Michael Heseltine [3]

Michael Hesslecunt just became front runner for cunt of the year 2017.
He’s just said that brexit is like letting Germany win world war 2.

Nominated by DeploytheSausage

I thought staying in the EU was like letting Germany win WWII ??

He’s totally lost the plot!

Nominated by Dioclese

Old Tarzan must be suffering from a spot of dementia or else he is just being a deliberate bellend.

Nominated by Mike Oxard

60 thoughts on “Michael Heseltine [3]

  1. I don’t understand why all these remainer cunts can’t shut the fuck up, the referendum is over and we are leaving. Not that leaving will change much in my opinion, Micunt Heseltine is a cunt along with all the other cunts who are still going on about Brexit.

    • I dont know why he is so worried about us leaving the EU.He will in all likelihood be dead before we eventually leave anyway.

      • That’s what I was thinking. The cunt has probably got a few EU jobs lined up for his kids or something.

  2. Hesselcunt, was a fucking useless politician even in his hey day. Now the senile old fart wishes to undermine the democratic decision of the electorate to leave the EU Book Club. Given his way, our subscription will continue…endlessly’ Go to bed Michael, lie down and go to sleep….it will all be well in the morning.

  3. Mr Hessletine, Terry Christian, Lily Allen, Kevin McGuire, Dimbleby, Gina Miller and many more, ALL FUCK off to a EU COUNTRY, there’s plenty of them, take your pick if this country isn’t good enough anymore for you traitorous lot!!

    • Lily Mong could live in Notre Dame, and be a tourist attraction (The bells! The bells!) and Banana Gob could be pimped around the EU by some well dodgy Euro business type…But I think she’s already done that (and still is doing it)…

  4. Hezza is a doddering addled olde cunt… How can getting out of Germany’s clutches be the same as Germany winning?… After Blighty sent the Hun packing (World War II) there was the boom time of the1960s, and we can do a lot better wtihout them this time too… And if Tarzan thinks that the Krauts (and their froggie batty boys) will bully GB, then let the cunts try it, and they’ll get twatted like they did before…

  5. What Heseltine is trying to sell is a theory that we are leaving Europe in the control of Germany.He is ignoring the fact the rest of Europe can leave if the people force the issue and that we are also leaving Germany to pay for the EU.

    In my opinion by being part of the EU we have funded Germany’s dominance, without us the average German is going to be paying more in tax to fund the bribes (EU Grants) required to maintain the EU. I would think they will soon turn on the EU once their standard of living plummets to keep Romania happy.

    Fuck off Tarzan

    • There’s only one “manufacturing powerhouse” in the EU and that’s Germany.

      That was to the direct detriment of manufacturing in the UK (which declined exponentially following us joining the EEC).

      So Mr Ovaltine you, cuntosaurus rex Clarke, and your ilk have already gifted Gerry that honour, you cunt!

      Mind you, if Germany had won WW2 then the silver lining would have been that the SS knew exactly how to deal with treacherous cunts like this twat!

  6. Germany dominates the EU, economincally and politically.

    East and West Germany should never have been allowed to unify.

    In fact we should have destroyed the country after WW2

    • It is always with deep regret for me that the Morgenthau Plan (Post-Surrender Program for Germany) never came to pass.

      Cart off all the industrial plants, blow up the mines, bridges. Basically if it could move, take, if you cant move it, break it. lob them a few turnips every now and again and let them roll about in the mud. Break Germany into little provinces

      Daft cunts picked the Marshall Plan instead, and look were we are a fucking again, a German dominated Europe.

      Fucking Anthony Eden and Truman, total and utter cunts

  7. Fuck me, either I’m going senile or this cunt was cunted just the other day. Well, if you cunts are going all BBC and repeating everything every 5 minutes I’m off up the pub.

    • I’ll come with you Freddie, nowt on telly, it’s fucking shite, as long as I can get some dry roasted peanuts and a pint of Ale.

        • How can ye eat HAIRY snacks, Rebel without a Cunt ?

          I haven’t eaten hairy pussy since 2000.

          I know scratchings are delicious, but c’mon, sometimes they look like dried strips of ballsac.

          Not you Gingers. πŸ™‚

        • I’ve not heard them described as peaceful garlic before πŸ˜‚ Brilliant!
          I can immagine the crowds of London tourists now, all with their necklaces of pork πŸ˜‚

    • Saying that though the lucky cunt gets to sit next to Holly Willoughby every week day. I would definitely give her one everyday and twice on Sundays.

      • I think she is one of those prototype Japaneses sex robots, eminently fuckable, but they have just not yet mastered a veneer of intelligence yet

        • I think intelligence is overrated whilst getting a tit wank!

          And Holly’s frupney’s would have me blowing a gasket in no time at all! Cracking cleavage. πŸ˜›

  8. My old granddad was told by a German soldier when he was freed from a POW camp that by the end of the century, probably not in their lifetime that Germany would be in control of Europe and not through war or violence. This cunt has the nerve to insult leave voters just because we don’t want be Germanys lapdog and end up like Greece who’s bollocks Merkel has in her handbag.

  9. Stop talking bollocks. He is right. You might think it doesn’t matter but the fact is that without us , no one can talk down Germany, they own it. shouting the sort of absolute shit on here that is immediately triggered by ignorance will not cut it.
    whether or not it matters is another thing but Germany has won and however you say it ,what /Hezza said is correct.
    Learn the difference between what you dream and what is ,other wise you risk being cunted.

    • But the point is they won’t own us.
      Other countries can make their own decisions. Its not our business if they choose to be part of Greater Germania…

    • …. So what do you suggest .. hang on in there and let Germany continue to call the shots over the UK .. or bail out a la Brexit and have the Cunts by the short and curlys when it comes to trade deals ? It didn’t look like Germany was cutting the UK any slack in all the time we were in the EU …

      • … and as Dio points out,other countries can make their own decisions … but the German people will soon get fed up once the UK leaves ( a major financial contributer to the EU ) and Germany ( their Govt.) continues to finance those that contribute fuck all to the EU club …
        The German people are still well fucked off being hauled into using the Euro … and I can see their migrant problem only getting worse. I worked with many older West Germans that believed East Germany should have been left alone to survive.

      • that cunt merkel wanted us to leave, that’s why she told cameron to fuck off wrt restrictions on freedom of movement

  10. I hope the old cunt is in the next dead pool. He is turning good food into shit and using up valuable oxygen. Foolish,old,smelly cunt!

  11. A sudden collapse of the Spanish/Greek economy …or similar…and they are all fucked ! Thats one tab even the krauts can’t handle.

    • And Italy.

      It’s only because they have a decent export market that they’ve not as fucked as Greece.

      Italian state debt levels are verging on cancelling out their GDP.

      There’s only really Germany, France and the BeNeLux states which do ok from the EU. The “Johnny come lately” former eastern block states do well as a result of being in the EU but in comparison contribute fuck-all to it.

      Greece is fucked and will be forever while they’re tied to the EU. Spain and Ireland are not really fairing much better but they are holding their own (just about, for now).

      But if the Italian house of cards collapses then the EU is fucked because the Euro’s value would deflate so much we’d be able to buy a BMW cheaper than the cost of the petrol to fill it.

      Italy is key and the reason why the EU don’t treat them as badly as the Greeks is because Italy would have absolutely no shame in telling them they’re not paying the money back and that would be that.

      What are the EU going to do, send in the troops? Well auld Juncker wanted his EU army didn’t he. He doesn’t want it to defend EU states and borders, no, he wants it so he can invade EU countries who decide to welsh on their debts.

      Once a banker, always a banker!

      • Point is that the EU is WW3 using economics instead of guns.
        Worked when Prussia absorbed Germany so they’re giving it another try…

  12. I would like to nominate that perpetual rag bag of a BBC cunt, Evan Davis. What a scruffy, unkempt sack of shit he is. Have you seen this skinny little runt? For fucks sake buy a decent suit and a classy shirt and try wearing a tie now and again. A wash and a shave might help as well. No wonder the politician cunts think they can walk all over him. He’s no Paxo is he? He should stick to Dragons Den where he can interview cunts who are even bigger wankers than him. On the other hand if they kick the cunt off Newsnight they might give it to James O’Shithead. Aaaaaargh! No, please no! I don’t want to even think about that ball of slime oozing across my screen. Fucking nightmare!!

  13. I admire the standardisation of electrical wiring across the EU, but if they start coming over here saying I can’t use creosote on my fence or decent weedkiller on my path I should say Oi – NO!

    The EU was OK for a while, the French with their Croissants, Wednesdays off and sniffing marker pens, the Gerries trying to run the show and the Brits trying to keep order and get the best deal for us. But the people had enough of it so we’re leaving. Heseltine has a point, but a weak point. Isn’t he a euro sceptic anyway?

  14. There isn’t standardised wiring when it comes to the one interface we all use daily, the wall plug and socket, at least not between the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.
    Do you know how they harmonised mains voltage at 230V? All they did was change the tolerances, so there is an overlap. UK and Ireland changed to 240V, plus 6%, minus 10%, continental Europe 220V plus 10%, minus 6%. 230V is just a nominal value between the two. The only thing that changed was the labels.

    It’s a bit like how they let Greece adopt the Euro – let the words fit the dream, not the facts.


      • The evil little bastards wouldn’t even have a country if I had my way. The yanks should have atom-bombed the cunts off the face of the Earth.

        • Neutron bombs would be better. Been to Japan twice now. Beautiful country populated by aliens from another universe.

          Used to work for a Jap company. If I live to be 1,000 years old, I’ll never understand their thought processes.

          Did you know they never invented the wheel? It was introduced to Japan by the Portuguese explorers.

          Not a lot of people know that.

          • Even their porn has a streak of sadism running through it……and its all blurred.

            Only us wankers know that. πŸ™‚ .

      • No barrier to them exporting electrical goods to the rest of the world is it?

  15. Immagine what an utter bunch of cunts they’ll all look in our grandkid’s history text books. 21st century nazi/eu sympathisers.
    I think we’ve (the UK) spent long enough protecting other nations only to be lambasted and shafted for it in the long-run. You no likey the 4th Reich without the UK protection? Well get the fuck out like we have.
    Not long now chaps and chapesses before they (eu) show their teeth with their SS style army to supress not protect. When they do WE need to remind all these fuck-pig snowflakes what they nearly did.

  16. One last thing:

    Remember the battle tank through the channel tunnel test?
    To protect Europe from Russia or to protect Europe from the EU? My money’s on the latter!

  17. The ( not so) independent have said that Theresa May should go to the EU anniversary celebrations this weekend after our European friends?? Showed so much compassion and solidarity over the Westminster terrorist attack? TBH I tend to agree, she should turn up absolutely battered wearing a ” stick it up your junker Claude!” T shirt stagger over to the dithering blithering cunt and ram our article 50 notification letter down his throat!!!

    • As we are still paying for it, somebody should turn up. I bet the grub will be fit for a king, as the cunts act like federal rulers.

    • Yes, she should have gone – article 50 letter in hand, presented it Junker, and said ‘Happy birthday you cunt!’

      Still, 29th will do. That’s John Major’s birthday. Happy birthday, you cunt

      Not a lot of people know that…

  18. I’m not sure by staying in the EU that we would have much influence anyway. The UK has always been regarded as a lesser member, not being part of the schengen area, not adopting the euro being two examples, have marked us up as outsiders. If we did have such an influence on shaping policy and direction, we would have had countless examples given us during the referendum campaign, and the subsequent whining since.

  19. The UK being in or out of the EU will make no difference in regarding ‘keeping an eye’ on Germany. When Cameron was arguing albeit weakly for an emergency break on immigration Merkel was preparing to throw open the doors to 1 million refugees, since then they have paid the price in mass New Year sexual assults and terror attacks, and indirectly Brussels and Paris. This was against all warnings from within and outside the EU, just an exercise on Merkel’s part on political showmanship and dressing it up as ‘doing the right thing’. Japseye is right, UK always had arms length relationship with EU and is a closed club in many ways, just like Eurovision without the shit music.

    As for Heseltine, he’s just a flag waving EU brownnosing snauzer clinging onto the gravy train.

  20. You can tell how much “influence” the UK had in the forth reich and how much control we have over Germany by that great deal that Cameron managed to negotiate before brexit.
    Think we should let the raf do all our negotiating in future!

    • I hear that Cameron is considering being the “guardian of peace” and offering himself as the top gun in NATO. His chum Boris is encouraging the little cunt to apply..! As Secretary of the organisation, that will give our little minge muncher access to the armed forces that Merkel would so dearly love to have in her own knicker draw. More minge Dave ?

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