Tony Blair [10]

I’d like to nominate Tony Blair for a cunting.

His utter contempt of the British people as being “too thick to decide” with regards to Brexit (and that cuts both ways against those wishing to leave as well as those wanting to remain) just exudes everything that is wrong with him and his faux left-wing cronies, i.e., “Ours is the party of the people! Now let us dictate exactly how you live because you cannot be trusted to make any decision for yourselves. Power to the people! We just don’t expect you to use it, we’ll do that for you.”

The conceited superiority of this cunt really needs slapping down! And would he have been so vocal had the result gone the other way? His way, the gravy train for him and his cronies way?

It’s no secret that Tony B.Liar had designs on the top seat in the EU with all of his toadies in tow like Mandy Mandelson and Alistair Campbell, which halted as the WMD scandal hit.

But now the cunt is back and is shilling for another seat in the EU and his vehicle is to rabble-rouse the remoaners into kicking off (not that they need much of an invitation), even after parliament has now decided and passed through that Article 50 should be invoked (House of Lords aside – another nest of unelected cunts).

The cunt has obviously been promised something from Juncker, Tusk or Verhofstadt to attempt to derail democracy because once invoked in the UK they’re bricking it that their house of cards will collapse all over them! And let’s face it, that would be no bad thing, unless you’reof the ilk of Tony Blair and his cronies!

Tony Blair, you are a cunt. An educated lawyer type of cunt (to worm you way out of shit with your smarmy legalese) but when it came to Brexit yours was one vote. When it came to Brexit, mine was one vote.

Your vote does not count more than mine just because you are a cunt of undefined proportions!

Nominated by Rebel Without a Cunt

23 thoughts on “Tony Blair [10]

  1. That’s the problem with modern digital cameras, they automatically adjust for “red eye”, they don’t realise that red is the actual colour of this demon’s eyes!

  2. As I said back in the cunt of the year noms, tyrant Tony is surely cunt of the century. Farron made a much better candidate for coty, because he will hopefully be irrelevant next year, and good fucking riddance. Mama Merkel is after Blairs crown, as surely as he lit the fire, she is keeping it going. The cunts that killed Europe.

  3. There are two reasons why this cunt is making a noise, one he is yesterday’s man and two he wants to deflect attention away from the Iraq war enquiry.
    He says we, meaning people who agree with him, can still make the decision about brexit. The decision was made on 23/06/16 you numb cunt.

  4. The cunt is on a mission for his rich cunt mates as well as Junkett and Verkiddyfiddlerstadt. They don’t realise what an utter cosmic cunt Blairt is because cunts can’t detect cunts because they are cunts.

  5. This cunt’s latest antics are good news. The most despised, discredited cunt on earth is preaching Remain. This will make even the Krankies, Farron and Miller question their position.
    Rejoice you cunts.

    • They’ve been noticeable by their absence recently. Even the Bullshit Broadcasting Caliphate have been focusing upon Trump, POTUS to give him the title they won’t…

      I suspect the wee Jimmy tiny Tim far wrong and banna Miller are just biding time waiting for the House of Lords to start the pontifications….

  6. What I want to hear is a judge pass sentence on this cunt for war crimes

    “Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, it is my duty and pleasure to sentence you to spend the rest of your natural life in prison. What’s more you should serve this sentence in military prison under the watchful eyes of service personnel who understand the full horror of war and know of the sacrifices made to serve the nation”

    “Off you go you cunt.”

  7. Maybe Bliar’s current Brexit tomfuckery is a form of community service for ultra-rich cunts imposed by the wizards of DAVROS for failing to fully follow through on Iraq and instead line his own pockets.That money was ALL for the final putszh you naughty boy.
    Anyway , Bliar should check ‘hubris’ in the dictionary , recoil in horror at his past actions , await his fate , or have the decency to slink into obscurity , along with his fellow money-grubber , Cherie and live in mega wealthy misery.

  8. The question that needs to be asked every time one of these remainder cunts opens their gob is “what is in it for them ?”
    All this “we” and “us” bollocks is just that, bollocks.
    The cunt Blair typifies this. He didn’t give a shit obout the rest of us when he was a politician here so why would he change his tune now. He hasn’t. He is still obviously hoping for a job at Cunt HQ in Brussels. Well, easily solved. Fuck off to Germany, France etc become a naturalised Gerry or Frog and then go from there. Just don’t expect the U.K. to go along with you as we decided in June 2016 what we wanted to do.
    “Rise up” you cunt. The only thing that I want to raise up when you are the subject is my fist in your grinning visor.
    Grade A cunt and must even now take the Lifetime award to cuntery.

  9. What happened to the Chilcot report? Shouldn’t this cunt be up before the beak and be sentenced to a good long stretch? He’s is a piece of shit that won’t flush away.

    • Tony Blair, the shadow government and his buddies reviewed themselves and determined they were innocent…. yah god bless democracy!

  10. Saw the cunt on tv the other day, giving his pro remain speech & his god like messia complex of cuntishness. This war mongering fucker really believes his own hype after years of Mandleson & Campbell sucking his dick.

    Middle East Peace Envoy anyone? Yeah I’m off on a city break to Kabul and a bit of sight seeing in Helmand ,coz Tony’s an ok kinda guy. Fuck you and your baboon arse faced bint wife.

  11. looking at the remain at all cost Cunts as a leaver you couldn’t have picked a better team, Blair , Branson, clegg, farron, mandelson and Campbell are universally dispised!! And only appeal to fellow remainiacs when their job is to actually change public opinion not harden it, imagine save the children being run by the likes of fred and Rosie west and the mc caines?? Exiting the EU was always going to be fought to the bitter end but leave has been given a boost by this motley crew of yesterday’s men……

  12. I find it surprising that he’s only had 10!

    Obviously he’s had many more, way too many to publish properly, but there’s plenty more to go I guess.

    The only good thing about tiny blair is that he’s the reason I found this site.
    Just typed in Tony Blair is a cunt and there it was!

  13. If you don’t know that Blair is the worlds biggest living cunt it can only be because you are the second biggest cunt. So……are you Alex Salmond you smug fat fucking wanker?

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