The V sign

Sorry, Limpers! Couldn't resist it...

Sorry, Limpers! Couldn’t resist it…

I would like to cunt migrants and rapefugees that try to garner universal support and sympathy by doing a V sign with fingers whenever they see a fucking camera.

They don’t have any idea what it means.
Same as Chinese selfie tourists.
Churchill started it as a victory sign.
Fair enough.
Was an inspiration back then.

These cunts don’t speak English though, so the word victory is pointless to them.

Then Lennon hijacked it to mean peace.
Now every free loader world over will use it liberally, sticking it in front of every lense to show they are peaceful.
And to grab what they can.

Trouble is, the peaceful ones who are obsessed with it are Muslims and far from fucking peaceful and actually want us dead.

How ironic.

Nominated by: Lord Ferrigno

64 thoughts on “The V sign

  1. Every child in some war torn shit hole doing the “V” sign on a news feed is obviously being prompted from off camera. Watch the little fuckers eyes shift to one side looking for the cue and you’ll see it clear as day.

  2. Churchill used it with the inside of the hand pointing outwards ,standing for victory.Turning the hand around is ‘up yours’ . Strangely ,one finger only is worse !, and now used by female motorists as a response to male drivers who won’t move over to let them continue driving fast whilst texting and scratching their flaps.

  3. The refugees should just adopt the double thumbs up like Fonzy when being filmed.
    Aaaayyyyyy we get everything and your kids………….

  4. Some peoples faces can piss me off, its that easy.
    This Tunisian murdering cunt Anus Amri is one ugly cunt, and every time i see him, i imagine having an Anus Amri shaped scar on my fists.

    Morrocan refugees and now Tunisian refugees.
    What are they running from ?

    • Basically any goatfondling deodorant denouncing w@g cunt who wants to fleece welfare systems, and commit rape and murder, is now classed as a ‘refugee’ regardless of where they come from… These evil sandsambos have been given cart blanche by the likes of Merkel and generation snowflake… And here is just as bad… The British intelligence services knew of the two cuntw who butchered Lee Rigby, but nothing was done to stop them… They’re all cunts…

      • British Intelligence ,CIA , all these government security cunts are corrupt as fuck, just as dirty as the cunts they go after.

        They are fucking useless mongs when it comes to stopping terrorists in fact sometimes I’m convinced they are part of it call it a conspiracy I don’t give a shite

    • He is, and by an Italian policeman.

      In Italy the people will be rejoicing the fact that this scum no longer draws breath and will no doubt (rightly) hail their security forces as heroes.

      Now had the cunt destinated here instead of Italy, and an SO19 squad been fired on/attacked by the cunt, and had returned fire killing said “peaceful” cunt, the big news of the day would be about the outcry of public (i.e. blm/sjw/snowflake) anger that the “peaceful” cunt was killed.

      The SO19 squad would be suspended – pending investigation – and the policeman firing the killing shot being put under house arrest, named and address details given out so that half of the blm/sjw/snowflake crew could harrass him/his family over Xmas, while the other half hold a candlelit vigil at the spot where the “peaceful” cunt was killed in order to show support against Nigel Farage and Donald Trump!

      This fucking country sucks balls! 😠

    • If its confirmed as that cowardly murdering cunt, then that means Europe’s most wanted “man” managed to cross “international” borders.
      As I’ve mentioned, i use a border twice a day, just to go to work and then go home.
      My passport gets matched with my face every time. I don’t use the machines, as they are just there to track peoples movements.
      My point is, its not easy to cross borders. Once my passport got put through the wash and i was denied entry into Gibraltar, and was only allowed access once i matched up living documents with work documents.
      I’m British and was denied entry to British territory yet some non European Tunisian murdering cowardly scumbeg gets to cross three (i think) borders with no worries.
      The cunt had already been released by German po-po after a knife fight and buying a gun.
      A Muslim refugee in a knife fight and then buys a gun is allowed to roam free ?
      Merkel and security chiefs should be on there Kness ,in a market square right now being flogged…..

      • The Shengen area is a cunt. After the Berlin Christmas market murderer got into Italy without too much trouble surely it’s time for this open border madness to stop.
        That wanker Dorrell was on the radio this afternoon defending the free movement of people saying it was the EU that basically caught the murdering cunt by everybody knowing who he was.
        Of course if borders were more tightly controlled we wouldn’t get any news of criminals that were wanted in other countries. What absolute bollocks.
        Dorrell and cunts like him just don’t get it. Surely if there had been passport checks there is every chance he wouldn’t have got out of Germany in the first place.
        Neither do they understand that these murdering scum would be much more restricted in where they could go as their details would be flagged up on border control systems including possible alias’s.
        Some people will not accept that things must change despite the ever increasing evidence that free movement is having the piss taken out of it. The system is broken and needs looking at and revising.
        This will not stop people going from one country to another but it may stop cunts like Anis Amri moving about as they like. That in turn may make their efforts at murder etc more difficult.
        Seems to me a pretty obvious thing to do but there again I am just a normal member of the public and not a clever politician.

      • Merkel will probably sue italy for killing her harmless 24 yr old terrorist child and don’t laugh she has punished individuals for merely standing up for themselves against migrcunts

  5. Immigrants use the V sign getting on the boat and extend the middle ginger once they get here…cunts

  6. Fucking cuntymas, that cunty Brendan Cox is doing Channel 4s alternative Christmas Day speech.

    • No? Really!?!

      That really is the pits of bad taste and shame on that self-promoting shill for even considering such a thing let alone agreeing to do it!

      If that cunt doesn’t run as MP there in the next election (on a crest of a sympathy vote wave) then I’ll show my arse in John Lewis’ Xmas window.

      Probably sees it as a means to get onto an all expenses paid £80k p.a. easy number cos being an MP is a lot easier than working for a living that’s for sure.

      Other than merely being famous for being a man who lost his wife in tragic and dreadful circumstances, what fucking qualifies this self-aggrandising cunt to give a speech on anything?

      When I’m busting forra piss and have had to hold myself for a while, when I eventually make it to trap #2, the force of the release – more often than not – causes a satisfying piss-fart.

      I would rather listen to the sound of 15 minutes-worth of piss-farts than I would listen to this cunt preaching bollocks by proxy.

      Brendan Cox is an utterly shameless cunt who I expect to see on Sleb Big Brother or I’m a Z-List Sleb Get Me Outta Here in the very near future. Total twat!

  7. Nearly had me bursting for a piss then Rebel. Jo Cox’s death has made this cunt into one of those wanky know-it -all new type of celebrities. I find him an absolutely ghastly cunt of high proportions. I know that people are different when it comes to mourning, but this cunt is something else, I would have been fucking shattered and in bits if my wife had been killed. Last thing on my mind would be to pick up a mobile phone and go on facefuckbook or twatter a la Brendan Cox, the cunt.

  8. One twatter user said this after the Farage/Cox argument.
    “How low can Farage go, arguing with a bereaved widower”.

    So, according to that doss cunt, Brendan suxsix Cox has carte blanche to do and say what he wants, without any comeback, just because he has suffered.

    Norman mentioned Cox’s inappropriate behavior the other day, so i looked it up.
    This seedy cunt quit a job for “allegedly” being a nuisance to some female staff. The cunt got to walk a away, clean as a whistle, and now he’s untouchable.
    With that power going to his head, I’m sure it wont be long until the cunt gets found out.
    But if he does, his bereavement will be his get out of jail free card.
    Slippery cunt…………..

    • To tune of Dick Dastardly’s ‘Stop The Pigeon’: ‘Shoot the snowflake! Shoot the snowflake! Shoot the snowflake! etc ‘

      Typical griefmonkey social media mongfuck of a cunt… The sort of cunt that tip-toed around Jade Goody, just because she was dying and then died… It didn’t alter that fact that Goody was a prize cunt and a media whore par excellence… Even her death was filmed for fuck’s sake… Yet the fat cow suddenly became immune from any sort of criticism… When that sick turd Ian Brady finally carks it, there will be snowflake scum telling people who will be celebrating not to speak ill of the dead… Fuck that off for a start…

      As for Saint Brendan Of The Blessed Cox? Wonder when he’s going to register his late wife as a brand name and trademark?…

      • There is always someone who can’t see the evil in some people. I worked with a cunt like that. Should have seen the writing on the wall when the daft cunt turned up to work with a backpack in the form of the sheep from Wallace and Grommit.

  9. Maliha Paveen is a greedy cunt.

    This selfish bitch was was convicted of swindling £12,000 in benefit overclaims and given a Community Order. Soft result,you may think, well so did the delightful Mrs Paveen,who three years later began overclaiming again,and managed to steal another £80,000.
    When found guilty,she tried to weasel out of a pathetically low 8 month prison term by claiming one of her daughters was ill,and another in an abusive arranged marriage. She,herself,has a list of illnesses as long as your arm. Luckily,this cut no ice and the bitch was locked up.
    I wonder just how much this grabby cow and her family have cost over the years in housing,education,health,legal costs etc, since they landed from whichever shithole they crawled out off.
    Fuck off back,Mrs Paveen,and take the rest of your tribe with you.

    • Swindelling low life bitch, hope she has a nice time in the slammer.

      Fucking parasites like this piss me of to no end as do all the fat tit swingers “helping” her to and from court.

      What has our country decended into?

  10. The BBC are still cunts… The Bogo-Bogo Corporation is covering how three daft tarts enjoyed ‘champagne and selfies’ on a flight from Gibraltar to Heathrow… First off, how the fucking hell is this in any way ‘news’?! Second, they are cunts for even reporting such shite… Third, giving coverage to three more narcissistic ‘look at me’ cunts… Champagne and selfies? It just screams out ‘We are cunts!’ And finally, who gives a fucking fuck?! Bollocks…

    • They were also reporting that the editor of the Italian edition of Vogue has died. Apparently Kuntye West, Madonna and the skinny Beckam woman have been sharing their thoughts on Twatter.

    • The trouble is,Norman, people try to make news out of everything and anything .
      I was deported from Greece a few years ago following a fracas in a bar. When they marched me, in handcuffs, up the steps onto the plane,virtually every passenger had their mobile phones out filming me and my police escort,presumably to put on facebook….why the fuck would anyone else care?

      • Fuck me they’d take you back in a heartbeat now if you were spending in their bars. Skint cunts!

    • “So i said at that point, we’re going to need another bottle of champagne”
      Ffffffffffffffffuck ooooofffffffffffff.

      You should see the airport. They completed it a few years ago to the tune of millions and millions.
      They only have about four flights a day, and the rest of the day its a strange eerie ghost town of a place. Like you’re in a modern version of prisoner…………

    • Proper reporting died years ago. Why bother with important stuff when you can get the latest from cuntbook or twatter.
      The number of us who are concerned with issues and the proper reporting of them are a dwindling band.
      A large majority of under 25s only give a toss about the news if some sleb is attached in some way and has given their important views on said social media outlets.

  11. I’d like to give the bad ‘V’ sign to all you psychopathic AUDI drivers who go threw red lights in and drive up my arse and often have people fleeing off pedestrian crossings.
    AUDI drivers are complete utter nutter fucking selfish dangerous cunts! I hate your German clone cars that makes you think you look rich, when in fact your probably just a geek, working selling shirts, with common as muck tattoos, possibly with a geek beard, and you socialise in a pub with your Orange faced cunt girlfriend and your unwanted children run round the pub annoying punters having a quiet drink whilst you sit with your Audi car keys on the pub table, obnoxious and arrogant of your kids terrorising customers.

    • Audi and most VW drivers are complete cunts.

      The positive side? most get locked up for death by dangerous driving.

      Audi – VW 2.0 tdi? I fart in your face.

      • Fuck me, hands up here but I have an Audi and a WV. Having two cars probably adds to my cuntishness as well.
        However I don’t have a beard or an orange faced wife and neither of us have tattoos.
        Can an exception be made in my case or am I fucked ?

  12. During countless wars between us Brits and our closest Euro neighbours, the French, our Archers where shit hot! So when the french caught them, they chopped off their index and middle fingers so they couldn’t use their longbows so well. We Brits then mocked our French neighbours by giving them the V’s to show we still had them.
    Churchill or “Bastard-Churchill” as my Great Grandad called him (he fought in Burma, so had every right to call him a Bastard for sending them to their deaths) turned it round to symbolise peace. Either that, or he was so smashed off heroin and whisky that he just got it wrong.

      • Churchill is a cunt.
        I’m sure anybody in his position during WWII would have got the same results.
        So for me, his legacy is sending Brits to their deaths.

        I have to go down Winston Churchill Avenue everyday, and everyday i sneer at his roadsign………

        • I see him as a necessary cunt after the liberal fucktard of an excuse for a British Man, Chambermaid!!!
          But I see your point Birdman and glad to see you’re still loose 👍

          • Diacalm mate if you’re a bit loose.

            Well stocked up for the Xmas period. You never know when one of the outlaws try to poison me with a fly bit of week old turkey, or coping for a bad “early doors” pint!

            Is it me or is Bass the absolute worst pint when kept by a bunch of lager swillers but fucking cream when kept by some cunt who knows beer?

            Anyway, I digress. I’m finished work now and intend – on my one week of the year off – to be absolutely cunted for most of it, so Merry Cuntmass fellow cunters, this site has been mint for my ample spleen vents and I wish you all the very best! 😊

        • Was that the same Winston Churchill Avenue where the SAS slotted a few bog trotters a few years back?

          Now thats how you deal with terrorist threats.. double tap the cunts in public.

          • It is. There’s a tree still bearing a bullet hole where one of the fuckers was killed.
            On the anniversary, cunts turn up to pay respect and get arrested.
            The polis steak it’s out on the anniversary.
            I don’t know if it local or Brit polis , but they’re on to them every year……..

    • Churchill was like Tommy Docherty at Old Trafford: undoubtedly a cunt, but the right cunt for the right job at the right time…

      Did you know Berlin Market murderer (now happily dead), Amri ,came to Europe pretending to be a child migrant via Italy in 2011?…
      Wonder what Lily the fucking goggle eyed mong has to say about that?!…

      • The Iti’s even had the cunt locked up for trying to buy a gun!

        Cheers Angela, you cunt! How is your position even tenable anymore? If you were a UK politician – cunts that they are – you would have fallen or more swords since the “Night of the Long Knives” by now, and yet, there you are, still doing your Les Dawson impression, condemning the latest “peaceful” cunt to kick off, while still pandering to the rest of the world’s “peaceful” cunts to come to Europe and fuck it over big style!

        What’s you’re fucking endgame you cunt!?!

      • Yes, all of those cunts seem particularly quiet on this don’t they.
        Hopefully someone at Cunterbatch’s latest play will harangue him at the end. He won’t like a taste of his own medicine of course, none of those cunts ever do.
        Next time these cunts open up let’s hope the interviewer or reporter has the guts to put this to them.

        • And that human smear of slime, Saint Gary of Lineker, can fuck off and all…

          As for Benedict Cuntberdinck, he will be starring in the all-new Sherlo… Sorry… The all-new Mary Watson Show.. Where Freeman and his talentless taxdodging bird have a baby and hog the fuck out of the screen…

          And the screeching Paddy doughnut puncher will probably be in it (again!)…

  13. David Moyes is a cunt… This deluded goggle eyed ginger gobshite is cashing in on his (failed) ex Man-United manager status before the Boxing Day match with Sunderland…
    The twat is still bleating about how he was ‘badly treated’ and he now says that United have ‘betrayed their traditions’… Says the tosspot who signed the clown Fellaini for nearly 30 million, who openly said he wanted United to be like Manchester City, and said he would ‘try to make things difficult for Newcastle’; when they played at Old Trafford…. Can anyone imagine The Doc, Big Ron, or Fergie coming out with such spineless crap?… And when he says ‘betraying traditions’ I presume he means getting a top bollocks big name manager in called Mourinho, who is going to do better than Moyes without any shadow of a doubt?…. Fucking cunt…

    And any mongtard who cheers Moyes on his return to OT is also a massive cunt… I will not be cheering the useless Beaker look-alike cunt… He was so shite he made Dave Sexton look like Rinus Michels… Twat…

    • More Moyes shite… The swivel eyed one is now gobbing off how he wanted to sign Gareth Bale for United… But he didn’t, he got Fellaini instead … Any cunt can go on about what they wanted to do or could have done.. Someone should knock Moyes on the head, Biff Tannen style (‘Think, you cunt, think!’)… This bug eyed bastard will achieve nothing and never win any sort of trophy at any club ever… Moyes will forever be known as ‘ex-United manager’ and he won’t half dine out on it and all… Fucking cunt trumpet…

    • Funny stuff Minstrel show stuff wouldn’t be aired nowadays. Forgot about that vid where parkinson is mouthing off, parkinson is a bellend tho

      • Spaniards still black up. I see it practically daily on the telly.
        Also the black king from the three kings is usually a Spaniard blacked up.
        Theres no pc here as far as i can see.
        My favourite comedy right now is a Spanish sitcom called “la que se avecina” that is probably the most un pc programme I’ve ever seen.
        Everybody takes the piss out of everybody.
        When Luis Suarez was accused of racism for calling Evra a “negrito” what nobody mentioned was that its a nickname s for small black guy in Spanish.
        It causes no offence, Suarez never knew he had done wrong………

        • Yeah the spanish look at race more logically I think and regardless the attitude being mean and violent isn’t encouraged. Intimidation is the main culprit

        • Evra is both black and French… Two uppity racially chippy types for the price of one… He’ll make a fuss if he can… And all the United fans who made such an indignant fuss about Suarez were hypocrites really…I don’t recall any fuss when Peter Schmichel was accused of calling Ian Wright a black bastard (although Wright probably asked for it, the little cunt)…

  14. The origin of the V-sign: if done with the back of the hand showing was the response to the French after the battle of Agincourt when the English archers defeated the French army in 1415. When they got the opportunity the French would cut off captured English archers’ two fingers which drew the longbow cord back before releasing the arrow. This was the English response.

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