Ed Sheeran (2)

Ed Sheeran is a cunt…

Apparently what drives him is that he ‘wasn’t the most popular kid in the school’…
And now he is ‘the most popular kid in the school’ (err… didn’t he leave school years ago?!) he ‘takes it too far’ (ie: he’s a walking ego of a cunt)… So, because he was called ginger bollocks by his classmates, he still wants to ‘show them all’ decades later and rule the fucking world?… What a pure mardarse… And his ‘Prince Ludwig The Indestuctable’ mode didn’t stop there… He had this to say about a new album:

“In a 100m sprint to get a number one album I just know I’m going to win…
I don’t care who’s doing what. I just know I’m going to win…. I’m going to make sure I come first….”

Nice to know he’s doing it for the love of music, isn’t it?… I bet he throws a fit when he doesn’t get the right end of the Christmas Cracker… Fuck me…

Nominated by Norman.

69 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran (2)

  1. Fuckin, why the picture, we know what the cunt looks like coz he’s in the rags every fuckin day.
    Every fuckin day,maaaan !!!

    The horror, the humanity.

    I hate the cunt on looks alone.
    I’ve been lucky enough to have never heard any of his output, but that same seedy face in every fucking picture.
    He always looks right into the camera, and i feel the cunt draining my soul every time.

    So I’ll give the administration credit for finding one of him looking the other way.

    On the plus side, if he annoys the fuck out of Loves Obamas feces, then he’s not all bad.

  2. It’s not often I feel sorry for kids (rude, arrogant, spoilt yet insatiably avaricious two bob little bastards) but when it comes to music I am tempted to weep for them. This bland, insipid litte cunt is a classic example of the shit they are fed along with that fat slag Adele, x-factor bollocks, hip-hop, rap and all that other manufactured cuntishness that pours out of the Los Angeles “music” industry. Yes I know you are supposed to hate young peoples’music, just like my Dad hated mine, but I’m objectively right about this one……aren’t I?

    • Freddie you are definitely right. The whole industry is full of bland talentless cunts. Popular music is now the opposite of what upset our parents. No edge, originality, content or musical merit.
      On another note. George Michael was described on the news as one of this country’s greatest songwriters. What the fuck. I would say he is about the 98th greatest songwriter as long as you don’t count the writers of the 60s.

    • I love all kinds of music from over all kinds of eras there is always something good to find.

      But this generation i cannot find anything really its all computer processed,audio tweaked shit to be pumped and dumped with no heart or soul anymore .

      Nothing will define this generation in music terms, which is sad really.

      • I think its mainly because they isnt really any money in music anymore (piracy, etc) and the charts are practically nonexistent. Culturally, I do sometimes think we are becoming more like a snake gnawing on its own tail for sustenance…

      • Why are all these rappers always banging on about the ‘west coast’…..I’ve been to Liverpool and it’s a fuckin’ shit hole…

  3. A weasily little piss streak of ginger cuntitude.
    I don’t know about his music as all music nowadays is utter shite so I avoid it at all costs but I’ll take your word for it!!
    Bet he sounds about as melodic as a fat girls cunt fart.

    • I swear when I first loaded up the page I winced, I thought it was a redhaired gremlin I thought we were cunting gremlins todays Hahaha Have no clue how this kid got so famous I really don’t

      PS Maybe I’m out of touch on the latest fashion cunters but wot the bleeding fuck is on his head?

  4. He claims to have been bullied at school.
    I hate bullies of any form , but being a wee weirdo, and no cunt liking ye , doesn’t equate to bullying.

    A lot of slebs claim to have been “bullied” and when ye change “bullied” for unlikeable, i always think “yeah, i get that”.

    Who’s the fuckin bully now Ed Sheeiteon ?

    As i mentioned earlier, i don’t know his songs, but I’ve heard that they’re wimpy.
    That cunt played Wembley fuckin Stadium singing soppy love songs.
    Remember when only rock acts played stadiums ?

    Thank fuck i was young in the nineties.
    It wasn’t everybody’s cup of acid tea, but it was better than the now.

    • Most “victims” of bullying deserve it for being weak weirdos.

      You can’t be rude to any cunt nowadays without being accused of “bullying”.Most of the fuckers deserve bullying,and if I had my way,a hell of a lot more. People should learn how to deal with “bullying” either by toughening up or learning how to manipulate others to your advantage.

        • I hope you haven’t been bullying those poor peaceful neighbours of yours again, Birdman. :). .

          • I haven’t seen him for a few weeks, but his wife and mother in law run away when they see me.
            If the are coming in the bottom door, and I’m coming out, they jump back about ten feet and stand up against the wall.
            And when i pass them as they’re coming out their own door, they jump back inside and hide behind the door until I’ve passed.

            Its getting boring and i long for the old days .

          • “Remember when only rock acts played stadiums?”

            @ I remember when bands use to only play bars,clubs and music venues.

            Stadiums didn’t really kick off until late 60’s- early 70’s because of all the hippie festival shite like Woodstock and Glastonbury

  5. He was alright we he first came on the scene a few good ditties , but his stuff is boring and similar to all his other stuff he s released.

    happens to anyone who looks any good or a bit different , sign then up to a label and continually water the product down to no one cares anymore.

    him, Adele, Lilly mong, lady gag-her,maddogger etc can all fucking be put in the electric chair with a dry sponge . Drivel sprewing shit that they call music .

  6. As Mary Hinge mentioned yesterday, it’s International Tar…. Wimmins Day.
    Today at school, my daughter was taught how to fold clothes, put a nappy on a baby doll, watered house plants, set the table for lunch and they hung up washing.

    Who says chauvinism is dead ?

    Imagine if they did have International Blerks Day.
    Would they be taught how to put a betting slip on, walk the dog after dark, piss up the weeks wages in two days or download porn after porn after porn ?

    I’m dreading what they’ll be taught on International LGBT Day.
    Probably how to mince and be as seedy as possible.

    • I downloaded ‘Katie Price’s dribbling cunt’.

      Harvey trying a cup-a-soup was a bit of a let down….

      • Ginger cunt, ginger cunt, ginger cunt, ginger cunt. ginger cunt, ginger cunt, ginger cunt, ginger cunt, ginger cunt, ginger cunt, gingerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cunt. I feel sooooooooooo better now

    • There you go,birdman,you’d think the kids would be being told about how to become an entrepeneur or something,instead it’s all Stepforf Wife shite. I don’t know if it was International Nutters day today but I saw two good examples…one cunt bellowing like a water buffalo in the Poundshop because a security guard bumped into him..the cunt was spreadeagled on the floor ringing the police as he felt threatened. Then later I was accosted by this other space cadet cunt dressed in rainbow harem pants and wearing no shoes. This was a year long one man demonstration he said,on behalf of all the shoeless in the world. The cunt had also just finished a year long silence..yes,for all the silent cunts in the world. Bet they all feel better now. Mad cunt.

  7. It’s seems nowadays the prerequisite for pop stardom is to be completely devoid of any fuckin talent, hardly any of these Cunts can sing, songwriting? What’s that!! As long as you’ve got the look? Barrels of cuntish attitude and dance around like your pants are on fire your it!! You’ve got the X FACTOR!! Cunts!!

    • Trouble is though, Quilslings, most of them don’t have “the look”. Just a bunch of plastic-looking,puffy-lipped women,or limp-wristed queers.

      • The look ain’t for us but it what the mug punters like, it’s all utter bollocks but there must be a demand for it?? It certainly challenges the old adage ” you can’t polish a turd” …..

  8. When is this bloke going to come up with some decent album titles. We’ve had + / (this tablet doesn’t have a divide sign) and x which only leaves – .

    I suspect square root, equals, sigma, infinity might be on the list as I doubt he knows any calculus?

    + was good. x lacked something. Not listened to his latest yet. Does seem he’s getting as bland and predictable as his titles. And clearly he’s lost the plot with all those tattoos!

    Fucked up by fame. I’d like the opportunity to give that a go 😧

    • Have you considered a thrash-metal collaboration with Dio rapping about his latest 5 star holiday? I’d listen to that….not buy it,of course,but listen to it for sure…… Just think Chas,the whole debauched world of the rock-star is just one diabolical collaboration away.

    • I think the maths related titles are more than likely another dig at his beastly school tormentors… Old Ginger Knackers probably had a maths teacher who couldn’t stand him….

    • Chas, do you think he’d ever do an album called


      Or do you reckon he’d be a pretentious cunt and just call it ‘i‘ ?

  9. If the big cheeses at the BBC had a brain cell between them they would bring back Whistle Test. Judging by its previous production values it would cost fuck all to make and they could showcase young British bands and performers who Cowell and cunts like him wouldn’t touch with a bargepole. Hey……they could put me up there instead of Whispering Bob! I could become a celebrity overnight! Then I could tell you to take a refugee family into your house you selfish, uncaring racist cunts. I reckon the Beeb would love that.

  10. What is that shit on his head?
    Is he the new Morrissey?
    One Morrissey is more than enough,lets take bets on when the vegan homo comes out the closet

    What is it with today’s youth like sheeran that they want to become Twee delicate little sensitive sissies?
    If there was a war ,sheeran would be offering blowjobs

    • And you’d be licking the dribbles from his chin, if an “accidental” stray bullet hadn’t taken ye out first, Is Obama’s feces.

  11. Fat and Ginger but still gets laid by some very hot women. Yep I think he is a cunt, a very lucky cunt.

  12. Beetroot headed cunt Sheeran is musically like watching George Graham’s Arsenal… Boring as fuck… The ginger twat makes Jack Johnson look like Arthur Brown and James Blunt look like a young Elvis…

    • The Arsenal wasn’t boring last night.
      But i say nothing, coz it’ll be the foxes turn next week.

  13. I must be careful with all this ginger stuff, the wife is a redhead, so don’t want to get caught slagging off gingers. Personally, I think there is a male “ginger tosser” gene that is not present in females.

    Anyway the gingerness has skipped the next generation, so all good so far

    • I have brown hair but have ginger stubble, apart from my chin which has gone white.

      I was saved the ginger pubes though.

      I haven’t a clue what my missus’s natural hair colour is.

  14. Luis Suarez is a filthy oleaginous slimey cheating dago slivver of fanny batter.
    The ccccccccccccccccuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnttttttttt should have been sent off for trying to con the ref for a penalty. Sooooooooooooooooooo fucking obvious it was embarassing. Horrible sweaty goofy ugly piece of helmet smeg.

    • Fuckin EXCELLENT player though.

      Getting to watch MSN on a weekly basis, is a beautiful thing.

      Far better than BBC at Real.

  15. You cunts! I’m a ginger (although more salt and pepper these days). Funny thing is as a kid nobody ever mentioned it except some old cunt who told me not to rest my handlebars against his shop window and called me “ginge”. That’s the one and only time that’s happened to me and I was quite shocked at the time. So I don’t know where this ginger hatred has come from. I blame that cunt Kinnock myself….. and dirty Irish pikeys don’t help.

      • Hucknall…weird cunt, sings about shagging rabbits.

        Holding back the ears…

        Bunny’s too tight to mention…

        Nuff said….

  16. Fuckin HELL , Barca are unbelievable.

    The Madrid fans were celebrating downstairs, earlier, not anymore.

    What a fuckin game !?!?!?!?!?

    Un -fuckin-believable !

    • Funny to see those snotty Parisien cunts crying into their shite beer…
      Biggest hammering they’ve had since 1940….

      • After the game, the stadium was still full, with everybody celebrating.
        The Barça players and staff were having a party , while the PSG fans looked gobsmacked.

        Everywhere was full apart from the VIP boxes.

        Can nothing keep them cunts away from the wine and prawn sandwiches ?

    • Just seen a replay of the “foul” on Neymar, coz i missed it earlier due to cooking the fuckin dinner, and no way was that a penalty.

      International Wimmin’s Day and I’m missing parts of the game coz I’m making dinner.
      Chauvinist bitch, i live with.

      Time to take the dog and bins out now.

  17. International Women’s Day is a cunt…
    Well, the way it is done in Britain is anyway… At work today the radio had a ‘women only’ schedule… Which was basically a load of silly cow presenters babbling endless crap and playing total shite like Celine Dion, Madogga, Lily Mong, Adele Arbuckle, Sheryl Crow and Kylie on a loop… And praise was dished out to celebricunts like Madogga, Beyonce, Concorde Conk Streep, Dog Spice Beckham, and (naturally) Saint Jo Cox, Patron Saint Of Snowflakes…

    No mention of the brave women in Syria who are fighting IS (while the greasy cowardly men fuck off to Germany to go -a-rapin’ and theivin’)… Shows what a joke this ‘womens day’ really is… It’s just a chance to arselick celebricunts and dumb down and throw shit at men… Fucking shite…

  18. The only Ed Sheeran I’ve listened was I See Fire, which was written for the second Hobbit movie. It was shite. The song was shite too.

    • I used to work for a nasty little Napoleon complex manager cunt when I worked in a “pot bank” (ceramics factory) during my college holidays in the mid-80’s.

      As a quiet cunt he used to lord it over me and the other 16/17yr olds cos it made him feel good about himself.

      One of the older lads Billy (from Glasgow in his mid 20’s) took a shine to me (cos of the family ties in Sconny Botland) when Napoleon came round slagging us off not realising Billy was out of eye-shot behind a pallet of wear. As he walked past Billy shouted “BOO!” and the cunt nearly shat himself and went into a tirade.

      After he’d finished Billy just said: “Wha’s tha’mah-ar Ted? Noh gettin’ yah end away in Middle Earth?”

      It meant nothing to me. FFWD nearly twenty years. In the flicks wi’ me Mam on her birthday – she wanted to go their and have a meal afterwards – opening scene of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. “It began with the forging of the Great Rings…”

      All serious and then at some point “Middle Earth” was mentioned during the first Hobbit scene and after a delayed recollection I bust out laughing (much to the dismay of all of the Frodo Wannabe weirdo fuckers listening intently and hanging on every one of Gandalf’s words)!

      Sad cunts. Makes me smile even now. 😆

  19. So, yesterday was international women’s day. Does anybody have any idea what the fuck the point of it is? I’ve asked my wife and my daughters and they don’t know. I’ve asked several women I know and they haven’t a clue. The nearest I got was; “It’s just something to make feminists feel important”. Which is probably true.

    Can you imagine the response if an international men’s day was proposed? There’d be hysterical cries of “SEXIST” and “MISOGYNYST” From the misandrist feminazis hypocrites.

    • Next year’s “International” Women’s Day will be held in Riyadh.

      Saudi officials are already stockpiling stones which fit neatly in the hand in readiness for next year’s event.


      Yet again a bunch of cunts twisting on for no good reason! If they felt that passionately about the disparity/fairness of “women’s” lots around the world then why aren’t they over in the “peaceful” states instead of rallying in countries who are soft enough to tolerate their endless moaning?

      Thing is, most ladies I know have no big axe to grind it’s these same-old, same-old psycho-bitches who could cause an argument in an empty room and wonder why the have been fucked off by husband’s and/or partners of either sex. Basically they’re just nutters! Simple as that. We’re not living in an Edwardian era anymore and ALL people in western societies share the SAME rights and privileges irrespective of SEX!

      I’d bundle the cunts up into a few 747’s, fly them to Nigeria and say: “Ok ladies, you have been brought here to spout your inaccurate and pointless views in western culture to the leaders of Boko Haram. If you are that passionate about your views then you won’t mind disembarking with your placards and chanting what you were in Times Square and Washington Avenue yesterday, and we’ll come back and pick you up in a couple of day’s time. OR…you can shut the fuck up, appreciate that western society is the least sexist in the world to the point that men are actively and positively discriminated against in various jobs and high ranking positions because bosses and businesses are so shit scared of being inaccurately called ‘sexist’ by cunts like you!”

      • I hear some Saudi women are disappointed about the upcoming festivities.. When they saw the headline ‘Stones to hit Saudi women’… They were expecting a good going over from Jagger….

  20. Followed by international black day… Not forgetting muslamist day, transbender day, poofter day, lezzer day, rapeugee day, snowflake day, and diversity day…

    On the subject of ‘diversity’ someone I know got this in the post… Fucking PC cunt Nazis, and football as a working class man’s game is dead…What folk choose to Tweet has nothing to do with MUFC and they have no right at all to act on thom… I will probably never set foot in the place again… A joke is a fucking joke, right?….


      • “equality diversity and inclusion” lol wtf? fucking joke indeed. Welcome to the age of political correctness norm where you can’t make fun of muhammud or can’t criticize arab rape gangs and if you refuse to bake a cake for poofs you lose your business

      • Mills was/is a total cunt, but she had a great pair of tits… One could imagine a conversation between Lennon (had he lived) and Macca…

        ‘So why did you shack up with that screeching old witch, Yoko?’

        ‘She was an ‘artist’ and she had a huge ego and a sense of self importance, pretentiousness and bullshit almost as much as I did… Why did you marry that Mills bird anyway?…’

        ‘Take a look at that…’


        • Ye’s are always knocking Heather Mills, but i don’t get it.
          Macca is the bigger cunt.

          The only problem with the beautiful Heather is that she looks shite in stockings these days.

        • Mills was just a boiler on the make but Ono turned Lennon into an even bigger cunt than he was before. She sped up the end of the Beatles, inspired Lennon to write mostly shite and passed herself off as an ‘artist’ She sensed Lennon’s weakness and insecurity and reeled the daft cunt in, making herself a multi millionaire.
          Long may she rot in hell.

          • Too true… I’ve seen the footage of the 69 sessions at Twickenham… Harrison left the group and was sick of all John and Yoko’s shit… This actually kicked Lennon up the arse, and he started talking to Macca about getting Clapton into the Beatles… Seeing him talking to his old mate about ‘band stuff’ again, that cunt Yoko didn’t like tit and started shouting ‘John! John!’ over and over until a horrible jam session started with Yoko screeching… Macca is crouched near his amp looking like he’s going to be sick and Yoko has a big smile on her face… Part of it can be seen in this clip… Why didn’t that daft cunt Chapman do her instead?…


        • After the gorgeous Pattie Boyd and Barbara Bach, I reckon Macca got the third fittest Beatle wife in Mills..That’s what astonished me about Lennon… Could have had his pick, and Cynthia was not unattractive either, and he gets Yoko fucking Ono?!?….

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