Most of them in UKIP are cunts. It was the only place that would have them, bunch of weirdy not so bright arseholes who chose another arsehole to lead them.
Nuttall is a cunt for thinking this would never come out, everything comes out sooner or later in politics . Nuttall looks and sounds like a cunt, most of the party do.
I went to a conference once by invitation, never met one you’d want to meet again, deluded tossers. If prices keep going up and jobs are lost, watch them scatter back to the anonymity they deserve.

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  1. I suppose it still remains to be seen whether or not the electorate regard UKIP as a one trick pony. Do they have more to offer in the grown-up world of real politics?I think we have seen over the past few years that the motivations of the U.K. Electorate are far more subtle than they are sometimes given credit for . Look at the surge of Nationalism in Scotland following the Independence referendum defeat . This was largely to the detriment of the Labour Party , while the Conservatives seemed to have revived , especially at grass roots level.
    Interestingly , I see that the Conservative odds in the Stoke by-election are now at a high 9/1 , low 6/1 , when only two days ago I got 33/1 , so here’s hoping for a Con win , if only for purely personal gain. I’ll be mildly surprised to collect , but I still have the satisfaction of getting 24 points better !
    The Conservatives have played a canny waiting game , in a sense , re Brexit and have seized on the momentum largely generated by UKIP who were indisputably clever in exploiting the prevailing attitude of the day.
    At the representative level it’s probably fair to say that there is a fair representation of reactionaries and less savoury nationalistic types in UKIP , but I do feel there is a large swathe of intelligent , well motivated and honest people who have supported the ethos of UKIP , while still , in some cases choosing to adhere to the more track proven ‘establishment’ parties .
    Personally , as far as Farage is concerned , I have always seen him as a personable realist untainted by bigotry or small-minded self-interest.

    • I was a member for a year in 2015 and went on the campaign trail as a leaflet distributor with my local UKIP PPC Suzanne Evans.

      Nice lady although she didn’t seem to appreciate my criticism of her manifesto idea for a all-arms GS medal (participation medal in other words).

      I said to her that most ex-servicemen with no medals would probably find it just as condescending as I did. I also told her “I have a blazer with a blank, medal-free chest but I earned that and you want to takeit away from me!” ……….. don’t think she appreciated that very much.

  2. Let’s face it UKIP ARE Sir Nigel and I can’t see them getting very far without him at the helm. Compare Sir Nigel with this mouthy scouse wanker. He’s only been in the job ten minutes and he’s dropped himself in the shit already. Cunt. However if, as I suspect, the rich bastards and their soft as shit tinkerbell pals manage to block Brexit I can see Sir Nigel riding to the rescue on his white charger. I can also see burning buildings, blood on the streets and the bastard coppers running like shit. I look forward to that day. Burn Baby Burn!

    • Definitely must watch . Hope it doesn’t devolve into a pissing contest about who The Donald loves best!
      Morgan can be an insufferable prick , but I think he’s done enough to evade full cunt status.

      • “Evade full cunt status”….NEVER. The rancid shit-stain of a man is an A-grade, Grand Master of a CUNT…. The word describes him perfectly.

        • Morgan is up there with Bonio, Blair, Branson, the Krankies and Geldof as a 24 carat weapons grade cunt. His programme always features 2 cunts and he is always the greater cunt.

          • Morgan admittedly has plenty of cunt form… But anyone who openly despises the African child catcher that is Madogga and winds up snowflakes till they are on the point of exploding (shame they don’t) can’t be all bad… He is a cunt though…

          • I always hated him until he had Sarah Louise Bryan on his show.
            Probably the first time he’s been in the presence of someone that is an even bigger cunt than him.

      • I wouldn’t go out of my way to defend Morgan on charges of cuntery – he’s as near one as makes no difference in terms of pomposity and smugness etc. The mitigating factor would be his sarky attacks on the snowflake hordes .

        • If I had a gun with two bullets, and there standing in front of me were Piers Morgan and Gary Lineker, I would shoot Lineker twice… If Piers can be a cunt, then Lineker is a gaping sinkhole of a cunt..

          • I’d put the gun down and beat the pair of them to death with my bare hands….very,very slowly. A bullet is too good for either of the cunts.

  3. So long as establishment politicos and the liberal echo chamber media spin against them, I can see a future for UKIP. But not with that scouse cunt as leader.

    I know fuck all about UKIP, have never been to any UKIP events etc. but looking from the outside they do look a set of cunts. Case in point, Steven Woolfe. He should have been a shoe in for leader but instead he gets himself in a fight and gets his fucking head kicked in. Wanker! Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam would also have made a good leader, he stood for election but pretty soon withdrew, one assumes because of a possibly racist backlash within UKIP. Then there was Diane James, again a good public face to put on the party, but she only lasted 18 days before being forced to quit because of in-fighting within the party.

    UKIP are cunts? Certainly looks that way to me.

    • No I believe the reason Raheem Kassam didn’t get far in the leadership contest was because of some issues from his previous role as some sort of election policy advisor to Farage which some say he fucked-up.

      He is also said to have a chequered past as his former employers The Commentator have been trying to character assassinate him for ages. They allege all sorts about his character and conduct so that may have gone against him.

  4. Without Farage,UKIP are nothing but a bunch of cranks who give ammunition to the people who believe that anyone who voted for Brexit is a raving bigot. They’ll achieve nothing except for splitting the Pro- Brexit vote,and potentially let Labour or the Lib/Dems win in seats with a narrow majority.

    • Good point fiddler. The best way to make brexit happen is to get behind the conservatives. If labour or lib undemocrats get in it’ll get very messy.

  5. Piers Morgan is a supercilious, name dropping, up his own arse sack of Arsenal shit. If he was on fire I wouldn’t walk across the road to gob on the cunt.

  6. Apparently a truck packed with gas cylinders was on the rampage in Barcelona earlier driven by, wait for it, none other than a Swedish national. I await news to see if it was a sand w@g or just some random Swedish chef that had a hatred for tapas.

    • Just heard about it, just got up.
      Teletext is saying he killed his wife then stole a gas bottle truck (very easily done, and makes me think now) and was shot after being chased by Los Mossos d’Esquadra and the Guardia
      Urbana. The polis.
      Their kid was found with its grandparents.

      I’d never thought how easy it was to steal a truck jam packed with butane bottles.

      The reason i mentioned the polis forces in Spanish is coz there is loads of divisions, and i still don’t understand who’s who.

      Policia Local
      Policia Nacional
      Policia Urbano
      Guardia Civil

      When i tried to get my neighbour charged for attacking me with a hammer and plank of wood, i wen to the Guardia, coz they’re closest.
      They said it wasn’t their business.
      Then went to see the Policia Local, again, none of their business.
      The Policia Nacional was the place to go.
      Who knew ?

      I’m not a grass, i just wanted to see a Muslim get charged with attacking a Brit.
      Waste of time, as the cunt got off.

  7. Could have been a serious alternative to those Labour pricks if it was done right… But they (UKIP) are mostly clowns and without Farage they are knackered… Even Nick Griffin would be a better choice than Nuttall, and Griffin was/is a massive cunt…

  8. I don’t think writing a cunting guarantees it will be published. It depends on a lot of things, topicality is always good and try to make it funny.

    • You succeed .
      I suppose there are some cunts like Soros and Moore who are cunts in perpetuity and can be spotlighted whenever , whereas some cunts are definitely plat de jour , even though they too are perpetual cunts.

      • I’ve cunted cunts on here and I forgot I’d cunted them… Sometimes they appear a while later and I think ‘Oh, it was me who nominated such a cunt’… There are so many cunts, I don’t even remember doing it… I also bagged Malcom Glazer in the dead pool, but the site went down for a few days, so it never went on record… And my cunting of Ed Sheeran is yet to surface… I’ll just cunt him again.. After all, a cunt can never be cunted enough…

      • Michael Moore is a major cunt… Fair play to you, Mike. for cunting the ‘rent a cause’ knobhead… Big Don should do a McCarthyesque round up of all these snowflakes and treasonous celebricunts… See how mouthy they are then…

    • I think that sometimes excellent cuntings like yours of Soros and Moore are just overtaken by events…..still good cuntings.

  9. Give ’em a fucking break!

    When I was doing the job I had fuck all better to do being retired. I used to go through all the comments and schedule them up sometimes weeks ahead. When there were loads, I scheduled 3 or 4 a day. Like I said, fuck all better to do and it does take time and effort as I know only too well from the three odd years I was doing it.

    I salute the two guys for keeping it going after I had to step down but you can’t expect them to go through 1000+ back comments and resurrect stuff. It’s unfortunate if some of it got lost in the changeover, but that’s how it is.

    Of course, if it’s a problem for any of you then you’re welcome to step forward and volunteer to help with the workload. That way you can short circuit the comment process and just post them direct instead of letting the admins set them up for you.

    So how about it Mike? Volunteering?…

    • Your not the only one Mike your’s truly has had my cuntings pushed back also and if I don’t say so myself I’m a major cuntributor to cuntings . I don’t know how many I’ve written but must be in thousands how many are accepted is another matter and totally up to the admins on what they accept. As sometimes my verbal vocabulary gets the better of me I’ve been accused of racism in the past sometimes on the same day lol

      Most of my cuntings on Diane abbott ,Soros, IRA, The Pope or obama will probably never be published for these very reasons Go easy on the new admin mike this site would of been shut down had we noy found a replacement for dio they are doing a great job by the way

    • What is it about getting your cuntings chosen? It’s not a badge of honour or anything, you don’t get a prize. All cuntings are published, apart from the ones which are moderated or edited. They appear in the comments section for anyone to like or comment on as they see fit.

      • Cunting cunts here is all part of the fun… Some get nominated, some don’t… But I’d never get wound up or lose sleep over a missing one… Just like Glazer in the dead pool… I didn’t give a fuck that I didn’t win… I was just glad the evil grabbing old cunt was dead…

  10. These Nuthall thing has been fucking over egged like crazy he told a small stupid lie about another over egged subject the hillsbourogh disaster. The bigger news should be diane flabbot running her gobshite filled mouth again saying the web should be heavily monitored because people say mean things and that white britons are racist and because of trump we should humiliate whiteness watch this punters I hate this fat anti-british twat so much ugh!

    • The Flabbot is jealous, she wishes she was born a white man. As all us white men know, being born that way is like winning the lottery, life is so easy for white men.

    • Oh how I wished I knew 30 years ago that abuse of Flabbott may well have caused her not to run for Parliament.
      A missed opportunity.
      The woman is a fucking racist cunt but of course she can’t be cos she’s black and an MP. It’s everybody else who is. Or is the abuse she is getting because she is a nasty, unlikeable cunt irrespective of her sex or colour.
      You tell me.

        • She is a rotten herring she refuses to shower so they hired whale trainers to give her a good scrubbing every once in awhile the tubby cunt Although she seems in this recent vid she lost 5-10 lbs probably from snorting too much coke with Keith Vaz or something

    • The last two links you’ve posted have given me a virus warning.
      until i rip my battery out.

    • If its the Twitter page, check out Rhammel Afflick’s comment.

      Looked her up and as soon as learned that she’s a “comedienne” i knew to stop there.
      Same old, same old feminist comediennes.

  11. I’ve just been reading about a charming gentleman called Rezzas Abdulla from South Shields.

    This piece of shit saw fit to walk up to a mother pushing her daughter in a pram,scream “White People Shouldn’t Breed”,and spit directly into the babies face. He had 2 previous convictions for race-hate incidents concerning unaccompanied white women. He was given a suspended sentence.

    I wonder how I’d come on if I’d done the same to a Sandw@g?

    • Again this doesn’t surprise me our own government eggs them on and supports these incidents the lamestream media gets off on this. I have nothing postive to say about these ungrateful W@gs born in uk or not I don’t give a fuck.

      They should be cunted gutted or deported. Our governments refusal to listen and the constant sweeping of peaceful related issues under the rug isn’t helping and will be this countries fatal undoing He will get a slap on the wrist you would do a 1yr minimum the bacon mosque boy got 1 year and now hes dead good deal eh?

      • It’s no wonder the cunts think that they’ll be in charge before much longer. We just bend over and let the cunts treat us like shit….and the trouble is,we are just letting them.

    • At least when we breed, we try to avoid blood relatives, that cunt is living proof of the consequences.

      • The in-bred cunts must cost the NHS a fortune treating the disabilities that a lot of those sods suffer from,due to their liking for breeding with their “younger” relatives. Plus the extra benefits that they qualify for,due to their Special Needs…..the cunts probably factor the extra cash in,when they’re about their business.

    • Again,where are the charvers ?
      That’s Geordie for chav, innit Dick Fiddler.
      What’s happened to the little cunts ?

      I’m going to keep tabs on this cunt, and hope some nasty retribution comes his way, courtesy of a lynch mob.

      Anybody remember kris Donald ?
      A fifteen year old Scottish boy who was brutally tortured and murdered by a group of racist Muslims ?
      These cunts went out in a car looking for a white Brit to abduct and kill.
      As i remember, it never got massive coverage, and seems to have been forgotten about.

      Well i haven’t forgotten Kris.

      • The cunt’s probably been moved to a safe-house and given police protection. Nobody would dare actually do anything to the cunt,he’s one of the “Peaceful People”,and so must be protected at any cost,just like the rest of his hateful people. Law of the Land doesn’t seem to apply to them,only us.

        • There’s a safe house in my street which is used by victims of domestic violence called the Tempura shelter.

          It’s for lightly battered women….

    • Cowardly cunt as well. The word “unaccompanied ” says it all. The cunt wouldn’t dare go near a woman who had her hubby or whoever with them as he would end up on the deck.
      As for the court who handed down the sentence what the fuck were they thinking of. Sandal on other foot and whitey gets locked up straight away. No suspended sentence. Go to jail now. Take him down.
      Have a bit of colour about you and get treated with kid gloves.

  12. I wonder what would happen if say one of Gary Linecunts kids got stabbed by some illegal migrant or a top judge or politician’s daughter got raped by some cunt muzzas. Wouldn’t be as quick to extol the virtues of open borders and uber religious toleration then I would say. It makes me fucking wretch that you can’t question these cunts about their ‘faith’ without them putting their hands over their ears and screaming hysterically at ya. Think they need a visit to the brain doc. They are the intolerant fuckwits.

  13. If two cunts have an argument is that a Cunflict? What about two Cunters going at it, that would be a Cunterflict?

    The Oxford dictionary fails me this time.


  14. It’s now being reported that a really really peaceful cunt who blew himself up in a suicide attack in Iraq recently, has been identified as a British cunt, who spent a couple of years banged up in Guantanamo. Not only that, he was released after extensive lobbying by Tony ‘cunt of the century’ Blairs’ government. At the time, opinionated stumbleton David Blunkett said that no one who returns to the uk from gitmo would be a threat. It seems that remark was a bit short sighted. To make it even more annoying, they gave the cunt a million quid to keep him quiet. Some 9mm night nurse would have been so much cheaper, and probably saved lives.

      • I believe he’s from the Karachi branch of the Fiddler clan.My Grandfather was a well-travelled man with a penchant for strong-smelling, moustached,warty women…Lahore,Kabul, Liverpool..nowhere was too dangerous for the old goat.

        Unfortunately,he was an exceptionally fertile man,and this has led to a large network of sexually deviant,foul-tempered,dishonest,racist cunts who can trace their parentage back to Grandad.

        Luckily, I’ve totally avoided the Curse of the Fiddlers,and like to think of myself as a well-balanced,tolerant,moderate gentleman, as anyone who has read any of my posts on this site will testify.

  15. Emergency cunting for the CHEEKY FRENCH CUNT Macron. The garlic breath streak of piss has the affrontery to come out of a meeting with Theresa then stands in front of the fucking front door offering bankers, researchers etc employment in white flag frogland. Don’t think May will be too bothered tho after telling one of the butlers to stir the cunts tea with his cheese laden bell end. The average frog takes one bath a week by the way. Smelly french TERwATTTT.

  16. Also hats off to Ms Le pen for refusing to wear a head scarf for a meeting with the Grand Mufti in Lepparnon. We can’t compel the cloak wearers to remove their garb. Works both ways cunts.

    • I wonder if the feminists will support her decision ?

      Good on her, and she was showing a bit of leg as well.

      As per usual, cunts were protesting her visit, and saying she shouldn’t be allowed to visit.
      Who’s the fascist now ?

      Why aren’t the women of the world pushing for her to be elected , like they did to that super criminal Clinton ?

      Marie Le Pen would definitely get it, and i bet she looks great in black lingerie.
      I think I’ll have a virtual show of support for her later

  17. I must say all hail to King Nigel!! (Doesn’t really sound right does it)

    Without Nigel we would never have had the chance to ditch the reich. …just in the nick of time too. Once a few of the older generation had died off and the younger idiots had grown to voting age we would’ve lost.

    Love him or hate him, we would never have got brexit without his hard work and commitment.

    Ukip however. What a bunch of cunts!
    I would never trust them to run a bath let alone a country. As fiddler pointed out, all they’re doing now is watering down the vote and giving those labour and lib twats more of a chance to block us.
    I understand there are people that would NEVER vote tory but they need to grow up.
    ..And the conservatives need to stop being cunts to. Though of all the cunts they are the lesser.

    • What he says is bang on. The left have been indoctrinating people for decades!
      As mentioned in my drunken (but true) rant the other night they have learned that all they need to do is invest in schools, universities etc to influence the right people and eventually have everyone in power on their side.

      The NAZI party didn’t just get power by killing. They spent years influencing the young and convincing people that they were born to rule.

      These lefty remoaners think they’re so fuckin clever but I feel sorry for them. The stupid cunts don’t realise that they have been manipulated. ..easily.

      They may have degrees but they’re feeble minded cunts.

      • As I have said many times before, I’ve worked with cunts with more degrees than a thermometer and yet not one iota of common sense.

        That’s why I’m thinking of starting the “Common Sense” party with JR Cuntley as my spokesman.

  18. As the Lib-Dem traitors got their arses kicked at both by-elections yesterday I’m waiting for the Farron weasle to start crying and demanding they do it all again because nobody understood the issues and didn’t know what they were voting for. Cunts

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