Bureaucracy is a cunt. It suppresses the populous and stifles innovation and development. Bureaucracy is pro the status quo, the reason dictatorships love it so much. Every dictatorship in history, from the Romans to the Nazis had huge bureaucracies to regulate and stifle change.

Spain is no exception. Until the death of Franco in 1975 Spain was a fascist dictatorship and true to form had a huge and complex bureaucracy which persists to this day. It is not just official government bodies which are bureaucratic, but private organisations and companies have hugely complicated internal systems too. A private housing estate of 200 houses and flats has a president, a vice president and 3 deputy presidents. Why?

Iโ€™m currently selling a motorbike in Spain. In UK a simple task to change ownership of a vehicle, just fill in the log book and send it off to DVLA and within a week new papers will be issued. Costs you the price of a stamp and an envelope. Not is Spain however. I canโ€™t even describe the process for transferring a vehicle in Spain, it is so complicated. Not only that but costly, I have to pay tax on the selling price, the buyer has to take a day off work to visit the traffic department in person and pay a fee to have new documents made in his name. Most people, including the Spaniards themselves, employ a professional to do it for them, a kind of paralegal called a Gestor, more expense.

On top of that cancelling the insurance is no simple task either. You must inform the insurance company, in writing on the correct form that you no longer wish to renew the insurance at least a month before the renewal date and if this is due to sale of the vehicle official documents to prove the sale must be provided. Failure to comply with the letter of these requirements will result in them charging you the full premium by direct debit which you cannot stop, every year, FOREVER!!! And there is not a fucking thing you can do about it!

Itโ€™s a fucking Kafkaesque nightmare of a place. By all means visit Spain on holiday, enjoy the sunshine and cheap booze, but never ever contemplate living there.

Not only does bureaucracy stifle innovation and growth, it actively encourages corruption. The more complex the rules, the more likely people are to circumvent them. Is it any wonder that highly bureaucratic places have poor economies and high corruption? Not only this, it is expensive to maintain all those cunts doing mindless paperwork, that is why taxes are high in large bureaucracies, prime example the EU which spends ยฃ130 million a year just to allow the European Parliament to decamp from Belgium to France every month, because it is in the rules that they should do so.

And those working in bureaucracies are cunts and all, dictatorial jobs worth twats who know full well they are in a job for life so long as they continue to enforce the same repressive procedures. Bureaucracies are full of people doing their job but precious few actually working. Cunts!!!

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  1. Just like in the NHS, Rail network, police etc all those extra billions put into help the patient s just evaporates before it gets anywhere near the people who really need it.

    All a bunch of greedy yuppie cunts who make sure that they line their pockets with most of that money ,our money bloody wankers.

    how can a middle manager bureaucrat in a hospital earn more then the prime minister does ??.

    • The real money has always been in line toeing. If your thick as fuck, sometimes the only smart thing you can do is exactly what some other cunt tells you.

  2. Suppose no one had Allan Holdsworth?! dead at 70 years Sad he died he was a great guitarist perhaps the best in jazz fusion/progressive rock genre

    The UKs debut album was always a favorite of mine, you cunters should check it out if you got time to kill https://youtu.be/PkD-j_1eoSY

    • I would have gave it a geez, but coz you mentioned “jazz” , i gave it a miss.
      Jazz does nothing for me apart from maybe winding me up.

      I’m not knocking anybody for liking it, its just something i cant get my head around.

      I’m off to the park to take this flute for a walk. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Jazz boils my piss, bunch of up their own arse pretentious cunts making unlistenable garbage for a bunch of up their own arse pretentious cunts to tap their toes to. Cunts all round.

        • I was trying to be polite, bank holiday and all that, but yeah, I’ll go along with what you said, Skidmark Eggfart.

          I’d cunt Miles Davis, but all i know about him is he’s a jazz playing cunt.
          Or was, i don’t know, hopefully was.

          • I actually tried to get into Miles Davis as I’d heard he is supposed to be some kind of musical genius. Musical fucking wanker if you ask me, tugging away in ever decreasing circles until he disappears up his own black arse hole. Cunt.

          • Well if you don’t like it thats fine birdman but if haven’t even listened to the bloody song how can you knock it? I agree about Miles Davis can’t stand his bloopy bleeping shite. Most Jazz is pretentious crap I know I’ve listened to alot of it out of boredom but fusion isn’t quite jazz

            Jazz fusion is kind of a catch all term not to mention Holdsworth was more instrumental guitar rock/Prog using a guitar synth

          • I even hated Johnny Hates Jazz coz they had the word “jazz” in their name, without listening to their songs.
            Years later i realized that they hated jazz too, but the word “jazz” blurred my senses.

            I’ve never denied my limited tastes in music.
            I have my wall of sound and i rarely let any other cunt in.

            I listen to
            Beady eye
            The Charlatans/Tim Burgess
            The Doors
            The Blutones
            The Seahorses
            Sixto Rodriguez
            The Proclaimers
            Ocean Colour Scene
            Nineteen Nineties
            Super tramp
            Reverend And The Makers
            The Stone Roses
            Ian Brown
            The Bunnymen
            Mando Diao
            New Order
            Vetusta Morla
            Happy Mondays
            Talking Heads
            That’s about it, and if I’ve forgotten a band, well they ain’t that important to me.

            Birdman Hates Jazz. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Jazz is shit bunch of pretentious cunts trying to show how good they are by playing ever increasing random shit on their chosen instrument. You can go fuck yourself if you like jazz, and I will add you to my list for the deadpool in the hope you are next. fuck the bank holiday, I am not feeling polite ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Shame about Alan Titslapper. Try consoling yourself with Snowy White, My Midnight Blues. ( fucking great )

      • The Fast Show and John Thomsons’ character Louis ” Jazz mmmm nice”. You fellow cunters have just cunted me as I listen to some jazz but my two fave bands are both Australian, ( no doubt you will cunt me for that as well ) Cold Chisel and Hunters and Collectors.

  3. I don’t want to go on and on about my neighbour, and the only reason I’m bringing the cunt up is coz i want to talk about addiction.
    Addiction to ISAC that is.

    Since i found this sight, I’ve been on it most days.
    If I’m busy i cant wait for a break to see what brilliant, interesting and hilarious cunting my fellow cunters come away with.
    There’s never been a day that I’ve been let down, so that makes the addiction to ISAC stronger.

    Yesterday, after the incident with that cunt downstairs, i realized my addiction may be taking over.
    The reason i suspect this is coz yesterday i was typing a comment when that cunt wound me up, and what i did was the actions of an addict.
    I was typing, heard banging, put my phone down, went upstairs, shouted at the cunt, grabbed him and punched him three or four times, got pulled apart by the neighbours, came back downstairs, picked up my phone and carried on cunting.

    All of that was done calmly as fuck.
    It looks like nothing gets in the way if my cunting.

    And you know what ?
    I don’t want to quit this addiction.

    • I know what you mean. I was in Thailand the back end of last year so was 6 or 7 hours ahead and on several occasions I was on ISAC all night. So I decided to give it a rest, didn’t even look at the site for 6 months.

      Addiction, in any form is a cunt. It robs you of free will and if you have an addictive personality it shows there is something big missing from your life, a hole you are trying to fill with booze or drugs or sex or ISAC.

      • Drug’s, Sex, a nice piece of cunt and is a cunt.
        Whats wrong with that?
        Ive given up the drugs since Barcelona. Still addicted to Coffee though, never giving that up.

        • Internet addiction to forums is a real thing, electronics,computers in general have robbed us of social interaction but internet usage in excess is a drug. I remember like it was yesterday the guy I was buying dope from was like “psst hey kid you ever try IAC.com before?” being the inexperienced cunt I said “no, is it fun?” he replied with this very creepy laugh “the best fun you ever had in your life”

          The moral of the story is he was a lying creepy cunt and don’t get site suggestions from drug dealers oh and don’t do drugs that too… well unless you’re suicidal anyway

  4. Dirty Harry had a couple of good quotes about bureaucrats:

    “I’m coming over there right now you pencil pushing son of a bitch.”

    “Personnel? That’s for assholes.”

    I believe the second quote caused personnel departments all over the world to eventually change to “human resources.” You can change all the fucking names you like an arsehole is an arsehole and a cunt will always be a cunt.

    • “A mans got to know his limitations” I use that one far too often ๐Ÿ˜€

    • That just leads to the other highest cunt s on the planet , Marketing dept.

      those useless wank stained twats will have got paid thousands for that change of name.probably spent whole 5 minutes coming up with
      ” human resources “, sipping on there over priced coffee clicking away on there over priced under powered mac books.

      Why do we as a society allow these useless cunts to earn so much for so little. While the ppl who do all the back breaking work and the long hours get a pittance and with ruined health thrown in.

      Fuck them all take them outside and cut their hearts out with a dull rusty spoon!!.

  5. A very off topic reply. Bit of rant and reason.

    Thieving pikey scum. Well today is your cunting tomorrow your come upance.
    Twice I have been targeted as a cheap buck,the first time a massive failure the second time ultimately successful, yes the hundreds of pounds worth of power tools you stole and sold down the pub has upset me,but their are a few things you didn’t realise.
    1,I have just been diagnosed with a life changing condition.
    2. I fix power tools for a living.
    3. I have access to quite a supply of non working tools.
    4. I was trained in EOD, meaning if I can break them I can make them.
    So I have come up with a few novelty items, we have the tool designed to electrocute the user, and my personal favourite the box set,crossed with a tin of gloss paint mixed with dog shit, a car airbag a high amp battery and a trigger switch.
    A sort of MOAB jack in the box.
    You see their is some justice in the world,just got to make it happen.

    • Sorry to hear of your diagnosis LB, life really can be a cunt, and it’s usually to people who don’t deserve it.
      As for gyppos, I really can’t stand them. How the fuck a supposed lawful society puts up with the criminality and mess these cunts cunts continually make is beyond me. In fact, there are laws to protect them and their scummy way of life. I wish we could concentrate them, in a camp maybe, with a big shower block, to give them all a good wash. More fucking ‘diversity’ enriching our drab little boring law abiding, accommodating lives. What cunts we are eh?

      • “Concentrate them in a camp with a big shower block.” Yeah, I think we know where you are going with that one.

      • One way of getting rid of them. Set thier fucking caravans on fire, that dies the trick. A few years ago they sited up at a park not far from where I live. Well the locals, mainly council estate residents who don’t give a fuck did exactly that. The pikeys were gone within a day. Now that’s what I call fast justice. Bollocks to the slow drawn out legal system.

    • The reasons Pikies take the piss is because they are allowed to, prosecuting a pikey is practically impossible. The old bill just cant be arsed wasting their time trying to find the cunts and get them into court, if they do get them to court the Judge will let them go rather than be called a racist.

      Tattoo the cunts with a number and micro chip them, maybe a tad to far?

      Certainly don’t buy fuck all off them, it will be someones misery you are buying for them to piss up the wall. This sorry tale just highlights the truth of their “culture”.

      If we do business with pikies and the cunts will have no reason to be here.

  6. I wish they’d hurry up and kick off ww3 in N Korea. Its getting boring now. Get on with it, you cunts!

  7. The ISAC sites a sanity saver for me, living in the Brighton/ hove I’m surrounded by some of the most annoying liberal Cunts in Britain! The green council make my life a fuckin misery!!, from spiralling council tax, shitty bin collections, speed bumps, 20 mph speed limits and enough advisory signs to keep the most bureaucratic arsehole happy!!
    The council even tried to introduce a permit for having a BBQ on the beach!!, it’s a great city but full of Cunts, I’m pretty sure Cunts actually move here just to be with like minded people, unsurprisingly it voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU!! ๐Ÿ˜ก, so ISAC is my therapy, it’s given me many a good laugh , keep up the sterling work cunters…..

    • Is it true that there’s an area of Brighton called “Camptown” because all the poofs live there? Somebody told me that but I thought it was a wind-up.

      • No, its true. Infested with bum boys. I used to live in Hove, slightly less puffy but still full of right on left wing cunts.

        • Thanks, I owe someone an apology. I drove into Brighton once and saw about 30 blokes riding bicycles stark bollock naked! I presume they were part of the poof population. Filthy exhibitionist cunts.

      • 100% true …. kemptown …..
        l moved Down from Essex border London back in 1999, good move but so many right on Cunts!! ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก

      • That would be Kemptown then. I know a bloke who lives on the top floor of a block of flats there,which overlooks the back of a hospital. He had a telescope set up near one of the windows,because he liked to watch the ferries coming in. Imagine my surprise when I looked through it one evening and saw one bloke enthusiastically bumming another bloke behind the hospital bins!

    • You are going to end up like Charton Heston in the “Omega Man”, taking pot shots from your balcony at lefty, faggoty, mincing snowflakes.

      The last hetro left in Brighton

      • I’ve checked in on this esteemed website every evening for the past two years. I don’t post much but I always get a fucking good laugh out of it and it’s a refreshing change to see more, ahem, “robust” opinions being expressed.
        Best to make the most of it while it’s still permitted because the cunts will come for us eventually. Censorship disguised as “caring” and “protection”, that sort of thing.
        Only a matter of time…

        • For me, ISAC is the last stronghold of commonsense in this fucked-out unicorn jockeying shitroll of a world. Similar to when Clive James asked Oliver Reed why he drank so much, to which Reed replied “because the finest people I’ve ever met in my life are in pubs”…the finest free-speechers and commonsense followers are all on ISAC. Essential therapy is found here. Snowflakes can cunt out.

  8. Got to love the pictures of Turks celebrating their country’s potential return to the tenth century. There was one, with three hot looking women, all western looking, waving banners celebrating tyrant Erdogan and his vote on giving him absolute power, like a ‘peaceful’ version of Putin. Let’s see how celebratory they feel, when they have to cover up and wear the head bag, and no more driving/voting/equality for them.

    • It’s amusing to see those criticising the death of democracy in Turkey are exactly the same people who voted to remain in the EU and call all leave voters dumb uneducated racist cunts who should not be allowed to vote. The irony!

  9. Bureaucracy! The Governments fucking tortuous grip upon the throat of us poor mortal men!
    Regulars here may recall I have just retired from HM Immigration…..Yes folks…HMI
    Now that is a bureaucracy! The fucking stories I could tell you about that Monster.
    Now you know why we lost so many fucking files, and the numbers were always cooked.
    I used to do “Takes” and “Rule 35 ” Fuck me. Every case was Mohammed, or Mohamed , or Muhammed or Muhamed, Mohammod or any combination of fucking Mohammed, and every single one was d.o.b. 01. 01 and an approximate year.
    You try and make a filing system that can cope with that shite. Every cunts dob was 01/01. It was a fucking nightmare.
    The Legal Eagles were on site signing up the cunts before we could even process the rag headed bastards. Those who could read had scripts of what to say, and those who couldn’t just made up any old shite. Christ , the job was a fucking nightmare. The shite I ( and others ) had to take from these cunts was beyond belief. Thought Police were every fucking where.

    Why whinge now?..Well I’m retired now..have me pension..and no longer have to take crap from brown / black//yellow/Roma..little shites I can now say what I have always wanted to say over my desk. ” Here cunt…here’s 10 fucking pence…go phone some fucker who cares…now fuck off!

    Bureaucracy and PC ….Fuck it all. Cunts

    • Good point, Asimplearsehole. In future any cunt wanting to get in the country who is called mohamed or any variant there of and whose birthday is 01.01 should have a fucking bar code tattooed on there fucking forehead for security purposes. And if the cunts complain, it was only what the peaceful folk did to the 4x2s when they occupied Spain so we’d only be taking a leaf from their own book. The cunts.

      • Y’know skid…you always come up with some really good ideas…May I however make a small suggestion ? I like the idea of a barcode. But to be all inclusive we should consider all those who are unfortunately blind…..how about we do the barcode on their foreheads with a nail gun ? That way blind fuckers can use the nail heads as braille….. just a suggestion mate.

  10. Booking a train ticket in India, that’s a lesson in bureaucracy. Men in this line women over there, form B11 subsection 2 er no I mean 3, don’t speak English, chat to my mate for 20 minutes, now closing the window and fucking off to lunch. Should have gone local and just sat on the fucking roof.

    • Been there, done that. Spent all day in a sticking sweatbox of an office surrounded by stinking vermin and in the end I got number 1032 on the fucking waiting list. In the end I said fuck it and just hired a driver to take me.

      • Took General Class a few times which is really just a free for all on who can shove any poor fucker out the way and get on. Made the Tube look like the Orient Express.

  11. Antifa have been busy showing their true colours recently, especially in the US. In the last week, a group of these unwashed cock jockeys turned at UC Berkley to try to deny a group of Donald Trump supporters their right to free speech. Thereby proving Churchill correct when he said, “The Fascists of the future will call themselves Anti-Fascists”. Although despite turning up with weapons, with which to beat the unarmed Trump supporters, they managed to turn victory into defeat.

    It started with pepper spray, bricks and stones. Then someone had the bright idea of throwing a smoke grenade to cover an Antifa charge. From a military perspective, that’s not a bad idea. Unfortunately for Antifa, they’re not very bright, especially the clown who threw the grenade, because nobody thought to check which way the wind was blowing.

    Anybody care to guess what happened next? Yeessss! The smoke from the grenade blew back into the Antifa ranks, allowing the Trump supporters the chance to defend themselves. Despite being unarmed, they turned an unprovoked attack by left wing scum into a rout.

    One of the funniest things about this, has been the whingeing from the left after a video of a female Antifa dickhead getting punched squarely in the face by a male Trump supporter. Now, I don’t normally support violence against women. However, this bitch had gone their specifically to fight, having boasted that she would get “100 right wing scalps”.

    Her getting punched isn’t what amuses me. It’s all the left wingers, who continually tell us that gender is irrelevant and that the concept of man and woman is a myth, are now whingeing that it’s wrong to hit a woman. Well, welcome to the real world snowflakes. A world where, if you turn up to an otherwise peaceful gathering of people whose views differ from yours, with the intention of committing violence, you’re going to find that people will not simply stand by and let you hit them. They will hit back.

    The saddest thing about this, is that the police were apparently ordered to stay in their vehicles and do nothing. An order which they cravenly obeyed to the letter. Cunts.

      • Oh man, that’s fucking priceless! The dreadlock warrior crying like a child. Haha fucking ha. If I went a threw bricks and smoke grenades at people, I’d fully expect to get a punch in the face. But Ms Right On seems a bit surprised by it all.
        Cheers Skiddy, that’s a great start to my day.

      • I pause it just as the fist connects. The truly sad thing about this, is that I’ve seen photos of her before she had her brain removed and became a libtard. She was fucking well fit. What a waste.

    • I wonder if Trump gave that order? Let the antifa get the shit beaten out of them..
      I like the story, and the point you make is terrific. Gender retards and fucking snowflakes. Cunts

    • It’s the same with the UAF here, every time they go out to ‘peacefully’ demonstrate against the far right fuckers, they always kick off. Mind you, I bet they wouldn’t if the cozzers weren’t there to protect them.

  12. Bureaucrats exist purely to make the average Joe’s life a misery.

    A film worth watching, if you can find it, is called “We’re here to help”.
    It’s a true story comedy/drama about David Henderson, a property developer here in NZ, and his one man stand against the IRD (tax man).

    Insightful as to the sheer pettiness of a Government agency, and their overwhelming desire to keep the little man down.

    David’s ultimate victory came at great personal and emotional cost, but the way he got his own back is a terrific “Fuck You” to the pen pushing cunts.

  13. You know how many times you hear that we need immigration into the West from non Western countries, that it is not only an economic necessity but that the resultant diversity strengthens society as a whole? Well, its all a load of bollocks and here is the proof.


  14. Sky news, the cunts, have sent a special reporter to go round Africa to tell us how shit it is there. Well, fuck me! I’m certainly glad we have Sky news, the cunts, to tell us what has been plain to everyone else for hundreds of years.

    All feeding into the pro migrant agenda they have, as if to build sympathy for the completely illegal, unwanted and dangerous horde which will be no doubt setting sail to Europe across the Med. Cunts.

  15. Apart from Kebab shops, phone shops, halal butchers, rape, murder, rug shops, child rape, mayor of London, human trafficking, ghettos, animal rape, carnage, beards, hooka pipes, taxi drivers, the end of Cat Stevens career, no go areas in British towns/cities, burkas, Al Jazeera, Zane Malik, Amir Khan, and total destruction of the British way of life,
    What have the Muslims ever done for the West?

    • Well they shut the Animal Rights mob up good and proper. Apparently appeasing the absurd religious superstitions of these primitive morons is more important than wicked cruelty to animals. It’s amazing how easily the Tinkerbells’ political priorities can so easily change. Where are the Animal Rights cunts these days? Too busy waiting to be told what to cry about next. Personally I’ll take my chances with our local urban foxes than any dirty Camel driving cunt any day of the week….and you can stick your halal chicken up your arse! It’s pork chops for me and once we’re out of the fucking EU we might be able to buy one with a kidney attatched again. Fuck the Muzzies and fuck the fucking EU!

  16. Al Jazeera,

    “Marine Le Pen says she’s going to tackle, what SHE calls, extreme Islam”

    And that’s a bad thing?????????

    • I’d like to vote for her, twice if possible, and three times during Ramadan!

      Fucking “peaceful” cunts!

      • Oh and she doesn’t need to qualify it with “extreme”.

        Just as it comes is fine by me.

        Fucking “peaceful” cunts!

  17. Bureaucracy?

    Don’t go any further, or is that Fรผhrer, than the Health & Safety Executive!

    If ever a branch of Government existed for existences sake, driven by the bureaucratic (bullshit) regulations of the EU to facilitate:

    a) The legalised robbery of small businesses across the land, having to meet every HSE directive (which they can’t afford) or face huge fines (which they can’t afford).

    b) Coming up with pointless (expensive) bureaucracy where (free) common sense used to suffice.

    c) Providing positions (of faux power) within workplaces to enforce said bureaucracy (usually given to Little Napoleon’s who were shit at their own job but who now who relish making everyone else’s working lives a misery).

    d) A “blame & claim” driven society! “Wey’ull there was no soign sayin’ I couldn’t use an extension lead for moy drill fixing the swimmin’ barf loights! In’it!”

    e) A bone idle workforce. “Sorry gav’. Can’t do that it’s the wrorrrrng ladder in’it! Nah, can’t fetch the other on neevah coohse it’s too ‘eavy, in’it! Nah, can’t use the forklift coohse Steve ain’t in an’ee droives it! In’it!”

    Once we banjo the EU 4th Reich we really ought to take the volumes of Health & Safety Executive bullshit and replace it with a pamphlet which says: “Use common sense! If it seems unsafe, then don’t do it. If it’s unsafe and you do it anyway – your fault! If you didn’t realise it wasn’t safe in the first place then the Darwin Awards thanks you for you sacrifice and for improving the gene pool.”


  18. The more rules and regulations there are, the thicker, lazier and sloppier the people they are supposed to “protect” become, because the perceived requirement to exercise awareness and initiative is reduced.
    For example. More complex driving test? More people driving like cunts…

    Mostly in German cars…

  19. anybody watching the snooker? theres a black bloke called Mcleod playing. i don’t know if he’s a Muslim or not ( he has a Muslim type beard ) but what struck me was the little advertising badge he’s wearing on his waistcoat. it says ISIS. now obviously its the name of a company but isnt it in rather bad taste? shouldnt someone have advised him it may not be the smartest thing to do?

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