Samantha Bee

Every fucker who voted for Brexit or Trump is a Nazi! That’s the go-to response of any libtard snowflake when they don’t get their own way!

In fact one yank (so-called) libbo comedienne Samantha Bee (nope, I’d never heard of her either) had a dig at young attendees of the CPAC convention (The Conservative Political Action Conference) by shouting “Nazi Haircut! Nazi Haircut!” at CPAC footage whenever a young white male appeared on the screen that didn’t look like some beardy hipster cunt (i.e. clean shaven and a well groomed haircut).

The story, however, only came to light after one of the boys labelled “Nazi!” turned out to have stage 4 brain cancer.

Whether the boy had cancer or not – tragic as that may be – is irrelevant to me. What gives this cunt the right to call anyone a “Nazi!” from just looking at some stock footage of a convention? Oh that’s right, because it was a “Conservative” convention and conservatives are fair game these days in the land of the liberal facists!

However, what would happen if there was a libbo snowflake convention and while reviewing the stock footage…

Every time a non-munter pretty libbo lady (a rare commodity it has to be said) came on-screen and the joke was to shout “WHORE!”?

Evertime a black man in a baseball cap appeared the joke was to shout “DRUG DEALER!”?

Or everytime a “peaceful” cunt appeared in a doylie hat and beard or a hijab and the joke was to shout “BOMB MAKER!”?

How do you think neo-liberal facists would respond to that! Exactly there’d be riots across the whole fucking nation!

But because it’s said by a libbo bint and is attacking anyone with a conservative point of view then that makes it all right then, and the libbo press and media excuse it off as a bit of “high jinks”.

Well Samantha Bee, it is NOT alright and you, and your vacuous TV programme deserve a thorough cunting! Consider this your nomination!

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

91 thoughts on “Samantha Bee

  1. Excellent cunting rebel.

    I’d never heard of her but well nominated.

    She and all her ilk are first class cunts!!

  2. I tried watching an episode of Samantha Bee`s show.It was more painful than breaking my knee .

    David Lammy now says he wants London to be a “city state”.Jealous of Farron`s COTY award eh David.What an insufferable bore he really is.He is the male equivalent of Diane Abbott.

    • Good idea!
      Let’s make tottenham it’s own state and build a wall around it.
      Then exile David Gammy and piefan flabbott there immediately.

  3. Samantha Bee can Buzz off, I wonder if there’s a USA website version of ‘is a cunt’ and you have angry American cunts who have to put up with the likes of Samantha Stupid bitch Bee.

  4. Had to You Tube this clueless fucker and that’s 7 minutes i will never see again.
    American comedy is bad, American women comedians are worse, but throw in the snowflake, temper tantrum anti Trump rhetoric and at best its just embarrassing.
    These cunts love the sound of their own whining voices and should just shut the fuck up and bore off.

  5. I never find women comedians funny.
    But i used to work with a lass who was loopy and made me laugh (I actually was in love with her) she was clumsy and used to sing rude songs to me and cheered me up.

    • The funniest female of all time is Stacey Solomon, my 4×2 princess.

      She’s not a comedienne, but every time she opens her beautiful mouth she drops a clanger.

  6. What is a Nazi haircut ?

    Skinhead or short back and sides with a slapped on side shed ?

    Why isn’t she shouting Nazi hairdo at Miley and Tilda ?

    Does Gary Barlow not have a Nazi hairdo ?

    Does the barbers do it or is a stylist ye need to see ?

  7. Sick of these cunts resulting to the default position of refering to everyone they think are ‘far right’ or don’t like as NAZIs.

    I suggest this particular damn yank bint reads a little bit of history and maybe takes a lesson in the Far Left policies of Adolf Hitler and his National Sociallist party.

    The clues in the name you thick bitch. Far right? Far from it.

  8. This Bee tart looks like a substandard Esther McVey… And the original was bad enough…

  9. It’s a funny old game #2682

    Wayne Rooney dropped from England squad.

    Jermaine Defoe called up to England squad.

    Hehehehehe, eh, hehehehe, eh, hehehehe, eh, eh

    • If Rooney’s dropped from the squad at least the F.A. will save money, as they’ll no longer need a team vet….

  10. Anyone sick of Comic Relief yet? It’s a shame some money couldn’t be donated to help keep the Lollipop Men and Women on the roads in Newcastle instead of axing them to save money.

    • I heard the Lenny Henry ad for it tonight on 5live.

      He claims its going go be the biggest Comic Grief ever.

      The reason ?

      It is gonna have Russell Brand, Graham Norton and, and, drrrrumrrrroll, TAKE THAT !

      It is 2017, isn’t it ?

      • The cunts were going full tilt on radio two today, so much that I switched it off after ten minutes. Gone are the days of give what you like, there were only two options. Five pounds or ten pounds. So, no radio for me this week. Still fucking paying for it though…..

        • ‘Sir’ Henry Lenny is now appearing in Broadchurch… Not because of any great acting ability or screen presence (because he has neither)… He’s there because of ‘diversity’… What a load of bollocks…

          And talking of Cunt Relief, didn’t those two tossers off Gogglebox doing Meat Loaf and Cher just scream ‘Cunts!’?……

      • Magic, can’t wait!

        Hopefully it will be like an elongated version of the weekly cunt-fest known as Question Time.

  11. Good to see Amy Schumers show has tanked big style.
    Unfunny lib bitch.

    Was watching the Sketch Show on YouTube a while ago.

    What I would have given to get my hands on Karen Taylors fun bags.

  12. I hate the way these cunts have hijacked the word liberal which means freedom and open to change.

    • I think you mean libertarian, which isn’t the same thing as liberal but it is sometimes also called classical liberalism.

      Check out the work of David Nolan. He devised a new way of defining political affiliation to replace the old fashioned notion of right and left wing ( which dates back to the days of the French revolution when the republicans would sit on the left side of the hall and the monarchists on the right ). In his view there are conservative, centrist and liberals but with the added dimension of authoritarian and libertarian.

      You can take the test and find out where you sit on the Nolan chart here:

      • Well fuck me, I am a “Centrist”!

        So there you go Samantha Bee, I’m not a fucking Nazi after all!

        • Some of the questions, like on gun control and health insurance don’t really effect us but I turn out to be a centrist libertarian.

          • Same centrist libertarian haha I could just as well be labeled a conservative nazi by samantha bee lol

            Because I believe in nationalism, pride of country and I am against open borders

      • What with? The two catapults and a pea-shooter that successive Gov’ts (post Maggie) have left us with?

        • Don’t we have the 4th biggest military in the world? And we have nukes so fuck the bosch.

  13. When you start hearing all these threats from Mr Drunker it just shows how shit scared the old anchovy breath cunt is. Fuck off you bitter twisted Brit hater.

    • Their “punishment” deal just shows how terrified they are!


      They won’t like it up em!

  14. I would like to nominate that massive bore and professional Yorkshireman Sir Michael Parkinson. I see he is making a comeback on the telly selling Yorkshire Tea to follow his smash hit flogging insurance to confused old dears. You can stuff your free Parker pen up your arse Parky. What really pisses me off about this cunt is that he got his knighthood for 30 years on the fucking BBC sticking his tongue up celebrity arseholes. Did this creepy tosser ever ask a penetrating question in his life? All he ever goes on about is fucking Yorkshire, fucking Barnsley and Dickie fucking Bird. Don’t ever mention Gene Kelly or Muhammed Ali when this cunt is about or he’ll bore you to death. Fuck right off Parky you wanker.

      • He was deffo on the “I Never Really Knew Sir Jimmy!” commemorative plate.

    • And the old cunt Parky milks when he was attacked by that fucking Emu…
      Not to mention his yacking on about his appearance on the ‘Band On The Run’ album cover… There really is some some cunts on that record sleeve: Macca, Macca’s Mrs, Kenny Lynch, Parkinson, Clement Freud… The Only cool ones were James Coburn and Christopher Lee…

      • The Mater had that album when I was a kid.
        I thought that was the whole band coz I recognized most of the faces.

        I also used to wonder who the effeminate blonde guy with the desert boots was, tjen years later realized i it was Linda McCartney.

  15. Watching Crimewatches ‘most wanted’ tonight reminds me why I voted for BREXIT.

    Parky must be short of cash if he’s doing adverts.

    BIRDMAN, you’ve set me off!!!! you said two bad, bad words that make me angry ….Russell Brand…. King of the Cunts! Arrrrrrrrgggg

    • I remember an old Chubby Brown joke from yonks ago that went along the lines of: “The BBC have been pilloried for not providing enough airtime for diverse cultures so will now be showing Crimewatch 3 nights a week instead of once a fortnight!”

    • Did ye see the bit about all the famous black guys believing the earth is flat ?

      That’s some of the craziest shite I’ve read in years.

      I thought ‘flat earthers’ was a put down for thick cunts, but no, there’s actually a movement that believes we’re all being lied to.

      If you never read it, go back and have a geez.
      Shaquil (?) O’Neil says that when he drives in Atlanta his car doesn’t go up or down.

      That’s just one nugget of wisdom being spewed out.

        • Anytime Russell Brand pisses ye off, just remember he used to fuck Lauren Harries.

          I had to Google ‘Lauren transexual’ to get her surname.

          How do delete my browser history ?

          • ‘Her surname’ ???!!?????

            Fuck, they liberals have infiltrated my tiny fragile eggshell mind. 🙁

          • And Brand’s other ex-thicko fuck doll, Katy Snowflake is now further ingratiating herself with the gullible libtard hordes and the ‘diversity’ mob by now boasting about how she’s got up to tuppence flicking dyke activity… Perry claims she is ‘promoting diversity’… When we all know the media prossie is promoting herself as always… She gets less do-able by the day….

          • Whilst reading that, a pleasant image of Katy Perry tongueing pussy entered my mind.

            More-doable for me. 🙂

      • Yea I saw that. Thought it was a joke.
        Surely no one can be that stupid.

        …I drive a cross America and it seems flat so it must be flat.
        And you seem like a dumb cunt so you must be a dumb cunt!

      • Not quite as stupid as minor fart saying the other day that by leaving the reich we were destroying churchill’s dream though!
        Now I never knew churchill personally but I can imagine what he would’ve thought of the fourth reich.
        …it wouldn’t have been polite!

  16. I’ve seen this twat a few times whilst visiting family in Texas. She’s about as funny as being hit by an artic driven by a meth head. It always gets me the way that lefties always ignore the fact that, being Socialists, the Nazis were LEFT wingers. In other words, they were people that the likes of bee could relate to. Let’s face it, they behave in a similar manner. Both hated opposition, both only respected freedom of speech when it was THEM using it, both have been prone to acts of violence when dealing with those they consider to be against them. And both have the IQ of a sack of bent spanners.

  17. That cunt Martin McGuinness has died, good fucking riddance you piece of scum shit.

    • Whoo hoo! I am doing leaps of joy. Just a shame it wasn’t at the nasty end of my SLR. Burn in hell you bastard.

      • Just heard it on the news headlines. The bog dweller has kicked the bucket.

        National holiday would be nice to celebrate this momentous day.

      • And of course the Abbc are showing his rise from murdering cunt to St Martin of bogside the complete and utter cunts.

      • Apparently the terrorist cunt died of a rare heart condition, he didn’t have one. Cunt, burn in hell.

        • Burning in hell now, where he fucking belongs. Just need Adams to go and join him.

          • This from Norman Tebbit

            “He claimed to be a Roman Catholic. I hope that his beliefs turn out to be true and he’ll be parked in a particularly hot and unpleasant corner of hell for the rest of eternity.”

            I think he speaks for us all.

  18. Off topic, but today is World Poetry Day and also International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

    Anyone feel an odd ode coming on?

    • I’m indebted to Dioclese for reminding of the story of why Martin McGuiness was a fucking evil bag of crack sweat who deserved nothing less than to be broken on the wheel , just for starters ….Esther?

    • There was an old man of Dundee
      Who molested an ape in a tree
      The result was most horrid
      All arse and no forehead
      Three balls and a purple goatee.

      I also knew a Scotsman who said that if God wanted to give the world an enema, he’d stick the tube in Maybole…

  19. Martin Mc Guiness was an uba cunt of the highest order….if I ever make it to the emerald isle I’m gonna drink 6 pints of the black stuff and the take a long piss on his fucking grave.

  20. Evil fucker. I’m not a royalist but I felt sorry for the Queen when she had to shake that low life’s hand. Probably one of the worst things she had to do.

  21. Just seen a photo of McGuinnes wearing a black beret trying to look military.
    CUNT looked like Frank Spencer…

  22. “Come in Mr McGuiness”‘ said St Peter. “Straight through to the VIP down elevator”. A lot of old squaddies are very happy today.

  23. Actually, I nominate Martin Mcguiness as a cunt of the highest order possible . A Knight of the Garter Cunt. Is there a higher order?

  24. If there is a hell the cunt is there right now being spit-roasted by George Michael and Rock Hudson. (First 2 dead queers I could think of)

    • Just watch and listen to the opprobrium that will land on Norman Tebbitt. People have short memories. Like you I was working in London at the time those murdering bastards were leaving bombs all over the place and although I didn’t come as close as you I was certainly aware that I was in a dangerous place.
      McGuinness can fuck off to a fiery hole and I can only hope even now his arsehole is being prodded with a red hot poker.
      Fenian cunt.

  25. I don’t understand how someone can be called a man of peace just because they stop killing people.

    There would already have been peace if the cunt hadn’t been killing people in the first place.

  26. Yeeeeeeeesssss.

    Lie down
    And grunt
    Ya fenian
    Surrender or
    Ye die

    Oh, you did die


    Right , now time for the beard and glasses.

    Fuckin yeeesss
    Best news in ages.


    • Couldn’t agree more, birdman…
      Shame the Fenian cunt didn’t snuff it last year: on the 20th anniversary of the Manchester bomb going off… Still, not complaining… The only good IRA cunt is a dead one…

      And great stuff from my good old namesake, Mr, Tebbit: “It’s not merely that these creatures crippled my wife, but they also murdered five of my close friends. I only hope that his death will help to bring some sort of closure to those families and friends of those whose murders he accomplished.”

      You tell ’em, Norman (the other one)….

  27. She’s Canadian. Canadians aren’t yanks. Just like Brits aren’t intelligent.
    Impeccable research.

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