Body Positive Movement

Any chance of a cunting for the body positive movement or BOPO as its known to idiots who cant handle full words.

Its a campaign to make it acceptable for women (not men, funny that) to be obese land whales and that society should not judge them because they are beautiful etc etc , but fail to mention that it costs around 50 billion a yr to the NHS to sort the blubbering arseholes health problems out , which the campaign does not mention.

I smoke, not heavily, but do enjoy a nice hand made fag and I am lambasted everywhere for not being allowed to smoke indoors anymore, overly taxed for my pleasure and to top it all off the bloody fag packets have no design anymore and are just a blackened lung or a dead baby .

Why do I bring this up? Well the cost that smokers bring to the NHS is only 5 billion, monumentally less then the amount the lard arses cost all of us and not a single word said about it in case of hurting feelings. Fuck off, you pussy minded twats, its not BOPO , its called diabetes,cronic heart congestion, and being glued to a mobility scooter cos your legs cant take your enormous bulk anymore, cunt.

Nominated by The sheriff of Cuntingham

93 thoughts on “Body Positive Movement

  1. For what I’m getting at the moment I’d go thru every one o them fuckers🀠

    • I was thinking that – apart from the one with the “tats”. Nice lassy ruined with some ink job that’ll end up looking like the map of Middle-Earth before she’s 40.

      I mean a nice FMA tatoo that’s at the base of the spine is all good and well (letting said doggy-basher know that a drop of anal is more than likely on the cards), but daubing yourself so you look like a Paisley tie…nah fuck that for a game of soldiers!

  2. My mrs is a right porker now.I ran her over last week………..I didn”t have enough petrol to drive around her……..Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  3. I’ll have Y, V and E please Rachel…(or Carol presumably)

    The others look like they could sink the Titanic.

    • Actually I’m convinced they added O and Y to make the others look less fatter OY vey baby I’ll take those two

    • Don’t mind tattoos, but yeah forget the piercings, can make an exception for ears and maybe belly buttons if she is high grade and a slut but definitely not the tongue or clit.

      • I rooted a bint/gilf once and she had a pierced nipple.
        I didn’t know what to do with it, and it just got in the way.

        • Imagine getting a shine from a girl with a tongue piercing and the long stud went down your Japs eye.

          • “Imagine getting a shine from a girl with a tongue piercing and the long stud went down your Japs eye.”

            Its supposed to feel good but I don’t want anything rammed up my cockhole it would also block the sperm from getting out, blue balls a la monde anyone?!

          • To me that sounds painful, but its not gonna be a problem for a male pornstar.
            How come a male pornstar can handle anything his cock receives
            Ye see wimmin drag their nails or teeth on the bell end. OUCH !
            They wank the foreskin back and forth as they’re sanding a bannister.
            And the way they pull and suck hard on the balls has me curled up with a sore tummy and slevering (salivating).

            Please be gentle with me.

  4. I am right behind this campaign, someone needs to tell me what I find attractive. I have never found the bigger lady attractive any more than I find the Skeletor look attractive. Worse still my penis totally refuses to operate when confronted with a BBW (What a self indulgent lie that tag is)

    If a woman wants to be obese that is her business, if she wants me to find that attractive that is my business and beyond her control and more to the point it’s beyond my control.

    Reality is the enemy of these fuckers, I don’t find fat women attractive and I don’t believe that chicks with dicks are chicks. This is a fine example of alternative truth or in REALITY an alternative to the truth.

    Some men like fat chicks. I used to have a sticker on my bike behind the pillion seat. “NO FAT CHICKS”

  5. Big is not beautiful, wouldn’t poke a fatty with a shitty stick. Judging by the state of these lot you would probably end having one of them stuffed as a trophy from a big game hunt.

  6. Women can twist any word to make themselves appear more interesting.

    Here’s some words from a matchmaking site with accurate translation.

    Feminist – Fat

    Voluptuous – Fat as fuck

    Open minded – Desperate

    Old fashioned – No BJ’s or anal
    Fun – Annoying

    Educated – Fucked to death at Uni.

    Athletic – No tits

    Adventurous – Will shag your mates.

    Social – Has Herpes

    Widow – Murderer

    • nice one JRC – perhaps you’d consider doing a 21st century version of the devil’s dictionary
      your timely post has just reminded me what to ask my son for for my birthday

      • To take your smoking analogy – fat people should be made to eat outside.

    • And a few others….

      A character – An irritating pain in the fucking arse

      Passionate – Psychotic cunt

      Opinionated – Can’t be disagreed with ever

      Romantic – Watches rom-com chickflick shite

      Sensitive – cries every time they don’t get their way

      Activist – Hates Trump because all the other daft slags do

      Feisty – Sings ‘I Will Survive’ on the table after three ciders

      Icon – Media whore (Chickboy Gaga, Madogga, Victoria Beckcunt)

      Racial Icon – Black media whore (BeyoncΓ©, Nikki Minaj etc)

      Diversity Icon – A transbender circus freak media whore (Bruce Jenner)

      Hardworking mother – Celebricunt slagbag who buys brown babies ( Madogga, Slagelina Jollies etc)

      An example to us all – Manufactured Mail/Express sponsored saints (Kate McCann, Lady Di, Jo Cox)

      • Speaking of the wonders of diversity,I just had a look at the BBC page and some drag queen cunt has posted a picture of themselves got up like a Disney character and sat next to someone in a burka,with the comment that this is what USA society should look like. When do these people do any fucking work, I ask myself. There is no such meaningful occupation as activist. I believe 99% of people are bored shitless with the antics of these cunts.

        • This is what society should look like?… Can you imagine the fuss if a white, straight man said that about himself?…There’d be snowflake meltdown…

          But apparently it’s OK for transbender circus freaks to be Nazis and preach propaganda… Cunts…

  7. I rented a big black hooker once.
    I told her to strip of , lay down and pull her piss flaps apart.
    She asked if i was a voyeur, i said no, but the missus has just bought a brown leather sofa and she wanted to know if pink cushions would go with it.

  8. Mobility scooters were mentioned in the header.
    Have ye’s ever seen a group of three or more cunts in mobility scooters ?
    These cunts are up there as the most arrogant, selfish fuckers ye’ll find.
    Think they can go anywhere and we’ve all to move.
    New law, only one of you cunts is allowed out at a time.

    I have been told my whole life to be empathetic to people with disabilities, and rightly so.
    What they don’t tell ye though, is a lot of people with disabilities act the cunt.
    Not all, but many do.
    For me though, a lot, not all, but a lot of wheelchair and mobility scooter users act the cunt, and coz we were indoctrinated from a young age to respect them, they get away with it.
    We don’t know their history.
    They could be beasts, murderers, thieves or Derby Cunty fans, but coz they have trouble with mobility, they have to receive full respect.

    The same with respect yer elders and respect racism.
    It gives the elderly and minorities the chance to act the cunt and not be pulled up for it.

    New law for the over 80’s, yer not allowed out anymore.

    Its hard to respect a minority when I’ve not to say anything when they annoy me with daft mannerisms and fucking over the English language. “Ye feel me ?”, “for real”, and the worst “dats wot am to-king baat”
    What are ye talking about ?
    Respect is earned.

    • I’ve been to Benidorm once in my life and it was just a day visit. It was about 30 miles from where we were staying. The fucking droves of fat lazy cunts in fucking posses’ of 3 and 4 wide going round the town needed to be seen. No fucking road sense just tunnel vision for the next cheap bar. Cunts. While we were there we went into Subway for a sarnie. There was some posters in the window with the offers on. I decided on Tex Mex. went to the counter and the dago lifts his head as in ‘Wa you want? Tex mex please. Cunt shrugs his shoulders. Tex mex mate! Shake of the head. Fuckin hell come outside an I’ll show ya. Takes him to the front and points. Ah Tex mex! Sez the ignorant fucking spick. πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

      • In Spanish, if ye fuck up one letter or syllable, the cunts don’t have a clue.
        If a foreigner speaks English, but fucks up the sound of a couple of words, we can still work it out.
        Not them.

        For instance, for ONE, they pronounce it HH-IWAN, but if we were to pronounce UNO as OH-NO, the lazy cunts wouldn’t have a clue.

        Seeing as the cunt probably sold shiteloads of TESS-MESS, and nothing else probably sounded like it, the doss cunt should’ve got it.

        Talking of spics, the flamenco has just started in the bar downstairs.
        It wont stop until about three in the morning.

  9. Kelvin Rafael MejΓ­a is a dumb dead cunt,
    I wouldn’t normally slag off someone who has recently died but this fool died after drinking a WHOLE bottle of Tequila in one go on stage for a bet of around Β£500. That won’t pay for the funeral! I got seriously drunk on that Tequila once and it was messy. Whoever his ‘mates’ are need a cunting as well for letting him do it know the first place.

    • No sympathy for the stupid cunt… Of course, we’ll get knobheads griefjacking and saying what a ‘loss’ it is… Nobody that fucking daft is any kind of loss…

    • I’ve tried tequila once.
      It was in a club, and me and some mates joined some girls for shots.
      It hit my throat and came back up, so i held it in, smiled and i made a slow rush to the toilets to spew up everywhere.

      A slow rush is when ye need to run but want to show that yer calm, and yer legs are walking that bit faster than yer body.

      • Tequila is overrated spic shite give me brandy, ale or gin anyday of the week I also find tequila makes people more violent/ more mouthy for some reason same thing with whiskey . I guess it all depends on the person but thats what I observed anyway

        • @Titslapper, different alcoholic drinks have different effects on me. Rum makes me happy, whisky gets me super drunk and Vodka is dangerous when you drink too much, one minute im ok the next wasted. Beer/Lager makes me a cunt.

          • Thats true B&W a different spirit or brew, a different high or feeling I just hate the taste of Tequila horrible for shots its fine for mixing and cocktails. Tequila also has the worst price jacking for any alcohol ever.

            I also think that unfortunately it applies to a good portion of the extra anejo or 100% agave bottles as they are over priced and every one of them seems to be a special reserve or limited edition, just to get the price way up, bloody Cunts!

        • Tequila is piss.The fucking Mexicans would make booze out of old tyres if they could. Bunch of fucking wankers that breed big rats for the table, fucking food is just fucking cheese and more fucking cheese.
          what do you call a cross between a Mexican and an octopus?
          don’t know but the fucker can sure pick melons.

  10. That Pogba is fucking SHITE. That’s just one uppity stupid looking cunt with a Douglas Fir on his shoulder. 250k a week no doubt. CUNT

    • Even if Pogba eventually lives up to his price tag, his return to Man UTD proves to me that football is bonkers and the cunts running it know fuck all.

    • Fact is, you don’t pay that kind of money (89 mill wasn’t it?) for potential. You’re paying for the real deal. Hard working, box-to-box midfielder, who can pass, tackle, head, take deadly free kicks, boss the game and come up with important goals. Is that Pogba? Erm…no.

      I think Manure got done.

      • A question for ye, Imitation Yank.

        In the US, ye get Irish American, Scots American, African American, Italian American etc.

        Is “English American” just called American ?
        I’ve never heard a Yank describe themselves as English American, yet there’s millions with English ancestry.

        Have a nice day, dude. πŸ™‚

        • Hey birdman –

          That’s a really good question. I’ve never heard the expression “English American” in the almost 20 years I’ve lived here. You’re quite right though, there are many over here who are of direct English descent.

          I’m guessing here, but I get the distinct impression that adding another nationality before the word “American”, e.g. Italian America, is a way for some to give the appearance of being more – I don’t know – exotic. Appearing to be something more than what they are. Yanks spend their entire lives trying to distinguish themselves in some way. The culture of ‘American exceptionalism’ has its tentacles into all sorts of things. Everyone is always trying to be exceptional in some way to help distinguish themselves from the great unwashed. I think that’s why Americans are so loud. They’re all competing with each other and trying to dominate by being the loudest.

          For a country that likes to puff out its chest, embraces a ‘bigger, better, faster, more’ culture and likes to lecture the rest of the planet about how IT’S the land of the free and the home of the brave, it’s quite ironic how insular the people are and how often they like to identify with a sub-group of the population, e.g. being an Italian American rather than just American.

          I suppose being ‘just’ American isn’t seen as being as flash as qualifying it with another nationality. I guess we can all be cunts about it though. Whenever I’m referred to as being British, I always correct them and say I’m English first, then British. Confuses the fuck out of the average Yank who thinks London is England.

          I’ll be sure to have a nice day – despite having to work from home on a Saturday. Again. Ugh!

      • The whole Pogba transfer smelled a bit of desperation… Fergie bought Keane (and even Ince) knowing what United were getting… There was no ‘Oh, he’ll be great in three years’ bollocks… Same goes for Liverpool with Souness and Arsenal with Viera…. And those who bring Pogba’s age into it as an excuse are cunts… Being young never bothered Best, Whiteside, McIllroy, Kidd, Hughes or Giggs, did it?… And all of that lot were better than Pogba…

        • What do ye think of Katy Perry’s new look, Norman ?

          I thought the blonde look from last week just made her look like a lot of the other tarts, but that short look is shite.

          • Honestly, Scarlet Johansson face is fucking gormless every time ye see it.
            The same dumb as fuck “am i here” look, every time.

          • Anything knobbed by russel brand needs more than a blonde cut to redeem it.

            She should just come out and advance to bukkake.

        • Great points, Norm.

          I know Pogba didn’t choose his fee and had no direct control over his valuation, but if you look at Bale for 85 mill and Pogba for 89 or whatever it was, the difference in performance and impact are there for all to see.

          • The thing with Pogba is he needs to stop dabbing on Youtube and fucking Twitter…. Acts like he’s nothing to prove at times.. But he has it all to prove..

        • Or even Kante at Chelsea… Brought in to do a job and he’s done it… We all sneer at Man City (well, I do), but when they got Silva and Yaya Toure they were huge players.. Pogba isn’t even close to the impact those two had when they joined City…

          • On the subject of Snowflake Katy: I bet Orlando Bloom feels a right knob now, after getting his out in front of the waiting tabloids…

  11. I have nothing against curvy chubby type women but obesity is absolutely unacceptable and disgusting! at least tone your figure you fat fucking bitch. Eating a salad instead of potatoes with the works won’t kill you, Going for a jog or lifting a few weights will only benefit you Being body positive is like saying “I’m comfortable with people eating themselves to death”

    • Any amount of progress this BBW has made toward social acceptance has been skittled by Adele. That cunt shows all the reasons even a barge pole is not long enough.

  12. How come Brucie in hospital makes the news? This rich chinny fucker can afford his own doctors and nurses at home. I say kick the fucking old bedblocker out and get a hard working, taxpaying 30 year old refugee child in there. Fuck off Brucie!

    • Brucie was a talentless annoying cunt when I was a lad. And he looked the same age in 1963 as he does now. Certainly the same haircut or possibly hair piece. The hairpiece had more talent than him.
      Amazing what zero talent and a few catch phrases can do.

    • The creepy ugly cunt worked into his eighties, yet he had that younger (for him) sexy gilf at home.
      She must have been a right cunt, if he was out working all the time.

      • Absolute bag of “nice to see ya” shite. Made a career out of about 3 shitty catch phrases. Got a lot of cunt mates an all for eg the gap tooth unfunny red shite scouse cunt Tarbollock. Talks all the time about how great l’poo is but fucked off to Berkshire in about 1968. Prob next to R Cilla. Cunts

  13. Shagging a big bertha is like surfing the wave….now where the fuck did I put my surfboard.

  14. The campaign says that “society” should not judge them.
    I’d say that it’s mostly females that judge them.
    Some guys will too, but mostly wimmin.

    I have a “phobia” of bones.
    I’m not scared of them, i just get freaked out when i feel or see bones, even my own, especially skulls.
    I hate it when the missus used to rest her head on my shoulders.

    Heeby jeeby time.

    She’s been told and doesn’t do it anymore
    So for me, i like a bit of padding.

    Any bbw haters out there, have a geez at April Flores.
    She’s an absolute hot curvy babe.

      • I like big butts
        And i cannot lie.

        Excellent, Black and White Cunt.

        Number 3, the blonde ebony babe with the leopard print, fuck yeah !

      • She’s not my favourite, but does float my boat.

        Kate Beckinsale is pretty enough but that waist is too small.
        And she stinks of Michael Sheens cock. πŸ™‚

        • I know there is a lot of discussion about the ‘attributes’ of Christina Hendricks… But she also has a magnificent arse…

          What makes me laugh about Perry is she is attempting to come across as politically minded and as an ‘activist’ in the media… But she really is as thick as a donkey’s dongler… She married Russell Brand for starters… And when she was on the Bender Norton Show with McCartney I actually felt sorry for Macca for a change… The daft bitch said something spectacularly bimboesque, cue ruffled looks from Paul and piss taking from Norton… The silly tart then kept saying in a Captain Caveman Teen Angels voice ‘Hold on! Hold on! Hold on!’ for what seemed like minutes on end… She makes Baldrick look like Bertrand Russell…

  15. Well here we are and the Haye V Bellew undercard is about as entertaining as a stubbed toe!

    Christ this is drier than the Atacama Desert!

    And the PC-ness of having a lady commentator alongside Johnny Nelson when she quite clearly has no fucking idea (purely because there’s a lady’s bout on) is ridiculous to the sublime.

    I hope the main event is better than this shite otherwise I’ll ask Sky for a refund!

    I’ve seen better fights in workingmens clubs of a Sunday afternoon in the old days of pub licencing laws where pubs weren’t allowed to open on Sunday afternoons!

    Sixteen quid! Fucking joke!

    • I thought Haye said that it would be over by now.

      I’m in a dark room listening on the radio.
      The dark room helps me visualize the fight.
      The radio have Haye for the first three rounds.

    • COME ON, Gingers Ballsac.

      It’s Saturday night.
      Only nice thoughts on a Saturday night, please.

  16. The other night, Quislings asked me who i thought would win the boxing.
    I said i don’t know, and followed it up with that i had never ever picked a winner.

    Well, secretly i thought Haye would win.
    Wrong again.

    Last time it was a toe, this time ankle.
    He needs to by sturdier sandals.

    I’ve never won at pulling a Christmas cracker either.
    I end up having to get a paper hat given to me.
    The missus never used to believe me about the crackers until our fourth Christmas together.
    Not one cracker.

  17. How can ye face anybody after getting beaten by a guy ye were supposedly going to do serious damage to and hospitalize ?

    How many rounds did the arrogant cunt train for ?

    • Dunno but the lassie in the “tats” above seems like she could be interested in a rematch!

    • Haye was ahead until he twisted his ankle, Cunt thought he would do a Tyson and wear old skool boots. Should of worn slippers.

      You can’t be like Tyson unless you are a mentalist and Mike was\is one of the biggest Mentalists to grace\disgrace a sport.

  18. Anyone else here considering spending Β£460 quid on the new Cuntles magazine vinyl collection?

    Macca just shuffle off you cunt

    • They’ve been cashing in on the 2009 remasters since, well, 2009….
      First the CDs were repeatedly repackaged as various ‘exclusive’ box sets (USA, Japan, Brazil, Swaziland etc)… Then the tightarsed cunts didn’t put out the mono CDs individually, instead opting for another fuck off rip off box set… And now the vinyl catalogue is being milked Hillsborough/McCann style … And that Beatles film by that ginger cunt from The Fonz show was shite and all…

  19. So glad that the flash mouthy cunt got his arse kicked. Fucking wanker. Time now to go on the celebrity/reality circuit and coin it by being a total shithead. “Who is that bloke?”…….”He used to be a boxer dear.”…. “Well his strawberry flan is a pile of old shit, he hasn’t got a fucking clue”…….(Sigh)…..Yes dear.

  20. Well fair play to Bellew but the Sky bint at the end left me fucking cold.

    Obviously not a boxer like Nicola Adams, etc., and purely their to represent the woman’s angle. Unfortunately most women at boxing meets are from the Bet Lynch school of deportment and dress sense, so having some meejah degree no-mark on, what a fucking waste of time! Glasses or no glasses.

    Moreover she was wearing leather trousers, so by the end of the night her minge would have been sweating like 1/2lb of boiled ham left out on a hot day in a tupperware box!

    • All these twittermongs and cunts wetting themselves because this ‘Boxing Beauty’ (their words, not mine) wore leather keks… She’s as irritating as fuck, and she isn’t even do-able… She looks like some sort of Nazi lab technician…

  21. Bunch of fat cunts. Think of yourselves as you like but you are a bunch of lard arsed cunts to the rest of us.
    Put some fucking clothes on.

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