Last summer I made a post cunting the modern world for making life shite since the 90’s.
I’ve been thinking a great deal and now would like to cunt globalists as the cause of the demise.

It’s come to my attention that there are a bunch of weapons grade cunts with hook noses at the top of world society who have decided that it would be better for them if everyone was in one basket. No nations, no governments, no patriotism, no grief, just one mixed race bunch of humans with one govt.

Easy to control and administer and fleece.

Ah you think..a conspiracy theorist loon.

Well if you think that the very wealthy and powerful at the top with all the influence who run the worlds finances haven’t considered conspiring with likeminded people in order to get themselves more of the same, then you are the loon.

If your goal is a global govt…..
(Hillary Clinton and Bilderberg group advocated a hemispheric and world govt many times).

Then how do you get it?

You take out the law and order in the area between the first and third world, the Middle East by removing the leaders and allowing chaos. Assad is the last left.

Eradicate nations by mixing everyone up.


Create massive migrant flows through war. Allow them in having first infiltrated most western governments and media.

How do you start wars?

You stage attacks on the west by middle eastern countries.
9/11. That was the start of it all.

I think they, the elite, the establishment, whatever, are firmly in control of the manipulation.

Watching Trump switch over to Assad attack mode when Assad had nothing to gain by using chemical weapons at a point where he had won, suggests to me that they give us the odd hope (like scratch cards) to make us think there is a counterance to the likes of Clinton, where in all likelihood, it’s just that, an illusion.

Actors to make it look like we have a choice.

Brexit a minor inconvenience.

Circuses and bread keep everyone occupied while they carry on with the plan.

It will directly impact all our lives soon enough.

Nominated by Lord ferrigno.

97 thoughts on “Globalists

  1. The Southern States of America during the period of slavery, and in 1850.
    A plantation owner released his slaves, employed them and paid a weekly wage. His fellow Plantation owners were really pissed off, and he was accosted by hooded men on his way to town. They meant to kill him.
    “Why and what is your purpose?” He asked. Well they certainly told him! “You free your niggers, you pay your niggers….etc ”

    “I have not ” he stated. “They are free to leave yet they do not, they work and they are paid, they spend that pay at my store. Tell me, who is free ?”

    Unmolested he continued his journey into town. (RIP the waged slave )

  2. “A bunch of weapons grade cunts with hooked noses”….are you good old Red Ken Livingstone by any chance?

    • And the weak studio cunts will probably let her!

      Mind you she was another cunt who I had no idea who she was other than being the pick of a “black only” audition (which isn’t racist because it has “black” in the title) for Dr Who.

      Having now looked her up I can say that she would not be suitable for James Bond. Not because she is black, not because she is a woman but because she has a face like a box of frogs!

      • Thing is, it’s always said of Bond that men want to be him and women want to fuck him.

        A female Bond (perish the thought) would be a reverse of that, and I can’t imagine any woman wanting to be this kinky haired bushmonkey, or any man wanting to stick his penis inside it.

    • I don’t like the Daniel Craigg bond films as he looks and sounds a miserable cunt, let alone a ugly black dyke who has a voice deeper than Barry white.

      • Daniel Craigg is probably the most boring bond ever he was okay in casino royale tho. They aren’t exactly trying anymore anyway when it comes to films these days.. shame

        • Why does Daniel Craig always look like an upset baby?
          It’s kind of hard to like his version of james bond because of this…

    • Dr Who is a kids program about aliens and robots. Where the fuck does sexuality come into it? They say she is the first openly gay character, does that mean all the others have been openly heterosexual? How exactly was this expressed, did they shag each other? Is this sambo carpet muncher going to leah lasciviously at alien totty?

      • They just need a gender fluid Paki refugee in a wheelchair and they’ll have all bases covered, will be liberals wet dream.

      • I always thought Doctor Who’s first sausage bandit was John Barrowman as Captain Cunt…. But this new one?… Fucking hell…
        The arrogance and sense of PC entitlement stinks: does this cunt wear a T-Shirt that reads, ‘I’m Blackl! I’m Gay! I Tick All The Boxes! Employ Me Now!’?… Also, she could never play 007 with a fizzog like that… She’d be in with a shout as Black Bess if they did a remake of Dick Turpin though…

      • Louise Jameson as Leela… Those were the days… A sexy bird in the TARDIS, wearing little more than a chamois leather.

        Mary Tamm was tasty as Romana too…

    • Have a geez at Pearl Mackie’s interview on the Guardian webpage.

      The actress/singer/dancer who was born in 1987 claims that when she was young, there weren’t many people like her on the telly.

      The nineties was full of people like her on the telly.

      She truly believes she’s breaking boundaries.

      A true pioneer ?

      A true cunt.

      • John Simm’s Master – the only good thing about the modern Doctor Who -is back… Hope he does away with Bill or Jim, or whatever this daft token black rugmuncher is called in the series… In fact, I hope he kills them all…

        Mackie should form a double act with that other snowflake man/woman thing (and total cunt) Jack Monroe… They could call themselves Jack ‘N’ Bill…

  3. If ISIS want to please Allah, and at the same time do something fucking useful for once, why don’t they blow the fuck out of the next meeting of the Bilderberg group?

  4. Any investigation of Bilderberg reveals it to be the sort of control-freak-fest that the usual scumbag-shitestains (Blair, Clitworm, Verhofstadt-Goebbels, Juncker-Himmler, Muffley Merkel et al.) would queue up to attend; all carried out in a next-to-no journalists environment, nearest top secrecy, all in some globalistically hip, on-message 5-star plus platinum card environment…

    Great haemorrhoids of the highest cuntitude.

    • Agree HBH. Look into the activities of Herr Will Brandt, that cunt was one of them. Nigel lawson was at one time suspected of being one, but you are very right about Blair. A shitestain on humanity ( I like that term, think I’ll nick it )

      • Maybe Roger Moore could make a comeback?? At 89 it’s a big ask, but personally I would rather watch him bimbling around in a man girdle than some Cunt off doctor who…..

    • They are called vertically challenged pygmies you racist , homophobic, CIS white scum, alt right nazi sexist misogynistic pig cunt!!!

  5. A global market is fine we all need to share our resources for others we do not have.

    We do need to keep out national prides and our own identities as individual groups of humans that’s what is at stake.

    everything is being turned to group think instead of being about an individual person/idea. From all the SJW,BLM,occupy wall street, the women s march etc its plan to see that people are being groomed for serious group think manipulation.

    • NWO has been mixing and meddling for decades. The Divide and Conquer strategy is escalating rapidly. By creating, a left, a right wing, we have opposition, we have queers, we have gays, we have blacks we have all sorts of “Created groups” and all with clear intent. Our sociological structures are no longer intact and we occupy a small place within just another minority group.
      The aim is to create a society like a patchwork quilt, and prevent unity. It is unity that can derail NWO and they don’t want that do they ?
      Fucking Cunts!

  6. Not forgetting the cabal that secretly controls the world cheese market…

    The Hallouminati….

  7. I disown Trump he has done a total 360 on all his promises hes also getting his top anti-war/anti immigration people off his cabinet he just fired Mcfarland… huge mistake. If Bannon is next all hope is lost, because hes taking kusnhers advice his slut daughters fiancé he is prowar pro immigration pro swamp. Not to mention he has now sided with John “warhawk” Mccain and Linsday poof Graham on attacking Syria,Russia Oh the best part is they are also threatening war with north korea why you ask because north korea does what it wants in its own county basically

    Have you noticed that since Trump bombed Syria ALL the 24/7 blanket coverage in the MSM about investigations into Russia “interfering” in the election and Trump being a “Putin agent” have now CEASED COMPLETELY? Prior to Trump bombing Syria, it was 24/7 on every fucking newstation since JANUARY 21st everyday about Russia “interfering” in the election and Trump being a “Putin agent” but has now completely ceased

    • Something else I have noticed, Sky news now state Trumps cruise missile attack is as a response to the Syrian’s alleged use of chemical weapons. Before Trumps strike it was a done deal they Syria used chemical weapons, no “alleged” about it. I think they are implying that Trump acted impulsively and doesn’t have the right temperament to be POTUS.

      BTW, I think Trump did a 180, if he had done a 360 he would have finished up pointing in the same direction he started. Just saying….he is still a massive cunt though.

      • Fair enough M8 a 180 so far … It looks like our president, D. sellout Trump, fell into the swamp and replaced his original cabinet with swamp creatures.
        Does anyone remember the Persian war against Sadam and Iraq?
        Because Sadam H. invaded Kuwait? Do you remember seeing
        on the madia, day after day, a young girl in tears explaining how she
        saw Iraqi soldiers rape babies and also throw them on the street from rooftops Truth is Saddam he was the ultimate suppresser of terrorists and criminals this isn’t about the poor gassed babies it was done twice as a politically charged Op its about oil, land and resources War, war never changes

        • The good news is the oil price increased after the missile attack, but they were increasing before then too but a good war is always good for the oil business. It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good.

      • With you on this one Skid. He fired from the hip, he didn’t wait for the confirmation, and he twatted Syria. Now it transpires that the Syrians bombed a warehouse containing ISIS held Gas.
        That is a completely different story as told originally by the lying cuntfaced camel fucking Turkish bastards. Trump was fed a line, fired and fucked up. As I posted earlier, Clinton will be fucking ecstatic. He has, as she predicted, acted irrationally, petulantly , and has endangered his country.
        Trump IS a daft Cunt, and I don’t hold much hope for his long term residency in the white house. Hilary will certainly use this shite against him at the appropriate time..

        • Hillary is yesterdays woman, after the kicking she got in the election, against someone who nobody gave a price to, no body is going near her again. We all know that politicians, especially in America are mealy the mouth pieces of vested interest and to those interests Killary is damaged goods.

        • Still trying to see the point of Assad using chemical weapons. Nothing to gain but lots of pain a pointless exercise and Assad is no mug. The only answer that makes sense is that his airforce hit a stockpile of sarin that belonged to someone else. Not being a sick bastard (please excuse my knowledge of such matters I’m white, male and speak English so its my fault anyway) the lack of casualties coupled with the number of survivors seems to indicate a somewhat poor quality agent or crap delivery system or both. In my limited experience of such things, military grade nerve agents correctly stored and monitored containing various additives to protect the potency are a damm sight more lethal than what the world has been informed was released in Syria. Some isis shit was storing some homemade brew under his sex slaves bed or something that is to me the most plausible explanation. As for Turkey confirming that the bodies they autopsied had been exposed to Sarin well? Get the same result if you had a can of Nuvan Staykill flea spray from the ealy 90’s and liberally sprayed youself.

  8. Kushner is a cunt and so is Trump for promoting him – why would you put an unqualified zionist in charge of the middle east? And then torpedo Assad for making (apparently…) the most ridiculous PR move this century?

    Kusher is in there pushing the Zionist agenda.

    • Yeah. This whole shit stained saga has me absolutely fucking baffled. Like many who saw Trump as a breath of fresh air, I was absolutely incredulous at the fuckwitted attack on Syria. You mention Kushner the cunt pushing a Zionist Agenda. Well that is now becoming patently fucking clear. Trump is a turncoat, a tosser, and a ginormous super spazzed cunt!

    • You are right I earlier supported Trump because his promises sounded good but all politicians lie some more then others unfortunately. I had my suspicions I never liked Trump but despite that I hated the other candidates more especially hilary cruz and rubio. It was just a bit of fun my verbal support for him.

      Anyone who genuinely believed he was some “God Emperor” or saviour of the West is an utter moron I really hope he keeps his promises but so far he is clinton lite and soon her equal on things

    • Fuckin Furries, we are really living in an amazing time.
      People nowadays want trade genders with an object , marry cars and dolls, look like animals and fuck animals and most sad of all, its that they are proud of it .

  9. “You stage attacks on the west by middle eastern countries.
    9/11. That was the start of it all.”

    The day that ISAC morphed into Spivey’s site.


    • Saudi seems to be relatively immune to external aggression , and in particular, from the United States . I agree that the WTC was a terror target, and also agree that that terrorism was inspired/aided/facilitated by both Saudi and US interests.

      Saudi Arabia, is the country that perhaps most needs to be taken out, and then, and only then will there be any chance of a more stable arena in the Middle East.

      I have concerns however that Tillerson ( who knows and who has dealt with Putin in the past ) seems hell bent on furthering conflict with Russia, when he himself was against all forms of sanctions against Russia. His days with exxon and his previous good relations with Vlad need some explanation.

      Now in the manner of everyday gob speak, this whole stinking festering mess of baboon shite is getting stickier than a Jihadi brides twat, and no fucker really knows what the fuck is going to happen.

      • Picking a avatar as a serial child killer is Sad… having a opinion on certain issues isn’t

        • This isn’t spivey tier come on fred this site isn’t harassing lee rigbys parents also jet fuel can’t melt steel beams

    • There area lot of conspiracy theories surrounding 9-11, including the official one.

    • The moon landings were staged and Elvis shot JFK.
      The fact that more Muslims believe 9/11 was an Israeli plot ought to give you a clue to reality.

  10. Teacher’s Unions are twisting that funding cuts are “narrowing the curriculum” for secondary schools.

    And is that a problem? All you need in schools from junior to secondary level is: mathematics, English language (literature you can shove up your arse – nice to read, not a necessity), science (preferably as 3 separate subjects – physics, chemistry & biology), *A* modern language, maybe computer literacy (only because they’re like dog shit and get everywhere these days) and that’s about it.

    Bin R.E. – fucking pointless, history, geography, art, music, home economics, etc.

    I’m fed up of the education establishment pandering to the lowest common denominator just so little Johny can leave with a GCSE in finger painting (or something) en-route to some equally pointless BTEC Diploma and then – God forbid – a B.A. in Klingon!

    We need kids who know mathematics, science and are able to communicate at a level above text speak!

    If a teacher says: “Some kids are just not cut out for science and mathematics.” – I say well maybe it’s because you’re a shite teacher and you’re too bone bloody idle to “teach” them (while waiting for that final salary pension to roll around).

    I was pretty fucking far from being the brightest when I entered secondary school. My Dad was a miner and my Mum worked in the ceramics industry – both of whom left school at 15. So who the fuck was going to teach me? Oh that’s right, teachers!

    I left with flying colours mathematics, English language, physics, chemistry and biology ‘O’ levels (I even poached a ‘B’ in pointless literature) because I had teachers who took the time and effort to “teach” me. And God bless them, I can remember every single one from infants thru university.

    So – teachers – instead of selling your students short on “not being able” try fucking teaching them and rewarding the country with the next generation of capable individuals, i.e., earn your fucking pensions you cunts!

    • Yes, but when you were at school they hadn’t yet invented Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Aspergers Syndrome,Oppositional Defiance Disorder and all the other bullshit excuses for kids being rude little shits who can do what the fuck they want. Blame it on the teachers comes from Chapter 1 of the “Politicians Compendium of Scapegoats and Easy Targets.”

      • Narrowing the curriculum – if anything – makes their jobs easier.

        And – if they are now surplus to requirements – we can sack a few of the cunts off and save a bit of coin in HM’s coffers.

        If they’re any good they’ll get jobs in private schools where they can still teach bullshit subjects as the state isn’t paying for the privilege.

        Or…shock horror…get a job in the private sector where 6 months off at a time for stress rarely washes!

        My daughter left last June with fuck knows how many ‘A’s and ‘A*’s and all in *proper* subjects (‘A’ or better in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology) and the same in the *lesser* subjects (history, geography, Spanish).

        She even managed to pass R.E. with a ‘C’ (which I was gutted about I was hoping for a flat fail) with no revision (as I told her it was pointless and not to waste any time on it).

        I didn’t help her one jott. I would have if she’d asked but not one iota. So how come she did well even in this time of make believe illnesses? Good teachers – end of.

          • Ha ha!

            That reminded me of Bender’s nightmare (Futurama robot).

            “Ahhh! AHHHHHH! That was terrible! All those 1’s and 0’s! What a nightmare!”

            “But Bender you always dream in binary!”

            “Yeah I know, but I’m sure I saw a 2 in there!”


        • Interesting. The problem is, who is going to replace these useless teachers you want to sack? Why is the government spending millions on telly advertising, you must have seen them surely?
          I’m Mr. Bollockface and I teach year 10

          It’s because no cunt wants to do it. I wonder why? Try having the teacher’s desk removed from your classroom so they can squeeze in 2 more desks and 4 more chairs. Try teaching history to 2 cunts from Uzbekistan who’s only word of English is “gutted” (as well as the other 32 cunts) Try explaining to your Eastern European “colleagues” what the Treaty of fucking Versailles was and how to teach it. Try spending hours filling in forms to “prove” that you have been doing your job which could have been spent actually doing it. Try being called a wanker by a snotty nosed little cunt who can’t help it because the ADHD arsehole’s parents saved his Ritalin for the evening so they can watch the Great British Wank Off in peace. I am very happy for your daughter but if she tells you she wants to be a teacher do everything you can to discourage her. I know what I’m talking about, trust me.

          • It would never happen. She has to go to school with the cunts! She knows what they’re like.

            So then – and this is my belief – do you reckon that these little cunts coincidentally evolved make believe illnesses when corporal punishment was abolished?

            I never had the cane (had the slipper a couple of times in Junior school for swinging on the bog rails – deserved it both times) but I know mates who did (not for decent but for other japery) and they too came out of school with a healthy respect for adults, with some going on to careers in the military, and held no animosity towards the teachers who had given them the cane (also stating – yeah, deserved that).

            When I was a kid it wasn’t fear of what the teachers would do but what your Mam & Dad would do if they found out. Given the option of cane or letter to Mam & Dad then it was cane every time (almost to a boy, or girl – who were also far from being angels).

            I was in my late 20’s when I had #1 kid (do stuff proper like, engaged, married and *THEN* kids when we could afford them – not that your any better thought of mind) whereas most people with young kids round here were in their late teens/early 20’s and so never knew to (fear) respect teachers as I did.

            I told my kids in no uncertain terms that woe-fucking-betide them if they brought any trouble to my door. Touch wood they haven’t but is that enough? Shouldn’t we be tanning the hides of these pseudo-illness little shits on a regular basis?

            It’s these same shits who are filling the ranks of generation snowflake and maybe a good schelaking from a few authority figures would do them the world of good and be a huge benefit to society in the long run?

            Spare the rod, and all that.

      • I agree about all the labels used for little twats but teachers have been self interested cunts for decades.
        ‘Oh the marking, the marking’ I sometimes have to do a 40 hour week, holidays apart of course.

  11. University Challenge has caused a “Twitter Storm” apparently. Azita Chellappoo,the equality and diversity officer from Wolfson College believes that “the underrepresentation of women on University Challenge is a big problem.” What a load of bollocks…Miss (?) Chelloppoo sounds like a uppity golly lezza. She should stick to home economics,or possibly a dress-making course.

    Twitter really is just a vehicle for utter cunts to inflict their dull,sad thoughts on a wider audience. Before Social Media became prevalent twitter-type cunts could only bore a small circle of people before someone told them to shut the fuck up. Not now, now they have a platform to compete with each other to see who can come up with the biggest load of right-on shite. Bunch of cunts.

    • Swede PM: “We Will Never Go Back to the Days of Mass Immigration” Finally sweden wakes up from its delusional slumber

      Stefan Löfven is a fat piece of shite who sold out his own people and allowed a gazillion Moslems to come live on welfare in his country and rape women. Now he wants to be like oh well I knew terrorist moslems rape and murder people, but I didn’t know they run people over with trucks – we’ve got to put a stop to this then. If only retard Maggie May had the same guts to be honest and not a crook

      • Saw this story this morning. He is a useless cunt. Its deeds which are needed , not fucking wimpering words. Swedish Cunt!

    • Further to last, Mz Cellarshit is very disappointed that only 30% of teams competing included wimmin. In future, all team selections are to include wimmin, transgender re-alignments,lezzers, fanny transplanters, rug wallahs etc. Some men will be allowed to compete provided they meet Mz Cellershits criteria for inclusion.

      Mz Cellershit is destined for a career in politics , and is interested in social issues. She is currently undergoing treatment for sepsis caused by her multiple festering body piercings, and has oradontal issues from previous relationships with a female gibbon.

      Mz Cellershit is an avid supporter of Scottish Independence but is unable to identify what or where Scotland might be. She also claims to have” Balled ” ( whatever the fuck that may mean ) with wee krankie.

      Any Further information on Mz Cellershit can be obtained from the Ward Sister, Fred West Ward. Rampton.

    • There is a lad standing against the incumbent Student’s Union right on pillock who takes the piss out of these tossers.

  12. Nihal Arthanayake needs a good cunting. He’s a BBC radio “presenter”

    He’s one of the BBC pet snowflake presenters who ALWAYS argues the muzzie side, not suprisingly I suppose.

    I actually heard the cunt on Five Live this afternoon blaming the huge strain on the NHS, schools and other services caused by the huge influx of foreign criminals (sorry poor asylum seekers) and eat european scum on the finacial crash of 2008…what an stupid deluded cunt of a cunt.

    He said “In 2008 when mass imigration wasn’t allowed, we still managed to cause the financial crisis so what’s worse now?”

    What a total cunt. And an Uncle Tom snowflake cunt at that.

    • Ah but it was allowed, by 2008 a lot of places like Crewe and Boston in Lincolnshire were already mini Warsaws.

      What’s worse now is that shite like TwitBook is a main staple and the easily lead sheep buy into this neo-liberal, socio-globalist mantra because they’re told to by “influential” people like Lily Allen and Adele (who are totally unaffected by such influxes), and that on top of the EU flotsam & jetsam we should also welcome cunts in with open arms who’d like nothing better than to blow us to bits and turn blighty into a colder and wetter Mosul!

      Thing is in 2 generations that will be the main Soros mantra (even though he’ll be long dead by then) and in 3 generations we’ll all be down to the local mosque for Friday prayers for fear of a bit of Shariah retribution.

      Fucking gullible cunts!

      • Shariah Law’s a cunt but sticking Diane Flabbott under a burka does appeal.

        • …I’ve got one of those saws used by Canadian lumberjack teams for when her clit needs hacking off….

  13. Fuck me! today,s cuntings have really got my piss all super fucking heated. Im fucking off for a pint!

  14. i’m surprised this story hasn’t received more publicity. it was on C4 news tonight. the Bank of England colluded in the fixing of the LIBOR rate. you read that correctly the Bank of England for fucks sake ! a Bank of England deputy governor was shown lying to a parliamentary committee, thats a criminal offence. that creep Bob Diamond was also caught out lying. the LIBOR rate effects all interest rates including mortgages. so these conniving con men have no doubt cost us all money. any chance of anyone at the very top ending up in prison ?( some people lower down the scale got jail sentences) . don’t bank on it.

    • Had to leave me pint for this one. Fucking thieving cunts. All we need now is for Mark Carney to be involved. Bankers are bastards.

    • And still not one single UK banker has been held to account for what the fuckers did to the global economy. Still in their jobs while the rest have to bear Osborne’s austerity.
      Bankers are fucking vermin and they serve no purpose but their own.
      They make fuck all. Help no fucker. Create fuck all but for themselves. Cunts.

  15. There is some fucking cunt on newsnight at the moment talking down Trump and Brexit.

    • Jacobson I know that boring novelist cunt…. Hey cunters, guess his ethnicity you get 3 guesses and the 1st 2 guesses don’t count lol hahaha

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