Bad grammar

I’d like to cunt anyone who insists on using a lower case ‘i’ on banners/posters or what fucking ever thing they want to use to make a fucking statement.

When you write with capital letters you fucking don’t put a fucking little letter ‘I’ to let everyone know it’s a fucking ‘I’. I’ve noticed this getting more and more prevalent over the years. Does my fucking nut in it does.

When has the letter I been lower case on a keyboard? Fucking when? Eh? fucking never, that’s when, you cunts. Go on, you thick twats, look at your keyboard! It’s a fucking upper case fucking ‘I’. So why do I have to endure some cunt statement saying something like ‘NOT MY PRESiDENT’.

Are these cunts completely devoid of basic fucking grammar?

Nominated by: Wankycunt

106 thoughts on “Bad grammar

  1. iiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Or they could just denote that it’s an upper case I by crossing the top and the bottom as above.

      • Made me laugh, that did.

        And now my co workers know I’m on the internet and not looking at spreadsheets.

    • Phew for a minute I thought our favorite troll was back when I skim read this!

  2. By extension to the cunting, text speak is the domain of wankers and fuckwits. The amount of applications for job vacancies we have had submitted to our engineering firm, that are littered with text speak and piss poor grammar, is staggering. These 21st century keyboard warriors are truly fucking pathetic.

    Can’t spell properly? Then fuck off.

    Finish every spoken sentence with “yeah” or “right”? Then fuck off.

    Learn to read, write and speak the English language to a least a pre-school level why don’t you? I fucking hate thick, knuckle dragging cunts.

  3. Ah yes the illiterate buffoonery, these fuckwits attempt to take the moral high ground and think you’re uneducated because of your views on a certain religion of peace (piss), yet can’t construct a simple sentence. The irony isn’t lost on me there.

  4. Careful, we may upset some of the contributors to this delightful site. πŸ‘πŸΏ

    • Pretty good baker + white skin + no rag around the head = faceless nobody in the crowd.

      Pretty good baker + dark skin + rag around the head = most influential woman in the country, baking cakes for the Queen.

      A couple of equations highlighting the fucked up mess we’re currently in.

    • I despise this woman for no other reason than her ‘ethnicity and multiculturalism’ is being rammed down everybody’s throat by AL-BBC.

      What is normal, is when things happen naturally, by evolution in a way. You can’t force an entire nation to accept radical change in a matter of a decade or so, multi culti agenda has not even been in the UK as long as the black death was (yes, I am saying multi culturalism is a plague), but we are all now told what you can and can’t say or do. If it is possible to rapidly change things without turmoil, then how about we burn the current political establishment and start again?

      She was not even the strongest contestant if I remember rightly. Just ticks all the boxes for ethnic and minority inclusion. If she was a dyke they would be in overdrive.

  5. When I was at school my English teacher looked at me and said “Name two pronouns.”

    I said “Who, me”?
    Smug as fuck…

    • Strictly speaking, ‘who’ is an interrogative or subject pronoun whereas ‘me’ is a person pronoun.

      Even smugger cunt me. Went to a public school and got two o levels in English plus an o/a level in use of same πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Šβ˜Ί

  6. When I went to school we took GCE exams (remember them?) I’d got 44 out of 50 for my mock English Language exam, so I was going to have no trouble. The exam was a piece of piss, I sailed through it. And they didn’t pass me. I’ve never forgotten it and it still annoys me, especially when I see these clever young cunts who can hardly put a sentence together.

  7. I’ve got no qualifications. I was “asked to leave” right before I was due to take my O-levels. Hasn’t made a blind bit of difference to me,I started work self-employed 35 years ago,and,though I’ve had a few brushes with the likes of the tax-office,I’ve done ok.

    I often look at some of these cunts who turn up with degrees and the like,and just think…what a waste of time and money.

    • In my book, and speaking as a fellow self-employed person, if you’ve had a few brushes with the tax cunts, then you must be doing something right. If you think of the most successful people on the planet, virtually all of them have done battle with the inland revenue twats.

  8. Right..
    You know that Jedward thing?
    Well, they are undoubtedly, obviously, quite clearly, a pair of massive cunts, in its purest form.

    A show should be invented whereby they are both tied to chairs and volunteers get to smash them full force in the face with cricket bats.

    I’d watch that.

    • I don’t want to start rumours that Jedward touch and fuck each other, but in one interview they said that ” they didn’t have A girlfriend” suggesting that the gimps are looking to spitroast some poor fan.
      They also said that at school , kids would make fun of them coz they sang pop songs out loud on the school bus, with dance moves.
      I cant think why they got bullied
      They are from Lucan, a place i used to live, and still have friends there. They say the whole town wants them dead.

  9. You know who’s to blame for the proliferation of lower case ‘i’s?

    APPLE (the original iCunt).

          • I backed Cliff. but lost on my tip from sat,which was Dor’s law,Also Elland Ally let me down on a treb the other 2 won,Plus had another couple of single winners but no big winnings.

  10. Nice to see the Golden Globes didn’t disappoint in the liberal, virtue signalling stakes.

    Bunch of overpaid hypocrites and shills!

    Oh and let’s have a few cheap digs at Trump while we’re on because that’s de-rigeur amongst the glitterati these days.

    Ladies and gentlemen of the performing arts, the day and hour you do an honest day’s work outside of your privileged existence then I may consider listening to your chirpings but until then you can fuck off!

    Oh and by the way please don’t be inviting any cunt into MY country on MY behalf while you sun your lazy arses in a leafy suburb of LA whilst being served mai-tais by your Hispanic minimum wage servants you two-faced cunts!

    • Meryl Streep is a 42 karat cunt… Like – with her money- Trump being President will affect her in any way… And to pretend to care about the ‘ordinary American’ is even more sickening…

      And how many times is she going to milk/cash in on her ‘I was a kid who saw The Beatles in Noo Yoik’ shite?… So did scores of others, but they’re not on every other film or TV show gobbing off about it and trying to look ‘cool’… And that ‘Eight Days A Week’ film is crap… Typical Yank hijacking of British subject or culture… If anybody wonders why it’s crap: there’s no Hamburg, no Cavern, no Stu, no Pete, and talking heads include Whoopi Cuntberg and Fanny Izzard… Terrible shite…

      • The beatles were shite live this is more or less a documented fact and the screaming girl thing only made them more paranoid on stage

        The only live document I found even remotely interesting was the Beatles live at the Beeb (but just how live was it I wonder tho?) which proves they could be decent if they wanted too minus the screaming twats

        • The bootleg ‘Thirty Days’ is of the January 1969 ‘Get Back’ sessions (that became the ‘Let It Be’ album and film), and is a good Beatles live document… Fine band version of ‘All Things Must Pass’ is on there, with Paul, John and George singing a verse each…

      • The same Meryl Streep who has defended and cheered Roman Polanski, is now having a got at President Trump?!
        That Meryl Streep?…

        What a fucking cunt she really is…

      • Was just going to cunt her but you beat me to it Norman.Funniest thing is that the instance of Trump supposedly mocking that disabled reporter is highly questionable as he has given the same hand gestures and tone to anyone he believes is flustering after being shown as having lied or backtracked on what they said.He did it to an army general he disagreed with in the same speech he went for the reporter.He also did the same thing to Ted Cruz.Neither Crux or the general are disabled.He even did the same gestures in a 2005 interview with Larry King.Funny how the mainstream media is incapable of showing those clips.Streep`s speech furthermore was syrupy virtue signaling liberal lefty luvviness in it`s most diluted form.Made me want to vomit quite frankly.

  11. I have radio 5 live on ATM. Upcoming item: ‘Tom Daley’s new cookbook ‘. I kid you not.

  12. “A woman who was shamed online for shopping in Tesco dressed in her pyjamas has hit back, calling critics β€œsexist” and β€œracist”.”

    “One of the women, who claimed to be from the travelling community, has now hit back.

    Asking to remain anonymous, she told The Sun she had only gone to buy milk for a five-month-old baby while hungover.”

    Nuff fucking said

    • Fucking gyppo chav slag cunt… Any woman who is a cunt (or behaves like one) will use the ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’ cards as an excuse or justification… Whether it’s that (well overused) cunt Madonna, superslag, Katie Price, Abbott The Hutt, Gina Miller, or some gyppo trashbag in Tescos…

      And I bet the pyjama gyppo looks/acts like Mrs Eight Ace from Viz….

        • Try my local main mart when her fellows PJ fans are gathered outside speaking fluent traveller in said kids abusing passes by. The girls of around 11 and up are dressed like hookers.


        • But,to be fair, T.S.,one of her victims was an ugly 40 year old white woman sporting dreadlocks….I’d have been tempted to bop her one too.

        • What was his/her justification for such a terrible act of violence???

          If that had been you’re average non-peaceful bloke I’d expect them to get shot or thrown in the slammer for a long time.

          If they’re “peaceful” or of the LGBT ilk then it’ll be all cast off as them being misunderstood and having issues whilst Lily Allen and Meryl Steep excuse them in a bit of profitable virtue signaling.

          So, should you wish to commit a heinous act of crime, just get yourself togged up Izzard or Bruce “Double Cunt” Jenner style and you’ll get off with a quick rummage of your handbag!


    • As Viz had it years ago “Thieving Gypsy Bastards”.
      Do as you likeys are a bunch of absolute cunts who give a shit about no one or nobody and scream discrimination as soon as they are pulled up on any dismeanour.
      No driving licence or insurance ? You racist bastard for bringing that up.
      Trespassing and criminal damage ? You racist bastard for bringing that up.
      Theft and handling stolen goods ? You racist bastard for bringing that up.

  13. Jammies in the street.

    In industrial parks here, there are hookers that strut about in Basques, stockings, gstring and heels.
    Nothing else.
    Honestly, they look stunning.
    I have made it part of my cycling route, and as I’m an aficionado of lingerie but would never pay for nookie, they all end up my wankbank.
    Ever tried cycling with a boner ?

    • When on travels with the (Manchester) Red Army I have seen some of the ladies of the night in Espana… Only rivaled in beauty by the Moscow dollies….

      Mate of mine paid through the nose (Barcelona 94)… Mind you, she was top class: put a bunny mag model to shame, and he got what’s called a ‘Catalan Roll’…. He needed cheering up though… We got thrashed 4-0 that night…

      • They also have pubs for the workers lunchtime.
        The one i “frequent” has two pubs for daytime , one brothel/nightclub and one massage parlour/brothel/nightclub.

        There’s also furniture places and cash and carry.
        So they can get the missus to get the shopping, while they do some shagging.
        Or vice versa.

  14. Gypos are cunts. Especially the leeching, begging Romanian cunts who won’t fuck off asking for money when I pay for their fucking huge government funded house.

    • So they come here to beg?

      Fucking Dracula wouldn’t bite the cunts even if he was on his uppers!

      I’d tell them to fuck off on principle and explain that they found enough money to afford the fuel to drive here in the first place – which must have been some cost even with the most frugal of engines, let alone the rusting away diesel transit vans that they sleep in pissing smoke out like the Bismarck!

      Even where I live (in the grim reaches of the far North of England) they’ve started to put foreign signs up (which Google translate tells me are in Polish, Bulgarian and Romanian) in parks, public playing fields, etc., which – translated – states: “Please do not shit on the field/playing areas.”

      Dirty cunts!

  15. I want to cunt actors and actresses (yes you are actresses you cunts) who belch out political views in inappropriate situations.
    Viz: Cunterbatch haranguing his audience and last night that pointy nosed Streep cunt at the self congratulatory cuntfest the Golden Globes.
    Why do they think they have the right to do that ?
    Let’s put the boot on the other foot and wonder what would happen if someone stood up at the end of a Cunterbatch show and put forward a view that immigrants should speak English, have a job to come to and generally contribute to this country. Plod would be called within seconds.
    No problem with these wankers having political views just don’t spout off when you have a captive audience some of whom may disagree with that view.
    Or, put your money where your mouth is and personally pay for an immigrant and put them up etc. Fat fucking chance.
    Virtue signalling annoying cunt faces.

  16. Well said, luvvie awards should be renamed as cuntfest.

    Narcissist TV Cuntfest
    Narcissist Movie Cunfest
    COBO’s Cuntfest of Black origin
    CAFTA’S Cuntfest of British Luvvies

    You get the idea

    • FIFA
      Why was Eva Longoria presenting that pile of shite ?
      And why is women’s football part of it.
      I’d say more people watch league 2 , than watch women’s football.

      Eva Longoria does have a nice big arse though.

    • On the subject of pretentious Luvvie Cunts and would be Sir Larry’s, I read with interest they’re doing a 2017 remake of the war Classic “Dunkirk”. Should be worth a look you say. Well, Harry Styles is in it. Yeah. I wonder how the script will cater for any character Harry might play: ” fresh from Sandhurst, Lt Styles has decided to join the BEF to give some credibility to his CV. He is at once confronted by a bigoted CO who orders him to dig and and form a rearguard. Harry finds all this very oppressive, and decides to make his way home to seek legal advice on instituting a claim for bullying in the workplace. On arriving at Dunkirk, he finds he is expected to pay his own way, but manages to launch a Crowdfunding Site to make his escape. He is finally last man off the beach due to the bravery of a black disabled transgender equal opportunities advisor who has paddled over to protest about British Army War Crimes . Harry sells his story to “Take A Break” magazine and uses it to fund a helpline for deserters.” Makes you proud, Etc Etc. Selfie Taking Millennial Cunt.

      • Yeah Harry Styles what a cunt why he is in it I ain’t got a clue. But it could be a great film Chris Nolan the director loves real not cgi bullshit so he has done lots of real flying scenes ( something I was lucky to be involved in on the aircraft maintenance side) filmed on 65mm imax and large scale film no fucking digital shit and it’s got Tom Hardy and Mark Rylance in it so could be good. Just hope they show the guys who fought and died to get off the beaches in an honourable light and it was the hierarchy that fucked it up in the first place.

    • Greedy little cunt’ll probably break a fingernail and say that he can’t work for the next 6 months,but he’ll need paying Β£100,000 a week while he recovers.

      Robbing fucker

  17. if football clubs are daft enough to pay these obscene ‘wages’ they’ll always have takers. why don’t clubs get together and say we’re going to cut wages by 50% ? can’t really see anyone saying . i’m not playing for Β£50,000 a week.

  18. Two cunts in a room, which one is the footballer?

    The one who tripped over the carpet!

    And then who points at the other cunt 12ft away…

    Cheating, fally-down, overpaid nancy boys!

    • Lmto imagining the scenario. Nice one Rebel without a Cunt.

      No matter if it was a big cunt at school, if anybody hurt you in any way, the last thing you done was show that it hurt.
      I don’t know how these footballers can look their kids in the eye after screaming and bawling when somebody the size of a whippet knocks them over.
      And if it did really hurt and it did make you wail in agony, you done it on the floor, not the instant the wack took place.

      • I remember that little cunt, Micky Thomas, taking a dive during a United game around 1979… Martin Buchan, United’s captain, picked Thomas up off the ground by his collar and said something like, ‘Fucking take a dive like that again in a United shirt and you’re dead!’

        Different times and when we had men like Buchan, McQueen. Sammy Mac, J. Greenhoff, and Big Joe Jordan… Never did take to Thomas though… He replaced Gordon Hill…

        Now they’re mostly snidey cunts and soft shithouses…

        • I always found it cringe worthy when players said they were physically scared playing against Roy Keane.
          They are all meant to be in good shape and they worked out.
          Its not as if he had a baseball bat down his socks.

          Remember when Rivaldo, whilst playing for Brazil, got hit in the knees by the ball and he went down grabbing his face ?
          The ball was being given to him to take a corner at the time.
          His career was over that second.

          • Rivaldo… What a shithouse he was…

            Keane was a hard player, but he wasn’t United’s hardest… Bryan Robson would take Keane out no problem, and Remi Moses was not to be messed with, and Cantona would also have Keane over… And of course old greats like Duncan Edwards, Law, Crerand and Stiles would have eaten Keane for breakfast…

            Keane acted the tough guy, but he never pushed it too far with Alan Shearer… Shearer was a hard bastard, he just didn’t shout about it (ask Keith Gillespie and his missing teeth!)… If Keane had gone for Shearer, I reckon Shearer wouldn’t have had too much trouble…

  19. Stevie Wonder is a cunt
    There he is, wheeled out at every fucking ceremony for blacks. Like he fucking knows for definite that he is black too.
    Wish it was a great worldwide pisstake of the cunt, and he was as white as Nik Griffin.
    Three or four decent songs in his career and he bounces about with his cheesy shiteating grin on his piano stool.
    Fuck off,

    • Wonder has done fuck all of note since 1981’s ‘Hotter Than July’ album…
      And ‘Ebony And Cunting Ivory’?! For fuck’s sake…

  20. Have you ever seen Stevie Wonders wife ?
    No ?
    Neither has he.

    Stevie wonder got a cheese grater for xmas,
    He said it was the most violent book he had ever read.

    Sorry if I’ve offended any blind cunters.
    But then again, how would ye know.

    PS. I wear bifocals and cant recognize a face across the street without them.
    Cant play the piano any better though.

    • Never thought much of Stevie Wonder’s stuff.
      Cunt could play a keyboard but couldn’t sing for shit.
      The only sound from his gob that came close to being in tune, was a scream when he answered the iron…..

    • My mum was a big Stevie Wonder fan, my dad wasn’t…
      When ‘I Just Called To Say (It’s Bollocks)’ got to No.1 I remember my mam saying ‘Isn’t it great it’s Number One?’ To which my old man replied, ‘Nobody saw that coming… Least of all him….’

    • Wonder was asked ‘is there anything more hindering to along and successful career being than by being born blind, Wonder thought for a moment and replied, ‘sure, being born black’.

      Thanky you very much, you’ve been a great audience, don’t forget i’ll be here all year.

  21. Female singers and actresses everywhere, run for cover.
    Mike Tyson is to coach Chris Brown for his fight against Soulja Boy (nah, me neither).
    Tyson says Soulja better watch out, coz he’s gonna teach Chris Brown how to fight dirty.
    A rapist wife beater to coach a girlfriend beater how to fight, and the media are loving it.

    It is still to be confirmed if Rhianna will coach Soulja Boy.

  22. Tyson is an animal who should have been put down years ago… And Brown is also a pure cunt and a shithouse… Are they going to call this ludicrous bout ‘Black Fights Matter’?!
    And these cunts are feted and seen as pioneers to be respected?! Fucking savages….

    Talking of shacking up with savages, this made me laugh….

    • The guy behind them with the yellow sash looks a bit menacing.

      The answer to Cathy’s question is LIZARDS.

  23. Fucks me right off, especially on Shitter & Fuckbook


    YOUR a fucking idiot
    No, YOU’RE a fucking retard

    I’ll be THEIR about 8pm
    No, You’ll be THERE late as usual

    Politicians, THERE all CUNTS
    I agree, but at least THEY’RE literate

    All Politicians sell THERE souls
    Agree, but THEIR secretaries at least spellcheck THEIR statements

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