUCK DID THEY GET THIS CROWD?!

    I know the Beebistan Brainwashing Caliphate have their agenda but I thought there’d be SOME balance.
    Huge cheers and whistles everytime comrade cuntbyn spouts some shit and groaning mumbles for everyone with a shred of sense.

  21. That was a party political broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party by the BBCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCunts.
    That crowd was 10 percent leave 90 remain labour lib green porridge cunts.
    This country is gonna be shit on from a llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllong way up.
    Thankyou and goodnight.

    • Only saying what everyone else has said and feel.
      Jesus Christ what a stitch up by the BBC and what cunts Corbyn and Farren are.
      Am I the only one thats got a bad feeling about the outcome of the election?

      • No you aren’t the only one. I believe May will be successful in snatching failure from the jaws of victory.

        Yes folks, we are royally fooked.

      • I despair Ian about the collective stupidity in Britain, They somehow believe Corbyn’s make believe bullshit.

    • What a fuckin joke.

      Hope it didn’t sway too many idiots.

      …Surely no one’s that dumb.


      • You wouldn’t think so but Blair got three terms.

        Socialists are dumb enough to vote for anyone who promises them something for nothing and promises to kick anyone who already has anything to their name.

        Corbyn the cunt has certainly done that.

    • Yeah, but that’s because it was held in central Cambridge. Hard to find any Tories in central Cambridge.

  22. …now I’m scared.

    May has fucked this from the start and I hope she hasn’t landed us with these lefty cunts.

    If comrade cuntbyn, flabbott and Mcdonnell get hold of the reins we’re FUCKED.

    Anyone fancy raising an army?

    (I’m joking by the way, I know that’s illegal)

    Anyone fancy raising a “protest group”?

    …just in case 🙂

    • I can’t help thinking that Labour,Green and Libdem all are acting in a way that looks desperate. Where I live in Bristol is pretty well guaranteed to be a Labour win as the place is full of lefty cunts and students. On the way home from work today there were some Labour cunts telling passers by about yet another big cunty rally they are holding, then I saw members of the Green Party going up and down Park Street, a very steep hill, shouting bollocks.from the window of a car!. Not very fucking Green is it?. The silly cunts were moving about three feet every five minutes. I feel heartened by these displays of fuckwittery.

      • And I bet if you went to same Street promoting ukip, these “liberal” “tolerant” and “inclusive” Cunts would attack whoever tried.

        • Blimey,you wouldn’t believe the things UKIP and Conservatives get up to according to these cunts, it stops just short of them eating babies. I get annoyed with these cunts who seem to think because I wear decent clothes and have had a wash, I must be one of them. They approach me all the fucking musty smelling old ratbag with glasses on a fucking chain ( pet hate) came up to me today and asked if I had any concerns about Brexit?. Yes, I said, it is not happening bloody quickly enough. You should have seen the look on her face,it was like someone had told her to have sex with a dog.

          • She probably does!
            Non binary species fluidity or some shit!
            I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with lefty’s much. I mainly deal with builders and immigrants at work and to be honest I actually like them.
            …it’s fucking lefty’s that I hate. Deport the fuckin lot of em!

  23. That Welsh bitch, Woods, needs to remember that her country voted leave and obviously don’t want to be fucked up the bum by Krauts. Some fucking nationalist she is. She also needs to learn some basic manners……..and fuck off while she’s doing it.

    • That’s the irony that we all struggle to get our heads round.
      A NATIONALIST that wants to be ruled by a foreign empire.


      Fucked if I can figure out what that’s all about.

  24. If Piers Morgan had made those Goebbels /Nazi remarks the snowflake scum would have been in meltdown… But because Pantsdown is slagging off Brexit and UKIP, the libmongs hypocritically say it’s ‘Okay’ (like when they say in that ‘Hey, Man’ hippy voice if something is ‘Okay’ or ‘Not okay’ and then you want to punch fuck out of them)… The libtwats (Pantsdown, Lineker, Lily Fried Egg Tits Mong, Jack/Jim/Jerry Monroe etc) are closer to Nazism than anyone who voted Brexit… With their ‘anyone who criticises peaceful sandspades or voted Brexit is racist’ bollocks…. Not to mention blocking or wanting to set fire to anyone who dares to disagree with them…. As well as the ‘peaceful’ human filth, snowflakes and libtards are the scum of Great Britain and the earth…

  25. Its the same with the Scot Nats, they bang on with their William Wallace bullshit about freedom but are happy to be ruled over by the EU where they wont even be a bit part player in any decision making. At least in the Union their voice is heard albeit overindulged by Westminster to keep them onside.

  26. Does anybody think that May should have taken part in this or any other leaders debate? I partly agree with what she was saying when she wanted to speak to the public face to face and she also said that these debates ended up as a shouting contest. Is the unthinkable going to happen? I hope I am proved wrong and that common sense prevails but with so many fucktards around I am not so sure. May is a ditherer and a cunt but the likes of Corbyn, Farron, Sturgeon and the others are bigger cunts and also a bigger danger to this country. So come next week after the election results I may have to drink myself to a drunken stupor

    • Even if May wins with a small majority is good enough for me, anything is better than looking down the barrel of a marxist government.

    • The headlines are ridiculous. The Tories are actually on 1% higher than they were when May called the election.

      The media are trumpeting that the gap is narrowing, They’re even showing graphs that only show the two main parties. What’s actually happening is that the gains made by Labour are coming from the collapse of the UKIP and Lib Dem vote, not loss of support for the Tories. It’s a false picture that’s being presented by the MSM.

      There was a report yesterday that Barnier said if Corbyn is elected, he’ll delay the start of the Brexit talks. Absolute bollocks! He said no such thing. What he said was that the talks should start on the 19th but that there was as yet no formal agreement from both sides that they would, but that’s when they’re scheduled for. The press headlined that as Barnier says he’ll delay if Corbyn wins.

      The media anti-Tory spin is appalling. Keep calm and dig deeper…

      • Last election I remember posting on here that from my window I could see a sea of Labour flags in the local’s gardens.
        There’s a lot less this time around.
        Fingers crossed…

  27. Speaking of obnoxious Lib Dems, Stephen Gilbert the former and now prospective MP for Newquay and St Austell deserves a cunting. Recently, Gilbert went onto Facebook and launched into a rant against everyone who coted to leave the EU. Like all butt hurt liberals and Remainers, he’s completely incapable of arguing with facts and logic, so he followed standard butt hurt procedure and posted a picture of an EU flag with one of the stars as a tear, below which he wrote: “F***wits the lot of ‘em. From Great Britain to irrelevant England in 24 hours. Now, how do you claim refugee status?”

    Gilbert first became MP for Newquay and St Austell in 2010 with a majority of 1,312, clearly very popular. He lost his seat to the Tory candidate back in 2015 and apparently, has spent the past two years training to be a teacher. With his attitude though, I wouldn’t want him within 30 miles of my daughter’s school. He has one big problem in his quest for re-election. The constituency of Newquay and St Austell voted Leave by a margin of 64%.

    So basically, this far left Farron fucktard is asking people he has badly insulted to send him back to Westminster. Seems a pretty dumb thing to do if you ask me. Then again, we all know that Lib Dems are hardly rocket science. If I were a voter there, I’d be giving him an unambiguous FUCK OFF! In one rant, he has insulted 17.4 million British people and proven once again that the Lib Dems are not a party for Britain, they are traitorous, pro-EU, pro-immigrant, anti-British, democracy hating cunts.

      • Their both still pretty upset. My niece has been given sleeping pills by her doctor. My daughter is sleeping a bit better. Still waking up in the early hours though. I think the mental scars are going to take a long time to heal. Thanks for asking. They’ve decided they want to go to this upcoming gig, which I think might do them some good.

        • Hope they enjoy themselves and get home safely, QDM…

          But the irony of Katy Perry playing the Manchester One Love concert is off the scale…. I hope she gets booed off or gets stuff chucked at her, the IS loving Clintonite slapper….

          • Agreed. Perry lives behind a 15ft high wall, in a mansion patrolled by armed security. It’s easy to be in favour of open borders when (a) you don’t have to live anywhere near the areas that “refugees” move in to, and (b) you have the protection of men with guns. It seems her IQ dropped sharply when she had her haircut. Not that she was particularly intelligent before. She did marry Russell Brand after all.

            Still, I think going to the gig will be good for them. And as a good father and uncle, I’m prepared to go with them and endure the shite that they think is music. I’m particularly not looking forward to Coldplay. You can guarantee that Chris Martin will have to make some kind of political statement or do some kind of virtue signalling.

  28. Hopefully send the cunt back to Westminster wrapped up in duct tape with a bright yellow banana stuck up choccy starfish and addressed to Tit Farron with Fuck Off from Cornwall tattooed on his helmet. Soft cunt.

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