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As I’m currently on this website whilst also watching the City match, I’d like to cunt BT Sport, partly for the ridiculously high price to watch their shoddily assembled coverage, but in particular for the further insult of their all-cunt lineup of presenters, commentators and pundits. Each and every person on their programming is a gormless waste of sperm and I reserve most of my contempt for the likes of the following:

Steve McManaman – Sick to fucking death of hearing you say “Fletch” every 10 seconds you silly Scouse piece of bell cheese. Oh and it isn’t the early 90s anymore dickhead…get a fucking haircut.

Rio Ferdinand – The Daffy Duck looking motherfucker’s face makes me want to stick pins in my eyes.

Gary Lineker – Your cuntish attempt at facial hair is justification enough.

Glen Hoddle – Knowingly/unknowingly doing his best to rival the ultimate chatter of shite in football commentary, Andy Townsend.

Michael Owen – By far BT Sports biggest crime against humanity. Never has one cunts voice been able to make me want to simultaneously go to sleep and also embark upon a frenzied episode of self harm. The man’s voice and lack of depth in anything he says is so boring it tears a gaping arsehole in the very fabric of space and time. Deserves his own cunting.

So fuck you BT cunts, and your prices! (I’m watching it using my brother’s login details online…..Rich cunts 0 – 1 Cheap cunt).


Nominated by Cuntfish

95 thoughts on “BT Sport

  1. Wouldn’t pay for the shite so I have pay for it.

    A quick cunting for Liverpool FC and the total eclipse of the sun lobby group who are still raking up Hillsborough 28 years on. It was a tragedy and no one deserves to go out to watch a game of football and never go home again.

    I though the enquiry had put this to bed but that axe still needs grinding.

    Originally there was a whitewash by the police about the mishandling of the event, now the whitewash is applied to some of the Liverpool fans who valued getting into the ground more than the people in front of them in the queue.

    Surely this can never be settled until all the guilty are named and whatever anyone says the behaviour of some Liverpool fans was a major contributing factor.

    The Sun certainly misrepresented the facts of what happened that day, Liverpool fans have never admitted their part in the tragedy, I suspect some of the most fervent justice for the 96 campaign are actually the same people who contributed to the events of the day.

    If you want real justice for the 96 then you have to step up and own up.

    • Yep, agree with every word.
      On the subject of Liverpool and football radio, can they please stop playing that dirge that gets played at Anfield and Parkhead before home games.
      The pundits go quiet for it and then explain the atmosphere it creates, every fucking time.

      News flash, pundit cunts, i’m neither a Liverpool fan nor a Celtic fan, and neither are a lot of listeners, so leave it out and stop creaming yer pants.

      • It’s all about compensation for these Scouse cunts… The real circus hasn’t even started yet… I saw one of these ‘Justice For The 96’ people on TV… He had his kid with him,and the bloke actually said, ‘He (the kid) will be the next generation of the campaign…’ Next fucking generation?! Like it’s a family business… Well, I suppose that’s what it is for these vermin…

        Also, their holier than thou shite sickens me… They never mention justice for the 39… As in the 39 Italians massacred at Heysel… And let’s also not forget the cunts at Heysel with the ‘Munich 58’ flags… But now they want everyone to grieve with them?… They can fuck off…

        • Many moons ago I worked with a good ole boy who hated scousers. Not a good word to say about em, he referred to them as ‘professional victims’.

      • To quote from the BBC commentary online:

        “You’ll Never Walk Alone. Even if you’re not a Liverpool fan, it’s still pretty spine-tingling.”

        Fucking cunts

    • are they going to ban talksport as well? they are now owned by murdoch.
      probably not as the station kisses the arse of everything liverpoo, and near enough has a two minutes silence every time the city or hillsborough is mentioned.
      i have to agree that it was tragic that so many died but the cunts with no tickets thought they had a divine right to get in that day and gave the filth no choice cos of the number of them.
      along with a lot of other people, i hate the city, the people from there who revel in the grief, not just hillsborough it seems but everything, the dont blame us for heysel,not our fault culture.
      i want to puke every time i hear never wank alone
      and i fucking hate the beatles, biggest load of overrated cuntishness in history

    • Sixdog: You’ve got this all wrong, mate. The West Yorkshire Police Force rounded up an extra few thousand Scouse cunts, hemmed them in the immediate vicinity of the ground, then forced them to clamber over fences, walls, etc. to gain entry without tickets, then viciously beat many of them to death deliberately. The poor hub cap stealing innocent by-stander Scouse filth could do nothing and were completely innocent. Shocking I know!

      Now let’s all join hands and pray for those Juventus fans deliberately killed by rioting Scouse fans at the Heysel stadium. How about a little justice for them?

      Said it before and I’ll say it again, Liverpool as a football club should have been wound up by the High Court for crimes against (a) the sport, (b) Juventus and (c) all the other English clubs who were subsequently banned from European competition as a result of their murderous scum fan base. They are an illegitimate club and have no place in the world of football. Cunts.

      • Yeah what was I thinking. The only Liverpool fans in Sheffield that day were wondering around the city calling out that haunting cry scousers famously wail when looking for work “gissa job”. They were then corralled by the police and forced to crush extremist Liverpool fans who had gone as far as buy a ticket for the match, turn up sober and on time and queued in an orderly fashion. Something no “real” Liverpool fan would ever do.

  2. I’d like to take this opportunity to offer Steve McManaman a square go.
    Not a bad footballer, but what a big headed cunt he is.
    Somehow this scally ended up being the go to man for Arabic billionaires seeking to invest in whatever needs investing in.

    Panorama needs to have a look into this cunt.

    And if Steve takes me up on the offer, I will definitely pull his hair out.

    • McManacunt – ‘Not a bad footballer’? Not a good one either. What I can’t stand about this fop-haired cunt is the excited whining high-pitched Scouse squeak every time something doesn’t happen in a game! What is it about BT that they seem to think we all want to hear some awful speaking northern cunts as co-commentators? If they insist on keeping these shites on the box, and that we have to hear their northern drivel, at least have the decency to provide subtitles or translations.

      As for that duck-faced lop-sided gob shite Ferdinand, and flat-capped cunt Wrightttyyyy (“I fink dat Feo Walcock did well there”), they both need Euthanasing. And don’t get me started on Balls caught in a vice Robbie Cunting Savage, John ‘Crater-Head’ Hartson, also sub-titles required if they have to (dis)grace out Saturday football fun. They’re All CUNTS!

  3. At the weekend I’m taking part in the Hillsborough Triathlon……Football, Squash and Fencing.

    Sorry, is that overstepping…..

    • When it comes to that armpit of a city, I simply cannot fathom the adoration of that shit Scouse band beginning with B. Popular doesn’t equate to good. MacDonalds sell a LOT of hamburgers – obviously very popular with the masses – but few would argue it’s top tier haute cuisine. I rest my case. Utter cunts. 2 down, 2 to go.

        • Good one, Norm. Hate to say it, but it did make me chuckle. While I’m not a Man U fan, I too am sickened by the Scouse filth’s references to Munich. Absolutely abhorrent. It’s right down there with the plastic Chelski fans who turn up at the Lane and make hissing noises in reference to the Nazis gassing Jews during the war. There’s banter and giving out some stick, then there’s stuff that’s way over the line.

          As it happens, one of my favourite footie chants is by the Man U lot: “Feed the Scousers, let them know it’s Christmas time”. Always piss myself when I hear that. Cheers – I.Y.

          • Think I remember the full words to that one IY… When it wasn’t Christmas, it was ‘dinner time’ that was sung the rest of the year instead… Here goes:

            It’s dinner time
            there’s no need to go without
            At dinner time, it could be lamb or duck or trout

            But in our world of plenty, we can spread a smile of joy

            Pick up your knife and fork at dinner time

            But say a prayer
            For the scumbags of Merseyside
            In Merseyside: a dump, no jobs, no cash, no pride

            There’s a world outside their window
            And it’s a world of dread and fear
            Where the only river flowing’s
            full of piss and turds and tears

            A car’s been robbed
            A dustbin dipped
            A granny’s been mugged too

            Well tonight thank God it’s them instead of you

            And there won’t be grub in Merseyside this dinner time

            The greatest gift they’ll get this year is life (Behind bars)

            Where no one ever goes
            And no one wants to know
            Do they know it’s dinner time at all?

            Here’s to you, raise a glass for everyone
            Here’s to them, with their dicks up the poofter’s bums

            Do they know it’s dinner time at all?

            Feed the Scousers!
            Feed the Scousers!
            Feed the Scousers!

            Let them know it’s dinner time…

          • Norm, you bast! Still recovering from a bout of ‘flu and have the usual, lingering cough. I read those lyrics you kindly typed up and nearly passed out trying to cough and laugh at the same time. Light headed, lying on the floor with sparkling things whizzing around my vision. Thought I was going to croak there for a minute. So, so funny. Thanks mate! Cheer – I.Y.

  4. They have never won the Premier League ever. That’s a shocking statistic for a so called big club. They seem to think they have a divine right to win because of the Hillsborough event. It would be seen as justice. Christ knows what they’ll do when when it’s all done and dusted, they’ll have nothing to get up for. If you want to cheer yourselves up watch this commentary obviously done by an Evertonian after the 3-3 draw with Palace a couple of years ago when it was supposed to be their year. Mawkish cunts.

    • Jimmy Anfield did some great videos ripping the fuck out of Liverpool. There was also a great one with Stevie Me and the slip. Gerrard the dirty diving criminal cunt

    • Similar to Liverpool never winning the premiere league, it is claimed that Germany have won the world cup four times.
      Not in my eyes they haven’t.
      West Germany three times and Germany once.

    • They moan on about ‘justice’ and ‘closure’… But they don’t want it to end… It defines them now and they attach it to every tragedy going (9/11, Lady Di, even Muhammad Ali dying… You fucking name it)… The cunts are professional griefjackers and it is an ideal fit for their self pity mentality… It also fits with their ‘always the victims, never our fault’ bullshit… If there was ‘closure’ on Hillsborough, people might then say, ‘Well, what about Heysel, you murdering cunts?’…

      • Half of the landmarks in Liverpool were funded by money from the slave trade.
        Maybe we should report them to blacklivesmatter.

  5. I’ve been reading about the Hysel murders in a thirtieth anniversary report in the Guardian.
    The cheeky cunts asked me if i wanted to pay for it.

    Is Spivvey running the Guardian now ?

  6. After hearing the news that £50m worth of coke has washed up in Norfolk, I would suggest Tobago knows fuck all about Sandy white beaches…..

  7. Justin Welby is a naive old wanker.

    The Archbishop has been whining that the government has announced a cap on the scheme that allowed 3000 “child” refugees to settle here.
    The ridiculous god-botherer is more concerned about a load of savages than his own “flock”. He grandly announces that “Jesus commands us to care for the most vulnerable amongst us”. Firstly, Jesus hasn’t “commanded” me to do anything. Secondly,this particular batch of “vulnerable” aren’t amongst us,and that suits me just fine.

    Most of these “vulnerable children” are neither vulnerable or children. Genuine unaccompanied children couldn’t make their way half way round the globe alone . How long before the rest of their tribe land/ As for the “children” bit… fuck me,some of the last batch looked to be in their thirties.

    People have had enough of their council-tax constantly rising,while services decline,,in order to pay for an endless stream of sponging migrants.Hospitals,schools,housing,benefits etc. are stretched beyond breaking point to pay for a bunch of leeches to whom we owe Fuck All.

    Their own muzzie brethren back in Sand-Land should take them in,it’s not our responsibility. Anyhow the locusts have crossed fuck knows how many safe countries before they got near here. Letting the cunts in only encourages more of them to crawl their way up through Europe,thinking that they’ll be allowed into Britain.

    The Archbishop should stop interfering in political matters,and limit his cant to lecturing the gullible who believe that his fairytale “saviour” has any relevance.

    • Cunts like this cunt are obsessed with filling the country with immigrants. They think all they’ve got to do is mention the word ‘children’ and we’ll all fall apart and let them in. If that doesn’t work they play the paedophile card. They say that kids in camps risk being molested. No more than anywhere else I’d say.
      Do we have a shortage of children in this country? Not last time I looked. Are we responsible for the trouble in Syria? No we’re not. So keep them where they are. It’s not our problem.

      • Allan, you make a good point about ‘the kids in camp risk being mollested’. Indeed it’s a line the hand wringers use a lot. My question to them would be mollested by who?…not their fellow rapefugees they are sharing the tented shithole with by any chance?…

        That’ll be the same rapefugees who kith, kin and brethren from the religion of peace have been running amock in Rotherham rounding up and grooming scores of underage vulnerable white girls for their peverted paedophile fun, because the book of lies tell them so….

        Strange the lefty fucktards never draw a comparison or try and relate the two scenarios. Cunts.

        • And we know ho does the molesting, don’t we?…
          The depraved muzzie cunts that infest towns like Rotherham and Rochdale… Rape is now at epidemic levels in Sweden and Norway… These ‘refugees’ are a disease, which needs purging totally…

          Paris is now crawling with these migrant filth.. It’s also a fact that 76% off these ‘migrant’ men are criminals, and 42% are repeat offenders… When Le Pen wins it will be a war zone… Let’s see what Gary Linekunt and Lily Mong have to say then…

    • Tell you what Justin, sell the buildings, assets and investments owned by the CoE, spend the shitload and we are talking income of 1.4 Billion in 2013 which doesn’t include property and value of investments. Spend that money feeding the poor English and putting roofs over the heads of the homeless English and then come tell me how many fucking immigrants we can take in.

      If Jesus existed and there was a second coming you would be the first person to receive the son of Gods foot in your vacant old arse.

      Church of left cuntards telling the country to spend its money while the CoE continues investing in Vicars pensions funds and lawyers for nonce’s.

    • Interesting factoid which I haven’t decided to check but it sounds plausible.

      If Africa decided to enter Europe in an orderly line walking 10 abreast they would never stop coming.

      Now I know you should always check your facts but I the cunts are coming, just not in an orderly line 10 abreast and there is certainly no sigm the cunts will stop coming.

      • When we ran Africa it was a productive continent. Since the w@gs took over, not so much. The k@ffers are busy making South Africa a proud Africunt nation, complete with poverty, corruption and disease. We should be opening the door to the white South Africans, who are being slaughtered in the thousands by the savages, but you don’t hear so much about that on the good old beeb, do you? Cunts!

        • Indeed. Want any more proof. Look up Zimbabwe. Once the bread basket of Southern Africa thanks to hard working white people. Now a disatster zone thanks to Mugabicunts ‘land reforms’. Still when all the natives want to do is sit under a tree poking shit with a stick what’s to worry them as long as it’s their land…

      • The western civilisation is a victim of its own success. The whole thing works on the basic consent of the majority of its people, from law and order, health and wellbeing, and the general consideration of the fellow citizens. It’s far from perfect, but it’s the best that planet earth has to offer. There are reasons why this type of civilisation doesn’t work in other areas of the world, but it is mainly down to the people. Who can blame the migrants for wanting to come to the west? However, they have little regard for the hard work and sacrifice, intelligence and cooperation that put us where we are, and by watering down those ideals, they will eventually be lost. When I was younger, it was referred to as the ‘third world’, now it’s the ‘developing world’. Developing into what? There is little progression, still the same tribalism, backward religious beliefs, and pretty constant conflict that goes with those ideals.
        Our civilisation is not subject to any form of copyright, and these places could imitate our successes, but either choose not to, or do not have the will of their people to change or uphold it.

  8. There’s nothing wrong with hearing those comforting words ‘Jesus loves you’……unless you’re in a Mexican prison….

  9. Absolutely incredible.

    I’ve just been reading in the local paper about two men from South Shields. The first,Jack Nimmo,was given 2 years 3 months inside for sending death threats to a jewish M.P. Admittedly,the sad cunt has form for this kind of thing.

    The second,Sean Mell,kicked and punched his own mother unconscious,when she wouldn’t hand over money so that him and his girlfriend could continue drinking… He was given a suspended sentence.

    So, 27 months for being a troll,or walk off scot-free for kicking your own mother senseless…. We’re living in fucking Cloud-Cuckoo Land.

  10. I don’t know why anyone would pay any subscription to any service other than unlocator as a remote VPN. $4.99 per month, then buy a KODI box or fire stick and load KODI onto it, its all free, (I’m informed also illegal) It’s relatively unknown in the U.K, overseas 99% of People use them. Live tv, sport channels etc. Total life cost about £85, or monthly subscription to services……The choice is yours.

    • Yep, kodi, very popular here, i use TVaddons for on demand TV ( TV Series and films) and never watch live broadcasts at all, otherwise one just channel hops as there is fuck all worth watching.

  11. An interesting piece of research which stands to confirm what we already know;

    The Spanish are least against islamic immigration, but they are pretty close to being arabs in any case. You would think that having been invaded and occupied by the filthy moorish vermin they would be dead against it happening again. Not too bright, your average dago.

    • Well Skidmark, over here in Bulgaria they really really do not like the sand niggers one little bit.

      Can’t imagine a Uk version of Dinko Valev either, the snowflakes would have a field day.

    • A bit disappointing that only 47% of the UK folk who were polled thought we were already “peaceful” enough!

      Where did they take the UK sample from, Luton, Bradford, Leeds and Leicester??

      Good on the Poles with a 71% vote against getting too “peaceful”.

      The fuckers at Charter House should have taken the UK poll in Crewe, Boston and Southampton – we would’ve hit 71% as well. 😉

      • Maybe the difference is where the polls were taken and the Polish haven’t been indoctrinated by liberal left EU propaganda yet. Anyone see that town in Hungary that doesn’t want any non white immigrants.
        The mayor said.

        “I didn’t use the word white. But because we are a white, European, Christian population, we want to stay [like] this.
        “If we were black we’d want to stay a black village.
        “But this is a fact and we want to preserve this fact.”

  12. The fact is that these cunts only reason for existance is to spread their religion to every corner of the globe. The even sadder fact is that they actually believe all the utter utter bollocks that is fed to them from the very day they are born to the last breath they take. I am absolutely astounded that a human mind with all its amazing power and complexity can even allow such thoughts to be fact. The only reason I can think is that fear is a stronger force than rational intelect. I have on occasions worked in some muzzas houses and a couple of times they have tried to give me small pamphlets containing their propaganda. I politely refuse while working out the increase in my charges. The stupid cunts running our governments think they can use this spread of religeous disease to keep the masses downtrodden. I think the day draws nearer when an uprising will occur. All the cunts money won’t be enough to save them. Tossers.

  13. Emergency cunting!!

    The “charity” Help Refugees have lodged a legal challenge against the government’s cessation of importing man/child economic migrants from mainland Europe.

    Yet again the courts are being used as a political weapon by the left to challenge anything they do not like, even, or more likely especially IF it goes against the will of the people. This is a tactic which is being used on both sides of the Atlantic and marks a new low for the left; turning the judiciary against the people and is very dangerous and irresponsible. Trust between the people and government and media has already broken down, if the left destroys the peoples trust in the law what then will prevent anarchy?

    • Where does all the money for these legal challenges come from? Surely the likes of Gina Miller wouldn’t have the personal funds to pay for it.

    • Painful as it is to watch in the long run it exposes the liberal left for what they are, the more they do this the more people they alienate. The left will be destroyed in the long run. The only way back for Labour will be a return to their original platform. Looking after the interests of the ordinary working people.

      Not immigrants, not gay rights, not parasites benefit professionals, just the people that do their best to get through life as honestly and independently as possible.

      Until then all of us should put a foot on the head of the left and help it go under.

        • Before you do that or If you do that… read your hate speech laws 1st mates. I can’t stress enough how irresponsible it is for you to encourage, untrained trolling.

          England has the worst hate speech laws ever period especially if you are white and english And especially if you offend moslems and hebrews I would not recommend direct threats or even petty namecalling you could be put it jail for 2 years for a minor threat its pretty crazy right now

          • I have not encouraged anybody to troll or to do anything illegal.

            As far as I know you cannot get done for a hate crime for telling the truth, e.g. for saying the “child refugees” are neither children nor refugees. Not yet at least, although you can in Canada.

            Neither would it be illegal to point out the use of the judiciary to promote left wing ideology is divisive and not the proper use of the law. If you want the government to pursue left wing agenda then you have to vote in a left wing government. Its called democracy and running off to the courts every time you loose a political debate undermines democracy.

          • Sorry Sixdog I misread what you said but I think voicing your opinion is important these charities are disgusting.

  14. Is it wrong to call family members cunts? I have a older brother whose a Nurse, 45 years old, he’s never at work and is part time. He does nothing but pick his nose and text on his phone. He goes know where so I can’t understand why he has holidays or why he’s part time, he has the other the run of the house, my mother puts meals on his knee. He’s constantly got the washer and dryer on, can’t shut a door behind him, watches what he wants to watch, leaves the iron out after ironing, leaves the shower head dangling off its holder, can’t put his own beer cans in the bin(he leaves them on the kitchen table until mother puts them in the bin) unfortunately I can’t afford my own place so my bedroom is like a bedsit, I eat my meals up there and have to go up and down the stairs like a fucking yo-yo, also I pop down for a cuppa between ad breaks and you can guarantee the fucking kettles empty as the cunts filled his cup up to the brink.
    SO has anyone else out there have irritating sibling cunts?

    • “Wrong to call family members cunts?”…. No,it isn’t Harry. Relatives are cunts the same as everyone else. In fact,they’re worse,because you expect more of them,and when they,invariably, let you down it hits home far harder. I only have contact with one member of my family,the rest are first-class bastards who I refuse to even acknowledge.

      • Glad it’s not just me then! I’ve also got a branch of the family that are arrogant and snobby cunts, who when ‘surprise surprise’ my late great Auntie died all turned up to see what was left, even though the cunts are already rich, but my Mother had the last laugh because she looked after and nursed my great Auntie and she left my Mother all her money – needless to say my snobby already rich cunt relatives were not happy, haha

        • That’s a most excellent cunting. It’s not wrong at all to call family members cunts. I never see the rest of my so called family from one year to the next, because they’re all self-absorbed backstabbing and grave-robbing cunts. They show their true colours when someone else in the family dies and they’re all circling overhead like vultures waiting for their share. I bother a great deal with my parents, but as for the rest of them…they can fuck out to the depths of blue oblivion. I care not.

      • Oh, without a doubt, family can be cunts… My grandmother was an evil cunt, one of my granddads was a total weirdo, and a lot of my cousins are prize cunts…

    • I come from a long line of cunts and the cunts that are still alive, I’d class as cunts.
      Every fucking one of them.

      As for yer brother, ye need to give him a bashing in his sleep.

      My missus brother is the fucking same.
      His mater goes to the corner shop for him in the morning, before he gets up, and buys him tabs.
      Then she sets a bowl, jug of milk, tub of cereal, pot of tea, fruit juice, ashtray and said tabs all on the table and goes to her work.
      All this before the cunts awake.
      He’s 38.

    • My sister is a cunt. She stole money from me at a time when I was off work sick. Never a word of apology, she just said she needed the money and couldn’t afford to pay me back. Then, a year later she came into some money after getting divorced from her long suffering husband. Did she pay me back? Did she fuck! Instead she took up with a fucking p@ki and between buying him expensive presents, taking him on holidays and giving him cash to supposedly go back to paki-cunting-stan to visit his poor dying grandma, she frittered all the money away. After all the money was gone our mate the p@ki dumps her and it turns out he had a pregnant wife and 3 kids already. Typical p@ki cunt, then.

      She has been married twice and had a list of boyfriends as long as King Kong’s cock. Both marriages finished in her getting a good kicking and I know several of the boyfriends have given her a slap too. I’m not saying I’m for wife beating, but you have got to start asking why is it she so regularly gets a kicking. She has a right gob on her, can never be wrong, thinks she knows it all while she actually knows fuck all and has lived a pitiful existence based on benefits and shitty minimum wage jobs which she always gets sacked from for telling the boss how things should be run. Grade A scum. I’m ashamed to share genes with her.

      To top it all off my parents think the sun shines out of her arse and are forever running round after her and giving her money which she now expects as being nothing more than her due.

      If I never saw the p@ki dick sucking thieving whore again, it would be too soon.

        • Very. Thinks she is entitled to everything but does fuck all to earn it. Don’t get me wrong, she is far from thick. She could have been anything she wanted to be, vet, teacher, maybe even doctor or lawyer but she is bone idle and became addicted to cock from a young age, which has always been her downfall.

    • What the fuck is a 45 year old doing living at home?? I fully appreciate that houses are expensive but still. I’m 45 and Bought my first house at 26, moved up the ladder 4 times then lost everything to my greedy ex-wife so I moved into rented. Im just about to buy a UK property now from Greece for when I return. No fucking excuse for him Harry, he needs to grow a dick a stand on his own feet. You are correct, it’s perfectly ok in my book to call him a cunt and a bone idle, nose picking, lazy sack if shit if you like, treat yourself.

      • Exactly! I’m 39 but piss Poor and just been made redundant and believe me, I’d move out like a shot if I had cash. He’s got no ambition, the only money he spends is on petrol for his car and beers. He goes on no holidays, has loads of money and still wants to live at home, he just sits there, in the fucking chair in front of the telly. I spend time sitting in my car or for a pedal on me bike just to keep out the fucking house. No wonder the nhs is in crisis because he’s a Nurse and manages to get loads of time off??

        • Do ex-wives count as family?

          I divorced my cunt of a wife when she turned her back on my Mother after she got cancer. She was jealous of my Mum because she was getting more attention from me than she was. What sort of cunt is jealous of a dying old lady? Needless to say I was straight down to my briefs and because I was wise enough to have a pre-nup she got fuck all.

          But on the plus side she did have tits bigger than my head……

          • my ex wife is also a cunt and a fucking french one at that
            fuck knows what i was thinking but then again she was a fucking filthy cunt

  15. My mother in law is an annoying cunt.
    In the summer she was snoozing on a sun bed in the garden and a mosquito landed on her face.

    Easiest decision of my life…..

  16. My family have the decency to fuck off to God or Allah or whatever at a relatively young age – one reason why I’ll never plough wads of money into a pension I’ll never likely see the benefit of.

    I have one Aunt and Uncle left in the world – who I love dearly – that’s more than enough for me.

    I intend to do the decent thing and fuck off early too. I’ll see my kids right and hopefully see them into adulthood. Couldn’t give a fuck if I see them married or could care less about ever seeing any Grandchildren, so once they pack in education – whenever that may be – and are on their own two feet then the boy upstairs can pick this apple whenever the fuck he likes!

    Dying holds no fear for me, how I die scares me shitless! Most of my lot – whether smokers, drinkers, tea total or athletes – seem to go courtesy of the big C.

    Personally I’m aiming for the massive heart-attack but if I end up the other way then hopefully by then our government/country will have seen sense so I won’t have to fly to Switzerland for my “Goodbye World” final tour. Even so, it’ll be the best eight grand I’ll ever spend knowing what’s 6-12 months down the line.

    And on that cheery note I think it’s time for a couple of bottles of McEwan’s Champion, a bag of scratchings and a bit of rugby!

      • Dunno, last 10mins of the rugby was mint. Last 10mins of a big C exit – hell on earth!

        Unless you’re a sheep-shagger, you’ll have a never ending pint tonight from all the tears! 😂

  17. I think the Brazilian Football Association should be applauded for offering Chapecoense, the team who tragically lost players in a plane crash, the opportunity of three years exemption from relegation.

    In other news, David Moyes has been arrested on suspicion of tampering with the brakes on the Sunderland team bus….

  18. My Uncle is a cunt. A farmer who lives in a massive house, owns large parts of East Anglia and a transport firm (plus knocking out used cars on the side) and he’s the most joyless miserable fucker there ever was. Turned up to my Granny’s funeral in a stonking new Top Bollocks Range Rover and spent the whole afternoon pissing on about how hard done by he is.
    Then there’s my Cousin, a fat dishonest little spiv cunt who disappeared off to London in the late 1980s to avoid an impending kicking from some local heavies, then reappeared in the early 90s sporting a Mockney accent (awight, cushty etc) and a delusion that he’s a loveable hybrid of Del Boy and Arthur Daley. Has left a string of heartbroken gullible women and a small army of abandoned kids in his wake. Also ripped me and my Dad off for a load of vintage motorcycle parts which was the final straw and resulted in his becoming “persona non grata”.
    Don’t get me started on my Aunt whose shit, apparently, doesn’t stink…

  19. Tony Booth is a cunt but has been really unlucky in terms of his daughters.Having Cherie and Lauren as daughters.Poor fucker.

      • I’ll have you know my friend’s friends buddies mate got seriously injured at that horrible event,…. you insensitive cunts!

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