Kay Burley

Kay Burley, the Sky News carrot topped gobshite is making a proper cunt of herself and no mistake. The dummy is right out of the pram because Treezer has told the MSM TV channels to get to fuck with their live debates. And despite every interviewee giving a perfectly sound reason for her doing this, Kay just puts her head to one side and asks the same question time and time again;

“So, what has Mrs May got to be afraid of?”

She probably thinks it makes her look like a hard nosed journalist exposing the truth for the good of the people. She is wrong. It makes her look like a mutton dressed as lamb petulant arse hole. And a cunt.

Nominated by Skidmark Eggfart.


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  1. I remember this harridan TV-AM in the 80s… She was frumpy as fuck, and she’s had more work doneand fibreglass fitted than the Arndale Centre after those IRA cunts blew it up in 1996… I’m surprised the old bitch hasn’t melted under the Sky News lights yet…

  2. I saw her on the lawn across the road from Parliament once. She had her face buried so deep in a mirror I thought she’d fall in. She really loves herself. The fact is, these TV debates are an American invention. There is nothing in British law that says a candidate for Prime Minister HAS to do them. Who watches them anyway? When you consider that her opponents would be Corbyn, Farron, and Wee Jimmy Krankie, she’d basically be attending TwatFest.

    • Spot on QDM. The Yank debates are hardly that either. They’re more like a quiz show. Get your answer out in 30 seconds or less while bigging yourself up and trying to make your opponents look like planks. So, so stupid. I don’t think Yanks understand the meaning of the word “debate”.

      • I’ve seen US debates when visiting family out in Texas. Quiz show is the perfect description. The only one I saw that was any good was when the Republicans were looking for a candidate, before Trump won. Marco Rubio and Chris Christie were on. Christie nailed Rubio right to the wall. He basically just said, “These guys from Capitol Hill get a thirty second soundbite to repeat, and that’s what they do”. Rubio proved him right, and kept proving him right. All the others were just a circus.

  3. Who the fuck watches Sky News? so therefore, who fucking cares?

    Watching Sky News is on my list under eating my own shit.

    • You’re right there. Although, it was funny yesterday, watching that dipshit Corbyn forget where the cameras were when he started his campaign. What a wanker.

  4. The Tories want Brexit, Labour will honour the referendum result , the Lib Dems and the Braveheart Brigade want to vote again, where’s the debate? Smaller parties just want their 5 minutes but Farron and the Greens are a skid mark on the undercrackers of Britain in the grand scheme of things. Burley will put her work face on and pretend she’s a serious journalist

  5. I’d like to cunt Israel. Cos they’re and bunch of thieving, denying, infiltrating, opportunistic cunts. It’s no wonder history hasn’t been on their side. Anyone who has no idea what I’m talking about should read up.

    • I’d like Israel to cunt their neighbours.
      My teenage dream was to be mossad.
      Apart from the Israeli lefties, I’d say Israel is the greatest nation on earth.
      Who else looks after their citizens like Israel?

      And Netanyahu is one cool dude.

      No way Israel is a cunt.

      • Quite agree Birdman. Also I think I might be a “cunt” if all my neighbours wanted to blow me to bits.

      • Israel the only democracy in the middle east; now that must mean something? As to the history of the region and the fact that my late father was in the region during the founding of the state of Israel I would like to say that the mussies were and are cunts. All the shit they have suffered has basically been down to them, my Dad was of the opinion that the Arabs were fucking useless at anything apart from shouting shite getting shot and killing lots of unarmed women and children. Not much changed then. If Hamas stopped using schools, hospitals etc as cover the number of civillian causualties would fall.

        • Definitely back Israel over the arabs. As far as I am concerned the dirty, lazy cunts only wanted the land once the Israelis did something with it. Also, some of those Israeli women soldiers, shit hot gorgeous.

      • I’d like Israel to nuke their neighbours….
        Any country that loathes them goatfucking rapeugee muslamist filth as much as Israel does can’t be bad…

    • I’m still trying to work out the “thieving, denying, infiltrating, opportunistic” part.

      I’m not having a pop, and everybody’s free to have their own opinion, but i don’t get that description.

    • History hasn`t been on Israels side as the main writers of history are far left partisan academics who have always wanted Israel to fail and the Palestinians to win.Not surprising though as they are all pacifists with a self-destruction nihilism complex over there very middle class socially constructed notion of white guilt.If Israel doesn`t rigorously defend itself it will cease to exist .It is one of the only democracies in the middle east and the only country in the middle East that wouldn`t imprison and execute you for being gay or Trans.So why do the lefties love them?Because of cultural relativism and disgust at colonialism trups any concern they have for other minorities rights.Their objective is for the whole world to resemble a hell forsaken third world shithole and for them to sit back after it happens and say we deserved that.It is essentially sadism.

    • then you are a cunt.Long live The State of Israel.69 years today the cointry declared independence. The only democracy in the middle east. One questipn : When is the next gay pride in Gaza?

      • When tolerance is a thing in the Middle East, that’s when.

        In other words – never.

        • And I bet her knickers smell like a Chinese wrestler’s jockstrap cooked in week old chip fat…

          • I am really going to have trouble getting any kip tonight with that nightmareish image, Norm. Not to mention the episode of Wire in the Blood I’ve just seen, with a post-op tranny resembling a scouse docker…

    • Didn’t she grumble recently about some “unsatisfactory” service after uncorking a bottle of £180 plonk?.

      More cheek than a cow’s got cunt.

  6. I wondered how long it would be before Hurley Burley was cunted. The gal with a history of gaffs, appalling insensitivity, cruelty etc etc. How in fucks name she has remained in paid employment is way beyond me.?Burley has tried to write 2 novels, both horny and both about media people. It was claimed that she based some of the characters upon her personal experiences and some on people within the media industry.
    If her book is accurate then she was shagging her way to the top all of the time, with just a few breaks in between. In fact, she obviously has something over the news team at Sky.
    She is ( as cunted by skid ) a right carrot topped gobshite.! Burley…yer a cunt.

  7. Superb cunting and now that Corbyn has effectively ruled himself out these debates have fallen on their arse. The fakemedia are outraged but we dont give a fuck.

  8. Up here in Scotland we are having ‘The Leaders debate’ and it appears to be of no consequence that none of the participants are actually standing for election.

  9. Personally, I’m glad that May doesn’t want to do these stupid debates.

    I for one am sick of the Amercicuntsation of things in our country.

    Given that her opponents would be Corbyn (cunt), Farron (utter cunt), Sturgeon (kill it with fire), Lucas (fucking joke), and Leanne Wood (looks like that barmaid from The Only Gay in the Village), it would be like shooting fish in a barrel for her.

    Also, Kay Burley doesn’t look clever or tough asking ”what is she afraid of?” /, she just looks like an obnoxious douchebag.

    • The way the meeja cunts think is it’s a basic human right to have a TV debate and it is undermining democracy not to have one. The problem is, you can’t just have 1, you have to have 3 otherwise some of the meeja luvies will feel left out, and we wouldn’t want that, would we?

      It also condenses 7 weeks of campaigning to 3 one hour segments. In that case run them on consecutive evenings and have the vote sometime next week and lets get on with Brexit.

  10. I think Kay Burley does a professional job, not only that, I’d like to give her one and bring her to a shattering climax. If that makes me a perverted cunt, so be it.

    • Eh, whatever floats your boat.

      Bet you would give her a donkey punch……

      • Have to admit I had to google “donkey punch”. That’s terrible, but some of the descriptions were really, really funny. My fave was this:

        …The move can be prosecuted as sexual assault and even rape in the case of surprise anal penetration.
        -“YES YES”

        -“Ooooh, that feels so good!!! Isn’t it love? …Love? hello? Are you okay? …. aaaaaargh!!!! Love?? Wake up!!!! Aaaaaargh!!!”

    • I’m sure Kay Burley does a very professional job. But we are talking about journalism here, not her day job.

  11. Her journalism level is somewhere between Newsround and the Beano. To have been given this position she must’ve swallowed old Murdoch’s gravy-flavoured semen for months.

    Remainiac harpee bitch.

    • Now that, Capt. M, was fucking brilliant. Haven’t laughed so much in ages. Cheers – I.Y.

      • Murdoch: Aww, shit moite. Ganna tayke a while tonoight, bitch. Ah’ve drunk a few cans of that Australian piss.

        Burley: Looks like most of it went on your trousers.

        Murdoch: Aww, Fuck yeh. Some of thet is actual piss. Now shut up and git that dinosaur Billionaire ball bag in yer mouth, sheila.

        • It must like being porked by an Alf Stewart/Skelator lovechild. Jerry Hall went from one knackered old cunt to Jurassic Park.

  12. Shows what a total cunt Blair is……he licked the same pussy Murdoch shot his beans up. Dirty cunt.

  13. i have lost my medication and it is a bank holiday weekend.Feel free to take a punt on me in the deadpool folks 😛

  14. I’d like to cunt privatisation, care homes and care agency’s need to be put back in the hands of the NHS, energy firms, schools all should be state run. Buses aswell as I’ve walked 3 miles back home after a night on the piss cos my privately owned bus didn’t appear. On the plus side my jog home sobered me up as I ran threw the estates where I live.

    • Yeah.
      Believe it or not , i’m actually a nice guy.
      The reasons he gives for trolling don’t make sense, so conversing like adults may help us all out.

      • Never doubted you were a nice man. You seem to be familiar with Northampton, which is where I live.

        • Howdy neighbour.

          Best town in the world, and that’s not me talking cobblers.
          I’ve had family there my whole life and spent my summer holidays there as a kid.
          I moved there when I was seventeen, and i can honestly say that even though i was born in Scotland, Northampton is my home.
          I’ll (hopefully) be moving back in three years, and i cant fuckin wait.

          Shoe town
          New town

          I’ll maybe see you at the balloon festival.
          I love the balloon festival. 🙂

  15. Madogga is still a cunt…
    The old kippercunt has-been is now throwing her toys out of the pram (again) because a film is coming out that portrays old Sladge as – well – a total and utter cunt… All her bullshit and cuntish behaviour is coming back to kick her in her crabby, mackerel stinking cunt, and not before time I might add…. And someone should tell the old slagbag: she can ‘buy’ as many ‘brown babies’ as she likes… It won’t cancel out the kids of her own she (cough) terminated because they got in the way of her ‘career’… The fucking cunt…

    • I swear foreign adoption does nothing good and its constantly being abused by virtue signaling cunts like Jolie and Madonna I wonder if Björk has a few foreign hellspawns too? lol

      • Jolie is a fucking nutter who cut her tits off for fuck all. Mad self harming lunatic.

        • Is Björk now a filter word now? I noticed my previous comment was moderated….. so Björk has the same negative connotation as nigger?! wow

  16. I would quite like to shag the flaps off her . I apologise for my coarseness but the twitching helmet cannot lie.

  17. I’m sick to cunt of hearing about Banana-fucking-Rama…
    They were three silly tarts who released disposable 80s fluff and could never sing anyway… The way cunts are going on (especially the ABBC), anyone would think The Floyd were back with Roger, and Syd and Rick had come back alive to also take part…

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