Gary Lineker (6)

Gary Lineker is a monumental cunt…
He said this about the French Presidential Elections: ‘Huge disappointment, resentment and bitterness amongst some of UK’s fascists this morning. She lost (comfortably). Get over it.’

But when somebody replied to him, ‘So, why can’t you get over Brexit?’ Fanny Lineker responded, ‘Missing such an obvious joke is a blocking offence i’m afraid.’

This snotty cunt can’t even answer a civil question and ‘blocks’ anyone who disagrees with him?… And the smear of shite has the audacity to talk about fascists?!?…. Hope he falls off a fucking big cliff…

Nominated by Norman

I can’t abide that rectum of rectitude, Lineker.

A pious, jug-eared wankspangle sums him up nicely.

His only and modest talent lies with advertising crisps.

No wonder his Mrs ferked off. He was probably up in his private study, spanking himself over the Brexit referendum every night. Leaving her to play solo gusset typing.

Nominated by Paul Maskinback

Hell will freeze over before another Walker’s crisp passes between my lips. I might write to them and tell them that…..but I will relent if they sack the bastard. Does anyone know where I can buy “fascist” crisps?

Nominated by Freddie the Frog

178 thoughts on “Gary Lineker (6)

  1. Why do these celebrity turdrags want to tell us what their pathetic little thoughts are? Linneker is a cunt football pundit and a cunt crisp advertiser , now adding to his cunt collection by being a cunt political thinker.
    He is a cuntfaced wanker with a beard to stop the camera showing how old the cunt is, needs roasting by a team of gay silverbacks.

    • Trouble is the jug eared cocksucker would probably enjoy being savagely rogered by those silverbacks. It wouldn’t be punitive.

    • Do I detect a very disturbing resemblance between “shat-on-the-pitch” and a former, much cunted PM “shat-on-the-whole-world” ?

  2. what i find feckin annoying is the assumption by those advertising hacks that we all love ‘ our Gary ‘, that he’s some sort of national treasure. is he fuck, he’s just an overpaid ex footy player who looks far too pleased with himself. i don’t eat crisps, horrible fuckin fings but if i did the last ones i would be be eating are those bags of air plugged by this over hyped nitwit.

    • Quite right Richard. National treasure? Naa, as you rightly said, not everyone values this turd.

      • National Treasures deserve to be locked up safely in The Tower of London…

    • Stopped eating anything made by Walkers & e-mailed to tell them I’d not be returning until they get rid of the jug-ear git! Wonder how many have done the same? Not enough obviously as they’re still employing the wanker.

      • I did the same when the cunt kept going on about “racists” who voted Brexit and wanted Walkers to boycott The Sun with their advertising.
        Didn’t get a reply but have noticed he hasn’t brought Walkers into his tweets since. Perhaps they had a quiet word in his over large ear holes. I do implore as many of you as can be arsed to get onto Walkers as well. Perhaps we can eventually shut the cunt up.
        Cunt of the highest order without doubt.

  3. What I actually hate about this cunt Lineker, is that he actually represents all in this country that makes me want to puke. Gay Rights,Liberalism,Rainbow World, Hypocrite, Rich Cunt, Elevated non-entity, and the list goes on. The fact that he’s contracted to those cunts Walkers Crisps, just makes it worse. Crisps? FFS, that company has wiped the shelves clean of much missed family favourites, and replaced it with tasteless, boring, overhyped, bland, overpriced, shite. Which brings me back to Lineker…..tasteless, boring….overhyped…bland……..overpaid….shite.
    The mans a National Disgrace and an absolute cunt.

  4. I heard that Dermot O’Dreary has turned down an appearance on Question Time. I don’t know his political views and I don’t fucking want to as I don’t give a fuck what he thinks about anything, even his favourite crisps. Obviously he has listened to some good advice from his agent as, whatever he said, at least 50 per cent of people would hate him for it. Of course fuckface Lineker and other celebrity cunts are much richer than O’Dreary so they can afford to take the risk. Or perhaps when you reach a certain level of celebrity you think you are so fucking wonderful everyone is hanging on your every word and desperate for your pearls of wisdom. Well, we’re not interested you cunts especially you Lineker you arrogant bag of slime. Fuck off.

    • Your right. Jezza, for all his faults has a history of dissent and there are times when I wholeheartedly agree with him. In particular his loathing of the EU and all that it is Globalist. I have a sneaky feeling that Jezza may be a regular visitor to this site and may even have posted one or two cuntings.

    • I’m sorry but I think you are mistaking popular policies for correct and workable policies. Of course it all sounds very good to have a fairer more just society, I don’t know of any politician who would argue against that. And it is very easy to scapegoat the rich, Marxists have been doing that forever and look what a tremendous success Marxism has been.

      No, Corbyn is still a giant cunt and not only a cunt but a very dangerous one at that because he is a fanatic. Doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t take drugs, vegan and when asked on mumsnet what was his favourite biscuit he replied;

      “I’m totally anti-sugar on health grounds, so eat very few biscuits. But if forced to accept one, it’s always a pleasure to have a shortbread.”

      You have to “force” the cunt to have a biscuit and then he picks the most boring sack cloth and ashes biscuit ever conceived!

      So what drives the man who has no human vices? An ideology that the average sixth former could pick holes in based on obscure writings by long dead cunts no body has ever heard of and couldn’t care less about. A utopian perfect society built on deeply flawed and demonstrably unsound foundations.

      Of course its popular, but then again so is promising eternal life in paradise. It doesn’t make it true.

      • Some people think it’s true. Some even throw in loads of nubile virgins as a bonus.
        Frankly I’m surprised Labour haven’t grasped that last one. Yet.

        • chuck in naked Abbott and Thornberry…aaaaaargh !! and I see a landslide…for the Tories !

      • If there was even the slightest danger of Jezzer being able to carry out his Anti-Establishment policies the cunt would be dead by now. I don’t care much what he says now…..when he decided to back remoan he sold his soul to the devil. I can never forgive him for that.

        • Nothing corbyn says will ever make me like him. He is a career politician and I curse the mentally retarded mongs for voting him and his party in

  5. I’d like to be the fly on the wall when Wanker’s crisps finally do sack him for being too old or opinionated. They should have given Nobby Stiles £500k for doing an advert.

  6. Tommy Robinson has been arrested at 4:30 this morning for making a video exposing a syrian refugee rape gang.

    I’ve no doubt this jug eared goal poaching cunt would think that was a very good thing.

    • I wasn’t familiar with this case so I watched the vid. If he is arrested for exposing that! Then it is patently obvious that NWO wants rid of us, and wishes to impose a Muslim Caliphate. Some of you may laugh, but I do honestly and sincerely believe that there is a NWO agenda. If there isn’t…then there is simply no common sense on this planet. ( excepting ISAC )

      • Filthy, psycho-thick scumbugs with the usual uppity sense of self-entitlement. Gas them. All of them. End of.

    • Apparently you risk breaking the law if you film on the court steps. The Crown Courts are open to the press but it is illegal under the Criminal Justice Act 1925 and the Contempt of Court Act to film and make recordings of court and court precincts. So I guess the police were right in warning Tommy Robinson that they would arrest him if he did film and record the dirty fucking ragheads. My own opinion is that these rapeugees should have received a bullet to the head.

      • I agree wholeheartedly. A bullet is an inexpensive solution to unrestricted and unwanted mass immigration. As for the rapeugees…..I would remove their gonads, force feed them with pork, then burn the bastards.

      • In that case why are they not arresting every reporter who ever interviewed banana boat Miller in front of the High Court?

        • I couldn’t agree more Skidmark. One rule for one and all that bollocks. Obviously doesn’t apply to those who have right-wing views, we are viewed as a blot on the landscape, us racist, bigoted cunts.

          • Firstly, she is Black second She is an immigrant thirdly she can buy the law.. No one would dare to interrupt Gina Miller holding court ( pardon the pun ) on the steps of the High Court.

            Tommy Robinson is white, he is English, he was born here. The perpetrators are Islamic, they are a protected species and they too can buy the law.

            The whole fucking issue stinks of the rancid shit of of a whales festering arse,

      • There is no rule that affords the right of the press to record within court precincts but not members of the public. Citizen journalism in the public interest is on equal footing with private business who publish newspapers for profit.

      • Fucking Jesus Christ all fucking mighty….I can’t fucking believe that.! Muslim fucking bastards can rape, because they have no equivalent in Islam!!!! Is the Judge fucking insane !!!!? I thought I’d heard some shit in my time from the cunting establishment, but that is the fucking limit. If those fucking ragheaded shit shite goat fucking bastards did that to my daughter..I would kill the bastards then go after the judges and the politicians. Fucking scum.

        • Ok, what the actual fuck?

          So, because the durka durka men allegedly don’t understand the concept of rape, they should be let off?!

      • this is the most incompetent piece of shit I have heard, a complete dereliction of duty by the cunt of a judge who came up with this brainless ruling. However it was in Merkels “welcome all and fuck the consequences” Germany. Thank fuck were coming out of that Kraut/Frog ruled club.

  7. Lineker fancies himself as somewhat of an intellectual, like most bigoted deluded remain wankers he thinks his opinions carry weight, he appears to think he has the ear of the nation often using his TV time to take pot shots at leave, well listen you washed up, jug eared , pseudo intellectual toss pot!, very few people take notice of your attempted smart Alec nonsense and only see you as an average TV presenter with a hugely inflated ego, it’s hardly surprising the prick works at the BBC, its a perfect ” match” OTD..
    CUNT ……

    • He made a complete idiot of himself on Channel 4’s Brass Eye which was shown way back in 2001, and obviously hasn’t learned his lesson. Stick to what you know Gary, which isn’t much by all accounts.

  8. Bad communication needs cunting.

    I went to have a large tattoo of an Indian across my back.

    After about half an hour I said to the guy. …”Don’t forget, I want the tomahawk in his right hand”

    He said “For fuck sake mate, gimmie a chance, I haven’t finished the turban yet”…

    • I dont know if anyone here has said it before , but thanks good sir for all the jokes. This world is to depressive and full of cunts and all of us cunters, need some good laughs to ease the pain.

  9. In case some of forgot, I must remind you of the day this eyebrow grooming shit talking spud seller shat himself in front of millions…

    Gary Lineker literally shits himself against Ireland World Cup 1990
    He felt unwell & did a runny shit right there on the pitch!

    • Best thing Sir Graham Taylor did as England manager was to substitute that bid eared cunt which prevented him from equalling Sir Bobby Charlton’s goals record for England. RIP Sir Graham, you are a legend for me and all supporters of my club. Lineker is a condescending, smug cunt, who I would happily take a baseball bat too. Just aside, when typing this post the predictive text, spell checker automatically offered “Charlton’s” surname. When I typed lineker it came up “cunt”. Says it all.

  10. France voting scenario was totally fucked up for beginners the feminist terrorist organization FEMEN was literally blocking Le Pens voting stations. Why you ask? because they are paid mentalists opposing patriarchy and by doing that they block the only fucking woman candidate…. they are protecting EU interests so by definition they love patriarchy.

    Bunch of moslem cunts were rioting by a large voting station Also a bunch of french Arabs were stealing Le Pens ballots and throwing them out.. who knows what other tricks these Pro-EU retards pulled. Bottom line tho, Le Pen was cheated

    • I doubt very much whether the people will ever get a fair election, the odds are all stacked against fairness. It just reinforces my belief that Cromwell was a cunt, all politicians are cunts and parliament is a sham. Fuck em all… cunts

    • And we supposedly live in a free speech, democratic country. What a load of bollocks!!!

  11. Gotta say, its pretty fucking funny watching people like old monkey ears here completely lose their rag and go into full hypocrisy mode

  12. Typical libtard answer. When faced with facts the libtard always gets on their high horse, spits the dummy, heads towards a safe space or just turns ignorant. Mary Spinnaker is all of the above. Back in the day when presenters had integrity and professionalism, their political leaning would hardly be known. apart from the comedy right wing Mcwhirter brothers. As Paul Joseph (I think) says on YouTube…Gary Linekar put up or shut the fuck up. And as you havent invited untold amounts of peacefuls to live in your house, please just shut the fuck up

  13. I don’t agree with much that Gary Linekar has to say, but i do agree with him that, Leicester City are the greatest team on the planet and fox hunting is barbaric.

    I had a geez at his latest twaat and rather than finding something to bash the cunt with , i found him twatting about Teresa Pink Floyd Cartoon May plans to bring back fox hunting.

    Fox hunting has no place in a civilised cuntry.
    I couldn’t give a fuck how many stable hands, vets, horse shite cleaner uppers, or renboys lose their jobs.
    Go find another job. Maybe a transgender toilet cleaner. They’ll need more and more of them soon.
    So lets keep the ban on fox hunting, and if the “beautiful” people are at a loss as to what to replace it with, then i suggest bare knuckle boxing.
    Come on, you fuckin cowards.
    Get off your high horse, and meet me in the field, where we both get to see a real bloodsport.
    And it’ll be your blood cunt.

    Anybody connected to and pro fox hunting is a supa dupa mega mega cunt.
    Jennifer Saunders is a rabid hunter, so i hope she gets gilberted by a horse, but she probably does that anyway.

    If any smart cunt wants to bang on about foxes killing all the chickens, then the solution is to patch up holes in the chicken coup/big fuck off battery store.

    C’mon the foxes.

    • Nah, they should definitely bring it back. I used to love seeing those red coated toffee nosed cunts fighting with the unwashed Tinkerbell “saboteurs”. Great entertainment! Best thing on the telly on Boxing Day when you are chasing a hangover with a crateful of Guinness.

        • Couldn’t agree more, although technically speaking it is still completely legal to hunt foxes, just not with dogs. It is a stain on the nations character and I would gladly put a bullet through the head of any cunt involved in it.

          • Fox-hunting is fucking awful, practised by the same level of civilised cunts as bull-fighting. It was only there to propagate the class system, itself an antiquated, unmeritorious anachronism. Fuck that, Fuck cruelty to animals and Fuck fox-hunting.

            Nonetheless, Gary Lineker is a stupendous cunt.

    • Fucking fox cunt shit on my new football in the garden.
      For that, they all deserved to die.
      The stink of it…

    • Fox hunting? Couldn’t care less one way or the other. It was, of course, used in the old days to train the upper classes to become cavalry officers.

      Shooting on the other hand – I was a bloody good pistol shot. County level. Then some cunt walked into a school with guns plod should never have authorised and shot a load of kids. What did they do? Banned folks like me from holding guns.

      If we could get a pack of hounds to rip a kid to pieces then they’d probably ban fox hunting…

      • If we could get a gang of red coated toffs to ride into a school and set dogs on kids, then maybe.
        It’s the dogs instinct to chase and maul, but the cunts in red coats could restrain them.

        I believe in the right to bear arms and chairs, but i also believe that i’d be dead or doing life for shooting cunts.

        Odds are that I’d pop out for a loaf of bread in downtown Hungerford, and just lose it.

      • “used in the old days to train the upper classes to become cavalry officers.”

        Says it all really doesn’t it… I’m against fox hunting mostly but understand farmers rights to protection and plus foxes are largely not violent to humans

      • Ah yes. Mr T Hamilton. Pederast scout leader. Many complaints filed against him, possible Masonic links, dodgy local politicians etc etc

    • Those bastard foxes eat my chickens. Exterminate all of the red coated little fuckers.

      • The foxes eat all yer chickens?

        That’s both disgusting and sad.
        Why didn’t you protect your chickens?
        If you have chickens and keep them in a place that’s inhabited by foxes, why didn’t you secure their chicken coup?

        You should have put a little more thought and effort into protecting yer chickens.

        Poor fuckin chickens.

  14. You’re not allowed to say anything these days. Some people are so fuckin’ touchy.

    I saw a group of birds at the bar, went up to the best looker and said “Don’t tell me, let me guess….your dad was a thief”

    She said “Is that because he stole the stars and put them in my eyes?”

    I said “No…it’s because you’ve got a Scouse accent”…..

    • Saw two massive mingers in the pub the other day. I wandered over and said hello. I could immediately hear their non-English accents and said, “Which part of Scotland are you two ladies from?”

      “Wales, you cheeky bastard” replied the slightly chubbier one, “Wales!”

      “Please accept my apologies” I said. ‘Which part of Scotland are you two whales from?”

        • I think it fears my legendary whit.

          Or it thinks I’m a cunt.

          I’m also unable to log on to Mike’s Place.
          Whats that all about , Cunts Mate Cunt?
          No room for idiots like me?

          I try, but it keeps telling my that my password is wrong or i may have forgotten it

          No its fuckin not wrong and i definitely haven’t forgotten it.

          Still good reading though.
          Keep it up.

  15. The cunt blocked me on Instagram when I asked if he’s taken on any of his poor refugees. He’s a total bellend and a waste of good oxygen.

    • And like the rest of his libtard ilk, he’s a filthy hypocrite.

  16. He was a good England player, despite winning bugger all. However…

    A couple of million from the BBC every year.
    An absolute fortune advertising a snack created to maintain your hunger.

    Yet we keep on asking…”Lineker, in reply to the constant waving of your virtue and flexing your liberal muscles, just how many have you taken in? To the nearest hundred?”

    Crisps contain fat, sugar and salt and apparently, even eaten in small doses, is like drinking cooking oil. Some experts even claim they should contain a health warning. Yet does that bother old grinner here? Does he lie awake at night wrestling his conscience? Does he fuck! He banks the money like the self-assured, satisfied, greedy, vain, jug-eared, hypocritical cunt-nugget he is. I hope he’s mugged by one of the refugee “children.”

    • Good player…… how many goals did he from outside the penalty box?

      • Being a poacher and nicking goals is alright though, yes, I could’ve phrased it better. “Good at nicking goals like he now nicks libtard glory.” I’m a Red so I obviously wasn’t a fan of his preferred teams, but fair’s fair.
        I just wish he’d stop this obsessive desire to be liked. These slebs become consumed by their empty popularity and lose grip on reality.

        Latest count of “child” refugees adopted:-

        Gary Fucking Lineker………… 0.
        Lily Fucking Allen …………….. 0.
        JK Fucking Rowling ………….. 0.


        You’d think they were only pretending to care.

        • Don’t forget Pixie Balls-Cooper.

          I wouldn’t even let in any actual children if they were peacfuls – they are already indoctrinated to get aggressive at anyone who says something they might perceive as negative about their beloved Deathcul….. I mean religion.

          Talking of cults, is anyone starting to see similarities between Corbyn’s supporters and Jim Jones’ mob?

      • Fanny Lineker is well behind Bobby Charlton, Geoff Hurst, and Jimmy Greaves…. And even the syrup wearing Scouse grannyshagger scored better goals than Lineker….

        • Bah, Michael Owen would have had the England record if he didn’t get buggered by all his injuries.

          • Coincidentally, when a local Labour Party representative knocked on my door a few weeks ago and asked if there was anything the Party could do for us, my suggestion of a Jonestown style mass suicide didn’t go down too well at all.
            Still waiting for the angry mob with flaming torches and pitchforks to turn up…

          • It would be a real shame if the Momentum cunts and all the other Corbyn marks were to bust out the Kool-aid when Labour get fucked into the dirt at the election….

      • It’s hilarious because it’s true.

        The thing that boils my piss the most over these luvvies getting all sanctimonious over the refugee ”children”? They don’t have to deal with the consequences of letting the fuckers in.

          • I bet the ”refugees” would love that, give them more chance to diddle some little girls like their beloved prophet.

          • Lineker has a smug face with an infuriating simper which have me reaching for the claw hammer.

            Seriously, I could repeatedly punch Lineker in the face and never tire.

          • Paul, I know how you feel man, half these smug bastards on TV give me violent thoughts and a desire to use my Kill Bill Sword on them.

  17. Does anybody else get caught up in moderation as much as little innocent ol’ me?
    I get moderated more than i wank lately, and that’s a lot.


    I would really like to know if I’m alone in it happening every three days or so.
    Safety in numbers and all that.

    Thank FUCK I’m not paranoid,




    • Everyone gets moderated, I suggest copy paste it then if it doesn’t go through rewrite a few words

    • One of the new admins gets caught every time.
      Fuck knows why. You’ve not changed name, email or ip so it’s a mystery. And you next comments go through just fine, so why the odd one?
      Fucker must have been programmed by Microsloth…

      • It’s weird because the only times I have ever been modded is when I was baiting doubledouche.

        Other than that, I never had a problem, right from the off.

        • It’s far from perfect but it keeps the trolls out. Admins just need to check regularly and release stuff that shouldn’t have been caught…

        • Or the ones with grey coats that flash themselves in the park. A good kick in the bollocks usually does the business.

      • Talking of new members…I’ve introduced Mrs TV to ISAC…and she totally loves it! She hates cunts even more than I do, so there’s a likelihood she will hopefully be joining us soon.

    • Just because you are paranoid, doesn’t mean they are not out to get you!

      • Its paranoia that’s helped me survive all these years.

        Anyway, how did you get this number???????

        • Eh, nothing wrong with a spot of paranoia, God knows you can’t trust most fuckers anyway.

          DTA – it’s a good mantra to live by.

          How to get your number? Don’t you realise? They’re everywhere!

  18. Where has that prick gone?? I was just starting to enjoy tormenting the Cunt and he was spirited away…..

    • He got ejected again.

      Don’t worry though, he’s a nugget, you can’t quite flush him away.

      • Who is the daft cunt pretending to be this time?
        Tiresome little turd…

  19. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Serious LACK if emoji’s today.

    C’mon the emoji. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • You’re going emoji crazy Birdie? Going soft in your old age?

      Come on, where’s the Birdman who cunts cunts that we all know and love?

      • Where have i gone?

        I’ve gone to a safe place where the moderator of mayhem cant find me.

        But yer right, i must brush up on my nastiness/cuntishness .
        Especially now as ISAC is no longer a place for banter between anonymous”pals”.
        Its getting snyder , with certain cunters/cunts, who’s only interest seems to be to disagree with as many posts as they can.

        If they don’t agree or like a post , they could sometimes maybe just leave it, rather than TRY to act the smart cunt for the sake of it.
        Its called “Is A Cunt” not “Act A Cunt”

        I wonder who i’m talking about.

        • Not me I hope. I’d like to think that ISAC is a site where there’s little to no aggro between posters.

          Now the old ABBC 606 football forums on the other hand……. fuck that for a game of soldiers.

          • No, not you.

            I wasn’t talking about “aggro”.
            I meant snydey , smart arse replies that were posted just to prove that a cunt can be a cunt.

            Discussion and debate is not what I’m talking about either.
            Discussion and debate should be promoted.
            Its the ” i disagree, so i know best, and your opinion is shite, and I’m a legendary smart arse who loves the sight of my own shiitty but not whitty replies” that I’m talking about.

            Camaraderie is dead. 🙁

          • Yeesssh, the egotistical berks then?

            Maybe we should cunt the fuckers who think it’s smart to be contrary to everyone and anyone’s posts just because they (the fuckers) are cunts?

          • Oh yes indeedy, Chris Sutton is a monumental cunt.

            An anagram if his name is Cunt or Shits.
            I think he’s both.

          • Well he is a cunt and his punditry is the shits.

            His views suck as much as they blow.

          • Talking of cunts…..

            They just had the offensive little maggot Owen Jones on Sky News, I tuned out to what he was saying though, I don’t have time to listen to Groaniadista cunts.

    • 🐟🤠😍💤❤️😎😡😡🐟😀😄😁😆☺️☺️🤣😂😅😇😍😍😗😙😚🙃🤑🤑😝😝😘😋🤡🤡🤡😎🤓🤗🤗😒😒😒😔😔😟😟😖😣😞😒😒😏😕🙁🙁😥😢😰😨😨😱😮😲😵😵😵😢😪😪😓😓😓😓😓😓😭😭😶
      Happy to oblige!!
      Oh fuck that feels damn good!!!

    • Emoji uses are like the sand people, easily startled but they will soon return and in greater numbers!!
      Alex Guinness …. emoji wars….

      • Funny thing is, he hated it when fans asked him about Star Wars…..

  20. A day late (slow whitted cunt i am), but yesterdays cunting about emoji’s by Black And White Cunt has got me thinking that Black And White Cunt has a problem with little coloured faces.

  21. Owen Jones….someone mentioned Owen Jones..! An arrogant little queer with a haughty and arrogant attitude, who thinks that an Oxford Degree makes you far superior to any other person upon the planet. This jerk is also a supporter of gay rights, same sex marriage, fertility stimulation etc fact anything that will keep him in the public domain.
    This arrogant little fuckwit , given the chance would be a little tyrannical bastard if he were ever given the chance to be prime minister…..oh fuck..why did I say that? The cunt will enter politics now! Cunt.

    • That was me.

      And like all typical arrogant far left haughty pillow biters, he likes dealing out the personal attacks on people whose views he doesn’t like and likes hiding behind biased hosts when said people he attacks respond.

      If I were a rich cunt, I would pay to have this little shit put down just on the principal of him being a nasty superior than thou little cunt.

        • Well that’s what cunters do with little hymen like Jones, we break them.

      • I saw Owen smith on the marr show a few weeks ago, what a petulant little prick he is, the cunt didn’t stop talking and when the others eventually got their chance talk he sat there shaking his head, drumming his hand on his leg and rolling his eyes!! , what is it with these bigoted remoaners?? He is completely unable to listen to anybody who’s opinion is different to his own.. 24 carat cunt….

  22. In the past I’ve been a big fan of Bob Hope, Johnny Cash and Steve Jobs.
    Now I’ve got no hope, no cash and no job.
    Please don’t let Ed Balls die.

    • Can we have Corbyn, McDickwad, Jabbott, Lady Nugee, Blair, Miller, Branson, Jones, Rayner, Farron, Cable, Gideon and Hestletine go in his place then?

        • Oh you know, the usual:

          Buggered by crackheads
          Bitten by rabid squirrels.
          Feet first into an industrial mincer
          Stand them on a stool, place a broom in their arse and then kick out the stool (have to say, though they were some of the most evil fuckers in existence, the Nazis were creative)
          Fed to ill tempered, starved seabass.
          Polonium 210
          Send them to France – aka Hell.
          A combination of some rubber tubing, an ironing board, pliers, Tenants Super, a car battery and toothpicks.

      • Not forgetting Lily Uttramong, Fanny Izzard, Benderdict Cuntberdinck, Girly Lineker…. Oh, and Juncker. Macron, and Fatcuntfuhrer Merkel…

        • How did I forget them.

          In the words of Chris Jericho – They’ve just made the list!

  23. Noam Chomsky is on Newsnight saying the American Republican party is the worst organisation in human history and are more dangerous than ISIS.Fucking irritating pseudo-intellectual cunt!I have always hated him but this has made my piss boil..He also says he would vote for Corbyn if he was English.Says all you need to know.

    • Who the fuck is Noam Chomsky?
      Actually never mind, anyone who says that the Republicans are that and that he would vote Corbyn is an utter cunt.

      ….Just google the stupid old cunt, he also says that Labour’s future is with Momentum.

      Christ, I’ve only just learnt who this old bastard is and I already hope he hurries up and fucking die already!

    • Has Noam Chomsky been cunt yet?

      I think he should be. Anyone who claims that; the yanks republican party is the most dangerous organisation in the world, is worse than ISIS, thinks that the Labour party’s future lies with the vile Jim Jones like cult known as Momentum, would vote for noted commie lunatic Corbyn, yet another bleeding heart for the murderous, terrorist empowering Palestinians and generally a stupid, delusional, hard left old cretin is well and truly a cunt.

      • I cunted him and he is 88 so hopefully we won`t have to wait too long!

        • I wish that him, Soros and that cunt Hestletine would all keel over tomorrow.

          Christ, I would even consider drinking if that happened!

          • That would not be a terrible day.Chomsky Soros and Heseltine are symptomatic of the decline of the Western world everyone says it was the baby boomers that started the decline of notions of democracy freedom of thought and Western values of liberty but it was these cunts eras who started it.

            Chomsky quote from the Newsnight interview whe asked if ISIS were better than the Republicans :”Is ISIS dedicated for trying to destroy the prospects for human existence”Fucking useless old cunt!

          • Is ISIS dedicated for trying to…..?
            For that remark alone this wanker deserves to croak.

            ISIS – a murderous death cult that wants to destroy the decent way of life most people live in order to install a backwards and abominable obscenity they call their caliphate.

            And this POS thinks they aren’t that bad? When this cunt dies, which I hope will be soon, I wish for it too be in an unpleasant way.

      • The same Venezuela that’s all but on the brink of collapse and/or civil war the way it’s going?

        Noam Chomsksy is 88, is he a total cunt or just senile?!

        • No Chomsky has always been a total cunt.So tempted to pick him in the next Deadpool but he doesn`t fit into the current system I have devised.

          Interestingly Corbyn was a fan of Chavez.

          • Now there’s a surprise, and look at Chavez’s great legacy, his cunty has well and truly gone down the toilet, the long term result of his far left agenda which has met the same fate all loony lefty states meet – the road to oblivion.

          • Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world. Think about that a second, you have all that wealth at your dispisal and yet your country is still a basket case. And cunts like Corbyn admire them?

  24. He could last a few years yet. On C4 news they interviewed a 105 year old doctor ! he looked about 75 and still had all his marbles. Was quite amazing.

  25. A counting is desrved for that little high board diver and mega pufter Daly, who got married to some other pufter the other day. Why does an insignificant occasion like this make the news? What is this world coming too?

  26. Gigantic ginger gobshite pig, Angela Rayner has done a flabbot on live radio LBC. That place is becoming a labour party death trap. You would think they would give LBC a wide berth but the cunts are too fucking thick to realise what self harm and suicide means.

    • Its not just the labour wiminz who should avoid LBC. Here is mega eu-phile cunt Kinnock jnr. avoiding a straight question like his life depended on it.

      Is it possible to nail shut ones own coffin lid? We will see later on today when labour unveils its manifesto.

        • Ginger she may be but Angela Raynes has a magnificent set of top bollocks on her.

          She should ditch her loony ideals and the loony Labour party and switch to a career in hardcore port.

          I for one would love to see those tits smothered in Castrol’s finest 15W-40.

          • Bollocks fucking autocorrect that should have read porn to those uncertain.

          • I’d watch her covered in hardcore port.

            She’d then get it stuffed right up her Croft Reserved Tawny.

          • Yup, a Port bottle sliding in and out of every one of her ginger orifices.


    • Equal opportunities.

      Interesting that the ladies are just as capable of making a hash of it as the men.


      • I fucking hate it when that happens. You make a post and then a new thread starts.

  27. Let’s not forget that this stupid jug eared cunt was one of the first ‘celebs’ taken in by the famous pedophile Brass Eye spoof in 2001. He parotted out every ridiculous word then, just as does now, with an ironic bypass.

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