I’d like to cunt rain. It’s fucking pissing down and my cat’s waiting for me to get the chicken from Tesco. Might have to get the car out. Why doesn’t it do it during the night when people are asleep?

Nominated by: Allan

28 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Cats are Cunts that need a good cunting on here. Full bowl of food and the fuckers still murder anything smaller than them and they’ll only shit in other people’s gardens, normally those like me with kids.
    They are solitary animals too, so no, they don’t love you, you’re just the daft cunt that feeds the selfish murdering little fucker.
    My dog should be an honourary member of the RSPB, she fucking hates cats.

  2. I like the rain. I would lick the raindrops off the lady in the pictures tits.

  3. Sorry mate, but I love rain. I love the sound of it on a tarp or a tent when I’m out wild camping. Better than that though, apparently, it makes attractive young women get their tits out!. For that last reason alone, rain is fucking awesome.

  4. Good picture Except that never happens in reality rain almost always produces depressing moods in people rather then young nudists getting their tits out

  5. The rain i had over the weekend was the worst this area had experienced in 25 years.
    Houses flooded, walls came down on cars, the beaches were washed away, schools and some work places closed, animals died, and two people died.
    I made a joke the other night about it, on here. Now i feel bad , coz the next morning i heard that an emergency electrician drowned in his car , while on a call out. Drowned in his car ffs.
    And a young female drowned in a shop. I don’t know if she lived above the shop, but she drowned indoors.

    I had some cleaning up to do as well, water coming through the walls, not ceiling, but walls, and i live two floors up. But i cant complain when people lost their lives.
    That rain was a murderous cunt…….

      • I don’t know but i hope so.
        Right now, the only communication i have with them is gesturing with my hands “come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough”.
        The brown cunt turns grey, and scuttles away.
        I also whistle loudly when climbing the stairs to let them know that I’m there , usually Rule Britannia.
        Just over a week until the court date and once i get off, the battle begins again……..

    • I feel worse about the poor cunt now, coz I’m.pissing myself laughing.
      Excellent, J R Cuntley………..

  6. If there was a naked man standing in the rain with his Mac open and pinching his nipples, he would deservedly get a kicking and then handed into the authorities.
    But that picture is a belter…….

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