Dead Pool [58]

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Sheriff of Cuntingham for correctly predicting the demise of subhuman scum, Ian Brady.

So the slate is wiped clean and nominations are now open for Dead Pool 58.

Here are the rules (pay special attention to the first one):

1. Nominate who you think is the next cunt on the way out. You can have up to five choices. List your nominations in the comments of this post. It’s the current Dead Pool. Comments not in this post (e.g. in the previous one or other posts) will be ignored!

2. You win if your Cunt dies first.
Then the slate is wiped clean and we start again. Of course, you can always be a really annoying cunt and steal someone else’s dead cunt candidate from the previous pool (like Black and White Cunt frequently does).

Any cunt who tries to cheat by nominating the World’s Oldest Man or Woman is a cunt and will be ignored. Any anonymous cunt who can’t be bothered to make up a name for themselves will also be ignored. Oh, and the usual “Our Blog Our Rules” thing applies.

Nominations are now open on this post only. Good luck.

Fred West’s Nominations:

Clive James

Denis Norden

Liz Dawn

Leslie Philips

George A. Cooper


155 thoughts on “Dead Pool [58]

  1. Leon ”Vader” White
    Dick ”The Destroyer” Beyer
    George Soros
    Kim Jong Un
    Noam Chompsky

  2. Bill Wyman
    Johnny Hallyday
    Paul Van Zandvliet
    Terry Jones
    Leah Bracknell

    • How come Fred West never posts on here anymore?

      Please be Soros next.
      Please be Soros next.
      Please be Soros next.
      Please be Soros next.
      Please be Soros next.

      Pretty please with a cherry on top.

          • In the middle of moving house – just moved out of my last place and currently in a rental, living out of boxes and suitcases, until I move into the new place. No cabled internet here, so having to rely on extremely unreliable wifi hotspots.

          • I think that qualifies for a ‘get out of jail free card’ Fred!
            Good luck with the move. I remember just how bloody stressful that can be.

            Moving house is a cunt…

  3. Sidney Poitier
    Iris Apfel
    Kenny Lynch
    Norman Tebbit
    Pam “fucking” Ayres


    Fuck you Ian Brady! May the fires of Hades welcome you with open arms as they did the Hindley cunt!

  4. George Bush senior
    Peter Sutcliffe
    Bruce Forsyth
    James Hewitt
    Robert Mugabe

    • Gutted. I had Brady a few times, robbed of a chance to actually feel happy at someone’s demise. Hope he suffered at the end.

        • I do, and I’ll get the bunting out, and buy you all a pint. (Not legally binding 😀)

      • Everyone in The Pool has napped Brady over the years. Rejoice it was not yet another false alarm. The little kiddy’s father has got what he was praying for. Did Brady croak in the general nick he was trying to get transferred to and the lads took him out?

        • Ah, I see not. Still in the Looney Toons Ward when he departed this life. Terminal cancer and orn NHS “palliative care” ie fuck all – no food or water, just an occaisional shot up the arse to keep him quiet. Then when the quacks want to free up the bed a very large syringe orf morphine and goodbye cunt and orf to the prison chapel.

          • Is it wrong that I hope the cunt suffered immensely on his way out?

          • The sick fucker Brady is, and always will be a disgusting piece of filth. I hope ( like you ) the bastard suffered every fucking bedsore, cramp, pain and above all the state of timor imperatum morti. I fucking hope so.cunt.

  5. Maria Jimenèz
    Maria Teresa Campos
    Carmen Sevilla
    Terence Hill
    Joaquin Phoenix

    Go fuck yerself Brady, you cowardly weak Rangers fan cunt.

  6. Maggie Smith
    Rupert Murdoch
    Judy Dench
    Dalai Lama
    Alex Ferguson

    Congrats to the Sherrif.

  7. Nice one, Sheriff…
    Sadly 51 years too late… Hopefully they will bury that murdering cunt in a grave people can go and piss on….

    Tommy Docherty
    Frank O’ Farrell
    Hugh Hefner
    Charles Manson
    Dick Van Dyke

  8. Arsene Wenger
    Cytheria (Squirt Queen)
    John Wayne Bobbitt
    Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson
    Jimmy Greaves

  9. (Dis)regarding Brady, I hope they invite the relatives of his victims to piss on his corpse.

    • Yeah, ideally they should dig him up once a year so that people can go and shit on his remains.

      • Why bury him? The earth doesn’t deserve to be tainted with his vileness.

        Leave him to rot in the open.

    • The only thing the cunt did right in his life, die of fucking cancer; one hopes his final moments were really gut twistingly awful. One less utter cunt to worry about. Hope he comes back as a rent boys arsehole based at the palace of Westminster so he can be introduced to Vazaline and the other brown hatters. Yeah he is finally fucking dead my day has been made!!!!

      • Hope he gets a extra rogering from some demons for being such a cunt that he never told anyone where he buried Keith Bennett.

        • I would chop Brady’s head off and lob in Ian Huntley’s cell straight on his lap. Or better still place the head on Huntley’s bollocks so when he looks under the covers he will see Brady’s mad face looking up at him.
          Fuck me.. what if Brady comes back as a zombie ? stallking the landing looking for fresh lags.
          Enough.. I’ve just had my third vodka and tonic and the imagination is running wild.

  10. Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent
    “Cowboy” Bob Ellis
    Stirling Moss
    Tommy Mair
    Tim Farron

    Congrats to the Sheriff

  11. The cunt and his bird should have been dangling on a rope 50 fucking years ago. I didn’t notice Blaircunt and his followers crying their fucking eyes out when they rushed Saddam to the gallows………they seemed to have forgotten their liberal, sophisticated values and looked the other way for 5 minutes the cocksuckers.

    Cherie Blaircunt
    Kinnock the money grabbing traitor

    • If all 5 of those fuckers were to kick the bucket, I would party for a freakin’ month!

      • I would join in in those celebrations Prime Minister….what a gas that would be……Now THAT would be a result!

        • Would that be Kinnock the money grabbing traitor senior or junior?

          • That would be Kinnock senior……although I wouldn’t complain if the bastard offspring choked on a Belgian bun the cunt.

  12. I never know enough of the type of cunts that seem to get entered into the dead pool to make an entry myself.
    I must be an ignorant cunt.

    • Well you’re a fucking Aussie so you have an obvious disadvantage. However, give it some thought and I’m sure you can come up with some candidates. Is that wanker Paul Hogan still breathing?

      • John Howard
        Dame Edna (a Convict, though always here)
        Bouncer from Neighbours.
        Mel Fucking Gibson
        and some tourist prick eaten by a shark.

    • Think of 5 famous/infamous bastards from anywhere in the world that you can think of and list them.

      • It would be easy to pick five bastards you want to die. Anyone can do that.
        Its all about guessing who’s gonna die first through ill health, suicide, old age, overdose etc.

        There is an element of skill and luck, probably more luck, but picking any cunt coz you hate them could result in a long wait unless you do the job yerself.

        Four of mine are old and the other is a loon ball heading for an overdose.
        I like all the people on my list, and if it wasn’t for winning the deadpool, I’d want them to stay alive coz they’re good guys.
        Maybe Maria Teresa Campos is a bit of a cunt.

  13. John Carpenter
    George A Romero
    Hal Holbrook
    Sonny Landham
    Ron Jeremy

    ..and congrats to Sherriff of Cuntingham.

  14. If I knew where Brady was to be buried, I would visit and do a little jig on his resting place.

    Hopefully a nasty little psychopathic goblin in Hades has wasted no time inserting white hot, jagged pieces of steel into Brady’s dirty little helmet and shitbox. A nasty piece of vile shit for not coming clean about poor little Keith Bennett’s grave.

    For the leftie snowflakes who think Brady should have been released, they should at least give a tuppence toss that Brady and Hindley taped their young victims sobbing for their mums before they were cruelly dispatched.

    Truly disturbing; evil in its purest form. I would have happily sloshed a gallon of unleaded on Brady and set his worthless, frail body ablaze whilst he was still drawing breath.

    • “For the leftie snowflakes who think Brady should have been released”

      Huh? Which “leftie snowflakes” called for his release? Was that some alt-right fake news I missed..? Not even Longford lobbied for Brady’s parole.

      • I once met a girl who wanted him released.I think I called her a fucking stupid bitch.

        Longford was a massive cunt though.Told Lesley Ann Downey`s mother that she would go to hell if she didn`t forgive Brady.I bet he was a nonce.

      • Calm down Freddie baby, no fake news, so no need for knotted undergarments.

        I have come across several snowflake types with plastic shoes who thought that Brady’s term should have been commuted.

        These weren’t well known people, more your typical leftie, know it all students.

        Yes, Longford was a silly fucking old trout but he campaigned for Hindley’s release and not Brady’s. Still a daft old cunt. They walk among us in frightening numbers.

        • There was a short lived punk band that wanted myra hindley released. Cause they thought she was just as guilty as the warmongers/country destroyers in parliament namely Thatcher and her goons at the time

          They just released a single then broke up

        • There IS a political movement that is opposed to the term of imprisonment that is known as “Life imprisonment” and they have campaigned very successfully to have Life “limited” to a term. That is why so many now,( having been convicted ) are ultimately released. The group are based within the EU Court of Human Rights, and both Cherie and Tony Blair have contributed enormously to its ” success”. As recent as 2000 a group in the west midlands attempted to raise a campaign for the release of Myra Hindley on “humanitarian grounds” They launched a campaign seeking her release, but Hindley died in 2002. The group are still active to this date, and have been instrumental in influencing Liberal attitudes to Criminal Offenders. I hope that the membership of this group get spit roasted by a tribe of non English people and rot in hell for their attempts to defend shite!

          • My apologies for “off piste material” But I feel very passionately re- these two pieces of shite! I HAD to provide care at one time for Hindley. I think you will understand.

          • I know what a bunch of sick cunts, this world if full of sickos defending sickos

            I hate the blairs now theres a cunt who should be locked up. Hes more totalitarian then hitler was thats for damn sure and not a shred of nationalism in him

  15. Camilla Parkyer-Bowels
    Silly Jilly Cooper
    Joanna Plastic-Bumley Lumley
    Emma Twatson
    Emily Thornberry

    • Thornberry was on radio four earlier, fucking clueless. Cunty Mair alluded that she could become the next leader of the Labour Party. I nearly shat laughing…..

  16. Pope Frances
    Roman Polanski
    Ginger Baker
    George Soros

    Good job Sheriff of Cuntingham Brady was a popular pick

  17. Tuheitia Paki

    Hone Harawira

    Titiwhai Harawira

    Winston Peters
    Sir Bob Jones

  18. Gordon Banks
    Jim Bowen
    Paul Gascoigne
    Roy Walker
    Des O’connor

  19. Well done to The Cunt of Sheriffham
    Tony Pulis
    Olivia Del Rio
    John Coughlan
    Peter North
    Ben Dover


  20. Nice to see the cunt finally dead.

    here goes this time around

    Dobri Dobrev
    William Coors
    George P Schultz
    Mary Wilson
    Emperor Akihito

    Thats Mary Wilson, Harolds Widow.


  21. Lttle Richard
    Fats Domino
    Brigette Bardot
    Sir Bernard Ingham
    Mike Yarwood

    Thoughts on the passing of Ian Brady. I do hope that he was given appropriate care in his final days. I for one would have attended if requested and given him assistance to pass over armed with piano wire and a nearby lampost. CUNT!

  22. Prehaps the relatives of Ian Brady’s victims may feel a little better today.

    Evil kiddy fiddling murdering UBER CUNT. Rot in hell you vile scum.

    PS: I have changed my mind about shagging Harry Styles.

  23. Cunts like this are a sobering reminder that evil does exist in this world. I for one would have quite happily seen the cunt hanged, drawn and quartered while enjoying a couple of pints and a nice vindaloo.

    Has anyone bagged Phil the Greek? If not I’ll have him;

    Phil the Greek

  24. Burt Reynolds
    Jake LaMotta
    Jill Gascoine
    Baroness Trumpington
    Gregg Allman

  25. Sepp Blatter
    Michel Platini
    Jack Warner
    Chuck Blazer
    Jerome Valcke

  26. Asked one last time, Brady still refused to say where Keith Bennett’s body is. What an evil piece of shit Brady was.

    • The evil cunt should have been minced and fed to pigs… Bit unfair on the poor porkers that though…

      • How are psychopaths like that granted immunity like that? like fucking seriously enough with the prisoners rights bullshit. He wasn’t just a normal criminal he was a child abuser and killer.
        If the cunt refuses to give vital information why not just torture or humiliate the cunt?!

        If I were the warden I’d make bradys remaining days in prison literal hell for him, until he spilled the beans Let him live with hungry feral rats in his cell see if he remembers then…

        • Quite right Titslapper. It is the” Human Rights” that is the cause of society’s rot. Prisoners on offences like that should not enjoy any human rights whatsoever.
          he should have been taken from his cell every day, waterboarded, burned and flogged until he talked. Every waking moment in his life should be made shit. And his death…crucifixion springs to mind.

        • I’m not a vengeful person. Locking him up was inhuman, but more importantly it was a drain on taxation.
          I would have just hanged the cunt. Simples…

          • I agree , imprisonment without prospect of parole is cruel. Death by long drop hanging is quick, cost efficient and inflicts little pain on the executed.

  27. Yes !! Won my my first deadpool and with such a deserving cunt like Brady , hope he was miserable and in a lot of agony when it happened .

    Ric “WOOOOO” Flair
    Vincent K McMahon
    Burt Reynolds
    Hawkeye from M.A.S.H.
    Roy chubby Brown.

    Thanks everyone its nice to pick such a nasty fucking pile of dog spunk to die and get it right 😁

      • We could do a special ‘Next Beatle to go’ pool…
        I hope Pete Best outlasts the lot of them…

      • Paul McCartney, one of the stars of Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

  28. Elton John
    Mikhail Gorbachev
    Barry Gibb
    Bobby Charlton
    Warren Buffett

  29. How GREAT is it that ye can’t say ” Ian Brady is a cunt”

    Ian Brady WAS a cunt.
    That sounds better.

  30. If anyone’s seen the Deadpool movie , they should have kept Brady in the same machine that brought Deadpools powers out.

    A machine that would keep you on the edge of death and when your just about to die , brings you back just enough so can repeat and rinse the cycle every moment of everyday.

    • The Deadpool is a great filum only slightly ruined by Liam Neesons pony tale and presence.

      There’s two filums called the Deadpool?

      • Ryan Reynolds (the superhero in Deadpool) is a cunt… Like a Yank version of Tyrone off Corrie…

        • Ryan Reynolds performed one of the most hilarious/seedy scenes in a comedy filum.
          The filum is called Buying The Cow.
          He sneaks out of a girls bedroom window naked, asks a little boy if he can borrow his T-shirt, and the boys dad catches the boy taking off his t-shirt, to give to his naked “special friend”.

          I know it sounds dodgy, but its funny as fuck, and every time I see Ryan Reynolds, i snigger. 🙂

    • Just googled him he is indeed still going.Well you learn something new every day.

  31. There’s CUNTS mourning the passing of B*#@y online.
    One tart/cunt/bitch/sickfuck has “Ian and Myra” tattooed on her arm.
    The are commenting that even though he wanted to die, they hope he passed away peacefully.
    These cunts need a severe doing/skull caving and these bitches that celebrate what they evil cunts done need a good Gilberting.
    In fact Gilbert them all.

    There you go X, if you want to close down and/or attack blogs and sites, and bring cunting to the victims attention, why don’t you go after these fans of two cowardly beasts?
    They’ll still be crying their blackened hearts out, so they wont be that hard to find.

  32. Righto here’s my first 5 Dead Pool choices. I use the selection criteria “because I can’t stand ’em.”

    Damian Hurst
    Whoopi Goldberg
    Woody Allen
    Jane Fonda
    Phil Donahue

  33. The original Fleetwood Mac Lineup
    for Anyone of a certain age that remembers them
    I’m surprised any of them are still here.
    Peter Green
    Danny Kirwin
    Jeremy Spencer
    John Mcvie
    Mick Fleetwood

    • Gold that is…pure Gold….terrific band in those days…..ah..the 60’s

      • Oh yes, that was a renaissance period in music. Fantastic bands. Highly original, possibly never to be repeated.

  34. When I saw that picture I thought Gorbachev had died. That must have been a crap court room artist.

    Good news Brady is dead. Cremate the fucker.

    • No, string his corpse up in Manchester High Street until it rots, then string it up again.

  35. Who claims the beasts body???

    I’ve just heard that the coroner won’t release the beasts ashes until he has confirmation that the ashes won’t be scattered on Saddleworth Moor.

    Bury him next to Savile, and we can all take pot shots at the mourning cunts from the bushes.

    Or just bash their skulls in.

    • Brady doesn’t deserve any decency, he gave none to those children.

      • Apparently their planning to build a dance floor over the cunts grave. Form an orderly queue.

      • Or, his skull could be set into a clear acrylic urinal, and folk could have the pleasure of pissing into his face. That would only be better if you showed the sick cunt the plans for his remains before he snuffed it.

  36. Anyone watching 3 girls on BBC1 about the Rotherham grooming gangs.Bet it whitewashes the issue of Muzzy peados turning parts of Britain. into a ghetto.

    • I’m watching,can’t wait to see how those wicked,white children managed to corrupt the poor,misunderstood peaceful people

      • Ah yes, the underage white devils made the peaceful perverts do this!

  37. I knew little else about Brady aside from him being a monster. I have just read a few online editions of UK newspapers and am rather horrified that such an animal was not dispatched long ago. And what is with his request to have his ashes scattered at the same place where he committed his horrendous acts?
    Brady is a massive cunt.

    • That request should be ignored with a vengeance, anyone who grants that request should be shot!

      When Brady and the Hindley bitch committed their evil crimes….or rather when they were found out, the Labour party had just abolished the death penalty over here.

      Word has it that one of the coppers who heard their evil tape recording of what they did to that 10 year old girl was so horrified he wished he killed them with his bare hands – he should have, no jury in the country would have found him guilty back then.

    • Still a touchy subject in Manchester…. I once saw a ‘comedian’ do a ‘joke’ when Jimmy Cricket was on the scene… The joke was ‘Who wears wellies and says ‘C’ mere… There’s more?’ Ian Brady’…. A bloke got out of the audience and nodded him one…

  38. I will not waste my efforts of typing about Brady and Hindley, I think the ‘cunt’ is not a strong enough word for the pair.
    I would like to re-cunt

    Daniel Wallace
    Kacey Adams

    I hope this pair cowardly so-called tough man hard cunts, have ‘utter HELL’ in prison and both now have arseholes like a wizards sleeve (they’ll probably enjoy it) if these to had any remorse, the two stinking minging VILE cunts would name the 3rd dirty vile person who was with them, CUNTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. And i’m boycotting cunt Walkers crisps t(400 jobs going) they are shutting a factory in Peterlee county durham, not many jobs in Peterlee but yet again, the north east suffers! 2 more factory’s in the north east are cutting jobs, some arsehole in my local rag blames BREXIT voters, he/she must be Tim Farron writing under a different name. Its the North/South divide, not BREXIT!

  40. I also hope that plug ugly crabby old witch, Chrissie Hynde, croaks and all…
    Doesn’t like it when people mention that she formed a band called The Moors Murderers and did a song called ‘Free Hindley’…. That cunt, Steve Strange, who was also in this pile of shite, snuffed it…. Let’s hope Hynde follows suit, the fucking cunt…

    • I’ve hated that cunt since i was the size of a packet of crisps.
      Glad i was right on that ugly manish cunt.

      Her music is shite.
      Really shite.

      • And if there is a Hell, I hope that utter cunt, Lord Longford, is also taking a flaming fork up his khyber alongside Brady and his bitch, Hindley…

        • Thats the name of the band…. The Moors Murderers thats it, I referenced it a few cuntings ago but forget the name.

          I didn’t care for that smiths song Suffer Little Children. Morrissey was playing with some pretty sick imagery there, regardless of his intent of the song

  41. Michael Barrymore
    Boy George
    Oscar Pistorius
    Dick Dale
    Former Pope Benedict

    • Yoko Ono’s gone, I’ll have Michael Collins instead. (Apollo 11)

  42. A reminder.Please check the posts above your own in this thread to see if anyone has got some of your picks.Otherwise the said famous cunt dies you will feel a right plonker when someone else wins!

    • Yes, there is no greater joy than trawling through hundreds orf names to check whilst pissed then going for broke only to find that some other cunt has just got in before you then grinds in the knife by posting that they have already nabbed your cunt. Me fucking blood pressure!

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