Mummy running late

I’d like to Cunt (running late) mothers dropping off or picking up the brats from school.

In the morning they will do anything to get the kids dropped off right at the school fucking gate … I’d a pyjama clad fucking mother drive a good 50 yards up the wrong side of the fucking road (that was my side) so the kid could be dropped off at the gate. I couldn’t figure what was happening as I thought she was only pulling in ‘down the street’ to drop the kid off … No, no, no .. pull in, yes… but keep driving up the wrong side of the road. I’d to pull across the street and she still didn’t acknowledge I was even there.

And at the end of the day .. if you are within a quarter of a mile of any school at around knocking off time.. look out, ‘Late Mummy’ is on her way … she’s late and couldn’t give a fuck about any other road user. She’s had big Winston round since the kids were dropped off, had a bit of a snooze, forgot the time , then suddenly realised her kiddy winkle needs picking up. She can’t be late as her old man will ask her why. She then drives like a fucking maniac to the school gates.

Next time you see a single woman drive like a fucking idiot mid afternoon … check your watch .. it will be ‘the back of three o’clock’, and you will be within the vicinity of a school.


Nominated by: Boilsmypiss

135 thoughts on “Mummy running late

  1. When did all this shit start? Mum used to drive my brother and I to school when we were young, until we were 8 or so I remember, and because it was a bit too far to walk, then it was “here’s a push bike, pass your cycling proficiency and fuck off! Now the spoilt cunts get shuttled to and fro, right up to school leaving age, and all because “danger” lurks around every corner, apparently. Lazy, weak chinned, mummys boy snowflake cunts are the end result.

    • It’s fucking manic at my kid’s primary school, so much so that the school has to man the gate to stop the lard arsed range rover driving cunts from choking up the school car park.
      I make my little cherrubs walk, unless it’s dry, then they can go on their pushbikes πŸ‘ seems fair to me πŸ‘
      I enquired at the school about catchment areas (we live 1/2 mile away) and it turns out that over 95% of other pupils live within 1 mile… So it is mostly bone-idolness.
      Now I know some parents who drop rhe kids off on their commute to work, fair enough, but most then stand gossiping at the school gate for 30mins, so they’ve no such excuse. And I’ve compared our journey to others who live close and drive… it takes longer in the car!
      I run my own company from home, so I just shift my working hours around the school run.

  2. Anyone who buys a Range Rover and uses it for poncing around town, going to the supermarket, taking the sprogs to school etc but NEVER gets it dirty or takes it for a bit of mudplugging is a showoff cunt. It’s what they’re made for (supposedly) so fucking use it or buy a people carrier to put your kids and shopping in.

    Poser cunts…

    • I met a RangeRover on a narrow road,we both had to take to the ditch on our respective sides to avid a collision. No biggy, I just put the hilux in 4 wheel drive and drove out. The cunt in the range rover was just spinning up dirt,so I went across and told the twat to put it into 4 wheel drive…. He didn’t know how to!!! I did the decent and right thing,and left the bell-end where he was.

      • Most of the cunts have no fucking idea what the plethora of controls and dials in a modern Range Rover actually, suffice to say when they get stuck like the incident you mention, they ‘assume’ because its a Range Rover it is therefore 4x4xEverything and will miracle their fake arse out of said ditch.

        Newsflash for you cunts too: A Range Rover, or any 4×4 car with summer tyres on, in winter northern Europe is fucking useless and a complete waste of money. Any normal car with a set of good winter boots on will outperform (i.e. not get stuck in snow ice and mud, and actually stop on a wet road) aforementioned twat panzers.

        No entity types looking for cock wafting and one upmanship, they are not buying for ability, just bragging rights.

        And it should be fucking ILLEGAL to drive kids to within 1/2 mile of any school, at any age. Cunts that pull on to the opposite side of the street to park, then proceed to wave their fat arses in traffic whilst unloading said chinless snowflakes, should be shot in the face, no mercy, no quarter, right in front of the kids as a fucking lesson in the vain hope the kids don’t grow up to be such utter ignorant cunts. Or Stupid cunts, or more likely, a very dangerous combination of ignorance and stupidity.

        • If I fancied a vehicle with “off road” ability I’d rather go out and buy the oldest, most prehistoric Land Rover Series 1 that I could find (I’ll admit to being a bit “old fashioned” where motor vehicles are concerned).

  3. What is it with women walking around in their PJ’s, even going shopping? Round my way the older pikey women are always wondering around in their night ware, the younger ones wear as little as possible

    • Anyone who goes out in their jamas is scum… Lazy arsed, retarded, uneducated, no class vermin… The wo- sorry… the ‘migrant’ problem in Britain is huge, but there is lots of British white trash scum to sort out too…

      • Many moons ago I had to escort the kids to school at late notice (Mrs has the skits and I wasn’t working away). We only live 1/2 mile away so no meither but I didn’t have time to piss-fart on getting togged up, etc., so I’m afraid it was a pair of joggers, sweatshirt and pair of trainers from me.

        I was the best dressed cunt there!

    • Wouldn’t mind if they had decent bodies, in fact I would even slow down for a good gander. But no, round here they’re all bloated, fat-necked munters with Croydon facelifts…Ughhh…Makes me shudder just thing about them.

  4. You can see the lazy cunts in the twat areas by us. Rushing to drop the mini chavs off then legging it back to get Kyle on. If I see a fat bird driving a big 4×4 I immediately think ‘builders wife’. I’m gonna go round Tesco with a fucking mankini on an if any cunt tries to stop me I’ll just ask where the transgender bog is! Game set and fucking match. CUNTZ

  5. Believe it or not, there’s something even worse. The Paki Parent. My mum lives about three hundred yards from a primary school, and twice day the area surrounding it becomes a warzone. When they pull away, the motherfuckers NEVER look in their mirrors or check to see if there’s any cars coming. And WHEN they nearly hit your car through their own ignorance, they blast their horn, shout and swear and make obscene gestures as though it’s YOUR fault. Utter cunts.

    • Fuckers stopped bacon and sausage at breakfast club in our schools,Fucking cunts plus in the supa markets the asda their doing more and more Hal hal.

      • If the school is withdrawing pork based products so as not to upset the Muzzies, I assume the school woodworking class will no longer use wood and nails for the sake of the Christian element.

        Halal meat does however have a special ingredient….extra pain and suffering….

        • Regarding pork based meat products – what has happened to news coverage of the death in prison of a man sentenced to twelve months after leaving pork products at the door of a mosque. The man ,who to be fair sounded a bit of a twat, died on 27th of December. The prison authorities said they were starting an investigation – but since then nothing.
          Victim of a mussie hit squad perhps.

    • My cousin works in a shop in the Arndale Centre… And she – like me- was told as a child by her parents that it’s bad manners to touch anything on the shelves and to politely ask if you wanted a look at it… But she tells me of how these paki brats just take anything they want and play with it on the shop floor… The paki parents, of course, do nothing, and are too busy trying to haggle/rip-off the establishment by attempting to knock down prices…They fail in their rip-off stunts and the whole tribe of them fucks off leaving the mess behind… Our Julie also tells me that it’s never girls though, always paki boys… The little girls are mostly good as gold, but the paki brat laddies are cunts… They really do get spoiled like fuck while the girls get next to nowt… Diversity and equality, eh? My Newton Heath arse…

    • Totally wank driving in this case is most likely a by product of “I bought my licence” cos a relative took my test. Going on for years in certain parts of our great social mix. Never hear anything about this plague of wankishness though. Wonder why??

      • A very famous case in Shit-on-Toast (or Stoke-on-Trent for the uneducated) was about a local taxi firm where 10 drivers were all using the same copy of a driver’s license. All “peaceful” cunts and all reported about by Central TV’s very own Bob Warman (if you’re a Midlander you’ll know him like Mike Neville is known in the Northeast).

        This was in the 1990’s. Nowadays it would be supressed by the liberalist twats and ABBC, and would be deemed racists for daring to point out the illegality of these “peaceful” cunts.

        Bit like that gun toting drug dealer cunt who the cops had the audacity to blow away whilst in the possession of a firearm. Naughty police!

  6. Today, I’m nominating the parents of Yasser Yaqub, the dead alleged drug dealer who the police brought to justice on the M62 on Monday evening. Now I can understand that they would grieve the loss of their son, but these fuckers really need to start being honest, both with themselves and us.

    They claim that Yasser was ‘kind hearted, the perfect son’; and also that he was ‘no threat to anyone’. They also claim the police killed in a ‘targeted assassination’ because the police didn’t like him. Bollocks. This 2017, the police fucking love Muslims. Already, a police car has been vandalised in Bradford, anti-police posters have gone up in Huddersfield and, predictably, the racist clowns from Black Lives Matter have been mouthing off about it being a racist killing. Give me a fucking break. There is racism at play here, but it’s not the Police who are guilty of it. It’s BLM and Yaqub’s friends and family.

    According to his parents, Yaqub was a legitimate businessman and a car dealer. His mother has also claimed that he was a “humble” office clerk. Who just happened to be able to afford a Lamborghini. I’m going to have to call bullshit on the office clerk thing. It’s possible he came into possession of the Lamborghini through his car dealing business. Except it seems that’s also bullshit.

    According to friends and associates, Yaqub, or “Stud Badboy” as he apparently preferred to be known, was a violent drug dealer and money launderer. Which would explain being able to afford a Lamborghini. Why else would he have TEN CCTV cameras installed at his house? A house which in the past has drawn the attention of several shotgun wielding criminals. Why would a humble office clerk/legitimate businessman/car dealer need TEN CCTV cameras at his house, and why would scrotes with shotguns take an interest in him if he WASN’T a drug dealing money launderer?

    Also, why did Mr innocent have a gun in his car when he was shot? Ok, we don’t know the whole story here, yet. But what we have so far points to the simple fact that, despite what his mummy and daddy say, Yasser “Stud Badboy” Yaqub was a piece of shit criminal. I’m sorry that he was shot. I would much rather Yaqub had been arrested tried. But in this day and age, the police don’t shoot people for no reason. They spend a lot of time training for situations just like this. So if an officer triple tapped him, it was he believed that Yaqub posed enough of a threat to justify it.

    Of course, facts are merely inconvenient details to the likes of BLM. To those wankstains, it’s simply because the Police are racist. The evidence says otherwise. And Yaqub’s parents need a serious reality check. They’ve claimed he was targeted for assassination because the Police didn’t like their son, and are threatening to bring a private prosecution against the cop who pulled the trigger.

    The cop was doing his job. Their son was the one who was in the wrong. And THEY need to start accepting that he was a criminal. That’s not to say he deserved to be shot, but innocent men don’t carry guns in their cars.

    • For years cunts like “Stud Badboy” have been able to operate with virtual impunity. The race card trumps everything ,be it drugs,prostitution,child-exploitation,benefit-fraud,domestic-abuse,smuggling etc. The politicians and police have let certain sections of our “community” treat the law,and their unfortunate “adopted” country with contempt.

      My only regret about that piece of shit getting shot is that the rest of his tribe have avoided the same fate.

      • I’ve seen it with my own eyes: the Asian/Middle Eastern son is virtually deified from birth and they see no wrong in him whatsoever… Knew an Asian girl in New Moston when I was a kid… She was called Jasprit (Jaz as we knew her) and she was a great kid (good looking too)…While her brother was spoilt to buggery, absolutely fucking ruined… Whatever he wanted (or shouted for) he got and he was to blame for nothing… Even though he was a nasty little cunt… But the parents led him to believe he was some sort of saint and an untouchable being of some kind… Jaz, bless her, took it on the chin as a young ‘un, but when she was old enough she fucked off and left the entire family of cunts and their precious darling sonny boy… Still see her about and she’s doing well (still fit and all)… Her family were cunts though…

          • She was bloody gorgeous, still is… And her Manc accent is even stronger than mine.. And I tried my hand with her a couple of times over the years… Teenagers stuff, the usual thing…Never quite cracked it though, to my eternal chagrin…

    • CCTV cameras.
      Where i live, there’s a lot of cigarette and hashish smuggling , in the med and over the straits.
      To find the kingpins, all you have to do is go to the rough parts near the beach.
      All the houses are small and some are run down, but every now and again, in amongst these houses you’ll come across a big villa, behind massive walls and iron gate and always complete with CCTV.
      The ones closest the beach even have ramps for the speed boats used in the smuggling.
      I don’t know how they get away with it.

      When i said rough parts, i mean rough. There is still shanty towns in this country, even bigger ones on the outskirts of the big cities.
      Some families (Gypsies/Gitanos) still live in plywood huts, with rubbish and shite all about them.
      Fucking shameful in 2017.

    • It’s a fucked up world when a gun carrying crack dealer gets tributes all over social media.

      “Stud Badboy”…FFS
      I can’t stop laughing….

      • I was watching a “murder on the web” programme at the weekend.
        The daughter (emo) met a boy (emo) online and after a while she asked her parents if he could come and stay for a week.
        He came and murdered the father, mother, daughter and the daughters emo best friend.

        The name of the emo boy she met online, who ended up slaughtering them all ?
        Psycho Dave.
        Phsyco fucking Dave.

      • I hear they’re now changing it to “Slotted Deadboy”. Seems more appropriate.

    • This cunt had been arrested and tried previously for brandishing a firearm and attempting to kill someone, all be it he was not convicted.

      So when the police drop round to have a chat with this shit stain, I would hazard a guess they are not going to go armed with an ethnic liaison officer and a tickling stick.

      This is not Shitistan or the Philippines, we don’t have ‘deathsquads’ and extra judicial killings. Maybe thats why these pakster scum bags come here, so they can behave like cunts without fear of reprisal. They are fucking law unto themselves these cunts. Fuck him and his family to death, greedy fucking parasite cunts.

    • Stud Badboy? Seems the police have done the cunt a favour. That has got to be the worst “gangster” name in history. Fucking hilarious.

      • Stud Badboy the “office clerk”, fucking drone strike on the pissing cars would have been a better idea. Anyone checked if the family whose son can afford a lambo are getting means tested benefits? The World ain’t going to mourn you cunt.

        • Well once the “independent” police complaints authority, various community groups and the odd tame Leftard MP get involved, you can assume the life of the poor sod that pulled the trigger is going to be put into limbo for the next 10/20 years, although of course it will be a massive earner for a whole raft of legal parasites.
          Not sure why any police officer in this “country” would volunteer to be on a firearms team. It seems to be akin to inviting your own destruction. The time may come when “we” ( whoever the Fuck that is anymore ) run out of people prepared to defend us. Because all the gurning selfie generation Cunts certainly arent likely to make a stand. Although they may take a selfie as they are shot in the face,
          “Any Nation that neglects its defence invites its own destruction.”

        • Apparently, daddy is a landlord who 100 properties in Bradfordistan. A benefits check would be wise though.

          • I would ask questions as to where the funding for those 100 hovels came from.

            I would put money on that they were bought for cash, namely a suitcase full of scabby looking 10’s and 20’s delivered to the seller, who then conveniently skipped the country bound for Taliban / ISIS / Al queda central.

    • I wish I’d read this post before putting my own (in a reply above). 100% agree. Fucking too right!

      From the (yet again) ABBC footage of this cunt’s funeral I thought it was a re-run of St. Mother Theresa of Calcutta’s (is that allowed these days or does it have to be Kolkatta to achieve ABBC PC status?) funeral!

      He was a cunt of the highest order. Had he been a skinhead “whitey” he would have been pilloried by the ABBC and the officer in question made out to be a national hero.

      But no, some scumbag cunt of the “peaceful” variety and so must be a misunderstood individual and the officer in question brought up with the police complaints commission.

      It fucking stinks! Cunts!

  7. The toad-faced,slobbery-gobbed wanker Jamie Oliver has announced that 6 of his restaurants are to close. All due to the Brexit vote,apparently.

    More likely that it’s due to the fact that people detest you,Jamie. Your crusades regarding sugar and school meals just show you to be a hypocritical,stupid wanker,who spouts ill-informed,naive rubbish and then seems to expect us “uneducated” plebs to listen to your twaddle as if it was the word of god.

    I’d as soon eat a fucking pavement pizza as eat one of your overpriced “authentic” pizzas. I can’t believe that any self-respecting wop would ever mistake your greasy crap for “authentic” Italian food. Your staff look to be either sex-offenders or alumni of the “special” school that really should have left you licking the bus windows instead of letting you loose on the public.

    Your faux-cockney accent,your “good mates”,ridiculously named children,and slack-fannied wife do nothing but confirm the fact that you deserve a Seat of Distinction in the Pantheon of Cunts.

    I hope that you go bankrupt and are reduced to giving extremely sloppy blowjobs to tramps suffering from an advanced dose of Galloping Knob Rot.

    • Of course its because of bloody brexit why would there be any other reason?! and aren’t half of his restaurants in yankland? (correct me if I’m wrong)

      Regardless the fucker is richer then fuck and he still crys wolf fuck off jamie bitch boy oliver no one cares

      • Faux cock-er-ney, fat tongued spaz that serves shite food. I speak from bitter experience. Eaten more than once at his vile establishments (arranged by someone else, not me). Hope he goes out of biz whatever the reason.

    • Apparently the 6 restaurants were all in remain supporting areas so that puts paid to the lazy and pathetic excuse of blaming Brexit.
      A restaurant doesn’t fall on its arse in six months. I bet if you had a look at his accounts for these sites from a year ago they would show he was losing money anyway.
      Also food isn’t that great according to Mrs Johnson. Overpriced as well.
      How about looking at yourself you rubber faced cunt Jamie before grabbing the Brexit excuse.

    • Oh,a good mood, Kendo. Compared to my views on celebrities,moslems,foreigners,chavs,old people,young people,pooves,politicians,royalty,students,the legal profession,civil servants,over-paid sportspeople,the paraolympics,actors,artists,cyclists, chat show hosts,religious wankers and that fat pile of puke James Corden,,my view of Jamie Oliver is fairly benevolent.

      My pat-time job answering calls for the Samaritans is a roaring success,nobody ever feels the need to ring back again,and at least I get a laugh.

      • Ha Ha, you need to get on one of them shite panel shows. Tell em all what cunts they are. Cunts.

  8. I’d like to nominate Jamie Oliver for a well deserved cunting. On the same day that they just released figures showing the UK has the strongest economy of all the G7 nations and the FTSE is breaking record high after record high and the Bank Of England admitted they got it wrong about post Brexit recession, he closes 6 of his 42 restaurants. Reason given? Uncertainty over brexit.
    Not that people refuse to buy his overpriced food or that he’s not that good at running a business or that he expanded too quickly or out of 42 restaurants, 6 aren’t doing too well and that’s not a bad average as you can’t win them all. No. It’s because of Brexit.
    Fuck right off.

    • The last time I ate in one of Jamie Oliver’s restaurants a cockroach asked me if I had any dental floss so he could hang himself….

      • ……should have seen the warning signs when the group on the next table were praying after the meal….

        • I brought one of his meals home and gave it to the dog. It had to lick its arse to get rid of the taste.

    • Might as well include Next, sorry, next in that bracket too.

      Overpriced, poor quality tat! So yeah, your sales figures are down cos of Brexit, not the fact that your shit is shite! Cunts.

  9. The BBC are still cunts… Those two up their own arse wankers, Moffatt and Gattis, getting all precious because critics have finally realised that Sherlock is crap… Responding to said critics with a poem?! Oh, my fucking sides… That’s what you get if you employ self important PC obsessed cunts…

    CBBC could also do with improving… They could bring back Jackanory, but with more hard hitting stories:

    • Nice one, ANDZ…

      Trouble with Moffatt is he thinks he’s God’s Gift… Makes monumental cock-ups nobody in his position and on his money should do… The Daleks disaster being a big one… Such is their arrogance, those two knobheads (Moffatt and Gatiss) thought they could re-design the Dalek, and they changed the classic design to a luminous, gay looking, giant biscuit tin with a jelly eye… Of course everyone thought the new Daleks were shite and the classic ones brought back with no explanation… The pube headed cunt also openly addressed John Simm, by saying ‘The Master won’t be returning… Sorry, John…’ Then he brings back The Master as a woman, without even bothering to tell Simm…

      Now the press are smelling the coffee: they’re saying ‘This isn’t Sherlock Holmes! This is shit!’ And that’s because it bloody well is….

        • Mrs. Kiwi (the poor misguided soul) likes Sherlock, for whatever reason. As for me, I reckon Elementary blows that pile of cack straight out the window. And I’d hammer one up Lucy Liu as well.

          • Lucy Liu… Without a doubt…

            There’s a yank show on called Hooten And The Lady… Not my cup of tea, but I’d bang ‘the aforementioned ‘Lady’ like Billy-O….

  10. I always liked Sil in Doctor Who,It looked like Warwick davis dressed up as some sort of anal toy for the gay to use,The Sontarans looked like they was on a rape mission and the Plasmatons looked like dog shit which had sprung to life and started walking about the place ..

    • Been argument in work today some of the lads have been asked to go to Blackpool tomorrow on a job,no one wants to go,I dont blame them i was on job there before christmas and its a shit hole.

      • It”s sad what you say about Blackpool.
        I went a few times as a kid, and i loved it. Under the tower at night was amazing and I remember the talking and singing Ken Dodd mannequin.
        The smell of the sea air, seafood, hotdogs, vinegar, ketchup, candy floss, toffee apples,warm sand and even the donkey and horse shite all blended in to create great memories.
        The pleasure beach was out if this world especially the log flumes.
        And then the tram back to the arcades.
        If they haven’t kept that up, then the council of Blackpool are cunts.

        • Bird its gone mate,Its gone,Was the same for me years ago,I think it went down hill when the main guy died i think he was called thomson i think his daughter took other and it seemed to go down hill from their on,But i stand to be corrected on any info if im wrong,But when i went there before christmas it looked like some 3rd world shit hole,druggies every where alcs every where,They looked like zombies strange place .

          • Last time I went was For The Stone Roses gig in 89… Mate of mine ran a bar in Blackpool from 91 to 2011, and he said it was a cesspit and full of scum… His very words…

      • Fucking Beirut of the North. Me and my mate went there once. Parked the car, walked 50 yrds to a snooker hall stayed in there for a few hours, came out and went next door to the hofbrauhaus and got slaughtered. Kipped in the motor then came home. Great trip.

  11. CUNT!!!!! Burnt my damn thumb cooking hash brownies, it hurts alot…. currently got it on ice but fuck it stings I pray I don’t have to go to the hospital cause I’d be there all fucking day waiting to see some dumb cunt doctor who is too busy eating cheese balls the lazy prick

    • On the bright side, if the hash brownies do the job, you wont need to skin up with a sore thumb.
      Nothing worse than trying to skin up with a sore thumb/finger.

      Eat weed everyday.

      • Lucky your not a gay tit,The gay has a lot of accidents in the kitchen with veg and the like,Get well soon tit.

        • The good news is the burn went away after 1 hour on a ice cube. The bad news is my mum ate a brownie… should be a interesting night

          @ ANDZ What the fuck does me burning my thumb have to do with pooftas injuring their arseholes with vegetables in their shitters?! and if your calling me a soft cunt then fuck you it burns regardless of pain threshold it is still a painful bitch to deal with

          • Good point Tit ,It was a good Q to point out health and safety issues that the gay has in the kitchen,Glad the thumb is better,And brownies are one of my fav’s ,Hope mother enjoyed it,Well done.

  12. I’d like to cunt Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant – The whole company for suggesting the reasons they are closing six of their 42 restaurants is partly to do with Brexit.

    Fuck off. If it was that bad, you’d be closing all fucking 42 eateries – none of which I have ever set foot in. I like italian food but not endorsed by some mockney cunt from fucking Essex.

    I tell you why they’re closing just six restaurants is that they aren’t making money due to normal business reasons such as location, personal choices of the local population (Tunbridge Wells is one closing – the local population wouldn’t be seen dead in a fucking Jamie’s Italian – the words ‘Chain’ and ‘Franchise’ have somehting to do with it. They would rather go to an authentic Italian restaurant with Italian owners).

    I used to be a consultant for a VERY well known coffee chain. They used to close shops all the time because they weren’t working on a business level due to location/population preferences, etc.

    There’s two authentic Italian restaurants in my town that are exceptional. That Jamie cunting Oliver would never compete. Strangely they are still alive and kicking even just a few months after the Brexit vote.

    If it’s Brexit, Jamie, then close all of the fuckers. You’d be doing us all a favour.

    Fucking lying wankers.

    • Jamie Oliver appropriating Italian cuisine then?

      What’s actually Italian Jamie?

      Fuck all you cunt

      • Jamie Oliver is closing restaurants?… He won’t be employing any more kiddyfiddling pervs in them then…. Fucking mockney sack of shite….

    • Not the first time he has shut down restaurants.

      He is blaming on the price of pasta. Cunt should have sold Turkey twizzlers instead

    • Didn’t the fat tongued twat say he was going to leave the U.K. If it voted for brexit? Or was it a Tory government? I can’t keep up with these snowflake sleb cunts and their posturing bullshit. Pack up, and fuck off, and take your overpriced saucepans with you.

  13. Street-smart soul singer Ray BLK has come top of the BBC’s Sound of 2017 list.
    Hailing from south London, she’s been making music since she was nine, filling her school notebooks with rap verses after watching Missy Elliot and Ludacris on MTV Base.

    Female tick
    Black tick
    Uses BLK as her surname tick wank tick
    Ray? Might be trans. Oh fuck tick tick tick tick

    The BBC oh so right on and down wiv da kidz (well Jimmy was)


  14. Right on mr wanky. It’s just a opportunity for the pretentious little cunt to close the places that people haven’t bought in to hyped up foodie wank snobbery thats now invading our screens day in and fucking out. You could tell some soft cunts that it’s now trendy to eat doggy poop and the dozy social status worrying pricks would be queing up to gobble the stuff down knowing it’s fucking vile but too afraid to say for fear of ridicule and ostracism by their poncy hooray libmong mates.Give me good old Wetherspoons any time. Good value and consistant. Good old Timmy Martin. Same with the music officianados when say Mcartney produces some new shite they hail it as another masterpiece when usually it is much the same childish dross that the cunts been churning out for the last 30 years. Chapman shot the wrong Beatle by 3.

    • I want the cunt Jamie O, Locked in a room with Biggins and Barrymoore and i want a Lena Zavaroni cd put on blasting out at full blast Mama hes making eyes at me,Hes a cunt.

  15. I believe our favourite SNP He-bitch Sturgeon is due yet another cunting.

    She is now claiming that if Britain goes for Soft-Brexit, which as we all know in no Brexit, she and her bigoted mob will drop any notion of another independence referendum ”in the short term”.

    So let me get this straight, she wants us to have no proper Brexit and then try and take the jocks out of the UK anyway at a later date.

    What hard drugs has this hateful mong been taking?! By that logic we might as well go full on Hard Brexit and then have that rabble north of the border leave anyway….. which actually seems like a good idea to me, at least the rest of us wouldn’t have to have that money draining dead weight hanging over us anymore.

    To Nicola ‘Seaweed’ Strurgeon, you are a glorified county council head – now kindly STFU. Cunt!

    • It is funny her offer is only to shut the fuck up about independence for a couple of years if a soft Brexit is delivered.That is a bad deal by anyone`s standards!If you are as much of a cunt as Sturgeon only silence for eternity will even be tempting in a deal.

      • What worries me is that the non-wits we have for a Government would actually consider this farce of an offer, Call Me Dave, were he still PM, would accept it outright, thank f**k he’s gone.

    • Some threat.Most people in Scotland wouldn’t vote for independence,and most people in Britain wouldn’t give a shit even if they did go.
      Someone should kick her in the cunt,and tell her to fuck off.

      • Last I heard, there was less of a desire for independence among the jocks than there had been in a while.

        To say that I can’t stand that offensive bint is a major understatement.

        Also, isn’t it a bit of an oxymoron to call it independence when the SNP wish to be shackled to the EU, the same EU that the Swiss said only and idiot would want to join now?

        • Sturgeon is an idiot so that qualifies her for joining.
          She has been quiet for a while (day or so at least) so am not surprised when she came out with this bollocks.
          Fully agree with Dick above that most of us south of Hadrians Wall couldn’t give a shit if they did fuck off. No more money flooding north.
          Anybody with half a brain up there would move south and they would be left with the dregs, very low oil prices and would be out with their begging bowl within a fortnight.
          Poisonous cunt.

          • I for one would piss in their begging bowl.

            I presume the rest of you would too?

          • Sturgeon has said she won’t go for another independence referendum while EU negotiations take place so long as we remain in the single market – and all of the shite like free movement that that entails.

            So basically she wants an open market at her beck and call, and if she gets it THEN she’ll go for another referendum.

            Cake and eat it? Don’t think so you jumped up wee Jimmeh Crankie dried up cunt git!

    • Couldn’t agree more. Give England the vote and call their fucking bluff. sturgeon clearly bullied at school for being Jimmy Crankie’s double seems to think she can choose her own terms. Doesn’t work like that you nefarious cunt. We had a vote – you lost. Is there a swingers party you should be at?

      • Apparently she used to be nicknamed ”Seaweed” because even the tide wouldn’t take her out. Shame that.

  16. Having grown up in Scotland, I’m well aware of how twisted and up their own arse, any Scot who gains any class of fame, is.
    But this little shite hairdo gobshite bitch needs assassination.
    It has to be remembered that just under half of Scottish voters dislike her and her fascist party, but for some reason she speaks for everyone.
    Soon, the good people of Scotland will get rid of her and her nasty party and she’ll be finished.

    But until then, just laugh at her coz she’s nothing and will never achieve anything.

    • What I can’t get my head around is that she seems to forget she doesn’t even have a majority in the Scottish parliament, she doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

      Once again, this like many of the other problems that this country suffers from can all be traced back to one maggot.

    • I lived in North Wales, the homeland of Plaid Cymru, for many years. From my experience there, it would be my guess that the Scots Nats support is very inflated. I, along with many unionists, consistently voted for Plaid Cymru in order to keep the real danger, Labour, out of the seats, as the Tories and Liberals couldn’t win there outright. My guess is that the current SNP lock on Westminster seats north of the border is for the same reason, and that they’ll never win a referendum.

  17. Airport
    Mass shooting

    Pleas let the shooter be black, please let the shooter be black.


  18. Is it me or is everybody else totally bored listening to the Krankie looking Cunt??
    Not sure I get the idea of a one sided vote on the break up of the Act Of Union. Clearly this should be a Cross-Border Vote as the issues involved affect the whole UK.
    I dont think the Scotch Cunty Council actually bring a lot to the table.. Best they be gone, and for instance form some kind of Celtic fringe, but not in receipt of any aid and subject to immigration controls. Enjoy statehood Lard Eaters.

    • The irony is that I suspect that if it were a cross-border vote, the SNP would get what they want.

      And it would be hilarious when they try to join the EU and the Frogs and Spanish tell them what to go do with themselves.

      If or when it happens, we cut them off completely – no Pound, no access to the UK market, no financial support. no F’ck all!

      Hell, think of the money we would save without using that wretched Barnett formula.

    • Wee Burney Nesbitt-Sturgeon is an evil corrosive dwarf, and she should be thrown in a vat of tar and then feathered… Actually forget the feathers… Just drown her in the tar…

  19. Oh fucking has she now. Well the stupid bitch needs to have her fucking bluff called. Go and have your independance vote and when you get fucking annihalated go and fuck off to somewhere else and take the other deluded little cunt salmond with you and see what sort of hideous offspring the 2 of you can produce. They still have freak shows in some parts of the deep south in USofA I do believe. She must have some bad PMT there. Sporran wog.

    • Yes, but it would be entertaining to watch as Nicola proceeds to convert Pictland into a North Korean themed heritage park. Good luck with it. Just keep the Fuck out of England when the dream comes true. PS.. Wheres My Vote Sturgeon???

  20. Obama is an eternal cunt… “It seems Putin tried to influence the election” says the token darkie outgoing President..

    Who demanded no one in the UK vote for Brexit?… Could it be Barack Obama?….
    Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out, Chicken George…

    • Does anyone else think that Barack Hussein has set back the case for another black President by about 80 or 90 years?

      And a yank politician criticizing other nations for trying to influence an election is like Adolf Hitler preaching against antisemitism.

      • apparently the only reason there’s never been a coup in the USA is because they don’t have an american embassy

      • ….. and Obama, bumping his gums on Putin trying to influence the Trump vote, he didn’t think too much on coming across to the UK to try swinging the Brexit voters to ‘think again’ …. Double standards Cunt !!!!!

    • Yes we can….
      Achieve fuck all
      Oh the hopes and dreams in 2008, yes we can. Can what? Can get sucked in by hot air and empty platitudes.
      On retirement he will write 20+ books, on how the American judicial system, society and the world should change. All that time, call it 8 years, he did fuck all other than improve his handicap. Irony being he was a spastic president and utterly full of shit

      • What annoys me is that we know the bugger will not be quiet at all when he leaves the White House, not like all the others who left and kept quiet for the most part.

        My dear old Da reckons he’s the worst President that he can remember – even worse than Carter.

        • Like the evil overlord Blair, he will continue to meddle, and tell us scummy plebs that we are all doing everything wrong, long after he has vacated his throne. They are the the human equivalent of genital herpes. Once you have them, it’s for life.

          • Oh no, Blair is more like a nugget – no matter how many times you flush, it won’t go away.

  21. I tell you what losing a pet is a cunt.Mainly because friends are dishonest duplicitous cunts .Friends let you down but a dog`s loyalty and friendsip truly lasts to the grave.Lost my dog this morning.It is strange I am 22 have buried 3 grandparents, 2 schoolfriends numerous aunts and uncles as well as a dozen neighbors yet the loss of my pet dog still tears at my heartstrings.Funny old world I guess.

    • Sorry to hear about your dog, Shaun of the Dead 69.
      I lost one of mine in April, and my other one is twelve .
      He’s deaf and slow, but seems happy. Hope he’s got a few more years.

      • Sorry to hear about your dog, Shaun… As Roy Keane said: ‘Dogs are better than humans… They don’t talk shit and go behind your back…’

        • Cheers guys.I find it weird I am not immune to loss by any stretch of the imagination but this has knocked me for six.Like you say Norman they are always there.The amount of times I have drunkenly ranted about the inadequacy of human friendships to my dog whilst she has sat there smiling and wagging her tail at me.

          • One of my dogs died the last week(and my moggie who I was closer too died a year ago if you have a good enough memory) It was kinda a dull day to say the least

            Hope this cheers you up though I understand if it doesn’t

          • Sorry to hear about your dog Shaun. I agree. With a dog, a bloke gets unconditional loyalty, friendship and love. With people, he gets backstabbing, snide remarks and betrayal at the drop of a hat. One of many reasons why I’m an antisocial cunt.

            One good quote was “Lock your missus and your dog in the car. Disappear for ten minutes…come back and open the door. Which one will be more genuinely pleased to see you!”

    • I know just what you mean,Shaun. Over the years everyone who I was ever stupid enough to fully trust,has let me down. None of my dogs ever have.

    • There is a reason they call them mans best friends, people who don’t feel it when their dog passes ain’t got no reason having a dog in the first place.

      My old man was by general agreement a nasty cunt, the I only ever saw him in tears once and that was the day his dog died.

  22. Referendum for Scottish independence.

    Remember, its not Scotland that wants independence, its the SNP and their Mel Gibson/William Wallace brain dead supporters that want it.
    Rangers fans, scum that they are, are some of the most British people you’ll ever meet.
    Also, as I’ve said before, England, Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland are only countries when it comes to sport, its Britain that’s the country, and to wish the Scots out, may mean the end of Britain, and that’s something i don’t want.

    Rule Britannia, cunters.

  23. Russells are cunts…

    Russell Grant, Russell Brand, Russell Crowe, Russell Watson, Russell Tovey, Russell Harty…
    The evidence is overwhelmingly conclusive….

    • My cousin dated a guy called Russell and he was a drunken immature cunt.Also when they broke up he took their dog with him although she walked and fed the thing.What a cunt!

    • … Russell Hobbs … my kettle has packed in this morning and I can’t get a cuppa with my toast. Cunt !

  24. I’ve just seen the footage of the four black people who bullied and beat up the white kid in Chicago.
    The cunts live streamed it.
    Thankfully their bail was denied.

    • I saw that footage of those 4 cunts birdman ( African Americans as they like to say) and what they did to that poor young man that has mental issues, it beggars belief. Tied up and having a knife to his throat while they mocked him. At the same time shouting “fuck the whites” and mentioning Trump on a few occasions. Oh how Black Lives Matters and their followers must be proud of this quartet of cunts.

  25. Pukka! Fuck what a lot of posts. Is it possible to get them numbered? Would make it much easier if one wanted to mention a specific post. Just a suggestion.

  26. Always wondered why England can’t just vote for independence for itself and jettison Wee Willie MacCunt Haggiswanker in Jockland and Taffy Gogogoch Sheepfucker in Cymrag. Reminds me of a Jerry Sadowitz (A miserable scots bastard, but funny as fuck) joke that went something like ‘Not only would I give Northern Ireland back to the Irish, I’d give them Wales as well. Here, you can have Cornwall for free!” arms motioning scooping up pasty cidered cuntland and chucking it over the Irish Sea.

    Sadowitz was one of the very first to point the finger at Savile, which “coincidentally” ended Sado’s TV career. Although tipping out a “Superman” (Christopher Reeve) in a wheelchair into the audience and stomping all over a “Linda McCartney” blow up doll straight after she died may have had something to do with it. Too non-PC for the woolly woofters running TV I suppose.

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