Richard Branson (7)


That bearded prick Branson! After the referendum the cheeky cunt managed to get of his sunbed and fly to Britain and badger the New PM!!

Crying like a FUCKIN’ baby about how Virgin share prices had dropped, single market etc etc, then after telling the British working class they had got it terribly wrong fucked off back to his private Caribbean island!!

Here’s an idea Branson!! FUCKIN’ stay there!!!! Cunt…..

Nominated by: Quislings

56 thoughts on “Richard Branson (7)

  1. Goatee beards. Don’t trust anybody, man or woman with a goatee beard………

    I cant blame the cunt for having an island. But telling the world how to do things when you live on an island, is wrong.
    Give me my own island, and the world can go fuck itself………..

    • I’ve been to his island – well sailed up to it anyway. Much too close to the island next door which is a tourist trap. I’d have bought a better one if it was me…

  2. Yea I didn’t really mind him too much until he did that.
    Now I HATE him.

    What a prick!!

    We should have the royal navy blockade his shit island.

    • We don’t have the naval capability to block his little island thanks to liebour and the SDSR and other cuts to the defence budget.

      • Wtf? The Tory twats put even less money into the Navy than the Labour twats did. I think our naval fleet now consists of 2 1950s Destroyers, four pedalos, a paper cup that acts as a float for brave Captain Hamster and a Durex packet.

        • Very true.

          The new queen elizabeth carriers are gonna b fuckin badass though!

          Shame we’ve got nothing but a couple of pedalos and good old fashion British spunk until 2020.

  3. I’m no fan of Piers Morgan, but even he has been out-cunted this time… when Morgan said to Branson that you just can’t change the result of a democratic vote because you didn’t get your way, Branson Pickle wasn’t having it…. The demented bearded cunt was going on about it (the referendum) being a ‘business decision’ that ‘could be changed’… He also said ‘The 17 million (who voted) could just vote again’… Well, fuck that old hippy cunt… It was a vote… A democratic referendum voted by the British people… Nice to know that along with Banana Gob Miller we have another rich cunt who has a ‘Let them eat cake’ view of ordinary UK citizens… The Frogs and the Ivans had revolutions because of cunts like Miller and Branson… Cunts…

    • I kind of hope that they do call a second vote.

      Just to see how it kicks off!!

      If a second vote is called that will certainly be the end of the leftist regime!

      I wonder if any of of these lefties have ever met a pissed off northerner. My whole family (apart from me and sis) r northerners so I’ve seen it.

      …’s a sight to behold!

  4. Branson has a long history of being a cunt with me.
    1978, I bought “Street Survivors” by mail -order from Virgin,it arrived damaged…I blame him. Since then I’ve been on Virgin trains,it was late..I blame him. I travelled on Virgin airlines,the stewardess was an ill-tempered munter…I blame him. I had a Virgin mobile phone,shitty reception…I blame him.
    Now I don’t know if Richard Branson bears me a personal grudge for some reason,but to spend the thick end of 40 years pulling shitty tricks on me whenever he sees my name is indicative of pure,unadulterated cuntitude,unworthy of a knight of the realm.
    His daughter’s worth a ride,mind.

    • Ah Mr Fiddler would it bring a tear to your eye if he was in flames ala the cover of they great album mentioned in your post, doused in his own shit vodka to boot.

      • I had no idea the cunt made vodka too….I don’t know where the bastard finds the time.
        Hopefully he’ll go up in one of his space rockets and die in a fiery explosion. I had high hopes when the cunt took to travelling by hot air balloon,but no luck there.
        Really was a great album….still enjoy their music.

  5. My dislike of this cunt knows no bounds. You’d have thought with all the money he’s got the cunt would have his gob fixed. Wouldn’t mind seein him and that sarah olney cunt snoggin, think it’d sound like fucking Cammel Lairds in full fucking swing.
    Capitalist mega cunt.

  6. Why dont we just put all the leftards on Branson’s island and nuke the fuckers

    Just say it’s some sort of St Jo tribute act or something, give them complimentary Cartier sunglasses and tell them to look at that bright light in the sky.

    Works for me

    • I think it is about time a large boatload of migrant cunts landed on his island. The beardy cunt can then put his principles into practice. I remember his Virgin Vie beauty products as well..all stank like a tarts handbag and gave you a rash . Is this cunt actually any good at anything?

        • Mine also, a good point well made! I also forgot to mention what a punchable face he has, if you can call that an asset

          • He’s very good at constantly hiking up his broadband prices. Every time a Virginmedia envelope pops through the letterbox bearing the legend “We’re making changes to your service” it’s really a case of “We’re charging you more, peasant”.
            About every 6 months… The cunt.

  7. When i was a kid watching football on telly,i used to love the replays of players fighting. They would show it over and over and then repeat it on the news, but when the snowflake generation came along, the replays stopped.

    Now it seems that Tottenham’s expensive private glass boxes are getting an upgrade. Any time there’s a hint of confrontation, the glass will frost and prevent any “elite soccer fan” from being offended………

    • Didn’t know they played football at No Hope Lane? I thought it was a diving school now?

    • I wonder how they’ll do it.
      Will somebody have the job of keeping their finger on a button, waiting for the man behind the curtain to tell him ” now, press it now, ahhh the horror, the horror, press the snowflake button now”…………….

      • Cunts in VIOP boxes rarely ever look at the pitch and certainly not when their is a game of football going on, they are there for the booze and poncey food, they probably think its coincidence there’s a football pitch near the venue.

  8. Love to know how Branson cunt is going to react to having to pay for the tracks and infrastructure as well as the trains now? Cunt will be back whining if the taxpayer stops paying for him to cream cash of commuters for overpriced tickets and get them top pay for the track out of their taxes.

    Cunt needs his knighthood stripped

  9. Fucking hell, I couldn’t be arsed to cunt the snowflake cunts who got up themselves because a bloke has a shop in Muswell Hill called the Really British shop. I mean how fucking racist is this bloke? A shop called Really British in the British capital is now considered racist? Now the snowflake cunts are in turmoil because some bimbo Apprentice contestant came up with the brand “Colony Gin”.

    I am sure the BBC will issue a formal apology, raise the license tax by a grand a year to pay compensation to cunts who crawl out of nowhere saying their great granddad may of been a slave. The BBC will then fflagellate itself live on air for offending some cunt who wakes up every day looking for reasons to be offended.

    Fucking hell. I am surprised they even let alcohol appear on the BBC anymore in case the peaceful ones get offended.

    Chillout cunts, it’s only a racist country full of nasty cunts in your paranoid heads.

    • What sad little lives the fuckers must lead that they spend their time looking for things to be offended about,it’s a shame that they’ve got nothing better to do. I’ve never understood twitter but it just seems to be a vehicle for inadequate wankers to inflict their dull,pointless prattle on other dull.pointless wankers.
      Never been on twitter,and the day that I sign up for it’ll be the day that my family are finally vindicated in their belief that I am a bitter,vindictive old cunt.

      • Yea what the fuck is wrong with these cunts!

        Normal people worry about school places for their kids, doctors appointments, housing and the small insignificant matter of how the fuck they’re gonna pay their hiked up, stupidly expensive bills.

        I wish I was rich and bored enough to worry about whether some cunt that I’ve never met may or may not be slightly offended by some pointless shit that doesn’t matter.

        Actually no!

        I’d rather be poor and destitute than to live such a sad and worthless existence.

        • Far too easy for any cunt to moan about anything and get that moan aired in about two seconds flat.
          In the good old days a complaint had to be handwritten in green ink. At least then the moaner probably had first hand knowledge of the the thing or person they were complaining about. Now it’s vicarious even if those on whose behalf the complaint is made don’t give a fuck.
          Twitter mongs, Fuckbook users etc are cunts.

    • One Facebook user complained: “having a big sign saying Really British makes me feel you’re implying other businesses in the area are somehow not really British”,
      You might have chosen a more inclusive name in 2016,”

      Some people, some fucking people………..

      • British Gas,British Library, British Museum…..I wonder if they realise just how much distress that they are causing to the poor dears who are obviously better than us uncaring,cruel bigots.
        Think I’ll open a shop and call it Fiddlers Emporium of Porn,Racism,Bigotry and General Cuntishness….publicity shouldn’t be a problem….Maybe Phil the Greek will award me a Royal Warrant.

        • There is a road near where I live in Bristol called Roman Way. How fucking insensitive of the local council cunts,ramming it down our throats about being invaded. I shall organise a protest immediately…oh hang on I’ve got no tie dye leggings or blue hair dye and also have work to go to…another time then

    • Yes and some of the products have the Union flag on them. Fuck me, the national flag in a British shop selling British products. The owner must be a massive racist.
      Or is he a bloke who loves his country and wants to promote British products.
      The professional complainers need to get a life and fuck right off.
      Whats the betting the complainers haven’t even been to the shop and are young white leftard cunts who spend their time looking for problems where none exist.

    • I dont have a problem with the local Asian supermarket, Polish shop, Lithuanian café etc etc. On what planet is ‘British’ racist?

    • he’s probably putting in prices up so he can complete his “gender reassignment” – then s/he will truly be the cunt with a cunt

  10. Fuck what the Cunt Branson has been saying. He needs a cunting for sending me Virgin Broadband and Television fucking letters Every Week. I thought they would get the message after all these years, fucking big A4 envelope full of shit, the cunts. How many trees has that cunt cut down. A triple distilled cunt of the highest purity.

  11. Branson, eh? On the one hand, I’ll give him some credit for running a multitude of successful businesses. You have to have something about you to be able to do that as well as he has, so kudos there. I’ll also give him some cred for enjoying his money and living it large with his racing boat and ballooning antics, to name a couple. He doesn’t have to put himself in harm’s way and let’s face it, he has a lot to lose if some of his escapades go tits up.

    Now all that said, some of these slebs seem to think they’re the fucking Dalai Lama. Here’s a genuine Branson quote which I saw on LinkedIn:

    “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”

    What a massive load of irresponsible horse shit. It’s horse shit because these kinds of generic ‘pearls of wisdom’ cannot (and should not) be universally applied. Take your local GP for example. If the local hospital called him and offered him his dream job of chief brain surgeon, do you think he should just wing it? Would you want to be the first patient under his knife? It’s irresponsible because this cunt has followers – you heard me – followers and they’re the kind of deranged cunts who’d lap this sort of wank up with a spoon and believe it.

    When I first saw this quote it was around the time David Moyes agreed to be Man Utd’s new manager. Branson’s advice got Moyes where exactly? Correct! It got him the sack. So well done Dickie. You massive cunt.

  12. Why do super rich cunts have to be such cunts?
    “So to be rich beyond the dreams of avarice”……yet the prick still finds time to be a cunt.
    Cunt wants to live my life for a week….that’d stop the cunt from constantly grinning.

    Once again I’m in the dog house with the missus.
    Last night while she was fast asleep I gently removed her tampax and replaced it with a party popper leaving the string hanging down.
    No sense of humour……

  13. I made the huge mistake of taking fibre optic broadband from this wankstain, what a shower of shite that was. His retarded “technicians” fucked up the connections, failed to arrive on multiple occasions and then when they did manage to get the cunt working it came pre loaded with a porn filter. What is the point of fibre optic turbo power internet if I cannot watch decent quality filth? Took me ages to work out how to get around it and by that time I did the Mrs had got back from the shops, ruined my Saturday morning “special time”. I bet the filter is removed from his broadband, the cunt!

  14. I thought you earned your fame to step on the red carpet, not put a toe on the carpet to become instantly famous.
    Always seemed like an arse about face world.
    Even when I was a young lad and was living at my nan’s, things often happened in reverse to what you’d expect as the norm.
    For instance I always thought it more likely, that it would’ve been her, catching me wanking…….

    • That post should’ve gone in the Scarlett Moffat thread but I’m so hungover l dont know what I’m doing….

  15. Yes the goatee cunt sure seems to have a cats life, seems to be a very careless or lucky cunt as I was just looking back over his many accidents. Hot air balloons, planes, bikes, stingray attacks, running into glass doors.

    • Explosive decompression would see the fucker off. Blown out of the airlock on his own spaceship, assuming anything he built could actually be capable of reaching orbit…

  16. “Fake news cost Hillary the election”…narrative fails…

    “Russian hackers cost Hillary the election”…narrative fails….

    Rinse and repeat… Kill all snowflakes…

  17. Talk about a “female to male” transvestite creature. She better put on a bra. Has bigger tits than some females.

  18. Although there’s little doubt Branson is a 24 carat cunt I’m afraid our navy hasn’t got the ability to blockade the prick in, although that’s obviously got lots to do with cut backs it may also be in no small way be down to the CUNTS in charge of arms procurement at the mod!!, didn’t they originally order planes that we couldn’t use our new carriers?? CUNTS !! then compounded this bollocks by getting rid of the harriers before we had taken delivery of our shiny new joint strike fighters !!! Well done MOD … first rate cock up!! I always wondered what had happened to baldrick…… 😂

  19. Bearded island owning man bobbed cunt branners still thinks the UK should adopt the EURO??? Although the currency has crippled Southern Europe the public school media tosser wants us in?? Nothing to do with him making more money!!! What an utter cunt!!! Cripple Britain but add to his personal wealth…. horrible self serving cunt!!!!!

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