Dara O’Briain (2)

I would like to nominate the cunt called Dara O’Braine. This unfunny fucking comedian pops up everywhere grinning like a monkey with a sackful of bananas.

For the following reasons I nominate him:

(1) no cunt knows how to spell his name and I’m sure he keeps changing it just to wind me up.

(2) he is a permanent fixture on the BBC…nuff said.

(3) he is a smarmy smug fat cunt and his stupid fat face pisses me off.

(4) the cunt is a comedian who is not fucking funny.

(5) I can’t stand his fucking stupid fucking accent… Nothing much wrong with an Irish accent but when it comes out of his fat gob it just makes me want to bomb the bastards!

(6) he is a cunt.

Nominated by Freddie The Frog.

143 thoughts on “Dara O’Briain (2)

  1. How do i join this cunting website. Love the comments and the content but to be honest the website is a cunt to navigate

  2. It’s a miracle! Where did you find a photo of this smarmy bastard without the monkey boy grin across his fat chops?

    • “Attack of the Mandelbumfiddler” ??!

      I think he likes it up ‘im, Captain Mainwaring…

  3. Very funny bloke. Anyone who doesn’t think so is edging towards the cunt bin. Actually has already fallen in and probably likes Russell Brand , Lenny Henry and Gervaise.

  4. This unfunny cunt is a PHd in astro- physics, and who also has publications on Quantum Mechanics, and Dark Matter to his credit.

    He is however, a remainer, and therefore is obviously legitimately up for a good cunting.

    Let the cuntfest commence.

    • O’Smugface a remoaner? I didn’t know that…but then whenever his monkey face appears on the screen I switch over. That makes him not just an annoying cunt but a dirty poncing EU loving cunt. Still, that explains why the cunt is all over the BBC….it’s fucking compulsory! For the first time in years I’m going to watch the Eurovision Song Contest just to see if that foul little queer Norton gets in some anti brexit digs. I’ll be fucking shocked if he doesn’t.

      • Someone on this site suggested a bet that UK get nil points.! I think its odds on we get fuck all, but hey ho! We got free.!

        Norton as a compere is a fucking disgrace.

        • we should withdraw from the Eurovision and the Beeb can show a couple of old films instead
          fucking song contest is nearly as bad as comic relief

  5. I see the ABBC’s big news story of the day is about a poor wee Asylum Seeker who took a couple in the spuds off a few larey piss-heads.

    We’ll hear of this all week, unlike the London terrorist attack, resulting in multiple deaths, which was effectively hushed up and redefined as a bit of a misunderstanding by a bloke from Kent.

    Apparently said Asylum Seeker mentioned he was Iranian and they set about him. I do not condone or support what happened to this cunt and the idiots in question will merely fuel the support fires of your Linekers, Allens and Rowlings of the world. For that alone the attackers are cunts.

    However, how often is it big news when some cunt wearing the wrong shirt in the wrong place gets set upon by opposing thugs? Every fucking week if not day!

    But that’s not news because it’s basically a set of nasty cunts setting about another cunt for some arbitrary reason and usually fuelled by alcohol.

    This is not news ABBC, it’s just regrettable shit that happens on a daily basis because some people are just cunts!

    I look forward to a week long diatribe of how this specific incident was racially motivated, that “peaceful” terrorism doesn’t exist (it’s just a bit of hijinks), and that it’s all down to Brexit!

    You are the fucking pits ABBC! 5 people dead, over 50 people injured – many of them seriously – and you could barely muster the will to cover it! Especially once you found out the the “peaceful” terrorist cunt in question was from Kent. Well ABBC, if a dog is born in a barn it doesn’t make it a horse does it!?! No, he was a “peaceful” terrorist cunt and you can stick you’re “Single Act of Violence” up your arses!

    What happened to this Iranian Alysum Seeker is the true definition of a “Single Act of Violence” what happened in London was a terrorist attack – pure and simple.

    Why – ABBC – do you hate the indigenous population of this nation, who pays your keep? If we are so fucking distasteful to you then why the fuck don’t you relocate to Tehran, under the strict media control of the Ayatollahs, and demand that their people foot the bill for your poor programming and piss-poor news reporting? No? Didn’t think so!

    Prior to 1997 the BBC provided an impartial news service the envy of the world over. Since 1997 it has been the voice box for neo-liberal globalists, refusing to cover any story which might upset that particular group of cunts!

    1997, yes, it’s no coincidence. Fucking B.Liar! It all started under his watch! Cunt!

    • It also gives an excuse for the Flabot to get on TV and repeat the lie that “hate crimes” are at an all time high and blame it on Brexit.

      • Well anticipated skid… Abbot has gone incendiary,and is banging on about our failed duty of care and protection of vulnerable young refugee children. 4 men and 2 women have been arrested.

    • Well said rebel. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had my head kicked in for no reason. It was never referred to as a hate crime nor should it be. Just stupid, nasty cunts that can’t handle their beer.
      Guarantee this will be blamed on brexit, the far right and the rise of populism post brexit.
      There is nothing on earth that the lefty’s won’t use for political propaganda, and let’s face that’s all the Beebistan is there for nowadays.

    • Wit school didyea go tae ?

      Where I come from, ye’d get threatened for being yards outside yer “ain part a toon”

      Also, I’ve seen numerous cunts get shite for wearing a Sevco or cellic top.

      Some cunts just treat people nastily if the have the slightest difference to themselves.

      Its the way of the world.

      Its not right, but its just the way some people have behaved throughout history.

      I’ve mentioned before about a cunt I went to college with who openly hated me and wouldn’t converse with me coz I’m a Leicester City fan and he’s Derby Cunty.

      People are strange
      When yer a stranger

      • The shite I got for wearing England tops in Scotland.

        I fuckin loved winding the cunts up with that.

        Even my P.E teacher would have a go at me for that.

    • ITN on ITV was the greatest news service in the world in its heyday…. News At Ten (when it really was News At Ten!) was ‘the’ news programme and Brian Walden’s ‘Weekend World’ on a Sunday was top viewing too…

      Now even ITV’s news is shite too… But the ABBC is, as you say, the pits…

      And here is full version of ‘that’ theme tune:


    • Well, those who were quick of the mark to further their agenda by making all sorts of noises about this attack are now exposed as premature predudiced arseholes.

  6. Scarlett Johansson has made a new film called “Ghost in the shell”. It’s a science fiction thing based on a comic or cartoon or something and I think she is supposed to be a robot. Anyway, it looks shit but I’ll probably download it gratis when it becomes available on Pirate Bay. The point of this cunting isn’t her or the film, but some peoples reaction to it. Apparently in the comic the main character is a slope and this has prompted cunts to come out in force and accuse the film of “whitewashing”. Ironically, these would be the very same cunts who want a black actor to play Bond, however I doubt they have a sense of irony nor a sense of humour on account of being cunts.

    • The fuss about this film is a joke, I agree… Aren’t most manga and anime characters based on white people?… The amount of manga characters with blue or green eyes and white skin is considerable… So why complain when a white bird (albeit a snowflake Clintonite celebrity cunt) plays the part?….

      It’s your typical leftard selective bollocks… The cunts who are moaning about this ‘whitewashing’ are the same cunts who want 007 to be a darkie and Doctor Who to be a feminazi lezzer…

      • I’m fucking sick of “blackwashing” in every fucking ad on the telly….Fuck me,they even had one dressed up as a drug-free, monogamous, fried-chicken hating, employed, responsible father…. Talk about stretching credibility.

        • The only reason I’m watching Ghost in the shell it because white people are in it no other reason really. 1488 M8’s

          Because its gonna be shite compared to the original manga series I will tell you that from my nerdy experience and after I obtain a copy from pirate bay. I’m gonna laugh to myself at how hollywood has managed to fuck up another great anime… bloody Cunts!

  7. Garly Linedancer, Alice Campcunt and Dara O’Cunt all well worthy of a cunting and good to see them getting it this morning. Dara in particular who manages to to make contestants on Robot Bores look less like the cunts they are by being a bigger cunt than any of them, that’s a considerable achievement.

    Turned on the TV this morning to see Miliband flapping his cunt like lips about the world and his view on it. Another massive cunt.

    Now the Big Question is on, the show that only exists to tell the majority it is wrong, Islam is great and leaving the EU is a war crime.

    Where do they get the Audience from? Momentum?

    Abdul is on their now saying is it truly democratic to go with the vote of the majority on the Brexit issue.

    Sometimes I wonder why we are drowning in bullshit, then I watch the BBC and I better understand why,

    • Milliband has been resurrected from the shoe box under the stairs, and as spotted by sixdog Vomit, is appearing on the Marr show. He is even more animated than ever and spouting the usual politician shite about how only he has the answers to everything. This smug nano turd best describes what I hate about the political class of this country. He and his brother should disappear up an elephants arse, there they would both be very much at home and could talk even more shite in the comfort of their new surroundings.

      • Go on YouTube and type “mans head up elephants ass”

        Its the funniest thing ye’ll ever see, and will have ye laughing all day.

        If I knew how to cut and paste, I’d do it for you.

        • Thanks Birdman. I Googled, I saw I Pissed laughing!..oh how I wish that were Milliband.

          • I saw it on Ridiculousness.

            Don’t worry, my addiction to porn has gone that far….yet.


        • Take a moment to think what was going through that guys head, apart from a ton of elephant dung.

          How many senses were violated ?

          I bet he has a phobia of elephants and hats now. 🙂

          • I’d imagine that it’s a bit like giving Diane Abbott a rimming…except a bit tighter.

          • You’ve taken the fun out of it now Dick Fiddler. 🙂

            I have that image in my head now.

            How ugly must she be that I’d rather look at an elephant use a guy as a butt plug ?

          • I wonder if Diane’s got piles? Bet they hang out of that ringpiece like a bunch of black grapes…Get yer tongue in there, Birdman.

          • The missus is in nights and I was looking forward to some xhamster later.

            I think I’ll give it a miss now. 🙁

          • I don’t think he pulled his head our either.
            I think it squeezed him out.
            Fiddler, what is it with you and dianne Abbotts bumhole? 🙂

          • Thank you for putting it up, TwatVarnish.

            It needs to be seen.

            If we all watched that first thing every morning, the world would become a more bearable place.

        • @DeploytheSausage… The thought of Diane’s arse consumes me,it’s my Holy Grail to see that magnificent beast naked. Corbyn was a lucky man to enjoy such sweet meat……in other news, I’m hoping to be released from this padded cell tomorrow.

          • No fuckin chance.

            The doctors have read yer last comment and added four more months of wire brush and dettol treatment, plus solitary.

            Get comfy in yer padded cell, Dick Fiddler. 🙂

  8. Nicely cunted Freddie.

    Couldn’t agree more. He’s an annoying, unfunny fat cunt.
    And I really, really HATE the Irish accent!

  9. If this is such a racist society, full of hate crime, where people get a bashing just for being Johnny Foreigner how come every cunt on the planet is falling over the next cunt to fucking get here? I don’t see any cunts queuing up to get into North Korea or anybody risking their lives to waltz into some Muzzie shithole. If it’s so terrible you can always fuck off somewhere else. I’ll pack your bags for you, you ungrateful moaning cunt.

  10. ……And what is an asylum seeker doing wandering around Croydon late at night? Why isn’t the cunt locked up while his “claim” is being processed? It’s not much of a claim….how many safe countries are there between here and fucking Iran?…….”Me go UK, plenty free house, plenty free money, no camel but plenty nice car to steal.”

    • Bet he was togged out in Superdry, Gio-Goi, and Adidas clobber… All on the taxpayers’ nut via his ‘claim’…. Bet the cunt has an interpreter and all…

      Thing is though, one of these lot gets a hiding and it’ll be ‘Get the bastards!’ ‘Scum of the Earth!’ ‘Hate Crime!’ and ‘Name the guilty!’… Yet if one of these cunts actually rape or murder someone they are protected, even indulged… There will be a million times more fuss and hate aimed at these attackers than at a gang of p@edo muslamist cab drivers in Rotheham who rape little girls, and murdering w@gs who kill British officers of the law…

  11. This attack on the ‘migrant’ in Croydon… Terrible stuff and all that, but had it been half a dozen ‘peaceful’ types doing over a white person, the ABBC would do their utmost to keep the offenders anonymous, they would have conveniently left out the fact that they were muzzies, and they’d sweep it under the carpet in a matter of days (like their ‘Norwegian’ street attack!)… A police officer was actually murdered by one of these cunts outside our own fucking parliament the other week, yet this will get more coverage in certain places… Funny how the attackers of the Iranian kid are labeled as ‘scum’ but the muslamist cunt who killed British civilians and a British police officer wasn’t… Not one MP or media person openly called the murdering muslamist cop killer.. Why didn’t MP, Gavin Barwell pipe up then and call Khalid Masood scum?… Is it because in the eyes of these self serving snowflake MPs and the muslim obsessed media that migrants lives matter and British lives don’t?… Because that’s what it fucking looks like… Barwell is a cunt…

    Sure, it’s a crime and a terrible one… But I’m sick of this selective reporting… Remember the Mother’s Day mass rape near that shopping centre last year?… People were arrested, we were told, and that’s the last we ever heard of it…


    • You can always depend on the biased Beeb to do very selection journalism, politically correct censorship, race baiting and top tier virtue signalling wat abunch of nasty fucking CUNTS!

      • High time the abbc’s charter was ended. Lord Reith is pushing up the neeps and tatties (I wouldn’t ask up where, or whom…), times have changed, so has tv and everything to do with it.
        About time those overpriviledged cunts got a REAL job. Saw Antiques Roadshow tonight, abbc newsgathering will now be in Londonistan; I wonder what 5-star offices they’ve wangled? Buck House ? St. James’ Palace ?

        Cunts and paedos, cunts and paedos…

    • London Mayor Sadiq Khan said in a statement that there would always be a “zero-tolerance approach” to hate crimes of any type.

      Unless they’re “peaceful” ones, in which case they’re swept under the carpet as misguided hijinks by blokes from Kent.

      Utter cunts!

  12. Surely these cunts in Croydon had psychological problems and/or a history of mental illness?

  13. One ‘migrant’ gets a bit of a hiding in Croydon and it’s red alert on the ABBC… Widespread outrage and a snowlfake tsunami… MPs and other assorted do-gooding cunts are queuing up to openly condemn these attackers (yet they didn’t do this with the muzzie cop killer the other week!)…

    Yet kiddies and women are getting raped and assaulted in Sweden by the hour, and Malmo has become like a Muzzie Mega City One… Yet it isn’t mentioned on ABBC news…
    Funny, that…

  14. Diarrhea O’ briain is a fucking Marty feldman look a like not as funny either not that Marty was that funny to begin with… Actually Marty was a shite comedian but was a good actor and comedy writer had some good one liners too… Dara isnt that a female name?… whatever just more of a cunt

    • Him and Graham Norton are two Oirish coints who have to go “Ehhmmm” every time they make a “joke” to indicate to the audience that they are supposed to be laughing. They are the Prince and Princess to Brendan O’Carroll’s King of Irish unfunny cunts. Fuckin hate them.

      • Come to think of it Feldman did “ehhmmm” quite a bit, his igor character and sherlocks assistant did it alot if Im not mistaken Martys definitely has bigger eyes but Dara isn’t far off

        • Feldman was much funnier than that smug bogtrotting cunt, Diarrhoea O’ Baldy…. Marty’s ‘Long Distance Golfer’ is a classic…

    • It was suppressed when I tried to view it.

      No doubt some other “peaceful’ atrocity that the neo-liberal pandering press agencies and social meejah oligarchs have suppressed on our behalf.

      O’course I’m just guessing there…

  15. Today is a very sad day.

    Today, the worlds greatest ever CUNT, Brendan Rodgers, becomes a managerial “legend”

    His piss poor Celtic side have won their piss poor league.

    It is one of the easiest achievements in football, but coz its everybody’s second favourite club (aye, right) and Rodgers is loved by the media this will go down as a triumph.

    Fuckin Wigan are a better outfit than Celtic.

    Brendan Rodgers is a cunt, and has shown cuntish character and is always an outstanding cunt.

    • I know it might be a bit cruel to take pleasure in the suffering of others, but I think Celtic should be given a go in the premiership. Seeing them getting thrashed week in week out would take a long time to get old.

      • That’d be funny… Burnley and Stoke would knock the shit out of them, and Spurs and Chelsea would score into double figures…

    • Rodgers is a cunt… Fucking Bury FC could win that Scottish Premiership without breaking sweat… And I hate any United ‘fans’ that say Celtic are their ‘second team’… What utter bollocks… The whole point of supporting a team is doing just that.,. There should be no’ second team’… When United played Celtic in Europe a while back what did these clueless cunts do then?… Anyone who supports any team ‘and Celtic’ is a pure cunt… I don’t give a fuck about the IRA loving cunts… And not unlike United forever overshadowing City in Manchester, everyone knows that Rangers will always outdo the Fenians where glamour and mystique is concerned….

    • I know it bloody disgusts me too M8 I probably bring up swedens corruption/migrant/crime problem the most here much to the annoyance of other cunters probably…

      But if you wish to find out more I recommend watching Tim Pools series on youtube he was mocked and got death threats for reporting it, Yes thats right they didn’t want him to find anything they didn’t want Trump to be proven right about sweden because it destroys the peaceful refugee narrative

    • Thank you for the information, Skidmark Eggfart, but I have to apologize for only reading half of the first report.

      I couldn’t take anymore.

      I swear, if I wasn’t a father, I’d be severely bashing these cunts on a daily basis.

      My daughter doesn’t need her Papa in the jail.

      I’ve mentioned many times that my peaceful neighbour is shit scared of fighting me without a hammer, but, and its a big but, the cunt isn’t scared of killing me.

      These cunts don’t respect us.

      They’ve been taught their whole life that we are nothing, so bashing the cunts should mean nothing.

      Where have all the chavs of Europe gone ?

      Chavs should be fuckin ashamed of themselves for letting incidents like Sweden and Rochdale happen.

      • I know, BM, it’s fucking sickening but knowledge is power. What is worse is that the MSM refuse point blank to report it and brand any news outlet that does “far right” and “fake news”.

        Something MSM did report is the training of young boys as young as 3 by IS, who in time will no doubt find there way to Calais and be welcomed with open arms by the brainwashed sheeple.


  16. Brendan Rogers? Up his own arse fucking cunt. Remember that Liverpool documentary where he had a portrait of himself on his living room wall? Fuck me, talk about love yourself. I bet he’s got shit paper with his monogrammed initials on. Wanker.

  17. Not that I want to sound Spiveyesque, but would it surprise anyone if this ‘migrant hate crime’ was staged, in order to dampen any anti-terrorist w@g feelings stirring after the Westminster attacks, and to gain sympathy for our little greasy camelshagging ‘refugee’ friends?….

    • Theres nothing Spiveyesque about false flags or covert operations Norman they happen all the time regardless if they are ever proven to be true or false. Its people like spivey who make bad cases for theories especially for his grade level and comprehension of photoshopping and what exactly that “proves” to begin with is anybodys guess

      • Talking of spivys false flags, that Glesga bin lorry guy, Harry Clarke, has been banned for another three years for driving whist already banned.
        That ban was for murdering innocent shoppers.

        Harry Clarke is a cunt.

        • .. couldn’t believe it .. ‘Banned’ .. the Cunt should never be allowed to hold a driving licence ever, ever, ever again … Could you imagine this Cunt in four years time, driving down a High Street in your town .. your family crossing at a Zebra crossing on red and this Cunt is zonked out driving towards them … ban the Cunt for life !!!

          • He’d still drive banned the stupid old cunt. Like the driver who’s still driving with 62 Yep FUCKING 62!!!! points. And there are 12000 of those out there drivers with more than 12 points still driving. Fuck knows how but system seems ripe for a change to me.

  18. Darcus Howe is dead. I remember Chris Morris making an almighty cunt out of him in an interview years back. Showed the attention-seeking, career-victim up for what he was.

    • Darcus is dead? How?

      His parents called their black baby Darcus.

      Never heard of him, and if he was a good guy, I apologize for making light of him, but if he was a cunt, I don’t.

      Rip, Darkass. 🙂

      • I think his parents were very forward-thinking….far easier to just shout “Darky” than trying to remember Goodwilly Umbogo Rastus every time they wanted him in for his dinner….cause it could have ended in confusion and resulted in a stampede akin to “Zulu”.

      • Oh Darcus was a cunt don’t worry. Always crying about the poor disadvantaged black yoof but abandoned his own family, didn’t see his son for years until the cunt ended up in prison, yet another victim of the racist state. I remember the time he went to Bradford to embrace his Muslim brothers and fellow victims of racism. A bunch of young Camel drivers with Yorkshire accents told him to “fuck off, we don’t want your sort round here”. The look on his face was priceless. I saw him about 4 years ago outside Brixton station, looking around expecting to be recognized. Nobody knew who he was…just another old black cunt.

      • I apologize for making light of him?
        Bit difficult that, birdman…

        File Howe alongside Jesse Jackson and Ballsack Obama in the ‘Use racial issues to raise my own profile and for my own ends’ club…

    • I remember shouting at the TV in my teens whenever he was on TV.Pretty much a male Diane Abbott.I remember he once accused Joan Rivers of being racist and she tore him a new arsehole.

      • Howe was with blacks like Scousers with Hillsborough and Heysel (and pretty much everything else): Always the victims! Never their fault!

      • I hate civil rights activists they are usually dishonest and generally are shit stirrers in politics. You get the occasional genuinely good one but they are mostly cunts out to make a name

  19. It turns out the boys who gave the sand w@g a slap were………..w@gs themselves!!!

    They had been drinking in their local juicer, called the Goat. The Pub is called the ‘The Goat’ it used to be called the St Robert Peel but had a name change a few years back. What culture would change the name of a Pub to the Goat? The landlord is called Patson Ngoma and the place is known for it’s Zambian cuisine. Here is a photo of the pubs beer garden, I can only see 1 white face.


    It’s not certain the assailants were s@mbos, but I’d bet good money at least a few of them were. Doesn’t really fit in with the racist hate crime narrative as we all know only white eyes can be racist and hateful.

    • Sounds like a mugging gone wrong….they were probably after his brand new i-phone,and he didn’t want to hand it over because it had all the clips of him abusing children on it.

      • Sand w@gs hate real w@gs with a passion. Mo the mighty used to call them raisin heads so it’s entirely possible he was giving the brothers some evil stares and they came over and sorted him out.

    • Fuck a duck that boozer is in Shirley just down the road. Never been in there but there’s a school near there where you don’t see many white faces at chucking out time.I think there’s a lot of Africans round there because there’s another pub called the Goldcoast which is definitely a Ghanaian pub. I remember when Ghana won some big World Cup game and they spilled out on the road and blocked all the fucking traffic. Fuck me, is this England?

      • Ghanaian pubs!?!?!?

        That’s bad, innit?

        Do ye’s also have a rise in hooka pipe smoking cafés ?

        Full of our peaceful cousins and hipsters.

        Good targets if that’s yer thing. 🙂

        • This is London the capital of international diversity. Are you telling me that you’ve never sat in a traffic jam while the coppers clear 2 hundred dancing Ghanaians out of the road? You haven’t lived mate. Refugees welcome!

      • Did a contract in Shirley once many years back. That big PowerGen building on the crossroads. Gather it’s been vacated.

        My endearing memory of the place was the curries we used to get in the rather oddly named “Shirley Temple”…

    • Expect the self serving smear of slaphead snowflake slime, Gavin Barwell , to backtrack and say, “I was misinterpreted when I said these misunderstood gentlemen were scum… When I said ‘scum’ I meant ‘white’…

      • Norman.

        As a representative of the Bald community, Mr Banwell MP’s actions and comments are condemned by the Bald Community and we consider him a cunt.

        • Cheers, Harry… Didn’t hear a peep out of Banwell when a copper and others were murdered at Westminster… Yet the cunt is up in arms because one of our little ‘refugee’ friends is on the receiving end… The man is a servile, anti-white, anti-English cunt..

    • Maybe he’s a porridge-wog, as in “My Da couldnae spell Paterson”…

    • All those flags on the fence in the background, and not one Union Jack. Always nice to see their indifference to Britain on full display.

  20. Fuck me, there must be someone at the BBC with a PhD in Cuntology.

    They have dug out this little pearl.

    “This is Muna, a band from Los Angeles, and they are on a mission to help all their fans feel at ease at their gigs.
    They want to create “space that’s inclusive and non-threatening” says keyboardist/guitarist Naomi McPherson.
    That includes getting venues to label their toilets “gender neutral”, which means that someone of any gender or gender identity can use either toilet.
    “We’ve had great luck to make a good majority of our fan base feel physically safe,” she explains.”

    “”Some people have been funny about it,” says Josette Maskin. “We’ve never got actual backlash but some people just don’t get it still.
    “They say, ‘You know there are urinals in one of the restrooms?’ and we say, ‘We’re not asking to take them out.'”

    So young girls who may go and see Munta are going to feel safe with a 6ft Tranny walking into the fantastic gender neutral toilets.

    Safe space? Festering toxic environment.

    No one is going to convince me that toilets in public areas should gender neutral.

    They can call me trans-phobic homophobic. a bigot any fucking name they want to throw at me. The BBC nor any other cunt is going to say this is normal.

    There is a theory that civilisations in decline become more hedonistic and liberal towards the end.

    Fucked up narcissist society? Check
    Barbarians surrounding it waiting to attack? Check

    Enjoy your lives as much as you can, we are on the way out.

    • Who the fuck are Muna?!! I bet that they are total shite and that only weirdo misandrist dykes, or fat ugly never been shagged birds like them… A bit like those other frumpy dog’s dinner lezzer favourites, Sleater Kinney… Fucking crap…

    • Naomi and Josette are a couple of pretentious privileged arseholes.

    • I think ladies – even snowflake libtard ones – will get fed up of being “right on” with regards to gender neutral bogs once a few gender neutral blokes have had a few pints and start to miss the bowl by some margin…and there’s no bog roll to wipe the seat!

      They’ll have to perfect their Super G Slalom stance to avoid touchdown in a pool of piss!

      Mind you a tampon in the urinal is no fun either!

      Gender neutral, for fuck’s sake! Have some common fucking sense!

      • I’ve used unisex toilets in nightclubs.

        Believe me, the female of the species makes a bigger filthier mess than the male.

        Filthy, tampon leaving, non flushing cunt bitches.

  21. Just seen the BBC news on the hate crime in Croydon. Every “local” they interviewed sounded like an African to me. Just saying like…..

    • Freddie! I worry about you living in London, come to Sunderland for your hols! Visit Durham Cathedral, go to a match at the Stadium of light, us sunderland folk would make you most Welcome!

  22. Croydon immigration have added two more questions to refugee application forms in an attempt to weedle out potential terrorists.

    Question 41…. Do you have a beard?

    Question 42…. Does your husband?..

  23. Hipsters and hipster stylists are cunts.

    The other day the missus bought me some jeans, and I’ve just tried them on.

    They’re stretch, skintight Russell Brand esque fuckers, and will need taking back.

    That’s the second time this has happened.

    I will admit my arse looked great in them though. 🙂

    Anyway, hipsters are cunts for a myriad of reasons, but my latest gripe with the cunts is that its getting harder to get jeans that I like.

    Hipster cunts.

    • I’m an unimaginative cunt so I just find a certain brand and model that I like and then that is all I buy. Levis 501s, simples innit?

      • hmmm. bit cuntish that. they are over priced and over hyped. get a nice of denims from Lidls £8. probably wont last as long but just buy another pair!. you could get 7 or 8 pairs for the price of 501 s

  24. I hate the big beard look, looks fuckin stupid, especially the one I saw in my local alcohol emporium provider, it was a lad in 3 quarter length trousers a Hoax t-shirt and a Bald head with stupid eat piercings with hulu hoop sized ear lobes and a fuck off ‘huge’ ginger beard. I stood there with me Fre bentos pie and 8 cans of Speckled Hen waiting while he paid for a bar of Fair chocolate with a credit card, does no one like me pay in cash anymore, or am I just another bald traditional cunt?

    • Cunts who only use Cards to pay are gonna get a cunting soon. The cunts.

      • cunt in my local boozer orders COFFEE and pays by card what a fucking cunt
        by the well that oirish cunt dara is one unfunny cunt

        • im more angry the cunt comes to a pub and orders a coffee to be honest and people do steal bank cards i know you get your money back etc etc but its one annoying cunt of a process

      • That’ll include me, then. I pay by credit card all the time and have a direct to pay off the full balance every month.

        Why? Because I have a cash back card that pays me to use it. Just got £30 last week. Also what cunt carries cash these days? You’re asking for a mugging.

        And the people who hold up queues tend to be old biddies searching through their purses to get the ‘right money’ and dump their small change.

        So bollocks. Pay me to not use my card and I’ll use cash instead….

        • Dead right, Dio… I worked in a shop after I left school and some doddering old cunt would always say ‘Oh, I’ve got the 99p!’ (if something was, say, 2.99), then they’d count 99 fucking pence in shrapnel and hold everything and everyone up…. Never again…

          • Have you ever wondered why they pay you to use your credit card? So they can collect data about you, where you are, what shops you go in and what goods you buy is all valuable information to somebody. By using your cash back credit card you are no longer the customer, you are the product.

          • I use these self-service check-outs at supermarkets to get rid of excess change, though you have to put up with it saying “Do you wish to continue?” I have to stop myself saying out loud “Of course I want to fucking continue!”

        • Cash = no trail, Skidmark is right, these cunts have way too much information on us all and they can fuck off if they think I’ll give them more.
          Dio, surely they don’t lose money by giving you cash back? Even with cash back they must be making money out of you using your credit card? Otherwise they will go under.

          • Nope. They get fuck all from me provided I pay off the balance in full every month – which I do by direct debit.

            They make money from the merchants who pay them for the privilege of providing the ability to take credit cards, but they get fuck all from me. With interest rates so low on my savings, I take every opportunity to make a few quid here and there. It all adds up. It’s a John Lewis Partnership Mastercard in case you’re wondering.

            I have an M&S one as well. Same deal. Cash comes back in vouchers every so often…

  25. Fair trade chocolate! My English and grammar is most appalling, one apologises for ones failure in the above comment. More Speckled Hen needed.

  26. I always have cash when I go to pay for petrol, and it pisses me off when people pay by card:
    Can you insert your card.
    Can you insert your pin…..(brief moment of silence) card accepted.
    Can you remove you card.
    Do you want a receipt?

    Me, that’s £30, me “there you go” bye! Simple!!!

  27. Wonder how the ABBC is going to ‘report’ this ‘hate crime’ in Croydon now?…
    Doesn’t quite fit in now, does it?… What with their endless ‘Black & British’ propaganda,
    and their all new black lesbian Doctor Who sidekick (who ‘won’ the black actresses only auditions), does it?…. What will ‘Sir’ Henry Lenny say?!…. Not enough blacks on the telly? There fucking well is now….

    I mean, are they going to call a bunch of black lads doing over a ‘migrant’ a ‘diversity crime’, or what?….

    • What about a remake of Boys From The Black Stuff ?

      The Boys From The Black Muff.

      With Yassif Hughes telling all white girls,

      “Gizza blow-job”

  28. This cunt’s horrible face has even been seen on Oz TV. I didn’t like the look of him when I first saw him and nothing has changed.
    Well cunted, Freddie The Frog.

    ps what’s with the new bloke asking how to join? Must be a daft cunt … He’ll fit right in.

  29. A cunting for cunts who only pay by card,

    What’s wrong with a bit of old fashioned cash? Lovely cocaine laced cash. Card this card that, some cunts will pay for a fucking 10p sweet with a card the cunts, don’t you care about the poor shop who have to pay to rent these cunting machines? Or holding up other cunts whilst the fucking machine works? Nothing like a bit of physical cash in my hand not some plastic that transfers invisible money. Don’t you feel sorry for the poor dodgy cunts who are desperately trying to get money in the fucking bank so use up their ‘ill gotten gained’ cash to live off and let the honest money build up in the bank? Not that I would know anything about that but Cmon your all contributing to a cashless society and before you know it you’ll be paying for goods with a chip implanted in your hand. Don’t get me started on the cunts who take an hour to get some cash out of a cash machine.
    If the police are reading I know naffink abaaat it.

  30. Latest news is that ten poor souls have been murdered in St Petersburg.

    No one has revealed anymore details yet, but as I type, al jafuckinzeera are making excuses, by slating Russia’s role in Syria and the way Russian intelligence services have been treating innocent Muslims accused of being rat cunts.

    They are basically making excuses for terrorism, I shit you not.

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard such nonsense.
    And I’m sad and angry.

    Vladimir Putin is in St Petersburg, so it obvious why this has happened.

    How much more can people take?

    I’m waiting for the usual “its the world we live in”, we must accept getting murdered” “Islamist terrorism is what makes Europe great”

    Time for everyone to get fighting fit.
    Get off yer arses, put on Gonna Fly Now, and bulk yerself up for the uncivil war coming our way.

    And hammer a nail into the end of a bat.

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • The cunts at al Jazeera are asking if its too early to call it a terrorist attack.

      Two fucking separate explosions in trains.
      At least ten dead an fifty injured.


      The Aussie bitch presenting has just asked if Russia should have expected this.

      I’m going to the outdoor gym.

      These cunts have got me wound up.

      • You think its just al Jazeera who does “not true islam” reporting? all mainstream news all does this and its sickening.

        NYT, washington post does it constantly writing up companion pieces shielding terrorism. CNN are so progressive when they do their NTI shielding that they have become the least watched news station at the moment

        Heres coulters law https://i.redd.it/pagtrq5snzmy.png

        • Al Jazeera is the only English speaking news channel I have at home.
          On the radio, I get BFBS (force’s radio) and in the evening, BBC radio.

          There is the Spanish news channel, but even though I’m fluent in Spanish, I’ve never felt comfortable watching the news or documentaries in spanish., in case I miss the odd “technical” explanation.

          Anything I miss, I get to catch up on, thanks to good guys like yerself keeping me informed with yer uploads(?).

          Cheers guys. 🙂

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