Ian Hopkins

Greater Manchester Police chief Ian Hopkins is also a massive cunt, already trying to paint the peacfuls as victims with a reported rise in ‘hate crimes ‘most of these i suspect involves being called a paki or told to fuck off home. The same force that stood around with its thumb up its arse for years while muslim paedophile gangs went unchecked for years. Burnham and this fucker are made for each other.

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  1. Typical of a PC Rozzer, let the Peacefuls get away with literal murder and kiddie fiddling yet decrying any ”hate crimes”, which probably as the poster states are something as simply as ”fuck off back to your own country” or the like.

    Always the same old shit; peaceful kills lots of people via terrorist attack and the first thing is not to get any of the fuckers who are in on it but to instead protect the rest of the peacefuls.

    • I am a gay Jewish copper and PMS is correct! The fed today are so left wing it is hard to differentiate them from a student union.Extreme PC zealots who promote, no demand, absolute adhetence to their cultural marxist agenda.

      Cressida Dick+Sadiq Khan= misery for anyone who is not a “vulnerable” minority.

      Internal adverts blatantly ask for BME and female applicants. Women’s development groups (mo men allowed). Observant christians are marginalised. NO ONE MUST DARE TO SPEAK THE TRUTH: ie black youth commit more violent crime and black youth are usually the victim of it. And mentiom slam………

    • Lefty Plod is ridiculous “A British police officer was moved to activate her panic button after taking offence at a parody song making fun of former Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden being played at a garden party, bringing in serious re-enforcements to a small English village.”

      “Responding to the call for help, the local force dispatched another ten officers and a police helicopter, Cambridge News reports.” She called all that because of a song making fun of Bin Laden?! she took offence at it because it was slighty islamaphobic unfuckingbelievable Osama was a terrorist you soft cunt That seems appropriate right? Hysterical bitch gets hysterical, and they send in a small army to help. Wow Just Wow http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/05/27/police-helicopter-dispatched-garden-party-song-making-fun-bin-laden-offended-officer/

    • Some should tell these cunts that appeasing Hitler didn’t work either…..

    • How disrespectful!

      If the IRA had blown up 22 people, most of them children, do you think it would be appropriate for the police chief to be pictured waving an Irish flag a few days later?

      Of course not.

      What a lefty cunt he is!

    • It’s laughable how the authorities, lefties and blinkered cunts are willing to bend over backwards to appease these cunts, they would win a limbo competition hands down.

  2. He’s probably very proud of himself and pats himself on the back for being so tolerant and enlightened.

    The fact that he’s a trator to his own people means nothing to this cunt.

    I wonder if he’d have the same attitude if his kids had been blown up or groomed?
    The sick thing is …. he probably would.

    We’ll cunted LL.

    • If Hitler and his mob were around now (and Churchill and Co), this is the type of cunt who would be poising on Twitter with a Swastika, instead of backing Winnie, Monty and the rest of the lads…

    • Too true Sausage, he’s not a real copper just a politician in a uniform. Has probably spent the last 20/25 years brown nosing and arse licking of his ‘career’ to be parachuted into the top job.I reckon like most public services, NHS ect the rank and file despise cunts like this but get the shitty end of the stick when dealing with joe public.

  3. Biased BBC at it once again! This is a paid actor or something? this is outrageous I remember teliing some cunt a year ago that 60% of talk shows are scripted or controlled in a certain matter. The dumb fucker tried to make me sound crazy but how do you explain shite like this?! http://i.imgur.com/m6jAVQD.jpg

    Like is he wearing exactly the same coat, zip-up, and shirt… were all of these things actually recorded on the same date and broadcast on different dates? I mean… how fake can it get, lol?

    • Thank you for that titslapper.It proves the points I made on other posts ( QT ) It really boils my piss.That cunt is a plant

      • …. once the Cunt opened his mouth on QT, I thought .. ‘Yeah, yeah, this Cunt’s been draughted in for some sort of damage limitation exersize’ …
        It’s interesting, at the moment, to listen to the radio news bulletins that somewhere yet another house door has been burst down and so many people arrested. The authorities are obviously shitting a brick on this one. If the authorities keep up the ‘arrests’ at this rate for the next couple of years, then maybe a bit of public faith could be restored … however, I’m just waiting for the comment ..’All have been released without charge’.

    • The cunt certainly seems to be in the right place,at the right time. Probably a BBC employee,if the truth was known.

      Good post TS. It certainly proves your point.

    • He must be on the ABBC’s rent-a-peaceful list who they drag out to show the “true” (i.e. false) nature of “peacefulness” every time there’s an atrocity committed.

      You see him on a weekly basis because that’s how often we get “peaceful” atrocities these days.

      Won’t be long before he has his own daily show!

      • Not as daft as it sounds Rebel, always wondered how the BBBC always managed to find the “relevant” witness or “special streetside comment” so quickly, they must take them around in their vans just in case.

  4. Apparently the latest thing in Manchester is to get a “solidarity” tattoo showing “our strength and togetherness”.
    Oh please fuck off. Apparently, for some reason, it takes the form of a bumblebee. Well black and yellow are warning colours so it probably means…….stay away or I’ll collapse into tears like the nancy boy poof I am.
    Hope Big Barry’s is open tomorrow……..can’t wait to get mine.

    • Any cunt who has one of these snowflake accessories should be hung from a lamp post by their half and half United/City scarf…. Cunts actually wear them too… I wouldn’t wipe my arse on a Man Shitty scarf… Blue cunts…. Blue Abu Dhabi owned cunts and all… Burnham and Hopkins are well up their arses…

      • Alot people are wondering if May will finally grow balls and change foreign policy instead of accepting 10,000 migrants a year and coddling the mudslime community and EU bosses.

        What I want to know though is May what is your favorite Smiths album? Perhaps the uneven debut, Maybe Meat is Murder, Alot of people like their last Strangeways here we come? which I thought was kind of a mixed bag. I dunno I personally always thought Queen is Dead was their best just had a good range of songs with great amount of humor and wit

        • ‘The World Won’t Listen’ is probably my favourite… Admittedly a compilation, but still a good’un… And apart from the sickeningly pompous and self righteous title track ‘Meat Is Murder’… ‘Barbarism Begins At Home’ is Andy Rourke’s finest hour and ‘Rusholme Ruffians’ and ‘Headmaster Ritual’ capture the shitty side of 70s Manchester spot on…

          • I think Louder then Bombs was their best compilation album Norm. Mainly cause it had the best of A-B sides and some non album tracks.

            If you are only gonna buy 1 smiths record in your lifetime that would be the best you can get your moneys worth for. So Theresa May if reading this site today get that one Louder then Bombs

          • I’d go with “The Queen is Dead” as best original and “Louder Than Bombs” as best compilation. I also have a high regard for “Strangeways” but “Queen” is funnier and includes my favourite, “Bigmouth Strikes Again”.

    • They should all get different tattoos, it’ll make it easier to identify their corpses when a nail bomb goes off as they hold their “sing-a-long”,and chant that “Love beats Hate.”

      • It’s never been the same since the ‘summer of love’ and the Vietnam war.
        That’s when this shit all started…

  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

    Cunts the lot of them.

    My uncle is ex Met and when i was a teen getting into trouble he gave me this advice.
    “Do what you want, but just don’t get caught”.

    Quality polis.

    • I trust MPs as much as I like the police and I trust the police as much as I like the MPs. This piggy Hopkins will probably end up as a sleb, he sounds and looks like a cunt. Fuck of you crazy, peaceful rapeugee sandw@g scum cunts and fuck off you piggies, you have done fuck all for me over the years apart from make me feel like a guilty man even though I am a law abiding citizen.

  6. and over in USofA, post-Oregon, they now seem to think islime is a race…

    This REALLY is the end, unless The Donald seriously sorts something…

    Ian Hopkins looks like he’s bunking off playschool. Deluded twat.

  7. Hopkins is a simpering arse-weevil. Truly the type to promote the importance of protecting sky fairy Muzzie sensibilities above that of fighting crime.

    This career prick will be out of the job in a couple of years time, enjoying a pension that only would otherwise be possible in Alice in Wonderland. And then he would be replaced by someone like Cressida Choad.

  8. IRA apologist Flabbott on Andrew Marr about comments made in the 1980’s ‘ I had rather a splendid afro at the time. I don’t have the same hairstyle, I don’t have the same views’. But she has still managed to stay a hypocritical, patronising, racist fat cunt for the last 30 years.

    • Yes The Abbopotamus goes on the telly and makes a complete cunt of herself………which surprises nobody, anywhere in the world, ever. Poor old Jezzer is paying a heavy price for banging that sloppy old minge all those years ago. I bet he wishes he had turned gay now.

    • Abbott The Hutt saying she doesn’t have the ‘same views’ now is a bit like Eichmann saying he ordered scores of people to die, but regretted it later (ie: when he was caught)…. Condoning terror attacks on the British army and civilians is a lot different to having a stupid hairdo, yer fat old bitch…..

  9. Fatbot is a vile, racist excuse for a politician. She certainly has not got to her position via any kind of meritocracy. She is black and a poster MP for the Labour twunts.

    God fucking help us all if she ever becomes Home Secretary.

    Emeritus Secretary for Rice Pearl and Chiggun is all she is really capable of. A perfect example of the Peter Principle at work.

  10. Senior Police Officers are political appointees these days. The days of an actual copper who gets to the top through an ability of deal with crime are long gone. They are promoted on their ability to kiss political arse.

    This leads to police forces which are driven by ideas of Political Correctness. They no longer prioritise the crimes which concern the “Man (or should that be person?) in the Street. Burglary,Street-Crime etc.are treated as crimes of less importance than “Racism” or “Sexism”. I’ve often thought that the victim of a mugger would be better off saying that the mugger called him a poof,or lezza. The full force of the law would be used to track the “Hater” down and prosecute him.

    Racial profiling is a big No-No,so we get the bizarre sight of some 80 year old,white granny, going on holiday being searched,while a group of hijab-heads are ushered through. The same thinking leads to the likes of Rotherham……We mustn’t offend the Minority,to hell with the “ordinary”people.

    The Police Force is no longer a Force that promotes on merit,it now promotes,or parachutes in,whoever is most capable of following the mantra dictated by our political masters.

    • I read in the DM this week of a serving police officer who as both male and female had two warrant cards to reflect his gender fluidity. He is a serving uniformed officer of the Met. He can report for duty at any time as either sex. Fucking meteoric crass lunacy. A good post Dick, and so fucking true. It is a sad time for all I fear.

    • This has actually happened. An old dear was strip searched passing through airport security recently. She was so traumatised by the event and shaking so much that she could not get dressed again by herself and had to be helped back on with her clothes. It is a fucking disgrace.

  11. This cunt and that other bastard Burnham have faces that you just want to keep punching, so why make the invitation more appealing by talking loony left wing gobshite?
    I assume there are still some British left in Manchester, so vote for someone who will fuck the likes of these idiots off. Preferably into the Manchester ship canal wearing concrete over shoes.

  12. The Quran represents intolerance to all non believers, and advocates a religious war against all infidels. Those who do not convert, will be eliminated. The preaching of hate against all infidels is obligatory. For a Muslim to tolerate a non Muslim and to treat him or her as an equal, is an offence against Islam, that can , and sometimes does, result in the execution of the offender. In all respects, the Quran must be regarded as an instrument and a publication of terror.

    Why is it, that If I were to pose with a leaflet issued by , say , the EDL, I would likely be arrested for spreading hate. But a Chief Constable, in a city so recently assaulted by the ideology of the Quran is seen in a set piece with a Muslim promoting the Quran as a positive force in British Society.

    This Chief Cuntstable should be suspended immediately, and an enquiry set up to establish the extent of political engineering within this society.

    I see no positivity in the presence of either Islam or Muslim presence in this country.

    • Spot on ASA. The sooner that people acknowledge the truth that it isn’t the “Peaceful” religion that we were promised,the better…..and I still refuse to believe that it’s just the odd “Rotten Apple.” To follow the Quran is to condone murder,rape and terrorism.

    • Yea spot on.

      It’s the cunt lefty’s infiltrating of every institution and seizing power across the board that’s put this cunt where he is.
      The cunt’s probably never solved a crime in his life.
      From 2019 you can’t even be a police officer unless you have a “degree in policing” which inevitably means going to university and being indoctrinated into the lefty, eu loving, bum stabbing club that the vast majority of uni types seem to be a part of.

      They won’t fight crime anymore.

      They’ll work on community integration (ours into theirs), gender fluidity, climate change issues and making sure that every feminazi has enough tofu burgers to stuff into her … Sorry … it’s fat fuckin face.

    • Indeed, this Ladybird book is about the most “hate-filled” thing in print.

      Let’s just see some islimes being banged up for their vile hatred of anybody that doesn’t follow their warped, bitter, twisted spasmotron ideology.

      The FCKuran (the F is silent, and spellings of this uber-cuntish volume seem free, to say the least) is just a bog-blocker.

    • Can’t understand how Islam is the religion of peace. It seems more like the religion of hate, war, destruction, more hate, I could go on and on. Maybe they mean the religion of piece referring to suicide bombers. Piece of him here piece of him there

  13. All the snowflake libmong cunts who want Ariana ‘I fucked off and left my dying fans as quick as I could’ Thingy to get to No. 1 (why, for fuck’s sake?!?) will also no doubt get ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ back in the charts (because of that attention seeking muzzie loving fat cow who staged that crappy sing-along)… And, who knows? Maybe this ‘Happiness Is A Warm Muzzie’ craze will get Cat Stevens a good few quid as his album sales skyrocket….

    • And Ariana Wotsit and Eagles Of Death Metal could do a special cover of The Boss’s ‘Born To Run’…. Or how about Slade’s ‘Run Run Away’?…. Shithouses…

    • I see she’s planning to return to Manchester to play alongside Justin Bieber, Miles Cyrus and Coldplay. That lot in one place would have me reaching for a suicide vest.

    • Why the fuck would you want to not look back in anger at an 8 year old girl being blown to bits? What kind of twisted morality is this. Stupid fucking wankers.

  14. Quran toilet roll is available on the internet. Some rolls are printed verses of text, others can be images of the prophet Mohammed. Google for a laugh. Sorry I cant cut and paste the link ( dunno how )

    • I wouldn’t even waste my shit on *that* religion.

      “Vee are the religion of peace isn’t it! Now then Mustafa, hand me those detonators…”

  15. I think it’s time religion in general is fucked right off. What good does it do? Basically it’s a crutch for people scared of death. I’m not exactly looking forward to me or my loved ones dropping dead and I probably will talk to the stars and tell the dead cunts I love them…but if you actually BELIEVE you are being heard by some higher power, it should warrant you being installed in a padded cell.

    As for women not holding the same status as men, grown adults chopping off the end of baby’s dicks…and drinking the blood of some bearded tradesman – how the fuck can this shit still hold weight in 2017???

    I notice it’s totally fine to call Scientologists cunts, mind you.

    • Religion is simply a method of control. But when believers start to leave, or question, then there is nothing better that chopping heads to persuade a return. All religions are fucking the same. Invented and, concocted by fucking morons for the benefit of assholes.

    • Religion seems to fill a need in some people’s lives. If there wasn’t a “God” to believe in,presumably they’d have to make one up. They can’t face the fact that we’re nothing but flesh and bones who’ll rot away to nothing,the same as everything else. Religions are based on intolerance and a desire to justify that intolerance by hiding behind some passage from an ancient book,supposedly the “Word of God.”

      I believe that religion is the greatest con trick ever perpetrated by Man.

    • Scientologists are cunts – but so are the rest of them.
      How this superstitious mumbo jumbo about various brands of mythical sky fairy can hold any weight in the 21st century is fucking beyond me.

      In the last census, 53% of the population described themselves as having no religion.
      So if we can leave the EU on 52%, shouldn’t be be shutting down the temples, mosques, churches, syngogues and the rest?
      It’s a mandate isn’t it?

    • Sorry, don’t start with the “All religions are bad” shite. One religion, and I strugle to even call it a religion but rather a supremecist authorotarian ideology, is way way worse than any other. Some religions has some redeeming features. Islam has non. If you follow islam in any way then you are a wrong un and have no place in a liberal western democratic country and you should fuck off back to what ever fly infested shit heap you, your patents or your grand parents came from.

      • I’m certainly no theologist, or islamophile,but I just looked up “Basic teachings of the Quran.” To read the bullet-points,it would be hard to say that it has no “redeeming features.” If it’s adherents choose not to follow the peaceful teachings,and instead choose to cherry-pick the parts that suit their warped view,how is that any different to,say, the christians’ crusades?

        I don’t support ,in any way, islam,but I don’t think that any religion has a monopoly on hate for “Unbelievers”. They all do. Just this time we’re on the receiving end.

        • Anyone who chooses to cherry pick an ideology so that they ignore the 109 verses which call for its followers to kill anyone who does not follow it is a cunt. And that is not counting the wife beating, rape, slavery, pedophilia and chucking poofs of of roof tops. Any ideology which sanctions such things has no redeeming features as it is imposible to redeem murdering, raping, kiddy fucking, slave taking cunts. Saying islam is not all bad is like saying Hitler had his good points. The bad makes any good points irrelevant.

          • Fair point,but is there really a balancing point where we tot up the good points against the bad points in a religion? They all contain parts which are anathema to any sane person. Isn’t that a bit like saying that Pol Pot killed less people than Stalin,so he’s more acceptable?

            My point is indeed that that “All religions are bad” Shite. It’s just a matter of different shades of shite.

        • Oh good! Bring up the crusades. Read your history! The muslim cunts invaded Spain in 711. The first crusade was 1096, almost 400 years later.

          • I can’t see that it matters when it was. My point is that all religions are the same. They all believe that theirs is the “true” religion.

          • “it is simply irrelevant to say other religions are just as bad or worse.” You originally said that islam is “way worse than any other”…I don’t understand how me saying that I believe that they are all a bad thing is any more irrelevant than you weighing up the pros and cons.and grading them. I thought that was the thread was all about.

        • Dick, the Crusades, Inquisition, heretic burnings and all that were hundreds of years ago. Islam still lives in those days while Christianity, save a few Yankee loons has moved on. Hatred is enshrined in the Quran and not just a twisted interpretation. The Old Testament is full of hatred but Jews and Christians don’t take it literally as muslims do.
          All religions are evil but Islam is extra special in that department.

          • @ Dick Fidler;
            “My point is that all religions are the same. They all believe that theirs is the “true” religion.”

            “My point is indeed that that “All religions are bad” Shite. It’s just a matter of different shades of shite.”

            Fallacy of moral equivalence. It is simply irrelevant to say other religions are just as bad or worse ( and highly questionable ). It simply does not matter, it has zero relevance to the discussion.

        • Well said Dick Fidler. All religions are equal by measure with some good and some bad.I was looking at the history of the christian church, and believe me it aint pretty. The church burned people at the stake for heresy and there are countless examples of their brutality.People do cherry pick, but that is the way of the world.

          • As all of these religions guide books are meant to be the word of God, and let’s face it, it’s the same guy in the three most prevalent monotheistic religions, then either you believe in it, in which case it means you act as the book says, or you believe none of it. Cunts use the word ‘interpretation’ to bend the meaning of some of the nonsense to fit their particular stance, be it love everyone, or kill everyone.

          • I think they were the same many years ago but whereas the rest of society evolved the muzzies stayed right where they were.
            These days while the local church are singing hymns, having village fetes and organising old ladies tea mornings, the muzzies are bombing children, driving cars through crowds and invading our country with mosques and sharia law.
            I’m an atheist but I don’t find the c of e offensive to my culture of values.
            I can’t say the same about Islam.

  16. Ian Hopkins should hold his head in shame for paying lip-service to Monday night’s atrocity on Tuesday and then spending the rest of the week being filmed, recorded and pictured, vociferously stating he would come down on “hate crimes” (name calling) and that “all citizens” (peacefuls only) should report any incident and they would be investigated immediately.

    He then tutted and walked over to the curb to scrape the congealed blood off the bottom of his shoes as he hadn’t realised he was stood in a pool of it from the 22 victims.

    Well maybe he didn’t do that but that is the disdain in which this cunt is treating those victims and their families!

    I hope the families in question demand his resignation if for no other reason that he is an utter, utter CUNT!

    • No way that he’ll resign,RWaC. He’s merely following the agenda that has been set. The “peacefuls” hurt feelings take priority over a few dead and maimed innocent people.

      • And that’s the hell of it, I just cannot understand why???

        I mean if it were an alien invasion and collaborators like Hopkins were being offered special powers or summat then you could see that it was just selfish greed behind the appeasement of said interlopers.

        But these “peaceful” cunts literally have nothing to offer (count your fingers after shaking hands with one of the cunts) and unless you’re full-on “peaceful” you *WILL* eventually have your head cut off.

        So why are cunts like Hopkins speeding up this process? There’s no benefit to anyone other than the “peaceful” cunts and they get enough fucking benefits from the rest of us as it is!

        • He and the rest of them have been brainwashed. I wonder if he has been on any Common Purpose leadership courses. The bitch in charge of child services in Rotherham is a graduate of Common Purpose and so are many others in positions of authority nation wide. If you dont know what I’m talking about have a look at this video from Pat Condell.


          In fact, Common Purpose need a cunting.

          • Yep, Pat Condell tells it for what it is. As long as the UK population remain passive, them we as a race are doomed, and survivors ( if any ) will be committed to servitude to the new “Master Race”

        • Decades of dumbing-down has made it alarmingly easy to brainwash the majority. Us independent minds are now just reviled as out-of-touch has-beens.

          Genuine “fake” news is now the minority.

          Al-BBC is the biggest purveyor of true fake news…

    • Did you get rejected by the force? Prehaps you wanted to be a PCSO but were too stupid even for that! Prehaps you toss off to police interceptors or wank over old episodes of the bill. If you are so infatuated with the police come and spend a day with me. I might be able to find some crayons with give to list kids to keep them occupied. Or prehaps the kennels as you come across as barking.

      More pills for this one Matron!

  17. I have only one happy memory of our multi cultural society. Having rioted for 2 days, and having kidnapped a corpse which was held to ransom. The Tornado Team were called in when the Centre “lost Control” I was in awe, stupified and amazed. I have never felt so proud to be British. The team in formations, with attack docks marching in the formation entered the compound in 4 columns, everything synchronised to perfection. Each accommodation block was surrounded by Tornados. But the best thing, was seeing hundreds of black and brown faces pressed against the windows with abject fucking terror on their faces. The fuckers could not believe that this could happen in the “Land of Free Money”
    Arrests made and over 100 of the ringleaders taken to HMP, we had a few days of glory before things sadly returned to normal
    When I look now at that image of appeasement to a bunch of camelfuckers following the Manchester atrocity ( for that is what it was ) I can no longer feel proud of my country.

  18. Great cunting LL , this threads excellent, lots of good posts, definitely one of ISAC,s favourites …..
    on a different subject where the hell is uber Cunt Blair?? I bet his squirrelling away behind the scenes……
    Unfortunately Hopkins is the new breed of limp wristed , apologetic, weak on real crime Cunts that now infest our police forces…..

    • Have some good news for you Quislings. Blair is alive and well , and is in Hull as we speak. He is meeting with several business people of the Islamic faith to found a new alternative political party. A certain gentleman is being consulted, who has assured Blair that Yorkshires Islamic support is in the bag should the party be formed. You only have to guess at the agenda. Democracy is being engineered by this cunt and his camelfucking semen squits.

      • He’s doing better than ham faced Cameron then who was filmed buying some new socks in JD Sports and got bussed up to the front of the queue,the glamour.

        • I wonder how many other people that have earned a reported £100,000 for an hours work shop at JD sports……
          After his sortie to jd he probably stopped off at Aldi before catching the happy hour at Wetherspoons……, thrifty skills from camercunt……..

  19. Seeing as all religions are man made bullshit yet the Government bends over backwards to appease and accommodate these cunts, let’s just make a new one.

    Can I suggest “The Church of the 5% Tax Bracket.”

    So any demand over this rate on my earnings is an affront to my religious beliefs which would end with me burning in hell should I collude with the HMRC infidels.
    It’s no more ridiculous than any other religion…..

    Time for cunts to grow up and get with the programme of the 21st century, especially the dog shit muzzies.
    And surely thickest of all are women who choose Islam, who selects near slavery as a life choice….

    • I wonder if LilyMong and Church of the ever-open gob are up for a bit of FGM by a dirty old mullah with a kebab knife, or having their oh-so precious *babies” diddled ??

  20. Ok so the blindsided UK gov thought we only had 3,000 jihadi terrorists but we actually have 20,000 jihadi terrorists so thats a good solid number though right? I mean more is better… and we are stronger together?! Is diversity still our strength? http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/05/27/horrifying-with-23000-jihadists-in-britain-terror-threat-more-than-seven-times-greater-than-feared/ Yep, doubling MI5 seems like the best thing to do. The borders of island nations are notoriously difficult to shut down, after all…..

    • Is it no wonder the cunts are desperate to get into Blighty , it must seem like Utopia here, they can get involved in any criminal activity and plod says let us know if anyone upsets you and we’ll come down on them like a ton of bricks. FOR FUCKS SAKES !!!!

    • We released over 3000 known combatants from Oakington detention Centre, who immediately changed ID and disappeared. It was called T/A ( temp admission )

      • What did you say to him? You didn’t do a Russell Brand and tell him that you’d fucked his granddaughter, I hope? 🙂 .

  21. Fatbutt using her hairstyle as an excuse is fucking shocking, she really is a clown of massive cuntish proportions. To go with her cunt of undoubtedly massive proportions.

  22. Most posts aren’t panning the police. They are panning a chief constable who deems it more important to be seen to embracing a symbol of the people who perpetrated this outrage,than worrying about the families of the killed and maimed victims.

    • There are two “All police are Cunts” postings out of 82. Fucking sight lower than if you took a straw poll of the general public. I’d say.

      • What the fuck is this cunt with the Kraut name going on about? He has just echoed exactly what everyone has said yet somehow we are all blind stupid cunts while he is so much smarter than us. I don’t get it. What’s his beef?

      • Well I get that you have some sort of beef with the Fire Service but not much else. Still, enjoy your drink and have a nice afternoon.

        • Jochen pieper was a highly decorated German waffen SS commander in WW2, he led the German armoured spearheaded in the battle of the bulge, played by Robert shaw ….
          Very strange postings…
          oh well looks like his tanks run out of fuel 😂😂

      • @Freddie…this guy comes on occasionally and peppers his posts with military jargon.,which,I’ve noticed,the other ex-military tend not to do when they post. I’ve no idea if he is ex-military,but I think that it’s safe to assume that he isn’t a fireman.

        • Well I can’t say I’m too keen on a bloke who uses the name of a SS hero, convicted war criminal and holocaust denier but maybe it’s supposed to be ironic. I’m fucked if I know…….or care.

      • You’re right Jochen, the Police do a great job of making arrests, coming down hard on people who break the law from murder to speeding to parking fines.

        They arrest suspect paedophiles and get them – rightfully – banged away immediately.

        They do do a cracking job and receive little thanks for it, you’re right.

        Now if they would just be as pro-active and vociferous in applying those same laws to the “peaceful” community then they would be universally loved.

        Alas as they turn a blind eye to most “peaceful” goings on (whether through choice or instruction) then they will still get stick from folk on the likes of ISAC for the disparity of their actions against “peacefuls” Vs. non-“peacefuls”.

        Also answer me this: the cunt who blew up the foyer of the Manchester Arena killed himself in the process, so how were they able to make so many arrests of “peaceful” cunts the next day if he wasn’t alive to grass them up?

        I’ll tell you why, because they were already *known* to the authorities that’s why!

        On Tuesday they made the bulk of their arrests and on Wednesday the politicos were hailing it as “a great job” done by the police force. I call it being 2 days too fucking late!

        They won’t arrest other “peaceful” cunts who they also *know* are likely bomb-vest candidates in case they infringe their “human rights”.

        Well that’s ok but what about *my* human right to be able to walk in any major town or city in *my* country without fear of being blown to fuck!?! Oh but that’s right, I don’t matter because I’m not of the “peaceful” persuasion and therefore don’t need to be protected do I.

        Personally I’d lock every one of the suspected “peaceful” cunts up to send a clear fucking message that this shit will no longer stand to the wider “peaceful” community.

        I wouldn’t be a bastard though I’d let them keep their laces, belts and razors, etc.

  23. Paul Pogba is a cunt. Plus his trade for Manchester United but decides to go to Mecca and tweet about the beauty.

    Really Paul, you didn’t think maybe right now you should of been low key about you’re pilgrimage?

    Typical fucking ego tripping celebrity cunt.

  24. Paul Pogba is a cunt. Plus his trade for Manchester United but decides to go to Mecca and tweet about the beauty.

    Really Paul, you didn’t think maybe right now you should of been low key about you’re pilgrimage?

    Typical fucking ego tripping celebrity cunt.

    • Such a shame Roy Keane isn’t there any more, to jump on Pogba’s bollocks and then make the muzzie loving ponce eat them….

      Or in the 70s, Pogba would have been fed to Joe Jordan and Gordon McQueen…

  25. Aren’t Christians lucky to have been born in an area with Christian values ! Pity those poor Muslims who have got it all wrong or actually vice versa !
    Watching Diane Abbot these days is painful to watch . Her main concern is to desperately try to make another cock up.

  26. Fuck it. Should be a ‘not ‘ in there. When u gonna introduce an edit feature for numpties like me?

    • Well judging by her performance every time she’s on the telly you could have been right the first time. Is she really that dumb?

      • Dianne Abbott is so thick if she took an IQ test she’d get a rebate!

  27. The fire service don’t lord it up over is.
    The fire service risk their lives to keep us safe.
    The fire service come no matter the size of the fire.
    The fire service don’t spend their time debating what action to take.
    The fire service are heroes that don’t talk down to us, don’t ignore us, do their best for us and don’t discriminate.

    The polis are a bunch of cunts who’s only role nowadays is to tick boxes, arrest teenagers and warn indigenous people to stay away from certain areas in case the new locals feel the need to bash infidels.

    They are also two different bodies.
    You could say the same about the ambulance service or lollipop ladies as they have the same employers, and you would see that yer argument is a non starter.

    • Calm down, Jochen Peiper there’s no need to get personal and start acting the cunt because some people disagree or have differing views. You say that the Fire Brigade don’t run into burning buildings etc yet you then say they go on strike and leave you and your mum to burn to death? I’m personally glad we gave the police and fire brigade, you obviously have some issues with the Fire Brigade and you sound like a Copper or former one. I have respect for anyone who puts their life at risk or are willing to everyday whatever job they do and belittling the job the fire brigade do is a bit weak.

    • Imo at the beach without my glasses and the mixture of blindness and the sunshine is making it hard for me to read yer post, but i did make out you being a cunt.

      What’s up?
      Cant handle a debate without resorting to insults?

      Fair do’s, when ye first came on here with that name , i had you down as a cunt.
      I was proved right.

      Slag me off all you want but at least ye read my dribble, whereas that was only the second post of yours that I’ve read.
      Mainly coz of the name but also ye talk shite.

      Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I’m blind

    • More insults??

      I’ll leave it til i get home and get my glasses ?

      Cheers ya prick.

    • @Jochen Pepper, your name is very similar to that SS cunt Joachim Peiper and if your are ex military why would you choose to have a name of probably the worst enemy ever? You sound a bit confused and as I have family who fought those German cunts in both wars I don’t understand people who have time for the cunts who bombed this country. I thought it might be Rickiiiiiiiiiie Doublecunt using your account.

      • I think he’s been down the pub and got himself a drop of Dutch courage,B+ WC. Looks like the fire service rejected him,probably for being a mentally unbalanced cunt.

      • Ok, I’ll bite, what the hell is the beef with this Peiper guy?

        I said this a few threads back and I’ll repeat it here:

        I appreciate the Army, Rozzers and Spooks for the often thankless job that they do.

        Especially in this day and age when leftie cunts and opportunistic lawyer scum looking for a bit of fast cash are out to persecute/ screw over the very people who would protect this country.

        There are more than a few people here who have or are related to people who have and/or continue to do a great service to us all.

        Now, with that said, kindly back the fuck off and give it a rest eh?

      • What’s the matter Jochen Peiper? Did you get to the pub and realise you haven’t got any money and the barman refused you credit? Listen you knobhead whether you have or haven’t fought in wars cannot be proved because your an anonymous cunt like the rest of us, I see you like to talk like your some fearless warrior it wouldn’t surprise me if your a fake cunt whose read too many Mcnab books. If you can’t handle disagreement then this site is not for you. Go to bed and sleep off your funny five minutes you piece of cunt. Go on fuck off.

          • I think that Tricky Ricky is hoping to goad someone into making a physical threat against him…

          • Probably.
            Seems to be lost on him that he’s already on record as having made loads of threats against me.
            Then again, you can’t educate pork.

            As I have repeatedly said, the best policy is ignore-delete-block

          • The jackass would really have to bring out his A-game for that to happen…..

    • Oh dear. Off our Tourettes medication are we? Please go elsewhere with your nonsense. I love this website. Indeed I have been angered by many cooments especially when it comes to Israel. However you are not articulating anything.All you are doing is making noise.
      I have an idea .FUCK OFF.

      • kravdarth, all I’ll say regarding Israel is that I wonder when they will do what they do best next?

        • PSM

          Thanks for the support.

          Hopefully bomb that cunt who is currently trolling this site.

          • On the subject of Israel, I see no reports of peaceful scum lobbing rockets at the lately.

            Then again, that will only get one response from Israel – peaceful cunts getting the holy hell bombed out of them!

            I’ll give Netahyahu and the gang this, they don’t fuck about, they’re consistent and they absolutely do not give two fucks what anyone else, especially peacefuls and leftie cunts, think about them.

            They only thing they get a thumbs down from me for is not throwing that cunt Livingstone under a train.

  28. Forget the fire brigade. I would not piss on you if you wre on fire. On actually I would:Piss myself with laughter.

    You obviously have a fireman fetish. I have a greasy pole you could go down on…

  29. The Flabbott is Mays best weapon of winning this election, just stick her on a loop & let the fuck ups flow.

    • Just as long as May and the Tories don’t do anymore stupid shit like that social care manifesto fuck up. I’m still not convinced they can quite recover from that.

  30. Yeah not too sure myself PMS, if there is anymore ball scratching from the Tories, who knows?

    • I still want to know who the non-wit who came up with that one was…..

      I think the Tories got stupid and arrogant even putting that in their manifesto, they would never even thought about doing so against any half competent opposition.

      Way to go, piss off one of your core voters. Pillocks.

  31. Politics, politicians, Westminster…had a gutful.
    Nothing really changes..same circus, different clowns….

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