Emmanuel Macron

Cunting for the CHEEKY FRENCH CUNT Macron. The garlic breath streak of piss has the affrontery to come out of a meeting with Theresa then stands in front of the fucking front door offering bankers, researchers etc employment in white flag frogland. Don’t think May will be too bothered tho after telling one of the butlers to stir the cunts tea with his cheese laden bell end.

He appears to be as slimey as Manhandleson if that is even possible. Not only has the cunt been in London and New York attempting to persuade our top bankers, researchers etc to go to frogland so he can poach business from us like a filthy spiv the shit for brains prick has only been on a visit to Algeria and in a speech has said the his countrys colonisation for 132 years up to 1962 was ‘A crime against humanity’. This has cuased uproar back home in France so much that the snail eating cunt has had to make a grovelling apology to his countrymen. What a thick cunt. And the swivel eyed cunt is married to his former high school teacher. Wouldn’t trust this duplicitous cunt as far as I could throw him down a mine shaft. Tete de la Merde! Walk on Ms Le Pen.

Nominated by kendo nag

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  1. He may be a sly French cunt who is trying to do us over but he is putting his country first. Compare that with the spineless money grabbing fuckers who rule this country. Every time you pay an energy bill, every time you travel on a train you are probably filling the coffers of the French government. Buildings are going up all over London already sold to rich foreign bastards who need somewhere to park their dirty money. Our country has already been given away…..all this cunt is doing is picking over the corpse.

  2. May should have had the cunt frog marched down to Dover and dumped on a ferry…… utter prick!

  3. It was a shame his expenses claim for a 60 inch TV was turned down all those years ago. Horrible slimey person.

  4. Agreed Freddie, this Kermit fucker is a oily EU brown nosing little turd but that’s the game, the French always cherry pick which rules they want to follow and anything they don’t like normally ends up with a load of burning fucking car tyres on the road into Calais.

    Blair was a master arse licking poodle but May looks like she a least has a backbone and can squeeze the bollocks on the frogs and krauts over a trade deal.

  5. I hope you are right but you have far more faith, or perhaps hope, than me. I wouldn’t trust a politician any further than I can spit. Total cunts.

    • Yea I’d like to trust that may will tell them to stick the supposed €60 billion bill up their arses but I doubt it very much.

      As mentioned before, I’d spent the €60 billion on aircraft carriers and jets and dare the cunts to come and get it.

  6. he hasn’t announced his (en marche’s) manifesto yet – I’ll leak it now
    1. become prez
    2. wing it
    heeza fuckin chancer

  7. I asked the other day why people are being forced into colour blindness, but at the same time they have to celebrate all things black.
    Why can’t a black actor, just be an actor ?
    Why are people happily describing Moonlight as a black filum ?
    If LaLa Land was proudly described as a white filum, there’d be riots.
    Viola Davis has been nominated for an Oscar three years running.

    Have ye ever seen Viola Davis ?
    She’s a boring miserable cunt that just acts moody every time.
    In fact, i cant think of one black actor that can play anything other than themselves, in every filum.

    Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, Morgan Freeman, Samuel L Jackson, Laurence Fishbourne,Chris Rock, Idris Elba and many more just reprise the same role over and over.

    There are many white actors that do the same, but they’re not being bestowed with fake honours.
    For instance, i can enjoy a Jason Statham filum, but me and Jason both know and that he’s no Gregory Peck.

    There was loads of British actors in star wars, but the focus was mainly on a black British actor who just seems to stare at everyone.

    And then we have Dev Patel.
    The cunt got lucky a few years ago, and then nothing apart from the odd part. He wins a bafta for playing the same role,and now he starts to preach to the world.

    Fuck off Dev, and you and Steve McManamon need to shoot yer hairdressers.
    Its not the nineties, ya cunt.

    • That might come across as a bit muddled, but I’m on holiday, so I’m stoned, as per, and it took me ages coz i was finding it difficult not to come across as a racist.

      He’s nott a racist, he’s just a naughty brexiter.

      • Did you see the dagos took to the streets yesterday to force the government to let in more immigrants? FFS! Near me they have a festival of the three cultures every year. It is supposed to be a celebration of when the w@gs ran this part of Spain, which is to say three cultures, Christians, 4x2s and peaceful folk all living side by side in blissful harmony. They don’t mention anything about the Jizyah, a tax payable by all non muslims. Don’t want to pay? Fine, convert to islam. Don’t want to convert to islam? Fine, fuck off out of the country. Don’t want to fuck off? Fine, choppy choppy time. Not exactly blissful coexistence. Stupid dago rose tinted glasses nostalgic cunts!

          • Even with the knowledge of this site I acquired during my time at the helm, the workings of the moderation filters remain a mystery. In theory it picks up first comments and treats a new username or IP as a first comment. Fair enough.
            It picks up certain key words. Fair enough.
            But I’ve often questioned why the fuck it chucks some comments into the pot when I can see no reason for it. Unfortunately turning it off let’s the fucking brain dead trolls and other assorted undesirables in…

      • Viola Davis said when accepting her Oscar.
        “I became an artist, weep weep, and thank god, weep weep, because this is the only profession that knows what, weep weep, it means to live”

        Cue fanatical applause.

        Ugly big shouldered cunt.

        • So, reading out lines written by somebody else while pretending to be somebody else in a world completely divorced from reality is the only path to self knowledge?

          Rightio love.

          Why do I get the impression from most of these diverse luvie cunts that they are a hairs breadth from their next gig at McDonalds or KFC?

    • Coconut macroons are great even better when they are chocolate dipped
      Macron on the other hand is just a dumb froggy bastard shilling for the EU and trying to steal Le pens glory

  8. i assume Islam has been cunted here? but must be a while ago. surely another one is overdue?. i get a bit peed off when constantly told we must ‘ respect’ Islam? what the fuck for, its a pile of idiotic shit founded by the James Jones of his day. Muslims are very keen to point to the fantastic ‘ scientific revelations ‘ in their ‘Glorious’ Quran but on close inspection these are all found to be complete and utter bunkum. and whats with the Qurans fuckin obsession with violence, virtually every second verse calls for some horrible blood curdling revenge for anyone having the temerity to criticise them or heaven forbid not believe the nonsense. its medieval tosh and its about time its followers saw sense. hopefully with the advent of the internet they will slowly come to see the error of their ways. btw all religion is nonsense.

    • Any religious book worth its salt would need only one page.

      PAGE 1

      Try not to be a cunt….

        • That’s already in the Quorn (that’s why Sir Mo Farrah loves the stuff) but in Islam it’s revised to:

          PAGE 2

          As heaven is so much better than Earth kill yourself NOW. Why fuck about? And take as many innocents out with you!

    • I have always said it should rank with Scientology, Mormonism and all the other daft cults. Put together as a political instrument based on the fairy tales of Judaeism.
      The old testament is hate filled but only the deranged take it literally. Islam stifles debate and thought so we have a billion and a half fuckers who are potentially violent psycopaths.
      All religions are man made fairy tales but Islam persists with a hate filled agenda.

      • But it’s the religion of “peace” Cunstable?

        They all tell us this including their vichy collaborators (Imams, MPs and Mayors of London) who shill this “peaceful” front on TV on behalf of all the “peaceful” cunts who commit atrocities (on an hourly basis these days) around the world.

        So you better believe it’s the religion of “peace” otherwise they’ll be round to cut your head off – in the name of “peace”, of course.

        Malmo and Stockholm in ribbons because of imported “peacefulness”, and not one word on the ABBC.

        Dish out the wrong Oscar…world news, every 15 fucking minutes on the ABBC!

        I dunno, maybe it’s just me being completely out of touch on what’s newsworthy these days??

        And I’m sure Emma Stone’s eyes get bigger on each run! Last time I saw a pair of eyes that big on anything it was playing the clarinet in a cantina bar in Mos Eisley spaceport!

        And that semi-lisp affectation most of those Hollywood cunts put on gets right on my tits too! At least Toyah Wilcox’s lithp was real! Cunts!

  9. Can I nominate for a good cunting Dr Joanne Rowe,this is the lying GP who wouldnt see a 5 year old who had an asthma and who was a couple of minutes late for an appointment,the girl subsequently died.
    Rowe then lied about seeing other patients and instead of being fucking hung,drawn and quartered as she deserves,she is being moved to another practice were no-one knows who she is……
    This is fucking true so if you have DR Rowe is your doctor [find a new DR],these GP,S are usually cunts even when you are on time they still make you wait half the fucking morning……..so Rowe you are treble cunt with bells on,you had better hope the DR you need to see when you are dying can be bothered to see you, not to mention the oath you took and the fortune you earn…..I bet you ve had to move away from Newport as they would lynch you given half a chance……

    • I wish I could say I was surprised by this story, but I’m not.

      The whole NHS is a pile of fucking dog shit, if you ask me. Overpriced and under performing, it wouldn’t mater how much money you threw at it would only become worse. It is a money pit in the truest sense. £1885 per year for every man, woman and child in the country ( not including illegal immigrants ) and you can still die for want of seeing a GP? Fuck right off. I pay less than a 1/3 of that for private insurance and get to see a quack any time I like. Need a scan? How about this afternoon. Hip replacement? Would next week suit you?

      Now I’m sure there will be many of you who have relatives or friends who have had their lives saved by the blessed NHS, but don’t think that proves it is the only way of running heath care. UK is the only place in the world that has this model of healthcare, does that tell you something? The NHS is not the envy of the world and more than is the BB fucking C. Both are an embarrassment and should be ditched soonest.

      • My experiences with the NHS have been pretty good, apart from one time.

        That time, i got stabbed in my leg.
        I went to the nearest hospital and they cleaned and stitched me up.
        I had a lot of tendon damage so i was to be operated on the next morning, in a hospital 40 odd miles away, coz that’s where the”leg specialists” are.
        The cunts filled me with Valium or something similar, and discharged me at five in the morning and told me to make my own way to the other hospital for nine in the morning.
        They gave me my X-rays and details in a folder to give to the other hospital, which i ended up forgetting coz i was drugged and had been stabbed.
        I couldn’t walk, the cunts never gave me crutches, and i obviously couldn’t drive.

        Thank fuck after several phonecalls, i eventually found a mate to take a morning off work, and take me.

        I’d also like to take this time to say to the so called mates who knocked me back for a lift that ye’s are all cunts.

        Oh yeah, one time, the NHS or GP took over two years to diagnose my slipped disc.

        Yeah, the NHS are cunts.

  10. I’ve had mixed experiences with the NHS over the years mainly to do with my ma an pa, both gone now. A lot of NHS staff over the last few years are very poorly trained and don’t give two fucks. It’s just a job. Half of the cunts look like they just rolled out of bed and went to the laundry basket in the dark an grabbed some clothes. One nurse was fucking chewing gum when I asked her about me mater, mannerless cunt. Another time when my old man was in hosi I walked into the ward and you could smell the shit straight away. The guy in the next bed had lost his marbles an shat his self and wiped it up the wall. There was a 25 stone fat cunt of a nurse eating her fucking takeaway at the desk when I went to tell them. She just sat there an said, Ah!. I kid you not. She fuckin came in after she’d scoffed her gruel with a few fucking wet ones. Fucking disgrace. My old fella had all his marbles but they fucking drugged him up to fuck to keep him quiet. We had a meeting with the docs and my sis ended up banging on the fucking table to get him off whatever the fuck they had him on. He was halucinating BIG time. It’s fucking frightening to think what’s in store for us poor cunts. They need a fucking hard cunt of a matron to run each ward with a rod of fuckin iron.

    • My Ma was a nurse back in the day when they still had ward matrons and she shudders every time she goes anywhere near a hospital these days. You are spot on, filthy with staff ( most of them fucking foreign cunts who can’t even speak English ) who don’t give a flying fuck.

      • I knew a young British nurse a good few years back. She’d only been qualified 8months and they put her in charge of the drugs trolley, had all the responsibility of administering the doses everyday. No senior cover or doctor on hand to supervisor.
        When I asked her about it, she said it was because the other nurses on the shift comprising of imports from the Phillipeans, India and other parts of Asia had such a poor grasp of English, written or spoken they could not be relied upon to administer the right drugs to the right patients.

        So, when you hear any politico cunt banging on about Brexit, foreign staff in the NHS keeps it running, we’d be lost with out em, blah blah blah, think about how they’d like the wrong horse tranquilizers administered in the wrong orrifice… But then I spose they’ll all be in the private wards anyway… Cunts.

        Oh yeah I never did her in the uniform either… All that talk of cafatas, puke shit and blood put me right off. French Maid outfit any day…

        • I used to shag a nurse.
          When she phoned to say that she’d finished her shift, i would hurry like fuck to get to the nurses quarters, and not once did i get there before she’d change into civvies.

  11. I’d have let Hitler keep France.

    It’s a country full of sly,two-faced,jibber-jabber talking,untrustworthy cunts. They hate the British,and I in turn hate them. Blow up that fucking Channel Tunnel,that might show the cunts that we no longer want to be tied to their shitty country.
    They can shove their stinking cheese up their arses too, I like cheedar.

  12. Former prime minister John Major has called on Theresa May to inject “a little more charm” into the Brexit negotiations. This from the most charisma free cunt ever to hold public office. Didn’t spitting image have him as the grey man, all grey…..

    • I fucking fell asleep listening to the Major cunt. Another one of yesterday’s men still telling us what to do….Blair, Brown, Heseltine,Mandelson, Kinnock etc. Listen you cunts we listened to you in the past and look where that got us. You’ve filled your pockets, got your titles and had your day so fuck off back to your mansions and SHUT THE FUCK UP. Bunch of cunts!

    • Major is a cunt big time, fucking cunt that signed the Maastricht Treaty and did he ask if we were ok with it, did he fuck the Edwina Currie fucker, allegedly.

      • There’s no “allegedly” about it. The desperate sad cunt done her good and proper. If I had fucked the Currie bitch and every cunt knew about it I’d never go out of the house again. These political cunts have got so much fucking front.

  13. Going in for surgery Wednesday morning so may not be around for a while this week.Wish me luck cunts!

    • Bet you feel much better about it after reading the last few comments!

      Good luck mate.

    • I hope you’re going private! 😉

      There’s an African village missing a witch doctor – now employed by the NHS – I hope you don’t get him!

      So good luck and make sure you throw the bones straight!

      • Best of luck, I believe they can work miracles these days. Although when I asked the doc. for a 12 inch penis and a gold plated Rolls Royce the cunt was decidedly cool.

      • In fact you can read all our comments out to your fellow inmates. Should cause some reactions as long as no bodys got a bad ticker. If theres any remainers in there tell ‘fuck off’ from me.

      • This site will probably blocked by the libbo NHS Stasi.

        If however you choose the “ImAMuslimHookMeUpWithASwedeICanRape.com” then dip your bread!

        Just saying…

      • Cheers guys only minor knee surgery but I have to have a general which is a pain in the arse.I am in a dilemma as to whether to invite some female friends of mine along or just appreciate the nurses;)

        • It is NHS but I checked up the department and the surgeon I have been booked with and on both counts it looks good despite the hospital being abysmal overall.Also they are keen to get me out ASAP which suits me.With any luck I will be out in a few hours.

        • “Going in for surgery Wednesday morning so may not be around for a while this week.”

          So what you’re really telling us is you might die? Just kidding I’m sure the surgery will go fine take care Shaun

  14. Why the f@ck would anyone want to relocate to France or persuade Bankers to go, it’s a terrorist hot spot, look at the attacks in Paris!

    P.s Best of luck Shaun of the Dead 69

  15. Looks like we missed a cracking day out in London yesterday. Big hearted Sad dick Khant held a free gig and movie night, with lots of Iranian themed music and stuff. I say free, it looked like it cost a couple of quid to put on, so some fucker was paying. And I say cracking, if your idea of a great time is listening to whiny libbies droning on about Trump, Damon Albarn shovelling his world music crap, followed by some ‘worthy’ film which I couldn’t care less about. Khan addressed the crowd (of bellends), saying Trump won’t silence him. Trump has probably never heard of the twat, and wouldn’t give a dry fart if he did. It just shows how many cunts live in London, their choice in mayors is appalling.

    • I live in London and I can assure you I didn’t vote for that ISIS loving Khant.

      Meanwhile, I am also hoping that Le Pen and her saucy as fuck niece wipe the fucking floor with Macron’s gonads and purge Frogland of the ‘peaceful’ invasion.

      P.S. Hope all goes as planned Shaun.

      P.P.S get visitors to bring food parcels.

  16. Sorry to hear that Alex ‘the golden vision’ Young kicked it today. That was a great era for my club when Harry Catterick was the manager. Our mate Ken cunt Loach made a film about him in 1968 called funnily enough ‘The Golden Vision’. A very gifted player in his time.

    • My dad told me about that Everton side featuring Ball, Harvey, Kendall, Royle etc… I think it’s fair to say that a lot of those players learned a thing or two off Alex Young…

  17. The French

    They line their avenues with trees.

    So the Germans can march in the shade.


  18. The Oscars ceremony is a cunt.

    Every bloody year these sad Hollywood smug cunts walk the red carpet,
    with their cunty fancy shoes and their cunty fancy clothes. Showing us how magnificent they are , gods walking the earth, when in fact everybody knows they make bad cunty expensive shitty movies most of the time.
    Then comes the time the lucky cunt winner receives the award ,
    walks on stage in full cunty actor mode and chooses between comedy,
    humility, crying and several cunty thank yous.
    And the world stops just to see these lucky rich cunts parade in their own sucess, with infinite media coverage before and after the ceremony, hour after hour .
    Even those cunt actors and actresses must get really tired, bored , to have to endure, prepare for such a snore and boring and in each year more depressing event.

    Go back to your million dollars castles and mansions and to your extravagant life styles an let us care with more important and constructive things.

  19. I must nominate the Supreme cunt of this day, 27th February 2017, following a monumental torrid gush of shite from the sacred orifice of none other than ex Prime Cunt, John Major, himself. Bleating on the TV news tonight that we, the useless swine fuckers of the land, cannot, do not, and will never understand fuck all unless enlightened by the wise old sages of the Political Class. This smarmy affiliate of dobbin shite, has the fucking cheek to lecture from his lantern and demand that we need to think carefully about what it means to leave the Fucking EU.! Well cunt….I have… and I voted out ! And the last thing I need is wankers who fuck hard boiled eggs like you to tell me what I need to think. Useless cunt.

    • They can’t fucking predict the future for the next 3 months so how the fuck does he know what it’s like further down the line other than us being shafted even further by the cunts that despise us but tolerate us for our financial contributions. So fuck off pea man, people have decided on a change so get on and fucking make it work. Their lack of confidence in the British people sickens me after what our grandparents fought through. They look down on us with shear contempt and poo poo any suggestions that things could work out for the better. Theresa May should do a deal with Adolf Merkel for all the refucking moaning cunts to go an fuck off and live over there. That’s one way of getting the numbers down. Cunts.

      • These cunts are supposed to be British (Major, Heseltine, Blair etc) but can’t do enough to talk this country down and I can’t help think they will be as pleased as punch if it all goes tits up.
        Yesterday’s men. Fucking stay there you cunts.

  20. COYB. 🙂
    How shite are Liverpool ?

    Another NHS story.

    I had a hernia operation, and the nurse took the staples out too early.
    I ended up with an infection and had to go to the hospital to get it sorted.
    The Asian doctor looked at my wound and asked the nurse for scissors.
    I’m thinking wtf, as he started to cut stuff away.
    He gave me no warning and definitely no anaesthetic.
    When i cried out in pain, the cunt said, and i quote ” shut up you poof”

    Ye’ve got to sorta respect that.

    A friend of mine was in the waiting room for his own appointment, and we were laughing and joking before i went in.
    You should have seen his face as i came limping out all pale and shaky and barely able to say goodbye, and the nurse shouted “NEXT”

  21. Madogga is a cunt and the media who are arselicking Madogga are cunts… Lapping up the shameless self publicity and the staged photos of the old witch and her two new purchases… sorry… her two new kids….The cunts are slobbering about ‘Madge’ and her ‘daughters’… They are not her fucking daughters… The old cow as good asbought them and well fucked the father of the kids over…. And wasn’t the timing ever so convenient after her ‘Bomb Trump’ outburst?….Still, her cynical ploy has worked… Not a word about an investigation into her White House bomb threats and sedition., and the media has all but forgotten the old kippercunt’s disgraceful antics at the snowflake nazi rally….. Nothing like a couple of brown babies to make the gullible media cunts cave in…. Pathetic….

  22. Good luck Shaun…………………Looking forward to a good knees up,I bet………Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

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