Antifa have been busy showing their true colours recently, especially in the US. In the last week, a group of these unwashed cock jockeys turned at UC Berkley to try to deny a group of Donald Trump supporters their right to free speech. Thereby proving Churchill correct when he said, “The Fascists of the future will call themselves Anti-Fascists”. Although despite turning up with weapons, with which to beat the unarmed Trump supporters, they managed to turn victory into defeat.

It started with pepper spray, bricks and stones. Then someone had the bright idea of throwing a smoke grenade to cover an Antifa charge. From a military perspective, that’s not a bad idea. Unfortunately for Antifa, they’re not very bright, especially the clown who threw the grenade, because nobody thought to check which way the wind was blowing.

Anybody care to guess what happened next? Yeessss! The smoke from the grenade blew back into the Antifa ranks, allowing the Trump supporters the chance to defend themselves. Despite being unarmed, they turned an unprovoked attack by left wing scum into a rout.

One of the funniest things about this, has been the whingeing from the left after a video of a female Antifa dickhead getting punched squarely in the face by a male Trump supporter. Now, I don’t normally support violence against women. However, this bitch had gone their specifically to fight, having boasted that she would get “100 right wing scalps”.

Her getting punched isn’t what amuses me. It’s all the left wingers, who continually tell us that gender is irrelevant and that the concept of man and woman is a myth, are now whingeing that it’s wrong to hit a woman. Well, welcome to the real world snowflakes. A world where, if you turn up to an otherwise peaceful gathering of people whose views differ from yours, with the intention of committing violence, you’re going to find that people will not simply stand by and let you hit them. They will hit back.

The saddest thing about this, is that the police were apparently ordered to stay in their vehicles and do nothing. An order which they cravenly obeyed to the letter. Cunts.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

144 thoughts on “Antifa

  1. Childish, naïve, spoilt turds with no understanding of how society actually works.

    • Do you get the feeling that a lot of these cunts are just rebelling against ultra-conservative mummy and daddy?. And that in fifteen or so years time they will be setting up neighbourhood watch committees and complaining about interest rates on their savings? Privileged whiny little cunts.

      • I reckon so.Strangely though my parents are ultra conservative and I am as well.Then again they wherent rich so didnt spoil me.

        • They certainly are tomorrow’s Conservatives. Some of them are just ugly students who are filling the space provided by their social exclusion.

  2. A brilliant and well deserved cunting to a bunch of fuckwits who want everything their own way regardless!
    Well thats life, you go around telling people how wrong they are, you’re going to come across someone who doesn’t agree. Wallop! You stupid cunt.

  3. -“What do we want?”
    ~”Less free speech!”
    -“When do we want it?”


    • “What do we want?”

      “A cure for Tourette’s!”

      “When do we want it?”


  4. Who gives a fuck about these American arseholes anyway? They’re all parochial thick as shit cunts. They can batter the fuck out of each other for all I care. Fuck the lot of ’em.

  5. No idea about Antifa,but a few years ago we knocked seven shades of shite out of a bunch of hippy types who were trying to stop us felling a wood where they gathered their magic mushrooms… Happy days.

  6. Funny as fuck that bragging snowflake silly bitch got a slap… This will happen more and more… The libmongs will cower from any real fight, crawl under their rocks, and go back to being offended on Twatter… Fucking cunts…

    • I’m right behind equality… If any of you cunters have size 20 feet, and steel-toecapped, easy-clean boots, The Flabbott needs it planting in her arse.

  7. :Someone set up a go fund me page for the stupid bitch.She has gotten over $5000.Turns out she is also a hairy porn star.People have found pictures of her from like 3 or 4 years ago and she looks quite stunning.Looking at before and after photos of SJWs is like those before and after drug pictures used to deter people using them.Being at uni for 4 years now has made me see lots of instances like this.Girls go out their way to be repulsive and men gradually lose self respect and balls.Feels like I am in a dementia home sometimes as some people lose all their reason logic and perspective.

    • $5000 for getting punched in the face? Nice work if you can get it. Takes me nearly a month of hard graft to earn that.

      • I wouldn’t mind being chucked off an aircraft by a couple of big hairy neanderthals with one long eyebrow for the estimated $5-6,000,000 that guy in the states is going to get. Not the face, not the face please guys.

    • So, basically, lessons on morality and anti-Trump rhetoric from a fucking slag and cock gobbler?…

      These snowflakes are a laugh a minute, aren’t they?… Bloody priceless….

      • And in an industry where wage inequality is at its most prevalent (women making 5x more than men on average in the mucky movie industry – mind you, you don’t see the fellas complaining 😁)!

        They’re all for equality – when it suits!

  8. I have watched the video many many times and the silly bitch clearly makes a lunge for the guy as she grabs him by the neck. She touches him first and she got a slap for her troubles. How do you like anarchy now, you scruffy cunt?

  9. What a stupid fucking slag. What does she expect. If you’re going to go and scream abuse in peoples faces don’t expect the cunts to just stand by and take it. There in lies the difference between the two sides. One side has the fight in them to put wrong to right. If she wants to carry on like that she needs to become a corporal in the army where she can scream to her hearts content. Dozy cunt.

  10. ANTIFA fits hand in glove with the sixth form politics of the chief constables of almost every force in Britain. Which is why the cops will side with any activist group that enforces the state narrative.

    Police troops on the ground will robotically obey any order, no matter how illegal, and do precisely what their superiors tell them to do. It’s the top brass that need exposing for making these orders to ‘look the other way’, just like this shower of shameless bastards:

    • Exactly the same with Jimmy Savile… The amount of coppers who deliberately ignored any complaints, and the high ranking officers who regularly ‘had tea’ with ‘Sir Jimmy’ is a pretty long list….

  11. Prince William, Harold and that slapper Middleton are a right royal trio of cunts. Apparently we should ditch the stiff upper lip and become a bunch of whining mincers by talking about mental health. Fuck off, you cunts. By doing all this talking, especially to children, you are normalising it, even making it desirable. What’s the betting that soon, after this “lets all talk about it” initiative, we see an explosion in loony kids? How will that be a good thing?

    I appreciate that people do go radio rental, and I have sympathy for the cunts. But then again a lot of people get piles, but I don’t really want to hear about it.

    As a footnote, a report has said nursery school age toddlers need to know about trannies. Apparently it is a conversation which needs to be had and the sooner the better. Well, fine, more “lets talk about it” bollocks then. Just what is this conversation going to be? Two guesses;

    “Trannies are suffering from a mental health problem called gender dysphoria, which although quite serious is very rare affecting only 1 in 2000 people. Like all other mental disorders, it should be treated using a psychiatric and psychological approach and not surgery.”

    “Trannies are very common and really kinda cool. There is nothing abnormal about being a tranny, in fact we are all at least a little bit tranny. Now, little Johny, should I start calling you Jane? After all, you wouldn’t want to be transphobic, would you?”

    I was always taught, “Least said, soonest mended”…….

    • The so-called ‘stiff upper lip died a death years ago… Every fucker openly blubs about anything these days… It’s expected from wimmin, but men -fucking grown men — in tears on shite like X-Factor?! It’s fucking disgusting… Same goes for men who mince about on (anti) social media… Spouting crap like ‘vile’ and ‘unfollowed’ when they see something that ‘offends’ them… Just like that cunt who took to social media whining like a big fucking fairy, because an OAP’s car had ‘photobombed’ ‘his’ photograph… Fucking shithouse…

      And as for ‘Wills’ talking to Chickboy Gaga about mental health? Pass the fucking sick bucket… Mind you, a narcissistic media whore tranny freak loony is as good a place as any to start to discuss these things, I suppose…

      • I wonder what these weak kneed little poofs would have done in 1940 when the Luftwaffe paid us a visit in London for 44 nights on the trot? If they had been around we’d all be crying like gayboys now and their descendents would have their tongues up Merkel’s arsehole. Er…what have I said?

      • I’m old fashioned. I don’t believe in all this fantasy shit. I object strongly to people trying to normalise something that aint normal. Queers aint normal, trannies aint normal, immigration aint normal and so on…

        All senior appointments these days are ( as Megacunt has said ) in keeping with all the PC fucking shite that is currently fucking up the world. A bunch of fucking yes twats.
        Look at the senior military, ( Chief of Staff ) all appointed by the PM, do they say anything about the state of our forces? Naaaa- they wait until they retire , then whinge.
        Society today is fucked, only cunters like us have any fucking sense, and all fucking ISAC contributors should take over the UK – nay even the fucking world! We would sort it out pronto! ( and Graham Norton is fucking mine to deal with ! )

      • “A narcissistic media whore tranny freak loony”? Bit fucking strong, Norman. What’s William ever done to you?

    • I second this, the first thing I saw on leaving the house this morning was this cheeky cunt on the front of a newspaper, basically saying people need to belt up. I don’t necessarily disagree with the sentiment – whatever happened to suffering in silence? – but don’t appreciate it from a cunt who has practically nothing to complain about. And his fucking head looks like a boiled sweet thats been sucked then left in a coat pocket,the cunt.

  12. So Lilly the mongs boyfriend has finally realised she is a total cunt aswell as the rest of the country…utter cunt

    • I think he got fed up of seeing her mug in the “Here I am!” ad campaign which seems to be adorning every bus stop these days.

        • Don’t worry Skid me auld mucka, plenty of 30-40yr old “peaceful” children coming over (at her behest) to fill that gap!

          • That’s probably why her minge is in such disarray, had too much peaceful cock up it. Probably her arse too as I’m sure she would do 2 at a time.

    • I can’t imagine being so desperate that you’d actually WANT to knob something so vacuously far left as the Lily Mong. She’s had more cock than a chicken farm. I’m amazed she didn’t swallow him whole.

      And apparently, her brother, Alfie, has a part in the new Predator movie.

  13. Speaking of equality…the cosmetic surgery industry deserves a cunting for ruining naturally pretty ladies and turning them into parodies of Barbie dolls!

    Anyone else seen the “Get a new rack here!” ad by

    The tag line being: “I’ve got myself a great new set of fruppneys…but I can’t show you on TV of course.” And: “If you could only see what I can see in the mirror…” as a lady does her bra up with her back to the camera.

    Yes because if other (normal) women could see them they’d probably run a mile!

    I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen a set of falsies which look good out of the wrappers! They may look decent inside the fun-bags and with a plummeting “bike stand” cleavage but once removed they all look heinous and exactly what they are – false!

    On the auld Sky 900’s channels when they hit 10pm the “models” can go topless and virtually every one, when they disrobe, who has false tits (about 95% of them) look dreadful – sticky on balloons which don’t move right, a lot with mishapen nipples and – when they’ve overdone the filling – have a London Tube Map of thick blue veins running all over them (not to mention the obvious and ugly chest-to-the-base-of-the-nipple scar in a lot of cases)!

    Ewwww! I like boobs. I don’t mind if they’re small or are larger and have a bit of sag to them, they’re a damned site more alluring in the flesh than these re-entry vehicles which destroys the look of naturally pretty ladies!

    I can appreciate this procedure for ladies who have had an illness resulting in surgery (and done my properly qualified NHS surgeons) but I can see no rhyme or reason why perfectly heathly, and usually very young ladies would have the procedure done, ruining what was naturally beautiful in the first place?? Their choice I suppose.

    The latest “cricket bat in the face lips” look being adopted lately is also a massive turn off too!

    Some of them go so overboard that they wouldn’t look out of place with a hook in their gobs! Dreadful.

    • Well cunted rebel.

      The only thing worse than the ridiculous funbags and stupid fish lips on these cunts is the personality.

      Never understood how anyone would think it looks good.

      • Nice one, Reb. A well deserved cunting of false titties. I’ve had my mits on a fair few false tits and they do not feel right either, very hard and no give in them. Give me naturals every time, so what if the girl has a bit of meat on her? I don’t care just so long as she has a nice big pair of 100% genuine knockers.

        Most are thick as pig shit brain donors anyway, so your not missing out on much if you have never had the chance.

  14. She has got one hairy anus.

    Great video though and glad she got one to the chops.

  15. The BBC has seen fit to investigate the perpetuation of the Hillsborough grief fest in Liverpool. It makes stomach churning reading.

    No denying that it was a tragedy that should never of happened, if you’ve never read or listened to the people that were there that day you should, it is truly horrific, not just for the people killed and injured but for people who witnessed the evens and the emergency services who had to deal with it,

    Now however people who were not alive or if they were were too young to remember it are now on the band wagon. Hillsborough is attaining the same status as the holocaust, any questioning of the Scouse story is a hate crime.

    As said before there were failures by the authorities that day. It has been investigated and massively reported. Along the way the root cause of the disaster has been whitewashed out of history.

    The can be no justice for the 96 until all responsible have stood up and been counted for their actions.

    You know who you are.

      • My Da was at Ibrox that day.
        A tragedy right enough and i have no problem in saying i wish it was the fenian side that suffered.

        Saying that, Rangers fc/Sevco, Glesga Rangers fans, whatever they’re called nowadays, are a strange breed of cunts.
        Its as if they are all in a competition to see who can be the biggest Orange cunt among them.
        I really hate my Da, but I’m glad he survived that day, coz i wasn’t born yet. 🙂

    • An old one but still one of my favorites!

      What’s the difference between a cow and a tragedy?
      I scouser wouldn’t know how to milk a cow.

      • Until the thieving pikey scum otherwise known as cheeky Scousers accept their culpability for the Heysel Stadium MASSACRE when THEY KILLED 39 Juventus, I have no sympathy for the grief jacking cunts what so ever. Cunts.

  16. ANTI-FA The highest bunch of rich white guilt ridden virtue signalling twats in the world at the moment.

    have been keeping my eyes and ears on these little bastards for a while now, and was waiting for this to happen. They are so deluded with there beliefs that they actually thought that a bunch of posh vegan limp wrist cunts could take free speech away from the masses by force .

    The first time ANTI-FA attacked they may have won that battle but ,not the war. This time the right was prepared and willing to fight and sent out their defenders who were all men , because the right knows its best to send your best and strongest not some non binary tart who believe s she is a man so it must be true lol.

    I don’t really deal with violence . See it as a sign of mental weakness to have to resort to that. But when you have to defend against someone trying to remove your rights and your ability to express them and they will not engage you in civilized debate and uses violence to silence . Then you have to stand up for what was so hard fought for by people like our grand parents.

    they are just a bunch of over privileged, never said no too, everyone is a winner, white guilt having arse holes who know nothing of history or even that they have become the fascists they o so feared .

  17. What a cunt, May has called a press conference for 11:15. The media suspect she is going to announce an election. Why do that, hardly fair on the others is it. Labour don’t have a leader and the LibDems have Tiny Whiney Tim. UKIP have imploded into a comic side show. So I have a wish list of announcements she may make.

    She is having Teflon Tony arrested and put on trial for war crimes
    She is going to bitch slap Tim Farron
    She is exiting the EU now no more fucking about
    She has found David Cameron’s balls and she wants him to come and collect them

    Who knows what the daft old biddy wants to tell us?

    • Arresting b.liar, bitch slapping tiny and leaving the eu immediately.

      …if only.

      I’d vote for her to appointed queen as well as pm!

    • I was really hoping that was going to announce that she was walking away from the EU. I know it was unrealistic, but I had a vision of her coming out and saying,

      “Due to EU leaders like Juncker, Tusk, Barnier and Verhofstadt trying to extort fifty billion quid, which we don’t owe, from the UK taxpayer, I have today, told them that they can go and fuck themselves with a lit stick of dynamite. Fuck the EU, and fuck all the countries that want the UK to be punished for exercising our democratic right to leave”.

      “Let’s face it, those countries are just upset that the EU’s second largest financial contributor is closing the Bank of the British Taxpayer, which means they will no longer be receiving money from us. It also means that they will now have to spend their own money instead of ours. I’d like the UK to be able to trade freely and fairly with EU countries such as France and Germany, but if the EU makes that impossible, we WILL go elsewhere. And if you don’t like it, you can kiss my flaps”.

      “Also, I’m sending our two newest Destroyers to patrol the waters off Gibraltar. If you spick bastards send so much as Manuel the waiter in a rubber dinghy into Gibraltarian waters, they will sink the fucker. Enough is enough. Gibraltar is British, and it always will be”.

      Like I said, unrealistic, but watching the reaction from the EU would have been priceless.

      • That would’ve been awesome.
        Or: “earlier this morning the raf launched the first of a series of airstikes against the heart of the reich in Brussels …. “

  18. If Prince William and the rest of the liberals had been around at the start of WW2 they would have folded like the Scotland back four. Hitler and his jack booting Nazis would have just steam rolled us. Try losing your stiff upper on a death march or facing years in a POW camp, no safe spaces there you lazy free loading parasite.

    • Much worse than that, him and his kind would have been goose-stepping up and down the Mall with their right arms in the air and a stack of Deutschmarks up their arseholes. Besides being a bunch of lily livered ponces let’s not forget the Windsors are really the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas……a bunch of fucking krauts.

  19. Groups like Antifa, UAF, pro EU cunts have infested , academia, public services, local and national government. A lot are university students who sad to say are the future and if allowed will spread this left wing pc bullshit to future generations aided by so called neutral media like the BBC. A constant drip drip of liberal water torture, if your not pro EU, pro immigration, anti Trump , celebrating diversity at every opportunity then you are fair game, even though you think and vote like the majority.

  20. Go on Tess!

    I hope the Connies get a resounding result and press on with a Brexit we all want without interference from the likes of Wickle Timmy Farron and Wee Jimmeh Crankie!

    Wickle Timmy has stated that the LibDums are the only party to prevent a Tory majority and a “disastrous” Hard Brexit.

    Fuck off you insignificant cunt! A Hard Brexit is what we need to be rid of the EU cunts once and for all and so that we can say fuck off to all the Johnny Come Lately EU states who see the UK as Fantasy Island (not to mention the 75 million “peaceful” Turks waiting in the wings to leave Erdogan’s “democracy”, all with their eyes on blighty).

    Please note I don’t mention Jeremy Corbyn. There’s no point as that cunt is about as electable as Michael Foot was against Maggie.

    A vote for May is a vote for Brexit, a proper Brexit, not the “worst of both worlds” Brexit that the LibDums and Scottish Piss-Head Party wants (and then only to serve their own personal table with EU gravy – fuck what the people want – cunts).

    • Well said Reb. What gets me about all this, is that the likes of Farron, the Bride of Chucky from the SNP, Labour MP’s and various anti-Brexit fuckwits have been complaining that Teresa May didn’t have a mandate since the day she was elected leader of the Tories. Now that she’s seeking to get a mandate, they’re complaining that it’s the wrong time. It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact the Tories are on course for a landslide victory.

      This is the perfect time for a general election. Even the EU have acknowledged that a British government with a clear majority would give the UK a stronger negotiating position. That can only be a good thing for us. Farron, like the Bride of Chucky, is a deluded, anti democratic sack of monkey shit

      • And even half the retainers now are sick of it and just want to crack on and get it over and done with.

  21. I was laughing about Theresa May mentioning Corby, Sturgeon and the Libdems, but not mentioning Farron.

    The missus asked “who’s Farron ?”

    She doesn’t even know this years COTY.
    Further proof that the vote was rigged.
    Or she’s a dizzy bint.

    Probably both. 🙂

  22. Well Maybitch made it very clear that’s it all about brexit so it’s basically the second referendum the remoaner cunts wanted. James O’Shithead is on the radio right now crying his eyes out because he knows he is going to get his traitorous arse kicked again. Fucking CUNT.

  23. Fuckin master stroke by may!!
    Watch all the bleating liberal Cunts back pedal now!!, ” oh it’s not the right time” ” Tory power grab” boo fuckin hoo!!
    May has got loads of bills to pass and needs a big majority so she’s rolling the dice!! Come on!! This is gonna be a really dirty election and multiple quislings will be exposed to the general public, I’m praying the odd Tory gets fucked, Anna soubry and ken clarke spring to mind……

    • Failed childless whore Theresa Fails to Resign, Calls for Early Elections Instead! We were all praying this stupid bitch would just resign or die and disappear forever. The entire political establishment hates Brexit they convinced me of that…. every fucking day.

      Every gobshite mentally retarded politician has made it abundantly clear that they will bend the knee to the EU for a sip of Junckers premium wine (shit juice) in exchange to go against their own countries wishes and demands. Probably in any election, most of the same people are just going to win again unfortunately. God the democratic election is a fucking joke! so we clean house of the anti-Brexit ProEU shills, and replace them with… more anti-Brexit ProEU shills? I got that right?!

    • As expected the Libs, Labs and SNeePs are all crying stating: “Ooh, what a U-Turn! She said she wouldn’t!”

      Well unfortunately you cunts kept ignoring democracy and are hell bent on ensuring a Brexit which = the worst possible trade deal AND still with ALL of the shite like the free movement of people AND being bound-over by EU law!

      So YOU (snivelling undemocratic shites) left her no other choice, and now you’re bricking it because hopefully it will increase the connie majority and rubber stamp the Hard Brexit that THE PEOPLE want (you know us cunts who you’re supposed represent but seldom do – twats)!

      • Exactly right rebel!!
        They have cut their own throats!
        Krankys just been on sky bleating away, apparently May wants to get rid of the opposition?? Well cut my legs off and call me shorty!! Heaven forbid a government wants a big working majority!!
        Is this election only advisory?? 😂😂😂😂😂…. Cunts!!

        • Yea it’s funny how how they bleated on for ages about a general election and a “mandate from the people” (as if 17.5 million votes isn’t enough), and now they’re getting what they want they’re shitting it!
          Ha ha cunts!

  24. Once she’s won the first bit of business should be the abolition of the lords and the deportation of Gina miller, dos santos and any other bleating liberal Cunt!!

  25. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed repeatedly watching the footage of this stupid snowflake getting what she deserved!

    I’m certainly no supporter of violence against women but if there’s a fight going on either run away or put your fists up. Don’t jump around with a come on then, come on then attitude then complain when you get clattered.

    Stupid Slag definitely deserved a good smack in the mouth.

    • I guess you’re not a politically correct motherfucker like me then. If a woman wants to go on a protest where there us a high chance of violence act and she is with the group who are doing everything they can to provoke disorder and violence i am right behind her in the right for her to get a right hook to the jaw,

      She has fought for the right, go knock yourself out sista,

    • If some woman was about to attack me,I wouldn’t think twice about clocking her. They want equality…well, there you go. Anyhow,a lot of the women I see out and about could be sued under the trade description act if they tried to label themselves as “The Weaker Sex” Big,fat munters with arms like hams, if one of the cunts swung and connected , I reckon I’d be sparked out.

  26. Master stroke by Treezer, but at the same time a bit of a no brainer. If the polls are to be believed, and that is a fucking huge IF, then Conservatives would end up with an 112 majority with 381 seats with 43.5% of the popular vote. However, the Socialist National Party will still get 56 seats with only 4.7% of the popular vote. First order of business, sort out the scotish electoral system. Currently they have 72 seats so I think if they were all amalgamated into say 3, it would be much better.

        • Give the porridge-wogs fuck-all seats in Westminster. The moaning cunts can fuck off and take the chip-on-their-shoulder with them.

  27. Who organizes these anti fascist groups?
    What is their agenda?
    Where is their enemy?
    Who is their enemy?
    Who pays for placards?

    UAF are holding a march in London to show solidarity with French anti fascists….

    If there was a fascist party on the rise that was going to affect the freedoms of the people, i could understand their gripes and protests, but i cant see these fascists anywhere.

    Apart from them that is.

    • Anyone who doesn’t believe in the new world order is a fascist.
      Anyone who doesn’t want to live next to a houseful of Romanian gypsies is a fascist.
      Anyone who believes in sovereign nation states is a fascist.
      Anyone who believes in freedom of speech is a fascist.
      Anyone who believes in national borderers is a fascist.
      Anyone who recognises global Jihad as a significant threat is a fascist.
      Anyone who recognises the security threat of unmanaged third world immigration is a fascist.
      Anyone who questions man made climate change is a fascist.
      Anyone who recognises there are only 2 genders is a fascist.

      Pretty much everyone on ISAC in other words.

      • Being an anti fascist is very hypocritical.
        To outlaw, ban, curtail fascism is the acts of a fascist.

        They hate fascists coz fascists want to control peoples thinking, yet they want to control fascists way of thinking.

        Twisted fuckwitts the lot of them.

    • None of the cunts work for a living that’s for sure!

      Last year there was a boo-yah about Byron Burger in Milton Keynes doing their civic duty and dobbing in a boat load of illegals who worked there (and I bet every single one to a cunt are still here illegally in the UK) when the usual SJW crowd were out with their (borrowed from the Yanks) “No life is illegal!” placards to get people to boycott Byron Burger.

      Now this place is open from lunchtime (so roughly when these snowflakes get up for the day) thru to kicking out time on most days.

      I made a point of supporting Byron Burger the day after the story broke (in the hope of telling these cunts that “No, illegal means ILLEGAL!”) and when I got there, there wasn’t one cunt to be found (and this was around 7.30pm – so hardly the witching hour)!

      I asked the lad working our table where they all were and apparently they descended around lunchtime, some fucked off at 3pm (for Mummy SJW to pick up Tristan and Poppy) and the rest sloped off the gather their ‘shrooms for the evening at around 4.30pm.

      Too fucking lazy to man a protest for the full opening hours! Lazy useless drain on society CUNTS!

  28. Fucks Sake, another 7 weeks of lying politicians banging their gums. Fuck the lot of the crooked cunts, I wouldn’t trust a single one of them.Wish I could get away with promising all manner of things at work,and then actually doing Sweet F.A. The only politician who I can remember keeping a promise was that utter wanker, Cameron,and I bet he bitterly regrets promising a vote on Brexit. I know that some cunt has to run the country,but what a collection of useless bastards. Hope that little gook in N. Korea rockets the Houses of Parliament and spares the country another round of bullshit spouting MPs promising the world,and delivering nothing.

    That moron who shot that ugly cow Jo Cox had the right,if slightly misguided,idea. Shoot on sight.

    • Did ye’s hear that ?

      Dick Fiddler, the so called king of filth thinks that Jo (suxsix) Cox was an ugly cow.

      I actually found her quite attractive, so once again i prove that I’m the King of Mingin.

      Dick Fiddler is a worthy rival, but his standards are too high for this game.

      Only a confession of his lust of the Flabbot can save his reputation.

      • Ugly doesn’t mean I wouldn’t fuck her, Birdman….Hell,if you fancy going and digging her up,I’ll give her a pumping (only from behind,mind, I don’t want to run the risk of knocking the gas out of her.)

        And stop insulting the delectable Diane, I like a bit of ripe,dark meat,and the thought of chewing on Diane’s meaty,moist,hairy gash is enough to get any red-blooded male all aquiver.

        • Dick Fiddler reclaims his crown and birdman was last seen moping off into the sunset licking his wounds.

          • Glad there’s some beer in the fridge, only alcohol can blot out that horrific mental image…

          • That’s the only issue with porking stiffs and dead uns, the risk of corpse gas.

            She wouldn’t be much to look at either with half her head missing.

          • If there was a rating on your diane abbott comment DK, it would be islamic content

            Men would go gay if they looked at her massive hanging cuntbox which probably has its own afro. Maybe you and corbyn can double team her and film Free willy4: electric boogaloo

          • You guys should chill and listen to some jazz 🎷 oh and the best bit is getting out of your head on Jack Daniels while listening.

  29. Little COTY Timmy Far-wrong has said, “Only the Liberal Democrats can prevent a Conservative majority.”

    What fucking planet is the cunt on? Either he is living in a complete fantasy world or the cunt is lying.

    • The little twat is in for a bit of heartache when he takes in Remoaning to typical LibDem heartlands in the shires where Brexit prevails.

    • Farron and the lib un-dems will get dozens of seats but will take more Labour than Tory seats in the process.

    • that’s the prob with the libdems… their only chance of success is selling their soul to whichever satanic grouping requires it to form HMG.

      If we had a PR system of voting, I’d be amazed if they improved their ratings much…

  30. Saw corbyn on sky earlier, he looked about as confident of Winning the election as I would be fighting Anthony Joshua at Wembley next week…..
    Apparently corbyn is going to set out his vision for Britain?? The only problem is that 89% of the population won’t agree with him!
    All May needs now is another intervention from cunt of the century BLAIR and its a landslide……. come on Tony!! Say something!! CUNT 😡😡😡

    • I am waiting for them to wheel out Ken Livingstone so he can talk about Hitler again.

    • I’ve told you before that I’ve never, ever picked a winner in boxing.
      Not once.

      So, i just want to say that i think Anthony Joshua is going to win.

      Klitschko has said that Joshua is more concerned with looking the part with his MASSIVE muscles and i believe him.

      So yeah, Joshua for me, and with that knowledge, everybody should get down the bookies and get yer money on Klitschko.

      • Klitschko hasn’t got a great chin but very good defensively, and can bang, difficult to pick a winner as Joshua hasn’t really had to step on the gas, whyte had a decent crack at him most of the others were intimidated by him, should be intriguing…. at £19,99 it fuckin wants to be……

        • Klitschko is too old. I don’t really rate Joshua as a boxer, reminds me a bit of Frank Bruno but if Tyson Furry can beat Klitschko I should fucking hope Joshua could.

  31. Remoaning MP’s across all parties with constituencies in high Brexit voting areas will be shitting bricks right now, thought they had another 3 years now matter of weeks. After blaming Brexit on everything from the state of UK beaches to the economy, how sweet it could cost their job, but saying that the cunts will probably quit the backbenches do an Osbourne and fuck off to the private sector to make millions.

    • It’ll be the end of Corbyn for sure, and anyone replacing him will be handed a poisoned chalice. Who would want to be leader of a much reduced PLP for 5 years as a purely token opposition?

  32. I am 100% voting conservative.Can`t bear the thought of endorsing commie Corbyn aka Jezbollah tiny tim or that thick lying scouse cunt.

    • I wont be voting for any off them.

      I voted Conservative to try and stop Labour and Blair (fail), and i voted for brexit (success).
      That’s the only times I’ve ever voted, and i don’t think I’ll ever vote again.

      You could call me ignorant/reckless for not voting, but I’m going to get fucked over by whoever gets in, so I’d rather not encourage them.

      Giver me a party that outlaws hipsters and legalizes weed and then maybe I’ll vote.


    • Me too!
      If you want brexit you have to vote tory!
      Ukip are a wasted vote. …and who would really want those cunts actually running the country!
      Wouldn’t trust that scouse cunt to run a bath.

      • No point me voting, it is such a safe Labour seat nothing short of a miracle could change it.

        • You never know skidmark, labour might get almost completely wiped out this time round.
          …Hope springs eternal anyway!

  33. Corbyns voters are mainly frumpy, ugly women, normally aged 45 years upwards, Corbyn is too green for me, he’s in the wrong party, fuck knows who I’ll vote for, I’m 40 and can’t get a job in a City! I’m angry with all party’s, facing bankruptcy will be my next highlight of unemployment.

    • Corbyn’s being propped up by the Momentum movement, if not for them the Labour party would have shat him out by now. His years on the backbenches without holding office before now are showing how clueless and out of touch he is.

    • Of course Corbyn is a globalist. All socialists believe in the brotherhood of man all living together under a socialist utopia. He is in regular contact with other socialist parties throughout Europe, trying to build international alliances. Their theme song is called “the international” for goodness sake.

      He may not be a globalist in the terms of the big corporations and banks running things, but he certainly an internationalist which is ideological globalism and just as cunty.

  34. I think the lib un-dems are going to get smashed.
    You’re right, the remoaners will swarm over them like like flies to shit, but I think most people will think differently when electing the government as they would in a protest vote at a by-election.
    Who knows. …remoaners are such cunts that they might even consider minor fart as a prime minister.
    What twats!

  35. General election on June the 8th and the people who use this site already know the result.

    There will be a cunt in Downing Street.

      • Hopefully the least cuntish of this lot.

        Hate to say it bu that’s May.

        Corbyn – Pro Hamas/Hezbollah/IRA Commie bastard

        Strugeon – Scottish Nazi Cunt

        Farron – Isn’t worth a shit.

        Greens – Kill ’em with fire.

        Plaid Cumrag – Just…..piss off you nobodies.

  36. I’ve read and heard a lot of people have been saying, “Corbyn is a man of principles.” I disagree.

    He voted to NOT join the E.E.C. in the 70s; he voted AGAINST Maastricht; however when it came to the big one last year, the dozy bell-end towed the (Tory) party line, consequently both going against his “principles” as well as choosing the wrong side.

    Furthermore, where were his “principles” during that whole train debacle? What an embarrassingly monumental turd he looked, despite the fact it was engineered by Richard “Atlantic-sized cunt” Branson.

    All politicians are vile, foul, power-seeking liars. I like Mark Twain’s quote about giving the power to the person who wants it the least. Nonetheless, this time I’ll vote to whoever delivers Brexit the fucking quickest.

      • He comes across as if he hates Britain. That could be the main reason he repulses people. Do we want a round-shouldered apologist gnome with no balls representing us on the World stage as we’re trying to promote ourselves?

        Furthermore he porked Abbot.

  37. Sky news’ coverage seems mostly to be presented by porridge w@gs and spends a lot of time talking to Wee Burney. I’ll try to explain the situation to the simpletons North of the bourder in the only way they will understand.

    “Hock eyy tha noo, tha noo tha noo. Fuck auff, yee dos cunts!”

    Honestly, anybody would think it has anything to do with them.

    • I hate how the media give Strurgeon so much air time to spew her legalised sedition.

      Everytime I see that face on screen and hear that grating voice, my general goes into retreat.

  38. This fine gentleman did a outstanding job he wasn’t punching a defenseless woman she was earlier chucking glass bottles at people and had weighted gloves of some sort. Also being a feminist isn’t she equal to a man? Just saying ….

    An alternative scenario, Eat your heart out Dick Fiddler

  39. This election is gonna be a re run of Brexit. Tories v Labour, Lib Cunts, Greenies, SNP,
    BBC, Sky, Gaurdian, FT……………………………………………………………………………………..

    • And Twatter, Fuckbook, Generation Snowflake, George Soros, Luvvies and every other fucker who deserve a good annihilation.

      • I cut down smoking last week from over 10 fags a day to 2.I reckon the election and the cuntitude it will produce will make the numbers go back to before.

  40. Nappy haired Ho Shanique Syrena Pearson is a cunt.

    On the surface this could be a debatable statement, her crime is attacking Jeremy Vine a BBC broadcaster so probably a cunt, who was cycling at the the time. Cycling? So the evidence of Jeremy being a cunt is building, being named Jeremy isn’t helping his case either.

    Shaniique is a 22 year old wanna be gangsta. at the time of the incident, she was subject to a suspended sentence for a string of previous convictions for robbery, thefts and assault.

    She was also convicted in February of driving without reasonable consideration for other road users at Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court. She had admitted driving an unlicensed vehicle.

    On balance there may be two cunts in this tale, only one of them is getting nominated on this occasion.

    Shanique Syrena Pearson you stand before us accused of being a cunt. not only though are you a cunt you are a stereotypical cardboard cutout cunt.

    Fuck knows what shit you’ve been involved with and not been nailed for, I don’t know how much cred you get in the hood for getting sentenced for assaulting a middle aged cyclist? Surprised your hommies ain’t burning down their own streets rioting over this.

    On the other hand they are probably laughing so hard at you they can’t make it out of their crack dens.

    Silly fucking Ho

  41. She’s a ridiculous bitch, and one we probably keep in luxury by paying taxes. Probably breeds like a darkie rat too.

    Uncle tom bitch, hopefully you’ll get owned by some butch carpet muncher in clink.

  42. We live in a twat Nation. We are surrounded by all sorts of urban shite, and live under the rule of a festering bunch of political cunts.
    And it is those same political cunts who in the next few weeks, will be calling for my vote to be cast in their favour. I now see an opportunity for some gentle teasing of those who would canvass and solicit for my vote.

    My local MP is an arch remainer. He favours cultural diversity. He seems also to support everyone and everything that I do not. he is indeed a cunt.

    The Local Liberal,( hoping to get my vote,) believes in all things that are abhorrent to me. He wishes us to remain, he is queer, and he too is a cunt.

    The Socialist contender, will be a gentleman who ( unless I am mistaken ) is of foreign extraction . He ( I believe ) would prefer a soft Brexit. He is a supporter of LGBT and he failed at the last election attempt to retain his deposit. He is also ( in my view ) a foreign cunt

    Now you see my problem is this. It is evident that none of these candidates will likely represent any of my own personal views, so I effectively have no one for whom I could cast a vote.

    So why is it, that all politicians and prospective politicians are specially selected cunts that are totally fucking at odds with normal people like me? Is it beyond a political party to select an obnoxious racist bastard. Is it beyond them to find a candidate who hates the fuck of this gender fluid shite? Is it not possible to find a cunt who is against same sex marriage, and a bastard who would kick all black arses into touch?

    If they found such a person ,then he would obviously get my vote. Until then , come to my doorstep at your peril you twat eyed fuckers.

    • Isn’t there a UKIP candidate? If not, you should stand yourself. Standing on an anti EU, anti w@g and anti poofter ticket you might do well.

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