Nicola Sturgeon (11)

Another candidate among the runners and riders for COTY 2017.

I would like go nominate Nicola Sturgeon for a cunting.

She’s a cunt
She’s a vindictive cunt
She’s a fuckwit cunt
She’s an ugly cunt
She’s a Braveheart believing cunt
She’s a poisonous cunt
She’s a cunt
She’s a stupid cunt
She’s an ignorant cunt
She’s an English hating cunt
She’s a cunt
She’s a cunt
And she’s a cunt.

And every other cunt that voted for a second referendum is a cunt.

Hang them all.

Nominated by birdman.

That venomous circus act cunt, Wee Burney Sturgeon should be tarred and feathered… The toxic ape-like dwarf is now saying that Madame May’s rejection of a second Scottish Referendum is ‘undemocratic (told you Tess was gunning for Wee Krankie breath!)’…

And the wee witch refusing to accept the democratic results of the 2014 independence referendum and also Brexit isn’t undemocratic in any way?…

Fucking hypocritical shaved monkey, gloryseeking, vindictive, utterly evil corrosive dwarf cunt cunt cunt!

Nominated by Norman.

118 thoughts on “Nicola Sturgeon (11)

  1. Bride of McKrankistein, fish faced cunt Salmon and the rest of the mcmoaners are just on a power trip and should realise being part of the UK they are onto a good thing. Recruiting 16/17 year olds to vote is just desperate, who’s next, Ronald Mcfucking Donald?.You want to leave the Union to become independent yet re-join the undemocratic,corrupt EU? They’ll just view Scotland as a skidmark on the edge of Europe on par with Malta or Cyprus.Sean Connery should shut the fuck up as well since he doesn’t even live there, cunt.

    • I fuckin hate wankers like Connery and Branson who live abroad and spout their wonky eyed bollocks!! About what the people living at home should do…. keep your noses out of our business CUNTS!!

      • Don’t much like Frankie Boyle, but his cunting of Branson the other month as ‘a sun dried Bee Gee who only wants to go into space to find the rest of his species’ was a bit of a zinger.

    • the scottish people didn’t vote to join the Union 300 years ago, less than 200 skint jock noblemen did
      cut the bastards free and build a big fucking wall – but make sure they get their fair share of our national debt
      if the polls can be believed the english are more in favour of dissolving the union than the jocks (about 50% when I googled it a while back)
      sturgeon is still a cunt tho’

      • No, but we voted to stay in the Union in 2014 you fucking SNP lackey cunt masquerading as an Englishman. How much are you being paid to lick sturgeons arsehole with your pro seperatist agenda. Fuck off you have been busted.

    • While any sane person cannot argue with the fact that she is undoubtably a wee moaning faced cunt, as a proud Scotsman I’m ashamed that there are so many ignorant cunts voting for the other ignorant bastard cunts that are the SNP

  2. I don’t know if Wee Jimmy is a lezzer but she fucking should be. She’s got rugmuncher written all over her. I’m talking about real lezzers of course, not the sort you cunts jerk off over on x-hamster. If only I could hack into your computers and slip in a vid of Wee Jimmy and Angela Eagle going at it while Sue Perkins diddles herself waiting for sloppy seconds. See you Jimmy!

    • I think she is, and I think she is having a bit of a thing with Angela! When you think of it, it’s a match made in heaven. Both are short, both have big gobs, both live in fucking cuckoo land….need I say more.?

      She’s a rug muncher for sure.

      • And before to long, she’ll be fatter than Merkel, if her appetite matches the size of her gob.

    • Sturgeon finger-banging Merkel while Perkins lubes up her strap-on. You’d have to have a braveheart not to paint the room in vomit.

    • she’s probably got underlay burns to prove it…but I really don’t want to investigate too closely !

      As for Perkins, having had the v great misfortune to see her groping around some frightened housewife on an episode of Great British Bukkake-Off over Christmas, I should like to say, in a Scottie accent (Cf that crime docu re the murderer Peter Manuel):

      “Sue Perkins is a very real threat to the women of this community”

  3. I wish they’d dub wee burneys voice like they used to with Jerry Adams!
    Or even better, just mute the cunt.
    Sick of hearing that cunt whinging and talking down to England like we have any reason to give a shit about anything she says.
    Someone on the radio to Nigel farage said she was just a glorified councillor. ….I think even that is being too generous.
    …glorified cuntcillor more like!

    • I think this bloke is having a laugh. Scotland can’t become part of Canada just because they’ve got a Moose in charge. Daft cunt.

  4. The prospect of Scotland joining Canada, has been too much for some poor Canadian souls, and there are reports of mass suicides on the banks of the St. Lawrence at the suggestion.
    Wee Nichola savours the prospect. Just think. Within weeks she could be the new first Minister of Canada, and she can prepare Canada for the sacraficial flames of the EU.
    Yes friends, wee Krankie thinks big, speaks big, and acts like the utter little cunt that she is.

  5. I’m sick to the back teeth of this malignant dwarf.
    Doesn’t the cunt realise if she gets her own way she’ll be in charge of fuck all worthwhile?
    Right at the time we need to tell the rest of Europe right where they can stick it, this backstabbing bitch is making things insufferable with her own megalomania.
    Chain her to a lump of granite, whip the cunt all the way to Stonehenge and sacrifice the freak on it.

  6. Spain has said it will no longer veto Scotlands application to join the EU? Maybe this is due to ETA Spanish separatists handing over their weapons? Something to do with article 50/ Gibraltar?
    This has the EU,s dabs all over it..

  7. I hope that Scotland gets independence. I’ll get a job with the Border Protection Agency,and spend my days in a watchtower with an Armalite AR-50 taking pot-shots at any Jocks that I see trying to get through the (hopefully) high-voltage fence….although Fuck it, I’ll just take a shot whether they’re trying to get through the fence or not.

    • Yet another ignorant cunt doing wee burnies bidding. Fuck off out the UK if you hate it so much you cunt.

    • A tazer might be a lot more fun. After the first zap,they’re bound to try and break into England again, out of shear desperation.
      Then you can zap them again.

  8. I think they should join the faroe islands.

    Canada are too powerful to be bossed around and constantly baited, and will probably just tell the annoying little cunt face to shut the fuck up!
    The faroe islands will have a larger military and economy than Scotland but wee burney might just be able get what she wants from them if she complains enough.

    And if they think that they’ll be fast tracked into the reich like merkel has said, then they’re even more stupid than everyone already thinks they are.
    That was said just to destabilise britain and give the reich the upper hand in the punishment raping … Sorry…. negotiations.

    Here’s an idea though!
    If Scotland gets independence we could offer a grant for all muslims, Indians, polaks, Romanians etc.. to go and live in Scotland.
    As soon as brexit goes through we slam the gates shut!
    It’ll be expensive but worth it.
    The border will be open but stupid cunts like krankie will welcome them in anyway!

    …2 birds with one stone and all that.

    • perhaps forrest trump will annexe scotland so he can build more golf course complexes

  9. Ken Livingstone in a dress. She is a glorified council leader. Anyone who is paying attention will know the last thing the SNP want is an independent Scotland. Sturgeon is turning the who of Scotland into an economic migrant.

    She will take Scotland to whichever union pays the best benefits and to join it she will sign away every last piece of national sovereignty Scotland would gain if they had a successful leave referendum.

    I don’t have a problem with Scots wanting to leave the union, nationalism isn’t the evil it is made out to be. The SNP are selling a lie however and that I do have a problem with.

  10. After Scotland had the once-in-a-lifetime vote three years ago, this wretched transgender racist and the woeful SNP want another once-in-a-lifetime vote. If they lose that, when will the next once-in-a-lifetime vote be?

    Nasty, little cunt, that Sturgeon.

  11. I wish the jocks would just fuck off anyway. The money we save supporting their worthless asses could be spent deporting all the criminal scum that’s gathered here from eastern europe.

    If you think about it, Poland and all the other places like it have got rid of all their criminals and scroungers to the UK so they are probably nice places to live now.

    I do hate the Sturgeon woman with a passion, I can’t even listen to her.

  12. Personally I think she needs a good back scuttling off the England rugby team.

  13. Someone needs to cunt sky news…

    Today one of their headlines state:

    ‘Could Brexit harm UKs beaches?’

    These hyperbolic cunts have a headline everyday looking at the horrendous ways brexit could fuck up every aspect of our lives.

    They are employing the scatter gun tactic with the aim that if they pick enough everyday subjects that eventually they will hit a bulls eye… They want their viewership to say ‘Brexit has gone too far, skeggy might have northerners shit filled nappies and syringies in the sand, but I am not letting Brexit take it away from me’.

    If todays headline doesn’t get you to say enough is enough, they will try again tomorrow with something else more ridiculous than the last… Cunts

    • in fairness we could probably do with the romans back in charge to sort out our roads again

  14. The thing is, her premise is that “England” (please note how she never mentions the Principality in this regard) wanted to leave the EU but Jockland didnae and therefore *she* (and that odious Rab C. Nesbit-alike Salmond) reckons that’s enough for a second referendum.

    Well here are the facts:

    1. The EU couldn’t give two shakes of a monkey’s chuff about Scotland (as a net receiver of EU gravy – if you remove the other home nations from the equation). And their application will be vetoed ad-infinitum by Spain. Tough.

    2. For better or worse the home nations still actually care about one another more than any of our EU counterparts. Yes the Jockies may cheer for Germany when England plays them but most Jocks know which side their bread is buttered. Sturgeon and Salmond’s vitriol plays to the “Braveheart” mantra of freedom (mostly purported by piss-heads at chucking oot time in Glasgee). Well let’s see how far you get cashing that “Braveheart” *freedom* at the bank!

    3. Who is the biggest consumer of Jock goods and services? Is it Poland? How about Italy? No, well it must be Germany for sure?? Alas, again, you need to look a little closer to home.

    I say let’s call their fucking bluff! Let’s hold a referendum in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to see if we want them to stay part of the UK and the Jocks don’t get to vote! How’d you like those apples!

    I want Scotland to be part of the UK. I have family there who I love dearly but when a tantrum kid continually kicks off, it’s only a matter of time before the belt has to come out!


    • Exactly right…
      I saw blithering idiot SNP mike Russell get taken to task by Andrew Neil regarding the myth of Scottish trade, Neil pointed out to Russell that Scotlands trade with the EU had been flatlining since 2002, whilst it’s trade with the UK had flourished, apparently 65% of Scottish exports go to the UK!!,
      Russell repeatedly tried to change the subject, useless cunt!!

      • I agree and the SNP are fuckin fanatics!
        Winston churchill:
        A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
        I think the Scots should be forced to have a general election first. If the SNP win they get a last ever vote on independence and reminded that there is going to be a hard border and tariffs between England and Scotland. If they lose we won’t have to hear anymore shite from sturgeon.
        This is all comrade Corbyn’s fault anyway. If he wasn’t such a cunt the SNP wouldn’t have half the votes that they have. It’s the demise of labour that has caused the Scots to vote for these cunts.
        I’ve hated labour since they fucked me over but I hate the SNP just as much.

  15. The SNP McMoaners need to realise with side their haggis is buttered and stop whining like a knackered bagpipe. Personally I would cut the fuckers off and see how far they get flogging shortbread and fried Mars Bar’s since the price of oil is tanking.

  16. Anyone else see EU Brexit bean counter Guy Verhofstadt saying Britain should have a plan for remainer’s to stay as EU citizens once we leave. This cunt is like the band on the Titanic .

    • I’ve got a great plan for remoaners… They can all fuck off up banana tree with the Miller trollop…

    • If the EU wants that to happen all they have to do is off every Brit dual nationality, being a brit automatically makes you an EU citizen. Do it at the individual level not the national level though.

      The remoaners can pay tax to the UK and the EU, if the remoaner cunts commit a crime we could with draw their British citizenship and fucm off to greater Boshland.

      One such crime would be lobbying for the transfer of sovereign powers to a foreign entity such as the EU.

      • Yea treason!
        And colluding with the enemy, Perverting the course of justice, Inciting racial hatred, Theft, corruption, being a cunt (not sure if that’s actually a crime. Yet.), just to name a few. …..

    • Verhofstadt is one deluded cunt!!
      Apparently he is looking forward to the day when we rejoin his beloved pile of festering dog shit…

    • Feckin’ coathanger-dodger. Dr. Goebbels to Juncker’s Himmler, and the latter is a true demo of the psychological fact that the abused (his father and brother had a run-in with the Nazis) become the abusers.

      EU is without a doubt the Fourth Reich.

  17. Oh look Nicola Sturgeon is on the news again and saying the same fucking thing over and over and over again ,its a joke now .

    Know body cares you shriveled up one trick pony about hearing about independence every time you open your tiny little lipless gob. How about YOU!! actually,you know run and try and improve your country instead of leaving it to ruin so you can be a modern day Wallace in your own mind.

    Its a thick cunt , fugly cunt a shrill sounding cunt , angry little virgin cunt and has anyone else noticed the size of its feet and head compared to its body (which is bizarrely odd shaped to).

    But worse of all its boring now , we know you want independence Krankie Kunt , we get it and guess what you not having it so fuck off you inbred bow legged piss licker.

    • Whats up with wee krankies name…. Nicola sounds slavic… her retarded parents couldn’t just call her Nicole?

      • I remember when United signed this defender called Nicola Jovanovic… He was fucking crap…

  18. So a british born kebab merchant massacres 5 people including himself and injures 49 other people and its not terrorism, also NotTrueIslam TM by Lamestream Media standards despite him screaming Allah ackbar.

    But a white guy in new york stabs some black guy with a sword and all of a sudden its terrorism? because he happened to read neo-nazi material?? what in the fucking fuck? I think I’m starting to understand that only white guys can be terrorists it seems

    “Reality isn’t real so whats the point in talking about it?”

    • How can terrorism be real if our eyes aren’t real ?

      Jaden Smith’s wise words have convinced me that nothing is real.

      I’ve quit my job, and due to unpaid rent, been kicked out my flat and i now reside under a boardwalk at the beach.

      But how can this boardwalk be real, if my eyes are not real ?

      I’m thinking of walking into the sea and ending it all, but is the sea real ?

      Fuuuck, this is getting REALy complicated.

      • Jaden Smith is mental hes also a victim of that crazy scientology cult and when your famous your treated to the best perks in the Lord Xenu cult I imagine… especially being able to wear man dresses and talking like a PCP smoking philosopher

        • if the US / coalition bomb to death 300 civilians (including beautiful little babies, donald) in Mosul, Iraq and the MSM doesn’t report it did it really happen?

    • If you are white, male and have English as your first language you my friend are totally fucked. Everything that’s gone wrong since the start of space time is your fault. Anything from “climate change” to transgender guilt is down to you and you alone. We are born racist bastards its in our genes cos of who we are. The sum total of our culture is not one iota equal to the culture of the Somali goat raping collective, or the cat fucking Bushman of Pershwa. Fucking great excuse use it all the time as everything is my fault then I can fuck every thing up.

  19. Here’s an equation for wee crankie…

    Say there is this horrid ‘hard brexit’ (scoff)… Leading to Scots saying bye to the UK and hello to the fourth reich due to tariffs imposed on British trade…

    That would mean the Scots would add trade barriers to 60% of their current trading relationship to have free trade with the 10% they currently have with the EU…

    Not exactly a recipe for economic success the silly silly cunt

    • I’m very disappointed, but not at all surprised by your sexist use of mathematics. The education system is institutionally sexist and discourages young girls from studying STEM subjects so any reference to numbers is clearly a form of sexual abuse.

    • Exactly as I infer above the SNP mongers love rhetoric and yet pay scant attention to practicality.

      But that said the 56 or so SNP MPs themselves will still be minted while the rest of the ordinary Scottish folk get fucked over financially – a bit like the ordinary Greek folk and there political shills!

      “Och, ah ac-chally like grease d’yah ken! Lav greasy chups an’ sauce yah see!”

      How they’ve not deposed Wee Burney and her ilk is beyond comprehension! Cunts!

  20. The “Poison Pict” is a glorified cuntcillor who manages to be paid (extorts) a higher salary than the Prime Minister of an actual Nation! Anything that happens is an excuse for another neverendum, two days rain… its the evil tories, we need another referendum. Stub your toe on the pavement? Referendum. The dopy Pict Bitch does not know any other word but will fit in with the EUSSR, hold neverendums until they give the correct answer (i.e. the one that wee Krankie wants).

  21. Unless I’m very much mistaken the SNP are socialists and nationalists, aren’t they? Socialists nationalists, hmm, has a familiar ring to it but I can’t for the life of me remember where I have heard that combination before. Anyone help?

    • It does have a vaguely familiar ring to it, some minor spat during the 1940s I think. There was a song too…

      The Horst Thistle Leid?
      Or was it Hoots Wessel?

    • And like another infamous national socialist leader, Wee Sturgeon also rants a lot and has a moustache…

  22. If anyone believes this shite, they’ll believe anything…. Woman cycles from UK to Iran alone?
    Pull the fucking other one, it’s got bells on… No solitary bird could go all that way on a bike through those shitheaps without meeting some ‘I buy you! You my wife!’ cunt or rapeugee filth along the way… This is clearly more ABBC ‘They’re great really! Let’s just forget Westminster and Sweden, eh?’ propaganda… Fucking bollocks to them…

    • She was wearing a headscarf and I assume hijab? tho right. cause if she wasn’t bloody rape and murder would no doubt take place… somethings fishy indeed here

      You know what I think even if she did do this she was probably payed to do this as a pro-diversity measure and tracked by military, MI5 or something its a load of bullshit really I don’t trust this cheeky slags smile either what a bunch of cunts

    • You’ve got to hand it to her, the channel and Med are cunts to navigate on a push bike.

      And any threat of rape would be out the window once they saw the saddle sores.

      • By the way, how’s the weather in gib at the moment mate?
        Off to mijas tomorrow, not too far from gib, and apparently it’s gonna rain this week.
        Lovely over here at the mo!
        …maybe I chose the wrong time to get away!

        • The weather looks to be sunny all week.
          It’s not summer, but it’ll get over the twenty degree mark everyday, and go down to at least fifteen at night.

          I cant wait to hear yer reaction to the easter parades.
          They are a sight to behold.

          Hope ye enjoy yerself, DeploytheSausage.

          • Cheers mate. Dont think I’ve ever heard of the easter parades. Is it anything to do with carrying around statues?
            I checked the weather the other day and it said rain, now it says sunny. Weathermen are cunts. Not complaining this time though.

          • Yeah, weather forecasters are cunts, and the Spanish ones have it easy for five to six months a year.

            For the easter parades, go on YouTube and search”semana Santa”.
            It’s hundreds of cunts dressed in Klu Klux Klan outfits, and they’re collectively carrying floats with religious icons .
            If that sounds bad, then the music is worse.
            It’s the dourest brass music ye’ll ever hear.

            It is good to laugh at the doss cunts though.

            Be wary of crowds gathering to see the spectacle, it may contain pensioners, wimmin and children, but no way are any of these cunts going to let you push by.

          • I’d really like to pretend that I’m cultured enough to go and see shit like that but to be honest I think I’ll just plonk myself down in the garden bar and drink and eat myself silly by the sea for a week! Shame they can’t mix it with the bull running thing they like so much! …now that I would go and watch!

          • You cant avoid it.
            The cunts have every street, avenue, plaza, alley, in fact anywhere paved, they cafflick cunts will have it covered.

            A bar is no hiding place when the new inquisition comes to town.

            The only thing you have on yer side is you can laugh yer head off at the doss cunts.
            Or throw some broken glass on the road to cut up their bare feet.

            In fact, boomboomboomboom, here the cunts come now.

        • Is it Mijas or Mijas costa you booked? Mijas is inland, quite a hike to the beach. Weather is nice at the moment, sunny with a bit of a breeze but it can easily turn to shit this time of year.

          • La cala- mijas Costa.
            Can’t fuckin wait!!!!
            Gambas pil pil first!
            Then beer, beer, more beer and some calimares!
            ..with some beer too!

          • I wish i could experience a breeze.
            Levante or poniente, it don’t matter, its just a different direction for the gale force winds to come from.

            It costs a bomb in hair gel. 🙂

    • 850 quid for a fucking Camel! They were robbed. You can get one down Brick Lane market, 450 tops!

      • the music indeed sounds like a queffing trio between Flabbot, Perkins and the urinary-tract sturgeon

  23. Our government are fuckin weak!
    The reich has shown that they ARE going to (try to) punish us and that we are in fact NOT “partners” and “allies”.
    The best way to deal with aggression is with more aggression, yet our politicians keep blabbering on about friendship and mutual respect. IT’S AN EMPIRE!!! THEY WANT POWER!!! …THAT’S IT!!
    They want to destabilise our country so that they can conquer it.

    • The merger between LSE and Deutsche Boerse was called off but I think the krauts will be back. Once The City is controlled from Frankfurt then we are fucked.

  24. Much soul searching going on about the Stockholm drive over (peaceful cunts version of a drive by), the perp not being a sand devil, but a dreg from one of those dreadful ex soviet ‘Stan shitholes. Same make and model as that cunt who went Snackbar in the Russian metro last week. There was an interesting piece on radio four of all places, about the metro bomber, by a security expert from the region, and she said that after the commies left them to their own devices, free from soviet atheism they embraced lots of different religions, I suppose to fill the large gap that totalitarianism left. Now there are more peaceful places of worship than schools, which can’t be a good thing.

    • The problem is that for a lot of people they’re the same thing.
      Schools teach facts. …or they’re supposed to anyway.

  25. Getting past it is a cunt,
    Got in a 7am this morning and I still ain’t left the fucking hotel yet. What a cunt.

  26. I really would like the jocks to fuck off and go independent. It really pisses me off how cunts like sturgeon and salmond bleat on about how England is a noose around scotlands neck. This is the noose that gives them free prescriptions, subsidised university places, free public transport for over 60’s, free eye tests and probably more benefits I don’t even know about. So, I say fuck off Scotland finance this lot on your own. We those horrible English may them be able to afford these benfits to our own citizens without you scrounging cunts dragging us down. And when you do hopefully go independent you can use your own Mickey Mouse currency not the English £. Let’s see if those dictating cunts in Brussels will take you in. I think not because you have fuck all to offer.

  27. Returning to the fanny farter Sturgeon and matters jocko in Canada, spent a few years there in semi gainful employ in the ’50s. Knee deep in moaning resentful jockos clinging to a tartan fringed never never land. Kilts and bastard bagpipe bands. Never refrained from saying a few words to the wankers as appropriate and there is something surprisingly satisfying about kicking a scots cunt’s bollox in a kilt.

    • I find it funny, that when English or Welsh people move to Canada, Australia or the US, if they settle, they just become Canadian, Australian or American. Can’t say the same for the other home nations. If people are that proud of where they come from, why move? If where you are from is more important to you than where you move to, just fucking go home. That goes for the rest of the world too, ya cunts……

      • I was asking Imitation Yank the other week if ye get “English-American.

        He’d never heard it being used.

        I see homesick Scots out here all the time, and when they meet me, they want to talk about Scottish things only.

        It’s the same in Corby.

        Burns suppers in Phoenix, Arizona?

        Get a grip ya doss cunts.

  28. Oh flower of Scotland
    When will we see
    Yer likes again

    NEVER !!!!!

    And don’t forget, some Cornish and Yorkshire folk wouldn’t mind some independence.


  29. No-one could criticise Obama because he was black and therefore untouchable; if you admonished anything the old bomb-happy murderer said, straight away you’d be a racist.

    It’s the same with Sturgeon; say anything opposing and automatically you hate all transgenders.

  30. God those eggs benedict were damn good… sure it took an hour and a half to make them but honestly I’d make’em again despite the long prep bitch work and grueling task of making a decent poached egg

    • Yea eggs benedict is one of my favorite foods! Fuckin love it!!
      Poached eggs are a cunt but I just use the microwave! Comes out perfect.
      Getting hold of decent hollandaise sauce is a bitch though!

      • I once knew a bird who ate that eggs benedict thing… But she used to call it ‘Eggsy B’… Mind you, she also referred to the All England Lawn Tennis Championship as ‘Wimby’… One of the biggest cunts I ever met in my life…

          • @DeploytheSausage I read about the mircowave option… its convenient but I heard it either cooks it too much or you get this off taste. It cooks various minerals and vitamins out too

            I know what you mean bout the hollandise avoid the pre ready salad bottle shite like the black plague. Go for powder mixes or better yet make it from scratch not hard, just butter lemon, egg yolk, dash of vinegar

            Funny story Norm woman are crazy met a few myself

  31. I wonder if there is another Scottish referendum, and the Scots nazis loose again, will we then see the most mental of them take up arms, like the IRA? Sticky Nicky doesn’t like to lose, she will be looking for the next reason/excuse for another vote, she won’t stop till she’s had her way, and fuck the consequences.

    • I was thinking the opposite, the other day.

      If Scotland got independence, would pro Brit and Orangemen kick up a fuss and cause some trouble ?

      They are very passionate about Britain and Britishness.

      • That’s why I think the referendum would be a waste of time and money. But if it wipes that fucking retarded grin off her stupid face, let’s do it!

  32. “Donald where’s yee troosers!?!”

    We Bernie’s wearing them Andy. She dresses to the left by the way.

  33. As Poet Laureate for the Republic of Scotland, I have been commissioned to write an Ode in honour of our First Minister. I have penned most of this work but am at a loss for some wordage of a rhyming nature.

    The words are as follows……Blunt…..Hat…..Fit…….and rap.

    I have been advised that members of this site may offer me some help..

    In anticipation, my thanks, Yours on and so on…..

  34. In the old days of Empire they used to tell us:

    “British go home”

    “Go on, fuck off…we don’t want you.”

    So we did. But they forgot to tell us they were coming home with us, the cunts. I reckon the Jocks will be the same. When they get their independence within a month half of them will be pouring over the border with their hands stretched out. Wee Jimmy won’t care because she sees herself as the Scottish Gandhi. She thinks they are going to be putting up statues of her down Princes Street the daft bitch. That reminds me, when James Stuart (poof) came south to claim the crown of the Union kids in the street were singing a popular ditty:

    “Some wear cloth, some wear gold
    And some wear gowns of lace
    The Scots have come to London
    All pissed off their face”

    Er….they didn’t really. I just made that up….’Cos I’m a cunt.

  35. Just hearing her name boils my piss, the more i c her picture the more i think she\he could have a cock and set of balls tucked away between those stubby legs.

    ‘Cunt’ is not enough, this creature has moved into a new realm somewhere beyond cunt.

  36. Now there are a lot of cunts who have been cunted on this site and sometimes a cunter will stand up for them, or at least put forward some sort of sympathy for them in some way. However Cuntface Burney breaks the mould. I cannot recall anybody having a semblance of a good word for her or of anything positive to say about her.
    Surely the outstanding candidate for COTY 2017 already.
    By all accounts the SNP couldn’t run up the road let alone a country. Education and health seems to be a bit of a mess north of Hadrians Wall yet they want to go,it alone (or at least away from the hated English) before jumping into bed with the Fourth Reich.
    They have been unable to explain how getting away from us and joining the Krauts is being independent. The reason for that is they can’t. Absolute cunts.
    I am basically a Unionist but Fishface Sturgeon is pushing me to the position where I say “fuck off”.
    Day 1 no more of our money goes north. Day 2 “can we come back ?” No, fuck right off.
    This trannie should be cunted every hour of every day and kicked in the bollocks on a regular basis.

  37. Emily Thornberry says poor kids are overweight…
    Well, Emily Thornberry is a bit of a fat cunt herself…

    • Emily is married to Sir Chrisopher Nugee and entitled to call herself Lady Nugee but never does. She also lives in Islington (where else?) And has quite an extensive property portfolio. I’m so fucking happy that, as a member of the working class, I have this fucking rich bitch fighting my corner…..”Things…can only get better.”

    • Fucking hells teeth! I had no idea who this cunt was let alone being a “shadow secretary” of anything.

      Fuck me, Jezza’s touching wood now scraping the bottom of the barrel to fill positions of importance from his benches!

      So poor kids are fat eh? Well I suppose that her own Rubenesque form would also indicate that champagne socialists such as herself are also salad dodgers as well?

      Strange how these “Do as I say, not as I do!” cunts fail to see the irony of the bullshit which dribbles from their gobs!

      Shadow foreign secretary, Christ on a bike!

  38. The SNP are shitting themselves about the next election. If their support falls further by voter apathy, increasing Labour support or a big war they will lose indyref2 again for sure. Stupid cunts. They are a minority govt in the Scottish Parliament requiring the assistance of the Greens, who hate anything to do with oil or gas. And there’s only six of them.

    Nicola should piss off back to Irvine and go drinking down the park with a bottle of cider.

  39. Nicola Sturgeon is a 5th rate, self-serving career politician of the lowest order. She is my constituency MSP, but has done fuck-all for the area. Up the road in Govanhill(full of gypo roma lowlife scummy CUNT’S) the area resembles a scummy shithole of a ghetto. Solution! Drop a nuclear bomb on the place(with the wanky krankie in it). PROBLEM SOLVED. What a neddy cunt she is(like most cunts in Glasgow. Drunken, junked up benefit scrounging lowlife scum. Armegeddon, here we come.

  40. My,my,my. Wee Burney sturgeon is at it again. After visiting ‘jabba the hut’ salmonface cunt’s constituency yesterday,she has finally let the cat out of the bag(AGAIN), saying next month’s snap general election will all be about independence. REALLY. SURPRISE FUCKING SURPRISE. Does this cunt’s stupidity know no bounds. Do u honestly believe were gonna fall for that shit again. The SNP will still get their usual core vote of unemployable,work-shy,xenephobic,junked-up,neandertholic scumbags with their ‘sense of entitlement’ attitude. But the rest of us can see through this shit. Kick these lowlife FUCKING scumbags back to the dark-ages where they belong. CUUUUNNNNTTTTSSSS.

  41. My,my,my. Can u believe it. Wee weasel sturgeon IS AT IT AGAIN. This time she has been found out for not paying council tax on her official residence in Edinburgh (Puke house). Is this not a case of ‘ Do as I say, not as I don’t. What a two face, back-stabbing, hypocritical cunt’s. And while I’m on my fucking soap box, she says Theresa May is creating a poisonous atmosphere in her relationship with the EU. ER, excuse me, hogwart, does POT and KETTLE not spring to mind. CUUUUUNNNNTTTTT.

  42. So the cat’s 🐈 finally out of the bag. Fat cunt McSalmondface says the bride of McKrankiestein, wee Burney sturgeon, will NOT listen to the will of the Scottish people when ploughing ahead with a second independence vote. NO FUCKING SURPRISE there then. The actual people that put them into power in the first place. Let’s not be too worried though, as the SNP house of cards will start to crumble soon, VERY soon. And then we’ll have all these traitorous, treasonous cunt’s head’s on pole’s up on Carlton Hill( along with the arse-licking Scummy Green’s, particularly ‘The butt-plug’ Patrick Harvie. Roll on the revolution. I love the smell of dead nationalist blood first thing in the morning. CUUUUUNNNNTTTTTSSSSS.

  43. Will somebody take me round the back and blow my fucking brain’s out. As anybody well know’s , I hate that Scummy cunt , Burney ‘McBride of krankiestein’ Sturgeon. How fucking low can she go. Now she wants to go into a ‘ progressive alliance’ with Jeremy ‘ the terrorists friends’ Corbyn, if Labour win the General Election. Are u fucking serious. Talk about the blind leading the blind, or the lunatic’s taking over the PARLIAMENT!!!! How the fuck do these traitorous CUUUUUNNNNTTTTTSSSSS keep getting away with it. BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY FOR THESE CUUUUUNNNNTTTTTSSSSS. AND EVERY CUNT WHO VOTE’S FOR THEM. CUUUUUNNNNTTTTTSSSSS

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