Bradford, 2016

I would like to cunt immigration. How long can we carry on like this? 660,000 arrived here in the last year! The net figure is 330,000 when you take into account the number emigrating. It would be interesting to know the make up of the people emigrating.

If the majority are the indigenous population then the make up of the population is being changed rapidly beyond recognition.Some would no doubt say’ what does it matter?’ People are people but what are we losing? We are becoming something different and it is being imposed on us.

It was all summed up by Gordon Brown when he called that woman a bigot because she didn’t like the way her neighbourhood was changing before her eyes. She wasn’t, her concerns were legitimate and Gordon Brown was an out of touch cunt.

Nominated by: Richard 1

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  1. The show Wheeler Dealers is a cunt,

    Mike Brewer and a mechanic cunt called Ed China buy a car, work on it and try and sell it for a profit. I like my motors and I like seeing the work being done to bring the car back to life. However I’ve watched one today and it was an Aston Martin DB7, anyways after the costs of parts etc they sold it and made £500 quid! £500 fucking quid that mechanic cunt spent about a year working on the car and if that work was done in a garage where you had to pay for the work it would have been £1700 for the labour alone. Then that cuntney I mean cockney cunt Mike Brewer says “you can make money from buying second hand and bringing the car back to it’s former glory” or some similar cunt speak. £500 quid wouldn’t be enough to keep that Mr Brewer cunt in pies and jellied eels for a week. What a fucking let down of a cunt. The cunts.

    • I have seen the pot bellied cunt that is mike brewer in the past when I used to watch tv at home. A friend of mine told me about one of those ‘wheeler dealers’ things that the fat cunt that is mike brewer had done where he went out an bought an old scooby, and decided that the thing that it needed to put it above everything else was to put his and that lanky cunts signatures on the body.

      I seem to remember that they lost money on that. However, my mate recorded one episode, where the liver & kidney pie chomping cunt that is brewer, seemed to make a profit on an old corvette. In fact I think that the bow-legged, pot-bellied cunt cashed in around 20k on that. The cunt.

    • We get the WD show over here in Yankland. I quite like it. I’m not mechanical or handy in any way, but I like to see what Ed China has to do in order to fix old cars. It’s fun to see some of the older cars I remember driving around when I was a kid.

      While I do like Ed’s personality and admire his skill and knowledge as a mechanic, I’d agree Mike is a bit of a cunt and the show itself is wholly unrealistic in terms of presenting a ‘how you can do this at home’ show. Ed’s time is never factored into the cost of overhauling a car, nor is the cost of any of his tools and materials he seems to have conveniently lying around. First thing he always does is raise the car up on a lift to inspect the underside. How many ‘at home’ weekend hobby mechanics have a fucking car lift in their garage? And Mike Brewer is a cunt.

  2. That cunt Brown should never have got near the PM job… Barring special circumstances (like Johnson taking over after JFK’s murder) there should be an immediate General Election if there’s to be a new Prime Minister, and that includes that soft as shiite anti-Brexit cunt, Madame May…

    Right about Brown being out of touch…. He doesn’t go down his high street and feel like he is in Bulgaria, Albania,or some other Iron Curtain shithole… And I bet his NHS walk-in centre doesn’t look like the set of Zulu or a Taliban convention.(and none of the cunts ever speak English, unless there’s money involved, the grabbing w*g bastards!)… Gordon Brown is a cunt and immigration is a modern day plague…

  3. If you have concerns about immigration then you are simply a thick racist. Whether you are or not is irrelevant.

    Also of the ones immigrating from here how many of those are immigrating to the following countries: Romania, Pakistan, Poland, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco or any of the sub-saharan African countries like Mogadishu, Eritrea, etc.?

    Of that 330,000 alleged going out (I say alleged because the govt loves to include snowflake student types who fuck off for a year to “find themselves” which must account for 25% of that figure at least) how many are fucking off to Canada, US, Australia and New Zealand – a fair majority I would say.

    Immigration only works if there is capacity to accept a higher number in than what goes out and when a saturation point occurs it is only fair to impose a 1 in 1 out policy and by that from the countries in question, i.e., 1 person from Germany wants to come here then they can as soon as one of us wants to go there. If that “German” is a German “national” then they can come just as soon as a British “national” wants to go there.

    That creates an even parity of in/out rather than an influx of one nation or another turning indigenous areas into mini Warsaws, Bucharests or Islamabads.

    That’s how it used to work before and integration was never an issue, folk got on with it and integrated and folk accepted it and got on with that change. It may have taken generations but it worked. What folk get pissed about is when this change is thrown into them like an Exocet missile over a few years. Folk haven’t got time to integrate and folk have got time to accept the change and adjust, and all that happens is that divisions form and when people raise their concerns about being thrown into these situations through none of their own doing (courtesy of successive govt’s failure to address this issue – whether able to or unwilling to), then they are thick racists.

    The worm has turned, it’s those people’s turn to now have a say. The govt works for the people, it’s about time they listened to and addressed these concerns.

    I’d like to cunt the Victoria Derbyshire “review of the year” on ABBC News today and the fact that her first review segment was on Lily fucking Allen’s visit to Le Jungle and apologising on everyone’s behalf. Victoria/Lily, read the above statement. Now do you think I give a fuck about fast tracking 40yr old children to come into the UK? The majority of which we know nothing about as they (handily) have no papers and therefore could be convicted criminals, riddled with all kinds of expensive diseases for our NHS to cope with, or worse fucking “peaceful” terrorists.

    I can’t imagine this influx of cunts impacting on Victoria’s or Lily’s lot so guess what ladies? I don’t want them impacting on my lot either – you CUNTS!

    • Didnt see this but am not surprised in the least. ABBC s lead on pretty much everything post 23 June is anything that is not right – in their opinion – is obviously down to Brexit.
      I am still waiting for that Lilymong cunt to take a rapeugee or two in. Until then she can keep her cunts gob firmly shut.

    • Completely agree Rebel without a Cunt!
      We have to be careful not to let our emotions get the better of us (current emotions as a result of shit government policies whereby we are becoming victims in our own home and are becoming defensive) get the better of us, otherwise, it’ll look like Inciting Racial Hatred, which is illegal.
      Life didn’t start on our tiny island, so, like it or not, we are all decended from imigrants.
      However, our country is tiny (land mass wise) and is now Full.
      What we need to stop is cunts who are already here from taking the piss and our cuntish leaders from letting any more in, willy-nilly. Protection and Control.

  4. Has Moyes said Sunderland aspire to play like Manchester United yet?…

    Ta-ra, you useless goggle eyed cunt… Enjoy your relegation dogfight…

  5. Richard Hammond the homophobic, probably racist and almost certainly a misogynist made a quip about eating ice cream not something straight men do the Nazi Party members the Grand Tour show calls an audience laughed and applauded.

    The warriors of social justice immediately took to their smartphones and opened twatter to decry this latest example of oppression by evil men. It was clearly obvious that Hammond was trying to overturn the progress made in recent decades and trying to encourage his fellow Nazis to find the nearest LBGT and hang them from a lamppost. Hammonds outburst is certainly related to the recent Brexit vote. It is certain that no one can deny that the recent referendum has released the inner Nazi in many people. The world is in danger from evil people like Hammond. Rumour has it in a future episode Clarkson and co travel to Russia in an attempt to extract Hitler’s DNA from the bone fragments held in the former KGB vaults. Before you know it a cloned Hitler will be joining the cast and converting a VW camper into a mobile gas chamber.

    Remember people only your comments on Twitter can save us now.

    A spokesman for Hammond said the reaction was a bit OTT and it was a bit of a bummer.

    • To be honest I didn`t find his joke funny but how anyone can find it offensive enough to complain and get national media coverage is pitiful.I mean for Gods sake if you are easily offended why the hell are you watching a show that has Jeremy Clarkson in it in the first place???I swear these cunts just look for things to be offended at.

      • The same cunts who will probably blow this up until Amazon have to sack Clarkson have many in their number that have fuck all to say about the murder and persecution of Homosexuals under a certain peace loving ideology, it is the hypocrisy that’s so fucking pathetic.

        Hammond in hindsight probably realises it wasn’t a smart thing to say but so what? Being LBGT shouldn’t make you immune from criticism or exempt from jokes.

        Graham Norton, Izzard, Julian Clary make a living out of mincing. some of their humour is pretty offensive and no one dares say a fucking word.

        • And we can bet our bollocks that some Twitter/PC/Facebook/LGBT/Griefjacker Frankenstein will say Hammond’s joke is ‘vile’ ( they fucking love that word!) and disrespectful to George Michael… It isn’t, of course, but that’s snowflakes for you… My cousin’s lad wants to form a metal band (he’s a guitarist) and he wants to call it ‘Snowflake Genocide’… Top name….

          • I hate cunts who use ‘grief’ as justification and to score points… There will be cunts throwing George Michael at Hammond… Just like the cunts who think Saint Brendan Of Cox is now untouchable, and those who say calling Michael Buble a cunt or a crap singer is the same as mocking his sick son (when it fucking well isn’t!)… Griefmonkey snowflake scum…

          • Tell your cousins lad that even though i don’t like metal, I’ll buy and proudly wear one of his t-shirts.
            Remember when the Rose’s came out, and for publicity they went round Manchester spray painting their name ? Tell him to do that in the affluent areas of Manchester……..

          • ‘Snowflake Genocide’ … excellent !
            Have they got a Logo yet .. I could work on one.

    • There is nothing wrong with a mobile gas chamber, as long as the right people get gassed…. Not my words, and adaptation of Dirty Harry’s line about people getting shot, circa. 1972 (its a movie folks, so its not really real)

      People that drive ‘right on man’ VW camper/vans are Crag rat, annoying parasite libtard cunts. So fuck them all to death. (Mr Garrison’s campaign speech from South Park, classic offensive stick poking!)

    • That Hammond cunt gets on my fucking nerves, the cunt. I had the same injury as him before he did, although I did not crash a car at around 300mph, some gutless cunt crept up behind me, punched me out, and kicked my head in.

      I had a couple of holes drilled into my skull that saved my life, and I was off work for six months with rehabilitation, as I had to learn to walk again. I am not allowed to drive because of lack of concentration, and I am always forgetting loads of shit, including my friend’s names.

      This little long haired, knock-kneed cunt seems to have had the same operation as I had, is and angry little cunt, as I am but bigger, yet the annoying little shit is not only allowed to keep driving, but some buck-toothed cunt seemed that he was famous enough to allow him a helicopter licence.

      Apart from that, I adore girls, and I love ice cream, I adore them both, richard hammond is a cunt, and is more than likely slipping a few wads up that scruffy cunts old dirtbox. The cunt.

    • And the quote of the day about Richard Hammond comes from princess Peter Tatchell:

      “That Richard Hammond thinks he needs to boast about his heterosexuality is weird and it will get people wondering, ‘Why? Why is he saying that?’

      After all, Peter is so shy and retiring when it comes to talking about his own sexualiity, the cunt.

      • He also said “butt of homophobic innuendo” which made me giggle like a schoolboy, but never said I was mature

  6. I think immigration is bloody brilliant but you have to have some ground rules.1)You have to put a cap on how many come in a year so that you can have a rough idea upon the future pressures on services housing etc 2)That greenbelt land remains protected and not built on to deal with immigrants as some twats want 3)That the immigrants either have a very good standard of English or are willing to pay for extensive lessons here upon arrival to improve 4)That they have skills we really need and that the jobs they take have been advertised in Britain before they are advertised abroad 5)That they have no criminal record and 6 if they break our laws or act in a treacherous way towards us (i.e lobbying for sharia burning poppies or colluding with terrorists) they should be deported and banned for life.I am not anti-immigrant at all I just believe you have to control the numbers and make sure those who come here assimilate and learn that if they don`t do so they won`t hold down a job and will be sent back.Some migrant accused me of hating foreigners because I voted for Brexit to which I said oh so you want us to favor European migrants who are predominantly white (for now at least) over Indian or African migrants based purely on where they are from and not on their skills.Seems pretty unfair to me.

    • 100% right.
      Would be interested to know what the migrants response to your point of immigration system being biased towards all outside EU.
      Suspect it may have been along the lines of “er, er, er ……………….you racist”
      No answer to logical thought and argument.

    • Totally agree SOTD, you sound like the kind of leader we need in this country, someone who talks sense on the immigration subject and bollocks to the idealistic twats that think we should accept every toe rag who turns up on our shores.

  7. Was told that Christmas TV was the inevitable load of cunt…
    Doctor Who had some crappy rip-off of Richard Donner’s Superman, and the Doc and his Tardis were hardly in it and it was all smug ‘beeyouteeful’ Yank cunts… Mrs Brown’s Bollocks consisted of ‘Mammy’ and a dodgy Christmas Tree (but didn’t dey feckin do dat last year?)… NeverEnders had Fat Phil get a ‘miraculous’ liver transplant (why doesn’t the wifebeating pisspot just die?!)… Oh, and the black lad off Rising Damp read the nativity (diversity, you see)… Utter bollocks…

    • And the Doctor Who trailer?…
      It went something like this… ‘Hey! I’m the new right-on black bird and I’m great, and this is about me and I get up to all sorts of adventures…. And… oh yeah, there’s a bloke called The Doctor who tags along…’

      Fuck it…

      • How long before the Doctor regenerates into a fat black crippled Lesbian with learning difficulties?I give it a year or 2 tops.

          • The Doctor will be campaigning for the Daleks to resettle in the UK. Ok so their ideology may seem incompatible with ours to begin with…………………..but we can change.

          • They don’t really want to exterminate us, they’re just misunderstood and are Norwegian.

  8. The pic in the header.
    That’s the one i was talking about the other week, saying it would make great postcard for the cunts that have arrived to send to the oncoming cunts waiting.

    It looks like some perverted sci-fi filum.
    It disgusts me, but i bet there’s a shite load of lefties loving it.
    I reckon that picture should be cunt of the year. When i saw it in the paper , it was b&w , its even scarier in colour………..

  9. A lot of middle east/pakistan/indan subcontinent migrants come her for about 5 years as a staging post to get to the US, makes it easier to get a green card you see. The problem will be when Trump closes immigration to Muslims, then we will have a plague of them here with nowhere to go.

    And they arrive here having circumvented the financial requirements for indefinite leave to remain (ILR) by taking out Shariia compliant loans because its easy and considered low risk for the religion of peace to loan a lot of money, which are promptly transferred to sit in bank accounts of family members in Shitistan, whom after 9 months turn up at the UK border and claim they are here as a ‘Tier 1’ Investor to invest in Azif Taxis or Abrakebabra or some other such bullshit company and hey presto, they are here for a few years. They can then transfer the money for the next lot to do the same, or return it to the bank, at absolutely no cost to them.

    Voila, immigration system manipulated by the very types it was designed to keep out. But the immigrants have the trump card too, the old racist card is in every hand they play, so nobody dare question it.

    And any money that they make, be they from India, Pakistan, Romania, Nigeria etc etc, is promptly sent Western Union back to said shithole. If I ran a company like this, the law would call this ‘Capital Flight’ and I would likely be prosecuted for trying to avoid tax or hiding assets. So the next step is to do what happens with Filipino sailors but in reverse. Limit the amount of funds they can send home to 15% of monthly salary (Filipinos sailors are bound by law to only take 15% of their salaries onboard the vessel, the rest has to be deposited in the Philippines, there are many reasons for this but its a good system and they seem to like unless they have a penchant for hookers and gambling), and money transfer should be banned entirely for those household in receipt of any kind of benefit. That will help the economy considerably, as the amounts of money these transfer services move out of the UK on a daily basis is scary, from all manner of cunts, shady or not.

    I drove home from Italy in early December 2013, just before the Romanians and Bulgarians were allowed access to the UK on 1st January 2014. All the way from italy there were car loads of the gypsy scum, all heading for the tunnel, and allowed to walk straight in, the figures and stats given are so far wide of the mark its not true. I t was not until April 2014 the UK started recording who left the country, and some Airports at peak times don’t even bother doing it still. The figures should be taken with a pinch of salt, because its blindingly apparent the situation is worse than imagined.

    Dealing with the EU migrant worker problem is the start. I’m tired of hearing the shit that ‘we do the jobs the English won’t do’, which is just utter bollocks. Sure, in rural areas due to natural population decline and the cost of say running a car, people can’t afford to do those jobs, and thats where employers have to start paying more, which means the cost of things go up. But its all relative, see the swiss model if you don’t believe this will work, because it does work very well, and salaries are higher and have a lot more buying power even for those working in coffee shops or cleaning hotel rooms for example. But that is the only thing the English are to blame for, we want it all, we want to look like we have it all, but we don’t want to pay for it. And that has to change, if you are not paying, you are not having. Same goes for NHS, and schools, and ultimately welfare and child benefit.

    Can’t or won’t pay? We’ll take it away! Won’t do those jobs? See previous statement.

    Kicking Johnny Foreigner out is the right place to start, but its also time to remind certain sections of society that apathy and turning a blind eye for years means a few people are going to have to start contributing a little more, and maybe realising that ones station might not be as high as Fony Tony made out that it was.

    The country needs people to do menial jobs and its not to be sneered at, lets start by paying the right wage so they can live a dignified and respectable life, then you won’t need migrant workers, because there will be something for everyone.

    Immigration was a daring cunting, but well done! Its a fucking interstellar cunt.

    • I agree 100% with what you state above Cap’n but – and this is the clincher – how do you “force” the 2nd and 3rd generation benefits mongers to get one of these jobs?

      Me, well I’d conscript the cunts and pay them at the end of each week with the tax/NICs already deducted with a pay packet and wage slip (like me Mam and Dad did). No work, no fucking pay! End of.

      You don’t have to work if you don’t want to but you enjoy that plush walkers crisp box stuffed with your finest Groniad pages for insulation if you choose not to work!

      Also the number of cunts claiming they can’t work due to some imaginary non-provable illness (as soon as they’re pushed to do some work) is a piss take as well. I’d flip the burden of proof being from the services proving you are fit for work to those cunts proving they’re not fit for work. No tangible evidence to support you can’t work then sorry, you’re working.

      Unfortunately the same socio-libero cunts defending the abortion that is the immigration situation, calling folk with common sense “thick racists”, are also the same bunch of socio-libero cunts who call people fed up of others taking the piss out of the benefits system “intolerant facists”.

      If it wasn’t for these virue signalling cunts we could banjo immigration and supplant that with the idle masses in one fell swoop but no one would go for this for fear of upsetting the “righteous” minority!

      Please understand that I do believe in a welfare state. It should be seen as a safety blanket for genuinely disabled people and the family members who have to look after them, and for folk who lose their job and need a hand until they get back into work.

      It’s the cunts who leave school and straight into benefits and then live like that for the rest of their lives contributing NOTHING to society that boil my piss.

      This is my ONE week off this year and I was given my cards the week before Xmas but I bet I have another job before my notice period expires. It may not be a job I want to do but I’ll fucking do that before I’ll degrade myself by signing on the fucking dole!

      Think about that you perenial benefits defrauding scumbag cunts!

      • Very easy solution to the 2nd and 3rd generation scroungers. National Service. Hand the cunts over to me and my colleagues for a few months, we have a 100% success rate. It’s an easy choice for them which is used daily.
        1. Task handed out with time line.
        2. Task completed/failed
        3. Task complete revert to point 1. If failed go to point 4.
        4. Explanation/ punishment.
        It’s amazing how quickly this seems to work, loss of pay and liberty as a punishment it seems to cleanse the lazy and inept swiftly.
        I have seen mouthy gobshit cunts with bad tattoos and puffed out chests giving it the big man on day 1 broken within hours, then rebuilt, trained and given purpose. It worked for me and I was a right fucktard.

  10. what the liberals dont seem to appreciate is that most people who are against immigration aren’t actually against the actual immigrants. i have a polish couple living next to me, nice peeps.. its the NUMBERS. every single council in this country has a housing waiting list, how is a net increase of 330,000 every year going to help that? if the entire 330,000 were blond blue eyed Aryans i would still be against it.

    • Exactly and I think the leftist retards know that deep down but it is easier to shout racist than explain it away as an issue.In short they have no answers accept increasing immigration further which ain`t going to satisfy your concern.The brilliant thing is that had Bigotgate happened today the PM would be forced to resign.The tide is changing and the competent politicians who actually want power are starting to cotton on.Don`t get me wrong their motivation is only to save their own skin but at least some are starting to get how pissed off people are now and how their bogus platitudes about tolerance and multiculturalism are not going to make people think “Well shit I can`t get a scan for 4 weeks and my Kids are going to have to travel 25 miles to school every day but thank God I am tolerant “.Gillian Duffy said nothing about people`s race specifically just that the country was changing so quickly and she was worried about her grandkids.The way I see the immigration situation is how a bus driver sees his bus.When it is full it is full.You don`t let more on and just get them to sit on the stairs or floor you say sorry no room.

    • Quite agree. My area has changed pretty much within the last 2 years to something resembling downtown Warsaw. I don’t mind the Poles per se -after all any nation that attacks tanks on horseback has to be respected – but I don’t want to be inundated with them overnight.
      A few at a time maybe.
      Also the excellent point made by The Captain (above) concerning money transfer. Surely a simple thing to make happen ? Anybody doing this is clearly not having the best interests of their host country at heart. The economy would benefit by having the money that would otherwise be sent abroad swirling around in the host country.
      There are a number of things which could be done quickly and simply to put a gentle brake (before formal Brexit) on both immigration and lazy bastards in this country living off others efforts but there is not the will to do it.
      The ever moaning liberal left have to be sated. Do they fuck !
      Following Brexit then its simple: want to come here ?
      1. Do we need you ? (a) No, fuck off (b) Yes go to 2.
      2. Do you have a job to go to ? (a) No, fuck off (b) Yes, go to 3
      3. Are you able to fend for yourself and any family you have ie. without having to claim any sort of benefit ? (a) No, fuck off (b) Yes, go to 4.
      4. Do you agree not to claim benefits for 5 years ? (a) No, fuck off (b) Yes, go to 5
      5. Can you speak English ? (a) No, fuck off until you can (b) Yes, Come in and we will give you a chance. Fuck it up then you can fuck off.
      Taken from the Border Force guide to interviews.

  11. What the fuck. Just tried posting and it sez your post appears to be spam. Whats the scores on the doors?

  12. One if my xmas presents was the adult animated filum Sausage Party.
    Utter shite.
    I watched about twenty minutes before turning it off, but that was enough.
    This is just a little warning in case anybody fancied watching a “filthy masterpiece” starring Seth Rogan, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill, Bill (usually funny as fuck) Hader,James Franco, the usually excellent Danny McBride, Edward Norton, Paul Rudd and the usually cool as fuck Craig Robinson to stay well clear of it.
    I like everybody I’ve mentioned, but cannot believe that not one of them pulled the plug on this filthy massive pile of shite………

  13. Fucking Horrible Racist Cunts!! That’s what I’d say if I was a bum-me-quick Liberal shit bag. But I’m not so keep it coming people it gives me some hope to grasp to in these days of unfettered cultural marxism. And whilst I’m at it, CUNT OFF Outnumbered! Watched as much as I could stomach of what was part Political Correctness lesson and Party Political Broadcast on behalf of the fucking Weaner Party. Included were several digs at Brexit and Trump and a “well I never saw that one coming” part of the story that included the landlord of the pub calling for a tow truck mate of his called Billy Spaz which obviously the ever so libtard pussy family take exception to. Said to my Mrs “watch, Billy Spaz will be mentioned a few times before the kids finally tell the mong dad to have a word with the barman about using such disgustingly vile contemptuous and offensive abuse of the said dude and that it’ll turn out to be his real name”. What happened? Got it in one. Vacuous contrived pathetic unfunny drivel. Written by that cunt regular on Have I got shit for you and other equally as garbage so called comedy panel shows Andy twat Hamilton who looks like he’s had a fucking grand piano dropped on him at some fucking stage. Utter utter wank piss. BBCLGBT Cunts.

    • Glad I wasn’t the only one Kendo, that found Outnumbered a pile of politically correct dog shit. Not only digs about Brexit, Trump and the use of the name Spaz, it was totally unfunny and for that everyone that was involved in the making of that utter drivel be CUNTED.

      • Outnumbered is a massive pile of old wank as you say, PC cosy shite for middle class liberals. I wonder if most of those that watched it were aware that the oldest kid’s real life parents are or were,porn stars and he is not above participating in the odd dodgy documentary himself. As the end of the year rapidly approaches,we will get the usual round of cunty programmes about 2016…”Brexit,blah blah..Trump blah blah, world ending blah blah.Repeat ad fucking nauseam.”

  14. Carrie Fisher has just died. Can’t keep up with it, looks like they all want to pop their clogs before the year is out.

  15. When the politicunts bang on about not enough schools, hospitals houses etc, it makes me wonder. Are they proper retarded, or do they truly believe that shit. There were just about enough of these things, but now because of net migration being ridiculously one sided, there isn’t. Even if you said fuck Britain, and decided to concrete over the entire country and fill it with schools and hospitals, it will never be enough, as the rate of population growth will always exceed our resources. Also, the people who leave the U.K. are usually skilled workers, like doctors or engineers, and we get Eastern European cashpoint thieves, or cunts from every shit hole on earth, who hate us, but are happy to enjoy our generous welfare state. We were full ten years ago, so what the fuck?

  16. Carrie Fisher was one of my first crusheswhen I saw her in star wars but. as soon as I saw her on bring back star wars that put me off.A very funny and talented lady though .Shame it wasnt Ian Brady Peter Sitcliffe or Abu Hamza.

  17. People queuing up for shopping and sales at 6am on Boxing Day are fucking cunts who should be gassed…

    • Add people that queue for iPhones, new games, Wimbledon tickets, black Friday, the cheap stuff in Tesco (more of a riot, the Chinese round my way will chop suey any cunt in that queue) Wimbledon tickets (yes I know I put them cunts twice)

    • So your the fuckwit I’ve been hearing about.
      Doss little cunt.
      Shite yerself when a woman confronts you, but brave enough to try and wind people up from the safety of your computer.
      I’m saying all this with a smile on my face, coz your a fucking joke…….

  18. Oh dear, Dickie-No-Mates seems to have reappeared. Prepare for a couple of days of cut and paste tedium until Dio kicks him into touch again.

    • I Am hoping he will at least play nice and stop the random shitposting flooding the pages of repeated crap

  19. With Carrie Fisher and George Micheal dead within twelve hours of each other is kinda strange

    What’s interesting is how she’s simply the latest domino to fall in the list of people who have slandered the Great Leader. Sincere criticism is one thing but She accused the Leader of being a cokehead using her own authority as a cokehead as evidence. This happened after one of the Leader’s debates with Cankles (Hilary aka Kilary) occured. It was a baseless, slanderous accusation with no truth to it whatsoever, she went against the republic there is no forgiveness for that

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