Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan: one of the world’s biggest celebrity cunts (with one of the most overused cunts) has converted to Islam?!… This daft bitch is now going to be hated even more than she already was… Which is quite a fucking lot…

Maybe Li-Lo Lil will become an ‘IS Bride’?.. Someone should warn her that they have a downer on champagne and the devil’s dandruff… There’ll be plenty of fun for the Jihadi Jibbers though… There’ll be more roasts than a carvery…

Nominated by Norman

90 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan

  1. That’s what happens when you’ve spent most of your adult life snorting coke. It fucks your head up

  2. Does the thick cunt not understand that she’s broken most sharia laws and will be brutally made to pay for it all if she ever steps foot in a muslim country?
    Dumb headline-grabbing cunt!

    • So, this daft cow is adopting the religion whose followers despise her country and caused massive death and destruction on 9/11?… Shame she didn’t become one then (in 2001)… Then the stupid slag probably wouldn’t have been around to do it now…

      • When I had an interview to join ISIS the HR guy finished his questions with….

        “So where do you see yourself exploding in five years?”…..

    • Do you really think she will actually step into a muzzy country. She will will stay in comfort in USA , a country she clearly hates, with no chance of her getting stoned (and I don’t mean on drugs).
      Stupid brain dead cunt.

    • If you look at these murderer’s pasts it seems a lot of them were former druggies and criminals before they became truly peaceful and killed indiscriminately.
      She might just fit in but don’t invite her to dinner carrying a rucksack.

  3. Fucks Sake,I’m almost tempted to take up the peaceful religion if it means that Lindsay’s on the menu. She’s obviously too much of a woman for those stinking goat fuckers,but I’m willing to go where a lot of men (and women) have gone before.

    I like a bit of ginger,me,and the thought of a thoroughly filthy bit like her falling under my sword is a temptation too far. The drinking,the coke,the whoring,nothing but positives in my eyes.

    What beautiful children we’d produce…once I’d had enough of doing her up the arse.

    • You’d have to grind her in the arse. Going for the vag would be akin to waving your cock around in Wembley Stadium.

    • Got to say I am with Dick on this one, I know she has been world the clock and isn’t the full ticket, but hse has that slutty thing going on and I couldn’t resist a go.

  4. Yep she,s a total whak job ever Charlie sheen says she,s a loon so she must be off the tucking scale…… but I bet she could suck a golf ball down 10 feet of garden hose…. suck it baby

  5. I do find it astonishing that this is the first time Li-Lo Lill has been cunted…
    Cunted on this site, that is… She’s been cunted plenty of times elsewhere…
    I hear she got tubbed by James Blunt at one time… Imagine if they’d had a kid?…
    It could have been the biggest cunt in human history….

    • Maybe she’s never been cunted because she’s bewitching, and even though she’s a cunt, her bullshite usually gets overtaken by her sluttyness.

      • Though she did say she would turn the Christmas Lights on in Kettering on referendum night and never showed up come Xmas.

        Maybe she ain’t so stupid after all. Ruined my plan to knock one out and jizz fown her legs tho.

        • Down ffs

          This cold\flu thing has reduced my normally shit typing skills all the way down to abysmal

          • Flu, its the flu.
            Take a trip by the local mosque and cough and splutter all over the door handles.

            Get well soon, Six dog Vomit.

  6. The life and times of lindsay Lohan.
    Child actress
    Teen idol
    Mature serious actress
    Coke head
    Homemade bj filum
    Loon ball
    Nude model
    Career over

    Become a Muslim complete with headscarf.

    I’ll give it six months, if she not in a harem by then, she’ll chuck it in for a life of sucking rich heirs cocks/pussies.

  7. Gentlemen and fellow cunters, there just has to be another priority, headline, emergency cunting of Chris Spivey and his sycophantic moderators. Go and have a butchers at his latest rant after his appeal was rejected and his fine increased. The absolute zenith of cuntitude.

    • Spivey should be in a nuthouse…. He is fucking insane, and all his moderators/bitches should be locked up too… Cunts…

      • That is the first, and will be the last, time I have ever visited Spiveys site. Does the cunt ramble on or what? The literary equivalent of verbal diarrhoea. I gave up after a couple of verbose, badly constructed paragraphs. The gist seemed to be that the British Intelligence Service, police, and judiciary have nothing else to do but harass him. Narcissistic cunt.

          • I spoke to a hitman about taking out the wife and asked how he planned to do it.

            “One clean shot, just below the left tit” was his answer.

            ” Fuck that” I said “I want her dead, not kneecapped”…

        • The mods at Spiveys are all arrogant cunts if you disagreed with any part of the mongy article or had a question they would most certainly outright insult you

          • Why don’t we agree to a Spivy pact. If each and every one of us just log into his site, and enter Spivy, Your a Cunt. At an agreed time Would be a great laugh to see how they would react to it.

    • That’s twice I’ve visited spivey’s site, and twice my brain nearly caved in.
      Boring, boring,long winded, fucking boring.
      It felt like i was back at school doing a punishment exercise.

      King Cunt has the right idea, i’m up for it.

  8. I reckon Way Down Lohan would have been an ideal bride for Cracko Jacko… Totally batshit mental and (just) a step up from Bubbles the chimp…

  9. The sad thing is that I know who she is (based on all the negative press stories) but I have no idea what she’s been in.

    Without the picture above I couldn’t have picked her out of a line-up of one person!

  10. Hi Guys.I am snowed under with work and won`t be able to do any updates or comment until tomorrow afternoon.Apologies and keep the nominations coming.

  11. Really great to hear about Chris Spivey being outed yet again as a first class CUNT.
    This time even the Sunday People stuck him on the front pages with the headline LOOK AT THIS FUCKING CUNT! or something like that anyway.

    His latest bollocks ,including a mongo explanation about why it costs him £300 a MONTH! to run his blog.. LOL!

    I am totally LOLING over his supporters (The Essex Happy Bus) who are in floods of tears (and dribble) and are all offering him a donations come Giro day. So at least he can drown his sorrows at the local Bargain Booze shop with a few cans of 8Ace.
    =Since the splendid judge and heroic prosecutor fisted him for a nice 4 GRAND he will no doubt have to take his laptop to Cash Converters anyway.
    Although id suggest he burn his harddrive first to get rid of all the dodgy porno.

    Here is a GREAT picture of Spivey which needsto go viral. This is one photo that is not faked nor is it a crisis actor!

    According to internet rumor he took these for some hooker mistress as he is into sissy-exposure and humiliation etc. She put it online after he touched her dog (on the nutsack) or something…

    • Is that actually him? good P-shoping if it is a fake also funny you mention crisis actors because I always wondered if chris himself was a crisis actor lol All I know is anybody with that many tattoos can’t be considered sane and who knows what else hes into

      Are those his kids in the photo in the background? God I’m embarrassed for them, its bad enough their dad is Spivey but now he is a poof with mummy issues paying mistresses exorbitant prices to humiliate him absolutely sick shite

  12. The big question Re. giving her a good seeing to is – and I admit to fantasising my bollocks off here – Is she clean? My guess is she is not. She probably has numerous strains of the clap, the herpes as well as other various other nasties.
    Love to give her a good pounding. But I’d need a HazChem suit for my cock.

    • Probably no worse than a coke skank after doing half a surf beach in oz. You know, the one u know would give a condom knob rot but you still have the urge to stab it like a captain?

  13. Fuck knows whats going on with the Lohan.
    I’ve read that she was studying the Qur’an coz she was trying to find a religion that she can adopt.
    I piss myself when i hear of rich cunts seeking a new form of spiritual guidance. Its like they are looking at holiday brochures. How can you pick yer way through religions to see what suits you ?
    She claims that the pic of her holding the shitty book was accidental and didn’t know the paparazzi were across the street.
    All them flunkies she has and SHE held the big shitty book. Most people who aren’t constantly seeking attention would put it in a bag.
    The headscarf was a gift from a Syrian refugee in Turkey. She told a girl that she liked her headscarf, so the girl gave her it and the Lohan wore it.
    I wonder if the refugee knew that the Lohan could afford her own.

    Anyway, it seems that all her Muslim loving is because her new boyfriend is a Turkish billionaire.
    Not a humble skint Muslim, but a rich one.
    Who’d have thought, eh ?

  14. I remember this twat sticking her nose in after the EU Referendum. She said some pretty unpleasant things about those who exercised their democratic right to vote leave. And now, here she is, sucking terrorist cock! What a surprise.

  15. In case any of you find yourselves arguing with a snowflake, and they tell you that Clinton won the popular vote, hit them with this:

    Democratic Party presidential primaries, 2008.

    Barack Obama – 17,584,692 votes.

    Hillary Clinton – 17,857,501 votes.
    Thanks to the delegate system, Obama won the nomination.

    Of course, we all remember the outcry. The protests, the crying, the claims that Obama was the wrong person for the job. The shouts that Hillary won the popular vote. Oh wait, of course we don’t. BECAUSE THEY NEVER FUCKING HAPPENED.

  16. I’ve just googled “Lindsay Lohan brexit”
    There is loads of mental guff from her live Twitter coverage of brexit.
    I read the Daily Mails reporting of it, and its great.
    If some cunter could do me a favour and cut and paste it for everyone, coz as I’m a luddite , i don’t have a clue.
    She praises places like the Shetlands for remaining, and attacks Kettering for leaving, and wants to know where Kettering is.
    Please somebody , put this up for us all to have a great laugh.
    It would be gratefully appreciated.
    If not, just have a geez, its good stuff.

  17. In light of Lohan’s conversation to Islam, I’m spending the day watching Muzzie TV.
    Here’s some of today listings:-

    06.00 G-HAD TV

    09.00 Talitubbies

    11.00 Ready Steady Jihad

    12.00 Middle-East Enders

    13.00 Koranation Street

    14.00 Jihads Army

    15.00 Only Fools and Camels

    16.00 Shouts of Praise

    18.00 Shahs in their Eyes

    19.00 Top of the Prophets

    20.00 Who Wants To Be A Mujahideen

    21.00 Panoramadan

    ….that’s all I’ve got.

    • And

      Kill Thy Neigbour
      On The Burkas
      Abdul .C. Nesbitt
      Kebabylon 5
      Baghdadi Vice
      Ayatollah Who

      • Don’t forget

        Stoning of the Adulteress
        Can poofters fly
        Ready Steady Boom!
        Can’t integrate Wont integrate
        One man and his goat
        Have I got Sharia for you
        Yes Iman

  18. You see, this is why Social Media should be obliterated from society!

    Every cunt is important and every thing about their lives is so newsworthy that it must be shared with everyone! Point in case, this:


    Christ on a bike! Who the fuck cares!!! It was a link off the Lohan link above. I actually clicked on this shite purely by accident as I went to click on the (spam me with more Ads you cunts) “Read More” link – that all these hateful sites now force you to click on *BEFORE* you’ve actually read *ANYTHING*, cunts – when up pops this twat bollocks!

    The big deal…some bird called her fanny droppings “Betty”!?! WTF!?!

    And is now having second thoughts that the name “Betty” isn’t right for her daughter.

    Ok, here’s what my jaded, zero social meejah presence thinks: you have no problem with the name. You have a very cute daughter and you basically want every other vacuous cunt on social meejah to pay your daughter compliments, which is the attention *YOU* crave by proxy?

    Yeah that’s closer to the mark! Fuck you you vacuous cunt for even posting this compliment bait!

    Fuck you Huffington Post for inflicting this link I didn’t want to click on on me (with your dodgy cookie banner which appears to coincide with right when you want to click on the link you’re after)!

    And fuck you Mark Zuckerberg for inflicting this world of self-important fuckwits on the rest of the world, YOU CUNT!

    • Apologies for the split link. It wouldn’t let me submit my post because it said it was spam due to this spam link!

  19. So old Gorden’s copped it, eh?… Always remember him as Bernard Butler in Corrie…

    I imagine if his character, Rene, died, he’d like to go wit Yvette sitting on him…

    • And there was the ABBC just about to do a remake.

      O’course it would have to have the usual PC lick of paint but the basic premise was that of a local shopkeeper based in Bradford who hides a few illegal martyrs in his back store, who pay for this kindness with a bit of handy C4 work.

      The new show is called: “Hamas! Hamas!” Staring:

      Adil Rey as Citizen Khan
      Riz Ahmed as Jihadi #1
      Jimmi Mistry as Jihadi #2
      Krupa Pattani as the wife (non speaking part)
      Bill Nighy as Infidel Brexit

      Lindsay Lohan as the stoned girl (1 episode, S1 EP1, opening sequence).

    • I would go anywhere with Vicky Michelle on me.

      Allo, Allo was a pile of shite IMHO, but i still watched every episode just waiting for a glimpse of stocking tops.
      I was young, and at the time that was risqué telly.

        • Allo Allo wasn’t very good and nowhere near Dad’s Army, It Ain’t Half Hot Mum (Perry & Croft’s best) or even Hi-De-Hi… Best one in it was Herr Flick… It was like Kraftwerk in a comedy show…

          • Do you think they’d replace the end sequence of: “Land of Hope and Glory.”

            To: “Land of Shit and Squalor.”

            Cos that’s where it’s going folks….


            Still, we got Don Estelle’s “Whispering Grass” out of it I suppose! 😆

        • Cheers Norman.
          I wonder if that’s “used” sizzling undies ?

          Cheers also for the Katy Perry pics last night.
          I’d only ever seen her on telly or in the rags, and thought nothing of her, but when the lefty cunt does sexy photo shoots, I’m hooked.

          PS. Wayne Rooney’s award ceremony
          WTF ?

          • Top ManU scorer ever!

            Huge applause across the globe.

            A small ripple of groans anywhere in/near Manchester.

            Dublin is calling it a national holiday! 😉

          • They were asking on 5live last night why Rooney wasn’t being regarded as a national treasure.

            My answer is that even though he played for England, footballs a regional game and the majority of people from, say Newcastle , shouldn’t give a shite about Man utd players and vice versa.

          • Best United striker I ever saw play was Ruud Van Nisterooy… Incredible rate and deadliest one on one player… Now officially ‘airbrushed’ out of United and Premier League history because Fergie deems it so, the old cunt… And those who say Rooney is on a par with Best, Law and Charlton are pure cunts… And I fucking hate bogtrotting tinker ‘United fans’… They can fuck off…

          • Van Nistelrooy was excellent.
            My two gripes about him are that he’s ex Real and even though he had all that money and fame, the cunt still had a long face.

          • For me Denis Law *was* Man Utd!

            Geordie Best was probably the greatest footballer ever (would’ve been imperious had he not been a piss-heed) but Dennis Law is streets ahead of the rest and – popular or not – a better player for ManU than Sir Bobby Charlton.

            He didn’t have the Munich disaster under his belt – which is why there is such an affinity with Sir Bobby, and is not a notch anyone would want – but he was overshadowed by Charlton who preceded him and Best who succeeded him.

            Point of fact is that neither Charlton nor Best would have been as great as they were without Denis Law!

            I have to say, Man Utd is pretty far from one of my favourite football teams but Denis Law is one of my favourite footballers of all time.

            Wayne Rooney isn’t fit to lick his boots – even with dog shit on them!

          • These players were from before my time, so i cant really comment on who was the best out of the three.
            What i do know is, that Law and Best come/came across as good guys whereas Charlton is one of the most miserable cunts, second only to Elizabeth Battenburg.
            I know he went through a tragedy, but so did a lot of men his age, during the war.
            I cant even remember ever seeing a photo of him smiling when he played or when Man utd have won things since.
            Think about England winning the world cup, nothing, not even a little smile.

  20. Donald Trump should buy Al Jazeera and after making the cunts report puff pieces on him, he should sack the lot.
    If you think BBC is bad, these cunts are worse.
    The news hour can have at least 4 anti Trump pieces in a row from the start, and all they do is show themselves to be the undemocratic scumbags they are.

    Tonight they had the Mexican President on saying ” borders should unite countries, not divide them”.
    Err, ok.
    He also said that the illegal cunts crossing are from other American countries, and that more Mexicans are returning to Mexico than there are leaving.
    Also, the guns used by criminals in Mexico are being brought in from the USA.
    Well there you go , you’ve just given more reasons to build a wall , you doss cunt.
    Since when did anybody listen to a Mexican President ?

    I cant understand the uproar of a wall being built on an international frontier, it should be common place.

    Build the wall, build the wall, build the wall.

    • Big Don should ban the BBC from the US and all….
      And old mackerel cunt herself, Madogga,should be arrested, charged with treason and incitement to riot and lobbed in a Texan clink, where’ll she’ll be rogered to death… Mind you, the old shagbag would probably go for that…

      • Madonna is now running scared and saying her comment was metaphorical.

        I am watching a filum just now and there’s this alluring bit of fanny that got my attention.
        Her name is Olivia Wilde and i thought “your beautiful” , so i googled her.
        She’s another whinging feminist who’s attended and has been tweeting about the marches.

        I think that crush lasted for all of a minute and a half.

        • And Ashley Judd is a fucking cunt too… Another bog mouthed fake feminazi slag…

          If you, I, or anyone else threatened to assassinate the President and his staff we’d be nicked and charged…
          But Madogga will get away with it… She always does…
          I don’t like to wish ill on people, but if that evil old slag expired tomorrow, I would not lose a moment of kip or shed a single tear… She is a cunt…

  21. mark zuckerbergggggggggg you john lennon wannabe cunnnnnnnnntttttttttttttttttttttt

  22. The feminazi vermin are now rounding on Taylor Swift because she didn’t attend their pottty mouthed misandrist Nuremberg… I’m no fan of Swift, but it’s her business what she wants to do and not do… These slaggenfuhrers are yapping on about womens rights, yet they are denying those rights to Swift, just because she keeps her views to herself and doesn’t fit in with their idea of ‘feminism’…. Cunts!

    • Much like Viz Comic’s Modern Parents, once they’ve bullied everyone else into submission, they turn on each other. Always happens with the so-called “Progressive” brigade. Maybe we’ll get to enjoy watching the stupid fuckers consume each other.

      Oh happy day…

      • Speaking of consuming each other, I watched Tony Bellew being interviewed about his upcoming fight with David Haye.

        When asked his opinion on David Haye, Bellew commented: “I really don’t like the man. He’s so smug and loves himself. If he was made out of chocolate he’d eat himself!”


  23. I don’t know if you’re allowed to nominate in Dead Pool threads but here’s a repeat of my nomination.


    I’d like to nominate The Supreme Court for a cunting.

    They have ruled that the government cannot trigger article 50 without interference from everyone and their dog in parliament sticking their oar in!

    The vote was a majority of 8:3 – so we have 3 loyal servants who agree with the people and 8 traitors who agree with some Guyanan cunt who doesn’t realise how lucky she is in being able to enjoy the freedoms of this country!

    Tell you now if they think they can stop the Brexit Theresa May advised of last week (out of the EU, out of the single market, out of their laws and out of having to suffer every Tom, Dick and Stavros coming here) then the marches on London will make the ones against Donald Trump look like a card school in comparison!

    I’ve never marched on anything in my life but I’ll be at the head of the queue on that one.

    Utter, utter, traitorous cunts!

    • That smug, self satisfied cunt, Gina Miller: dictating and swanning about like she owns the fucking place… Time she got back on the banana boat and fucked off back home… Which, by the way, is not Great Britain…

      • And to add salt to the wound, it appears we shall be paying the majority of her teams legal fees…

        • If this up in banana tree cunt can do and say anything she wants and overrule the government. then what is the point of us having one?… Why is May even Prime Minister?…Can anyone imagine Maggie in her pomp even entertaining the very idea of acknowledging this Miller cunt?…

      • Madame May should say to this jumped up sell serving cunt,’Me Prime Minister… You not… Me organ grinder… You monkey… Savvy?..’

        • And we wonder why there has been such a long delay in getting round to triggering Article 50?

          To allow a supreme court ruling to put the referendum decision before parliament (mostly remainers) so they can vote and defy the will of the majority, and keep the EU gravy train running.

          All totally planned, not sure why people expected anything else.

          We will never be allowed to leave.

  24. And the mirth on the ABBC reporter’s/presenter’s faces as they now want to discuss the decision ad-infinitum (especially that smug Victoria Derbyshire cunt) is sickening. Impartial my arse!

    Fucking Anti-British Broadcasting Con-artists! Cunts!

  25. Democrats 3(Put , People , First) Anti-Democrats 8*(McCunto, Miller(3) , Farran,Merky,o.g 2 Con-Incompetento)
    Aggregate score : Democrats 17,410,745 Anti-Democrats 17,410,745ay
    *goals count as 158,687
    Replay to be held ad nauseam until a dishonourable tie is declared.

  26. Britain is now the softest country in the world (apart from Germany and Sweden)…
    Can anyone imagine yapping little turds like Farron and Wee Burney Krankie being allowed to have a say with Trump, Putin or the Chinese?… And if Miller tried her antics with any of the aforementioned superpowers, they’d all have arrested her and locked her up…
    Now Miller is urging the PM to ‘condemn trolls’… By trolls she means those who don’t agree with her… So Miller wants May to do things for her, and yet she is doing her very best to hinder the Prime Minister and sabotage her Brexit deal… A foreign tart who isn’t even in politics actually dictating to the Prime Minister of Great Britain?!!! We are fucked…

    And as for trolls: It’s OK for Miller to spit in the face of 17 million people though, isn’t it?…

  27. She probably thinks it makes her look more interesting??
    What next week?? Judaism??
    Stupid b list cunt….

  28. She probably thinks it makes her look more interesting??
    What next week?? Judaism??
    Stupid z lister cunt….

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