Michael Moore (3)

It has been heavily raining cunts for months and I predict there will be no drought in Cuntland this year.

So now, to add to the downpour, I would like to give a super sized cunting to Michael Moore.

Oh yes, the dude who has set out his stall as the protector of the ordinary man. I used to have respect for him. His first film “Roger and me” about how globalisation destroyed the car industry in Flint, Michigan, was an attack on the trade policies of successive US governments and the greed of corporate America.

Only in June 2016 he was attacking Killary for being elitist, globalist and for receiving truck loads of cash – $56 million – from big banks and Wall Street.

Fast forward to October 2016 and he is interviewed describing her as a ‘decent person’, ‘Good for America’…blah, blah.

What happened to him, that he did a Chucky and his head spun round the other way?

Did someone shove a large wad of dollars inbetween his rather flabby sweaty ass crack? Was he waterboarded to switch teams and renege on 25 years of principles?

Surely the The Donald, who supports US industry and is anti-globalisation, would be his natural ally, not Killary.

Also, he is a well known anti-war campaigner. His second film makes that point. Nothing wrong with that, I hear you say, except, by supporting Queen Killary, the warmonger witch herself, who repeatedly threatened to go to war with Russia (if she got into the Oval Office) he is now indirectly supporting war.

Only yesterday, Mr M&Ms had a Fuckbook frenzy and let rip into The Donald, saying he needs to be replaced by Killary based on the popular vote, or impeached or arrested. Plus, somewhere in among his verbage, he said it was also the fault of the Russians. Fucking hell, after that manical mayhem, he will have a coronary or perhaps his pumpkin sized head will explode.

He has attacked Nike for manufacturing overseas, attacked the Bush’s and Saudis for 9/11 (Fahrenheit 911 film), yet Killary’s Cunton Foundation has received $25 million from these desert dwellers and another one million from Nike.

Assuming M&Ms lard laden body has not been taken over by aliens – although looking at his appearance it would not be a surpise – I am left scratching my arse, perplexed at his volte-face.

Answers on a postcard please….

P.S No Oscar today Michael, unless it’s for Best Performing Hypocrite.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

114 thoughts on “Michael Moore (3)

  1. Yeah I watched that homage to Clinton on Ch 4 or whatever it was (it wasn’t the fucking BBC was it?) With mounting astonishment. He started off by saying she was a total cunt and inch by inch built her into a fucking saint. It was the most remarkable 60 minute transformation in history and the fat fuck had the audience eating out of his chubby hands, although I imagine they were all paid stooges. The only explanation is the fear and hatred of Trump. My enemy’s enemy and all that shit. No doubt if he had pulled it off there would have been a drink in it but fortunately the murdering bitch got fucked up the arse by The Donald. As with Brexit these cunts haven’t given up yet. How dare the lower orders vote against our…er….their interests, the ungrateful uneducated cunts.

    • He criticized the bitch and everything she represents for years then starts licking the shit out of her arsehole.He is such a hypocritical cunt I am wondering if he is just an elaborate parody.

    • the fat cunt wudda preferred bernie sanders, but after the DNC and hillary beat him (sanders) moore went along with his show-biz buddies

  2. Good post Triple C…

    I have a very quick answer for you sir, regarding this u-turn. Simply he’s a cunt!!!

    I’d like to add more but I’m already running late for me shift.

    • Yes, he is a cunt; plain and simple with a massive arse crack stuffed full of dollars. Hells bell’s anyone who thinks Kilary is a decent, wholesome caring person has to be a cunt.

  3. On the Andrew Marr show we have 2 massive cunts, Gina Miller and Paul Mason. Miller, get back on your fucking banana boat you shagged out fucking bitch.

    • Why would you keep giving these cunts a platform if you didn’t have an agenda? They aren’t experts in this field, just losers with an axe to grind. Let’s have another referendum, this time on whether to get rid of the House of Lords. A load if cunts, unelected by the people, with a political representation out of sync with the electorate, troughing it big time. Quite like th EU as it happens. Biggest cunts there are shitbags like Kinnock, Prescott and Hain, cunts who spent their political life calling for the abolition of the house, but couldn’t get that ermine robe on quick enough when it was offered. The rest are either party donors or cunts who couldn’t get elected, like Shameless Chittybangbang, or washed up old MPs. Three hundred quid a day? Where’s my robe….

  4. Would, by any chance, these 3 bollock faced cunts be chatting about soft/hard brexit, people didn’t understand the issues/didn’t know what they were voting for/Parliament must have the final say/it was only advisory/Sir Nigel is a lying Islamaphobe racist cunt with a bit of Trump is the reincarnation of Hitler thrown in? Do I win a prize?

  5. Who give a rats arse what this low rent fat cunt thinks. Quick, run along Michael, your dinner is going cold…….

  6. Killary Cunton spent $1.3bn on her election campaign….and still lost.

    Now that is an epic FAIL of Michael Moore’s arse proportions.

  7. I’m really looking forward to the Oscars tonight. Can’t wait to see all those multi-millionaires wailing and sobbing about the poverty stricken oppressed masses while knocking back 500 dollar bottles of champagne and arranging to arsefuck each other at the after party. If only that bastard fascist Trump would allow them to enter the Land of the Free (but don’t come near my Hollywood mansion because my security are packing heat and they’ll put a cap in your scrawny goatherding ass) Blah Blah Land indeed.

    • Trump should destroy, ransack & loot hollywood. Its pays for the impending “Economic” refugee crisis so the celebrittards will be happy and we don’t have put up with their shitty half baked films no more.

      I got more pleasure and enjoyment from a cheap japanese godzilla film last night then anything Ploddywood has done in fucking years, I shit you not King Kong vs Godzilla it was hilarious…, fucking brilliant stuff

    • Every single acceptance speech is going to be a political lecture about how they care so much about the poor people that they should save them from their own stupidity and keep “fighting” against Trump.

      The cunts are gonna be waffling on and on about social justice while they drink $2000 bottles of wine, wear $100,000 dresses and take away $30,000 goodie bags. I wouldn’t mind if their jobs weren’t so fucking pointless and unimportant.

      Can’t imagine a bigger collection of cunts on the planet.

  8. They are all just a bunch of scared, patronising, insufferable, overbearing, posturing, SHIT THICK WANK POTS. Yes, shit thick I say because they do not have the power, unlike most of us and the people like us to be able to see the other side of the argument. It’s not in their power. Either the money has fucked up their ability to think pragmatically or they are just out and out selfish cunts. It’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    fucking easy for them to bleat on and on about people that live on the other side of the fucking globe, knowing full fucking well that they’ll never have to come into contact with the vast majority of the fuckers, than to want to help the poorer, stupid, theiving, braindead people of their own homeland. Well it’s at your fucking peril toss pots because I have news for you. If you carry on with your conceited and shallow regard for the people who pay their taxes for the nice roads and sanitary conditions amongst very many other things that you just take as your right then you’re gonna get your arses burned. I know you’re all worried that your lifestyles are threatened, fuck knows why, and that the status quo is a comfortable place for you but the status quo does not work for a fucking lot of people. Now fuck off and think rationally about the situation and that the world isn’t gonna end because of Brexit and Donny boy and come back and see me with a vastly less hysterical response. Give me fucking strength, change is a comin. CUNTS.

  9. I’ve never watched any of Moore’s films,but if he fancies putting his doughnuts down for a while,and making a film about obese people,I’m sure that it’ll go down a storm.

    I find documentaries about bloaters really funny,it’s something about the way their chins quiver as they describe the horrors of people pointing,laughing and making comments. It’s never their fault that they resemble a beached whale,and the thought of eating less and exercising more,seems to be beyond anything that their chubby brains can process.

    The best films about the lard-buckets are the ones where they make them exercise..the sight of some 20 year old bloke with tits like Anne Widdecombe virtually having a heart attack after 5 minutes gentle walking never fails to crack me up. I once saw an episode where it was a bunch of American kids at a “fat-camp”,it was fucking hilarious. The sight of the morbidly obese lard-arses wobbling around an assault-course that a fucking pensioner with a walking-frame could have completed was one of the funniest things I’ve ever witnessed.

    Why any cunt would let themselves get into a state like those fuckers is beyond me, personally I’d just lock them in a cell and give them nothing but bread and water until they resembled a human-being. Pandering to the greedy cunts does them no favours,most obesity isn’t down to an illness or ignorance,it’s down to idleness and greed. This should be explained to them in no uncertain terms. Lazy,fat fuckers need bullying,it’s for their own good,and noone should be accused of being a “heartless,callous bastard” just for laughing and pointing at a 5 foot barrel of lard when they see one wobble into a bar…the fucking landlord still hasn’t forgiven me.

    • I have seen pictures of him and after every film he does he seems to gain another 20 pounds after doing one… so he should stop making films then lol . He actually looked fairly slimmer in the last interview I saw him in but he probably got liposuction done or something because usually HE’s FAT! https://youtu.be/xAsA0eTFMhU

    • You should watch My 600-lb Life, it’s hilarious, especially their self pity.
      Every episode starts with them naked and trying to wash in between the slabs of flesh.

      And they all have a childhood ordeal that made them fat fucks.

      • What was his childhood ordeal? Was his mother frightened by a giant pie?. Self pitying spherical cunts.

      • Urrr, watching some fat fuck wash between their folds of flab sounds like too much of an ordeal for me!

  10. Super cunt Gina miller on the marr showing asking why isn’t it a good idea that both houses get to vote on final Brexit deal?? Well if the EU know that their deal would have to pass both houses what kind of deal will be offered?? A good deal which both houses agree to, or a fuckin useless deal that is completely unacceptable to both houses?? Hence we never leave the EU?? DOH!! It’s an utter farce and if the relics over at the house of wax pass that amendment surely instead of triggering article 50 and wasting 2 years getting a non deal that would never be passed MAY will have to roll the dice and go to the people via a early general election, May by nature is ultra cautious and it’s a gamble but we’re just about to find out if she really backs Brexit or not….
    on the oscars I think we should have 3 nominations….
    Male cunt of the night
    Female cunt of the night
    Best supporting cunt….
    1… Alex Baldwin
    2… meryl streep
    3… Any Cunt who gets near a microphone 😎

    • Fucking hell Quislings mate, you’ve only gone an pissed on their bonfire. They didn’t think us thick cunts would notice their little plan to keep us in Shit Club. Now the cunts will have to think of an even more cunning plan. Like blaming it on some analytical data company in Canada putting targeted ads on facebook and the like and financed by some yankee donor with his heart set on Brexit. Don’t think even they would be so ludicrous as to suggest that! Would they?https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/feb/26/us-billionaire-mercer-helped-back-brexit

      • Sorry for pointing out the obvious but listening to arch cunt miller sends me into a fuckin frenzy!!!

        • I can’t even watch anymore mate.

          My tv has taken way too much abuse over the last few months!

    • Why hasn’t the PM had Banana Gob Miller arrested for treason?…. And why do the BBC have her on so much…. She probably blows Marr in the green room… She’s blown plenty to get where she is, let’s face it….

      And at the Oscars, no doubt Schonzzer Streep will be paid to wear a shite designer dress, and then lecture everyone about taking in rapeugees and jungle filth… Wonder how many sandsambos and fuzzy wuzzies she could put up in her vast hooter?… And who’d be surprised if that weirdo slag, Jolie, ate a live tarantula, and then let a relative take her up the shitter?… I wouldn’t…

      • A relative taking her up the shitter reminds me of the couple of times Angelina Jolie snogged the face of her brother on red carpets.
        Right in front of the paparazzi and onlookers.

        Its strange that everybody and their dog has forgotten that, coz that’s VERY VERY seedy behavior.

        • PS. They said they done it to piss off their cunt of a dad .

          yeah, that’s how ye get one over yer da, innit ?

          Sick pair of cunts.

          Self harming, satanic, incest, promiscuity, hard drugs, slut and much more, yet the press want to portray her to be a saint.

          Nah, she’s just another cunt

          • Remember she had wee willie Hague running after her like a lap dog. That was just before he announced his retirement from front line politics. You remember, that was the same day Camoron announced an ‘over arching'( ie completely unmanageable) parliamentary inquiry into child abuse. Im sure both events were unconnected.

        • Shit man I only just found out about that.

          Surely that’s illegal.

          And if it isn’t it fuckin should be.

  11. BTW…. The oscars is always an enormous cuntfest which I tend avoid like the plague but this year it’s going to be fuckin epic!! A tsunami of utter cunts all trying to top each other, there’s going to be so much material for this site I reckon it could crash!! 😂

  12. Surely less kids would be killed in High school massacres such as Columbine, if the “no running in the corridor” policy was lifted….

  13. Sicko was alright.

    If he’s trying to throw a light on an injustice, why doesn’t he make a documentary for telly ?
    With him its a worldwide cinema release, followed by the DVD release and world tours.

    Could he be a secret capitalist ?

    • I heard Moore is going into collaboration with Ken Loach on his next social justice drama series.

      Rumours have it that “I, Daily Bake Off!” will feature a 600lb black muslim woman from Detroit, trapped in a man’s body, who emigrates to the UK to get “the op” on the nashy!

      Persecuted by airlines for not allowing them to travel, a UK Hercules bomber is sent over to pick them up (after campaigns by Lily Allen and Gary Lineker to use UK tax money whilst gently massaging their personal fortunes), are deposited in a field near Chepstow where a “Bake Off” set is assembled around them and where they become the sole judge and eat everything before them.

      Apparently the episode post-op where they extract Peter Mandleson from his/her/whatever’s arsehole is a real tear-jerker.

      Moore – who is executive producer on the project – says he was going to audition for the part himself and considered converting to Islam but thought it would send out the wrong message if he used blackface.

      Loach has been auditioning on both sides of the pond and the lead role is supposed to be a closely guarded secret but bet365 has stopped taking bets on Diane Abbott taking the role.

  14. Fucks Sake,we’ve even got positive discrimination on the rugby now….a black lesbian spouting her views on how England should play Italy. Stupid bitch should be at home cooking the dinner.

    • Sexist pig.
      She’s the alpha, her bitch is at home doing the cooking.

      Why are women’s feet smaller than men’s ?

      So they can get closer to the kitchen sink.

      For any offended feminists out there, i do all the cooking and cleaning in our house.
      The missus is shite at everything to do with household chores.

      She sometimes hangs the washing, but still manages to fuck that up.

      Right, time to check that the towels are in a straight line in the bathroom.

      • I do all the cooking and cleaning since the last Mrs Fiddler moved out….Well I say cooking and cleaning… I actually just eat tinned pies or fried spam sarnies, and even the dog’s threatening to move out unless I clean the fucking place up a bit.

    • I saw that black lesbian droning on after the game, very annoying but not as annoying as listening to the halfwitted observations of boxing commentator Ronald Mcintosh, he is paid to offer expert analysis and insightful comments, ” oh he has hit him with a punch ” ” oh another good punch” oi Cunt that’s the whole idea!!! That’s not insightful or interesting, what next Ronald?? ” that punch on the nose must have really hurt” ” the boxers laying flat on the canvas from that very hard punch!, he appears to be unconscious!!, I think we’ve witnessed a knock out!” CUNT!!!

  15. That fucking anorexic streak of piss Millar should fuck off now. She got her fucking way with Article 50 and now wants to stick her fucking oar in about MP’s having a vote on the deal with the option of fucking it off if it’s not a good deal. A good deal for who exactly you ugly cunt. I presume you mean YOU. Get it through that empty cave were your brain should be that the majority voted out because they were being shafted by cunts like you who hold the fucking purse strings. Shit bags.

  16. Dr Joanne Rowe…. Turned a 5 year old kid away because she (and her mother) were a few minutes late for an appointment… They even told the receptionist in advance that they would be a bit late, but the Doctor fucked them off… The little girl then dies… Rowe was given a ‘warning’ and moved to another practice… An absolute disgrace, and I hope the cunt never sleeps peacefully again… Not unlike the quack cunt who told my mother she had trapped wind (she had cancer and died from it)… I wonder how many unofficial murderers the NHS now has on its books?….

    I bet if it was a migrant or a peaceful cunt, the poor little kid would still be alive…

      • I fucking hate doctors! By that I mean GPs, useless cunts to a man, real failures of the medical world. No body studies medicine to become a GP, it is like training to become a chef and then going to work at McDonalds. They study medicine to become a surgeon or a top consultant or to do cutting edge research or maybe to go save some Africunt w@g. But only the best get to do that, the rest, the shit ones become GPs and it really boils their piss. They know they are failures and the rest of the medical profession knows it too. Funking failure cunts.

          • Money isn’t the only measure of success. Look at lily the musical mong, loads of dosh but still a tallent free cunt.

    • Moved to Shipmans old practice, she can sort out the admin….
      Is there a crime of negligent manslaughter? if not there fucking should be. What the hell were we paying this retard for??? most slaughter house workers are more professional than “Dr” Rowe.

  17. Fucking manna from heaven for the remoaner cunts. Some drunk cunt has driven a car into 5 romanians in Bellingham. Obviously a Brexiter.

  18. The lefty liberal fucktards drone on and on about how people who voted for things such as The Donald and Brexit are too stupid/ill informed/racist/homophobic/xenophobic/etc/ because, in their view, they made the wrong choice.

    Ironic then that those same people hang on every word of the elitist totally-disconnected-from-reality Hollywood slebs and show up at protests (sometimes paid to do so) but have little to no idea what they’re protesting about.

    Remind me again who the stupid/ill informed ones are.

    The next time a Demoncrat president gets elected, I hope republicans riot, set fire to things, destroy property, protest, attempt impeachments after 5 minutes, etc. and see how the Demoncrats like it. What’s good for the goose and all that.

    I can only surmise that the continuing fake outrage and coordinated protesting is an attempt to make power for the conservative right so unpleasant and unfulfilling that they won’t want to keep hold of it. I don’t think that’s going to work.

    The UK will thrive when released from the shackles of the EU and Trump will bring greater security/peace of mind to America and kick start an economic revival that will turn America’s fortunes around. Watch this space.

    Utter, utter, indoctrinated, low information, welfare scrounging, my-way-or-the-highway, sheep mentality cunts – all of them. Liberals go home. You lost this one. Stop crying.

    • If the republicans had lost, and gone on the rampage, like the democrats supporters did, can you imagine the headlines? Right wing nazi scum try to replace democracy with facism. Instead we get ‘concerned citizens rally against unpopular racist bigot’. Also, the democrats would have got the national guard out and shot a load of people.

      • You are not wrong, Gutstick. The headlines would have been beyond OTT. I’m so sick of the tired old argument that Crooked HilLIARy won the popular vote, so she should rightly be the president since that was the will of the majority of the voters.

        She may well have won the popular vote, but by quite a slim margin and if you take the deranged state of California out of the equation, Trump crushes her in both the Electoral College AND the popular vote. Fact is, the US election is not decided – rightly or wrongly – on the basis of the popular vote. Libtards clinging to this argument may as well claim Crooked HilLIARy should have won because she had better hair or her trouser suits were better than Trumps’. That makes as much sense.

        Liberals everywhere – YOU LOST this time around. Grow up, quit whining, re-group and come up with something better than the team that crushed you. Too easy isn’t it? Far easier to do nothing constructive or positive and just berate, denigrate, abuse, criticise and seek to over turn democracy until you get your own way. Utter clueless cunts.

        • The ellectoral college system was designed to stop small but densely populated areas dictating to the rest of the states. As such it did it’s job well.

          • That’s exactly right, Skid. It may not be a perfect system and may appear to be unfair to some. However, it’s the same rules for both parties. Crooked HilLIARy got Trumped, fair and square.

            I suppose it was too much to ask that the libtards just accept defeat graciously and get onboard with helping America be great again. That said, the whining and gnashing of teeth is quite amusing on some levels.

            Cheers – I.Y.

  19. Lily the musical mong is taking a break from twatter because of the on-line abuse she is receiving. This abuse, could it have anything to do with her being a cunt?

    • Don’t worry folks, Dennis is going to be taking over her account, and he’s going on a hate blocking spree.
      I’m sure Dennis has a lot of hate for people like us in himself, so better hope he doesn’t realise that, eh ?

      How full of self importance is this cunt, that she gets someone to take over her Twitter account ?

      Isn’t it meant to be yer own thoughts ?

      She is taking a break coz she cant handle trolls mocking her over her claims that she suffered PTSD after the still birth of her baby boy.

      Its sad about the wee boy, but this cunt has dished out abuse to anyone that dares to have a different opinion to her.

      If yer reading this Dennis, yer a weak cunt.

      Who the fuck is Dennis ?

    • Obviously some of the comments made where in very poor taste.

      However, calling people with alzheimers “vegatables” is also in very poor taste.

      • It’s an indication of her cuntitude that people would use such an event to attack her.

      • Fuck the crosseyed mong… She can’t have anyone disagreeing with her, and labels anyone who tries to offer a different opinion as ‘ignorant’ and racist’… Has the arrogance to think she can speak for a whole country, and makes up lies to justify her claims of ‘racism’ (like the taxi driver bollocks)… She also as good as said that all white British men were potential rapists and sexual predators, yet she’s singing the praises of the rapeugee filth…. If she plays/tweets dirty, then others are gonig to do it, and have a go at her anyway they can…. I don’t think the ‘PTSD’ thing is the reason at all… People are just sick of her dumbing down and slagging British people, condoning rapists and terrorists, and her being a total gobshite cunt… The spakker has spat the dummy out… Simple as that..

        • So people who ‘mock’ her ‘PTSD’ are ‘vile trolls’…
          But what about when she throws shit at the elderly, the mentally ill, Brexit voters, and accuses people of being racists and potential sex attackers?….. Hypocritical window licking cunt…

          • I get it now shes lonely… shes wants some cock and hoping thes rapeugees will increase her chances on getting a surprise gangbang. Shes doing this moral posing among us simpletons because she hasn’t been fucked or loved in ages. She is dead inside and her father is probably a cruel cunt to her his whole life

            This admission is interesting punters as to how the Allen mindset works “You ask me how I have got away with being so naughty,” he says towards the end of his meal. “And it’s because I honed a very, very quick wit from a very young age. It’s allowed me to defend any position even if it is based on the most ludicrous foundations. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/features/3636129/Keith-Allen-mad-bad-and-dangerous-to-know.html

          • The mong plays the virtue card, but is probably coked up to her friod eggs most of the time… Blubs like the attention whore she is when filmed with Calais Shithole ‘refugees’… Bet she didn’t bat an eyelid at 9/11 or 7/7 though….

  20. I want to continue to cunt Gina “fucking” Miller and by that I mean I want to kick the bitch right in her cunt, women want equality, well I will tell them to fuck off and give them a slap, no problem. Doesn’t help I have a mighty strop on, but hey fucking ho. Anyway, back to the banana boat beauty, she claimed that she didn’t want to overturn the brexit ruling, yet once again, for the umpteenth time she has said she wants to overturn the referendum result. So why the fuck has this old minge bag been given media time, she was on the wanky Andrew Marr show this morning. She has also repeatedly said “this isn’t about me, it is about the future of the UK” fuck off Miller you ugly fucking shite bitch, I actually fucking hate your guts. This is more a rant than anything productive, but I feel a little better. Where the fuck is Tim Farron, the fucking weasel.

  21. Just in case any cunters feel that Sweden is being unfairly targeted by the alt-far-right Trump media, here are a few stories to show that cultural integration is going on apace in that country.

    First up, a 14 year old pregnant Syrian girl is given permission to marry her cousin. It seems the couple were married before they came to Sweden, when the girl was 12. Way to go Sweden!


    Second up; Swedish government sanctioned advert tells native born Swedes they must integrate, the old country has gone and will never come back. Oh, and all this is a good thing.


    I wonder why the BBC haven’t reported these stories? Never mind the BBC Bollocks, here’s BPS.


    • Dr Who is a cunt.
      Dr Who is a boring cunt.
      Dr Who is for kids.

      Right, i better get ready for the double bill of Gotham tonight.
      Where’s my jammies ?

        • Excellent, innit ?
          I watch it on Paramount Channel.

          I’m on series 2.
          The programme is excellent, and for me, the two that stand out are Penguin and Sean Pertwee.

          Sean Pertwee needs bigger roles.
          He’s a brilliant actor.

          • I couldn’t agree more birdman, Penguin is the stand out character for me and I am impressed with Sean Pertwees Alfred. Roll on series 3

    • Why is it so important to these libtard mongs that a white male fictional character who first appeared in 1963 has to change sex or colour? They are basically saying it is no longer acceptable for the character to be a white man any more…. And to me that sounds just a wee bit racist… Get a fucking life, Harewood , yer sausage bandit cunt….

  22. The next Dr. Who should definitely be a trannie or some other gender confused arsehole. Cressida Dicksplash was born for the part.

    • “Quick hand me my cosmic tampon! You know Davros, since I had the OP to invert Mr Dangley Bit into Mrs Tunnel, with a bit of Benny Bell-End left behind so I have a sensitive clit style bit, it’s still weeping after 6 months and I need a bloody good drilling, so any chance of you taking me up the TARDIS tonight?”

      “Ex-defecate! Ex-defecate! EX-DEFECATE!!!”

      “Oh don’t worry Davros luv, I’ll use the strawberry enema like before. And don’t go twisting your face, the sweetcorn husk lodged in your japseye was a one time thing! And look on the bright side, it’s either me or Eddie Izzard, so you decide.”

  23. Cracking final today… But fuck all that ‘United didn’t deserve it’ shite (fuck you, Phil Neville, you useless cunt!)… United were knackered from all the games they’ve been playing, but kept going for 90…. And that Gabbiathingy bloke should have had a hat trick, but today’s offside makes up for the one cunts got allowed in the 1976 FA Cup Final… So bollocks…

    • The usual bent officials and incredible luck for the Manker Wankers. It’s no wonder everybody hates that bunch of flash mouthy cunts. Fucking northern bastards.

  24. From one fact greedy cunt to another, namely the BBC.

    “Nearly 10 attacks were made on migrants in Germany every day in 2016, the interior ministry says.
    A total of 560 people were injured in the violence, including 43 children.
    Three-quarters of the attacks targeted migrants outside of their accommodation, while nearly 1,000 attacks were on housing.
    Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to open up Germany to people fleeing conflict and persecution has polarised the country and boosted hate crime.”

    I did scour the BBC for a report detailing the statistics of attacks on Germans by aliens but no such report could be found, though for once the BBC cannot be held totally responsible as Merky’s government makes fucking sure these statistics are not released and I suspect they are not even recorded in a way where that information would be discernible.

    Meanwhile a German leftist party has used the above to call for the “far right” which we know is anyone who questions immigration policy to be scrutinised and silenced as Nazi’s.

    Leftist cunts are a threat to any country.

    • If those attacks had been by skinheads the BBC would’ve covered nothing else for the next month.

    • Well, it’s going to happen, isn’t it?… They shouldn’t assault women en masse at New Year, shit in public swimming baths, and murder innocent shoppers and retailers with lorries, should they?… Fucking cunts…

    • Cheers Norman.
      That was hilarious.

      How do the Sport get away with “shagging”, “banging birds”, “dick wet” ?

      That was absolutely priceless.

      I’m glad ye’s beat Southampton today, but what’s going on with José’s interviews ?

      Is he on methadone ?

      • Agree about Jose, and Paul Pogba talked like he was E’d up….
        Only one that seemed ‘normal’ was Zlatan of all people…

        Good to see a Uinited team with guts again (luck my arse!) and that Gabbiadini will not be at Saints for long… Some big club will come in for him this summer… He does look an excellent player…

  25. Oscars 2017…..
    Host kibbell gets the evening off to a flyer as he attacks the evil president trump💤

    A black person wins something and the audience cheer 💤

    Host kibbell has another dig at evil dictator trump and the audience laugh💤💤

    Another black person wins to rapturous sustained applause , proving beyond any reasonable doubt that the oscars are not racist and black lives really matter💤💤

    Host kibbell is back and let’s fly at the facist dictator Adolf trump, he also shows his support for poor meryl Streep who was ungraciously called overrated by the facist racist bigot formerly known as the president!! , the audience rise to their feet and applaud Streep for no apparent reason?💤💤💤💤

    Another black person wins!!! It’s really warming up now 💤💤💤💤

    Host kibbell closes the show by telling off xenophobic racist bigoted anti Muslim anti abortion strange haired Neo nazi Russian loving president trump!, the liberal elitest pseudo intellectual gobshite champagne quaffing acting Cunts go crazy so drunk are they on the $ 500 a bottle bubbly and their own self importance!! , ” see you next year” says kibbell as the credits start to roll…… Doubt it Cunt!!!

    • The Oscars… Where apartheid is the new thing (they are basically saying it’s wrong if someone white wins!), and millionaire luvvie cunts lecture us about Trump is Hitler and how ISIS should be able to go to Disneyland… What a load of steaming cunt…

      • And more Oscars cuntery… The luvvie millionaires who want to preach politics to the great unwashed but can’t even read the contents of an envolope….. Aye, them cunts….

        • And as old Magnus Pike might have said: That Meryl Streep has an enormous conk! And it is now scientifically official that she also an absolutely ginormous cunt!’

  26. I remember when Manchester United fans regarded the League Cup as a ‘Mickey Mouse’ trophy, how times have changed.

    • Not in 83 it wasn’t… That dirty Scouse cunt Grobbelaar taking out McQueen.. Dirtiest foul in cup final history…. But I agree, after 93, Fergie showed the trophy an arrogant contempt… Mind you, he did that to a lot of things, and people… And Wenger at the Arse is just as bad…

  27. Comedy moment of the night at the oscars warren beattie and Faye dunaway read out wrong winners of best picture?? From the card?? La la land cast are called to collect their oscar and are standing on stage when card is taken off Beattie and it clearly says moonlight???? WTF
    There’s only 1 name of the card??

  28. I can only think of 2 Beatty films that are any good, bonnie and Clyde and bullworth, the rest were a pile of steaming dog shit!
    Also I doubt it bodes well for either dunaway or Beatty that they were unable to read the single word moonlight from the winners card!! Imagine trying to direct these two duds?? Beatty looked like he was going to cry when the card was snatched from his hand, mind you maybe he was acting?

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