Ewan McGregor [2]

Has Ewan ‘ privileged posh privately ecucated ‘ MacGregor cunt been cunted yet ? If not I would consider it a privilege to nominate the cunt myself. I hated Trainspotting because for all his acting skills,him and a few others in the cast ( not all of them) just came across as privileged posh privately educated cunts playing working class characters. Very unconvincing. Anyway the cunt clearly used Morgans perfectly reasonable comments about some of the fascist haridans who participated in these mass hysteria tantrums as an excuse to garner some street cred points from the luvies in the entertainment industry on which his career depends. An industry I should add which is infested by rapists, thieves, snake oil salesmen, paedophiles ( like Polanksky whom MacGregor supports) , and all that is bad in human nature. Oh when I say ‘street cred’ its not any old street but one of those posh streets that the little people like you and me could never afford to live in. Choose life, chose to ignore the hypicritical luvie cunt, choose to not go to see his fucking movie ‘cunt spotting2’

Nominated by Vermin Cunt Spotter

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  1. As always with Piers Morgan, there’s a massive amount of distortion and fabrication in the shit that flows, tsunami-like, from his big fat gob. Morgan based his “Ewan McGregor is a paedophile-supporter” jibe on a single quote McGregor gave to ‘Good Morning America’ in 2010 after having appeared in a film directed by Polanski. Here’s what McGregor REALLY said on the programme:

    “I was sent the script from Roman Polanski asking me to play the part. Roman’s not someone I knew or had met. I don’t comment on his case because it has nothing to do with me. I work with him as an actor … I’ve known him for less than a year”

    – and that, fellow cunters, is ALL McGregor actually said about Polanski, yet it is the source of Piers The Cunt Morgan’s accusation that McGregor is a “paedophile-supporter”.

    But there are far more ironic instances of effusive (and thoroughly wrong-headed) support for Polanski. One American actress even flew from New York to London in 2005 to give evidence at the High Court as a character witness for her “close friend” Polanski in a libel case the child-rapist brought against magazine publishers Conde Nast. And who was this actress who made a special transatlantic journey in order to eulogise a man who once sodomised a 13 year old girl after plying her with drink and drugs? Why, that would be Mia Farrow… a woman who has dedicated the last 25 years of her life to publicly attacking every actor who works with Woody Allen for “condoing child molestation”. You couldn’t make it up. Fucking cunts the lot of them (but especially Piers Morgan).

    • Morgan is a cunt of biblical proportions.

      One of the more monor incidents concerning the cunt reduced even me to silence. Cricketer Phil Hughes was killed by a bouncer in 2014,a tragic accident. The next morning Morgan was asked his views,and immediately launched into one of his “hilarious” anecdotes about when he faced a West Indian fast bowler in some charidee cricket match,and how much it heart when he got hit in the ribs.

      What a self-absorbed cunt. Everything is about him.His only genuine concern is Piers fucking Morgan. He should have been locked up after the phone-hacking affair,and then he could have regaled us,upon his release,with some more “Me Me Me” tales of getting sodomised in the showers.

      I detest the arrogant cunt. The yanks had the right idea when they chased the bastard out. My only regret is that someone didn’t shoot the fucker before he came snivelling back here.

      • Well Fred didn’t Mia Farrows daughter get raped by Woody? but your right her attending polanski trial makes her look like she knows some dark secrets concerning Woody and Roman

        • Woody Allen should be locked up for those self-indulgent shite films that he churns out,before we even get to the fact that he’s a filthy old pervert.

        • I think it just makes her look like a fucking hypocrite cunt, Titslapper. One rule for Polanski, another for Woody Allen.

          And I’m no fan of Allen, but again, there is some real bullshit out there that’s become accepted as “fact” –

          1: Soon-Yi was Woody’s daughter. FALSE.

          2: Soon-Yi was Woody’s step-daughter. FALSE

          3: Soon-Yi was Woody and Mia’s adopted daughter. FALSE (Soon-Yi was the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow and André Previn. Her full name was Soon-Yi Farrow Previn).

          4: Woody and Mia were married. FALSE.

          5: Woody and Mia lived together. FALSE. (Woody lived in his apartment on Fifth Ave. Mia and her kids lived on Central Park West. In fact, according to Farrow’s autobiography, Woody never once stayed overnight at Mia’s apartment in 12 years).

          6: Woody and Mia had a common-law marriage. FALSE (New York State does not recognize common law marriage. Even in states that do, a couple has to co-habit permanently for a certain number of years).

          7: Soon-Yi viewed Woody as a father figure. FALSE (Soon-Yi saw Woody as her mother’s boyfriend. Her father figure was her adoptive father, André Previn, who she had regular contact with).

          8: Soon-Yi was underage when she and Woody started their affair. FALSE (she was either 19 or 21.- her year of birth in Korea was undocumented, but Farrow believes it to be either 1970 or ’72).

          9: Soon-Yi is borderline retarded. FALSE (she has a degree from Columbia University and speaks multiple languages fluently).

          10: Woody was grooming Soon-Yi from an early age to be his child bride. FALSE (according to court documents and Mia’s own autobiography, until 1990 when Soon-Yi was 18 or 20, Woody “had little to do with any of the Previn children, (but) had the least to do with Soon-Yi” so Mia encouraged him to spend more time with her. Woody started taking her to basketball games, and the rest is tabloid history. So he hardly “had his eye on her” from the time she was a child).

          I’m no fan of Allen, but i’m even less of a fan of “alternative facts”.

          • alternative facts? You’re Fake News Fred! alternative facts is the new facts get used to it. People need to stop believing in biased “truths” from the media and biographies, Sad!

          • What about Dylan Farrows open letter detailing Allen’s abuse of her when she was 7 years old? If you are going to attempt to disprove one accusation you have to be prepared to answer the others.

            Woody Allen has never stood trial for the alleged abuse and trial by media even cunter’s isn’t the way forwards. However Allen seemingly should of stood trial but the public prosecutor decided it would not be in the child’s best interest. Woody Allen until this day has not been convicted of any crime and we cannot presume him guilty via hearsay.

            Polanski however is a convicted sex offender and if Farrow believes Allen must pay for his alleged crimes against her daughter she should then believe Polanski should be accountable for the crime he was convicted for.

            As for McGregor, he could of refused to work with the convicted sex offender but as ever with these people principal goes out of the window if it costs them spotlight time.

            Mia Farrow

      • A good way of shutting Morgan up is to ask him if he has any advice on what shares to invest in. A mate did this outside Arsenal a few years ago and the cunt couldn’t reply.

    • Morgan is undoubtably a cunt but McGregor shouldn’t have acted like a spoilt child.You have to call out cunts in this world.I could understand it if it was about the paedophile supporting accusation but he stated that it was because Morgan said mean things about the anti trump march disguised as a womens march.

      • It’s not an isolated incident though. I know someone who works at GMB – they are finding it increasingly hard to book any celebs who will agree to be on when Morgan is. He’s a massive cunt and everyone seems to rightly despise him. He’s done nothing to improve viewing figures (in fact, the reverse), but if they try to terminate his contract early the financial penalties for GMB are horrific.

        • I would go on and just call Morgan out on his bullshit like an adult rather than choosing not to show up.

    • McGregor could have still refused to work with a known beast, but didn’t.
      Morgan may have twisted some words, but a father of girls still chose to work with a beast when as its only acting, he could have just turned the role down.

      • Know what you mean, Birdman,but refusing to work with perverts in the entertainment industry would mean no work at all. Look at the likes of Michael Jackson,a nonce of the highest order,yet people still queued up to work with him,and protect him.
        Hollywood has a long tradition of casting-couches,kiddie molesters,predators and sickos. I’d imagine that most Hollywood studios would happily turn a blind eye to just about every perversion as long as the producer,star,director et al kept the money rolling in.

    • How dare you lot slag off Ewan! This bloke dresses up in strange clothing and learns pointless scripts for the sake of his art.Mortals like us cannot appreciate the wank pitt world he has to suffer day in day out,albeit for shit loads of money.You make him sound like a complete cunt.

  2. Ewan McGregor does not have acting skills. He is a boring one dimensional cunt that has a reputation far exceeding his measly talent.
    Never seen the cunt in anything that isn’t fucking ordinary. Wouldn’t cross the road to see the cunt.

  3. It seems to me that most luvvies, footballers etc who get to cross that line where they are never gonna have to what we would call work but receive obscene amounts of money for what basically is a hobby end up as cunts. It’s almost as if ‘tonight Mathew I’m am gonna be a cunt’ and off through the starry door they go. Maybe we’d all be the same eh?

  4. I agree with Fred about Piers Morgan being a cunt. But, in 2010 during the making of the Ghost Writer Paedo Polanski was arrested. McGregor said the following….” I felt sort for Roman because he is an old man who I am incredibly fond of”. Fuck off you cunt McGregor, you won’t do an interview on tv because Piers Morgan made comments about the Women’s March yet you would sell out to a dirty fucking cunt like Polanski who faced 5 charges against a 13 year old child, though a plea bargain reduced it to unlawful sexual intercourse. By the way, just to name 2 cunts that backed Polanski by saying it wasn’t “rape” rape were Martin Anus and Whoopi do dah Goldberg, 2 fierce critics of Donald Trump.

    • That Uncle Tom in drag Goldberg is a prize cunt… Wasn’t even there when Polanski did the despicable dirty deed, yet she somehow ‘knows’ it ‘wasn’t rape’?… Get to fuck… And Concorde Conk Streep is no better…

      And how did that prune faced cunt Polanski pull Sharon Tate?!… She was gorgeous, until Manson’s cunts got hold of her… A terrible business…

  5. McGregor another progressive lefty cunt who pontificates about poverty whilst sitting on a personal fortune of millions. When you have liquidated all your assets and given all your money away with enough left for a shitty house and enough cash to live hand to mouth every month after working in a shitty job that sucks the life out of you, then come back and preach at us.

    Until then fuck off you socialist luvvy scum sucker.

    • Yes sixdog,
      His latest vomit inducing series or charriddy TV, also included is that other cunt who has been cunted a couple of times I believe – Michael “top cunt” Sheen, he of Bliar fame and not a lot else save begging for Port Talbot miners from his home in LA declaring he is giving up acting to concentrate on combatting the right, or fascists, or Nazis or whatever we call ordinary decent people that have a differing opinion. I digress – anyway – the latest piss boiling stunt sees McGregor and Sheen in Syria asking for hats and blankets for the children whilst being ferried around in brand new SUV’s and the accompanying fucking conga chain of other useless charriddy fawning self indulgent pocket draining cunts. Much like Joe Cox who made a living begging, and of course dying. I digress, again.
      Why not put your hand in your own pocket Sheen and McGregor and have a whip round some of your minted chums instead of begging us to text “BLANKET” or “HAT” for a fiver (opening you to regular begging calls / messages / mails for another fiver). To see those two smug cunts on TV with the must have kid on your knee unwashed with a dew drop hanging off its nose the length of the Virgin Euston to Glasgow central just for added effect is enough to make me spit at my wall mounted flat screen.
      I wonder what they say to the poor cunts they are leaving in a field before they fuck off back to a 5 star hotel for the night prior to catching the next first class flight back to Heathrow? Something along the lines of “well I must be going now – fucking freezing here isn’t it”? – from the confines of his specially made for the event down filled North face Nuptse and thermal lined hand made walking boots. Cunts – the pair of them. And yes, I concur – I will fuck as like be sponsoring the collective cunts of Boyle, McGregor, Carlisle et al in T2. I would rather stick pins in my eyes than give that bunch of cunts a penny.
      PS – they only use McGregor and Sheen as Geldof and Ure fucked them off.

  6. Morgan does have plenty of cunt form (and he’s a fucking Gooner cunt and all)… But at least he’s not a feminazi loving, migrant licking, Brexiters are racists snowflake cunt… Morgan can be a cunt, no mistake.. But most celebs who refuse to work wit thim are usually only ‘upset’ because Morgan has criticised them or some of their famous friends… Like that cunt Ewan wouldn’t give a fuck about ‘ordinary women’ on any sort of march… It’s only because Piers slagged off Madogga and other celebricunts that McGregor has spat his dodie out…

    And McGregor’s ‘What Polanski does has nothing to with me’ stuff doesn’t wash… I have known social workers in Prestwich who refused to work with those murdering sadistic Scouse cunts, Venables and Thompson (one of the cunts was in Prestwich Mental Hospital for a spell), but the lady in question didn’t go ‘Oh it’s a job… Them killing that little lad has nothing to do with me..’ She simply refused to go near the cunt, and that piss=poor Obi-Wan should have done the same…. If I had a daughter, would I work with a child rapist?… Would I fuck, so why should he?…. The cunt…

    • He say’s he is a Gooner, I was less pissed off about Bin Laden being a Gooner or even Corbyn.

    • Polanski is a self confessed nonce who wont leave exile because he knows he doesnt have a leg to stand on.

  7. McGregor is a cunt, and should shut up and fuck off. Should be easy to do given the amount of wonga the cunt is sitting on. Will these fucking eejits ever realise that for most people being lectured at by a cunty rich thesp is like stepping in dog shite. Not funny and bloody annoying.

  8. Interesting that most slating Trumps travel ban (ie: those BBC pondlife), never slate terrorist atrocities across Europe it’s almost as if they support ISIS…. As Rigsby might say, ‘Funny though, eh?’…

  9. Andrew Marr is a cunt… The BBC are fucking cunts… An hour of Trump bashing, Brexit undermining… The BBC is the enemy of the will of the people… A Neo Marxist anachronism… Isn’t it time we looked at who is really controlling the BBC?… Certainly not the people forced to pay for it…

  10. Calls are being made to cancel a proposed state visit to the UK by President Trump after he issued an executive order clamping down on immigration to the US….
    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said it would be “totally wrong” for the visit to go ahead later this year….

    Two words, Corbyn, you terrorist loving IRA cunt: Gerry Addams…

    • If I were Corbyn and had fucked that rancid pile of dead dog meat that Flabbotted all over Question time I would be too ashamed to go out in public, let alone mouth off.
      He walks about in his Lenin style hat and the cunt is loaded. What a limp prick he is and if he shits in the street the BBC print it. That lot of Marxist wankers need dragging out into the street and ceremonially buggered senseless by silverback gorillas.

    • The fact that these cunts are looking to ban Trump means he should 100% come. Let those anti democratic bastards have a moan, who gives a fuck.
      Trump has done exactly what he said he was going to do. When was the last time a politician did that ?
      More power to his elbow with his Executive Orders.
      What he has done with the muzzie ban is entirely sensible. It’s only for 90 days during which time the problem is being looked at. The shit the professional moaners are coming out with is entirely predictable but they don’t come up with an alternative other than to let any cunt in.
      Fucking wankers.

  11. Scottish nationalists are the biggest cunts in the universe. The amount of times I’ve argued with them on-line, it’s obvious these people are fucking obsessed with the idea England is out to get them.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Scottish (and Welsh, and N Irish) independence, but the way these wankers go about it makes me wonder if they’re serious, downright paranoid, or just out to piss everyone else off.

    And “Scotland”? Is there such a thing as “Scotland”? Here’s an interesting comment that was posted on the Grauniad a few days ago…

    — — —

    “Scotland” isn’t even a proper nation, from a linguistic, political or historic point of view.

    For centuries “Scotland” was in reality two lands – an Anglo-Celtic south/Lowlands, and a primarily Irish north/Highlands, with little in common with each other. They spoke entirely different languages and post-reformation even professed different faiths.

    The reigning monarchs of “Scotland” exercised little real power over the Highlands, and sometimes struggled to defend the areas they did control from incursions from the north, even being forced to build fortified burghs (boroughs really, the concept of the Borough/Burgh was imported from England, like many “Scottish” legal traditions) to protect areas of the Governed Lands (the Lowlands) from the Ungoverned Lands (the Highlands). Only during the 15th century did any monarch of “Scotland” actually manage to assert any measure of control of the Highlands, and that was only through the use of military force, one of many campaigns that “Scottish” monarchs were forced to wage – not against the English (with whom their subjects in Lothian had more in common with anywhere else) but the Highlanders and Islanders, whose semi-independent Lordship of the Isles had been disbanded in 1493.

    The existence of modern “Scotland” is mostly due to the Hiberno-Pictish imperialism of the 10th/11th centuries, when “Scottish” monarchs expanded their power into English lands such as Lothian, introducing another ethnic and cultural divide in an already divided land (“Scotland” hitherto being a mishmash of Britons, Picts and Irishmen).

    Of course, “Scotland” has, like I said rarely had any real sense of unity or nationhood, and often required Anglo-Normans or Englishmen to forge her into anything that even began to resemble a nation; Robert the Bruce for example, was an Anglo-Norman warlord of a tradition wholly foreign to “Scotland” and could only succeed when presented with an external foe to direct the energy of his kingdom against. As soon as the immediate threat of Longshanks and his successors receded the “Scots” did what they do best – fighting and killing each other, because then as now there is really nothing that an Irishman from Argyll has in common with a Dane from Caithness, let alone an Englishman in denial from Edinburgh or Selkirk.

    An interesting aside – in 1598 King James VI of “Scotland” (but not yet James I of England) authorised the so-called Gentlemen Adventurers of Fife to establish a plantation colony on the Island of Lewis, to subjugate and civilise the “barbarous” inhabitants of the Western Isles. Unsurprisingly the adventurers were repulsed by local forces, but this was to be the beginning of a systematic attempt to finally bring the still-too-independent North and West of “Scotland” to heel.

    So is it any wonder that “Scotland”, an insecure little land full of long-standing cultural and historic divisions, a mongrel nation with no real identity of its own, with much of what it calls its own being borrowed or imported from elsewhere (hell, “Scotland’s” patron saint isn’t even “Scottish”) is so reluctant to embrace independence?

    — — —

    It’s interesting how the commenter uses many of the arguments so often repeated in the Guardian to challenge English national identity – “St George wasn’t even English etc etc” – and turns them around on the Scots. Is Scotland just a fake country, and are Scottish nationalists just fake nats? Either way, Scots nats are a right bunch of cunts.

    • Excellent, Colin Murray’s Brain.
      I’ve said before that they are only a nation when it comes to sport.
      The divisions still exist today, were north , south, east and west dislike each other, the same as the rest of the UK.
      Their bee in their bunnet comes from Braveheart the filum and a Corrie’s song.
      They worship their history, but if they looked closer they would find that the majority of their ancestors were basically slaves and their tartan is the colours of their slave masters.
      Twisted thick cunts.
      Anything Scottish is sacred to them and they worship any Scottish legend, even when they legends hated each other.
      Doss cunts.

      Again ,excellent cunting Colin Murray’s Brain, bravo.

    • Top cunting Colin Murrays brain,
      I am nicking that in its entirety as I too have several online scraps with those from the far north of England. I find it particularly salty to refer to them in the OP as “Scotch” – pisses them right off before a single insult is traded. That’s without Barnet formula, Submarines, the West Lothian question, sectarian psychotic Glaswegian football fans, Jimmy Savile always pictured in a kilt, kilts, shit National football / Rugby teams – oh the list is endless. Those cunts would argue about 2 fly’s walking across a turd.
      Lastly, why is it that real daft cunts get married in kilts including best man, groomsmen, ushers, brides Dad and groom even though there is not a fucking whiff of jock in their dopy veins?
      I went to a cousins wedding (his third – her fourth – I shit you not), by the name of Thompson and yes, you guessed it – all kilt and Sgian-dubh clad and the closest anyone at the wedding had been to declaring any scotchness was my cousin who once got a blowjob off a bird from Aberdeen on a girls only weekend in Morecambe in 1972. Fucking barm pots.

    • And here’s a follow-up comment from the same thread, by the same… author. (ahem)

      — —

      Many “Scots” are deeply insecure about their identity and country. Behind the Braveheart rhetoric “Scotland” doesn’t even fully understand herself. Is “Scotland” a land of immigrants drawn from across these Isles and beyond, or of Celtic warrior poets descended from ancient Gaelic clan chiefs? Is she a cosmopolitan land of Norman-French, Anglo-Saxons and Norse Gaels or of purebred oatspun kilt-wearers of the kind so wonderfully mis-portrayed in a dodgy Mel Gibson movie? Or is she a land torn by ancient sectarian, regional and linguistic tensions where inter-clan, inter-tribal and inter-religious violence was the way of things for so much of her history?

      This question – what is “Scotland” anyway – still hasn’t been answered and maybe never will, and I doubt achieving the faux-independence of separate EU membership will change that. In fact, devoid of big bad England to obsess over the “Scots” might well default to do what they do best – hate each other with a spite no Englishman could ever conjure for them.

  12. If Labour or anyone else was in power they would be crawling up Trumps butt hole. Fucking easy to be oh so fucking principled when you’re in opposition. However this blanket ban by Trump does seem to be rather ill thought out. Can’t see it lasting.

  13. I did notice that British Knight Sir Mo’ Farrah has stated that he fears not being able to visit his family in the USA because of Trump’s Executive Order because he’s Somalian – which is one of the cuntries on the terrorist incubator shit list.

    Fuck off you fucking publicity seeking shill! You haven’t been a fucking Somalian for decades (in your mind’s eye anyway) you are indeed British and carry one of those EU tainted British passports.

    So, Sir fucking Mo’, there will be no issue with you entering the USA because – as you have dined out on for the last 10yrs at least – you are officially British.

    However if you truly feel you are still Somalian, and feel like democracy isn’t being served in the US or the UK, then why don’t you leave your Ethiopian training camp and repatriate yourself with Somalia. You’d be leaning against an open door as far as I’m concerned! You cunt!

    Oh and take that fucking awful Quorn shite with you as well! Fucking shill!

    • I’d happily push that cunt Farrah back to Somalia in a wheelbarrow,as long as he promised to stay there.

      • I trying to imagine you getting him into a wheelbarrow with his skinny elbow , arse and knees poking about everywhere like a stubborn fold up sun lounger.

        • It gets me how quorn have him on their adverts. He might be good at running, but to me he looks like he needs a damn good meal inside him and that bean shit ain’t doing him any good.

    • I wonder if Mo was one of the parasitic Somalian cunts (along with that piece of scum, Blair!) who ruined one of the best colleges in Britain and caused me to resign?….

      Either way, he is a prize cunt…

      • I loved his little twatter speech (where else do pointless cunts go to spout off?), about shutting the door on people like him would be a bad thing for the west, with him winning medals and that. What about his brothers? I’m pretty sure more than one of the Farrah clan have been banged up.
        Also, he has been living in America for the last five years, so why doesn’t he go and get citizenship? Fuck the olympics, they are welcome to him….

  14. Ewan McGregor needs a slap. Dos trendy fuckwit, has no-one ever told him it’s rude to wear a hat indoors. Unless you’re medically unwell or it’s part of your job, then anyone inside with a hat on needs a slap.
    Piers Morgan is an utter slimey cunt too, although I’d pay good money to watch him and Ewan bitch fight it out.
    Oh my goodness! Those bloody begging adverts really boil my piss. Stop spending donations on prime time adverts and offices in London, utter utter cunts!!!

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